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Obama's Growing Conflict of Interest in the Clinton E-Mail Scandal
National Review ^ | February 3, 2016 | Andrew McCarthy

Posted on 02/04/2016 5:29:55 AM PST by iontheball

The latest revelations regarding Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information are stunning. For example, several of the former secretary of state’s “private” e-mails contain national-defense information so sensitive that it is classified at the highest levels. Moreover, classified information so pervades the thousands of pages of e-mails communicated through and stored on Mrs. Clinton’s unsecured, homebrew server system that the court-ordered disclosure process has ground to a halt. Remember, Mrs. Clinton reviewed her e-mails before finally surrendering them to the State Department, and she initially insisted there was no classified information in them. Now, it turns out they were so threaded with classified information that the State Department and intelligence agencies have fallen hopelessly behind the court’s disclosure schedule: The task of reviewing the e-mails and redacting the portions whose publication could harm national security has proved much more complicated than anticipated. Thousands of remaining e-mails, and any embarrassing lapses they contain, will be withheld from voters until well into primary season.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Government; Politics
KEYWORDS: andymccarthy; classifiedemails; clinton; email; hillarycriminalprobe; hillaryemails; obama; obamaemails; security
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Andy McCarthy highlights the astounding reality that Obozo is now a major direct violator of national security along with Hillary. Does Congress (Legislative Branch) get the authority to appoint a special prosecutor when the head of the Executive Branch becomes a compromised gross criminal violator? Obviously, it is their duty to go to court and, based on the clear hard paper trail establishing probable cause, ask a federal court to appoint a special prosecutor. Clearly, there are major national security violations and the head of the Executive Branch has a huge conflict of interest at this point. But, will the worthless trash on the Hill get off their butts for once and do something? I'm not holding my breath. This country is a pathetic mess.
1 posted on 02/04/2016 5:29:55 AM PST by iontheball
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To: iontheball

The complicit, hated, treasonous, and EXEMPT, GOP will do
everything they can to protect their Moslem Caliph and King,
— even ignoring Law and the Constitution.
It is who they are. It is what they do.

2 posted on 02/04/2016 5:32:27 AM PST by Diogenesis ("When a crime is unpunished, the world is unbalanced.")
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To: iontheball

What did the President know and when did he know it?

If he sent Hillary emails, we need a Special Prosecutor separate from the White House appointed.

3 posted on 02/04/2016 5:34:51 AM PST by TigerClaws
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To: iontheball

I wonder if Clinton donor, Trump, would prosecute Clinton. We know Ted Cruz would.

4 posted on 02/04/2016 5:40:43 AM PST by KansasGirl
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To: iontheball
Obama/s conflict of interest? Hah.

In Hollywood, Obama's I-Know-Nothing Act wins an Academy
Award for "Unerring Stupidity While Holding Public Office."

<><>Obama was oblivious to the Clintons jerking around US foreign policy?

<><> Obama knew nothing of Hillary and Sid Blumenthal's Libyan business interests?

<><> Obama knew nothing about the Clinton Foundation/slush fund buck- raking activities?

<><> Obama never noticed Bill Clinton trotting around the globe selling out strategic US uranium interests?

<><> Obama never noticed Clintons' eternal presidency-- using do- goodism worm his way into the confidences of foreign leaders w/ untapped reserves of gold, uranium, oil, and other valuable commodities?

<><> Obama never knew Hillary's brother got a gold-mining permit in Haiti?

<><> Obama never noticed actions OR inaction resulted in mega-donations to the Clinton Foundation?

<><> Obama never noticed Secy Hillary never e-v-e-r uttered a discouraging word the Clinton Foundation sucked up millions from shady foreign characters.

<><> Obama was clueless that the globe-trotting Bill Clinton was raising billions on classified info?

<><> Obama was oblivious to Bill Clinton's "Eternal Presidency" stealing Obama's thunder?

Of course, Obama knew nothing about this----- ex-President Bill goes to Moscow.

"Hahahaha. The uranium deal? US ntl security? Hahahaha. You gotta be kidding, Vlad."

BTW, Classified State Dept email was found on the Clinton Foundation servers. Looks like as long as Obama got his cut of the sale of classified Ntl security info, it's of no matter. Valerie got rid of it quickly---wire-transferring the payoff to secret numbered accounts offshore.

5 posted on 02/04/2016 5:44:54 AM PST by Liz (SAFE PLACE? A liberal's mind. Nothing's there. Nothing can penetrate it.)
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To: All
Secy Hillary/s Adviser Sidney Blumenthal Had Financial Stake In US Libya Policy
IBT Media ^ | October 08 2015 | Jackie Salo / FR Posted by george76

Sidney Blumenthal was a principal character in Hillary Clinton's Libyan policy discussions, even though he was neither an official adviser nor an impartial party, according to the Republican chairman of the House committee investigating the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack.

In a letter, Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina claims there was a financial stake for Blumenthal in Libya as he pressed for Clinton to intervene. "Blumenthal was not merely acting as a steward of information to Secretary Clinton but was acting as her de facto political adviser," Gowdy said in a blistering letter to Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, the Benghazi panel's top Democrat. "While Blumenthal, an old friend of Clinton's, admittedly knew little about Libya and had not ever been to Libya, Clinton seemingly read every one of his emails on the topic that began appearing out of nowhere in February 2011."

At the same time Blumenthal was pushing Secretary Clinton to war in Libya, he was privately pushing a business interest of his own in Libya that stood to profit from contracts with the new Libyan government — a government that would exist only after a successful U.S. intervention in Libya that deposed Qaddafi,” Gowdy wrote, referring to former Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

Blumenthal maintained a frequent dialogue with Clinton about U.S. policy in the country -- nearly half of the emails Clinton received regarding Benghazi and Libya prior to the attacks involved him. Blumenthal, who served as a former White House aide to her husband, was not employed in any official capacity at the time of their correspondence. (Excerpt) Read more at ...

6 posted on 02/04/2016 5:47:08 AM PST by Liz (SAFE PLACE? A liberal's mind. Nothing's there. Nothing can penetrate it.)
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To: All
MEMO TO THE FBI There is new evidence surfacing that neither Hillary nor her key staff signed the official State Dept exit form---OF 109---required upon termination of employment.

My gut feeling is the cunning Clintonids didn't sign off b/c that would have cutoff their access to classified and other State Dept the greedy Clintons and their cronies use to cash-in.


The FBI should determine if Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, Sid Blumenthal and other Clinton cronies are STILL considered State Dept employees---perhaps as contractors--- and are still receiving classified State Dept mail and cashing US govt paychecks.

REFERENCE Brian Pagliano---billed as Hillary's personal IT--- left her employ then surfaced on the public payroll as a State Dept contractor.


Taxpayers demand to know who else among the Clinton cronies are cashing US govt paychecks. It's an old bureaucratic trick for a politician to hand-pick top aides and put them on the public payroll long after you think they're gone. Who might still be cashing State Dept paychecks?

<><> Hillary?

<><> Bill Clinton?

<><> Sid Blumenthal?

<><> Huma Abedin,

<><> Anthony Weiner, Huma's husband?

<><> Cheryl Mills?

<><> Cheryl mills' live-in David Domenici?

<><> Chelsea Clinton?

<><> Chelsea's husband?



Demand Congress send you all available information on individuals connected to Hillary still cashing US govt paychecks.

In light of the $6 billion that went missing from the State Dept's contractor fund when Hillary exited, taxpayers demand to know who is listed as a State Dept contractor....and whether they are receiving classified State Dept info.

7 posted on 02/04/2016 5:50:18 AM PST by Liz (SAFE PLACE? A liberal's mind. Nothing's there. Nothing can penetrate it.)
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To: iontheball

I just wanted comment that I hate the term “homebrew” email server. Any idiot with a computer and the ability to search Google can setup an email server in just a couple hours.

8 posted on 02/04/2016 5:54:16 AM PST by rarestia (It's time to water the Tree of Liberty.)
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To: Diogenesis

I’m tired of the endless circle jerk of “Hillary is busted now!” threads.

Nothing will be done unless the people do it.

9 posted on 02/04/2016 5:57:28 AM PST by MikeSteelBe (Radical Muslims want to behead you, moderateate Muslims want to watch and cheer.)
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To: KansasGirl
The republic and the rule of law (if it still exist)demands those who compromised our national security and violated federal laws be held to account.

If Clinton, her aides and or Obama are allowed to go unpunished, then there is no rule of law in America.

We know that on the bottom end of the later, illegal aliens are allowed to break the law with impunity. Crossing international borders w/o permission is a misdemeanor. It is the actions they must engage in afterward that felonies occur. Obtaining falsified documents, perjury on government applications, fraud, tax evasion to name a few...this only speaks of the illegals that just want to work, not commit violent acts or drug dealing.

At the top, corruption to the highest order in D.C.. We see this with the Maddoffs, Clintons, Reids and so forth. They too are rarely held to account. It is the middle class working folks that tow the line. We step to the left or right of the law, we get hammered.

So, it is imperative that these people be held to account, otherwise the law means NOTHING.

10 posted on 02/04/2016 6:20:38 AM PST by servantboy777
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To: servantboy777

Who at the State Department is dragging their feet to release these e-mails? They are always behind, or pretend they do not know, or blame it on a snow storm. Are the Clintons that powerful or are people afraid to jeopardize their government careers? The ABC networks enjoy the huge political advertisement checks coming in to support their Democrat talking head jobs. Money talks and Hillary walks!

11 posted on 02/04/2016 6:28:32 AM PST by FreedBird (HE)
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To: MikeSteelBe

We are in case you haven’t noticed. That huge Republican turnout in Iowa is part and parcel of what’s going on. The FBI leaks are in essence trying Hillary in the court of public opinion. It’s not the commie’s magnificence that has dummies picking him over her.

The articles about confrontations between Hillary and peons at her campaign appearances are tip of the iceberg indications of something bigger.

Once Guccifer got into her email server via Blumenthal, her shelf life expired.

12 posted on 02/04/2016 6:31:40 AM PST by meatloaf
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To: FreedBird

>>Are the Clintons that powerful or are people afraid to jeopardize their government careers?<<


13 posted on 02/04/2016 6:35:23 AM PST by servantboy777
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To: KansasGirl
Trump has stated several times that Clinton should be in jail.




Hillary and Trump are not now nor have they ever been friends.

14 posted on 02/04/2016 6:41:11 AM PST by Robert DeLong (u)
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To: Liz
..>>BTW, Classified State Dept email was found on the Clinton Foundation servers.

Hadn't heard of this before now

15 posted on 02/04/2016 6:46:13 AM PST by SGCOS
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To: All

THIS HAS CRIMINAL IMPLICATIONS A cabinet-level government employee using their own server and personal e-mail exclusively is unheard of.

<><> the US govt tech system is really fussy....particularly about emails from the US State Dept.

<><> a govt official (particularly the Secy of State) cannot simply buy a brand new computer with licenses and programs and expect to have it certified.

<><> US govt officials are required to have a government-purchased computer, set up by the govt, utilizing a CACC card cleared technician.

<><> a high government official (particularly the Secy of State) to utilize day to day a non-government computer for communications in the performance of their job is in violation of security laws in dozens of ways.

<><> whether marked as such, all emails emanating from Hillary’s private server are classified ntl security data.

It is considered a crime for ex-govt employees to possess ntl security emails. All ntl security material belongs to the American people and is to be turned over upon termination of employment.

Ntl security info transferred from the State Dept and stored in The Clinton Foundation server is an atrocity.

16 posted on 02/04/2016 6:54:00 AM PST by Liz (SAFE PLACE? A liberal's mind. Nothing's there. Nothing can penetrate it.)
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To: SGCOS; Arthur Wildfire! March
Hillary Aide Shared Classified Information With Clinton Foundation, Email Shows; Cheryl Mills sent information marked confidential to Clinton Foundation in 2012 / BY Alana Goodman September 28, 2015

A member of Hillary Clinton/s staff at the Department of State emailed classified information about the government in Congo to a staffer at the Clinton Foundation in 2012, according to a copy of the correspondence obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Cheryl Mills, Clinton/s chief of staff at the State Department, sent the email to the Clinton Foundation’s foreign policy director, Amitabh Desai, on July 12, 2012.

The message, which was originally obtained by the group Citizens United through a public records request, is partially redacted because it includes “foreign government information” that has been classified as “Confidential” by the State Department.

Although the information was not marked classified by the State Department until this past summer, intelligence sources tell the Free Beacon that it would have been classified at the time Mills sent it because “foreign government information” is considered classified from inception.

The message could add to concerns from congressional and FBI investigators about whether former Secretary Clinton and her aides mishandled classified information while at the State Department.

The email, which discussed the relationship between the governments in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, was originally drafted by Johnnie Carson, the State Department’s assistant secretary for African affairs, who sent it to Mills’ State Department email address.

Mills later forwarded the full message to Desai along with “talking points for Presient [sic] Clinton” shortly before Bill Clinton was scheduled to visit the region.

About half of the forwarded message was redacted due to its classified nature before the State Department released it to Citizens United last month. Although it is not clear what the redacted section includes, the State Department said in a court motion filed last week that it “concerns both foreign government information and critical aspects of U.S. foreign relations, including U.S. foreign activities carried out by officials of the U.S. Government.”

The State Department added that the “disclosure of this information has the potential to damage and inject friction into our bilateral relationship with African countries whose cooperation is important to U.S. national security.”

The Clinton Foundation and the State Department did not respond to request for comment about the email, or say whether Desai—a non-government employee who has worked at the foundation since 2007—would have been authorized to view “Confidential” information.



17 posted on 02/04/2016 7:12:58 AM PST by Liz (SAFE PLACE? A liberal's mind. Nothing's there. Nothing can penetrate it.)
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To: servantboy777

There has not been the rule of law in the USA since 1992 when Killery was found to have been the recipient of a bribe in the form a cattle futures trading.

18 posted on 02/04/2016 7:15:35 AM PST by Ouderkirk (To the left, everything must evidence that this or that strand of leftist theory is true)
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To: Ouderkirk
Yea, no kidding. Also, the feds are attempting to block the release of Whitewater indictment recommendations regarding Hillary as well.

In a free and open society for our government to attempt to withhold documents from the citizens is corruption in of itself.

For Barak Obama to seal his records from public scrutiny, it corruption.

The government sealing portions of the findings of the JFK assassination for 25 years is corruption.

We are supposed to be a FREE country, yet our government works against us every day, day in, day out.

19 posted on 02/04/2016 7:20:26 AM PST by servantboy777
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To: Liz; maggief; LucyT

McCarthy’s article implicating Obama is compelling.

I thought Obama was going to hang the Clintons out to dry, push Biden & Fauxahontas as Dem candidates, and become the new Foundation King by replacing the Clinton Foundation with his own.

After reading McCarthy’s article, I don’t see how Obama can bury Hillary.

Today the State Dept put out this “Johnny Republican Did It Too” article.

Question: Can Obama scuttle Hillary for Pres & the Clinton Foundation by just isolating the Sec State Hillary/Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scandal?

If FBI Comey handed down 2 indictment recommendations [1) classified emails and 2) Hillary’s pay-to-play operation, could Obama order Lynch to charge #2 without charging #1? Reason being #1 implicates Obama himself; #2 wouldn’t necessarily have to implicate Obama.

20 posted on 02/04/2016 9:48:35 AM PST by thouworm ("The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it." --Orwell)
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