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  • Gorge Orwell

    08/17/2017 9:36:11 PM PDT · by Kartographer · 5 replies
    He called it it just took 30 more years than he expected. “The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.”― George Orwell, 1984

    08/17/2017 1:47:32 PM PDT · by ScareyFast63 · 9 replies
    A Blog | 8/17/2017 | A Good Friend
    Black people who were never slaves are fighting people who were never Nazis over a confederate statue erected by democrats; why; because democrats cannot stant their own history anymore and somehow, it is Trump's fault!
  • All opponents of President Trump are traitors to America (vanity)

    08/17/2017 1:52:05 PM PDT · by Az Joe · 18 replies
    In response to recent slander against President Trump supporters ---------------------------- If you are a President Trump opponent you are a sociopath, mental defective and/or a criminally insane America hating traitor. All President Trump opponents are: Criminals, Communists, Antifas, Socialists, Black Lives Matters supporters, radical abortion supporters, ISIS supporters, Al Qaeda supporters and supporters of all other domestic and foreign terrorist subversive groups. They condone the murder of children through their support of these groups. It is time to call out each and every President Trump opponent in our families, at our workplace, our meeting halls, our entertainment venues and the...
  • Time for Trump to start a third party(no RINOs allowed) (Vanity)

    08/17/2017 2:05:19 PM PDT · by janetjanet998 · 52 replies
    me | me
    He has the wealth to do it, the base to do it and he is POTUS.....stars are aligned perfectly...a very rare opportunity... He should give members of Congress the chance to switch to his party..if they don't then back Republicans in their district in the primary that would promise do so if they win in the general election.. DO NOT run 3rd party candidates in the 2018 general election since that may allow a liberal to sneak in if the Republican/Conservative vote is split Target very red areas first that he did well in 2016.....get the fondation laid...get a least...
  • Vanity - Open Letter to Protesters

    08/17/2017 11:01:06 AM PDT · by AmusedBystander · 22 replies
    self ^ | 8/16/2016 | Amused Bystander
    Dear African-American protester, In the history of mankind, there have been many more white slaves than there have been black slaves. Your history is not unique, it is merely the latest chapter in mans inhumanity to man. In America, there are thousands and thousands of white crosses all across the country. Those crosses represent the thousands and thousands of young, white boys who gave their lives so that your great-great grandfather could gain his freedom. Across Europe and the Pacific, there are more thousands and thousands of white crosses that represent the thousands and thousands of young, white boys who...
  • Vanity - I know how to solve Trump's problem

    08/16/2017 7:59:56 PM PDT · by Skywise · 17 replies
    08/16/2017 | Skywise
    So everything's looking forlorn and the left has their talking points that they'll beat til the end of time. I'm driving home and fuming and it hit me like a ton of bricks. First off, the situation is already over - The only thing keeping this story alive are the Dems themselves. Nothing else can happen until the legal process is completed. Everything else is pure hysteria and half-cocked reactionary panic and Trump should point that out. The left (and McCain) will go crazy again and calling for Trumps head at which point Trump should point out that the KKK...
  • Why Is America's History White Washed?

    08/16/2017 5:16:10 PM PDT · by MosesKnows · 39 replies
    August 16, 2017 | MosesKnows
    Why Is America's History White Washed I am puzzled. I see the agenda erasing evidence of America's flaws as it unfolds but I can't see who gains from that action. I cant even see what is gained. I also have seen an ongoing effort to create a voting public less informed than previous populace. I see an effort requesting people to accept other peoples derangements or delusions. America is an amazing construction and Americas government is an amazing structure but America is not flawless. We constituted America in order to from a more perfect union. The story of how America...
  • Its days like today when I think America is hanging by a thread. (Vanity)

    08/16/2017 9:34:25 AM PDT · by Cubs Fan · 64 replies
    Its days like today when I think America is hanging by a thread. And that thread is the courageous and good man Donald Trump. I knew the media would deliberately lie about Charlottesville, but I didn't think the liberal republicans would too. Clearly I overestimated them. These cowardly republicans still have never learned. Their fate is tied to trump. They go against him and they can forget getting the vote of people like me ever again. (Sigh) maybe in America 2.0 we will insist on a media that isnt a bunch of leftists lying filth. Until then, stock up for...
  • FOX has gone TOO far progressive, liberal and a snow storm of snowflakes. (my rant)

    08/16/2017 9:52:55 AM PDT · by DOC44 · 47 replies
    Been watching FOX and MSM the last couple of days. Getting tired of trying to tell them apart based on their guests' stances on political/Trump issues on everything current and past. Juan Williams seems to be empowered and out of ranting control talking over people and yelling. Him along with a couple of females and Sheppie are repulsively biased which is now festered and oozing out.
  • Vanity - Democrats disappear in Alabama Primary.

    08/15/2017 8:01:59 PM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 16 replies
    There are, according to the SOS of Alabama, 3,281,781 registered voters within the state. When the final tallies of the total votes cast in the primary election tonight are revealed, roughly 12-20 percent of eligible voters voted, about 400,000 for Republicans and a paltry 150,000 for Democrats. I suspect a good number of illegal and fraud Democrat voters refrained from voting for obvious reasons, but, no will ever know what that number was or is. I just think many Democrats just sat on their hands and did not turn out to vote. Good news for Trump & Company. Devastating news...
  • CBS Breaks Into Local Programming To Castigate An "Enraged" Trump For "Outbreak".

    08/15/2017 3:20:31 PM PDT · by Diogenez · 120 replies
    CBS Network News ^ | 8/15/2017 | CBS Network News
    Anybody catch this at about 4:00 PM EDT? CBS broke into local programming (Judge Judy in New York City WCBS 2) with a nervous making BREAKING NEWS slide and then an even more ominous 3-2-1 countdown - after which A nervous sounding Anthony Mason appeared to announce that just moments ago, an enraged Donald Trump had unleashed a torrent of rath at the press beginning with an angry outburst at John McCain. Mason appeared to get flustered when he began his exposition with "This debate with the press...umh..." and corrected to "...this defense of his position taken 2 nights ago..."...
  • Why isn't George Soros in jail?

    08/14/2017 7:31:50 PM PDT · by GuavaCheesePuff · 38 replies
    Guava Cheese Puff | August 14, 2017 | Guava Cheese Puff
    Why is Soros still walking around free? Why is Soros not investigated for wrongdoing?
  • The 2% lunatic fringe (which comes in all flavors) will always be with us.

    08/14/2017 4:22:26 PM PDT · by gasport · 8 replies
    The trick is not to be a voluntary member.
  • Freeper Poll: Does Pride and Nationalism equate to Hate and Supremacy? (vanity)

    08/14/2017 9:01:36 AM PDT · by fruser1 · 79 replies
    self ^ | 8/14/2017 | self
    I'm getting tired of arguing about this so figured I'd start a vanity poll. I apologize in advance if this is out of line.
  • Shame on Fox News for running with "Trump is white supremacist" narrative (vanity, rant)

    08/13/2017 10:17:38 PM PDT · by Texas Eagle · 67 replies ^ | Aug, 13, 2017 | Texas Eagle
    So I'm sitting here watching Fox News before going to bed and this sack of crap called Rick Leventhal begins his show giving voice to all the limp-wristed Trump-haters who are condemning President Trump for his "lackluster" condemnation of white supremacist groups and then he brings on some airhead teleprompter reader named Kristin Fisher who reads a statement from some supposed neo-Nazi group praising President Trump for not attacking them. What a sack of crap and crapette. I'm done with Fox News.
  • From our plan,to ensure the safety of our citizens & property,it went extremely well."VA Safety DIr

    08/13/2017 4:19:42 PM PDT · by NoLibZone · 18 replies
    DNC vetted then the New York times ^ | Aug 13,2017 | By SHERYL GAY STOLBERG
    From our plan, to ensure the safety of our citizens and property, it went extremely well. Brian Moran, Virginias secretary of public safety on the Charlottesville violence
  • Will media call Charlottesville a "largely peaceful protest" marred by a few?

    08/12/2017 5:49:44 PM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 19 replies
    Every single Black Lives Matter protest that turned violent, it seems, was described by the fake news as a "peaceful protest" that was defiled by a few bad actors. Just wondering if they'll do the same for the stupidity happening in Charlottesville.
  • University To Offer Safe-Space For Students During Eclipse (Satirical)

    08/11/2017 9:08:49 AM PDT · by Rebelbase · 67 replies
    NCFReep via AP ^ | 8/10/17 | Staff
    (Cullowhee, NC) Preparations for the the upcoming August 21st solar eclipse are in high gear at Western Carolina University. The school is located within the zone of totality in the mountainous part of the state. Afternoon classes will be cancelled and festivities on the Central Plaza will include Native American moon dancers, performance art and the Tasty Tofu Taco Truck, locally known as T4. But there are some students who will be refusing the eclipse and have demanded the University provide a safe space for them during the event. So far three groups have separately approached University officials with concerns...
  • Anyone who smokes please stop smoking

    08/09/2017 9:27:30 PM PDT · by American Constitutionalist · 105 replies
    8 / 9 / 2017 | American Constitutionalist
    This is posted under vanity Please anyone who smokes please stop I have had health problems associated with smoking and cost a lot of money. Almost lost my left arm

    08/08/2017 1:46:07 PM PDT · by Nextrush · 13 replies
    8/8/2017 | Self
    The lead FBI agent in the Bunkerville Standoff prosecution took the stand Monday in the trial at the Federal Courthouse in Las Vegas. FBI Special Agent Joel P. Willis was testifying using images with big captions of the defendants names and small dots on them said to represent the defendants. The four men (Eric Parker, Steven Stewart, Scott Drexler and Ricky Lovelien) were not convicted in their first trial. Now the federal government led by prosecutor Steven Myhre, the Acting US Attorney in Las Vegas, is doubling down with the cooperation of US District Judge Gloria Navarro. One example is...