Since Jun 24, 2000

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Yes. I’m so glad I found Free Republic.When I want the truth,when I want real information (with just enough fluff mixed in at times to make it funny)and the voices of reason,intelligence and sense of duty and honor,I know where to come to.Jim kicked me to the curb once because he thought I was trying to “crash the party” with what he thought was Marxism on my part,and it wasn’t,but I never held that against him-I was just glad to be allowed back,and I understood why he did it.There’s enough of that crap out there! I am pleased to be a part of the Free Republic posters,where your opinion matters,and liberalism,communism and the other myriad “isms” need not apply! I love my country; it’s been good to me.I appreciate my freedom,and would do anything to protect it.I come from a proud military-oriented family.There just isn’t enough patriotism,or sense of family or freedom or morality anymore-or so I thought,until I came to FR.I tell everyone about FR,and encourage them to join up.Thanks again for all you do,Freepers!