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What do they expect to get by getting us to believe lies, that they don't already have?
Freep | 05/04/2020 | CharlesOconnell

Posted on 05/04/2020 7:41:43 AM PDT by CharlesOConnell

What do the people Eisenhower warned us about in his Military/Industrial Complex speech, expect to get out of deceiving us, that they don't already have?

This is not advocacy, this is a question, that one of our members has the answer to: Why is it so important that they get us to believe lies? What do they expect to get out of it, that they can't get if we at least understand the broader outlines of the true strategic picture that they control anyway?

Nikolai Yezhov (right) oversaw the executions of more than half a million Soviet citizens during the “great purge.” After Yezhov himself was executed, the photo of Stalin and his honchos strolling along a Moscow canal was neatly updated to remove "the poison dwarf."

In Soviet Russia, people closely watched the official disinformation communication organs, not to try to get news, but to discern which power realignments had occurred under santimonious cover of official "news". Osama bin Laden was located through the efforts of footloose intelligence former ronin, a former-KGB connected player in the international "banking", the intentionally delayed processing of masses of hacked credit and identity information, often stolen months or even years prior to executing each sting. The fact that the high towers of intelligence work with equally well with towers that are shrouded in darkness and murder, is no surprise, we saw it in the use of the mafia to go after Castro at time of the bay of pigs. The principle is that, in the realm of secret intelligence, between government, business and crime, there are no firm delineations, they have more in common with each other than they have with we little people.

What do they expect to get out of their transparent lying, that they don't already have?

TOPICS: Conspiracy
KEYWORDS: comey; eisenhower; mccabe; stalin

Making Abortion Okay

Unbeknownst to the pro-life establishment, the tipping of mass American public opinion against abortion is primarily due to pro-life consumer marketing approach of the Vitae Caring Foundation and Heroic Media.

Why is abortion in the time of plague okay, but religion is not? Because Abortion is a public matter. Religion is private, allowed in our tolerance to be tinkered with behind closed doors, but not to clog up the machinery of public life.

The public character of abortion has to be disguised by sanctimonious cover that “it’s a private matter between a woman and her physician”. (During Justice Harry Blackmun’s private retreat with himself to write Roe at the Mayo Institute, he enshrined into legal precedence, the principle that “abortion is a private matter between a woman’s physician and her physician”.) This new privacy emerges naked from the shadows into the harsh light of the public square when doctors prescribe abortion to patients with any questionable prognosis.

A member of Justice Ginsberg’s class of “populations that we don’t want to have too many of”, a young woman of extremely modest socio-economic class background, told me her doctor declared, “you have too many children, I’m going to give you an abortion”.

“And she did.”

“Lawrence Lader, a cofounder of NARAL, recalled that the elective abortion found constitutional in Roe “came like a thunderbolt.…It was even more conclusive than any of us had dared to hope”. – James R. Kelly, “Seeking a Sociologically Correct Name For Abortion Opponents”, from “Abortion politics in the United States and Canada: Studies in public opinion”, Edited by Ted G. Jelen and Marthe A. Chandler (Westport, Conn.: Praeger, 1994. pp. 15-40.)

Once forbidden, abortion’s name must now be spoken, indeed, shouted from the rooftops. Her forced march naked through the public square, Godiva-like but with everyone beholding her shame, primarily attracts the notice of the grandparents and the fathers of the child marked for execution.

Statutes against forced abortion persist on the law books unenforced. Sixty-four percent of American women reported feeling pressure to abort, in a small sample.

The abortion sector is in a push-back against a great success of anti-abortion in persuading the American people that they don’t want abortion. Abortion feminists have been way behind in this race, they have a long way to go, but they have ruthless determination to tip the balance back their way. Why is the figure largely unknown today of Phyllis Schlafly suddenly controversial at this time? (A leader of her defeated opponents acknowledged that there was an invincible spiritual force at work stealing their thunder.)

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.…[I]n almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics [the House of Morgan ran both parties’ candidates in two Presidential elections] or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world.” – Edward Bernays, “Propaganda
There is a hidden hand which exercises strong influence over public thinking, the “consent engineering” craft. (This is the arena in which abortion feminists seek to regain the control they once held in owning the image of choice, lost by partial-birth abortion.) The craft came to prominence a century ago in the person of Edward Bernays, author of 30 books on civil propaganda. This crude, early 20th century authoritarian approach was decked out in new duds by “Influence” author Robert Cialdini, but the ad tradecraft’s strong influence on public opinion remains undiminished, if anything, strengthened by a century of overwhelming command.

The newly revealed, planned kneecapping of the world economy resets this context. The super-elites masterfully making lemonade out of the anticipated harvest of lemons, has to be covered in the unknown world of “consent engineering”, by a plausible story for public consumption–the Devil giving you 99 truths if he can get you to swallow in a whole gulp, just 1 barbed lie hooked to a steel piano wire. In this case, the true facts covering for the agenda of super-elite fatcats always landing on their feet, is that there truly is a tight market in medical research for vaccines and a vulnerable medical and food supply chain. It’s highly improbable that the incompetent, semi-scientific Chinese are primarily responsible, rather, that they are the loose cannons of a shadowy biological research sector which affords “special access” to the George Soros’es, Warren Buffett’s, Bill Gates’es and AlGore-rhythms of the super-elite sector, “the more influential classes”, the 0.001% creme de la creme of the world economy.

Elites hoard knowledge about thought reform techniques to advance their own agendas“, asserts a student of the topic at The Federalist, Stella Morbito (Green). “More than 30 years ago, in the wake of much cult activity, the American Psychological Association (APA) actually set up a task force to improve public awareness about how coercive thought reform works. But, in the end, the APA decided on the advice of outside ‘experts’ to dismiss and suppress that task force’s [DIMPAC] report.” –10 Resources For Hack-Proofing Your Mind

The centrally organized “engineering of consent” as a coherent, dark craft, was made possible by unprincipled research in psychological manipulation conducted in the latter half of the 19th century. (How can an observer of the American Catholic Bishops’ migrant-accompaniment border-breaches against private property, account for the Bishops’ de facto abandonment of unskilled, home-born African Americans, other than the engineering of “compassion” at the behest of the highest bidders for low-skill wage reduction, the US Chamber, Biz Roundtable & Koch Bros.?)

Though Sigmund Freud’s sexual psychology is conventionally deprecated–among those inattentive to its historical relationship to sexual Marxism–Freud did tap the pulse of a certain, highly exploitable trend in the psychological manipulation of large masses of the populace. This was in his book “Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego”, “concerned with the individual man as a member of a race, of a nation, of a caste, or a profession, of an institution, or as a component part of a crowd of people who have been organized into a group at some particular time for some definite purpose.

The principle heir to this dark understanding, in the first half of the 20th century, was Freud’s nephew twice-over, Edward Bernays, who induced millions of women to start smoking–his own wife’s demise from it notwithstanding–in one of the original manifestations of made-to-order, instant political movements, “AstroTurf”, Bernays’ “Torches of Freedom” ad campaign , so lately echoed in the Virginia Slims slogan “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby”.

The tradecraft secret that makes possible the manipulation of billions of people, the barbed bait on a piano wire, is in the fact that the unorganized mass emotion of powerlessness is able to be directed by the hidden hand of consumer-psychology into the temporary respite of organized rage.

A typical scenario in an episode of the 1960s television series “Gunsmoke”, is that one bar patron will throw a punch, with a large mass of others quickly erupting in a pointless donnybrook with no identified factions. Reality departs from this standard cul de sac plot formula, not that the sheriff conventionally puts a stop to the fight, but in the fact understood by the dark psychologists, that the group identifies a scapegoat, achieves fleeting catharsis by persecuting the target, and can thus be manipulated to cohere under the hidden leadership of “community organizers”.

See Maruice Ogden’s poem “Hangman”

But the toolbox of consumer-psychological marketing research is intrinsically value-neutral, able to be equally well be used by those in the light practicing ethical virtue. The Vitae Caring Foundation’s “Lifesaver” advertisement is an example of using emotionally persuasive means, not to deceive people, but to increase their comprehension of, and receptivity to, the Truth, using an integrated appeal to the Passions, the Will and the Intellect as God created them good in humans.

(Woman firefighter handing a child she just saved to the Mom.) “Being alive today has special meaning–for both of us. There have been times when I almost didn’t make it. But the one time I had the most to lose, was before I was even born. My Mom was young, single, no money. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for her to give me a chance. But today, I know she’d be very proud, that her decision saved more than one life.”—”Lifesaver”, Vitae Caring Foundation.

The Vitae Caring Foundation’s advertising campaign overcomes many of the hidden biases against Life by recognizing and affirming the special requirements of feminine psychology: It portrays a successful woman heroically–potentially, self-sacrificially–giving life to another while maintaining control over her own life and remaining personally successful. This flies in the face of the presumption of the upper-crust of young women that having a child when they’re reaching for success means the effective end of their lives.

When advertisements of this kind were shown in the test market of Kansas City, there was a corresponding 37% reduction in abortion. This is the hidden hand in a velvet glove without a mailed fist within.

Unbeknownst to the pro-life establishment, the tipping of mass American public opinion against abortion is primarily due to this approach, as outlined in Paul Swope’s April, 1998 “First Things” article “Abortion: A Failure to Communicate”, and demonstrated in an interview with The Vitae Caring Foundation’s long-time leader, Dr. Carl Landwehr.

Queue the video to 8:17.

This is the arena in which the abortion biz is attempting to regain dominance.

1 posted on 05/04/2020 7:41:43 AM PDT by CharlesOConnell
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To: CharlesOConnell

for later

2 posted on 05/04/2020 8:23:46 AM PDT by Chuckster (Friends don't let friends eat farmed fish)
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To: CharlesOConnell

Thanks for posting.

Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence. - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

The lie is the weapon used most often by the criminal.

BUMP for later.

3 posted on 05/04/2020 8:42:53 AM PDT by PGalt (Past Peak Civilization?)
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To: CharlesOConnell

“What do they expect to get out of their transparent lying, that they don’t already have?”

I think a couple of things:

1) A greater sense of power. If you can get somebody to believe that 2+2=4, that really isn’t an accomplishment. People’s natural abilities can produce that. But if you get people to believe in a lie, then they are going against their natural abilities and putting trust in your words. They give you power over themselves and their natural abilities. They are weakening themselves and elevating you.

2) A lie is not a truth but something made. If you are the creator of a lie then, as a creator, you are elevated. God was the first creator and now you are on that playing field. Your creative words are God-like. They don’t contain the truth but the truth is not important. With God the truth — that there was no heavens and earth — didn’t matter before the first act of creation. Creativity mattered, truth doesn’t matter.

These are psychological accounts of things. Psychology is the foundation from with the public will follow. A lot is based on fear. Truth liberates one to follow one’s good advise whereas fear stops you, throws you off balance and can makes you dependent and ultimately a hostage. The latter is what many leaders want.

4 posted on 05/04/2020 9:34:18 AM PDT by BEJ
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To: CharlesOConnell

Transparent lying is a way of humiliating people, who are forced to repeat the lies so they can go about their lives with minimal government harassment. Schoolyard bullying.

5 posted on 05/04/2020 10:05:09 AM PDT by jjotto (“Blessed are You LORD, who crushes enemies and subdues the wicked.”)
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