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To: Red6

Yes No Maybe So.

I know that President Trump is a leader in opposition to China but I trust him to be more economic about it not military.

Biden is actually a Neocon trying to replicate the regime change wars of Hillary in Libya and Syria that ignited in 2011.

Vladimir Putin now in the regime change crosshairs and there is a vision to do this to China using Taiwan in the East and Uyghur Muslims in Western China to ignite sanctions and or new insurgency wars of attrition designed to bring down China’s government.

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To: Nextrush

I agree.

Trump doesn’t want armed conflict, may that be with China or Russia.

The problem is that in the US government, both Republicans and Democrats are basically no more than two sides of the same coin when it comes to big business and their interests.

The parties and most of the candidates are essentially representatives of various interests, and when it comes to the oligarchs and big corporations, both parties are essentially the same.

That is why BOTH parties are OK with this conflict in Ukraine, and BOTH parties want the dust to settle as fast as possible regards China and get things back to normal, BOTH parties back Saudi Arabia...

Even if you look at this conflict in Ukraine, you realize, it’s big corporate interests in the US and Europe, our oligarchs, that (((want))) Ukraine in the EU and NATO. At the same time, these same corporate interests and oligarchs do not want conflict with China, so you have this huge dichotomy, where China is far worse regards human rights, democracy, censorship, oppression of religion, military expansionism and the threat they pose to us, but it’s Ukraine where we are militarily involved in a conflict.

Look at what is happening right now: These are literally the same people that support the war in Ukraine! But in Ukraine, the conflict is what benefits them, whereas in China, even so much as trade tensions cost them.

It don’t matter that China is a horrible oppressive regime that literally represents everything we pretend to be against. We can make money there - slave labor and this is where much of US HQ’ed firms produce.

Bush H. (Republican), Bill Clinton (Democrat), Bush W. (Republican), Obama (Democrat)... all looked the other way regards China and made sure China got most favored trade status, became a member of the WTO... (((Literally))), even as tanks were running over pro-democracy protestors on Tienanmen square.

It don’t matter that Saudi Arabia is a kingdom, oppressive, and also against everything we pretend to be against. We can make money there - oil and massive defense contracts, plus they do our bidding for us in OPEC, among the Arab nations.

They can literally hack a US resident and journalist into pieces, in the fellow NATO nation Turkey, this can be ordered by the prince himself, and we would roll out the red carpet tomorrow for their prince if he flew here.

***Democrat and Republican is essentially the same when it comes to the big corporate and oligarch interests.***

Trump was the first and ONLY one to actually truly operate independently, i.e. not just a marionette of certain interests which supersede all other interests in this nation.

Biden in his first week he made sure:

-—The Unions got what they wanted. Any federal contract over 35 million requires union labor and it’s easier to unionize.

-—Buffet got what he wanted. The Keystone pipeline is shut down.

-—Big pharma got what they wanted. They can return to price gouging the US customer, the Trump era executive order controlling costs are gone.

-—Big tech and others profiting from open trade with China got what they wanted. Those aspects of the Trump trade spat with China big tech didn’t like are gone. Those in the tech arena who are monopolies need not worry anymore. Threat of anti-trust is history and firms like Meta don’t need to worry about being split up. Do you think there could be a reason why Zuckerberg was so politically involved in the 2020 elections? (Do you think Zuckerberg was so involved in the last elections because he respects democracy so much?)

All the big money interests got what they wanted, right away.

The US is a textbook oligarchy: It’s not taught like that, it’s not mentioned much in the media, and ironically the media is either outright owned by these big corporations and oligarchs, or is entirely beholden to them because of add revenue. The point being is that you have a small group of power brokers that have a disproportionate influence on the political ruling class, they control the media, and they usually get what they want.

***People often talk about a Presidents “handlers.” The real handlers out there are those business interests that stand unopposed and are unified behind a certain issue/cause, are worth billions and are highly politically engaged. They get what they want, may it be Bush H. or Biden.

***Trump was the FIRST to actually apply some pressure at least regards some of the unfair trade, currency manipulations, and theft of IP by China. And for that, he immediately earned the hatred of big tech, since they predominantly manufacture everything there, may it be Cisco, Apple, HP, Dell, Amazon...

What happened as soon as Biden was elected? Go figure, and our MSM forgets this really quickly.

Issues like LGBTQIA+, racism, climate change... those are nonsense issues for the ignorant masses to concern themselves with. They are the equivalent of the games in ancient Rome. These issues buy Biden or an Obama popularity among the masses, they distract the masses, while in reality he’s screwing them. You see this in the most blatant way in places like Davos, where they have bafoons give lectures about climate change before a camera (, while behind closed doors you have the heads of state, industry and finance meet to make the real deals: You really think they go there to discuss LGBTQIA rights? Climate change? Nonsense-

Trump simply wasn’t part of the cabal, he didn’t always swim with the current, and that got him in trouble with very powerful people.

Funny how people in America think Biden (a career politician who has become rich while in office) is a man of the people, or that Democrats somehow represent the poor and blue collar folks.

5 posted on 06/03/2023 9:44:26 PM PDT by Red6
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