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STATUS UPDATES | December 21, 2023
Flight 70 Preview – By the Numbers
Written by NASA/JPL

Flight 70
Expected flight date: 12/22/2023
Horizontal flight distance: 258.735 meters
Expected flight time: 129.37 seconds
Flight altitude: 12 meters
Heading: West
Max flight speed: 3 m/s
Goal of flight: Reposition Helicopter
Airfield: Same

1 posted on 12/21/2023 1:25:51 PM PST by Ezekiel
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To: golux; Phinneous; MadMax, the Grinning Reaper
For in the grand tapestry of the cosmos above,
Mars2020's legacy, a testament of our love.
To unravel the universe, one discovery at a time,
Together we'll soar, with passion so sublime.

~ mission/status/502

= "אני אוהב אותך"

("I love you")

How to Stay Cool and Beat Amalek


On Purim, we have an obligation to imbibe until we can no longer distinguish between "cursed is Haman" and "blessed is Mordechai." Everyone is familiar with the story of Purim, right? Mordechai is the righteous leader of the Jewish people in King Ahasuerus' kingdom. He is the good guy. Haman is the bad guy, who wanted to annihilate the Jewish people. Without going into the reason why we should want to reach a stage at which we cannot distinguish between the two, we can ask, what is the best alcoholic drink that can help us accomplish this feat? The answer is, gematria. How do we know? Because the numerical value (the gematria) of "cursed is Haman" (אָרוּר הָמָן) is the same as the numerical value of "blessed is Mordechai" (בָּרוּךְ מָרְדָּכַי), they both equal 502. When we reveal their numerical values, we can't tell the difference between them.

Purim is a dressing-up festival and gematrias (the numerical values of Hebrew words) reveal that all the words in the world are just numbers in disguise. Different words and expressions that have no apparent connection, are revealed as symbolic masks for the same number. Take the words "light" (אוֹר), "mystery" (רָז), "infinity" (אֵין סוֹף) and "Master of the Universe" (אֲדוֹן עוֹלָם) as examples. They all have the same gematria of 207. Once we know that, the relationship between the words becomes far more profound. Someone who has a penchant for gematria is constantly on a matchmaking spree at a masquerade, where numbers dress-up in ever-changing disguises, and words are exposed as mathematical calculations.

Beyond Good and Evil

The first thing that we experience when we reveal an identity between the numerical values of two words or phrases is a sense of surprise. We have uncovered a startling connection between two words that we may never have related to one another. Next, our astonishment turns into intrigue and we are motivated to contemplate the significance of the equality between them. What is their affinity?

Words with the same numerical value either express a related idea, or they reflect each other as direct opposites. "Love" (אַהֲבָה), for example, has the same numerical value as "one" (אֶחָד), both are 13. Mashiach (מָשִׁיחַ) and "snake" (נַחָשׁ) also share their numerical value of 358. They contrast each other.

Gematria takes us to a realm that is beyond good and evil that is not self-explanatory. So gematria doesn’t prove or disprove anything. All that numerical equality between words does is to calmly point at the symbolic camouflage that disguises the same number. It's a fact that can't be changed...

2 posted on 12/21/2023 1:30:47 PM PST by Ezekiel (🆘️ "Come fly with US". Ingenuity -- because the Son of David begins with Mars ♂️, aka every man)
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To: Ezekiel

I think it would be better to search for minerals and other valuable metals instead of life. Cause I’d bet you dollars to donuts that there isn’t and never was life there.

4 posted on 12/21/2023 1:37:47 PM PST by HighSierra5 (The only way you know a commie is lying is when they open their pieholes.)
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