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To: SeekAndFind
Some other things that look suspicious:

Where is the neck collar on the patient? How do they know he wasn't tossed by the explosion? He could've suffered spinal injury. If there is no obvious trauma (entry/exit wound) on the neck, and no need for an airway there, the collar stays on until they do x rays. However, if he had life threatening trauma - puncture wounds and blast damage to the lungs, they wouldn't be running him off to x ray. So there should be a collar on the kid.

Where is the oxygen mask? Why aren't they bagging him? The P part of CPR is pulmonary - lungs/breathing. Why is no-one helping the patient get O2? ER docs run the ABCs - Airway, Breathing, Circulation. These guys are only working (badly) on circulation. Sheesh, even the actors on ER do a better job of selling it.

Why is a supposed doctor doing CPR all wrong, with jello arms?

For doctors treating a trauma patient, these two remained remarkably clean - no blood on them. No blood on the sheets. The first thing a trauma team is going to do is roll the body side to side to find the extent of the wounds - entry/exit points. There is no blood to indicate this happened.

The supposed blood is orange. Everything else in the video has the expected hues/tint. Human blood soaked into sheets is dark, very dark.

Where is the rest of the trauma team? Why is it only these two working on the patient?

All in all, if that kid had been near a missile blast, these two would've killed him with their supposed "treatment."

How about that blast zone...Wait, what blast zone? Anyone see any carbon buildup, any heat effects? The only blast effects visible are about what you'd expect a guy could do with a pick-axe.

Where are the missile pieces? Oddly enough, usually some fairly large pieces of the missile (mostly the back end, missile motor casing) survive the blast of the warhead. This is particularly true of a fragmentation warhead that is shaped to expend most of its energy turning the warhead casing into fragments. The extremely tough motor casing usually comes apart into fairly large pieces. Where are they, why isn't the "journalist" pointing them out as evidence?

There are marks on the plastic chair, can't tell if they are supposed to be holes or what. Are we really supposed to believe that chair survived just a few feet away from a blast that broke concrete and pock-marked the block wall? If that chair had been anywhere near the blast it would be shredded, and blown completely across the roof. Why would they right it and bring it back over near the impact point, unless it was staged? If you found a chair tipped over, you'd right it roughly where it was. The location of the intact chair was way to close to the supposed blast.

All in all this video is a joke. No, it is an insult. CNN is beyond stupid in airing this. Can the Israelis sue CNN for reckless disregard and negligence? Libel?

2 posted on 01/11/2009 8:02:40 PM PST by CodeMasterPhilzar
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To: CodeMasterPhilzar
If you note in the scene in the home, before they supposedly took him to the hospital, there is no evidence of trauma to the head. But in the report, they cite that he suffered head injury. There are shots at different angles throughout the video. The sheet he is wrapped in is also remarkably free from blood.
3 posted on 01/11/2009 8:48:56 PM PST by gracie1
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To: CodeMasterPhilzar
“All in all this video is a joke.”

Another observance. The Doctor keeps pointing to the beeping heart/vital signs monitor.


No patch contacts are on the boy, thus useless as an broken clock.

He later starts applying them but in an emergency situation with presumably major wounds, heart monitoring would be secondary to stopping bleeding / wound care.

Also with wounds that are life threatening one could expect at least some blood splatter. Not horror movie puddles but at least on the gloves, sleeves, etc...

As for the missile, I wound think the type the Israelis use would shred a child, even with an indirect hit.

However an thrown together,homemade rocket assembled with unreliable materials could certainly fall short of it's intended target and kill Palestinians instead of Israelis.

I think the boy is indeed dead but the video was an reenactment for use against Israel.

4 posted on 01/11/2009 9:11:44 PM PST by RedMonqey
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