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3 posted on 07/18/2004 6:59:46 PM PDT by JustPiper (9/11 had been a wake-up call, as yet unanswered {TWT})
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To: JustPiper

Thanks Piper and Kinetic.

Awesome, as usual.

7 posted on 07/18/2004 7:02:29 PM PDT by Rushmore Rocks
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To: JustPiper


13 posted on 07/18/2004 7:08:44 PM PDT by Vigilantcitizen
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To: MamaDearest


21 posted on 07/18/2004 7:14:04 PM PDT by JustPiper (9/11 had been a wake-up call, as yet unanswered {TWT})
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To: JustPiper
Thank you JustPiper for getting us here to 14. Now, time to get down to the business of reporting July's news/incidents. I'm breaking it down into two segments due to length - this one is through 7/10/04: Again posting this at midnight, so there may be spelling and typo errrors.

7/01 One of Washington State's 5 refineries may have come under terrorist surveillance via kayak, personal encounters and missing keyring holding 50 keys

7/01 FBI Director Robert Mueller says the Seattle area is safer now than before 9/11

7/01 Some Central Illinois hospitals alerted by State Public Health officials concerning suspicious phone calls received by 2 hospitals asking for the SECURITY DEPT. and then hanging up

7/01 24 cars from a Burlington-Northern Santa-Fe train derailed at Ardmore, Oklahoma. Hundreds of residents evacuated due to anhydrous ammonia threat

7/01 Security scare caused return of Korean Airlines flight to Sydney involving one person and his bags

7/01 Six Muslim militants involved in the Bali and Marriott bombings arrested in Indonesia

7/01 Islamic Institute and Arabic Sciences of America searched in Northern Virginia (Fairfax)

7/01 Federal prosecutor charged seven people in scheme to sell military technology to China

7/01 Immigration charges dropped against Sami Omar Al-Hussayen in Boise, Idaho. He's going back to Saudi Arabia

7/01 Report of a mysterious package attached to a parachute dropped to the ground in Middletown. It made a motoring sound and had weather measuring equipment inside. Surrounding airports had no information on it

7/01 Houston, Texas tightening up port security

7/01 Rand Corporation terrorism expert says best defense against terrorism is personal preparation

7/01 Latin American Muslim leaders met 6/24/04

7/01 Stolen gasoline tanker found a few hours after theft in Ft. Worth, TX. no other details released

7/01 Tighter security measures in place for Washington State ferries went into effect 7/01/04 with extra personnel and explosive sniffing dogs

7/01 Singapore had rare two hour power failure caused by technical failure

7/01 Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama on alert for Adnan G. El Shukrijumah

7/01 Al Qaeda planned to bomb the Panama Canal per a spokesman for the Honduran Security Ministry

7/01 100,000 surface to air missiles are in circulation around the world, each capable of blowing a civilian airliner out of the sky. Some are in terrorist hands per the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva

7/01 Terrorism is a greater threat than nuclear weapons per Russia's Secretary Security Council, stating "man cannot give up the development of nuclear energy."

7/01 John Ashcroft said in Miami attack on US soil likely before presidential election and vigilance in South Florida is high

7/01 New port security rules take effect at the Port of Wilmington. The safety plan is expected to get federal approval

7/01 Feds raid mosque in NE Philadelphia - Iman taken into custody

7/01 Police are teaching small business owners how to fight terrorism at Suffolk and Nassau Counties

7/01 Truck returning from Houston with bulldozer on trailer overturns and spills 35 gallons of diesel and 2-3 gallons of gasoline on highway

7/02 Three National Zoo employees were instructed not to tell paramedics where they worked when they became sick from exposure to rat poison

7/02 A Washington Egyptian man was arrested on charges of operating a ring that illegally brought people from Egypt and Middle East countries to the US

7/02 Some Coke cans contain cell phones and global positioning chips. Officials are concerned they can be used as listening devices at military bases

7/02 Chemical munitions found by Polish soldiers were being pursued by terrorists

7/02 Coast Guard shuts down a Mayport based LaCruise casino ship due to non-compliance with new maritime guidelines

7/02 Knight-Ridder reports most Arab terrorists are well educated, married men from middle or upper class families in their mid-20's and psychologically stable. Many know several languages and have traveled extensively

7/02 Iran has registered at least 10,000 young volunteers for martyrdom operations against US forces in Iraq and Israel per the Commission for Commemoration of Martyrs of the Global Islamic Campaign

7/02 The World Tribune advised US agencies have warned that Hizbullah has been recruited by Syria to prepare massive retaliatory attacks in any confrontation between Damascus and Washington

7/02 An official of Iran's Revolutionary Guard has threatened the US and other Western nations with suicide and missile attacks aimed at 29 sensitive sites

7/02 Muslims gathered in Cleveland for annual convention

7/02 Coast Guard Commandant says US ports remain vulnerable to speedboat attack

7/02 Nashville's Metro Homeland Security Education Team is producing a 45 minute video on basic terrorism awareness - available next month

7/02 30 Orca whales have not returned from their winter travels at Puget Sound

7/02 Baytown Chemical plant evaluates security after federal officials notified the company officially of threatening chatter aimed at the facility

7/02 Black fever cases in Maysan Governorate rise to 300 in Iraq

7/02 Reference made to Sandia Decontamination Foam for 1st response in a chem-bio attack

7/02 US forces uncover Iraq facility where car and roadside bombs are manufactured and detained 51 people believed linked to an insurgent cell

7/03 Three children at Bronx daycare center infected with E-coli

7/03 Toxic algae found in Hidden Lakes Area, Nebraska

7/03 Fears grow concerning possibility of Al Qaeda gassing American subways. Senior operatives told of training to spread cyanide in AC system

7/03 Langley Speedway in Hampton, VA bans flags in track infield and eight employees quit jobs (US Flag banned!!!!)

7/03 Five democrats from Black Caucus demand UN send people to every 100 polls at presidential election

7/03 People in Batman, Turkey hold demonstration to protest terror and terrorist organization

7/03 Times of India reporting a dirty bomb will be the most probable approach of Al Qaeda in future attack

7/03 Fox News reported concerning a glider aircraft terrorists planned to fly into a hotel in Istanbul laden with explosives

7/03 Al Jazeera praises beheading of captives as effective wartime tactic

7/03 Joint army training of Indian and American air forces under code name "Cope India 04" took place in February in India. Reports are America failed miserably, losing 90% of air battles to Indian pilots

7/03 Terrorists cross Syrian border to join Iraqi rebels

7/03 Amtrak train from Miami to NY halted in Washington for more than one hour as authorities investigated a possible threat

7/04 AF-1 would not start. Statement released engine trouble - terrorism ruled out

7/04 Al Qaeda plan to murder nursery school children uncovered WMCA -NY

7/04 Victim from crash of single-engine Cessna 206 plane rom Salisbury Wiltshire was chemical and bio-weapons expert

7/04 Crestwood Farms, Mocksville, NC, recalling 404,730 pounds frozen fully-cooked chicken products - contaminated with listeria

7/05 Al Qaeda will use more men in its next skyjacking attempt to make certain passengers and crew can be sudued per World News Daily report

7/05 Ft. Dix to house Weapons of Mass Destruction team

7/05 Iran threatens US with global retaliation

7/05 Asia fears Al Qaeda WMD attack

7/05 One Palm Beach resident has been diagnosed with Malaria

7/05 16 year old Briar, Texas youth felled by mysterious illness with pneumonia and every air sac covered in mucus. Spent 23 days near death (friends contracted as well). Common location was old house where they removed trash

7/05 Federal agencies responding to potential hijackings have failed in recent incidents to disseminate critical information despite changes with 9/11

7/05 Communities near Boston are working together to fight terrorism (including Lakeville)

7/05 Suspected terror camp located in Queensland in bushland near Brisbane. Drums of bomb making materials, photos of men in paramilitary uniforms, weapons, videotapes, maps and food were found buried with white powder

7/05 Pakistan police on high alert for two suicide bomber sisters set out to launch strikes on government targets

7/05 Libyan forces have discovered a terrorist camp with ties to Al Qaeda in its southern desert, near the border with Chad

7/05 White House close to naming CIA director as Counter-Terrorism Official, warning of high risk of attack leading up to election four months away

7/05 Sweden fully supported Pakistan (Musharraf) in war on terror

7/05 Pakistan acquires 50 Mirage-3 and Mirage-5 fighters in a cash deal from Libya

7/05 Mad Cow Disease epidemic went undetected on almost 50,000 severely infected animals entered the food chain in France

7/05 Garland, Texas firefighters and Has-Mat experts responded to a chemical spill at Micron Industries

7/05 Australia warned it could expect direct attacks from Al Qaeda if Jemmaah Islamiyah proved incapable of striking again

7/05 Four hour power outage at Logan International Airport shut screening and delayed flights

7/05 FBI expands probe to thwart terror attacks. Interviews will be driven by the 2004 Threat Task Force

7/05 When China holds war games on Dongshan Island this month, its fighters will battle for air superiority in a mock invasion of Taiwan

7/05 Power outage in Branson, Missouri of 3 hours duration

7/05 Power outage K-town East Tennessee of 5 hours duration

7/05 Request for Arizona Public Service residential power users to use less electricity through the end of the week due to fire at Westwing Substation, eliminating 20% of the Phoenix Valley's usual supply

7/05 Saudi secret service is 80% sympathetic to Al Qaeda per one senior Arab source

7/06 Syria-Iran call for US troops to leave Iraq

7/06 Iraqi group criticizes Al-Zarquawi's insurgency tactics and threaten to kill him

7/06 Islamic extremists have threatened to turn Yemen into a "third swamp" for US forces now fighting in Iraq and Afganistan

7/06 Pampa, Texas plant that manufactures oil-well equipment had explosion, killing one worker and severely injuring another

7/06 Brother-in-Law of Al-Zarquawi arrested in Zarqa, NE of Amman

7/06 Six families of US citizens killed or injured in the Middle East have filed an $875 million dollar lawsuit against the Arab Bank, accusing it of financing terrorist actions in Israel and the West Bank

7/06 Nearly 70 cancer cases and 62% sterility rate in villages south of Hebron where nuclear waste is buried by Israel

7/06 Cloverdale, Indiana had two separate chemical spills at their wastewater treatment plant this week

7/06 FBI honors Muslim who supports terrorism and is himself a suspected terrorist (Imad Hamad of Detroit)

7/06 28 year old Moroccan held by police in early AM raid in London - under suspicion of commission, preparation and instigation of acts of terrorism

7/06 Per Robert David Steele Vivas, CEO of OSS, Net, Inc. a global commercial intelligence corporation, the global war on terror is unwinnable as the US government is now trained, equipped and organized

7/06 Boston Convention Host Committee and nine downtown businesses, office buildings and hotels to purchase special insurance coverage to cover for losses from terrorism

7/06 Homeland Security Department accepting proposals from academic institutions to study behavioral and social aspects of terrorists and to use technology to predict and anticipate terrorist attacks

7/06 Department of Energy will not confirm if Iraq nuclear and radiological materials are in Oak Ridge at Y12 National Security Complex

7/06 Woman falls asleep at wheel at Schuyler, strikes tanker truck, causing overturn. Truck filled with liquid nitrogen. Road was closed - woman in intensive care

7/06 I-40 closed for 9 hours when tanker truck overturned (driver killed) - unknown cause of Tennessee accident

7/06 Tom Ridge and Security of Agriculture launched Homeland Security National Center for Food Protection and Defense at the University Of Minnesota in Minneapolis

7/06 Turkish immigrants arrested in alleged mulit-million dollar international money laundering scheme to avoid paying taxes at seven Suffolk county gas stations

7/06 Fresh cases of bird flu in China and Thailand

7/06 Terror threat to western airlines as American shot dead in Riyadh

7/06 Two Amtrak trains to Chicago (300 passengers on board) stopped near Portage Wisconsin, one from Portland and one from Seattle while police conduct investigation

7/06 Six Britons convicted of terrorism in Saudi Arabia released as part of 3-way deal when US released a number of Saudi prisoners being head at Guantanamo Bay

7/06 Washington - federal judge tossed lawsuit by whistle-blower who alleged security lapses in the FBI's translator program, ruling her claim might expose government secrets that could damage national security

7/06 Homeland Security issue locks down cruise ship docked in Port Everglades for several hours (discrepancy in passenger manifest). Regal Empress carrying 905 passengers, crew of 396 - discrepancy causing lock down not explained

7/06 17 cases Ebola and seven deaths confirmed in Yambio County, South Sudan

7/06 Plague cases reported Turkmenistan

7/06 Vice President Dick Cheney ripped the Clinton administration for not dealing with terrorism during his eight years in power

7/06 FBI delays anti-terror interviews when preparations for weeks away and 90% complete for implementation

7/07 Bomb explodes outside Champions Masjld Mosque in Spring, Texas. Being investigated as hate crime

7/07 John A. Wilson building in DC evacuated due to vague threat - nothing unusual found

7/07 UN's atomic watchdog says they are confident there is not enough radioactive material missing in Iraq to make a nuclear "dirty bomb."

7/07 Customs officials at Port of Montreal believe they've derailed a terrorist plot to export chemical weapons

7/07 Top FBI, CIA and Homeland Security Department officials briefed House Members about a steady stream of intelligence indicating Al Qaeda may seek to mount an attack aimed at disrupting US elections

7/07 UN miffed US secretly shipped from Iraq uranium and highly radioactive materials that could be used in "dirty bombs."

7/07 Police begin random searches of passengers on Boston bound busses

7/07 Philippines have ordered a complete halt of all travel to Iraq

7/07 Federal jury in Dallas convicts five brothers (all born in the Middle East) on charges of illegal sales of computers to countries that support terrorism

7/07 Russia-China agree tohold military drill next year

7/07 200 pounds of high explosives stolen from storage facility in San Mateo, California

7/07 Gulf of Aden - container ship spotted two crafts lying ahead 5 miles. They moved at high speed toward the ship. Duty officer directed search lights and the crafts turned and sped off

7/07 Panama Canal authorities tell canal ships to tighten security or face being denied passage. Handles 14,000 ships per year from US, Japan and China,P> 7/07 Department of Homeland Security agreed to patrol Plum Island Animal Disease Center to supplement private security at the facility, considered a terrorist target

7/07 Fumes from a transformer fire sickened guests and caused evaluation of Best Western Hotel in Newark

7/07 FBI suspects Al Qaeda may try to move terrorists into the US through Canada in preparation for attack in coming months per US intelligence bulletin obtained by National Post

7/07 US restricts three oil tankers calling at ports from 7/01 to 7/05, but did not deny them entry

7/07 Henry and Cherokee Counties in Georgia have installed Ten Commandments displays in their courthouses contrary to the actions of other Georgia counties

7/07 Coast Guard withdrew statement 42 ships denied entry and 38 detained in ports 7/01 - 7/05 saying the information was incorrect and a new statement will be issued later

7/07 Nuclear Regulatory Commission doesn't require armed guards at their entrances. A watchdog group asked the NRC to mandate armed guards on 9/12/01. 2-1/2 years later the agency is considering the request, but no decision has been made

7/07 Bomb threat shuts down Philly SEPTA station for one hour. Passengers evacuated and bussed to their locations. No bomb found

7/07 Australia's main International Airport evacuated after a man tried to board a Quantas flight to LA without a boarding pass. The 6 to 8 hours delay affected several thousand passengers

7/07 Afgan security forces arrested 3 Americans and 4 Afgans after a shootout in the capital. The arrested were accused of illegally detaining and interrogating locals

7/08 Bennington, Vermont post office quarantined after employees found suspicious white powder in mail (it was prescription Vicodin)

7/08 Anthrax and hemorrhagic fever cases confirmed - 7 with anthrax fromcattle and 3 cases crimean-congo fever in Kazakhstan

7/08 US says it is deeply concerned about terrorist training camps in the Southern Philippines by militants with Al Qaeda links

7/08 Florida man suspected of terrorist ties arrested after indictment accusing him of $1.6 million in phony food stamp transactions

7/08 Tom Ridge briefed Homeland Security Center operated 24/7, all 50 states in the network and its 5 months ahead of schedule

7/08 FBI raids Merrifield, Virginia Muslim Center. Immigration and Customs spent the day going through records, computers and paper files along with FBI and IRS

7/08 FBI investigating terrorist cells raising money in Mississippi and sending funds overseas in support of terrorism

7/08 Suspicious device created traffic havoc near Patrick AFB. Truck tested positive for explosives

7/08 The Islamic Saudi Academy has dropped its plans for a campus in Loudoun County, Virginia

7/08 An Al Qaeda statement threatens Italy will be the next target in retaliation for the policies of its Prime Minister

7/08 Amtrak says there is random security screening and ID checks at larger stations and asks employees and passengers tolook for suspicious packages and people at all 500 stops

7/08 Indiana Haz-mat has a decontamination truck in service since April

7/08 FR - National March on Terror set for 9/11/04

7/08 Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge canceled his visit to Israel

7/08 Al Qaeda publication Al Battar or "The Sword" is ongoing online training camp for terrorists. Edition 13 recently posted

7/08 Five empty suitcases found at Penn Station, FBI headquarters and other hotspots. 3,000 police with bomb sniffing dogs will sweep subways and trains

7/08 Feds warm Seattle police of terrorist threat for upcoming Conference of Governors

7/08 Man wo attended Al Qaeda training camp indicted on two counts of false statements to federal agents investigating the shipment of radios and other equipment to Pakistan

7/08 Former Kuwait Ambassador says it will be "catastrophic if Kerry wins the election

7/08 Bus passengers to go through random security searches at Londonderry,P>

7/09 6,400 factories in China to be shut down for a week due to unquenchable power thirst

7/09 Afghan intelligence officials have talked to Mullah Omar via cell phone. His aide was captured

7/09 George Tenet tells CIA employees not to be distracted by criticism re searing congressional report about intelligence failures in Iraq

7/09 Cyprus police arrest 10 Pakistan students suspected of belonging to Al Qaeda network

7/09 More than 100 Islamic National Scientist Seniors set to meet 7/11/04 in London

7/09 Coal train derailment in Benton, Illinois. Eight cars on roadway, which was closed in both directions 7/09 Man arrested after cellphone bomb threat to Amtrak train in Wisconsin

7/09 More than 130 visitors and workers at Yellowstone became ill and late June to to Norovirus

7/09 Huntington, West Virginia hospitals say viral meningitis outbreak is most widespread seen in years - 110 people have tested positive

7/09 NJ State Troopers trained by Navy Seals began underwater searches at the Cape Liberty Terminal in Bayonne on Friday for explosives

7/09 NJ gas station owner sentenced to five years for lying to FBI agents about his ties to a Yemeni sheik who raised money for Al Qaeda

7/09 FBI investigates suitcases found in rental trauck at weigh station on I-20 (detention of Pakistani national) and investigates to determine if link to substance antrax at Elmo, Texas

7/09 Al Qaeda wants to stage an attack near the Canadian border in Michigan, possibly using waterways to reach intended target

7/09 Back on 6/23/04 several Brooklyn subway stations were closed as police investigated on of 4 suspicious packages found in the city

7/09 Father of suspected terrorist will lose $150,000 after son skips bail and flees Australia

7/09 Two items containing classified information are missing from Los Alamos National Laboratory

7/09 Federal investigators are trying to determine how two teenagers obtained syringes containing a nerve gas antidote in Lillington, NC

7/09 Police evacuated Campbell Park in Hawaii after finding abandoned tanker truck that may contain hazardous materials

7/09 Homeland Security begins highway watch program to prevent terrorists from using tractor-trailers to launch a major attack

7/10 Police cordon off block around legislature after leaking liquid discovered from envelope in Fredericton, N.B.

7/10 FBI intensifying efforts to enlist Muslims, Arab-Americans and Sikhs to help thwart a possible terrorist attack this summer or fall

7/10 John Kerry misses terrorism briefing because he had more important things to do (he attended Whoopi Goldberg raunchfest and Bush Bashing at Radio City Music Hall) - Requests for video of the event are reportedly ignored

7/10 Security for the All-Star Game in Houston to include security detail of technicians with chemical and radioactive detection devices

7/10 A postal employee's adverse reaction to an unknown substance forced the Panther Creek Post Office in Texas to shut down for more than an hour Thursday morning

7/10 North Dakota has had 36 cases of Whooping Cough (health experts there are concerned) 7/10 Illinois health officials say 107 cases of whooping cough since March in four counties there

7/10 Two parcel bombs and a 3rd suspect device found in N. Ireland's main postal sorting office. The center was evacuated and closed down

7/10 A second militant group has threatened to kill Al Qaeda linked Abu-Mussab Al-Zarquawi

7/10 South Korea warned of threat of terror attacks on its ships carrying strategic materials for US military

7/10 John Kerry promises to send Congress an immigration overhaul plan MAKING IT EASIER FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS TO BECOME CITIZENS

7/10 Muslim leaders in Derby are desperate to stop the extremist groups operating in the city. Police admit they are powerless

7/10 Eco-terrorism acts, both animal and environmental, have been escalating lately

7/10 Brussels police arrested two suspected Sudanese members of Osama BinLaden's Al Qaeda network at the main airport (flown in from Athens on forged passports)

7/10 15 tanks holding deadly atomic waste along the Savannah River have cracked, rusted or leaked, according to federal inspection reports

7/10 Mames City County state police investigating books found in trash as Governor's Square

7/10 Author Paul Williams claims there are 20 suitcase nukes in Conus and 7-9 US cities will be struck at the same time

7/10 Drug trafficking on trains and busses have increased due to security screening at airports

7/10 Post office employees at the Woodlands are angry that they were called back to work before Haz-mat cleared the area

195 posted on 07/19/2004 12:07:24 AM PDT by MamaDearest
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