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Mind your head! Its the fall of The Right!
11/2/2005 | David W. Orr

Posted on 11/03/2005 5:38:03 PM PST by stillbjorn

I am thrashing this editorial.

The Republican Party has always been the party of business and it was once the party of law, fiscal conservatism, probity, and small government as well. But things have changed and it bears no resemblance to the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Robert Taft, Dwight Eisenhower, and even Richard Nixon.

Roosevelt and Nixon were Liberals. Republicans in Name Only. Eisenhower was nothing more than a popular General. Taft didn't do anything worth remembering. Lincoln was a totalitarian who had the balls to raise an army for the purpose of invading its own country. None of these people are small government conservatives (the definition of a Republican).

After Watergate, the Iran-Contra scandal, and the Impeachment of Bill Clinton, the Party was effectively taken over by radicals determined to win at all cost. They forged an alliance between Southern racists, the extreme Christian right,

Uh...Southern Racists?! If I recall, the racist segregationists were all DEMOCRATS. Thats right, the 3rd party in favor or segregation was called the DIXIECRATS not the DIXIEPUBLICANS. Douche. And the reason most Christians are republicans is because Left Wingers tend to agree that "Religion is the Opiate of the Masses."

big business,




and a group of right-wing financiers willing to invest billions over several decades to build ideologically driven think tanks and a nation-wide media echo chamber to mislead the public...

How DARE we mount a formidable opposition to the Biased major media and teacher's unions! Shame on conservatives for not letting the Liberals have the nation wide media echo chamber all to themselves! We should still have Cronkite and the like lying to us! Its not fair that the left doesn't get to make up the news anymore!!!!

They played the public for fools, covering their tracks with patriotic and religious rhetoric and devising ruinous policies too complex to be widely understood...

See, in the mind of a Liberal, Patriotism is only an act. No way it can be genuine. Also, I think the policies of small government, low taxes, pro-life, and strong defense are pretty damned easy to understand.

The recent legal difficulties of Lewis Libby, Tom Delay, Bill Frist, and Jack Abramoff are only the tip of the iceberg. Other revelations are coming about the fabrication of the reasons for the mistaken war in Iraq. Still others will show a pattern of corruption and fraud at a scale for which we have no national precedent...[I]t is growing evidence that the national Republican Party, having marginalized its wiser leaders and tossed good judgment overboard became a criminal enterprise given to deception and mendacity in order to cover grand theft at a national scale...

Actually, the recent legal difficulties of the aformentioned Republicans proves that, since Liberals can't WIN ELECTIONS ANYMORE, they have to resort to political witch-hunts in which their opponents are indicted and criminalized. You know, cuz, voting is so bourgeoisie.

Events surrounding hurricane Katrina are symptomatic of the kinds of forces that will terminate the Republican Party. Its leadership chose to ignore scientific warnings about the links between climate change and the use of fossil fuels that is amplifying the number and severity of storms...

Read: Republicans would be a lot better if they'd just be Democrats.

(Lets not even get into the Global Warming arguement. There are not enough facts either way, and for every scientist who believes in it, there is one who doesn't. For every 'study' that 'proves' it, there is one that disproves it).

The war in Iraq is symptomatic of deeper flaws and self-delusion as well. Reliable witnesses report that the reasons given for the war were conjured, which is to say that they were a lie.

"Reliable witnesses" meaning the night-time cleaning lady at CIA headquarters and someone that Jayson Blaire probably made up.

This debacle was decidedly not primarily a failure of the CIA, but rather a matter of deliberate deception by the administration for which the appropriate words are "high crimes" and the appropriate course of action is impeachment.

They couldn't beat him, so they want to impeach him. You see, the Democrats think that the Republicans came to power by bashing Clinton out of hatred, and that the impeachment made them look ballsy and righteous. So they are trying to imitate that with Bush, thinking that a show of strength like that will hurl them back into power. Only one difference: Republicans' criticisms of Clinton Et Al were principled and based on policy. Not hatred and anger.

The list of malfeasances and bad judgment could go on, but the point is clear: the present leadership of the Republican Party has chosen to lead by deception,

Actually, Republicans do in office what they say they will do on the campaign trail. This has always bothered liberals.

ignore economic reality,

I'm sorry, how's the Economy doing? What's the unemployment rate? How are the interest rates? Where's inflation at? Whats our growth rate?!

refute science when its findings are inconvenient,

Or even when its findings are baseless and highly disputed...

foster class divisions,

I'm sorry, which vice-presidential candidate talked about there being "Two Americas"? Who's rhetoric always includes "the rich" and class warfare tactics, comrade?

snub the poor

Thanks for proving my previous point.

vitiate laws and regulations that protect the environment and public health by stealth,

Eh? Oh you mean that arsenic ratio legislation that Bush postponed...after Clinton postponed it every 6 months for how many years?!?! Or do you mean how Hillary set up Vaccine price controls that resulted in all but one American vaccine manufacturers closing their doors and forcing us to import flu shots from England?

destroy venerable alliances,

I hardly call an alliance with countries who sit around munching croissants and weinershnitzel while they set up billion dollar kickback deals with Saddam Hussein "venerable." With friends like these...

flaunt international law,

Its called "National Sovereignty."

undermine the foundations of democracy at home,

You mean by having a puppet state supreme court illegally extend the cut-off date for election results because you couldn't figure out a way to count ballots in a manner that would cause your candidate to win in time?

and destroy the capacity of government,...

Last I checked, nothing has the power to destroy your life like Government. I'd rather fight a heroine addiction than the EPA or the IRS anyday.

The Party of Lincoln has become a gang of thieves given to cutting taxes for the wealthy...

Um, taxes were cut for EVERYONE who pays them.

the results include a cascading national debt,

Actually, its been in decline for a year or so.

Not the least, the combined effect of the radical conservative blunder in Iraq is that the United States is more vulnerable to terrorism than before 2001...

Thats why we've been attacked so many times since 9/11. Oh wait...

When their reign collapses and the full extent of the wreckage assessed, there will be no time for gloating. There will be, at best, a small window of opportunity to set the country on course again and restore a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, not one for the wealthy few.

Like George Soros?

We will need to quickly regain public control over the public airwaves beginning with the restoration of the fairness doctrine, tossed out by the Reagan administration in 1987.

You see, if they could just make Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity go away, they wouldn't get caught lying all the time and they could get back to winning elections! Damn the crumbling of the left wing media monopoly! Why don't the liberals just come out and say that they want to repeal the first amendment?!

We will need to take immediate steps to implement energy efficiency and solar power, long known to be technically feasible, economically advantageous, and the antidote for adverse climate change.

If its so economically advantageous and technically feasible, then why doesn't everyone have it already?! It would be great if it would work, and hopefully one day it will, cuz i HATE paying my Con Edison bill, and I'd love to get all my electricity from the sun. There is no antidote for adverse climate change (if its even happening.) The climate is not the same today as it was a few thousand years ago. And it won't be the same a few thousand years from now. And there is no way to change that.

We must get America on track again, rebuilding a national rail system that will reduce our dependence on imported oil while reversing urban sprawl.

That was so dumb...i can't even think of anything funny to say. Are you gonna use evil racist white republicans to build your railroads instead of those poor chinese guys so you can have your revenge?!

And we will need a foreign policy once again grounded in international law and a decent respect for the opinions of humankind.

No, we need to withdraw from the UN and kick them off our shores. There is no benefit in negotiating with an institution made up of a bunch of dictators and socialists.

Most important, however, we will need to be summoned back to greatness and away from fear, division, culture wars, and greed.

The best way to do that is to rid the country of Liberals.

It was once said that America is the last best hope of humankind, and perhaps one day we will live up to that standard.

That will happen when no one agrees with communist sympathizers like this guy anymore.

America's greatness and hope is capitalism, small government, a moral society based on judeo-christian values, democracy and justice. Not oligarchy by lawyers in black robes, not wealth re-distribution, not same sex 'marriage,' not jealousy and hatred of the successful and of business, not class warfare, and most of all, NOT GIVING UP SOVEREIGNTY TO AN ILLEGITIMATE INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT BASED IN NEW YORK.

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1 posted on 11/03/2005 5:38:03 PM PST by stillbjorn
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To: PJ-Comix


2 posted on 11/03/2005 5:40:53 PM PST by Michael Goldsberry (an enemy of islam -- Joe Boucher; Leapfrog; Dr.Zoidberg; Lazamataz; ...)
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To: stillbjorn
Yes, how dare we respond to decades of leftist crapola. I love hearing about the right wing news media and down with Faux News. So we have one channel, you dil bags have seven plus PBS and NPR.
3 posted on 11/03/2005 5:53:30 PM PST by satchmodog9 (Free choice is not what it seems)
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