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EXCLUSIVE: Donations to BLM Are Funneled Through Democrat Related ActBlue and Handled by Organization Led By Member of Weather Underground Terrorist Group
Gateway Pundit ^ | 06/25/2020 | Joe Hoft

Posted on 06/25/2020 8:15:01 AM PDT by SeekAndFind

We reported on May 30th the recent riots in Democrat-led cities around the country were coordinated and related to three main groups: 1) US based Islamist Organizations, 2) Domestic terrorists, and 3) Others related to the Democrat Party.

Today we uncover a fourth major contributor, a Clinton pardoned member of the Weather Underground, Susan Rosenberg.

There clearly was no reason for the mass riots taking place around the country after the death of the individual at the hands of the police in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Everyone who saw the police brutality was appalled and outraged at the sight of the policeman kneeling on the victims neck for an incredibly long period of time. The man died. But nothing warrants the wholesale destruction of property and and riots around the US since that event.

Here’s who we predicted were involved:

In Portland, Oregon, Antifa showed up as was expected:

In Boston more masked rioters:

The same in Washington DC where Antifa set a church on fire and attacked the people’s house – the White House:

In Santa Monica, Antifa set a police car on fire and chased the police away:

2. US Based Radical Islamists

In LA rioters vandalized a Jewish synagogue and then came back later in the night to burn it down:

In Minnesota, the Governor’s daughter and Ilhan Omar’s daughter were both sharing Intel with rioters:

3. Democrats

In New York City, the mayor’s daughter is involved in the protests:

Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to condemn the looters and rioters, she just attacked President Trump:

Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden looked weak while meeting with members of Black Lives Matter (another domestic group involved in the riots):

At Least 13 Joe Biden Staffers Donate to Group Supporting Violent Minnesota Looters and Rioters

4. Today we can add another name to the group – a member of the Weather Underground, Susan Rosenberg:

We were the first to report that BLM was raising money using ActBlue as a resource. The Daily Caller confirmed this and reported that BLM is not a non-profit organization and nonprofit organization (Thousand Currents) said it provides ‘fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services to BLM.

Candice Owen reported on the BLM – ActBlue relationship and was targeted by a bogus fact-checker. Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch jumped in and stated that the findings confirmed what we and Candice Owen reported:

Transparency? So if you want to make a tax-deductible charitable donation directly to Black Lives Matter, you can't. You donate to Act Blue Charities. Act Blue Charities sends this money, allegedly, to another charity, Thousand Currents, which runs BLM as a "fiscal sponsorship."

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) June 20, 2020

Thousand Currents is apparently a non-profit organization and Susan Rosenberg serves on its Board as reported by Wikipedia (note the link to Thousand Currents no longer works).

What’s the big deal? Susan Rosenberg was a member of the Weather Underground terrorist group, which included Obama friend Bill Ayers. In January of 2001, the New York Times reported that many politicians, including Democrat Chuck Schumer, were critical of a pardon President Clinton gave to her on his last day in office:

An unusual combination of New York political and law enforcement leaders have condemned former President Bill Clinton’s pardon of Susan L. Rosenberg, a one-time member of the Weather Underground terrorist group who was charged in the notorious 1981 Brink’s robbery in Rockland County that left a guard and two police officers dead.

Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, a Republican, and United States Senator Charles E. Schumer, a Democrat, were among those who criticized the pardon, as did Bernard B. Kerik, New York City’s police commissioner, and David Trois, a Rockland County police union official.

Here is a related tweet about Rosenberg:
Who is Susan Rosenberg? She should NOT be allowed anywhere near a charity. What do public filings about Thousand Currents reveal concerning her background?

— Charles Ortel (@CharlesOrtel) June 23, 2020

So contributions to BLM are funneled through ActBlue, the major resource for Democrat donations, and then funneled to an organization ran by a member of the Weather Underground terrorist group.

It’s clear that the recent riots around the country are not spontaneous. They are coordinated and planned. These riots are related to the same individuals involved in similar activities for years.

These people hate America.

Hat tips Bob, Charles Ortel

TOPICS: Conspiracy; Politics; Society
KEYWORDS: 1000currents; 1981; 20010120; 2016; 202005; 2020electionbias; actblue; aid; aliciagarza; armoredcarrobbery; billayers; billclinton; blacklivesmatter; blm; blmfundraising; brincks; communists; democrats; democratscandals; dnc; dncbrownshirts; donations; electionviolence; fec; georgesoros; gfc; hrw; humanrightswatch; idex; m19; may19th; moneylaundering; opaltometi; pardon; pardongate; patrissecullors; rhodesia; rosenberg; soros; southafrica; susanlrosenberg; susanrosenberg; thousandcurrents; weathermen; weatherunderground; wu; wuo; zimbabwe
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1 posted on 06/25/2020 8:15:01 AM PDT by SeekAndFind
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Nothing will happen any minute now

2 posted on 06/25/2020 8:24:56 AM PDT by dsrtsage (Complexity is merely simplicity lacking imagination)
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To: SeekAndFind

It’s clear that the recent riots around the country are not spontaneous. They are coordinated and planned.

This is worldwide. Look at the UK and other nations. You create a “injustice” and then you can get thousands to join your cause as “protestors”. However, there is a core group who are manipulating the media and message to raise money and make a political point. This group wants to fully destroy the West and remake the world in their desired form of Marxism.

It is insidious and they have for all intents and purposes co-opted one of our two major political parties. When you try to question them or their motives they label you and the media rushes to attack you.

If you followed the money it would all be clear. They are endorsing Biden. Why? Because they control him. In other words, a vote for Biden is a vote for the Marxist we are mislabeling as anarchist.

3 posted on 06/25/2020 8:26:15 AM PDT by volunbeer (Find the truth and accept it - anything else is delusional)
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To: dsrtsage


4 posted on 06/25/2020 8:38:41 AM PDT by kelly4c
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To: SeekAndFind

Oh Gee Margie. How did the Clintons ever get sucked into this?

For over 30 years , the Clintons have waged war on the Republic.

They absolutely deserve a wee bit of credit (and bodycount) for all the unrest.

5 posted on 06/25/2020 8:43:55 AM PDT by NormsRevenge (Semper Fi - Monthly Donors Rock!!!)
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To: SeekAndFind

this is conspiracy from Soros, DNC, Dem Mayors, Biden,
Ayers, Obola, and other seditionists, invaders.

but no one cares. not really.

except Pres. Trump.
With police on the run, as Ayers planned,
armed Americans and MIL are all that is left.

6 posted on 06/25/2020 8:53:55 AM PDT by Diogenesis
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To: SeekAndFind

Don’t worry. Corporate America is writing checks as fast as they can to BLM who’s cofounder stated “If we don’t get what we want we will burn it all down.”

7 posted on 06/25/2020 8:57:14 AM PDT by headstamp 2 (There's a stairway to heaven, but there's also a highway to hell.)
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To: SeekAndFind


8 posted on 06/25/2020 8:59:08 AM PDT by headstamp 2 (There's a stairway to heaven, but there's also a highway to hell.)
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To: SeekAndFind

Smells like bombin bill ayers finger prints all over BLM

9 posted on 06/25/2020 9:13:07 AM PDT by thinden
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To: SeekAndFind; All

It’s nuts.

In a just world, you really have to wonder where is Barr and his DOJ, Mitch McConnell, and even the POTUS AND VPOTUS jumping up and down yelling about this.

We have a violent police and civilian murder organization, originally funded by $30 million from Soros, and originally one of several violent black organizations under the ANTIFA umbrella.

We have redundant confirmation from its leadership BLM is a Marxist organization, bent on indoctrinating youth and society against America, and “burning it down”.

In the previous posted link below, we have “Black Conservative Patriot” literally demonstrate to his audience, how nearly all money donated to 501-(c)(3) NON-PROFIT “Black Lives Matter” acts as conduit through “ActBlue” for donating to the DNC itself, which IS NOT 501-(c)(3) NON-PROFIT.

Litterally, the more violent and deadly the riots, the more money the DNC brings in.

And now the donations to the DNC through BLM are roughly $700 Million, which because of IRS “tax status” is totally and flagrantly illegal in itself, BUT is also illegal as large amounts of money to BLM/ActBlue are from foreign corporations and probable accounts tied to foreign banks as proxies of CCP, RUS, Packi, Iran, EU, etc...!

Black mob turns their anger towards white kids

6/13/2020, 3:52:38 PM · 94 of 110
patriotfury to The_Media_never_lie; All

And the more stuff they steal, the more properties they destroy, and the more violent and deadly these real racists become with each new wave of unchecked mayhem, the more support they get from the mass media, and the more hundreds of millions in corporate dollars they bring to the Marxist revolutionary DNC, literally —

Watch closely.

Roughly $500 million dollars donated to 501-(c)(3) BLM (largely from corporations) goes directly to non-charity DNC

BLM is a massive illegal and violent DNC mobster money making operation/shakedown!

This is comprehensively RICO on all the fentanyl in the world at once.


And this totally unlawful and violent RICO money making activity is happening just months from our next election!

Letting this highly unlawful activity go unchecked, is akin to throwing the election.

10 posted on 06/25/2020 9:31:06 AM PDT by patriotfury ((May the fleas of a thousand camels occupy mo' ham mads tents!))
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To: MadMax, the Grinning Reaper; piasa


11 posted on 06/25/2020 12:43:42 PM PDT by Fedora
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To: SeekAndFind
From the archive of the link that the article said no longer works:

IDEX and Black Lives Matter announce global partnership

September 06, 2016


For media inquiries, please contact:
Jennifer Lentfer, IDEX, 415-528-5398, [email protected]
Shanelle Matthews, BLM Network, 323-842-2136, [email protected]

September 6, 2016


SAN FRANCISCOInternational Development Exchange (IDEX)* and the Black Lives Matter Global Network (BLM) are pleased to announce a new partnership that reflects the global spread of the movement for Black lives.  

IDEX and BLM will support one another with the goals of promoting social change within marginalized communities. A 30-year-old international grantmaking organization, IDEX provides fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services to BLM. As a 501(c)(3) public charity, IDEX can receive grants and tax-deductible donations and gifts on behalf of BLM.

Both organizations promote the empowerment of Black and African communities. A key aspect of the agreement is providing learning exchange and alliance-building opportunities for the BLM Network and IDEX’s grassroots partners in the Global South, especially Africa.

“We believe that people’s movements around the world have much to learn from each other and we value our role in connecting them,” explains Rajasvini Bhansali, IDEX Executive Director. “The struggles of indigenous peoples, women, and young people are shared around the world…There are proven and powerful strategies that are more than informative for people in the U.S. – they are edifying.”

With 37 chapters in the US and 5 chapters outside, #BlackLivesMatter has resonated all over the globe and is expanding. BLM approached IDEX to create this partnership because IDEX has the experience and skills to support BLM as they build solidarity with global organizations and movements. The organizations have developed a binding legal “agreement of coordination and cooperation” over the last year.

“We’ve connected people across the country working to end the various forms of injustice impacting Black people. We’ve created space for the celebration and humanization of Black lives,” says Alicia Garza, BLM Network co-founder. “We needed to partner with an organization who can support us as we build these connections on a global scale.”

IDEX was created to foster people-to-people grantmaking and solidarity. As part of the agreement between the two organizations, BLM and IDEX are working together to provide funding for IDEX partners in Africa. BLM has agreed to make a donation in support of IDEX’s grassroots partners in Zimbabwe and South Africa in lieu of an administrative fee for IDEX’s support.

Black Lives Matter’s focus on voice, inclusion, and systemic social transformation resonates deeply with IDEX’s staff, board, and partners. Both organizations are led primarily by people of color, queer/trans people, women, and/or people from the Global South. IDEX’s approach reflects the intersectionality of global struggles for social justice and sees BLM as a natural, necessary ally.

“At moments of crisis, we see so many systemic changes needed in the U.S. and around the world to struggle against anti-Black racism. The ways forward will have to be rooted in the most transformative vision possible for a world that is not race blind, nor race neutral,” says Bhansali.

“IDEX and BLM are building the collaborative capacity to heal the legacies of colonialism and slavery.”


About Black Lives Matter Network:

Black Lives Matter Network is a chapter-based global organization working for the validity of Black life. Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi, and Alicia Garza created the infrastructure for this movement project—moving the hashtag from social media to the streets, working to organize communities and (re)build the Black liberation movement.

#BlackLivesMatter was created in 2012 after Trayvon Martin’s murderer, George Zimmerman, was acquitted for his crime, and dead 17-year old Trayvon was posthumously placed on trial for his own murder. Rooted in the experiences of Black people in the U.S. who actively resist our dehumanization, #BlackLivesMatter is a call to action and a response to the virulent anti-Black racism that permeates our society. It is an affirmation of Black folks’ contributions to this society, our humanity, and our resilience in the face of deadly oppression.

Learn more:

About International Development Exchange (IDEX):

International Development Exchange (IDEX) partners with donors and funders to support the visionary leaders and organizations advancing solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges around food, the economy, and climate. Since 1985, IDEX has funded more than 500 grassroots, community-led projects in 33 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America with multi-year, general support commitments. Annually, IDEX’s partners serve approximately 1.5 million people, enabling farmers to be agriculture sustainability innovators, helping families build income, equipping community members to fight against human-made climate threats, and much more.

Learn more:

Thousand Currents changed its name from IDEX in 2016

12 posted on 06/25/2020 12:49:02 PM PDT by Fedora
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To: Fedora
The African partners mentioned in that link:

African Centre for Biodiversity: South Africa

Institute for Young Women Development: Zimbabwe

Ntiga Ntaba kaNdoda: South Africa

South Durban Community Environmental Alliance: South Africa

Surplus People Project: South Africa

Zimbabwe Shareholder Organic Farmers' Forum: Zimbabwe

13 posted on 06/25/2020 12:58:09 PM PDT by Fedora
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To: SeekAndFind

What’s Tim Kaine’s son been up to? Wzsn’t he Antifa too?

14 posted on 06/25/2020 1:05:28 PM PDT by piasa (Attitude adjustments offered here free of charge.)
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To: Fedora

Hmmm.... “Thousand Currents”has a Chinese vibe to it, like the Chinese Thoussnd Talents project.

15 posted on 06/25/2020 1:08:18 PM PDT by piasa (Attitude adjustments offered here free of charge.)
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To: Diogenesis
16 posted on 06/25/2020 1:26:03 PM PDT by timestax
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To: SeekAndFind

Another story that will never see the light in the Mainstream Media.

17 posted on 06/25/2020 1:27:47 PM PDT by dfwgator (Endut! Hoch Hech!)
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To: Fedora

Susan Rosenberg and her accomplice Tim Blunk were busted in 1984 in NJ with a huge cache of stolen TNT that had been swiped from a construction site in TX c1980...

At the time they were part of the May 19th Communist Organization

18 posted on 06/25/2020 1:29:29 PM PDT by piasa (Attitude adjustments offered here free of charge.)
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To: timestax
19 posted on 06/25/2020 1:31:33 PM PDT by timestax
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To: SeekAndFind

Rats can do whatever they want.

20 posted on 06/25/2020 1:32:58 PM PDT by deadrock (<img src="DonaldTrumpisthegreatest.jpeg" width="420">)
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