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Who framed Michael Flynn? All of the pieces are in place and they lead right into the obama White House
Flopping Aces ^ | 05-08-20 | DrJohn

Posted on 05/08/2020 8:41:55 AM PDT by Starman417

Yesterday was a great day. Flynn has been freed. The DOJ has dropped the Flynn prosecution.

The Justice Department on Thursday moved to drop its case against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, in a stunning development that comes after internal memos were released raising serious questions about the nature of the investigation that led to Flynn’s late 2017 guilty plea of lying to the FBI.

The announcement came in a court filing "after a considered review of all the facts and circumstances of this case, including newly discovered and disclosed information," as the department put it. DOJ officials said they concluded that Flynn's interview by the FBI was "untethered to, and unjustified by, the FBI's counterintelligence investigation into Mr. Flynn" and that the interview was "conducted without any legitimate investigative basis."

Flynn was set up. Two years ago I said Flynn was caught in a perjury trap.

Trust us, the FBI said to Flynn. You don't need a lawyer.

You might also remember that obama fired Michael Flynn. Here's why-  almost five years ago I wrote this:

Obama is cooking the intelligence about ISIS- and why

Obama had been warned three times about ISIS, including a warning from Lt. Gen Michael Flynn:

On Feb. 11, 2014, the Pentagon’s top intelligence official, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, warned the group would likely attempt to take over even more territory.

“ISIL probably will attempt to take territory in Iraq and Syria to exhibit its strength in 2014, as demonstrated recently in Ramadi and Fallujah, and the group’s ability to concurrently maintain multiple safe havens in Syria,” Flynn told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Michael Flynn was the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency from 2012-2014, and was appointed by Obama. Flynn has been very critical of Obama’s disastrous Middle East policies. Flynn asserts that arming and funding ISIS was a “willful decision”:

And I wrote this
PS: Gen. Flynn has called for Hillary Clinton to be stripped of her security clearance. It’s likely only a matter of time before Flynn is visited by the IRS or is suddenly embroiled in some curious affair.
Now superimpose that on obama warning Trump about Flynn

"Stay away from Michael Flynn"

Trump was going to hire Flynn, so the FBI set a perjury trap for Flynn.

(Excerpt)

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1 posted on 05/08/2020 8:41:55 AM PDT by Starman417
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To: Starman417

He, who must not be named...HAHA

2 posted on 05/08/2020 8:50:35 AM PDT by CMailBag
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To: Starman417

One thing that confuses me about this is that I did not know the DOJ could arbitrarily drop charges on somebody who has plead guilty and been convicted. I would think the court would have to do that.

3 posted on 05/08/2020 8:51:30 AM PDT by suthener
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To: Starman417

I said this on another thread, but it bears repeating...

The FBI notes said they would prosecute him or get him fired.

This was a two-pronged attack.

They wanted to prosecute, but apparently did not have a case. The Special Counsel came in and took the case and ran with it making a different determination and playing dirty games (threatened his son) to get him to take a plea. The crown jewel of the Special Counsel’s effort to get Trump.

However, the original group was successful in their effort to get Flynn fired. They made leaks to the media against Flynn and to stir things up. Pence went on a Sunday show and gave the usual Pence answer to something. The media followed up with Sean Spicer who gave the Pence answer. The deep state gasped and said “that is not what Flynn said” and they created a kerfluffle.

Sally Yates then goes over to the White House at the request of Comey/Intel and tells the White House you must correct what Pence said because we have this tape of Flynn and it’s different. Oh, by the way, Flynn is under “investigation” for colluding with Russia.

Trump fired him - likely on the advice of his inner circle at the time.

What was the kerfluffle really about? You mean a new administration was not on the same sheet of music? Gasp. Say it isn’t so!

They created the “lie” with dirty tricks and frankly, Trump fell for it. With all of the momentum building for the “Trump is an agent of Russia” by leaks, innuendo, and outright fabrications in the media they nudged Trump by telling him that Flynn was under investigation for collusion with Russia.

Now do the notes make sense? What is “our goal - to get him prosecuted or get him fired?”

They completed their goal with the help of the media and Sally Yates who set the hook for the scheme by dropping the announcement of an investigation into Flynn. An investigation we now know is crap.

Chuck Schumer around this time.... “the intel community has 9 ways from Sunday to get you.” They did get Flynn.

Doesn’t it all make sense now? Sally Yates was the “hook” to achieve their desired result - one written in their own notes.

Same game they played with the dossier, which they also knew was crap. It was leaked all over the place, but nobody could run with it. Brennan/Clapper tell Comey to brief Trump and after that it was “legitimate news” and Buzzfeed/CNN ran with it.

4 posted on 05/08/2020 8:53:00 AM PDT by volunbeer (Find the truth and accept it - anything else is delusional)
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To: Starman417

And..............crickets in 5,....4,....3,....

5 posted on 05/08/2020 8:53:14 AM PDT by rktman ( #My2ndAmend! ----- Enlisted in the Navy in '67 to protect folks rights to strip my rights. WTH?)
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To: Starman417

6 posted on 05/08/2020 8:56:36 AM PDT by Paladin2
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To: suthener

The court has to “accept” their motion to drop the case, but it is pretty much a formality.

They also asked the Judge to drop the case with prejudice. That is even stronger wording than a simple motion to dismiss.

The Judge can sign the motion dismissing the case OR the Judge can call the parties into court to explain themselves and/or he can do his own investigation if he believes a fraud was committed upon the court by the former prosecution team or the former defense attorney’s.

Stand by to stand by, but the case against Flynn is pretty much over in terms of his ever being prosecuted for it. If the matter remains open it’s because the Judge is going to seek his own pound of flesh.

7 posted on 05/08/2020 8:56:45 AM PDT by volunbeer (Find the truth and accept it - anything else is delusional)
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To: Starman417

Wonder when Flynn will write a book, tell all and recoup his money.

8 posted on 05/08/2020 8:57:01 AM PDT by allendale (.)
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To: Starman417

Who was responsible for orchestrating the rent-a-mob that showed up with signs every time general Flynn made an appearance in public? I suspect that would lead to an answer to your question, and might be easier to trace.

9 posted on 05/08/2020 8:57:30 AM PDT by fightu4it (conquest by immigration and subversion spells the end of US.)
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To: Starman417

It will start getting into questions of who actually owned and operated Barack Obama for eight years - and not one politician in America really dares to go there.

10 posted on 05/08/2020 8:59:08 AM PDT by Mr. Jeeves ([CTRL]-[GALT]-[DELETE])
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To: Starman417

Show me the shackles.

11 posted on 05/08/2020 9:01:17 AM PDT by JusPasenThru (“Show me the shackles.”)
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To: Mr. Jeeves

JARRETT.... Valerie Jarrett was the “gatekeeper”, NOTHING happened in the White House without her knowledge of permission!

12 posted on 05/08/2020 9:04:41 AM PDT by WellyP (question!)
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To: volunbeer
Yep - and it's a good bet that Sullivan, after see-sawing, will want to be on the right side of this and maybe even jump on the bandwagon if he wants to "maintain" credibility.

Already Fake "News" stories rooting for him to thumb his nose at the DOJ...

13 posted on 05/08/2020 9:05:23 AM PDT by trebb (Don't howl about illegal leeches, or Trump in general, while not donating to FR - it's hypocritical.)
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To: Starman417
"Flynn asserts that arming and funding ISIS was a “willful decision”
14 posted on 05/08/2020 9:06:55 AM PDT by Eagles6
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Obama had been warned three times about ISIS...
Obama didn't work for us, he worked and stillworks for our enemies. By contrast, President Trump snuffed Soleimani and some like-minded terrorists, and crippled the mullahcracy and its multifaceted worldwide terror campaign.

15 posted on 05/08/2020 9:13:19 AM PDT by SunkenCiv (Imagine an imaginary menagerie manager imagining managing an imaginary menagerie.)
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To: Starman417

It’s standards SOP for the FBI. Lying to an agent is a federal crime, one of the 3,000 violations in 51 volumes and 23,000 pages of federal code.

What you do is write questions where they will likely lie. Then you get them on the lie, not for an actual crime where anyone got hurt or was scammed etc. Of course it is OK if the agent lies or deceives. It is completely acceptable practice to lie to a suspect, but they can’t lie to the agent. The concept of an agent lying (Giglio) is only if they purger themselves in court.

Likewise, there is always the IRS. If all else fails, you can ALWAYS use the IRS to show there was a violation (The old Al Capone way). There is enough gray area to where it’s left to interpretation to where anyone can be targeted. If you stick the IRS on it, you can “allege” that something was done wrong by 100% of the pastors and priests in this nation.

You forms a “task force” i.e. local police, IRS, DEA, ATF, FBI, Federal Marshals, FTC, DHS, Social Security... and everyone looks at a target from their vantage point. You can almost always find something. The average American is in violation of three (3) or more laws every day by the time they get to work! If you want to get someone, you can. Especially today where you have no privacy anymore and everything is collected.

16 posted on 05/08/2020 9:14:34 AM PDT by Red6
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To: CMailBag

Flynn was never on board with Obama’s Iran cash deal. He posed a clear and ongoing danger.

17 posted on 05/08/2020 9:16:49 AM PDT by blackdog (Making wine cave appearances upon request.)
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To: Starman417

I name today May 8, 2020 as SIDNEY POWELL DAY!

18 posted on 05/08/2020 9:18:02 AM PDT by Ann Archy (Abortion....... The HUMAN Sacrifice to the god of Convenience.)
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To: Starman417

Keep in mind that all of the FBI investigations were Counter Intelligence operations and that all Counter Intelligence ops must be approved by the President. Obama was privy to, if not coordinating, the whole plan.

19 posted on 05/08/2020 9:18:13 AM PDT by vigilence (Vigilence)
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To: JusPasenThru; All

“Show me the shackles.”

EXACTLY. Flynn is unshackled. The perps...not so much. Why did Jussie get such harsh treatment? Perps: Hey Mike, let’s go have a beer.

Show me the rope.

20 posted on 05/08/2020 9:21:13 AM PDT by PGalt (Past Peak Civilization?)
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