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HART: The Devil Went Down To Georgia — How Out-Of-State Liberal Elite’s Money Muddies Georgia Politics
The Daily Caller ^ | 12Oct | Hart

Posted on 10/12/2022 11:40:10 PM PDT by qaz123

WWith control of the Senate on the line, every close race gets mean. Predictably, the devils have come to Georgia in the form of big, out-of-state, coastal elite money, hoping to slime football hero Herschel Walker. He is running against a lucky incumbent, The Most Reverend Raphael Warnock.

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TOPICS: Society
KEYWORDS: georgia; liberals
What’s happening in Georgia, and has has happened, is a lot more than outside money coming into the state.

It’s also, and more importantly IMHO, about liberals moving en masse to Georgia. The same thing that has been happening in Texas since Perry started it and what is happening in Tennessee(ie Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville).

In Georgia, they’re moving into Atlanta and the northern suburbs as fact as they can build the houses. Moving into the city and gentrifying entire neighborhoods like they did Grant Park in the 90s. It’s gotten so bad that Bottoms was begging black residents not to sell to white home buyers and investors, even though she was raising taxes to the point where these people couldn’t afford to live there anymore. It’s gotten so bad that the current mayor wants to build affordable housing.

And then, of course, we have the current Governor who has opened up the state and it’s general fund to Hollywood liberals, tech companies and other companies that bring their liberal workers with them.

Some will scream….they’re bringing jobs. Ha ha ha ha. Here’s how it works.

The liberal Acme company announces a move to Georgia and will bring 500 jobs. Guess what, about 400+ of those jobs will go to the 400+ employees that will move with the company….or….only new liberals can apply for the remaining ones.

1 posted on 10/12/2022 11:40:10 PM PDT by qaz123
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To: qaz123

Kemp is there already.

2 posted on 10/12/2022 11:46:16 PM PDT by ifinnegan (Democrats kill babies and harvest their organs to sell)
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To: qaz123
A HUGE amount of Democrat out-of-state money is pouring into attorney general Republican RINO Raffensperger's reelection campaign. Democrats own him now. He's their fair haired boy who can do no wrong after he stabbed President Trump in the back in 2020.

3 posted on 10/13/2022 12:23:53 AM PDT by Governor Dinwiddie (LORD, grant thy people grace to withstand the temptations of the world, the flesh, and the devil.)
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To: qaz123

IF you are a Georgian( which I doubt) then you have purposely mischaracterized this state

Name the great tech companies that have moved into Georgia. As to filming here it is lucrative for the state and local businesses. They don’t come here and live. They come in and rent rooms and hire caterers or eat out. When they’re done they leave

All those “outsiders” haven’t move in large numbers despite what you say. Yes some have moved here but that isn’t as big an effect as younger voters. The younger voters are not as conservative as the older generation.

Georgia for many years was more democrat than republican (it was part of the confederacy after all). Never forget the state gave us Jimmy Carter

Kemp has his faults. But I’ll take him over Abrams. He signed pro freedom gun legislation. He’s kept a lid on taxes

No Georgia isn’t what it was in the sixties. Thank you God

It is a more conservative state than you realize

It is not a surprise that a black preacher (with a shady past) is the dem candidate for senate.

Herschel was not my choice for the senate run but those loyal dog fans didn’t pay attention
There have started to air some good ads for him

Election Day will be interesting. Walker may yet pull his race out. Even liberal dems don’t want Stacy

Oh I’m one of those outsiders who moved to Georgia from a very liberal state. Glad I made it to a place of sanity

4 posted on 10/13/2022 12:39:05 AM PDT by Nifster (I see puppy dogs in the clouds )
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To: ifinnegan

Nah he isn’t

5 posted on 10/13/2022 12:39:30 AM PDT by Nifster (I see puppy dogs in the clouds )
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To: ifinnegan

Says a Californian who has a pretty governor

6 posted on 10/13/2022 12:40:25 AM PDT by Nifster (I see puppy dogs in the clouds )
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To: Governor Dinwiddie

Not true. He’s got around two million for his run. 1.3 mil comes from in state donations. The rest is from out of state donations

At least check the data before posting nonsense

7 posted on 10/13/2022 12:45:03 AM PDT by Nifster (I see puppy dogs in the clouds )
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To: Nifster

Been living there for 27 years. Long enough to shed my ‘damn Yankee-mess

You must live in a different part of the state than I do. And apparently aren’t that familiar with all the ones that live in the city, Conyers and Covington. The ones you meet in the bars where they chuckle as they tell that they’re going to turn Georgia BLUE

You must not be familiar with the $1,500,000,000 a year in tax breaks that you, me and the rat of the taxpayers give the movie industry. Allowing them to use it to pay the salaries, travel and living expenses for actors to come to Georgia and film a Netflix movie.

You must not be familiar with Microsoft buying up a large swath in NW Atlanta, where they’re planning on building a massive complex.

You must not be familiar with the Rowen Project, along the 316 corridor with plans to turn into a research and tech hub that will start out with about 18,000 people, with plans to accommodate up to 100,000. Oh yeah…the whole deal
was done in secret with 0 input on the project

You must not be familiar with all the tech folks moving into the Augusta area.

You must not be familiar with your Lt Gov, POS Geoff Duncan, wanting to turn Georgia into the tech capital of the east….

Georgia is the Silicon Valley of the South. As Lt. Governor, Geoff is laser focused on advancing Georgia so that it becomes the technology capital of the East Coast.

You must not be familiar with the Rivian Project that was also done in complete secrecy and will destroy 2000 acres of beautiful farmland in social Circle and Rutledge. Oh wait, the Californians of Rivian are promising 7500 jobs at the plant for cars that no one buys. Yet Kia makes over 300k cars a year and does it with 2700 employees. Someone’s lying.

Gun legislation, as with ALL legislation, comes from the legislature. All the chief executive does is sign the bill that was passed by the legislature. Constitutional Carry came up every year he was Governor. Only reason he signed it was because he had competition from Perdue.

I’m aware the state is very conservative. However, folks like you don’t seem
to comprehend that NY, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and even California are all Conservative. But what do all those states have in common? Large Democratic metropolitan areas, whose populations outnumber the rest of the state.

Right now if the populations in about 11 or 12 counties continue to grow, Georgia will maintain a Republican legislature but have governors, etc more like Michigan, Pennsylvania Wisconsin

Oh yeah. And let’s not forget about the creeping influence of Soros, who’s just gave Abrams $1million.

And a careful look at the business objectives of Abrams and Kemp, you’d see that they’re not that far apart.

I could go on.

8 posted on 10/13/2022 3:15:13 AM PDT by qaz123
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To: Nifster

Good one 😂😂😂

9 posted on 10/13/2022 3:56:07 AM PDT by maddog55 (The only thing systemic in America is the left's hatred of it!)
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To: qaz123

For starters I don’t go to bars

You should’ve chosen a town a little closer to the mountains

You mention all these projects with no companies attached ( except the Microsoft one). Georgia will never be the Silicon Valley of the south as North Carolina already is and has been for years

10 posted on 10/13/2022 6:04:35 AM PDT by Nifster (I see puppy dogs in the clouds )
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To: qaz123

GA hopping in bed with Hollyweird is a huge chunk of this.

11 posted on 10/13/2022 6:05:53 AM PDT by mewzilla (We need to repeal RCV wherever it's in use and go back to dumb voting machines.)
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To: Nifster

If you are paying attention to the license plates in traffic in metro Atlanta every other one is either NY or IL (Chicago). People are fleeing here from the North in droves. Get 50 miles outside Atlanta its a different story. I’ve been in Gwinnett county for 34 years and its not the same place which is why we are moving to Habersham. Its a lot tougher row to hoe for Republicans than it used to be.

12 posted on 10/13/2022 6:10:38 AM PDT by Georgia Girl 2 (The only purpose of a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should never have dropped)
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To: qaz123

Over half the state’s population is in Metro Atlanta. It’s a different state from what it once was.

13 posted on 10/13/2022 6:13:03 AM PDT by x
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To: Nifster

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .... quite possibly could be one of the lamest responses EVER on this site.

Hollywood....everywhere. Should I add the 1500acre, outdoor action sequence lot that is being planned in Newton Cty. So now the folks that live in the area will get to hear fake gunfights, explosions and car crashes. I think that’s the Blacktail Studios guy.

Rivian was mentioned.

And you think your enclave in the mountains is safe? Ha ha ha ha ha. Have you been to Blue Ridge with its sizable gay population.

Have you been to any number of rural towns and small cities, away from Atlanta and the northern suburbs that are being inundated by liberals getting out of the city. Or how about Jefferson, Ga, where liberals are moving in like it’s their jobs.

And, NO, I can’t name any of the companies that will be coming with the Rowen Project. Don’t need to. But....The development will include nearly 2000 acres, be a mixed-use hub — or knowledge community as county officials like to call it — with a research focus. And it’s expected to create 18,500 new jobs in the Dacula area by 2035 and eventually as many as 100,000 new jobs over the next several decades.

As for what’s happening in Augusta, all the tech folks are moving in there because the government is moving a lot of hi-tech ventures onto Ft Gordon.

But, I guess you folks up in them there mountains don’t need to worry ‘bout that. Yuk Yuk Yuk.

14 posted on 10/13/2022 6:14:39 AM PDT by qaz123
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To: mewzilla

The Georgia Legislature, Kemp and Deal jumping into bed with Hollyweird is a huge chunk of this.

The religious freedom bill passed years ago and they scared Deal from signing it.

A state Senator wanted to lower their tax credits from $1.5billion to $900mil and Kemp and his buddies started having seizures. All for some Netflix, Amazon Prime movies and some Christmas specials that no one watches anymore.

15 posted on 10/13/2022 6:17:58 AM PDT by qaz123
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To: qaz123

You are delusional. Keep at it

16 posted on 10/13/2022 11:18:40 AM PDT by Nifster (I see puppy dogs in the clouds )
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To: Georgia Girl 2

Well good. Maybe now republicans will have to work and do their jobs to get votes

17 posted on 10/13/2022 11:24:38 AM PDT by Nifster (I see puppy dogs in the clouds )
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