Since Nov 4, 1999

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----Pro-firearms, small "L" libertarian--republico quasi-anarchist who votes against any and all Demotraitors as effectively as possible and for personal and economic freedom under any circumstances-- during the Bush years,became totally disgusted with the failure of Republican control of Congress and a Republican president to result in fiscal responsibility. I was highly annoyed by the failure of President Bush to veto McCain-Feingold.

--Continue to be disgusted with the failure of both THE ONE and Congress to control spending.

--was one of those (along with most sincere Freepers) to recognize THE ONE as what he was from the first time I heard of him--a Marxist mixed with affirmative-action Chicago mob, now easily qualifying as the worst President ever-- --

--Live in Pahrump, Nevada most of the year-summer in Lead-Deadwood, South Dakota--try and stay in tune with Wisconsin and Colorado politics as I was born and raised on farms in Wisconsin and spent many of the productive years of my life gainfully employed in Colorado mining

--I don't normally post on religious threads as I am a religious skeptic who looks on the Bible as an interesting mixture of ancient history, myth and superstition--