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The Alex Jones 0/11 Truthers' Great Spam Scam
The Inside Straight ^ | 03/04/07 | vanity

Posted on 03/04/2007 9:49:11 AM PST by genefromjersey

The Alex Jones 9/11 Truthers are interested in getting you to click the links to their wild conspiracy theories so they can sell your "cookies" to the spammers.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Conspiracy; Politics; Weird Stuff
KEYWORDS: internet; liars; scams; truthers

1 posted on 03/04/2007 9:49:13 AM PST by genefromjersey
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To: genefromjersey

I don't like Kookies.

2 posted on 03/04/2007 9:51:30 AM PST by cripplecreek (Peace without victory is a temporary illusion.)
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To: genefromjersey

Truthers? An ironic title if ever there was one.

3 posted on 03/04/2007 11:23:07 AM PST by relictele
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To: genefromjersey

Alex Jones claims to be against “mainstream media”, when there is concrete evidence that proves that he IS mainstream media because GCN (the radio network that gives him a voice) is an affiliate of ABC/Disney.

BTW, why is it that EVERY single one of these “patriot” radio networks is run by a GOLD BROKER?! Just look at all the evidence of this. GCN is owned by Ted Anderson who just happenes to be President/CEO of Midas Resources, a gold broker. And GCN’s competitor RBN is ALSO owned by a gold broker company called the “Republic Trading Group”.

4 posted on 04/05/2007 2:02:37 AM PDT by bigdcaldavis ("I'm not some candy-assed white liberal looking to turn you into better citizens." - Martin Querns)
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To: bigdcaldavis

...and how interesting that their candidate of choice-Ron Paul-also happens to be bitten by the gold bug !

5 posted on 04/05/2007 9:59:47 AM PDT by genefromjersey (So much to flame;so little time !)
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To: genefromjersey
From a previous entry on that site about the release of the British hostages:

To keep things simple, the Moonbats insisted Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's visit to Syrian President Assad led the latter to intervene in Iranian affairs. (R-r-r-r ight !)

The Wingnuts said it was the Bush administration's steadfastness that did the job. (H-o-o-o-kay !)

I guess believing that the presence of TWO CARRIER GROUPS offshore might have influenced Ahmadinejad just a tad makes me a "wingnut."

6 posted on 04/05/2007 10:06:09 AM PDT by denydenydeny ("We have always been, we are, and I hope that we always shall be detested in France"--Wellington)
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To: genefromjersey

Maybe all of their insanity comes from grinding up gold and snorting it.

7 posted on 04/05/2007 9:04:43 PM PDT by bigdcaldavis ("I'm not some candy-assed white liberal looking to turn you into better citizens." - Martin Querns)
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To: genefromjersey

BTW, Alex Jones’ show is mainly a three-hour infomercial for his wacky conspiracy theory videos. I must admit that “Martial Law 9/11” and “Terrorstorm” are really slick-looking and well-produced, but even at the end of his documentaries, he says “buy more of my videos at”.

Here’s a really interesting take on the fact that his show is an infomercial for his videos....and it involves his wife Violet. It follows below :

PROOF: Alex Jones’ Money-Grubbing Greed
by Victor Thorn & Lisa Guliani

For weeks now we’ve been pointing-out that Alex Jones’ excessive greed and appetite for money is so pronounced that it has become the number one priority on his radio show and pay-per-view website. In fact, his hard-sell buy buy buy advertising is so incessant that it is patterned directly after the government’s mind-control psychic-driving exercises (and that should erect red-flags for everyone).

Now we have first-hand, verifiable proof of how all-encompassing this drive for money is with Alex Jones and his wife Violet. What follows is an appalling tale of a man and wife who epitomize the biblical adage, “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

For three days in October, 2003, radio talk-show host Michael Corbin (whose program, A Closer Look, was carried at the time by GCN) appeared as a guest-host for Alex Jones. In case you don’t know, Jones’ show lasts three hours each day, so right off the bat there’s nine total hours. But the total amount of time that Corbin sacrificed was much greater.

Here’s what we mean. Even though our WING TV broadcasts are only about 25 minutes long each day, the total time it takes to get this show online is about five hours! Likewise, try to imagine how much time Michael Corbin had to spend preparing for these shows (i.e. news updates, booking guests, technical issues, etc). So, this original nine-hour time investment became more like 15-18 hours!

In addition, Michael Corbin received NO PAY for his guest-host appearances, and did it instead as a professional courtesy.

With this in mind, guess what gratitude he received for his efforts. Corbin told us during his June 8, 2005 appearance on WING TV (see transcript below) that during the third hour of his final day as guest host, he received a phone call from Violet Jones (Alex’s wife).

And what did she say to Corbin? Did she thank him for sacrificing 15-18 hours of his life – without pay – to host Alex’s show? No, Violet Jones chastised him because … get this … Alex’s video sales had fallen because he wasn’t pushing them hard enough!

Can you believe for even one second this woman’s audacity and ingratitude? What did she want Michael Corbin to do – turn each three-hour show into one big, long extended infomercial for Alex’s products -— just like her husband? Then, when Corbin left a message for Jones voicing his displeasure, guess what happened? Alex didn’t return his call, nor did he even thank him! Corbin’s a professional broadcaster who was doing Jones a favor, and here’s what he gets -— yelled at by Alex’s wife because he wouldn’t be a snake-oil salesman for his videos, and then not even a thank you courtesy call from Jones.

You can read the entire transcript below, but before doing so we have one last thing to say: when it comes to low-lifes, there aren’t many people who are lower than the money-grubbing couple of Alex and Violet Jones -— you two should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves.

TRANSCRIPT: WING TV — June 8, 2005

Lisa Guliani: You used to fill-in for Alex Jones. You did it a couple of times on his shows, correct?

Michael Corbin: Yes.

Lisa Guliani: Okay. Tell us a little bit about how that went for you and what happened afterward with Alex’s wife - what she said to you.

Michael Corbin: Well, I used to be on the Genesis Communications Network and I was asked in October 2003 to fill in for him for three days, which I did. I got no pay for it, it was more a professional courtesy. And at the end of the third day, the last hour, Alex’s wife chastised me because the video sales had dropped and she was upset because the sales had dropped. She didn’t feel that I had pushed the videos hard enough. I was kind of disappointed because I did not get a “thank you” for filling in for Alex during that time.

Lisa Guliani: Really.

Victor Thorn: Not only didn’t you get a “thank you,” you got chastised.

Michael Corbin: Right.

Victor Thorn: You know, we’ve brought this up on our show before, and we’ve said that there’s nothing wrong with selling products and making the public aware of them, but we said that on this show (Alex’s), it’s like psychic driving where they just pound it into your head.

Lisa Guliani: And you know what, Michael? His show is really long - for somebody to take that many hours out of their day to do a courtesy for someone else...

Victor Thorn: To get yelled at...

Lisa Guliani: Yeah.

Michael Corbin: Well, like I said - I was very disappointed in that, and again, I called Alex and didn’t get a return phone call from him. I didn’t get a “thank you” from him, and it was like I was disappointed because of what happened with that. But you know; the thing is that when I was on that network, I got a lot of e-mails and a lot of response from people when I did the fill-in for him. Of course, some people complained about his abrasive way of delivering his message, but you know, my response was always: that’s Alex, that’s his schtick.

Lisa Guliani: That’s everybody’s response (laughs).

Michael Corbin: We’re supposed to be working for the same thing here.

Victor Thorn: But it seems like the money takes much more precedence on that show than on any other show we’ve ever heard on the Internet or in the alternative media. It just seems to be right at the forefront.

Michael Corbin: Well, I’m sure you guys are aware of it too in your venture and mine; you know we have to make money to try and keep the program going.

Lisa Guliani: Right.

Michael Corbin: Because all of us are not in the mainstream, and of course we can’t get an AT&T or somebody like that.

Victor Thorn: Well, none of us are retiring tomorrow, that’s for sure.

Michael Corbin: Exactly. You know, I think the thing is that we find working in the alternative media - we’re not the favored sons and daughters of the country when it comes to the mainstream population and how they perceive us. My thing has always been: you struggle with this, and I’m happy to struggle. I’ve got a firm commitment with myself that I would never get involved in anything that would compromise the truth.

Victor & Lisa: Right! Good for you!

Michael Corbin: That’s why it is so important, and even if we’re struggling, which we all are, we are still somewhat effective in getting our message out.

Lisa Guliani: Let me ask you this, too. You don’t work for GCN anymore, correct?

Michael Corbin: I never worked for them. My program has always been owned by me.

Lisa Guliani: Okay, I mean you don’t do a show for them.

Michael Corbin: They were a distributor of my program.

Lisa Guliani: Okay.

Michael Corbin: But I’m not with them anymore, no.

Lisa Guliani: What’s going on with your archives?

Michael Corbin: I’m sorry?

Lisa Guliani: Your GCN archives?

Michael Corbin: Oh yeah. Here’s the deal. GCN was never allowed or authorized to sell archives of my show, A Closer Look. I discovered about four months ago, I got an e-mail from a listener who told me they had been listening to an archive from the month of July last year, and they had some questions. They indicated to me they had purchased a DVD from GCN for an entire month of my shows.

Lisa Guliani: What are they selling them for, Michael?

Michael Corbin: The guy told me that they were selling them - I think he said $30 or $40. I don’t have the exact amount.

Victor Thorn: How much money did you make off of that?

Michael Corbin: Nothing. Now see, this is why I’m very disappointed in GCN and their behavior because even after I’m gone from the network, they’re still making money off of my archives.

Lisa Guliani: So, they’ve been doing this how many months now?

Michael Corbin: I don’t know because I turned this over to my attorney. He is dealing with them. He’s sending them a cease-and-desist letter and demanding an accounting of everything they have sold of A Closer Look. The thing is, I find this very, very unprofessional; and it’s wrong. I mean, anybody would know that they don’t own my show. So they do not own the archives.

Victor Thorn: It sounds completely unethical.

Lisa Guliani: And illegal.

Michael Corbin: It shows what kind of mentality they have if they go cavalierly about selling the archives and not even reporting it to me.

Victor Thorn: Michael, that’s what we brought up yesterday. We said, do you think that the mainstream media became this cesspool overnight? Well, it didn’t. There were a lot of good people that turned their heads and didn’t do anything as we went into this sewer; and we’re trying to tell people that if we want to lose the alternative media, if we want it to become the same cesspool, than all we have to do is turn our heads and not say anything either.

Lisa Guliani: Right.

Michael Corbin: Absolutely.

Victor Thorn: It’s so important because we don’t HAVE anything else. If we lose this alternative media, there IS nothing else.

Michael Corbin: Victor, you’re absolutely right. First of all, if we ever hope to succeed at getting the message out and gaining an audience, we have to have our integrity, we have to tell the truth, and we can’t act like the people in the mainstream media.

Lisa Guliani: Thank you! Thank you!

Victor Thorn: We want everybody out there watching this show right now to give this guy a standing ovation because this is the kind of attitude we need. Michael, we wish we could keep you here for the next three days.

Lisa Guliani: Yeah, forever.

Victor Thorn: We just want to thank you. Again, everybody go out there to For a Closer Look. Its KHNC 1360 AM. The host is Michael Corbin, and this guy is FANTASTIC.

Lisa Guliani: Our hats are off to you, Michael. We love you.

Michael Corbin: Well, I tell you, same here to you guys because again, what you guys are doing is wonderful, and it’s valuable, and it is very needed.

8 posted on 04/05/2007 9:09:46 PM PDT by bigdcaldavis ("I'm not some candy-assed white liberal looking to turn you into better citizens." - Martin Querns)
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To: genefromjersey

I’ve read some rather interesting articles from various sites which point out the fact that GCN owner Ted Anderson is a greedy bastard who’s not satisfied with his millions of dollars. Here’s Ted Anderson, and he’s a multi-millionaire, and yet he and Alex Jones say GCN needs your donations, which is just code for Alex Jones saying “BUY MY VIDEOS! BUY MY VIDEOS!”. I also pointed out about a guy who filled in for Jones on his show, and Jones’ wife Violet had the audacity to call the guy and chastise him ON AIR because “he wasn’t pushing Alex’s videos hard enough”.

GCN and that other “paytriot” network RBN (and I assume you have heard the story of RBN’s resident kookasaurus John Stadtmiller pointing guns at people for no reason) are nothing but extended infomercials for overpriced crap. Examples:

Both networks are sponsored by gold brokers (GCN by Anderson’s Midas Resources, and RBN by the Republic Trading Group).

Both are sponsored by New Millennium Concepts, sellers of the overpriced Berkey Water filters. (Why buy one of those when you can just get an affordable Brita water filtering pitcher or a Pur water filter for your sink faucet?)

Both are sponsored by alternative medication hucksters like the Herbal Healer Academy.

Both are sponsored by conspiracy theory videos which are full of half-truths and falsehoods.

Both are sponsored by Newswatch Magazine’s David J. Smith, who is a member of the John Birch Society, a society who the “Truth” Movement claim to be against.

I do have to admit, though, that “Martial Law 9/11” has its funny moments such as the idiot communists and Jones getting pWn3d by David Gergen. Yes, folks, “leet speak” (aka 1337) has made it to FreeRepublic.

9 posted on 04/07/2007 12:23:03 AM PDT by bigdcaldavis ("I'm not some candy-assed white liberal looking to turn you into better citizens." - Martin Querns)
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To: bigdcaldavis

Look for today’s post on “Operation Bite”.

10 posted on 04/07/2007 4:28:04 AM PDT by genefromjersey (So much to flame;so little time !)
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To: genefromjersey

Interesting. The truth is that gold brokers such as Ted Anderson should not be allowed to be involved in the media business.

11 posted on 04/07/2007 9:16:25 PM PDT by bigdcaldavis ("I'm not some candy-assed white liberal looking to turn you into better citizens." - Martin Querns)
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To: genefromjersey

Here’s another article that proves that Alex Jones is a phony:

The Alex Jones Affair

A Christian Family Betrayed

hen one remembers that messy business in Waco involving the Branch Davidians, it’s not difficult to think that Texas seems to be particularly in the grip of the Antichrist spirit. At this writing, another family there is also under siege. John Joseph Gray and his wife and kids have been in a stand-off with the authorities since January, 2000. His daughter and grandchildren were being sought for a custody battle as well. As in the Jane Davila case (see Christian Media Volume VI #1), this is simply the Beast encroaching into constitutionally guaranteed rights that are reserved to the individual.

As a patriotic Christian man, John Gray has simply declared enough is enough and has refused to cooperate any further with the Beast system. The conflict stems from yet another attempt by the government to steal the children, because the government thinks they make better parents than children’s own parents. This is particularly true for Christians, patriots, home-schoolers, and anyone else that stands up for their God given rights.

This is the shape of things to come. Because the Texas authorities are still smarting from the extensive criticism they received during the Waco murders, in addition to the recent election of Texas favorite son George Bush Jr, thus far the Beast has not moved to take the Grays by force. However, they will most likely make a violent move against them at some point as government consistently tries to give the public the impression that ‘resistance is futile.’

What makes the Gray case particularly interesting is how the Patriot community has been deceived concerning what has really occurred there in Trinidad, Texas. The Genesis Communications Network, a so-called “patriot” network, and their premier host Alex Jones, have now been implicated in the betrayal of the Gray family.

In addition to his visibility as a Shortwave/Satellite radio host on the Genesis Communications Network, Alex Jones is best known for his investigative videos that seek to expose various New World Order practices. Alex Jones’ broadcast on Genesis is considered the flagship program of the network. Furthermore, Alex Jones is widely seen as one of the top patriot leaders in the American political underground. Likewise, Genesis (also called GCN) enjoys the leadership role in so-called “patriot” broadcasting.

After the Gray siege began, Alex Jones and an associate named Mike Hansen went to the Gray property and asked John Gray if they could videotape an interview. John Gray agreed under one proviso: the tape footage was to be used for a documentary that could only be viewed after the siege was concluded. Alex Jones agreed to these conditions.

It seems that after Jones shot the video he wanted, including footage from within the premises showing crucial defensive locations from within the Gray residence, Alex Jones turned around and sold the video tape to a television network to be aired on the 20/20 news magazine program! Furthermore, it has now been established that Ted Anderson, the head of the Genesis Communications Network, has participated in a cover-up to keep the public from learning the truth about the treachery of his top host!

This incredible betrayal is very similar to that of Judas with his famous kiss. Both betrayals involved monetary compensation for the treachery. In the case of John Gray, the Alex Jones betrayal has placed the lives of the entire Gray household in jeopardy. Remember, the last time the authorities moved against Christians in Texas in a siege situation, they murdered everyone there — including the children.

Because the Gray’s revealed significant logistical information to Alex Jones on camera, that information is now in the hands of the Texas authorities because of the unwanted television broadcast.

John Gray sought to get these facts out to the public. Based on his contacts with Genesis, it quickly became clear that Genesis was seeking to cover up the matter. Thinking that Genesis was unaware of the type of treachery Alex Jones had committed, Gray attempted to inform the radio network of what had happened. After several attempts of this nature, John Gray concluded that Ted Anderson, the head of Genesis, directly censored one of his own hosts (John Stadtmiller) that was attempting to tell the Gray story on the air. At that point, Gray was under the impression that Stadtmiller was interested in airing the truth, but he was being censored by Anderson. This was only partially true.

After John Gray realized he had been betrayed by both Alex Jones and the Genesis Network, he wrote a letter to Christian Media’s James Lloyd. We have reproduced that letter in its entirety (see John Gray Letter attached to this work).

When I received the letter from John and Alicia Gray, I had already had several interactions with the Genesis people and had become convinced that the organization was completely corrupt and unscrupulous.

It should be noted at this juncture that Alex Jones represents what is usually called ‘the franchise’ at Genesis. His program is the number one show on the network. Indeed, the entire business plan at GCN has been focused on furthering the listenership of Alex Jones through affiliate AM and FM stations. It’s clear GCN has sought to make Alex Jones the next Michael Savage or Rush Limbaugh.

The fact that radio figures like Savage (and even the CFR affiliated fraud Rush Limbaugh) have become so popular is because the country has experienced a shift in consensus to a hipper Republican right from the previous liberal left. Thus, GCN clearly hopes to ride that political swing to riches with their golden boy Alex Jones.

Such media ‘franchises’ are worth millions of dollars — thus any public scrutiny that would expose Alex Jones as a cheap entertainer posing as a patriot would be disastrous for the large investment that Genesis has made in the Austin based broadcaster.

After the Christian Media newspaper printed the story of Alex Jones’ betrayal of a patriot Christian family to the mainstream television media, I received an angry phone call from John Stadtmiller. Although John Gray seems to be under the impression that Stadtmiller would have told the truth on the air concerning Alex Jones had it not been for Anderson’s censorship, it is clear that John Stadtmiller’s sympathies are with Alex Jones.

The veteran “patriot” radio host indicated he would tell me the “truth” of the matter — a version of the “truth” that would presumably discredit John Gray and exonerate Alex Jones’ from his role as Judas to John Gray’s version of Jesus in the affair. However, Stadtmiller said he would only speak to me concerning the Alex Jones affair “off the record.”

This is precisely the sort of back-room tactic that brought Amerika to the desperate straits the country is currently experiencing. Indeed, if the US had a powerful media that was independent of the giant multi-national corporate tentacles of commerce, we would at least have a measure of balance in our present precarious political quagmire. A media ‘watchdog’ is a good thing as evil is frequently afraid to misbehave for fear of exposure. Thus, the ‘smoke-filled room’ deals that are made under conditions of secrecy are the antithesis of a fair and balanced media.

It should also be stated that there is probably at least one inaccuracy in the John Gray letter (reproduced at the end of this essay). For example, there are indications the amount of money received by Alex Jones for the videotape he sold of the Gray siege defenses is likely overstated. John Gray can hardly be faulted if this figure is too high (having some familiarity with television, it sounds high to me for file clips purchased on the open market), as the flow of information to him has been severely hampered by the fact that he is barricaded away without regular contact with the outside world. And that’s just the point.

On the one side, the Gray family is in a siege position with arrest warrants issued if they come out of their defensive posture. On the other side, Alex Jones and Genesis refuse to comment in any way concerning the matter. Thus, a thorough examination of what really happened is being thwarted to this very day. Because the Grays are simply unable to provide more detail due to their circumstances, and Genesis is after all, a media organization that obviously wants no media attention to the matter, we can’t help but conclude that Genesis is seeking to cover-up the truth of the Alex Jones affair.

When John Stadtmiller called me after the story was printed in the Christian Media newspaper and said he would only speak off the record, I was faced with a choice. Because we are sincerely trying to behave in a New Testament fashion, and Jesus Christ has instructed me to “Let your yeas be yeas, and your nays be nays,” I refused to speak off the record with John Stadtmiller. He angrily screamed at me and hung up the phone. I’m told by others this is how John concludes a significant number of his telephone conversations.

Of course, one might theorize that John Stadtmiller wanted to ‘dish the dirt’ about Alex Jones and Genesis without jeopardizing his own position; but then John would have to explain why, as a professing Christian, he continues to maintain such close ties with such a sleazy bunch. After all, the Bible is very clear about being “unequally yoked” with evil.

Or, it could be that John wanted to slander John Gray in some fashion in an effort to whitewash the simple fact that Alex Jones betrayed a patriot Christian family for money. The fact that Stadtmiller has since drawn considerably closer to Alex Jones — even regularly co-hosting programs with him on Genesis — leads me to believe that this phone call was just another effort at damage control, and that the entire organization is one large commercial mouse-trap simply masquerading as patriots in a transparent effort at empire building. Indeed, in virtually every exposure I’ve had with Alex Jones, the Genesis management, and the network’s hosts, I’ve had the impression that GCN is just a loose coalition of liars that posture as patriots so the public will support their programs

And apparently the listeners are considered fair game. For instance, at least one GCN listener wrote to me stating that GCN (which is backed by a gold and silver brokerage and the Berkey water filter people) had offered a precious metal coin as a premium to anyone that made a specific donation to another “paytriot” broadcaster named Pastor Butch Paugh.

This listener sent in funds, but Ted Anderson (who heads Midas Resources as well as Genesis) refused to honor his own offer! There are several other incidents of this nature that indicate John Gray’s expectation that Alex Jones and GCN are actually interested in the truth is unrealistic.

Christian Media has repeatedly sought to expose the treachery at the Genesis Communications Network for several years now. They stole their original equipment from another patriot network named Republic Radio. Fraudulently claiming they had purchased the network, the management of Genesis literally backed up a U-Haul, and loaded up the broadcasting equipment while the rightful owner was out of town!

The victim of this theft was Loris Thompkins, then owner of the now defunct Republic Radio Network. Loris then formed the Heritage Network and promptly sued Genesis for their theft of her assets. In an interesting side note, although the Genesis Network was defended by a high-priced law firm, Loris was helped by certain patriot figures conversant in law as she sued Genesis on a pro-se basis representing herself.

This was because the stolen network represented her entire net worth and she was virtually penniless after being fleeced by Genesis. Ted “Goldfinger” Anderson (the key man at Genesis and gold broker Midas Resources), on the other hand, is said to be a millionaire.

In case anyone is interested, Loris Thompkins has now been proven to be the wronged party. On February 22, 2001, Genesis settled with Loris Thompkins for a significant sum of money. This is the equivalent of a tacit admission of guilt. Incidentally, a complete history of the Genesis Communications Network, including its unsavory origin through theft and deceit, is covered in the book Shortwave Wars (see the catalog at Also, Loris Thompkins periodically addresses the subject on radio as she now broadcasts on The Christian Media Network with a program called To Tell The Truth.

Over the last couple of years, John and Alicia Gray have sent out several handwritten letters updating their status. They have steadfastly stuck by their charges that Alex Jones sold them out to the authorities. Conversely, Alex Jones has steadfastly refused to publicly account for his role in the matter.

Genesis, and every host that has any knowledge of the matter, has uniformly refused to address the issue in any public forum. All callers to any of the various GCN programs that even hint of mentioning the matter are immediately taken off the air and hung up on. The Genesis tactic has been to completely bury the story, and refuse to allow any scrutiny of Alex Jones.

At this point, it should be clear to all informed parties that the trust which has been placed in the Genesis network in general, and Alex Jones in particular, is misplaced. To put it another way, would you want to be in a foxhole with someone who would sell you out for money?

—— James Lloyd

The John Gray Letter

(The following is a computer transcript taken word for word, without editing, from the handwritten letter sent to Christian Media by the Gray family — as it was printed in Christian Media, Volume VII, Issue 3)

Dear James Lloyd, we support you in what you are teaching. We know the frustration within your heart about friends you think you have that forsake you.

A story I can tell you about Ted Anderson and Alex Jones (Genesis Communications Network). I don’t know if you are familiar with my situation here in Trinidad, Texas or not, but my name is John Joe Gray. I’ve been in a standoff with the highway bandits since January 8, 2000 when I was released from jail.

We got word the authorities were coming in on us in August of 2000. Alex Jones and Mike Hanson came out late that night and did some video taping at the gate. Alex promised me this would only be used for documentary purposes when this was all over. We had several witnesses to this. Alex came back twice within a week or so and wanted to film more. He also assured us again none of the video would be shown anywhere.

Alex later called and asked about 20/20 interviewing me. I did the interview at my gate, not down at my house. Alex kept asking me to let 20/20 video at my house which I kept telling him no! I told Alex he was the only one I had let video around the house and that was only for a documentary. The day 20/20 was to air my story, Alex called me and said he had done something very wrong. He had let 20/20 have the video. They aired it, then patriots came and talked to me — John Stadtmiller being one of them.

I told John that Alex said he had sold the video to 20/20 for $700.00. A few days later, Alex and Mike showed back up out here wanting to know how we could work this out. I told Alex just to apologize to me and to get on the air and apologize and tell the patriots what he had done. Alex was afraid the bad patriots would take him out, those were his words.

I talked with John Stadtmiller on the air about people betraying me and mentioned Alex’s name. After I got off the air a guy by the name of Keith who knew Alex came on the air. Keith said Alex told him that he had a signed contract with me. John wanted me to come back on the air to verify if this was true. When I called back, Ted Anderson would not let John put me back on the air.

After the show I called Ted Anderson at his request. He wouldn’t let me talk on the air because he didn’t want his hosts to be squabbling on the air. I just wanted to verify that I didn’t sign a contract or give Alex any permission to air the video on 20/20. This guy Keith also said on the air that day that Alex received $25,000 for the video he sold to 20/20. We found out later that Alex had sold the video to 20/20 before coming back the second time. This is what Alex told us.

We shall know them by their fruits. You cannot serve two masters! God be with you and keep you and bless your network.

[signed] — Joe, Alicia and family

12 posted on 04/10/2007 8:31:22 PM PDT by bigdcaldavis ("I'm not some candy-assed white liberal looking to turn you into better citizens." - Martin Querns)
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Comment #13 Removed by Moderator

To: bigdcaldavis

Yet, he posts these videos for free on the net. Good deeds don’t pay bills my friend. Business is business, you can’t avoid it. You’re argument is weak. Although, you probalby know that. You’re just a plant.

14 posted on 09/15/2009 8:40:36 AM PDT by fooch
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To: genefromjersey

Ok, so...whether you buy gold from Alex Jones sponsoer Midas Resources, or anyone else, it doesn’t change the fact that Gold has continued increasing. It would be one thing if Gold didn’t increase in the last 8 years when he recommended investing in it, but that’s not the case.

Nor is it the situation where he hasn’t talked about all the criminals looting our country. I guess he he’s paranoid about people giving away trillions of dollars with NO accountability.

15 posted on 10/23/2009 12:43:41 PM PDT by fooch
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To: fooch

Actually, he said he is selling ‘cookies’ to spammers, that is the real problem here (besides the fact that Jones is a joke..)

16 posted on 10/23/2009 12:45:34 PM PDT by mnehring
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