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  • John Lewis Makes A FOOL Of Himself on Capitol Hill

    01/15/2017 3:30:34 PM PST · by Beautiful_Gracious_Skies · 51 replies | January 15, 2017 | Self- Vanity
    John Lewis Makes A Fool of Himself On Capitol Hill... by refusing to attend the 2017 Inauguration. Lewis is apparently outraged over the loss of his party leader's bid for the presidency. Although Donald J. Trump won thirty of the fifty states and more individual counties than any other U.S. president since President Reagan, Lewis has been unable to accept his party's defeat. Accepting an uncomfortable loss is a life experience that escapes John R. Lewis, a man of 76 years of age. Lewis can be found declaring the President-Elect was not legitimately elected and promising to forego the Inauguration....
  • Let's Examine The Ramifications If Obama Pardons Hillary and/or the Clinton Foundatation

    01/14/2017 9:17:05 PM PST · by Stayfree · 49 replies
    Self | January 14, 2017 | Stayfree
    We all know that Hillary has violated numerous federal statutes in her email operation and we also know that the Clintons have used the Clinton Foundation (and possibility other Clinton family foundations)in "pay for play" activities whereby shady characters, foreign governments, etc. have contributed millions of dollars in return for favors...the Clintons have amassed billions of dollars in graft and corruption. It is highly likely that the Clintons and their foundation will receive a pardon from Obama once they agree upon a price for the bribe.
  • (Vanity) Does Anyone Know of a Credible Website That Will Compile a Prioritized List of Swamp Issue

    01/14/2017 8:41:40 PM PST · by Stayfree · 11 replies
    Self | January 14, 2017 | Stayfree
    Even though I have already found some fledgling websites as startups without any serious financial backing, I have to assume that one or more websites will emerge with serious connections with the Trump transition team and ultimately with the Trump administration to help identify in priority the serious issues, policies, programs, agencies, personnel and government in general that have to be changed to make America great again. And such a support force for Trump to achieve America's goals should actively encourage helpful input from all of America's citizens. May God help use to restore America in line with the Founders'...
  • Shout out to Cringing Negativism Network, wherever you are. (vanity)

    01/14/2017 7:53:52 PM PST · by Leaning Right · 21 replies
    Let's go back a year or so. At that time Freeper Cringing Negativism Network was promoting Donald Trump for president. He was in the minority. But Cringing stuck to his guns, and he continued to make the case that Trump was the GOP's best choice. Many people, including me, discounted Trump at that time. But Cringing never wavered. He continued to argue that Trump was the right man for the job. Cringing called it. Well done, sir!
  • Get A Load of This!

    01/14/2017 6:09:40 AM PST · by JimGlove · 21 replies
    Drkatesview ^ | Jan 13, 2017 | Dr Kate View
    What part of this hasn’t come true?
  • Chicago Police Accused of ABUSE

    01/13/2017 8:15:33 AM PST · by Oz8509338511 · 40 replies
    Today | US Attorney General
    US Attorney General Loretta Lynch announces findings of investigation into policy and practice of Chicago Police
  • E-mail to Mr. Acosta

    01/12/2017 8:53:52 AM PST · by Hillbilly sage · 13 replies
    Hillbilly sage
    I wanted to share my e-mail in the hope that someone may get a smile from it. Mr. Acosta, I watched the entire Trump news conference and then have watched the segment, in which you star, five more times. As an original Tea Party member I certainly know the feeling of public disrespect and humiliation. For many years we have had to endure ridicule, mockery and outright lies from you and your stable-mates at the Clinton News Network brothel. For myself and millions of my fellow members, that slap across the snout of a pompous propaganda pig was priceless. The...
  • Vanity: I need stock recommendations for defense contractors

    01/12/2017 9:03:10 AM PST · by spacejunkie2001 · 43 replies
    1/12/17 | me
    If anyone has any GOOD recommendations for stock purchase of defense contractors, preferably small to mid cap, that would be awesome.
  • CNN tshirt

    01/11/2017 11:10:02 AM PST · by fishtank · 20 replies
    The internet ^ | 1-11-17 | Fishtank
  • Uwe Boll's "Rampage" comedy series. Extreme vanity within.

    01/10/2017 10:39:40 PM PST · by Celerity · 8 replies
    1/11/17 | Celerity
    I just finished watching the final "Rampage" movie on Netflix. These movies are a rolling comedy, but the final one is our biggest punchline. If you're in the mood for some ridiculous, ludicrous and flat-out insulting leftist garbage - Tune in and drop out to this one ! The first Rampage movie follows a youngster cleverly named "Bill Williamson". Imaginative, eh ? Well this is only the surface of the piece d'la resistance that lies ahead. Bill decides enough is enough, and he is going to shoot up the town. As a youngster, the creators of the movie have set...
  • If you didn't watch tonight's Fare Thee Well, What did you do?

    01/10/2017 7:00:42 PM PST · by ButThreeLeftsDo · 235 replies
    BTLD | 1/10/17 | BTLD
    Instead of watching what must have been the most painful of viewing experiences in the history of the planet... What did you do, instead?
  • Obama's Speech Tonight Is An Embarrassment to America

    01/10/2017 6:52:56 PM PST · by Stayfree · 112 replies
    Self | January 10, 2917 | Stayfree
    This speech by our White House sociopath is so disjointed, obtuse, full of self-love that it is almost embarrassing to watch someone dig such a deep hole of self-depravity that I had to take a break and puke. Once the patriotic members of our press have read the transcript of his pitiful rambling, he will be shoved down the toilet he deserves.
  • (Vanity) Trump's Miracle,A Modest Proposal on Voter Fraud

    11/09/2016 10:11:40 PM PST · by grey_whiskers · 57 replies
    grey_whiskers ^ | Nov 9, 2016 | grey_whiskers
    It's in the bag for Trump. Nobody among the intelligent, sophisticated coastal elites thought he would do it. Final reports differ, but when the smoke clears, it looks like Trump will have over 300 electoral votes -- during an election when most people were expecting a Hillary landslide. It's a stunning rebuke. How did he do it? The Deplorables. Trump won over 50% of white women, and won in every age bracket. As an internet commenter observed, You can only piss on people for so long before they figure out it's not raining. But here's why Trump's victory was a...
  • Madonna's Rebel Heart tour on Showtime (VANITY)

    01/04/2017 12:24:33 PM PST · by NoKoolAidforMe · 17 replies
    NoKoolAidForMe ^ | 01-04-2016 | NoKoolAidForMe
    The other day, I was channel surfing in the evening and came across Madonna's Rebel Heart tour video on Showtime. I always felt that Showtime is one of the most liberal cable channels out there, but this programming really epitomized it. I know Madonna has made her career pushing the envelope with the promiscuous sex, blasphemous uses of the crucifix and Catholic icons, and her liberal antics. This concert showed her strutting around the stage with her ass cheeks hanging out. Her female backup dancers were pole dancing on stripper poles that were crosses, and they were wearing what looked...
  • Well, I'm at the emergency room.

    01/01/2017 9:36:51 PM PST · by Jeff Chandler · 76 replies
    1/1/2017 | Jeff Chandler
    This morning was not a good start to New Years week. I decided to go horseback riding, something I haven't done in many years, and which Mrs. Chandler warned me was not a good idea, but I refused to let her hold me back. It turned out to be a big mistake! I got on the horse and started out slowly, but then we went a little faster; and before I knew it, we were going as fast as the horse could go. I couldn't take the pace and fell off, but caught my foot in the stirrup with the...
  • Thank You Obama

    01/01/2017 9:07:16 AM PST · by Hillbilly sage · 30 replies
    01/01/17 | Hillbilly sage
    After 8+ years of anger, name calling and strife, my one New Years resolution is to force myself to be more kind and forgiving. To help me to do that I have chosen to think what my Grandparents would say, They were kind and gentle mountain folk and owned a small farm with a couple of cows and one horse. So it is in their honor that I utter these words: " Thank you Obama for your service to Americans". because I clearly recall them saying thank you to the man who brought the bull to service their cows.
  • Donald Trump should rename some federal facilities

    01/01/2017 9:02:37 AM PST · by sig226 · 23 replies
    01/01/2017 | sigp226
    I think one of President Trump's early priorities should be the acknowledgement of the his predecessors. Several Important Facilities and appropriate names leap to mind. Joseph Biden Center For Political DiscourseHillary Clinton Environmental CenterJohn F. Kerry Middle Eastern Politics CenterRod Blagojevich Government Employee Retirement CenterLynch-Comey Bureau Of Government EthicsBarack Hussein Obama Center For Concern For The PeopleThe Kennedy Family Memorial School For Driving And Flying At Groton, Connecticut
  • What I think concerning "Law Enforcement"...

    01/01/2017 4:06:01 AM PST · by US Navy Vet · 92 replies
    01 Jan 2017 | US Navy Vet
    I think that ALOT of the 'COPS'" Problems stem from when they went from being "Peace Officers" to "Law Enforcement".
  • Vanity: Hold that tiger! Hold that tiger! Hold that Tiger! Hold that tiger!

    12/31/2016 7:41:38 PM PST · by RooRoobird20 · 73 replies
    ESPN live | 12/31/2016 | Me
    Clemson wins! Hold that tiger!
  • College Advice

    12/29/2016 9:02:04 PM PST · by Tai_Chung · 136 replies
    My daughter is a senior in high school. She wants to major in Computer Science and minor in French She has mostly looked at small (<5,000 students) liberal arts schools. Can anyone recommend some conservative schools? ACT = 26 3.26 regular GPA 3.64 weighted GPA She is also interested in playing the cello in the orchestra.
  • Louie Gohmert sitting in for Hannity today (alert vanity)

    12/29/2016 8:20:55 AM PST · by Baynative · 4 replies
    inside ^ | 12/29/16 | Baynative
    For those who like honest insight and maybe some inside baseball on the Trump transition, Texas Congressman and unapologetic conservative patriot Louie Gohmert will be hosting the Sean Hannity radio show today.
  • Cajun Wisdom: The People Who Built New Orleans Were Geniuses!

    12/27/2016 6:33:32 PM PST · by Strac6 · 35 replies
    Email today | email today
    Northern big city people tell us Southerners we are ignorant. I beg to differ. Think about this for a moment. Whoever built New Orleans, a big city 7 feet below sea level, with defective levies, in a southern Louisiana hurricane zone, and filled it Democrats who can't swim is a pure genius!
  • Bye-bye United Nations. Hello Federation of Sovereign Nations!

    12/27/2016 5:36:01 PM PST · by Trentamj · 39 replies
    Self | 12/27/1016 | Trent
    Now that the UN is in the express lane of joining the League of Nations in the ash heap of History thanks to its sanction of Israel, and its planned recognition of Palestine, its will shortly be time for President Trump to establish a new world world organization uncorrupted by tyrants and terrorists.
  • Obama Is Now The World's Most Foremost Jihadist Terrorist of All Time-Just Look At Who Supports Him

    12/26/2016 6:07:30 PM PST · by Stayfree · 31 replies
    Self | December 26, 2016 | Stayfree
    Obama by back-stabbing Israel in the UN just showed his true colors...not black or white or mulatto, but Muslim... he is a traitor to our fine nation and a traitor to all those ignorant fools that voted for him! May God curse his soul for what he has done to destroy America. I hope the bastard communist, jihadist is condemned to an eternity in hell by God Almighty!
  • What concerts/performances did you attend in 2016.

    12/26/2016 4:46:29 PM PST · by GSWarrior · 182 replies
    12/26/2016 | GSWarrior
    As I get older I attend fewer concerts. I wish they began at 4pm instead of 10pm. Here's my list: The Mekons Wynonna and the Big Noise Pere Ubu KT Tunstall Hiss Golden Messenger Kris Kristofferson Valerie June Dry Branch Fire Squad
  • Abuse of Language Abuse of Power, Josef Pieper

    12/26/2016 2:57:34 PM PST · by rey · 17 replies
    26 Dec 2016
    Has any body read Abus of Language Abuse of Power by Josef Pieper or any other books by Pieper? Would you comment on them please? Good? Recommended? Thanks.
  • Top Christmas Present

    12/25/2016 9:25:05 AM PST · by Cold War Veteran - Submarines · 25 replies
    Passed Probation!
  • I like to wait in airports

    12/23/2016 9:20:37 AM PST · by SamAdams76 · 108 replies
    Nobody allows extra time anymore. Everybody gets all stressed out for no good reason. Especially around the Christmas season. I like to wait at airports and delays don't bother me. In fact, I try to arrive at the airport around four hours ahead of my flight time so that I have a "built-in" delay even if everything else about my flight happens on time. In fact, I get disappointed when I am "late" for my early arrival. If for some reason, for example if my business meeting runs long, and I only show up two and a half hours before...
  • Maybe I'm ignorant but what really is....

    12/21/2016 7:13:07 AM PST · by From The Deer Stand · 27 replies
    December 21, 2016 | From The Deer Stand
    Boy am I confused! The Left is throwing you-know-what at the wall trying to see what sticks. Maybe I'm ignorant but what really is the Alt Right? What is Deplorable? What is Angry White Men? What is the Russian hacking? Democrats are coming up with so many confusing little excuses for their failures that I can't keep up with them. In the meantime while our president golfs in Hawaii on a $4 million taxpayer-paid vacation ($85 million in vacations in 8 years) our president-elect is tackling the many issues that have been ignored. No wonder the Democrats are making up...
  • Who's Going to the DEPLORABALL????

    12/19/2016 8:05:43 PM PST · by Hildy · 33 replies
    December 19th, 2016 | Hildy
  • God Is Blessing The USA Through Donald Trump. Join This Movement Of Divine Transformation.

    12/19/2016 12:37:32 PM PST · by Armaggedon · 5 replies
    The United States Of America has revealed the intensification of the toxic state of hate, lies and death over the past eight years. 'Human Nature' describes the rebellion against the truth of 'Divine Nature.' Humans forgot they are designed to reveal God in living expression on earth - made in His image and likeness. A human soul is a heart, mind and body. A 'Being' describes the angel incarnate in that soul. A dying soul is centered in the love of sensual impulses perceived through the brain and spinal cord. A dying soul generates and deals in concepts, beliefs and...
  • There is no I in Electoral College!

    12/19/2016 8:17:40 AM PST · by murron · 26 replies
    Myself | 12-19-2016 | Myself
    I keep hearing supposedly well educated news commentators saying electorIal college. There is no I in the word electoral! Stop it!
  • Why Would Putin Support Trump Over Hillary After Hillary Gave Him 20% of Our Uranium Deposits?

    12/17/2016 10:49:00 AM PST · by Stayfree · 38 replies
    Self | December 17, 2016 | Stayfree
    Why Would Putin Support Trump Over Hillary After Hillary Gave Him 20% of Our Uranium Deposits?
  • VANITY - Lots of stories today on FAITHLESS ELECTORS

    12/14/2016 11:08:11 AM PST · by Heff · 62 replies
    12/14/2016 | HEFF
    There's been plenty of alt-news sites posting stories about FAITHLESS Electors....and now some whack job Harvard Professor is talking about 20+ faithless electors that are from the States that the GOP won.... really hard to know what's real or fake. So my question is, has there been any confirmation of Trump's 306 Electors and where they stand, from CREDIBLE SOURCES. Trump_Train people are saying...don't worry....I would never happen....a lot people said Trump would never get nomination, then that he would never win. Thoughts?
  • Site Claiming to Have Podesta Emails and Wikileaks Deadman Passwords Coming (vanity)

    12/13/2016 5:36:27 PM PST · by TigerClaws · 76 replies
    Hello and welcome to what was suppose to be a website about gathering & sharing information regarding Julian Assange's disappearance. This site was plagued with many problems that prevented it from ever launching to meet its true potential. However, its purpose has now changed, given the recent actions by the Obama Administration, Democratic Party and the CIA creating and spreading a very false narrative of Russian interference in the US Election process with absolutely no evidence to back up its claims as well as the overwhelming evidence that points to their involvement in the capture, detainment or death of Julian...
  • Where is Julian Assange?

    12/13/2016 2:07:45 PM PST · by stars & stripes forever · 27 replies
    Vanity | 12/13/2016 | Self
    Does anyone have pertinent information regarding the status of Julian Assange?
  • Hillary Loses Again...Wisconsin for Trump; PA for Trump; Michigan for Trump...

    12/12/2016 1:58:44 PM PST · by HarleyLady27 · 30 replies
    Me | Dec 12, 2016 | HarleyLady
    It was just announced that Wisconsin votes were counted and Hillary lost again...she lost Michigan, she lost PA. Therefore, IMHO I think that all the Electoral Votes in these three States should be doubled for President Elect Donald Trump and Vice President Elect Mike Pence... What God has His Hands on, God NEVER fails...
  • The Globalists Are Attempting A Coup Against The Legal and Lawful Election of Trump (Vanity)

    12/11/2016 6:21:42 PM PST · by Enlightened1 · 69 replies
    The Globalists ARE attempting a coup d'état against the legal and lawful election of President-Elect Trump. The post election riots plan "A" has failed. Their plan "B" Hillary Clinton recount via Jill Stein's attempted has failed miserably and backfired. Now they are going absolute hysterical. They know President-Elect Trump will bring back real prosperity vs. austerity. These habitual pathological liars are absolutely crazy! The Globalists are now rerunning their pre-election false narrative that the Russians have hacked our election. Never mind the fact the FBI has already said this is false, and there is no evidence. Never mind the facts...

    12/09/2016 8:40:58 PM PST · by DIRTYSECRET · 47 replies
    Let’s relocate a bunch of government agencies to the Midwest Time to shift economic activity from the overcrowded coasts to places that need more of it. Updated by Matthew Dec 9, 2016, 8:30am EST TWEET SHARE Cleveland rocks! Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images America’s post-industrial Midwest is far from being the country’s poorest region. To find the direst economic conditions in the United States, one generally has to look toward Appalachia, the Mississippi Delta region, the Rio Grande Valley, and a smattering of heavily Native American counties in the Southwest and Great Plains. What the Midwest’s recent economic struggles...
  • President Obama's speech at MacDill Airforce Base, with my translation

    12/08/2016 1:56:12 PM PST · by JOHN ADAMS · 6 replies
    White House and my fevered brain ^ | December 6, 2016 | Barack Obama and me
    Brietbart had an article about this speech, here I read it and thought maybe they were being hyperbolic about what Obama had said. So I forced myself to read the speech. They weren't being hyperbolic. Herewith the important excerpts, with my translation in CAPS. We have to avoid repeating the mistakes of the 2003 invasion that have helped to give rise to the organization that became ISIL in the first place. LET’S REMEMBER ONE OF MY FAVORITE LINES FROM THE FIRST SEVEN YEARS OF MY PRESIDENCY: IT’S ALL GEORGE BUSH’S FAULT. No foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned...
  • Does Belief in True Conservatism, Require One to Reject Equality?

    12/08/2016 7:21:17 AM PST · by pinochet · 51 replies
    A conservative is one who rejects, not only Marxism, but also the socialist and Jacobin ideologies which existed before the Marxist ideology came into existence. Marxism, socialism and Jacobinism, are the product of radical egalitarianism. 20th century American conservatives have exaggerated the differences between European conservatives and America's the founding fathers in the 1700s. European conservatism was about defending Monarchy and Aristocracy. America's founding fathers opposed King George III, but that does not mean they were hostile to all Kings. Jefferson was a great admirer of the ancient Persian King, Cyrus the Great, and got some of his ideas on...
  • Vanity

    12/06/2016 7:30:15 PM PST · by Kenika · 26 replies
    6Dec16 | Self
    Got any recommendations on hearing aids. Got a couple VA issued Starkey's that only last three daze on a battery load and had a wiz bang option to adjust by phone and had that feature programmed out. So much texting going on everywhere I kept getting programmed out! I feel my ear canals are blocking the true worth of a aid and most krapp being said out loud is worthless any how. I have a couple Siemens that are dogs at my own expense and have seen some new "light" transmitted ears that look interesting but I think a home...
  • Upcoming Hospital Stay - Need Book Recommendation (Vanity)

    12/06/2016 6:28:58 PM PST · by Veggie Todd · 159 replies
    Me | Today | Me
    After surgery, I'll be in the hospital for about five days. Not sure how much lucid time I'll have, but I want to take a good book. I like Nonfiction, History, Autobiographies, and of course, America.
  • Look at the puppets on CNN

    12/06/2016 6:05:46 PM PST · by Kevin in California · 33 replies
    12-06-2016 | Me
    Just flipping the channels and noticed Van Jones on CNN in a studio full of clapping seals. I never throw out the race card but this Jone's guy has all the attributes of one. And these seals.....where do they get these brainwashed morons? Seriously, are these people that stupid?
  • Please PE Trump-Replace All Talking Heads With New Media

    12/05/2016 8:26:59 PM PST · by Be Careful · 19 replies
    Please re-create and re-define the WH Press Pool...with new and relevant ways of transferring information........ Get rid of CNN,MSN,FOX, ABC, CBS, nausea......They are all like petrified dirt clods in the drain...blocking any new ideas from the flow of oxygen
  • Missing these comedians. We need them at a time like this.

    12/05/2016 7:54:06 AM PST · by sodpoodle · 90 replies
    self | 12/5/2016 | self
    Began a search after reading a news item and learned these great 'funny' men had died. Listed in no particular order. Lenny Bruce, David Brenner, Johnny Carson, Rodney Dangerfield, Sam Kinison, Flip Wilson, Buddy Hackett, Henny Youngman, George Carlin, Joan Rivers, Richard Pryor, Jonathan Winters, Robin Williams, Gary Shandling. Still living Don Rickles 90! Bob Newhart 87! Jackie Mason 85!
  • Bumper Sticker - 'Jobs Trump Layoffs' - what do you think?

    12/05/2016 7:45:37 AM PST · by 11th_VA · 47 replies
    5 Dec 2016
    Does it kick butt, make sense? Or should I go back to the drawing board?
  • How to respond to a non-GOP friend

    12/04/2016 6:30:03 PM PST · by Degaston · 69 replies
    I have a friend who is very intelligent and talented. However when it comes to politics he is a diehard Democrat who IMO doesn't seem to look at the whole picture. He likes to refer to Republicans as "Reds". Well judge for yourself as here is something he wrote today.   "Reds are upside down on every question. Affordable healthcare is bad, Russia is good, our allies not so much. Cutting taxes and over spending on unnecessary military equipment is a good idea. Civil rights are bad. Reducing the population by 10 percent is a good idea. Launching multiple Trade...
  • A **Simple** Proposal to Reduce K-12 Costs andFree Children from K-12 Indoctrination Camps

    12/04/2016 7:36:12 AM PST · by wintertime · 122 replies
    wintertime | December 4, 2016 | wintertime
    Proposal: Award any child ( regardless of age) an official high school diploma from his local high school if they score above a certain level on the SAT, ACT, or GED exams. Why? 1) If the purpose of compulsory education laws is to produce literate and numerate citizens then scoring above a certain level on the SAT, ACT, or GED is proof of that. 2) Fewer students in school will reduce the number of teachers needed. This means fewer salaries, pensions, and benefits that must be paid by the taxpayers. It may even mean closing down and selling some schools...
  • Sorry for a mini-rant. Just went on the Los Angeles Times website, what a MESS of ads.

    12/03/2016 6:22:42 PM PST · by cba123 · 38 replies
    OK sorry Jim about the single whining waste of space. Really I am. I don't usually post stuff like this. But I just am in the mood to rant after I clicked onto the Los Angeles Times website from the Drudgereport, based on a link there, and was clobbered with more nonsense than I believed possible.