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Word for the Day: Penced

Posted on 02/08/2022 1:52:22 AM PST by nikos1121

TOPICS: Word For The Day
KEYWORDS: mikepence; penced; puckfence; tds
THIS WORD should be used as much as possible and shared to where it's eventually entered into Webster's.
1 posted on 02/08/2022 1:52:22 AM PST by nikos1121
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To: nikos1121

I like it, it works.

2 posted on 02/08/2022 2:11:19 AM PST by Apple Pan Dowdy (... as American as Apple Pie)
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To: nikos1121

Kudlow was talking about Pence on his show yesterday. No mention that Pence had the authority to send the electoral votes back to the states for an emergency audit but Pence REFUSED. No mention that Pence had the constitutional authority to do this. Now he’s saying Trump asked him to “overturn” the election.

I like Kudlow but I was disappointed in his coverage of this.

3 posted on 02/08/2022 3:25:09 AM PST by gattaca ("Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives." Ronald Reagan)
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To: Apple Pan Dowdy


4 posted on 02/08/2022 3:40:51 AM PST by EvilCapitalist (Merry Christmas Illhan!)
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To: nikos1121

Remember this from a claimed interview? Peculiar is is still around with no efforts to take it down:


“Mike Pence, when he was in Congress he had been surveilled multiple times,” whistleblower Ryan Dark White said. “He is known to be bisexual but tries to keep it hidden. He puts forth a persona of über-Christian. When he was governor he was very strict on the gay and lesbian communities, things like this, to hide that. He was surveilled then. And it was well known the FBI and CIA do illegal surveillance of many members of — you know, politicians at all levels.”

“To get it, it’s all illegal. They want the
leverage. And it was well known…”

INTERVIEWER: “So he was just kinda caught up in a dragnet of just general surveillance of Congressional members?”

“Well, one, he is a politician. He’ll be around. He has influence. So, the FBI is all about getting influence. Now,
they’re dirty, so they control it. It’s not like they control it every day. They don’t tell them ‘Do this, this, this and this,’ it’s just when they need the big one they can call it in,” White explained. “And then when he became governor he felt more secure to pursue his longer-term relationships.”

Karen and Mike Pence
“Like I said, there’s one roughly 20 years his junior that was a longer-term one that he had had when he was in Congress, and then there’s one that was much more sporadic, but that gentleman’s about half his age. He’s the one that introduced the younger and younger people to him. But as governor he felt that he was much more secure, not as wide-open, and able to pursue it, and he went the other way with is politics and cracked down on gay and lesbian communities (inaudible) he would never have anything to do with that.”

“They would usually set up a location that was already wired up before he got there, so — or it was a known location or the location — like the younger gentleman was helping, and he helped set him up, so he would tell them where they were going to meet. That’s why he was — he was the one — the one that was about half his age was — I’ve seen the videos. I mean, I’ve seen a few from when he was in Congress, but I’ve seen these from when he was governor and made copies of them, and Shaun encrypted them, Shaun Bridges.”

Shaun Bridges

“So, he — that guy was actually working with the FBI to help set him up, so he would provide locations where they were going to meet and they’d be there ahead of time, so they had — these were probably the best surveillance tapes they had of him.
The other ones would be this or that, some better than others. This one, you got the whole group.”

“And when he actually got into talks about being vice president, running with President Trump, they shut it down because they had everything they needed to control the vice president. And it looks like they did.”

Rosenstein, Roberts, Ryan, Romney

“So, you know. Then, of course, he was involved with the other stuff with Rod Rosenstein and Roberts to control — get President Trump out of there. Paul Ryan and Romney, those are the people mostly involved in it. They wanted to get President Trump removed in any way possible so that he would become president. He felt that he had been passed over, he was due, it was his perfect time.”

“And he had actually ran for president in the election and was quickly surpassed by President Trump, so he felt slighted and did not like President Trump for any reason, especially that one.”

INTERVIEWER: “So, was there an active plot between him — between Mike Pence and Rod Rosenstein and Ryan and Mitt Romney?”

“Uh-huh…They wanted to remove him any way possible,” White said. “They had worked with Roberts prior to this, prior to the actual election, and Roberts had actually helped them write up the FISA warrants with Pete Strock, and (inaudible) would write them up maybe and Roberts would send them off to be signed by whoever judge he controlled.”

“But — they had started this, but once he was selected, once Rod was appointed, the focus shifted to Rod
Rosenstein, and that was up to him, using that guidance of what they wanted to do, and he coordinated with all the deep state Democrats, whatever you wanna say, to take him down.”

“The Russian Collusion with Mueller and Comey, who were involved in it, they were the ones getting information back and forth from various governments. They were the ones handling the information from Ghost Stories. That continued.That was them. Now, Mueller ran Ghost Stories from way back.”

Mueller, Comey
“So, they were all involved in it, and they were trying to remove President Trump in any way, shape or form. It was Rod who wanted to go after the
25th Amendment. And he has definitely worn a wire before. So it wasn’t a joke; it was a serious threat.· And they tried many, many times.”

INTERVIEWER: “Are you aware if President Trump was ever made aware of this during the administration as far as the underhand dealings that Pence is associated with?”

“I don’t know for sure,” White answered. “I had hoped — I made a tape in 2016 in Baltimore with this one group, and it was made expressly to get to Devin Nunes, but there was a member of this group who — he was just unprofessional — it was all about him.”

Devin Nunes
“When they saw what was on it, Devin Nunes was very impressed with it, as was Cash Patel, and they wanted the rest of it. He had only given them about a 20-minute sample of a three-and-a-half-hour tape. But he got in the middle of it. He wanted to control it. He wanted everybody to come to him for the source. And I was like ‘Just give it to them. You know, they need to know.’”

“This was right after Rod had been tapped for DAG but not accepted — he accepted it but he hadn’t taken the
office yet, and I’m trying to warn him about what he’s really like and he’s working with Pence, and it’s like ‘This is gonna be terrible.’ Then this guy got in the way and screwed it all up. So, by the time –“

INTERVIEWER: “This is Matt Couch?”

Matt Couch
“Yes. ‘Lumpy Loveseat,’ that’s him,” White said. “But, yeah. He — he messed it all up and he — he wanted to get in the middle, he wanted to be the hero, it was all about him and the donations. And he immediately turned on Mr. Brutowsky [phonetic] — he’s a very kind man — who wanted to really help.”

“They wanted everything immediately. He (Couch) wouldn’t do it. He’s negotiating with them for weeks and weeks, and then by the time they finally got a copy it was a blank copy. It was just bad all — yeah, he screwed it all. And once it finally got to them, they had moved on.”

“He really ruined it. And he ruined the warning. Cause I told him , I said, ‘Now, here’s me. It’s on the video. It’s me. I’ve got my background. It’s gonna (inaudible) me. I don’t care. Give it to them. He needs to know this. I thought it was very exciting, President Trump’s presence, and he messed it all up.”

INTERVIEWER: “Can you give me some more details on the — on the Hammer, Sunrise, Sunset and how the leak — that spy ring was working at that time?”

White answered,” Okay. These are software…You can tailor it to what you want. Hammer’s the big one. There’s Sunrise, and one that’s also military but narrowly focused.”

“Sunset is one — same thing but focused more on the surveillance side that they would use to exploit — I don’t know — phone records, computers, things like this. It was more of a civilian version of it.”

INTERVIEWER: “Is this Hammer the super computer as mentioned lately in the Hammer Scorecard with the
recent election?”

“Yes,” White replied. There were people involved in the — in vote manipulation. They had taken care of that as well. Because they were using it not just in the election. They used it in 2018. It was set up in 2016 when they lost a lot of their control over the satellite stuff, so they moved it overseas.”


Source Link:

Lin Wood Whistleblower Interview: The Real Mike Pence, White House Mole

5 posted on 02/08/2022 4:23:41 AM PST by jacknhoo ( Luke 12:51; Think ye, that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, no; but separation.)
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To: nikos1121

Pence is simply striving to become relevant. He will never be.

6 posted on 02/08/2022 4:45:32 AM PST by norwaypinesavage (Capitalism is what happens when you leave people alone.)
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To: nikos1121

Is there no recumpence from being penced?

7 posted on 02/08/2022 4:56:30 AM PST by who_would_fardels_bear (This is not a tagline.)
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