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"Sleazeball" = Resume Enhancement; Media Obsessed with Bush Non-Story (Rush)
EIB ^ | 2-13-04 | Rush Limbaugh

Posted on 02/13/2004 11:21:29 PM PST by jmstein7

Mr. Snerdley owes me some fried cheese. He lost the bet yesterday. Judy Woodruff did not ask Jack D. Ripper during his CNN appearance yesterday afternoon about the John Kerry story. We're going to call this Alexgate until we come up with something better. That's the woman's name. Here's the latest on the radio today, Kerry denied this, "There is nothing there, no story." Now, he's trapped now because if there is something to this, if there's something to this he's going to have to, you know, do some really neat slithering because not only did he deny it, he said there's no story there. That could be the way you have to parse this. "There's nothing to report, nothing to talk about. No," is what he said. So here's the latest scuttlebutt on this. It's all over the UK press, it's the front page. Now folks, I told you yesterday don't expect this to get in the mainstream press. This is a résumé enhancement for these people, for Democrats, to have this on Kerry's résumé. In fact, we dug up some quotes of John Kerry during the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal and he almost makes the point that this is a résumé enhancement to have this kind of life-building experience in your past and in your résumé, and he blamed Congress and the Senate and the House impeachment, the managers and so forth were, you know, for having such illicit thoughts, never mind the behavior, that's not the problem; it's thinking about it that's the problem and talking about it. So he's just flat-out denied it now, so we'll just have to wait and see what materializes here.

The woman has been named. She's in Kenya. She's apparently still a journalist. The UK Sun's got her dad. Her dad is out there saying Kerry is a sleazeball, mom saying that Kerry was chasing his daughter, didn't want his daughter to have anything to do with Kerry, Kerry is a sleazeball, but the dad doesn't think they had an affair but he does think that Kerry is a sleazeball. He made the point in the story that Kerry is a sleazeball. And his mom said that Kerry was running around chasing the girl. The girl was 22 at the time, now 24. The dad said that Kerry is a sleazeball. And she's in Kenya. Nobody knows why she is in Kenya. Dad says that Kerry is a sleazeball.

Meanwhile, Jack D. Ripper showed up today in Wisconsin. Our affectionate name for Wesley Clark. You know, it's a shame if you haven't seen Dr. Strangelove, you really ought to go, so this program will be in context for you. You ought to go rent the movie if you haven't seen it. Watch it and make sure you note who the character is Jack D. Ripper is, general Jack D. Ripper. I mean the facial resemblance is even striking between Jack D. Ripper of the movie and Jack D. Ripper of the Democratic Party, Wesley Clark. And he was up there endorsing the guy that the woman says is a sleazeball, John Kerry, and his mic wasn't working during the endorsement. Anyway, it's out, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran the story today, all four British papers, front page. MSNBC just ran the stories. It's trickling out there. Washington press corps has known about this for a long time from what I understand. I learned a lot after the program yesterday, as people started being able to get things to me. Even got a call from a USA Today reporter, she was all upset. Was she upset H.R. at first? I got the impression that she was sort of incredulous, saying why did you lead with something like this, especially from the Drudge Report, ewww! I told her, you guys are missing the point. You've got to understand where I'm coming from on this. Where I'm coming from on this is if Hillary wants to be president in 2008, then there's not a Democrat that's going to be allowed to win in 2004, and to me this has got Democrat fingerprints on it and I want to know who's taking out Democrat front-runners. Now, there's no USA Today story today. Now, some people might look at that and say, oh, that's bad. No, no, no. That's evidence that something's going on. If USA Today was going to run a story making fun of me for talking about this and how irresponsible I am and Drudge is, and then they pull that story, it's got to be because there's something here. I don't know what it is. We'll find out. Here's the latest on this. There’s just some things we know despite the fact that the principals here are trying to deny it. Clark is saying, I never said that he's got an intern problem, I saw that in the tabloids. But there are three reporters, one of them is an AP reporter, and one of them is the best AP reporter in the business, who heard Clark say it, and there are two other reporters that are pretty good who heard Clark say it. The latest on this is that Chris Lehane spread this rumor yesterday, started getting it out there to try derail Ripper because he was upset that Ripper was going to endorse Kerry. Kerry used to employ Lehane who was part of Gore 2000. Lehane is a Democrat dirty trick specialist and he's going to go out there, he was working for Kerry, Kerry canned him. He was part of the Clinton-Gore apparatus, operation. Goes to work for Ripper. Ripper doesn't amount to anything, Lehane is doing everything he can to get Ripper up in the polls. Ripper had promised his staff that he would go through Super Tuesday, and Ripper announced this week he's quitting. The staff got mad at Ripper because he misled them and so the story is Lehane decided to get even and didn't want him endorsing the sleazeball. Not my word, ladies and gentlemen, that's the word of the father and they named the woman. The name is Alex, got her name in here somewhere. She's in Kenya. Why is she in Kenya?

Now, I want you to contrast something, my friends. Whatever is going on in this Kerry story, there is at least as much, [talking to program observer] her name is what? Polier? Is that how you pronounce it, Alex Polier? Her dad called Kerry a sleazeball. She's in Kenya. Now, whatever you think of this Kerry story, put the Bush AWOL deserter National Guard story side-by-side. Take a look at how the press is, I mean, even yesterday we had a reporter say when Bush released the dental records to show he got treated for dental hygiene down there, said, well, it proves his teeth were there but not that he was there.

Last night, Chris Matthews on his show on MSNBC put out a desperation call, please, would anybody who served with George W. Bush please come forward so we can settle this, implying that there's nobody that's come forward that's served with Bush. We also have a guy out there who apparently has been contradicted now, a guy named Burkett. I don't watch TV with the sound up so I don't know how the name pronounced, but this is a non-story. It was a nonstory in 2000; it's a nonstory now. All that's happened is that Jack Ripper happened to get a question from Peter Jennings about whether or not it was appropriate to have a guy like Michael Moore in his camp calling Bush a deserter and then Terry McAuliffe goes on Stephanopoulos and says, okay, not deserter, we'll say AWOL, and the media has used this as an invitation and it's gone on all week and it's ridiculous, it is patently ridiculous. You know what Kerry said today? You know what Kerry said today when he was confronted with this? "I don't care about the past, let's look to the future." Fine, okay, let's look to the future, then get off of Bush's back; let's look to the future! This National Guard business is irrelevant. It is a hundred percent irrelevant because there's no story there. The press has already been through this once before. They are just taking the occasion to keep this alive, and with every bit of evidence they get that says it's a nonstory, they say, this just is opening up more questions. Why, this evidence isn't conclusive of anything. The problem with document dumps, the press is saying, why, just opens more questions. Oh, BS! It doesn't open any more questions. You people just don't want to give up the story, pure and simple. On the other hand, you've got this Kerry business, which they've known about. You know, this is the story that I've learned: the Washington press corps has known about Kerry being a horn dog for two or more years, they've known about it all of his career. Get this. I'm not going to give you a source because I'm sworn to secrecy, but there's a paper, newspaper reporter in Washington couple, three years ago, the sleazeball walks into a bar and hits on her, and she said his lines are so cheesy that she started writing them down in her notebook and said, "Have I got this right, senator, are these your best lines?" It's well known what the guy is. Apparently Teresa knows it, doesn't care. All this talk about, "I'll maim..." - it's BS. They know this is a big deal. I mean they know it's been going on, but it isn't a big deal to them. This is what I warned you about yesterday, this is résumé enhancement, and now they're hiding behind it. Well, you know, we don't have a cigar here, we don't have a blue dress, we don't have a camera in the bedroom, we can't prove this. Doesn't sound to me like we need to prove it. It sounds like people know it. Sounds like what we need to do is report it. But, it's not being reported. But it's out there, and Kerry has denied it, and somebody's going to look at it. Somebody is going to track it down and find out what this is. He has this flat-out denial out there.

But you put these two things side-by-side: If the media were to treat Kerry as they've treated Bush and his Guard records, the media at this time would be demanding all of Kerry's credit card charges, his canceled checks, security tapes from the many estates owned by Teresa Heinz, dental records, anything, notebook of lines. Go subpoena that reporter, you know, hey, you wrote down those lines, those cheesy lines, we want to see them. You know, you're trying to get Novak to say who he leaked to, got a government investigation going on to find out who Novak leaked to.

Can I tell you, just a side-bar, I'm watching CNN. Novak works at CNN, and I'm watching CNN do this story on all this grand jury going on the guy who knows this is one of their guys, they're doing the story, it boggles the mind. Well, journalists don't give up their sources. Yes, I forgot. I forgot. So we've got this big dog and pony show at the grand jury and the guy that knows all about it is at CNN while CNN is doing this big investigative report to try to nail the Bush administration. Meanwhile the guy who knows who gave him the name could solve this, but won't. Anyway, they ought to be demanding Kerry's credit cards, canceled checks, security tapes, air transportation records, find out where he was when, to prove that he's telling the truth when he says that he didn't have a relationship with this woman. Did he ever buy her flowers? Did he ever buy her jewelry? Did he ever buy her dinner? Did he ever buy her a Walt Whitman book?

I mean, Bush is turning in dental records, and what else did Bush turn over today? Driving records. The president of the United States turned over driving records and they are still not going to let go of this story, even those that's an old 2000 last-minute dirty trick, the DUI and all that. I think what the Bush people are doing is just get it out there so there's nothing more for these people to ask and get it out there and now it's February and so forth but still, it's not causing the press to go away on this, and yet no interest in this other thing. But I told you there wouldn't be. You ought to see my e-mail, "Rush, the press, I told you, they weren't going to..." We'll just have to monitor and see what happens.


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1 posted on 02/13/2004 11:21:30 PM PST by jmstein7
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To: jmstein7
Did Rush mention that the girl's dad thinks kerry is a sleezeball?
2 posted on 02/13/2004 11:43:59 PM PST by Mike Darancette (Bush Bot by choice)
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To: jmstein7

3 posted on 02/13/2004 11:45:23 PM PST by ChadGore (Viva Bush. He's EARNED a second term.)
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To: jmstein7
Some light shed on Bush Guard service -Hundreds of files released; Dems say questions remain***The documents provided no obvious explanation for why Bush neglected to take a physical examination in 1972, resulting in loss of his status as a pilot.

Democrats said Friday the issue of Bush's Guard service had not been laid to rest.

"Each revelation of material from the Bush White House has raised more questions than it has answered. It remains to be seen if these newest documents will provide any answers," said Democratic National Committee spokeswoman Debra DeShong.

After sputtering as a political issue in 2000, the questions about Bush's Guard duty were resurrected recently by harsh charges from political opponents like Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe. He accused Bush of being absent without leave from the Guard during the period when he transferred from Texas to Alabama.

The Vietnam War combat hero record of Bush's likely Democratic election rival, U.S. Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, adds to the political mix.

The president's opponents focus on 1972, when Bush took a job with the campaign of Winton "Red" Blount.*** [and the article prceeds to go into great detail]

Kerry denies affair: 'It's untrue. Period' (and the Chronicle drops it)***John Kerry, making campaign rounds Friday in Madison, Wis., denied having had an extramarital affair.

Asked about the report by Internet Web site operator Matt Drudge, Kerry told reporters on his campaign: "I just deny it categorically. It's rumor. It's untrue. Period."

After denying the report, Kerry added: "And that's the last time I intend to."

Drudge, who broke the Monica Lewinsky scandal involving President Clinton, on Thursday said Kerry had had a two-year relationship, beginning in early 2001, with an unidentified young woman who had since left the country.

Meanwhile, the Democratic presidential front-runner gained more ground Friday with the promise of an endorsement by the AFL-CIO, the support of a former rival and fresh polls pointing toward victory in next week's Wisconsin primary.***

Story of purged Bush files has been around the block (but let's do it again)***A former Guard officer, Dennis Adams of Austin, did confirm Friday that Burkett told him about the records destruction in 1997. Adams said he was not surprised when Burkett told him what he'd overheard and seen.

"I have no doubt he is telling the truth," Adams said. "Bill is one of my heroes. He was trying to take on certain rotten SOBs inside the Guard."

Burkett and some friends from his Guard days have been involved in an ugly dispute with the Texas National Guard and officers appointed by then-Gov. Bush for several years.

One of those friends, Harvey Gough, said this week that he became so incensed at what he saw as malfeasance by the Guard's senior officers that he hired a private detective to delve into James' personal life. James is the son of former Gen. Chappy James, the first black four-star general.

Through a spokesman, James denied all of Burkett's charges.

Burkett, Gough, Adams and others have waged an ugly feud with the Guard over what they said was fraud, waste and corruption.

Burkett sued three officers in the Texas Guard in the late 1990s, claiming that they blocked him from receiving medical support after he went to Panama on a Guard-related mission and contracted a debilitating disease. Gough alleged in a lawsuit that he was subjected to anti-Semitic remarks from one of James' staffers, and when he complained, James retaliated by court-martialing him. Both lawsuits failed.***

4 posted on 02/13/2004 11:45:35 PM PST by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: jmstein7
Yes. Had enough. Be more specific on how to fight back.
5 posted on 02/14/2004 12:15:24 AM PST by Meredith
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To: Mike Darancette
Did Rush mention that the girl's dad thinks kerry is a sleezeball?

U-h-h-h-h-h, yes he did. Really. Wierd. What was up with that?

6 posted on 02/14/2004 1:56:27 AM PST by ThirstyMan
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