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Curing Chronic Illness Can Be Used to Destroy Either Political Party
Rough draft outline of Original experimentation and medical meta-analysis by Douglas R. Griffin | February 12, 2004 | Douglas R. Griffin

Posted on 02/12/2004 3:20:19 PM PST by MedicalMess

Curing Chronic Illness Can Be Used To Destroy Either Political Party

Ladies and Gentlemen: I present to you the world's longest running, and greatest, medical blunder, the cures for incurable diseases, and the Second Coming of Christ.

There are 120 million American's with chronic illness. In 1997, researchers at Yale University were studying the clustering of autoimmune disorders in 84 families with Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APLA). They stated then that if they knew what caused APLA they would know a lot more about many of the other chronic illnesses. At the same time, I was searching the Internet for information on APLA and Ankylosing Spondylitis and ran into a wall of associated illnesses. I was able to experimentally regress, then create and regress again, multiple autoimmune disorders using metronidazole and TMP/SMX antibiotics as the precipitating agents. It is not unreasonable to believe that 25% to 50% of the American chronically ill can be brought into remission with one formula, by treating one stealth pathogen. I know the pathogen and I have the formula. This information could be used to destroy the Republican Party or the Democratic Party.

But God did say, "You must not eat from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it or you will die."

"You will not surely die", the serpent said to woman, "For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil."

And the Lord God said, "The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever." So the Lord God banished him from the Garden of Eden...

This may be the very first account of deliberate medical tyranny and a power struggle over the cure of Clostridium difficile the core component of a multitude of diseases. It is likely that Jesus Christ was killed because those in power did not appreciate his demonstration of healing techniques in public. It threatened the Jewish leader's power and hold over the public. It was easy to ignore the ramblings of a mad man but having to deal with material witnesses to what seemed to be miracles was just too much for the Rabbis. It certainly didn't sit well with the Roman Governments' authority either.

Meanwhile back in Genesis: Then the Lord said to Cain, "Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast? If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it."

Anyone care to tell us how this first lame attempt at psychoanalysis and anger management worked out?

Now Cain said to his brother Abel, "Let's go out to the field." And while they were in the field, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him.

If one was really "knowing good and evil", this knowledge would lead you to "live forever" or increased life span without chronic illness. This was a carefully planted riddle in the Bible.

See Cain worked in the soil where clostridium thrives as a common bacterium. He didn't have the constituents from the Garden of Eden to suppress this thing. Anger management doesn't work on this bacterium. The bacteria works on you breaking down tryptophan before you can get it. This causes low serotonin levels causing sleep deprivation. Then it interrupts vitamin B6, B5 and Biotin causing problems with a second neurotransmitter acetylcholine and this does further nasty things to your body including sleep apnea which starts to turn you into an obsessive, raging, bi-polar, mental case. Now medical professionals can give you antidepressants like Paxil to get the serotonin levels back up and that works pretty good for about 90% of the one million kids on this stuff. But about 10% go off the deep end. Some become Eric Harris at Columbine High School.

Clostridium difficile showed up in more than one doctor's treatment of autism with the antibiotics Flagyl and Vancomycin being used on this bug. Autistic children display a myriad of mental symptoms including speech problems, bi-polar, obsessive, aggressive rage, Attention Deficit Disorder, psychosis, dementia, etc. So you can understand how the relative bacteria count could contribute to a wide range of symptoms along the line from normal noninfectious to autism. Doctors studying the blood mineral deficits in autism found the same characteristics in Attention Deficit Disorder. Those blood level readings show low magnesium, calcium, copper, zinc, potassium, HDL levels, and B vitamins. This is the fingerprint for Clostridium difficile.

These are the same things you find in Diabetes but we don't need to speculate here since Clostridium difficile Toxin B "abolished" glucose induced insulin production from pancreatic islet Beta cells so that's pretty conclusive. Doctors have plenty of experience with diabetic dementia. Speaking of diabetic dementia, there was this guy from Saudi Arabia by the name of Osama bin Laden who suffered diabetes and bankrolled this bombing of the World Trade Center. 25% of Saudis have diabetes. At least as many more are prediabetic.

Are you all still with me, because this gets even better?

You know those aberrant low levels of calcium? In the extreme form we get ankylosing spondylitis which leaves a person with a skeleton that looks like it was made of wax and given a good going-over with a blowtorch. In the more subdued form it produces osteoporosis. When it wants to, it tunnels through bone causing osteomylitis. It seems to like to hangout in bone depressions such as where the tendons insert into the bone. When it sets up an infection here we call this Reiter's syndrome. It is also fair to say that there are six or seven other pathogens that can produce Reiter's. This bacteria causes the release of interleukin-1, 6, 8, fibrin and tumor necrosis factor. It causes pooling of proteins known as amyloidosis. Alzheimer's disease is associated with diabetes and involves amyloidosis.

When it inflames the wrists it presents as carpal tunnel syndrome. When it releases that fibrin in the muscles it produces fibrogen and muscle pain known as fibromyalgia. Populations with fibromyalgia have detectable levels of Clostridium difficile 2,000% more commonly than the general population. There are five other pathogens that can cause fibromyalgia.

Clostridium Toxin A numbs the nerves, while Toxin B provokes a strong white blood cell response known as leukocytosis. This inflammation from toxins and the body's immune system causes amyloidosing peripheral neuropathy which is the same thing as diabetic neuropathy without the diabetes, at least for a little while. When it gets into the joints and causes arthritis it can be diagnosed as either Osteo or Rheumatoid arthritis depending on the doctors view of things. It will respond to colchicine, which knocks down all those lymphocytes producing monosodium urate acid. This becomes uric acid crystals, which is where you get gout and kidney stones. This is why colchicine works on gout and arthritis.

In the digestive tract it causes toxic megacolon and death when it takes off on antibiotics. This is also known as pseudomembranous colitis, which is a lot of pus and blood. This is not to be confused with lies doctors tell you about these various diseases which is a lot of piss and wind. Clostridium difficile weakens the colon lining forming pouches that then can become infected causing diverticulitis. 50% of the elderly have signs of diverticulosis. In combination with a particular microplasma, it produces Crohn's disease. Assisted or unassisted by other colonic flora it can produce ulcerative colitis. In a lessened bacteria count it causes Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

If it penetrates into the abdomen it can abscess any major organ there or not depending on the relative bacteria count. You can see the plaques of proteins and white blood cells often on examining the colon. If it goes to the brain it can cause abscesses, meningitis and encephalitis. Subdued it probably produces multiple sclerosis as well as Alzheimer's. They both involve plaques. Get a closed-head injury in a car accident and you can watch the doctors scratch their heads trying to figure out what caused you to have brain damage symptoms that took 48 to 72 hours to start to perk instead of those symptoms showing up immediately. Then the doctors pull CAT scans and MRIs and can't find anything.

If it gets into your blood it grows slow producing phospholipidase which makes blood cells clump producing a high blood sedimentation rate. This usually is diagnosed as APLA or Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome. These blood clots cause women to miscarriage babies and others to drop dead of strokes. APLA often occurs after a women gives birth to her first child. I suspect the migration of Clostridium from the rectum into the open episiotomy wound is how this happens. PAP smears come up clean with nothing but signs of inflammatory cells. Clostridium difficile also causes vasculitis, peripheral vascular disease and Raynaud's Phenomenon.

You should be aware that this bacterium must eat and it consumes five amino acids, which are essential to its existence. It consumes other amino acids but it must have a particular set of five. Three of these amino acids, if depleted, cause muscle tremors and atrophy. Does Parkinson's disease or muscular dystrophy come to mind? Another of these amino acids is responsible for building cartilage. So it steals cartilage building material while grinding the joints with uric acid crystals. The CD infection rate in the elderly is near 100% so if you wonder why old people have hunched forward posture, worn out joints and are shaky on their feet... well..., now you know. Clostridium difficile also causes the age spots and drooping eyebrows. The drooping eyebrows, eyelids and muscle cramps are caused by the depletion of acetylcholine, usually referred to as myasthenia gravis.

Now if this weren't enough, you should be aware that this bacteria pulls down the immune system. That's why if you have any of the above diseases you should take antibiotics when you have your teeth worked on to keep the oral flora from getting into the blood stream and causing you a heart infection known as bacterial endocarditis. Unfortunately, the prophylactic use of antibiotics in dentistry has caused death by provoking pseudomembranous colitis. But that is the least of your worries because you're going to become a walking reservoir of infections. You ever wonder why older people drop dead with minor colds? It was the final straw on a big stack of straws.

Clostridium difficile does this by stripping glycoproteins/polypeptides from the surface of human cells. These sugar proteins are involved in intercellular communication and immune system signaling. Scientists used to wash them off of cell cultures as if they were foreign debris but new glycoscience has shown how detrimental it can be to loose these signaling molecules. This is one of the ways that this pathogen makes its own home in your body so you can't get rid of it. Other pathogens such as strep and chlamydia use similar strategies.

You see folks this is the second AIDS epidemic. Three years ago at the AIDS international conference scientist argued that there was some other pathogen, not HIV, that caused AIDS. Now you know what it is.

Clostridium difficile infection rates are not clear because of test sensitivity problems. Hospital personnel infect 50% of children born today in the first 48 hours. Other flora comes into play and knocks Clostridium down to low levels within a few days. The child's immature digestive tract makes it difficult for this bug to thrive. It was thought to only infect about half-a-percent to one percent of children and young adults in the USA after age two but latest tests indicate an 8.5% rate around age six. It is possible that every person might harbor trace amounts.

By using antibiotics we promote the growth of this bacteria thereby weakening our immune systems.

By using antibiotics we have traded life-threatening acute illness for long-term chronic illness and a population that has an ever-increasing pool of immune compromised individuals from which may rise the next great plague. I cannot emphasize how horrible a situation this is.

This one pathogen is killing at least 500,000 Americans a year. This is the equivalent of 130 years of fighting in Vietnam in one year. HIV is a joke compared to this bug. Let me repeat that for all the extremist behavior homosexuals out there. HIV is a joke compared to this bug. This bug is the most likely reason homosexuals behave the way they do. Homosexual behavior is not genetic. It is an infection-precipitated behavior. Sexual addiction is just one of the many obsessive-compulsive behaviors precipitated by this diseases interference with brain neurotransmitters.

Think of all the older people that get cancer. This bug produces toxic proteinase. Proteinase can cleave proteins such as genes. It produces abnormal protein fragments for a fact. So cut open a gene, insert an aberrant amino acid and you get errant reproduction, fondly known as cancer. And because the immune system has been pulled down by Clostridium difficile, it not only produces the perfect manufacturing facility for cancer creation, the cancer is given a great growth environment too. It is well established that people with autoimmune disorders and rheumatoid diseases have excessive high rates of cancer. Now you know why.

You see aging, disease, madness and death don't just happen in a vacuum. There is a structure and coding that goes beyond ones genetic lineage. Its not the genes you pass to your children that determines their future as much as it is the stealth infections and flora that passes from one family member to another due to continual close contact. If you work in a nursing home or hospital you will age faster because of disease. If you are a male homosexual..., forget about it. Homosexuality is the best way to spread this bacterium throughout the human body.

If you understand that homosexuality is high amongst prison inmates and Arab terrorists then you will understand why these people are criminals in terms of an infectious disease.

Since black males get HIV 11 times higher than white males then you will understand that black males are involved in sexual activities that generate the spread of Clostridium to themselves and other family members such that you have created a community of infectious crime, literally.

It is common knowledge that males in the black community are incarcerated way more than the rates of whites. It's not just poverty. It involves infectious disease. Any fibromyalgia patient that has this bug can relate what it is like to have "fog brain". Go back and look at the mental deficits this disease causes. Only then will you understand the rage, the obsessions, the drug addictions, sexual addictions, maladaptive social behaviors, extremist behaviors, guilt, depression, irresponsibility, and suicidal behaviors. These people are the perfect recruits for terrorists and crime.

The Scenario

Now let us say that we offer multiple cure strategies for this pathogen to the Republican Party and the Republican Party says, "No we are not interested. We can't be bothered to verify that we could save the lives of tens of millions of Americans in just a few months with very little money, say maybe a million dollars." So we walk away.

A few weeks later I approach the Democratic Party. They agree to run a test with a few hundred patients on several of these diseases. They find out the formulas work fast. Two weeks before the election I present the documents for the clinical testing on TV. Two hundred patients get on TV and explain how the Democrat Party saved their lives while the Bush administration let them rot. Terrorism and the war in Iraq is linked to the disease. Statistics showing the tremendous death rates are presented and inflated (as they always are) to make a point. Then they put on all those people suffering with these diseases. Then they put on the elderly that have to pay so much for their meds when they could have been cured. Then they put on the prisoners that never had a chance to reform. Then they put on the economist talking about how this would save Social Security, Medicare and the economy. Next they put on the company CEOs talking about how 60% of all absences in the workplace are due to chronic illness. Then they put on the grieving parents that lost loved ones. After that, they put on all the medical workers with these ailments and how the diseases are spreading with 20-25% of all patients leaving the hospital with new diseases they didn't have when they went in. Then the homosexuals will want to get in on the act. George Bush will be labeled a mass murderer again, which the democrats have said all along. The drug companies are dragged in and demonized along with all big corporate entities. The democrats push for a whole new government agency to monitor researchers to make sure they don't commit fraud. They push for government medicine to prevent further fraud by the mean doctors and drug companies. Then they bring up all the different government programs they could have had if it were not for all the waste in medicine.

The Republican Party goes down in flames in 2004!

Politically, there is no end to this can of worms!

What moral judge could sentence any criminal to death or a jail term with this in the back of his mind? Maybe this is why Jesus Christ was very concerned with judgement. Jesus was fixing these sick people.

This will force a complete rethink of all our social structures and values. It is the epiphany that could be referred to as the Second Coming of Christ if you believe in that sort of thing. It is the open door back to the Garden of Eden.

If the Republican Party goes after this pathogen first, they could destroy the Democrats, possibly forever... and change the world social structure for better.

This medical research is the tool the State Department and CIA need to totally discredit Arab terrorism. All the detainees at Gitmo need to be tested for Clostridium species.

As I write this there are hundred of documents on this hard drive which I am converting to screen size slide images to be digitally assembled into AVI, MPEG2 and DivX movie formats. The research is real. The formulas are real, and they work. I'm just a few weeks away from production. In just six pages on Microsoft Word I have explained to you what a 100,000 medical researchers couldn't with 10 million pages of clinical crap. And, I did it all off the top of my head without having to refer to a single document. That's how well I know this Satan's bug.

I need to be put in touch with people that can provide the funding and help run the clinical trials. I want the Republican Party to take the credit. But my family has to eat and I'm out of money. Six years of playing tag with a disabling deadly pathogen tends to destroy a lot of assets. It is near impossible to find work under these circumstances. It will be the world's greatest tragedy if no one would help fund the guy that has the cures for incurable diseases.

I am including the list of diseases, my name, address and home number along with personal e-mail address. I will have the ultimate medical product to sell shortly. But if worse comes to worst, my family comes first and I go to the highest bidder.

I don't care if the Republican Party sends a janitor to evaluate this as long as they can see that I have the documents to back what I have said. If you think I'm joking or this is a hoax, better think again! I need individual networking help. Will you people help me to help you?

P.S. For those that are wondering, I haven't got an ounce of religion in me. I'm pure science and evolution principles were heavily used in modeling and understanding this pathogen so I could search to find the evidence. Evolutionary science is part of the Second Coming. You're going to have to let go of your made-up value systems. If you believe in God then you need to ask why he gave all the answers to an agnostic.

The cures are to be used for the good of man, not his enslavement. George Bush is right. The stars are the answer. But we need to fix this problem first so we don't contaminate new worlds with old diseases. It is an understanding that humans must all obtain to move to the next stage of evolution. It is important to understand this data to stop war and terrorism.

Property of Douglas R. Griffin

76 Wilkie Way

Fletcher, N.C. 28732

Call 828-687-1870 Hours 12-8PM EST

Copyright protected 2004 (which means you can't use this without my written authorization)

The following research material was compiled over the last six years and involved personal human experimentation.

Diseases associated with (AW), or directly caused (DC) by Clostridium difficile.

Antibiotic Associated Pseudomembranous Colitis DC

Crohn's disease + microplasma secondary DC

Inflammatory bowel disorder DC

Ulcerative colitis DC

Diverticulitis, DiverticulosisDC

Reiter'syndrome + six other infections DC

Diabetes type I and II DC

Vasculitis DC

Rosacea AW

Peripheral vascular disease DC

Peripheral neuropathy DC

Multiple Sclerosis + several other cerebral infections DC

Ankylosing Spondylitis DC

Osteoporosis DC

Gum disease DC

Rheumatoid arthritis DC

Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis DC

Gout AW DC

Osteoarthritis DC

Osteomyelitis DC

Raynaud's Phenomenon DC

Fibromyalgia + lyme, ureaplasma, microplasma, chlamydia, candida DC

Tenosynovitis DC

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome DC

APLA - Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome AW

Bacteremia DC

Possible thyroid problems AW

Tinnitus AW

Myasthenia gravis - acetylcholine DC

Sleep Anea DC

Sleep deprivation through low serotonin levels DC

Fecal incontinence DC

Degenerative disk disease + microplasma DC

Cholesterol Levels particularly low HDL DC

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome DC

Autism DC

Attention Deficit Disorder DC

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder DC

Obsessive-compulsive disorder DC

Bi-polar Disorder DC

Dementia DC

Psychosis DC

Mania DC

Depression DC

Alzheimer's disease and amnesia AW - DC

Pancreatitis DC

Spleen abscess DC

Liver abscess DC

Meningitis DC

Encephalitis DC

Brain abscess DC

Eczema - side issue + staph or strep AW

Systemic Lupus Erythmatosis - side issue + staph or strep AW

Uveitis-iritis + staph or strep AW

Immune system failure DC

25% of Saudis have diabetes which means at least as many more Saudis are prediabetic. So close to 50% of Saudis are infected with Clostridium difficile based on just one criterion. Then there are whole bunches more that exhibit any number of the above symptoms. And you wanted to know why Arabs are hot heads and terrorists?

Feel free to call me for more information.


Douglas R. Griffin, System Analyst and Medical Researcher

Mastoparan-Induced Insulin Secretion from Insulin-Secreting ßTC3 and INS-1 Cells: Evidence for Its Regulation by Rho Subfamily of G Proteins Rajesh H. Amin, Hai-Qing Chen, Rajakrishnan Veluthakal, Robert B. Silver, Jingsong Li, GuoDong Li and Anjaneyulu Kowluru

Departments of Pharmaceutical Sciences (R.H.A., H.-Q.C., R.V., A.K.) and Pharmacology (R.B.S.), Physiology, Radiology, and Biomedical Engineering, Wayne State University, and ß Cell Biochemistry Research Laboratory (R.H.A., H.-Q.C., A.K.), John D. Dingell Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Detroit, Michigan 48201; and John D. Dingell Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Argonne National Laboratory (R.B.S.), and Cardiovascular Research Institute (J.L., G.L.), National University Medical Institutes, National University of Singapore, Singapore 117597

Address all correspondence and requests for reprints to: Anjan Kowluru, Ph.D., Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy and Health Professions, Wayne State University, 259 Mack Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48201. E-mail:

Mastoparan, a tetradecapeptide from wasp venom, stimulates insulin secretion from the islet ß-cells, presumably via activation of trimeric G proteins. Herein, we used Clostridial toxins, which selectively modify and inactivate the Rho subfamily of G proteins, to examine whether mastoparan-induced insulin secretion also involves activation of these signaling proteins. Mastoparan, but not mastoparan 17 (an inactive analog of mastoparan), significantly stimulated insulin secretion from ßTC3 and INS-1 cells. Preincubation of ßTC3 cells with either Clostridium difficille toxin B, which inactivates Rho, Cdc42, and Rac, or Clostridium sordellii toxin, which inactivates Ras, Rap, and Rac, markedly attenuated the mastoparan-induced insulin secretion, implicating Rac in this phenomenon. Mastoparan-stimulated insulin secretion was resistant to GGTI-2147, a specific inhibitor of geranylgeranylation of Rho G proteins (e.g. Rac), suggesting that mastoparan induces direct activation of Rac via GTP/GDP exchange. This was confirmed by a pull-down assay that quantifies the binding of activated (i.e. GTP-bound) Rac to p21-activated kinase. However, glucose-induced insulin secretion from these cells was abolished by toxin B or GGTI-2147, suggesting that the geranylgeranylation step is critical for glucose-stimulated secretion. Mastoparan significantly increased the translocation of cytosolic Rac and Cdc42 to the membrane fraction. Confocal light microscopy revealed a substantial degree of colocalization of Rac (and, to a lesser degree, Cdc42) with insulin in ß-cells exposed to mastoparan. Further, stable expression of a dominant negative (N17Rac) form of Rac into INS-1 cells resulted in a significant reduction in mastoparan-stimulated insulin secretion from these cells. Taken together, our findings implicate Rho G proteins, specifically Rac, in mastoparan-induced insulin release.

School shootings

On April 20, 1999 two high school students in Littleton, Colorado went on a shooting spree in the "safe" confines of a suburban high school. Both of the young men involved in this tragedy had undergone "counseling" and "anger Management counseling" during the previous year. Eric Harris, one of the killers, had been prescribed psychotropic anti-depressant drugs.

May 21, 1998 another young student, 14 year old Kip Kinkel, goes on a shooting spree in Springfield, Oregon. 2 dead 22 injured. Kip had been taking Prozac and Ritalin. This young man also shot and killed his parents. On November 11, 1999 Kip Kinkel was sentenced to over 100 years in prison. Where was the doctor that prescribed him Prozac and Ritalin at his sentencing? The parents and friends of those killed or wounded would have loved to ask a few questions, I am sure.

March 24, 1998 two boys age 11 and 13 open fire from the woods near their school. The boys shot 14 people that day, killing 5. The boys were being educated with the new Outcome Based Education (OBE) endorsed by the Psychiatric community.

September 27, 1997 a 16 year old New Jersey boy, Sam Manzie, rapes and strangles an 11 year old boy to death. The 11 year old was selling door to door for the Parent-Teacher-Association. Manzie was under psychiatric care at the time and being "medicated."

February 19, 1996 Timmy Becton, 10, used his three year old niece as a shield to protect himself from a sheriff's deputy. Timmy was aiming a shot gun at the deputy. Timmy Becton had been seeing a psychiatrist since January to cure his dislike of school. Timmy was put on PROZAC.

TOPICS: News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: adhd; ankylosing; arthritis; attention; autism; autoimmunedisorders; bipolar; bowel; carpaltunnel; chronic; clostridium; crohns; deficit; dementia; diabetes; difficile; disorder; diverticulitis; fatigue; gout; inflammatory; iritis; lupus; neuropathy; osteoporosis; paxil; prozac; raynauds; syndrome; terrorism; terrorist; thyroid; uveitis
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1 posted on 02/12/2004 3:20:21 PM PST by MedicalMess
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To: MedicalMess
Simply amazing.
2 posted on 02/12/2004 4:42:04 PM PST by Rudder
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To: MedicalMess
Somehow I get the feeling that this won't pan out.
3 posted on 02/12/2004 8:21:44 PM PST by glorgau
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To: MedicalMess
What would happen had you lived in Florence, or Rome, in, say, 1347, and you discovered the concept of pathogens and the association of fleas with the Black Death?

Getting that message to the Pope, (and I think there were two at that time, one in France and the other in Rome) might have presented you with a frustrating ordeal. It would hardly be likely the Planets would move before 1349, but some lucky town or city might have avoided what awaited 1/3 of Europe and uncounted others throughout Eurasia during those years.

I will answer via another media.

4 posted on 02/12/2004 9:18:06 PM PST by Prospero (Ad Astra!)
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To: MedicalMess
Zot alert.
5 posted on 02/12/2004 9:21:22 PM PST by js1138
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To: Rudder
Apparently the miracle cure doesn't work on schizophrenia.
6 posted on 02/12/2004 9:23:28 PM PST by js1138
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To: Rudder
I'm pretty much at a loss for words except the following:

Umm, okayyyyyyyy........

(said while slowly stepping backwards out of the room)
7 posted on 02/12/2004 9:25:57 PM PST by flashbunny ("Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig." -Mark Twain)
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To: MedicalMess
I know all these words, but I just can't parse this.
8 posted on 02/12/2004 9:27:57 PM PST by steve-b
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To: steve-b
you too,eh?
9 posted on 02/12/2004 9:31:38 PM PST by flashbunny ("Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig." -Mark Twain)
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To: flashbunny; steve-b
I understand it all perfectly...what is the problem?
10 posted on 02/12/2004 9:37:39 PM PST by woofie ( If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried)
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To: js1138
What? it fixed mine right up

Its those 8 foot talking beetles that are the problem
11 posted on 02/12/2004 9:40:15 PM PST by woofie ( If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried)
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To: woofie
Yours talk???
12 posted on 02/12/2004 9:41:21 PM PST by flashbunny ("Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig." -Mark Twain)
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To: MedicalMess
What if al-Qaida gets its hands on some of this Clostridiium Nonexistae?

The possibilities for disaster boggle the mind! As does this thread!

13 posted on 02/12/2004 9:42:56 PM PST by xm177e2 (Stalinists, Maoists, Ba'athists, Pacifists: Why are they always on the same side?)
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To: flashbunny
I sent this to a Doctor friend of mine, no telling what he will think of me now
14 posted on 02/12/2004 9:46:52 PM PST by woofie ( If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried)
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To: MedicalMess
I want to make sure I have this right. You have treatments/cures for all of these diseases? And you want to help us all out..but..ya just gotta charge. You are not going to tell us .. you would rather have us all sit out here and suffer.

What part of this and using Jesus as your example does not jive? I for one truly hope you have some answers..I also think you could give some info on this healing.
15 posted on 02/13/2004 2:45:33 AM PST by stillafreemind
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To: MedicalMess
I think they'll take the pathogen of least resistance.
16 posted on 02/13/2004 2:57:53 AM PST by Consort
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To: woofie
Woofie, don't you worry about what these people say. They are a bunch of baboons. And I'm going to put them right in their place.

All you baboons... I have a job for you. Go to Wheeless Textbook of Orthopaedics. It is on the web, just punch it into Google.

Now find the Bacteria or Septic Arthritis Menus. See that real long list of bacteria and fungus about 53 of them? You find it baboons?

Those were all pulled from peoples joints through a procedure known as a "syringe test". You can look that up on the site also. All these bugs cause arthritis either minor or full blown abscesses.

Now I want you to know baboons, that I put this list in front of a young orthopaedics specialist who had the latest American education and he was stunned like a deer caught in the car headlights. His jaw dropped. "He said where did you get this?" I turned the page over and showed him the cover of Wheeless Textbook. He said, "No one around here knows how to do this. You would have to go to a University research lab or down to Atlanta at the CDC to find this stuff. I can't do this. Not here, not even in any of the local hospitals."

That was his answer to my Clostridium difficile antibiotic induced pseudogout.

So lower primates, when you get arthritis who are you going to call when your doctor goes, "I don't know?" You going to go to another doctor to get the same answer or are you going to go to a person like me who is a trained systems analyst? I'm someone who has done the research and knows how to do what they can't.
Let me tell you baboons that I have hundreds of references like this. When I put about two hundred of these papers up on the screen on a video tape or DVD anyone that sees what I have is going to have that same look of total shock that the doctor did. And I'm going to sustain that total shock for at least one straight hour.
You see baboons, 3 out of every 4 people in America die from arthritic related conditions. 50 million Americans have arthritis right now and it is growing faster than the population is increasing. And, that's because it is all spreading infectious disease.
In America, that list of 53 pathogen families and species is not suppose to exist or acknowledged to exist.

You're not suppose to know that we have a serious infection problem that the government doesn't know how to deal with. We are the worlds super power. A super power is not suppose to have a problem like this. It shows weakness and incompetence and that gets you into wars. Get it yet baboons? Think it's still funny or I'm out in left field?
17 posted on 02/13/2004 3:26:40 AM PST by MedicalMess
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To: MedicalMess

Bump for reread later
18 posted on 02/13/2004 3:46:23 AM PST by WhiteGuy (Congress shall make no law... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press...)
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To: MedicalMess
Hey, ya never know. Lots of physicians thought that H. Pylori being the cause of ulcers was whack also. That was Nobel prize winning work.
More power to you if it's right.
20 posted on 02/13/2004 8:12:46 AM PST by glorgau
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