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Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky, and BHO
March 9, 2009 | Welcome2thejungle

Posted on 03/09/2009 8:10:20 AM PDT by Welcome2thejungle

Why is there so much talk of Saul Alinsky these days even though he died in 1972? I would submit that Saul Alinsky is indeed the Karl Marx of American politics. He is the founder of the modern American Left as well as the community organizer movement of which BHO and ACORN are a product. Alinsky is to the Left what William F. Buckley is to the modern American conservative movement. Even BHO's Secretary of State, HRC, wrote her thesis at Wellesly College on Alinsky. The radical left socialists who control the Democrat Party all studied Alinsky and his methods. The person who currently occupies the White House was a community organizer who also studied Alinsky's methods.

What were Alinsky's goals? I just completed reading Alinsky's book, Rules For Radicals. And therein you will find the answer. Alinsky wanted revolution and he wanted to replace capitalism with socialism. In short, he wanted the exact same things that Karl Marx wanted. Alinsky's book is a practical guide for radical community organizers (like BHO) which teaches political tactics and the means of gaining power.

Of course there are some differences between Alinsky's writings and methods and Karl Marx. Karl Marx and his collaborator, Friederich Engels were 19th century agitators writing for the European intelligentsia. Even though Marx considered himself to be a champion of the protelariat, his writing style appealed more to the radical bourgeosie and intellectuals who inhabited Europe's cafes and universities. Marx and Engels made extensive use of Georg Hegels's dialectics which were all the rage among European intellectuals of the 19th century. They also went into long winded discussions on economic theory and the relationship of labor to capital and delved into contradictions of the boom and bust cycles of capitalism. Unless you have trouble getting sleep, I wouldn't recommmend reading Marx and Engels.

Saul Alinsky lived in the 20th century and wrote for an American audience. Americans as a people are decidely less ideological and more subtle in their politics than are Europeans. Americans are also much more pragmatic and more results oriented than they are ideological. Alinsky understood this and therefore wrote Rules For Radicals as a practical guideline for radical community organizers (like BHO) to obtain respectability and credibility and to appeal to the middle class.

Alinsky offered the radical left activists of his day very practical advice. For instance, in the aftermath of the 1968 Democrat Convention in Chicago, the Left was very dejected that the Party did not nominate a radical anti-war candidate who shared their views. What was Alinsky's advice? Don't despair, be the delegates! And sure enough, just four years later in 1972 the Democrat Party nominated radical left antiwar candidate George McGovern to be the Party standard bearer. The radical left has dominated the Democrat Party ever since.

BHO himself is a product of the radical left. His first mentor as a youth in Hawaii was Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the CPUSA. When BHO moved to the mainland to attend college he admitted in his autobiography that he associated with Marxist professors. His chosen profession after college was that of a community organizer. I think, to this day, most Americans have a false concept of what professional community organizers actually do. Some have this idea that community organizers are benign folk who go into impoverished inner city neighborhoods and do good works like coaching after school sports, painting out graffiti, helping the elderly get to church on Sundays, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth. Community organizers are professional agitators who pressure businesses like banks into making questionable loans to risky borrowers to buy homes. As we saw in last year's election professional community organizers (such as ACORN) spend much of their time registering "voters" in inner city districts often without the scrutiny of bipartisan oversight thus opening up a huge window for voter fraud and phony registrations. This is what community organizers actually do. They also organize community groups like churches. When the young BHO (who was raised a Muslim) arrived in Chicago to begin his community organizing career, he joined Rev. Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ because it was the largest most politically active church in all of South Chicago, not because he had some Paul-like conversion to Christ on the road to Damascus.

The liberal bourgeosie in this country, which backed BHO to the hilt (look at all the upscale wine and brie suburbs he carried) tries to assure the rest of us that BHO is a moderate and a pragmatist. What a bunch of hogwash. Anyone remotely familiar with BHO's record in the Illinois state senate as well as the U.S. Senate, knows damn well there is not one iota of truth to this. Although I was less than enthused with John McCain, I voted for him last November because I saw quite clearly back then what was coming down the pike. The liberals in this country along with their media enablers ought to be ashamed of themselves succumbing to this radical left charlatan and falling for all his hooey about "hope and change" and "yes we can". I have never seen such a bunch of vacuous platitudes in my entire life. BHO's agenda couldn't be clearer: To make America into a socialist state like much of Europe is today.

I don't claim to have all the answers and I must admit I don't know exactly what to do now that the damage has has already been done. But one thing I know is that elections do have consequences. And now I watch in horror and disgust as events are unfolding in Washington. Trillions of dollars in defict spending on ruinous pork barrel projects, taxes about to go up, radical environmentalist policy about to be inacted, negotating with the Taliban, easing up on Cuba. Yes indeed Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky have indeed arrived and now reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. As the parent of a five year old, all I can do now is pray for some turn of events which bring this Marxist nightmare to an end.

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1 posted on 03/09/2009 8:10:20 AM PDT by Welcome2thejungle
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To: Welcome2thejungle

Rules for Radicals must become required reading for the millions of conservatives who want to oust Obama in 2012. We must know who and what we are dealing with.

2 posted on 03/09/2009 8:13:45 AM PDT by techno
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To: Welcome2thejungle

“Welcome2 the Jungle”, indeed.....all we can do is fight to survive.

3 posted on 03/09/2009 8:18:21 AM PDT by gimme1ibertee ("No pale pastels,but bold colors".....Ronnie,we sure do miss you,sir!)
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To: Welcome2thejungle

What’s happened here is that the Dems sold their soul to Alinsky’s devil after JFK, and the rabid left is taking payment NOW. That’s what BHO represents. He is not a catalyst, nor is he a visionary. He is merely the product of years of radical indoctrination. He will fall miserably.

Our culture was heading for this crossroads anyway. McLame would’ve let this progression happen more slowly. It’s probably best in the long run to let the rabid left have they’re way. There are too many people that simply won’t understand how bad this is until they taste it. I pray that those of us that know the truth will be able to save the nation before the eagle crashes.

4 posted on 03/09/2009 8:19:36 AM PDT by prismsinc (A.K.A. "The Terminator"!)
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To: prismsinc

I agree with with your first premise of ‘selling their soul’. That BHO will fall (fail) miserably I am not that certain right now.

Obama has millions mind-numbed robots and minions in his corner, bred of an education system that the Left has controlled for the last 35-40 years. Taught to hate the Christian religion, they instead of embraced the anti-capitalist, nihilistic religion of Marx, Alinsky, Gore, Madonna and JK Galbraith.

Yes, I believe it will get worse before it gets better.

Do you realize without Rush Limbaugh right now sounding the clarion call to action that Obama would have the playing field all to himself. The GOP politicians for the most part are absolutely useless or lack moxie. If America is preserved as we were born into it and the GOP takes back the WH in 2012, we will have Rush to thank for getting the ball rolling.

5 posted on 03/09/2009 8:44:43 AM PDT by techno
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To: techno

Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham have been shooting up the radio charts. We would still have a voice, Obama would assure it. As Rush says, the left needs a scapegoat.

My guess is Savage or Levin. Or Hannity, his first target.

6 posted on 03/09/2009 8:49:52 AM PDT by prismsinc (A.K.A. "The Terminator"!)
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To: techno

I agree, Techno, looks like I need to find this book cheap on Best way to beat them at their game is to know their play book. Obama definitely is trying to turn us into a socialist country, and slowly we are becoming one. I feel for our kids, their kids, and so on. People who are mad about Obama’s ruining our country need to use that anger productively and fight this. Don’t stand back expecting things to change, do something! I sure am. And 30 years ago, I could care less about politics. Now, I nearly eat, breathe, and sleep it.

7 posted on 03/09/2009 11:34:29 AM PDT by LallyG (Palin 2012- Change you'll be Begging for)
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To: Welcome2thejungle

Great post! Barry is indeed very scary. He’s gotten the ignorant masses eating out of his hand, right where he wants them. God save our country!

8 posted on 03/09/2009 11:38:26 AM PDT by LallyG (Palin 2012- Change you'll be Begging for)
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I wanted to take just a moment this morning to address the Saul Alinsky thing in light of what has been going on over the last course of the last few days regarding legendary radio talk host Rush Limbaugh and the numerous attempts by the Dems and their willing accomplices in the MSM to try and isolate him from his conservative base.

There's really one only word to decsribe it and it is about as kind a word as I could get for what they are doing to Rush and his 20 million loyal fans out there. That word is MALICIOUS.

Now how do I know that there is clearly malicious intent on the part of the Dems and the mainstream media which includes people like Chris Mattews, Keith Olbermann, Jack Cafferty, Newsweek, CNN and many others. Well it all goes back to the Rules For Radicals concept by Saul Alinsky. In Particular, Rule number 12 which states;

"Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it. I cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. I go after people and not institutions. People hurt faster then institutions".

Notice the word "hurt" in this paragraph. This to me indicates malicious intent on the part of those praticing Saul Alinsky's Rules as described in the book.

And, it isn't just the Democrats that are practicing this nonsense. Sadly, a lot of the MSM is also engaging in this malicious practice.

That includes news organizaions like Newsweek and people like Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Jack Cafferty and others.

And people wonder why I say journalism is dead. This is why.

Rush's audience has grown as a result of this feeble acitivity by th Democrats. People are seeing what they are doing are getting put off by it. And I want to add something else too.

There are far moew people who agree with Rush than disagree with him when he says he wants Obama's policies to fail. To go and question the loyalty of Rush and these people to this great nation and say that wanting Obama to fail means wanting America to fail is dumb, stupid and idiotic and Jack Cafferty is nothing but a no godd S.O.B. and an a**hole!!!!!

Either Obama fails or America becomes another Zimbabewe. Which do people want?????


9 posted on 03/14/2009 4:07:29 AM PDT by E.G.C.
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