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Election: US House: Texas: CD10: John Devine: Questionnaire

Posted on 02/22/2004 10:44:48 PM PST by DrewsDad

Judge John Devine
Phone: 281.290.8201 or 281.484.1600


1) What is your position on abortion - under what circumstances should abortion be made illegal/legal? When does life begin and how should it be protected at the state and federal levels? Do you agree or disagree with the Roe v Wade decision? Do you support the Human Life Amendment?

I am steadfastly opposed to abortion and have a life time of service in working to end abortion and to defend the lives of the innocent unborn. I actually met my wife while doing sidewalk counseling at a Crisis Pregnancy Center. I have worked as a pro-life rescuer. I served on the board of Texas Right to Life and Life Advocates. I have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to pro-life organizations including Crisis Pregnancy Centers and maternity homes. I am honored to have the help and support of pro-life Congressman Ron Paul in this race. I have been endorsed by the National Republican Coalition for Life. I also was very pleased to recently receive the endorsement of Chris Danze, head of the Austin Area Pro-Life Concrete Contractors, whose commitment to life has helped block the construction of an abortion clinic in Austin. I clearly disagree with the Roe v Wade decision and hope to see it over turned. I support a Human Life Amendment.

2) What is your interpretation of the First Amendment Establishment Clause? Do you support public religious expressions such as 10 commandment displays at courthouses and prayers at legislative sessions, football games, schools, etc.? Do you support school vouchers that can be for religious schools? 2b) What is your position on the McCain-Fiengold Campaign Finance Reform law? What is the best policy regarding campaign finance?

The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment has been misinterpreted by liberals and secularists in our nation whose clear goal is to remove any Christian influence from our public life and culture. This clause does NOT call for a separation of church and state, to the contrary, is was written as a safeguard for freedom of religion and to ensure that government would never impose a state or national church, as was the case in England. I do support expressions of religion in public places and as State District Judge displayed a painting of the Ten Commandments in my courtroom. When liberal activists sought to force me to remove the painting I refused to do so and successfully defeated a lawsuit the liberals brought against me over this issue. I strongly support prayer in public places such as school and athletic events. I believe the recent campaign finance law is an infringement upon our First Amendment right protecting our freedom of speech and support its repeal.

3) Do you support the right to keep and bear arms? What is the purpose(or intent) of the 2nd Amendment? what policies do you support to preserve RKBA?

I strongly support the right to keep and bear arms. I am a Lifetime member of the NRA and personally possess a permit to carry a concealed firearm.

4) Do you support the war on terror? What specific things should be done to win the war on terror? How do you define victory in this war? 4b) Are there any sections of the Patriot Act or the proposed Patriot Act II that you oppose?

I believe the Patriot Act needs to be revised or done away with. Infringements upon the liberties and privacies of American citizens need to safeguarded and preserved. I believe we can fight terrorism successfully without sacrificing our personal liberties guaranteed in the Constitution.

5) What is your view of Federalism and the rights of states under the 9th and 10th amendments? What areas should the Federal govt leave to the states?

I hold to a literal interpretation of the Constitution with regard to Federalism and States’ rights. Only those duties specifically delegated to the federal government should be performed by our national government. All other functions are to remain the responsibility and privilege of the States.

6) What role should the Federal judiciary play and how would you ensure judges stay within that role? What would you do to rein in excessive judicial activism? Are there specific court decisions you oppose, and what do you propose to correct them?

The only Constitutionally created Federal court in our nation is the U.S. Supreme Court. All other federal courts are the creation of Congress and can and should be controlled by Congress. When these courts begin to subvert justice and write laws, something that only the legislative branch can constitutionally do, Congress should take action to reign in such out of control activism. First, Congress can control judicial activism thru cutting off the funding of misbehaving courts and jurists. Secondly Congress has the power to impeach judges who effectively violate their oaths of office and refuse to do their jobs or who misuse the bench by pursuing personal agendas rather than promoting the rule of law and justice. Lastly Congress can and should limit the appellate jurisdiction that the Supreme Court has over subject matter issues. Congress can, by simple majority vote, state that the subject matter of a particular bill is not within the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court or other federal courts.

7) What role should the United Nations play in US foreign policy? in US domestic policy?

The United Nations should play NO role in US foreign policy. It should absolutely play NO role in US domestic policy. If it were up to me the US would get out of the UN.

8) What specific changes or refoms should be made to:
U.S. Tax System
Education System
Social Security
Immigration Policies
Defense and Military
Health Care System (including Medicare, Medicaid)
Legal System (lawsuits)
Crime and Criminal Justice
Business Regulation
Energy Policy
Government Organization

I support a national retail sales tax at a fixed low rate to replace our current income tax system. I believe education should be controlled locally and be directed by parents with the help of teachers and local administrators. I would like to see Social Security improved by imposing a lock-box provision to keep politicians from spending the SS Trust Fund on other programs. We should allow people contributing to SS to invest some of their funds in private investments. I believe we should enforce immigration laws to prevent people from entering our country illegally. Illegal immigration is a threat to our security and a tremendous burden to the taxpayers. I do not favor President Bush’s recent proposals on immigration and illegal aliens.

9) What policies do you support to enhance Economic Growth and increase standard of living and create jobs? 9b) What is your position on trade (free trade versus trade barriers)? How should American policy respond to the outsourcing of jobs? 9c) Do you support or oppose the Bush guest worker program? Do you support or oppose amnesty for illegal aliens? Do you support increased immigration law enforcement (eg CLEAR Act)? Do you support or oppose immigration reforms to reduce immigration levels and the cost of immigration?

I am a solid fiscal conservative and I am committed to tax relief and reducing out of control federal spending. I will work to reduce the size and cost of our federal government. I will vote to cut waste and fraud in the federal government and to reduce burdensome regulations that stifle Texas businesses. And I will fight to create and protect American jobs. I oppose amnesty for people who break our laws and enter our country illegally. We should do more to prevent illegal immigration and absolutely should refuse to fund social services to illegal aliens. Giving taxpayer-funded benefits to illegals and offers of amnesty only encourages more illegal aliens to enter our country.

10) What policies do you support to protect the traditional family and the traditional definition of marriage? 10b) Do you oppose or support state laws recognizing homosexual/same-sex marriage and civil unions? How should the Federal govt handle this? What is your position concerning hate crimes? Do you support a Constitutional Amendment that declares marriage to be between a man and woman?

I am a pro-family, pro-life, pro-taxpayer conservative who believes that we must protect the sanctity of marriage as God ordained it and our society has recognized it for the entire life of our nation. That marriage is a joining of a man and a woman, and is to be interpreted in no other way, is a fundamental principle we must move to enshrine in law in all the states of our Union, and if necessary, as a last resort, the U.S. Constitution should be amended to protect the institution of marriage.

11) Do you support Term Limits? If so, in what form?

I do support term limits for elected officials. The purest form of term limits is frequent elections with informed citizens removing officials who fail to do their jobs properly. But I do believe it can be useful to enact mandatory term limits in a day when big government is out of control and the power of incumbency has been virtually institutionalized.

12) What is your position on affirmative action and racial preferences, and quotas? Should Texas Colleges and Universities use race as a factor in admissions?

I am opposed to affirmative action and the use of quotas. I do not believe that any government institution should use race as a factor in giving preferential treatment to individuals.

13) Do you oppose Socialism? Why is Socialism wrong? How would you work to expose it and defeat it in our country? 13b) What will you do as a candidate and in office to advance Conservative causes and make the case for limited Government?

I absolutely oppose socialism. It is contrary to our system of government, our Constitution, and to the free market economic system our nation is built upon. Socialism destroys freedom and causes people to suffer economically. It is a failed relic of the past and should be regarded by anyone with common sense as a system to be avoided at all costs. I have spent my whole life advancing conservative causes, as a political activist, and later through the example I set while serving in office. As Congressman I will cast every vote based upon whether the matter being voted upon is Constitutional. Does the bill I am voting on or the legislation I am authoring comply with the U.S. Constitution? That will be my guide in Congress.

14) What are your important qualifications and qualities that you bring as a candidate to this office?

Many candidates in this race will tell you they are conservatives. I believe that I stand out from the crowd however, based not only upon what I believe, but what I have accomplished in my service as a political activist and an elected official. Many people who call themselves conservatives these days do not support smaller government, less spending, or individual liberty. I do. I am a constitutionalist. I am committed to defending and preserving American Sovereignty. The establishment elites do not like me and oppose me at every opportunity because I stand up for morality and truth in a way that makes them uncomfortable. Neo-conservatives give lip-service to conservative ideas, but don’t like to get their hands dirty fighting for those things. I am a fighter. I took on the liberals when they tried to force me to remove the Ten Commandments from my courtroom, and I won. This fighting spirit is exactly what we need, and what I will bring to Congress. We don’t need anymore week-kneed moderate Republicans who cow-tow to the establishment. We have too many of those already.

15) What will your top priorities be in this position? To what extent does your faith and family affect your priorities and viewpoints?

My faith and family affect every aspect of my existence and service. The theme of my campaign is “Faith, Family and our Future.” I am a conservative Christian who draws strength and guidance from my faith. I am the father of six beautiful children and I am running for office precisely because I am concerned about their future. My priorities in Congress will be to uphold and defend the Constitution, to limit the size and scope of the federal government, to be a friend of the taxpayer and an enemy of bureaucrats and liberals who are leading our nation toward a destructive path of socialism and secular humanism. We are seeing a deliberate attempt by the enemies of freedom to destroy morality and righteousness in our land and replace it with a Hollywood mentality and lifestyle where anything goes and where there are no moral absolutes. I will actively oppose these things in Congress, both in word and in the legislation that I introduce.

16) Why are you the best person for this office?

I am the best person for office because I believe the right things, and will actually do in Congress those things that I am campaigning upon. My service as a Republican elected official in the office of State District Judge has given me experience no one else in this race has. I have experience in standing up to the liberals and defeating them. I will do the same in Congress.

17) What parts of the Texas Republican Principles and Platform do you agree with? Disagree with?

I agree with all of the Texas Republican Platform.

Are there any ways in which the Heart of Texas(Central TX) and Houston Area Texans Chapters of can help you in your campaign in addition to making an endorsement?

Free Republic can help me by joining with me on the grass roots level to spread the word that I am the best candidate in this race. I have the support of Congressman Ron Paul and many of his supporters but I need all the help I can get to spread the message that John Devine is the man we need fighting for us in Congress.

TOPICS: Politics/Elections; US: Texas
KEYWORDS: 2004; cd10; congress; election; electionushouse; johndevine; questionnaire; texas
This is the first of the responses to the rather lengthy questionnaire that was sent to all CD10 candidates. The candidates were informed to respond to as many questions as time allowed so even partial responses were welcomed.

I would like to thank Judge John Devine and his campaign staff for responding to our questionnaire at a very busy time during this campaign. For each candidate who responds, I will start a similiar thread.

Thanks also to all those who helped put this together and hopefully it will contribute to electing the best candidate available.

1 posted on 02/22/2004 10:44:49 PM PST by DrewsDad
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Comment #2 Removed by Moderator

To: Flyer; bobbyd; PetroniDE; basil; Gracey; The Bat Lady; tarawa; WOSG; TheSarce; TXBubba; ...
First Candidate Questionnaire Response received.
If you have any influence with other campaigns, please urge them to respond.
3 posted on 02/22/2004 10:58:06 PM PST by DrewsDad
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To: William Creel
was it Devine intervention?:P


4 posted on 02/22/2004 11:05:20 PM PST by GeronL ( a Freeper to Congress!)
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To: 13th warrior; 2bfree; af_vet_rr; ajf0; Arrowhead1952; atlassmirked; austingirl; austinTparty; ...
H.O.T. Ping for CD10 Candidate Response to Questionnaire.
5 posted on 02/22/2004 11:08:04 PM PST by DrewsDad
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To: DrewsDad
Since I am not in CD 10 I don't really have a horse in this race, but wouldn't it be delicious if Teresa Doggett won this seat. Texas sends a black conservative women to DC, while also sending a white liberal male to DC. When a Doggett started voting with President Bush, the Austin UnAmerican Statesman would be confused to no end.
6 posted on 02/22/2004 11:17:35 PM PST by jf55510
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To: DrewsDad
I should probably provide a link to GOP Primary - U.S. House District TX-10 – Discussion Thread for other candidate info.
7 posted on 02/22/2004 11:35:18 PM PST by DrewsDad
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To: DrewsDad
Highly impressive. Sounds like somebody we need in the U.S. Senate, more than the House!

There are some really tough choices in this race.

This is useful in helping me choose. Thanks.
8 posted on 02/22/2004 11:40:34 PM PST by Tall_Texan ((Tagline withheld pending notification of next of kin))
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To: jf55510
...wouldn't it be delicious if Teresa Doggett won this seat.

Provided that you can live with her responses on sexual orientation, human cloning, and a gun waiting period at: Free Market Questionnaire

9 posted on 02/22/2004 11:42:08 PM PST by DrewsDad
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To: DrewsDad; 1riot1ranger; Action-America; Aggie Mama; Alkhin; Allegra; American72; antivenom; ...

As always, a FReep mail will get you on or off this Houston topics ping list.

10 posted on 02/22/2004 11:50:17 PM PST by Flyer (Don't abandon our military - Re-elect President Bush!)
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To: Flyer
11 posted on 02/23/2004 10:31:41 AM PST by DrewsDad
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To: DrewsDad
For the Texas Group don't forget that early voting for the March 9 Primary is underway.......

Feb. 23 through Mar. 5.........

Check your local county election Officals for voting locations and times.

SOS Election page

12 posted on 02/24/2004 2:05:27 PM PST by deport ( BUSH - CHENEY 2004 .....)
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To: deport
Thanks for the link. I found the following on Devine's webpage for CD10:


County Courthouse: One East Main
Bellville, Texas
Monday, February 23-Friday, March 5
Weekdays: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.


Bastrop Old Historic Jail: 801 Pine Street
Monday, February 23-Friday, February 27: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Saturday, February 28: 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Monday, March 1-Friday, March 5: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
(closed Tuesday, March 2)

Smithville Council Chambers, City Hall: 317 Main Street,
Elgin County Annex: 600 West 290 & Cedar Creek, J.P.: #3 Building, 111 Pearce Lane
Thursday, February 26-Friday, February 27: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Saturday, February 28: 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Thursday, Macrch 4-Friday, March 5: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.


County Courthouse: 100 West Buck
Monday, February 23-Friday, March 5
Weekdays: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.


Monday, February 23-Friday, February 27: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Saturday, February 28: 7 a.m.-7 p.m.
Sunday, February 29: 1 p.m.-6 p.m.
Monday, March 1-Friday, March 5: 7 a.m.-7 p.m.


Acres Homes Multi-Service Center: 6719 West Montgomery Road, 2nd floor
Bear Creek Park Community Center: Bear Creek Drive @ Patterson Road
Barbary Bush Library: 6817 Cypresswood, Spring
Harris County M.U.D. #81: 805 Hidden Canyon @ Cimmaron, Katy
Epiphany Lutheran Church: 8101 Senate
Harris County Courthouse Annex #35: 1721 Pech Road, 2nd floor
Salem Lutheran Church: 22601 Lutheran Church Road, Tomball
Ponderosa Fire Station #1: 17061 Rolling Creek Drive, Houston


Octavia Fields Branch Library: 1503 South Houston Avenue, Humble
Kashmere Multi-Service Center: 4802 Lockwood
Fire Station #102: 4102 Lake Houston Parkway, Kingwood
Moody Park Recreation Center: 3725 Fulton
James Driver Center: 10918 ½ Bentley
BeBe Tabernacle Methodist Church: 7210 Langley


Alief Regional Branch Library: 7979 South Kirkwood
Fiesta Mart: 8130 Kirby Drive
Metropolitain Multi-Service Center: 1475 West Gray
Tracy Gee Community Center: 3599 Westcenter Drive
The Power Center: 12401 South Post Oak Road
Bayland Park Community Center: 6400 Bissonnet @ Hilcroft
Courtyard by Marriot: 12401 Katy Freeway @ Daily Ashford


Harris County Courthouse Annex #10: 16603 Buccaneer, Clear Lake
Galena Park Branch Library: 1500 Keene Street, Galena Park
Justice of the Peace/Constable Entry: 5300 Griggs Road
Remington Park Assisted Living: 901 West Baker Road, Baytown
Harris County Courthouse Annex #25: 7330 Spencer Highway, Pasadena
I.B.E.W. Hall #66: 4345 Allen Genoa Road
H.C.C.S. Southeast College: 2524 Garland @ Rustic
Sunnyside Multi-Service Center: 4605 Wilmington


County Clerk?s Office, Lehman Lee County Annex: 898 East Richmond
Monday, February 23-Friday, March 5
Weekdays: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.


Monday, February 23-Friday, March 5
Monday-Saturday: 7 a.m.-7 p.m.
Sunday: noon-6 p.m.


Travis County Airport: 5501 Airport Blvd.
Travis County Courthouse: 1000 Guadalupe St., 1st floor
University of Texas: UGL Lobby West Mall, UT Campus
Fiesta Mart: 3909 North Interstate 35 @ Delwood


Highland Mall: 6001 Airport Blvd, Lower Level by JC Penney
Northcross Mall: 2525 West Anderson Lane
Randall?s Parmer Lane: 1700 West Parmer Lane @ Metric Blvd.


Albertson?s North Lamar: 11331 North Lamar @ Braker Lane
Albertson?s Pflugerville: 1601 West Pecan Street


Randall?s Research: 10900-D Research Blvd. @ Braker Lane
HEB Four Points: 7301 FM 620 N (temporary building)


HEB South Congress: 2400 South Congress (temporary building)
Randall?s Ben White: 2025 West Ben White @ Manchaca


Albertson?s Riverside: 1819 South Pleasant Valley (temporary building)
Albertson?s Stassney: 5510 South Interstate 35 @ Stassney Lane


Randall?s South Mopac: 6600 South Mopac @ William Cannon
Home Depot: 1200 Home Depot Boulevard @ Brodie Lane


HEB East 7th Street: 2701 East 7th Street (temporary building)
Springdale Shopping Center: 7112 Ed Bluestein Boulevard, Suite 155


Randall?s Bee Caves: 3300 Bee Caves Road
Randall?s Lakeway: 2303 RR 620 South


Waller County Elections Office
Monday, February 23-Friday, February 27: 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
Saturday, February 28: 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
Monday, March 1-Friday, March 5: 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

Smith, Coleman & Kemp Community Center
Wednesday, February 25: 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Fieldstore County Building & Monaville County Building
Saturday, February 28: 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

Brookshire/Pattison Library
Saturday, February 28: 9 a.m.-noon
Monday, March 1-Wednesday, March 3: 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
Thursday, March 4: 1 p.m.-7 p.m.
Friday, March 5: 9 a.m.-4 p.m.


Brenham Courthouse: 100 East Main
Monday, February 23-Friday, March 5
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
Sunday: noon-3 p.m.

13 posted on 02/24/2004 2:24:24 PM PST by DrewsDad
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To: DrewsDad; Gracey
First, thanks for posting the responses from John Devine. Among a crowd of putative conservatives, John Devine is the most "freeper"-like of the candidates, advocating a "Constitutionalist" approach.

Thanks for linking this free market foundation too.

Now I know why I should vote Noble over Johnson.
I'll take Scalia over "*" any day!
14 posted on 02/26/2004 2:52:58 PM PST by WOSG (If we call Republicans the "Grand Old Party" lets call Democrats the Corrupt Radical Activist Party.)
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There seem to be some conflicting replies in the FreeMarket survey. How about the candidate who claims tha Scalia best reflects their judicial philosophy but leans heavily towards a "living document" interpretation.

15 posted on 02/26/2004 9:29:44 PM PST by DrewsDad
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To: yall
New Candidate Response:
Dave Phillips
16 posted on 02/29/2004 7:48:55 PM PST by DrewsDad
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To: yall
New Candidate Response:
Pat Elliott
17 posted on 03/01/2004 9:30:46 PM PST by DrewsDad
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To: DrewsDad
New Candidate Response:
Michael McCaul
18 posted on 03/04/2004 7:38:51 PM PST by DrewsDad
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