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  • “Out of his mind” surgeon plans human head transplant, revival of frozen brain

    04/28/2017 10:45:51 PM PDT · by RArtfulogerDodger · 26 replies
    ARS Technica ^ | April 28, 2017 | Beth Mole
    Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero will undertake the first human head transplant later this year in China, the doctor told German magazine Ooom in an article published Thursday. And, following that effort, he will revive a cryogenically frozen brain and transplant it into a donor body within the next three years. The plans, completely disconnected from reality and the state of modern medicine, are at least in line with his previous outlandish goals and dubious animal research. Canavero made headlines in the past few years by claiming that transplanting the whole head of a human onto a donor body is currently...
  • Report: Detroit Muslim FGM-Doctor Mutilated Girls Far Worse Than She Admits

    04/28/2017 10:34:59 PM PDT · by RArtfulogerDodger · 29 replies
    Breitbart ^ | April 27, 2017 | Ian Mason
    The arrests of Dr. Nagarwala and two others last week represent the first federal female genital mutilation (FGM) investigation in United States history. FGM is common in the Islamic world, particularly in Africa. According to UNICEF, 98 percent of Somali girls and 87 percent of Egyptians have endured the procedure. FGM involves removing varying amounts of the victim’s — usually a pre-pubescent girl — clitoris, labia majoria, and labia minora. In its most extreme form, the victim is “infibulated,” having virtually all her external genitalia removed and being sewn up, leaving her with only a tiny hole from which to...
  • Report: Trump's $1T infrastructure plan could create 3M jobs

    04/28/2017 7:06:47 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 22 replies
    Construction Dive ^ | April 28, 2017 | Kim Slowey
    Dive Brief: •The proposed $1 trillion U.S. infrastructure plan could create as many as 3 million jobs if projects are prioritized for optimal job generation, according to a Boston Consulting Group report. •However, if project planners focus only on the critical nature of each project and do not factor in the potential for job growth, then the same $1 trillion investment could generate just 1.6 million new jobs. •Projects that yield the most jobs are airports, seaports and hospitals because they employ temporary construction workers and offer more post-completion permanent jobs than other infrastructure projects, such as a non-tolled highway....
  • Canada's Bill C-16: Transgenderism and the Loss of Common Sense

    04/28/2017 4:47:15 PM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 5 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 04/28/17 | Martin Tampier
    If our MPs are unable to grasp the simple concepts explained below, rightly discerning what really are facts and fiction Bill C-16 is intended to add the terms “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the Canadian Human Rights Act. The Bill also “amends the Criminal Code to extend the protection against hate propaganda set out in that Act to any section of the public that is distinguished by gender identity or expression,” leading many to believe it will lead to a severe restriction of open public discourse on this topic once the bill is passed. Forty Conservative members of parliament...
  • White evangelicals' support of Trump holding steady

    04/28/2017 2:00:32 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 1 replies
    KARD-TV ^ | April 28, 2017 | Eugene Scott, CNN
    President Donald Trump's widespread support among white evangelicals is holding steady as he approaches his 100th day in office, and their backing is nearly double his approval rating among the general public, a new Pew Research Center analysis finds. The analysis is consistent with other recent surveys that have shown voters who backed Trump in November are still fervently behind him. But Pew's data is notable because Trump is a relative newcomer to the evangelical community, a critical voting bloc that helped power his underdog victory. Eight in 10 white evangelicals who attend church at least once a month approve...
  • A simple calculation: $20,000/minute

    04/28/2017 1:08:37 PM PDT · by pabianice · 26 replies
    Arithmetic | 4/28/17 | vanity
    Obama set to get $400,000 for Wall Street speech, or $20,000/minute for 20 minutes. If he talks for 40 minutes, $10,000/minute.
  • Excellent: Trump reverses Obama order limiting oil drilling in Atlantic, Arctic oceans

    04/28/2017 12:35:59 PM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 6 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 04/28/17 | Dan Calabrese
    Drill, baby, drill! It seems like months ago now - wait, it was months ago - that the one-foot-out-the-door Barack Obama was pushing through as many executive orders as he could in an attempt to lock in liberal policies after he left office. One of the worst, which we reported at the time, put severe limits on offshore drilling in the Atlantic and Arctic oceans - and there was some question as to whether President Trump would have the authority to reverse the orders once he took office. I suppose nothing is ever truly over until left-wing federal judges weigh...
  • Chicago passes 1,000 gunshot victims for 2017

    04/28/2017 10:37:13 AM PDT · by PROCON · 21 replies ^ | April 27, 2017 | Andrew Shepperson
    The bloodshed continued in Chicago this week, with eight people wounded in shootings since Wednesday and more than 1,000 people already shot so far this year. The Chicago Sun-Times reported the most recent shooting took place in the Woodlawn neighborhood on Wednesday night. According to Chicago Police, a 35-year-old man was shot from a passing car while standing on the street. The man suffered gun shot wounds in the left hand and right ankle and was later stabilized at a local hospital. A 28-year-old woman was also shot in the incident, suffering gunshot wounds to both thighs and her right...
  • What I Saw At The Time-Travel, And The Obamaclypse.

    04/28/2017 9:28:38 AM PDT · by RArtfulogerDodger · 12 replies
    Right Wing Conservative News Blog ^ | April 28, 2017 | Jeffrey A. friedberg
    I already know I’ll be scoffed at, challenged, and attacked for what I’m going to say here. That would be, because my outlook and opinions are from another era—and not part of the current, fashionable, “safe” Collective. I’m not in synch with this more “advanced,” time, of millennials, false reality, lying media, scum politicians, pornographic Hollywood, multi-millionaire kneeling athletes, and other drugged hipsters. But, I shall never take “the blue pill:” representing security in this Matrix of group lies, illusion—and the bliss of collective ignorance. No, I choose the red pill: representing freedom, knowledge, and the real world—truth, justice, and...
  • I Bought An AR-15 Using Facebook

    04/28/2017 5:19:56 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 13 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 4/28/2017 | S Morstan
    No guns on Facebook? We'll see. At the very beginning of 2016, Facebook banned gun sales on its site. But it's not that hard to get around these rules. With all the school shootings and mass murders, placenames now becoming shorthand for different shootings (Aurora, Sandy Hook, Charleston, etc.) one can hardly blame Facebook for getting cautious. Like any responsible company, they want their asses and assets covered. Still, that didn't stop one Buzzfeed writer from buying an AR-15 (That oh-so-dangerous "Assault Rifle" everyone's so afraid of) via facebook not far from San Bernardino. See, while Facebook officially bans guns...
  • Did Sean Hannity Unwittingly Tweet Out His Own Pink Slip?

    04/28/2017 4:21:25 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 54 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 04/28/17 | Judi McLeod
    Is the tick-tocking of the clock over at Fox News nearing the midnight hour for Sean Hannity? Millions of viewers most fervently hope not. It’s not Fox News co-president Bill Shine fans should be the most worried about, but the ‘Fair and Balanced to President Donald Trump’ Sean Hannity. In coming to the defense of Shine On Twitter today, Hannity warned that Shine’s dismissal dismissal would be the “End of FNC as we know it”. You can’t be a conservative loyal to friends and colleagues and remain employed by Fox News, Sean. Didn’t you know that?
  • Greedy Grifters Barack & Michelle Obama Robbing Blind the Party That Made Them

    04/28/2017 4:19:38 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 13 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 04/28/17 | Judi McLeod
    Schulz insists the former president remains true to his progressive values, and said “taking money from Wall Street is not the same as being bought by Wall Street" Wake Up Call for all the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) activists: You can’t OCCUPY WALL STREET, because greedy grifters Barack and Michelle Obama are already squatting on it. It’s the same old story sung in the words of a song, “The rich get rich and the poor get poorer”. According to Christopher Wallace at Fox News, Obama’s $400,000 Wall Street speech leaves the liberal base “stunned”.
  • Democrats introduce bill to ban pastors from ministering to homosexuals

    04/27/2017 1:39:01 PM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 38 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 04/27/17 | Dan Calabrese
    Despite the way it's being reported . . . This story is a good example of how politicians use phrasing to disguise what they’re really doing, and the media play along because they support the obfuscation agenda. In some cases it’s because the media really are that dumb and gullible, but the gullibility usually stems from their natural trust of Democrats - so it all comes back to the fact that they share the same agenda. You’ve heard about something called “gay conversion therapy,” which sounds like some nonsense procedure in which a “therapist” of questionable credibility tries to work...
  • GOP Reps Vote Themselves Obamacare Goodies That We’ll Pay For But Not Get

    04/27/2017 1:20:25 PM PDT · by HarleyLady27 · 15 replies
    Conservative ^ | April 26, 2017 | Ben Marquis
    Perhaps the most famous line from George Orwell’s classic satire on socialism, “Animal Farm,” is that which declares, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” If the following report on what House Republicans are doing with their Obamacare replacement bill holds true, then they have just turned Orwell’s words into action by granting themselves a privilege not extended to everyone else. However, while the left-leaning Vox seemed to imply that this is some sort of new and nefarious development by uncaring Republicans granting themselves special privileges, The American Spectator pointed out that Congress has long...
  • TMZ's Harvey Levin: Traditional media destroying itself with false objectivity, anti-Trump bullying

    04/27/2017 11:31:07 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 4 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 04/24/17 | Robert Laurie
    'Trusted names in news are not trusted anymore' A couple of months ago, TMZ founder Harvey Levin met with Donald Trump at the White House. If you heard about it, you probably caught a whiff of the left-wing outrage it engendered. If the Trump-hating ideologues are to be believed, everyone who deals with Trump is a turncoat to the cause, the American people, and the human race.
  • While firing 100 sports-related employees, ESPN runs 'Five poets on the new feminism'

    04/27/2017 9:23:09 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 25 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 04/27/17 | Robert Laurie
    Read these feminist poems while you clean out your desk! On Monday, ESPN announced it would be firing a gaggle of writers, on-air talent, and radio personalities. As subscribers and ratings decline, the former sports network has been forced (repeatedly) to trim its stable of on-air talent, writers, and radio personalities. Initially they claimed 40-50 jobs would get the axe. Yesterday, we learned ESPN’s employee bloodbath would involve over 100 people. Since they’ve announced no plans to alter their programming - other than to implement some kind of streaming service - we can only conclude that this is a temporary...
  • United Nations must trash false information on Arab-Jewish conflict

    04/27/2017 9:20:59 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 1 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 04/27/17 | David Singer
    The damage has been done, minds and opinions have been poisoned but the United Nations cannot continue to lend its name to this Study in its current form The United Nations Study titled “The Origins and Evolution of the Palestine Problem: 1917-1988” (“Study”) has coughed up yet another piece of false information following that exposed in my last article - which indicates increasingly that the United Nations has been complicit in disseminating false information on the Arab-Jewish conflict for almost the last forty years.
  • Death Of The Mad-Dog Left

    04/27/2017 9:19:50 AM PDT · by RArtfulogerDodger · 7 replies
    Right Wing Conservative News Blog ^ | April 25, 2017 | Jeffrey A Friedberg
    ...some of our minds do reel at the measureless might of the so-called Elite. We marvel at their vaulting ambition, their utter ruthlessness, their influence, their war machines, and their godlike abilities with more money than some national governments. It’s been estimated that the Rothschilds, alone—said to be one of this vaunted International Elite—may control up to ten Trillion dollars worth of assets. And, by a further educative example, “With their current net worth, the Rockefeller family [of reputed Bilderberg fame] is considered as the 22nd richest family in the world in 2015.” Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly worth around...

    04/27/2017 8:36:22 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 10 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 04/27/17 | Matthew Vadum
    Will the Left hold it hostage? The Trump administration unveiled an ambitious overhaul of federal tax laws yesterday that it is touting as the “largest tax cut for individuals and businesses in U.S. history. Republicans on Capitol Hill seem cautiously optimistic about the plan even though it was immediately attacked by the hateful class-warfare-mongering Left.
  • Ann Coulter and “a dark day for free speech in America!”

    04/27/2017 8:31:23 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 6 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 04/27/17 | Dennis Jamison
    Terrorist attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo? This horrific outcome seems to be the direction the United States is headed when Communist terrorists are able to dictate to universities what they can or cannot do in a “free society.” SAN JOSE, CA, — Ann Coulter will not deliver her speech at the “University” of California at Berkeley today. Just the threat of violent attacks upon the scheduled Coulter speech at UC Berkeley was enough to inhibit the First Amendment rights of Coulter and the student group that had arranged the event. Not an actual attack, but just the threat, obliterated...