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  • Can guns mix with civil rights?

    11/29/2015 6:11:31 AM PST · by rellimpank · 23 replies
    Milwaukee J-S ^ | 29 nov 2015 | Matt Welch
    When media outlets from the National Journal to Rolling Stone cover the bipartisan push for criminal justice reform — an effort that includes everyone from Rand Paul to Cory Booker, the Koch brothers to even the ACLU — their go-to phrase to characterize the movement is "unlikely coalition." Actually, there's nothing particularly surprising about the fact that civil libertarians come in more than one flavor or political party. Disagreement on, say, taxation doesn't necessitate disagreement on mass incarceration. Meanwhile, the media have treated the budding partnership between the ascendant Black Lives Matter and the perennially frustrated gun control movement as...
  • Cache & Carry

    11/29/2015 5:53:04 AM PST · by rellimpank · 23 replies
    Dubuque Telegraph-Herald ^ | 29 nov 2015 | WILLIAM GARBE
    Nineteen-year-old Katherine Beatham cannot wait to buy a gun. The mother of two from Maquoketa, Iowa, already started saving up. She was browsing the selection of firearms at the Big Bore Enterprise Gun Show in Maquoketa last weekend. As soon as she turns 21 and takes a safety course, she plans to buy one. "I'm just not going to be walking around, some poor old defenseless lady with two kids. Not in today's society," she said. Beatham comes from a military family and started shooting at about age 5. She said she is a pretty good shot with a handgun...
  • Obama denounces gun violence after latest deadly shooting

    11/28/2015 10:01:10 AM PST · by amorphous · 97 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | 28 Nov 2015 | Daniel Woolls
    Washington (AFP) - US President Barack Obama denounced the country's epidemic of gun violence on Saturday and renewed a call for tougher controls on military-style weapons after yet another deadly shooting, saying "enough is enough." The latest bloodshed came on Friday when a man entered a family planning clinic in the state of Colorado and allegedly opened fire, killing three people, including a police officer, and wounding nine others. The motive of the suspect now under arrest was not yet known and police were to interrogate him Saturday.
  • Never Mess With This Girl's Purse (Gun Video)

    11/28/2015 9:30:34 AM PST · by RightGeek · 17 replies
    YouTube ^ | April 19, 2013 | GUN-TIME with Brandon
    See the video at https://youtu.be/qrhSf8CEgC8
  • Commentary: Is there a magic bullet to reduce police misconduct?

    11/26/2015 5:38:21 AM PST · by rellimpank · 56 replies
    Chicago Tribune ^ | 26 nov 2015 | Arthur Acevedo
    Imagine if the first bullet in a cop's chamber were a blank bullet. Would this approach save lives? What if a police department adopted this approach as standard procedure. Or, better yet, if legislation mandated this requirement for state and local police departments. Would it help save lives? Police in Britain, Ireland, Norway, Iceland and New Zealand typically do not carry weapons at all when they are patrolling the streets. Surely, crimes in those countries are no less threatening than what we experience in the U.S. The idea is not to ban guns from the police departments here. Rather, it...
  • Chicago children keep being murdered, and politicians keep moving on

    --(snip)--State legislators and aldermen shouldn't move on. Yet they always do: •In the weeks since someone killed Tyshawn, how many Chicago state senators and representatives have you heard pledging to toughen Illinois' light sentences for gun offenders? Two years ago, the legislators' power play blocked a mildly stronger gun-sentences bill that united Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the National Rifle Association as odd-couple supporters. We don't know if that legislation would have protected Tyshawn. We do know that by keeping shooters off the streets longer, and maybe deterring some gun crimes, it would make Chicago safer. Yet Chicago's lawmakers, legislative leaders...
  • Abundance of caution' on refugees, but not guns? (barf alert)

    11/20/2015 6:11:45 AM PST · by rellimpank · 17 replies
    Chicago Sun-Times ^ | 20 nov 2015 | Eric Zorn
    Impressive, in a way, wasn't it? Not even a full six days after the horrors of the Islamic State terrorist attacks in Paris, and the U.S. House of Representatives acted to combat the threat on our shores. By a vote of 289-137 the lawmakers passed the American Security Against Foreign Enemies (SAFE) Act, a measure calling for enhanced scrutiny of refugees from Iraq and Syria. In a statement, House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, R-Texas, explained that "the bill requires the nation's top security officials — the secretary of homeland security, the director of the FBI and the director...
  • News photographer's tripod mistaken for gun prompts 911 call

    11/20/2015 5:53:14 AM PST · by rellimpank · 33 replies
    Rapid City Journal ^ | 20 nov 2015
    Police were called to a central Pennsylvania office building after someone mistakenly thought a photographer's tripod was a gun. LNP reports the incident happened about 11 a.m. Wednesday at the Griest Building in Lancaster. The caller thought a machine gun was carried into the building, so police conducted a floor-by-floor search only to find the photographer and her tripod.
  • THE WATCHDOGS: Police failing to ensure mentally ill don’t have guns

    11/15/2015 6:31:57 AM PST · by rellimpank · 17 replies
    Chicago Sun-Times ^ | 15 nov 2015
    Thousands of people with mental illnesses have been barred from owning guns in Illinois in recent years under measures put in place amid a wave of deadly mass shootings across the country. But the laws have done little to take guns out of their hands, a Chicago Sun-Times investigation has found. The laws led to an explosion in the number of people deemed psychologically unfit to own a gun in Illinois.
  • Maybe Obama library can inspire city to tackle gun violence (barf alert)

    11/14/2015 5:38:13 AM PST · by rellimpank · 11 replies
    Chicago Tribune ^ | 14 nov2015 | Dawn M. Turner
    In the past, I have criticized President Barack Obama for not saying enough about urban gun violence, and mostly mentioning it in a tacked-on, ornamental way after there had been a mass killing on a college campus or in a small-town movie theater. But earlier this week, the president had words for Chicago about its violence problem. And, although it wasn't him speaking directly to us, the message was poignant and came through loud and clear from the chairman of the Barack Obama Foundation leading the development of the Obama presidential library. Whether the library will wind up in Jackson...
  • Hillary Clinton to Receive Gun Control Award

    11/13/2015 11:58:31 AM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 16 replies
    Newsmax ^ | November 13, 2015 | Loren Gutentag
    The Brady Center to Prevent Gun violence is set to present Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with the inaugural Governor Mario M. Cuomo Leadership award at the Bear Awards on Nov. 19, The Washington Free Beacon reports. The awards, named after Jim "Bear" Brady, President Reagan's secretary who was shot during an assassination attempt, will be held at Cipriani on Broadway in New York City with tickets to the event priced at $1,000 each.
  • Editorial: To fight gun violence, get the facts (barf alert)

    11/13/2015 6:21:01 AM PST · by rellimpank · 16 replies
    Chicago Sun-Times ^ | 13 nov 2015
    Nineteen years ago, Congress put a brick on most federal funding to support basic research on gun violence. Wherever one stands on the issue of gun control, this is foolish. If 32,000 Americans a year were dying of anything else, you can bet we’d be working overtime to find the cause and a way to stop it. But crucial research into gun safety remains undone.
  • Maryland Ends Ballistic Fingerprinting Database After 15 Years, $5 Million, No Crimes Solved

    11/08/2015 6:05:21 PM PST · by E. Pluribus Unum · 40 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 8 Nov 2015 | AWR Hawkins
    With a bill, retroactive to show an ending date of October 1, the state of Maryland is ending its program to take ballistic fingerprints of firearms through shell casings after 15 years, $5 million spent, and no crimes solved. When passed by Maryland lawmakers and signed into law by Governor Parris N. Glendening (D) in 2000, ballistic fingerprinting was sold to Maryland residents as a way for police to literally use discarded crime scene shell casings to find the gun that had fired them and, thereby, the person who possessed the gun at the time of crime. To accomplish this,...
  • Chicago gun violence: Each child's dying breath

    11/07/2015 5:47:09 AM PST · by rellimpank · 26 replies
    Chicag Tribune ^ | 07 nov 2015
    Over time we all will learn more about the savaging of Tyshawn Lee, the basketball devotee who won't celebrate his 10th birthday. Multiple gunshot wounds pre-empted that prospect Monday afternoon. Depending on where the first bullet hit, his body responded as best it could: His nerves likely activated chemical neurotransmitters that created an atmosphere of pain, shock and fear in his brain. Owing to massive tissue damage, loss of oxygen-carrying blood or both, Tyshawn ultimately drew one dying breath. We hope every Illinois lawmaker finds a private moment to imagine that annihilation of a child on this city's South Side....
  • Rift Emerges Among Gun Owners Over Concealing Weapons in Schools

    11/05/2015 12:11:10 PM PST · by rellimpank · 74 replies
    NYImes ^ | 05 nov 2015 | Mitch Smith
    CLIO, Mich. When Kenneth Herman visits his daughter’s school, the handgun holstered to his right hip is visible to anyone. And that has caused him problems. School officials have denied Mr. Herman access to school buildings, asked him to wait in the principal’s office and called the Sheriff’s Department on him. So Mr. Herman, a paramedic who grew up in this semirural community 85 miles northwest of Detroit, sued Clio Area Schools for the right to carry his weapon openly on school grounds, and in August he won the case. The district has appealed. Now his dispute with the school...
  • MILBANK: Gun-control backers lower sights, find success (barf alert)

    11/05/2015 5:41:16 AM PST · by rellimpank · 6 replies
    Rapid City Journal ^ | 05 nov 2015 | Dana Milbank
    WASHINGTON | The video montage opening the recent Brady Campaign's conference on gun deaths featured praise for Sarah and Jim Brady from leaders past and present. "They have remained committed to improving the lives and the safety of their fellow Americans," Bill Clinton says in his message. But both Sarah and Jim Brady have died, and so is the idealistic movement for broad-based gun control that they championed. Sarah died this year; Jim, grievously injured in the Reagan assassination attempt, died last year. Gun control has been moribund at the federal level since 1994 and lifeless since 2013, when even...
  • Bill Ayers: ‘Beautiful’ Idea to Indict NRA in People’s Tribunal (barf alert???)

    11/05/2015 5:12:31 AM PST · by rellimpank · 51 replies
    BigGovernment (Breitbart) ^ | 4 nov 2015 | Lee Stranahan
    Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and James Kilgore—three communist revolutionaries who were part of domestic terror groups and who all spent years on the run from the law—approved as a man called for “citizen’s tribunals” against the National Rifle Association to be held at the United Nations.
  • Drudge is Right About Obama's Gun-Free Zone Hypocrisy

    11/04/2015 9:37:00 AM PST · by raptor22 · 12 replies
    American Thinker ^ | November 4 2015 | Daniel John Sobieski
    In President Obama’s hometown of Chicago on Halloween night Saturday, a robbery was thwarted when a concealed carry permit holder with a valid firearm owner’s ID card under Illinois law shot the thug dead. It showed that even in Obama’s Chicago, more guns mean less crime and, in this case, one less career criminal. It also shows that opponents’ fears that concealed carry laws will mean carnage in the streets as garden-variety disputes escalate into a proverbial gunfight at the OK Corral are false. Since the U.S. 7th Court of appeals struck down Illinois’ ban on concealed carry as unconstitutional...
  • What every gun shop should be doing

    11/04/2015 5:40:17 AM PST · by rellimpank · 53 replies
    Chicag Tribune ^ | 04 nov 2015
    Suburban elected officials and owners of a local gun shop listened to public concern — and a lawsuit — about straw gun purchases in their community. They worked together on an ordinance aimed at curbing the practice. As a result: A new ordinance in west suburban Lyons, written with input from the town's only gun shop, Midwest Sporting Goods, is a rare case of compromise on the hot-button issue of gun rights. Other municipalities with gun stores, pay attention. Just because towns and gun shops don't have to work harder to promote public safety doesn't mean they shouldn't. The ordinance...
  • Homicide Rates Cut In Half Over Past 20 Years (While New Gun Ownership Soared)

    11/01/2015 5:59:50 PM PST · by george76 · 10 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 11/01/2015 | Tyler Durden
    the murder rate was cut nearly in half from 7 per 100,000 in 1993 to 3.6 per 100,000 in 2013. Over the same period, overall gun deaths (including accidents and suicides) have fallen by one-third from 15.2 to 10.6 per 100,000. In spite of this, Pew reports, the American public believes that homicides and gun deaths are increasing in the United States. Those who think violence is getting worse should probably watch less television and look around them instead. The murder rate in the US is currently similar to 1950s levels. Meanwhile, the number of privately owned guns (and gun...
  • Editorial: Three small steps toward gun sanity (barf alert)

    10/28/2015 5:46:57 AM PDT · by rellimpank · 27 replies
    Chicago Sun-Times ^ | 28 oct 2015
    Three small signs this week point to at least incremental progress in our nations long and largely frustrated efforts to bring sanity to our gun laws. Lets call it a glimmer of hope.
  • In speech to cops, Obama skips 3 key words that could reduce gun violence

    10/28/2015 5:36:47 AM PDT · by rellimpank · 17 replies
    Chicago Tribune ^ | 28 oct 2015 | John Kass
    President Barack Obama made nice to the nation's police chiefs assembled in his political hometown of Chicago on Tuesday. He talked of how he wanted to make things easier for America's cops to do their jobs. But he wouldn't say three magic words that every cop wanted to hear: Mandatory minimum sentencing. That means mandatory jail time for thugs who carry guns illegally. "It is true that in some cities, including here in my hometown of Chicago, gun violence and homicides have spiked and in some cases they've spiked significantly," the president said. "But the fact is, is that...
  • In Chicago speech, Obama to call for tougher gun laws (barf alert)

    10/27/2015 5:50:19 AM PDT · by rellimpank · 34 replies
    Chicag Tribune ^ | 27 oct 2015 | Jeremy Gorner
    President Barack Obama returns Tuesday to his hometown, a city that has become a national symbol of gun violence, to speak with police leaders from around the country about the need for tougher firearm laws. In his speech at the annual conference for the International Association of Chiefs of Police at McCormick Place, Obama is expected to push for national laws that make it harder to get around local restrictions by simply driving across a state border with less stringent gun laws. Weaker guns laws in Indiana, for instance, have long been a problem for Chicago police, leading to a...
  • Obama wants nationwide gun laws to fill in gaps left by local efforts (barf alert)

    10/26/2015 4:55:12 AM PDT · by rellimpank · 20 replies
    LA Tiimes ^ | 26 oct 2015 | Christi Parsons
    One evening in late August not three blocks from President Obamas Chicago home, someone in a passing car pulled up to a silver Volkswagen and fired several shots through the drivers side window, killing the driver, execution-style. The suspected gang shooting happened close to a playground, an elementary school and a high school, where football practice was wrapping up for the night. The crime terrified Obamas old neighbors and highlighted just how closely the problem of gun violence hits for the president as it rages unabated in Chicago. Obamas home city is at the center of a debate about the...
  • Steve Chapman: Hillary Clinton's talk of gun buyback inflated

    10/25/2015 6:23:10 AM PDT · by rellimpank · 13 replies
    Madison .com (Cap Timeds) ^ | 25 oct 2015 | Steve Chapman
    Barack Obama promised he wouldnt take away anyones guns, but gun rights alarmists have spent seven years incessantly predicting he will. From his experience, Hillary Clinton seems to have decided to skip the part of the campaign that involves placating the National Rifle Association. Recently, at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire, she was asked about adopting a federal gun control program like the one enacted in Australia in 1996, which banned automatic and semiautomatic rifles and shotguns and mandated the buyback of those already present. Some 650,000 guns were taken from citizens and destroyed. Clinton replied, I do...
  • Hillary Clinton, gun buybacks and a win for the NRA

    10/24/2015 5:32:04 AM PDT · by rellimpank · 20 replies
    Chicago Tribune ^ | 24 oct 2015 | Steve Chapman
    Barack Obama promised he wouldn't take away anyone's guns, but gun-rights alarmists have spent seven years incessantly predicting he would. From his experience, Hillary Rodham Clinton seems to have decided to skip the part of the campaign that involves placating the National Rifle Association. Recently, at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire, she was asked about adopting a federal gun control program like the one enacted in Australia in 1996, which banned automatic and semi-automatic rifles and shotguns and mandated the buyback of those already present. Some 650,000 guns were taken from citizens and destroyed. Clinton replied, "I do...
  • Lawsuit filed against online firm involved in Azana slayings gun sale

    10/23/2015 5:32:18 AM PDT · by rellimpank · 9 replies
    Milwaukee J-S ^ | 23 oct 2015 | John Diedrich
    Three years to the day after a gunman shot seven women, killing three including his wife, at a spa in Brookfield, a lawsuit was filed against online gun sales site Armslist, its founders and the Cedarburg man who sold the murder weapon. Zina Daniel Haughton and two other women were gunned down by her abusive husband, Radcliffe Haughton, at the Azana Salon & Spa in Brookfield, before he fatally shot himself. The wrongful death lawsuit, which involves the same local law firm that successfully represented two wounded Milwaukee police officers in a landmark case against Badger Guns, was filed Wednesday....
  • Editorial: Opposition to gun buyback program is indefensible (barf alert)

    10/21/2015 6:37:37 AM PDT · by rellimpank · 24 replies
    Chivago Sun -Times ^ | 21 oct 2015
    Don't believe for a second the rhetoric that pro-gun groups, like the rest of us, want to reduce the gun violence that is destroying cities. Not when they are dead-set on sabotaging even a minor effort in Chicago to get guns off the street.
  • Greta Van Susteren Comes Out Fot Bullet Control

    10/16/2015 5:56:02 AM PDT · by raptor22 · 60 replies
    American Thinker ^ | October 16, 1948 | Daniel John Sobieski
    It is not a novel idea -- the notion that the route to gun control is not by attacking the right to bear arms which the U.S. Supreme Court has declared to be both an individual and a national right, but to use that old standby, regulation, to dry up the supply of bullets. It was that idea that was endorsed by Fox News host Greta Van Susteren when she appeared on ABCs This Week...
  • Allow ban on guns inside campus buildings to stand (barf alert)

    10/15/2015 4:58:51 PM PDT · by rellimpank · 25 replies
    Milwaukee J-S ^ | 15 oct 2015
    The National Rifle Association and its supplicants in legislatures around the country and the U.S. Congress have a ready and facile answer for the problem of gun violence in the United States: More guns. If only the students inside that Oregon community college were armed when a student killed nine and injured nine others Oct. 1. If only teachers in the nation's high schools carried guns. If only carrying firearms was legal everywhere. But it's a fantasy the firearms industry has inflated in the minds of supporters. And it's fantastical to think that lightly trained citizens packing guns will either...
  • Revoke the Second Amendment (barf alert)

    10/12/2015 5:24:45 AM PDT · by rellimpank · 64 replies
    Milwaukee J-S ^ | 12 oct 2015 | Barry Blackwell
    History, common sense and reliable data should be the three-legged stool on which legislation concerning gun ownership might be based. Instead, the debate is shaped by once-imagined and now real fear (tyranny), specious reasoning (sophistry), rigid belief systems (ideology) and politics corrupted by money (bribery). It is a problem unique to America, impervious to change, despite recurring episodes of mass murder and deaths due to guns killing more children or adults in accidents, suicide, murder and domestic violence since 1968 than the total of lives lost in all of America's wars. The Second Amendment of the Constitution, included in our...
  • The Illogic of 'Gun free' Zones

    10/11/2015 5:50:16 AM PDT · by RoosterRedux · 13 replies
    American Thinker ^ | Tom Trinko
    We know that gun-free zones can work to prevent gun crimes so long as nearly impenetrable fortresses manned by armed guards surround them. Thats why so few inmates are killed with guns by other inmates in Federal prisons. Of course, the lack of gun-related deaths in prisons doesnt mean that crime overall is reduced in the gun--free zone but that doesnt matter because the whole concept of gun-free zones is an exercise in symbolism over substance. Think about it: rapes are often perpetrated using brute force or drugs but would anyone think posting signs declaring pickup bars to be no-rapist...
  • Milwaukee cops' case against Badger Guns to go to jury Monday

    10/10/2015 4:40:24 AM PDT · by rellimpank · 24 replies
    Milwaukee J-S ^ | 10 oct 2015 | John Diedrich
    Testimony ended Friday in a rare civil case pitting two wounded Milwaukee police officers against the gun store that sold the firearm used to injure them. Closing arguments are set for Monday morning, with jury deliberations to start later in the day. It is only the second negligence case of its kind against a gun store to make it to trial nationwide since a federal law protecting firearms retailers and manufacturers from such suits was passed a decade ago. The first one ended this summer in victory for an Alaskan gun store. The law allows lawsuits in limited circumstances. Suits...
  • Tom Barrett calls for help from feds in effort to fight homicide spike

    10/09/2015 6:10:23 AM PDT · by rellimpank · 19 replies
    Milwaukee J-S ^ | 09 oct 2015 | Mary Spicuzza
    With the number of homicides in Milwaukee climbing to the highest level in a decade, Mayor Tom Barrett is joining with other mayors to call for more help from the federal government. Barrett and others want the FBI to notify local authorities immediately when someone trying to purchase a gun fails a background check. They also want local police departments to be able supplement their personnel with federal agents on key cases, and want U.S. attorneys to partner with local prosecutors when suspects can be charged with federal crimes especially if those offenses involve illegal gun possession and trafficking....
  • Why are Intergalactic Background Checks the Gun Grabbers Holly Grail?

    10/08/2015 3:22:19 PM PDT · by Torcert · 71 replies
    Oct 8 2015 | N/A
    Proviso for those who know the answer right off the bat this is entirely obvious. But there are new people to the fight for our God-given and Constitutionally affirmed Civil-Rights just entering the fray and so this is for them. So why does the #nationalSocialistLeft obsess over this issue. It wouldnt of helped in many recent shootings so its a pointless exercise if it is supposed to solve this problem. So why do the gun gabbers keep circling back to carp on this talking point ad nauseam? Its simple to understand if one just works backward from the gun...
  • Hillary vs. The 2nd Amendment

    10/08/2015 9:58:20 AM PDT · by raptor22 · 4 replies
    American Thinker ^ | October 8, 2015 | Daniel John Sobieski
    Hillary Clinton, who served an administration that ran thousands of guns to Mexican drug lords under Operation Fast and Furious, is now fast and furiously trying to resurrect a failing campaign by taking aim at so-called gun rights extremists. In the wake of the shootings at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, Mrs. Clinton advocated in New Hampshire for a new gun group for responsible gun owners apart from the National Rifle Association, which she considers extremist, even though no NRA member has ever been involved in a mass shooting...
  • Should Obama beat Clinton to her own gun fight? (barf alert)

    10/07/2015 3:28:03 AM PDT · by rellimpank · 7 replies
    Chicago Tribune ^ | 06 oct 2015 | Clarence Page
    After nine people were killed at an Oregon community college last week, Hillary Rodham Clinton expressed a new attitude on gun control. She sounds a lot like President Barack Obama's new attitude on immigration: If Congress doesn't act, she says, she will. "This epidemic of gun violence," the Democratic presidential candidate said, "knows no boundaries, knows no limits of any kind." She seemed to choke back tears as she introduced the mother of a 6-year-old boy killed in the Newtown, Conn., school shooting almost three years ago. With that she showed both the urgency and the futility of today's national...
  • New ideas to keep guns from dangerous people (barf alert)

    10/06/2015 11:43:37 AM PDT · by rellimpank · 29 replies
    Chicago Tribune ^ | 6 oct 2015
    The American debate over gun control has been stalemated for some time. Back in the 1990s, Congress was able to pass legislation requiring federal background checks on most gun purchasers and outlawing "assault weapons." But in this century, each mass shooting sparks a brief discussion of measures that might be helpful in preventing the next one and the discussion ends with nothing being done. Maybe last week's attack at an Oregon community college by a man who killed nine people and wounded nine others will finally break the impasse. It is past time to make guns less accessible to...
  • Why Obama Is Powerless To Reform Gun Laws (Its The 2nd Amendment, Stupid Alert)

    10/03/2015 7:55:49 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 22 replies
    BBC News ^ | 10/03/2015 | Anthony Zurcher
    And those victorious Republican candidates are selected in primaries where the financial support of deep-pocketed pro-gun lobbying groups like the National Rifle Association can prove decisive and the voters who turn out are the kind of conservatives who don't take kindly to a candidate in favour of greater restrictions on gun ownership. It's a political environment where Republican officeholders face grassroot challenges if they're deemed insufficiently conservative but never if they're not moderate enough. Congress isn't just against high-profile gun regulation - even measures supported by a large majority of the American people - it also prohibits federal efforts to...
  • Editorial: Illegal guns killing our city, body and soul

    10/01/2015 5:49:56 AM PDT · by rellimpank · 55 replies
    Chicago Sun-Times ^ | 01 oct 2015
    There was a day, not so long ago, when driving drunk was borderline socially acceptable. A cop was more likely to wag his finger you naughty boy than haul you off to jail. No harm no foul, right? But as the death toll mounted, society came to understand that every drunk on the road adds to the possibility the probability that innocent people will be hurt and killed. We finally came to see that drunken driving, even when the drunk made it home without denting a fender, is anything but a victimless crime.
  • Colorado Sheriffs Move Forward With Challenge Of State Gun Laws

    09/29/2015 8:54:44 AM PDT · by george76 · 11 replies
    CBS4 ^ | September 28, 2015
    A group of sheriffs from different Colorado counties are moving forward with their fight to repeal stricter state gun laws put in place three years ago. Those laws limit the capacity of ammunition magazines and expand background checks on gun purchases in Colorado. Sheriffs like Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario say they are committed to fighting to protect what they say is citizens Second Amendment rights. Dozens of current and former sheriffs gathered in Denver on Monday along with gun rights groups at the Byron White Courthouse. Many of those individuals are named in a lawsuit which challenges Colorados new...
  • Aim of Dubuque rally against gun violence -- public safety

    09/28/2015 6:24:09 AM PDT · by rellimpank · 7 replies
    Nick Utter marched because of escalating gun violence. "It's kind of terrifying, the effect it can have on a neighborhood," said Utter, 21, of Cross Plains, Wis. Utter, a Loras College student, was among about 75 people Sunday who marched to University of Dubuque for a rally against gun violence. "It's not about people owning guns; it's how they're using them," Utter said. Four area peace- and faith-based organizations -- Children of Abraham, Dubuque Coalition for Non-Violence, Dubuque Area Congregations United and Dubuque International Day of Peace -- held the event, which included marches from Loras College, Clarke University and...
  • Jeb Bush vs. the 2nd Amendment

    09/22/2015 10:04:28 AM PDT · by raptor22 · 18 replies
    Daniel John Sobieski ^ | September 27, 2015 | Danirl John Sobieski
    Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is not a political amateur and has faced questions from many prominent talking heads in the media. Yet in the 2016 he has made multiple gaffes indicating he still might not be ready for prime time, the latest being a question of whether gun ownership is a right guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.
  • Watch: These Are The Shocking Statistics The Government Doesnt Want You To See

    09/18/2015 4:51:23 AM PDT · by HomerBohn · 6 replies
    SHTF Plan ^ | 9/17/2015 | Mac Slavo
    It is time to start banning anything that could potentially be used as a weapon? The latest micro-documentary from Crush The Street explores the reality of violence in America and the shocking statistics being used to justify complete disarmament of the American people. Last year 285 people died from a rifle according to FBI crime statistics. This includes the deadly assault rifles. Its a shocking number. But upon further investigation we learned that 1,490 U.S. citizens died from a knife attack The media has had us focused on guns for too long (Watch the video at link)
  • Jessica Chastain's Gun Control Thriller Picked Up For Distribution

    09/15/2015 8:59:43 AM PDT · by OddLane · 50 replies
    Breitbart.com ^ | September 13, 2015 | Awr Hawkins
    Jessica Chastains gun control thriller Miss Sloane has been picked up by EuropaCorp and production is set to begin in March 2016. In the filmwritten by Jonathan PereraChastain will play a lobbyist who dedicates everything she has to securing passage of stricter gun control laws. Deadline described Chastains role by saying, She would play the lead, the seasoned lobbyist who, with her small team of politicos, attempts to pass the hot-button legislation into federal law while going up against well-financed and unscrupulous members of the gun lobby. According to The Wrap, the film was sold at the Toronto Film Festival....
  • Cook County prosecutors steer clear of judges in gun cases

    09/11/2015 5:11:46 AM PDT · by rellimpank · 12 replies
    Chicago Sun-Times ^ | 11 sept 2015 | Frank Main
    Cook County prosecutors have been avoiding judges in the early stage of gun cases opting to have grand juries approve their charges to make sure the defendants are headed to trial, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned. In a major policy shift, States Attorney Anita Alvarez ordered her prosecutors to present felony gun-possession cases to grand juries about a month and a half ago. In the past, they typically brought those cases before judges in preliminary hearings. Grand juries and judges can both decide if probable cause exists for a defendant to go to trial. But grand juries almost...
  • Gun control activists push for expanded background checks (barf alert)

    09/11/2015 5:00:26 AM PDT · by rellimpank · 12 replies
    Las Vegas Review-Journal ^ | 11 sept 2015 | Wesley Juhl
    Dozens of Las Vegas gun control activists rallied in the west valley Thursday night as part of a national push to get Congress to act on their behalf. Moms Demand Action, part of the Everytown for Gun Safety organization, held gatherings across the U.S. as Congress returned from recess. State senators joined families and activists near a bus stop on the corner of West Sahara Avenue and Fort Apache Road to hold signs, share opinions and stories, and also to tweet. State Senate Minority Leader Aaron Ford, D-Las Vegas, spoke at the event about the most recent legislative session's "crazy"...
  • We know how to prevent gun violence, so why don't we? (barf alert)

    09/10/2015 4:08:51 AM PDT · by rellimpank · 56 replies
    Milwaukee J-S ^ | 10 sept 2015 | Khary Penebaker
    I am 37 years old, and I don't remember my mom. In fact, I know very little about her. I don't know her birthday. I don't know what made her laugh. I don't know what made her cry. What I do know is that on Sept. 8, 1979, she committed suicide with a gun that her father my grandfather had given her despite the fact that she suffered from depression and had previously attempted suicide with pills as a teenager. She died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, alone in her car on the side of...
  • Leonard Pitts Jr.: If Sandy Hook is 'bearable,' what is not? (barf alert)

    09/08/2015 3:34:44 AM PDT · by rellimpank · 31 replies
    Wisconsin State Journal ^ | 08 sept 2015 | Leonard Pitts, Jr.
    You frequently find fortune cookie aphorisms, yes, but its not often that you find searing insight within Twitters 140-character confines. Which is why a June tweet from one Dan Hodges his profile describes him as a British political commentator stood out. In retrospect, wrote Hodges, Sandy Hook marked the end of the U.S. gun control debate. Once America decided killing children was bearable, it was over. You may cringe to hear the nations response to the December 2012 massacre of 20 young children six adults also died at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, described...
  • The Wisconsin Legislature should hold hearings on gun bills (barf alert)

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    Milwaukee J-S ^ | 07 sept2015 | Ernst-Ulrich Franzen
    One of the more effective ways for government officials to shut out the public from policy issues and debate is to simply ignore the issues. Don't bring up matters of public concern; look the other way if someone else does. I'd guess that more bills have been buried in some state legislative committee by Democrats and Republicans than there are tombstones in Forest Home Cemetery. A couple of examples were offered Thursday when a delegation from the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort met with the Journal Sentinel Editorial Board. One bill would require background checks on all gun sales. Another would prohibit...