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  • Pushing locals aside, Russians Take Top Rebel Posts in East Ukraine

    07/27/2014 10:17:12 AM PDT · by FreeReign · 84 replies
    Reuters ^ | Sun Jul 27, 2014 7:16am EDT | GABRIELA BACZYNSKA AND ALEKSANDAR VASOVIC
    As Ukrainian troops gained ground in eastern Ukraine in early July, separatist leader, Aleksander Borodai, a Russian national, left for Moscow for political consultations. After what he described as successful talks with unnamed people there, he returned to the rebel stronghold of Donetsk to introduce a new senior figure in his self-proclaimed republic, a compatriot seasoned in the pro-Russian separatist movement in Moldova and a war between Russia and Georgia.
  • Ukraine: Ukrainian Army Defeated The Huge Armored Column Militants Near Torrez

    Ukrainian army defeated the huge armored column militants near Torrez According to Igor Burkut "Rovenky held column of regular troops - Concerted crews of combat vehicles, artillery calculations. From air attack column covered two ZSU-23-2 trucks. A classic militia would ride on conventional trucks, pickups, buses. Their weapons would be unsuited - from hunting rifles and museum to the PCA captured AK-74 and a variety of machine guns and mortars. Immediately visible - the same type weapons, the soldiers prepared. So they transferred from abroad, and then recently - has not had time to pull. "
  • Ron Paul Defends Russia After Malaysian Plane Crash

    07/21/2014 11:03:00 AM PDT · by TangledUpInBlue · 25 replies
    Nusiness Insider ^ | 7/21/14 | Colin Campbell
    Former Congressman Ron Paul defended the Russian government on Sunday and slammed Western leaders for spreading "propaganda" after a Malaysian Airlines plane was allegedly shot down by Kremlin-backed separatists in Ukraine. "Western politicians and media joined together to gain the maximum propaganda value from the disaster. It had to be Russia; it had to be Putin, they said," the former presidential candidate wrote. "While western media outlets rush to repeat government propaganda on the event, there are a few things they will not report." One of those unreported things, Paul claimed in his weekly "Texas Straight Talk" column, was the...
  • Rand Paul: Ask Dick Cheney about Iraq War

    06/20/2014 9:27:12 PM PDT · by boycott · 143 replies
    Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) wants to turn the tables on those who are questioning President Barack Obamaís handling of the draw down of troops in Iraq. In an interview with NBCís ďMeet the PressĒ that will air Sunday, when host David Gregory asked Paul if he found former Vice President Dick Cheney to be a credible critic of the president, Paul responded ďI think the same questions could be asked of those who supported the Iraq War. You know, were they right in their predictions? Were there weapons of mass destruction there? Was the war won in 2005, when many...
  • Rand Paul: Blame Dick Cheney for Iraq violence, not Obama

    06/22/2014 7:23:32 PM PDT · by kingattax · 69 replies
    CBS NEWS ^ | June 22, 2014 | ByJAKE MILLER
    Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., offered some bipartisan backup to President Obama on the subject of Iraq Sunday, saying many critics who blame the president for the ferocious Islamist insurgency there, like former Vice President Dick Cheney, should take a look in the mirror. "I don't blame President Obama," Paul told NBC News. "Has he really got the solution? Maybe there is no solution." Paul said those who have questioned the president's approach to the recent surge in violence should ask the same questions of those who supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq: "Were they right in their predictions? Were there...
  • Rand Paul Defends President Obama From Dick Cheney

    06/20/2014 12:02:44 PM PDT · by nhwingut · 41 replies
    National Review ^ | 06/20/14 | Joel Gehrke
    Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) defended President Obama from former vice president Dick Cheneyís critiques of his policy in Iraq, saying that he faults Cheney and the rest of President George W. Bushís team for launching an invasion of Iraq that ultimately strengthened Iran. ďWhatís going on now, I donít blame on President Obama,Ē Paul told NBCís David Gregory. ďBut I do blame the Iraq War on the chaos that is in the Middle East. I also blame those who were for the Iraq war for emboldening Iran.Ē
  • Shoebat: Our aiding and abetting the Free Syrian Army (and Benghazi video connection to Obama)

    06/28/2014 10:00:26 AM PDT · by Whenifhow · 6 replies ^ | June 27, 2014 | The Right Scoop
    Walid Shoebat says that quagmire that is going on in Iraq is just going to increase and there isnít much America can do about it at this point. But when it comes to what started this quagmire in Iraq, Walid blames the US for Ďaiding and abettingí the Free Syrian Army in Syria, which we all know is a terrorist group: Weíre indirectly aiding and abetting an Al-Qaeda like operation, when it comes to Syria, and thatís what started the quagmire. Our aiding and abetting the Free Syrian Army ó which is a terrorist group and weíve been showing this...
  • PIPES: Turkeyís support for ISIS Islamist terrorists

    06/26/2014 10:12:08 AM PDT · by mojito · 25 replies
    Washington Times ^ | 6/17/2014 | Daniel Pipes
    ...Ankara may deny helping ISIS, but the evidence for this is overwhelming. ďAs we have the longest border with Syria,Ē writes Orhan Kemal Cengiz, a Turkish newspaper columnist, ďTurkeyís support was vital for the jihadists in getting in and out of the country.Ē Indeed, the ISIS strongholds not coincidentally cluster close to Turkeyís frontiers. Kurds, academic experts and the Syrian opposition agree that Syrians, Turks (estimated to number 3,000), and foreign fighters (especially Saudis, but also a fair number of Westerners) have crossed the Turkish-Syrian border at will, often to join ISIS. What Turkish journalist Kadri Gursel calls a ďtwo-way...
  • Laura Ingraham: Rand Paul is almost as bad as Jeb Bush on amnesty

    06/23/2014 2:35:52 AM PDT · by ObamahatesPACoal · 29 replies
    "Rand Paul took, I think, a really wrong-headed step on the immigration issue last week. I mean, heís not completely where Jeb is, but almost!"
  • Seize opportunity presented by Grothman

    06/22/2014 4:34:47 PM PDT · by ObamahatesPACoal · 2 replies
    We have a tremendous opportunity here in the 6th Congressional District. It didn't just ďhappen," it was created by a known architect of opportunity, Glenn Grothman. Glenn Grothman comes to serve Wisconsin not by sticking his finger in the air to gauge the political winds. Instead, he lights up a jet powered turbo fan to create his own winds of change. While serving in the Wisconsin State Assembly, then Rep. Grothman recognized his state senator wasn't serving with the same conservative ideals held by the majority of the constituency, so he challenged and beat Sen. Mary Panzer in the Republican...
  • Paul: 'I'm not willing to send my son' into Iraq

    06/22/2014 2:14:01 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 27 replies
    CNN's Political Ticker ^ | June 22, 2014 | Jason Seher
    (VIDEO-AT-LINK)One U.S. lawmaker firmly believes the United States should keep its sons and daughters out of Iraq's increasingly tangled and bloody conflict. "I'm not willing to send my son into that mess," Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, told CNN chief political correspondent Candy Crowley on Sunday. Appearing on "State of the Union," Paul acknowledged that while the chaos in Iraq intensifies by the day, he believes advances by jihadist Sunni militants on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's Shiite government forces do not pose an immediate threat to U.S. national security. Though he refused to rule out some kind of U.S. assistance, Paul...
  • WATCH Ė Rand Paul: Stopping A Terror Attack On The U.S. Is Not ĎA Clear-Cut American Interestí

    06/22/2014 2:42:14 PM PDT · by JihadiKiller · 26 replies ^ | 06/22/2014 | Jack Flash
    ďYes, we should prevent them exporting terror, but Iím not so sure where the clear-cut American interest is.Ē Hello? You just laid out the the clear-cut American interest and then said you didnít know where it was. ISIS has made it clear that they intend to use the resources of Iraq to launch terror attacks on the U.SÖ.
  • Dick Cheney: Rand Paul Is Wrong On Foreign Policy

    06/22/2014 10:48:17 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 167 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 06/22/2014 | Hunter Walker
    ormer Vice President Dick Cheney fired back Sunday after Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) criticized his position on Iraq. In an appearance on ABC's "This Week," Cheney argued Paul, who is widely seen as a potential presidential candidate in 2016, is an "isolationist" who doesn't understand the "absolutely essential" need for America to be involved in the Middle East. "Now, Rand Paul and ‚ÄĒ by my standards, as I look at his ‚ÄĒ his philosophy, is basically an isolationist. That didn't work in the 1930s, it sure as heck won't work in the aftermath of 9/11, when 19 guys armed with...
  • Paul: US has been arming ISIS in Syria

    06/22/2014 9:01:49 AM PDT · by kristinn · 26 replies
    The Hill ^ | Sunday, June 22, 2014 | Rebecca Shabad
    Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Sunday that the Sunni militants taking over Iraq have quickly gained power because the United States has armed their group in Syria. ďI think we have to understand first how we got here,Ē he said on CNNís ďState of the Union.Ē ďWe have been arming [the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria] ISIS in Syria.Ē ISIS, an al Qaeda offshoot, has been collaborating with the Syrian rebels whom the Obama administration has been arming in their efforts to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Paul explained. The administration has reportedly assisted the moderate opposition in Syria,...
  • Rand Paul Defends Obama Against Dick Cheney

    06/21/2014 8:58:51 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 35 replies
    Newsweek ^ | June 20, 2014 | Pema Levy
    Senator Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, has waded into the ongoing blame game over who is responsible for the unfolding crisis in Iraq. A constant critic of President Barack Obama, this time the Republican presidential hopeful sided with the president and criticized the George W. Bush administration. Paulís intervention follows an op-ed written by Paul for the Wall Street Journal in which he criticizes President George W. Bushís decision to go to war to oust the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. ďMuch of the rationale for going to war did not measure upĒ to the ďWeinberger DoctrineĒ by which President Ronald Reagan decided...
  • Paul Blames Iraq Crisis on Bush Administration

    06/22/2014 9:05:48 AM PDT · by kristinn · 94 replies
    The Hill ^ | Sunday, June 22, 2014 | Rebecca Shabad
    Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Sunday said he blames the current crisis in Iraq on those who backed the 2003 U.S. invasion, not President Obama. Paul was asked on NBCís ďMeet the PressĒ whether former Vice President Dick Cheney is a ďcredible criticĒ after he blasted Obama for his strategy for Iraq in an op-ed last week. ďI think the same questions could be asked of the same people who supported the Iraq war,Ē Paul said. ďWhatís going on now..I donít blame President Obama. I blame the Iraq war and I blame the people who supported the Iraq war for...
  • Rand Paul: No more aid to Christian-killers............

    06/21/2014 8:19:16 AM PDT · by blueyon · 13 replies
    WND ^ | 6/20/14 | William Murray
    "Rand Paul: No more aid to Christian-killers Exclusive: William Murray reports on senator's demand to Islamic-supporting Obama" Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., surprised several thousand people with the truth about Syria in a speech to the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference at the Omni Hotel in Washington, D.C., today. Most in the room were social conservatives and already knew that the administration of Barack Obama was arming Islamists in Syria who are killing Christians. The real surprise was a senator standing up in front of national TV news cameras and telling America that yes, your tax dollars are being used to...
  • Dave Brat rising: A better Ron Paul?

    06/16/2014 1:57:03 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 9 replies
    The Hill ^ | June 16, 2014 | Bernie Quigley
    Like former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) and former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), Dave Brat sends a shock through the New York/Washington axis. His victory shows a classic denial of political reality by the political establishment. It comes because the establishment holds fast to "the way we were" and won't let go. 'Twas ever thus, but all the money, all the influence, all the mainstream propaganda from Hollywood and the Eastern press cannot hold it back. The new century rises to new themes; the old falls away to ruins. I have been saying here that what we have been seeing...
  • The New Republicís Hit Job on Scott Walker: The Real Reason They Ran This Cover Story

    06/16/2014 1:31:34 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 19 replies
    Pajamas Media ^ | 06/16/2014 | Ron Radosh
    With its cover story [1] on Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, The New Republic has hit an all-time low. Written by TNR Senior Editor Alec Macgillis, it reads as a commissioned hit job meant to lessen Walker¬ís chances of entering the GOP presidential race.Let¬ís start with the cover: superimposed over a photo of the governor standing by his desk is the title: ¬ďScott Walker is So Hot Right Now: Too bad he owes his success to a toxic strain of Racial Politics.¬Ē Inside the issue, the title becomes: ¬ďThe Unelectable Whiteness of Scott Walker: A Journey Through the Poisonous,...
  • Eric Cantorís Defeat Exposed a Beltway Journalism Blind Spot

    06/16/2014 3:05:21 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 8 replies
    The New York Times ^ | June 15, 2014 | David Carr
    Itís now clear why the primary defeat of the House majority leader, Eric Cantor, came so completely out of the blue last week: Beltway blindness that put a focus on fund-raising, power-brokering and partisan back-and-forth created a reality distortion field that obscured the will of the people. But that affliction was not Mr. Cantorís alone; it is shared by the political press. Reporters and commentators might want to pause and wipe the egg off their faces before they go on camera to cluck-cluck about how Mr. Cantor, Republican of Virginia, missed signs of the insurgency that took him out. There...
  • Why Big Business Fears the Tea Party: Dave Brat driving corporate America to the Democrats'

    06/16/2014 3:33:17 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 47 replies
    Politico ^ | 06/16/2014 | Michael Lind
    The primary election defeat of House majority leader Eric Cantor by the little-known Tea Party conservative David Brat has shocked business and financial elites as well as politicians and pundits. Conservative intellectuals such as Tim Carney have been arguing for a while that the right should adopt a new populism that targets ďcrony capitalismĒ and the collaboration of public and private elites at the expense of workers and small businesses. Brat is the first conservative candidate to have achieved a major electoral success by taking this line. He denounced Cantor for being too close to Wall Street and K Street,...
  • War Over Iraq! Brzezinski and McCain Battle on 'Morning Joe

    06/14/2014 6:04:49 AM PDT · by yldstrk · 22 replies
    Truth Revolt ^ | 6-14-2014 | Jeff Dunitz
  • Egyptian Army opens fire on Coptic Christian church

    02/28/2011 10:33:01 AM PST · by SeanG200 · 80 replies
    Libertarian Republican ^ | 2-28-2011 | Etric Dondero
    Video in post of actual attack (mildly graphic). Posted by
  • Horrible. FR to Leave Concern Troll for Zot after posting DU talking points

    06/05/2014 3:31:13 PM PDT · by PaulCruz2016 · 52 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | 10-23-2013 | Jim Hoft
    Sgt. Bowe Robert Bergdahl was captured by the Taliban in 2009 in Afghanistan. Four months ago, his family in Idaho received a letter from their son through the Red Cross. He was still alive. But sadly it looks like Barack Obama is going to leave US POW Sgt. Bowe Robert Bergdahl behind. Obama will leave Bergdahl to rot in Afghanistan after US forces bail out next year.
  • Cantor edits mention of Amnesty off his website

    06/01/2014 7:55:00 PM PDT · by Zenjitsuman · 11 replies
    Breitbart ^ | June 1, 2014 | Tony Lee
    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) has been a prominent supporter of granting amnesty to the children of illegal immigrants and awarding more high-tech visas. Yet ten days before his primary against Dave Brat, his positions on those issues are absent from his website.
  • Every time thereís a mass murder, this Charlie Brooker video needs to be reposted

    Psychiatrists (and Charlie Brooker) offer insightful perspective on news coverage's perpetuation of mass shootings in schools. The bit with the psychiatrist is so perfect, shame is that the media is never ever going to stop covering shootings in this manner because it gets them so many viewers.
  • Corker: WH foreign policy talks 'bizarre'

    05/23/2014 1:12:24 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 15 replies
    The Hill ^ | May 23, 2014 | Justin Sink
    Top White House officials have reportedly been holding private meetings with lawmakers this week to boost support for the presidentís foreign policy strategy, although the outreach effort appears to have left some lawmakers confused and upset. Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) described a meeting with White House chief of staff Denis McDonough and National Security Adviser Susan Rice earlier this week as ďone of the most bizarre I've attended on Foreign Relations on foreign policy in our country.Ē ďI know several of us were involved in a very bizarre discussion last night. This continues a very bizarre discussion,Ē Corker added, according...
  • Bull Elephant on PJ Media Report: Cantor Consultant Threatens to Break Republican Party of Virginia?

    05/19/2014 6:20:14 PM PDT · by ckilmer · 11 replies
    thebullelephant ^ | 5/15/2014 | Steve Albertson
    5/15/2014 Cantor Consultant Threatens to Break Republican Party of Virginia? By Steve Albertson | 18 Comments   According to an explosive new report by David Steinberg at PJ Media, Rep. Eric Cantor’s chief consultant, Ray Allen, has been telling people that he will essentially burn down the Republican Party of Virginia so that he and Cantor can assume control of its smoldering ruins. Slate-master Ray Allen Readers of The Bull Elephant are familiar with the strong-arm parliamentary tactics that have been employed by Ray Allen and his allies over the past months. Check here and here for recent articles exposing...
  • Cantor Aide: Iíll ĎBankruptí Virginia GOP, Install Allies, Rebuild It With Cantorís Donor Cash

    05/19/2014 6:27:50 PM PDT · by ckilmer · 26 replies
    pjmedia ^ | May 15th, 2014 - 7:05 am | David Steinberg
    (EXCLUSIVE) Eric Cantor‚Äôs Top Aide: I‚Äôll ‚ÄėBankrupt‚Äô Virginia GOP, Install Allies, Rebuild It With Cantor‚Äôs Donor Cash May 15th, 2014 - 7:05 am ¬† ¬† inShare2 Sources tell PJ Media that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor‚Äôs long-time top consultant, Ray Allen, has ‚Äúangrily‚ÄĚ stated to multiple individuals that¬†he intends to bankrupt the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV), to install his own people throughout all levels of RPV‚Äôs State Central Committee, and to rebuild the RPV with money from Eric Cantor‚Äôs donors.¬†Ray Allen is considered the ‚Äúbrain trust‚ÄĚ of Eric Cantor‚Äôs Young Guns, which has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars...
  • Cantor Consultant Threatens to Break Republican Party of Virginia?

    05/15/2014 7:28:47 PM PDT · by ObamahatesPACoal · 12 replies
    The Bull Elephant ^ | Steve Albertson
    According to an explosive new report by David Steinberg at PJ Media, Rep. Eric Cantorís chief consultant, Ray Allen, has been telling people that he will essentially burn down the Republican Party of Virginia so that he and Cantor can assume control of its smoldering ruins. Readers of The Bull Elephant are familiar with the strong-arm parliamentary tactics that have been employed by Ray Allen and his allies over the past months. Check here and here for recent articles exposing the parliamentary maneuver called ďslating,Ē whereby Allenís allies seize control of a party committeeís mass meeting to elect only sa...
  • Cantor's still protecting amnesty

    05/19/2014 4:07:10 PM PDT · by ObamahatesPACoal · 4 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | Mickey Kaus
    A Cantor-First Immigration Policy: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor seems to be in a real race to retain his seat in the GOP primary. His challenger, economist Dave Brat, has attacked Cantor as soft on immigration amnesty.** The charge is accurate: Cantorís actually written his own version of the DREAM Act, legalizing young undocumented immigrants. He supports the ENLIST Act--a seemingly appealing measure (limited to DREAMers who enlist in the military) that would nevertheless give the Democratic Senate a chance to push a much larger amnesty in ďconference.Ē
  • Exposing Tea Party Express Co-Founder's Amnesty Ties

    05/15/2014 3:12:52 PM PDT · by ObamahatesPACoal · 122 replies
    ConservativeHQ ^ | Chris Chmielenski
    Sal Russo, co-founder of the Tea Party Express, announced his support for amnesty on Wednesday, reversing his organizationís statement from a year ago that it would not take a position on immigration reform. If you take a look at Russoís background, this isnít exactly the revelation that some in the media are making it out to be. Whatís interesting, though, is the dichotomy between Russoís position and the principles of the organization he helped to create. The Tea Party Express bills itself as anti-establishment, but Russoís immigration proposal is nearly identical to the principles pushed by GOP House Leaders --...
  • Retreat: Cantor blocks DREAM Act for military enlistees from defense bill

    05/16/2014 3:34:51 PM PDT · by cotton1706 · 27 replies ^ | 5/16/14 | Allahpundit
    Proof that the GOPís terrified of an immigration backlash from the right in November? Or proof that Eric Cantor in particular is terrified of losing his primary? Iíll accept ďbothĒ as an answer. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor will block attempts next week to include a measure on a must-pass defense policy bill that would legalize young undocumented immigrants who serve in the military. A spokesman confirmed Friday that the legislation, known as the Enlist Act, will not be among those debated with the National Defense Authorization Act, an annual bill that sets policy for the Pentagon. Rep. Jeff Denham...
  • Complete Cantor Turnaround: No Amnesty in NDAA

    05/16/2014 3:30:13 PM PDT · by cotton1706 · 10 replies ^ | 5/16/14 | Matthew Boyle
    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor changed direction entirely Friday, saying through a spokesman that he doesnít plan to allow any amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would grant amnesty to illegal aliens through the ENLIST Act. ďNo proposed ENLIST amendments to NDAA will be made in order,Ē Cantor spokesman Doug Heye said in an email to Breitbart News. The statement represents a complete turnaround for Cantor, who just a couple weeks ago was the leading and most powerful force behind the effort to insert a version of Rep. Jeff Denhamís ENLIST Act into the NDAA bill. Denhamís...
  • Immigration Activists Crash Boehner/Cantor/Coffman Fundraiser

    05/16/2014 2:46:20 PM PDT · by ObamahatesPACoal · 10 replies
    Surprise action outside Denver's Brown Palace Hotel this morning, as a press release from a coalition of groups including Together Colorado and the Colorado Immigration Reform Coalition (CIRC) explains: Outside a fundraiser headlined by House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) for Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) today, local leaders staged a rally to protest the fact that these three House Republicans are key obstacles standing in the way of immigration reform that would keep Colorado immigrant families together. It has been 322 days since the Senate passed a bipartisan immigration bill, but Speaker Boehner and House...
  • Another? Eric Cantorís Top Consultant Given $1.13M by Virginia GOP

    05/19/2014 7:53:27 PM PDT · by ckilmer · 7 replies ^ | April 24th, 2014 - 9:53 pm | David Steinberg
    Another? Eric Cantor’s Top Consultant Given $1.13M by Virginia GOP April 24th, 2014 - 9:53 pm     inShare After learning that newly installed Virginia GOP Executive Director Shaun Kenney is on Eric Cantor’s payroll, Virginia Republican voters are now hearing that a company run by Cantor’s top consultant, Ray Allen, is wealthy from party money. Allen’s Creative Direct, LLC is not just on the Republican Party of Virginia’s payroll, it represents the single largest expenditure on the party’s 2013 campaign finance disclosures.Sound like a fair primary landscape for Cantor’s opponent, Dave Brat?  Should Eric Cantor survive this primary on June 10, he...
  • Why is Cantor Consultant Ray Allen So Confident of Victory?

    05/19/2014 7:35:22 PM PDT · by ckilmer · 11 replies ^ | 8 May 2014 | Tony Lee
    Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg's pro-amnesty organization bought deceptive advertisements to help Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC)†defeat†underfunded primary challenger†Frank Roche in Tuesday's North Carolina primary. The group promptly celebrated Ellmers' win.'s Joe Green said that Ellmers' victory "makes clear" that "the time is now for House Republicans to bring" amnesty legislation to the floor. Lobbying groups like want high-tech visas that will lower the wages of American workers, even though no evidence suggests there is a shortage of American high-tech workers.
  • Eric Cantor wonít allow immigration on NDAA

    05/16/2014 2:37:36 PM PDT · by ObamahatesPACoal · 13 replies
    Politico ^ | SEUNG MIN KIM
    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor wonít allow attempts next week to include a measure on a must-pass defense policy bill that would legalize young undocumented immigrants who serve in the military. A spokesman confirmed Friday that the legislation, known as the Enlist Act, will not be among those debated with the National Defense Authorization Act, an annual bill that sets policy for the Pentagon. Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Calif.), the Enlist Actís chief sponsor, had pledged to bring it up as part of the floor battle over the defense bill.
  • Establishment Republicans Break Their Own Rules in Opposing Amash

    05/16/2014 3:02:38 PM PDT · by cotton1706 · 13 replies ^ | 5/16/14 | Logan Albright
    Ever since the emergence of the tea party in 2009, the media narrative has been pre-written and ready to deploy at opportune times. Embodying the intense frustrations of ordinary Americans with so-called limited-government Republicans who were forever raising taxes, increasing spending, and incurring more debt, the tea party demanded that their representatives keep their promises, and adhere to principle over politics. Otherwise, when the next election cycle rolled around, they would be fully prepared to throw the bums out. Not only did this seismic shift ruffle the feathers of Democrats and those who wanted to expand government in perpetuity, it...
  • Colorado: Sen. Rand Paul Leads 2016 Presidential Pack

    04/24/2014 7:02:11 AM PDT · by PaulCruz2016 · 20 replies
    Quinnipiac ^ | 04-24-2014
    U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky is the strongest candidate in Colorado in the 2016 presidential race, topping former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 48 - 43 percent. There is a huge gender gap as men back the Republican Paul 55 - 35 percent while women go with the Democrat Clinton 50 - 40 percent. Independent voters back Paul 48 - 37 percent. In other possible matchups: Clinton ties New Jersey Gov. Christopher Christie 42 - 42 percent; Clinton leads former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush 45 - 40 percent; Clinton gets 45 percent to former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's 44...
  • Marco Rubio, GOP Leaders: We'll 'Absolutely' Try Again on Amnesty If We Gain Control of Senate

    05/15/2014 5:58:02 PM PDT · by Falcon28 · 43 replies
    Breitbart News ^ | 5-15-14 | Tony Lee
    Conservatives who believe that winning back control of the Senate will destroy any chance of amnesty legislation passing are sorely mistaken. In fact, a Republican-controlled Congress may make it easier to provide a path to citizenship for all of the country's illegal immigrants if this Congress fails to do so. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who has his eye on the GOP presidential nomination and was the central figure who backed the Senate's amnesty bill that passed last year, said that Republicans in the Senate would "absolutely" take up amnesty legislation again if they gain a net of six seats to...
  • Valerie Jarrett: 'We Have a Commitment' from Boehner on Amnesty This Year

    05/15/2014 5:52:27 PM PDT · by Falcon28 · 55 replies
    Breitbart News ^ | 5-15-14 | Tony Lee
    President Barack Obama's top adviser and confidant told a group of global elites on Thursday in Las Vegas, Nevada that House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has made a commitment to the White House to try to pass amnesty legislation this year. After hailing the Senate's amnesty bill that the Congressional Budget Office determined would lower the wages of American workers, Valerie Jarrett, Obama's senior advisor, told attendees at the yearly invitation-only SkyBridge Alternatives Conference that Boehner would help the White House make a push get immigration reform enacted in the next three months. ďI think we have a window this...
  • Jeb Bush: Opposing Amnesty 'Makes No Sense to Me'

    05/14/2014 6:14:59 PM PDT · by Mount Athos · 107 replies
    Bush addressed a Manhattan Institute crowd along with Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), who has also embraced amnesty legislation, and doubled down on his support for an immigration reform bill that the Congressional Budget Office determined would lower the wages of American workers while not securing the border. "For the life of me I have a hard time understanding why people are fearful of our own heritage, our own history," Bush reportedly said. "The rules are you come to this country, you pursue your dreams, you create value for yourself and your families and others and great things happens to you...
  • Tea Party Express Co-Founder Backs Immigration Overhaul Efforts (Teams w/ Grover Norquist)

    05/14/2014 7:07:17 AM PDT · by kristinn · 66 replies
    Roll Call ^ | Wednesday, May 14, 2014 | Emma Dumain
    SNIP Sal Russo of the Tea Party Express broke the news in an op-ed titled ďConservatives Need to Fix the Broken Immigration System,Ē published by CQ Roll Call early Wednesday morning. In that piece, the longtime GOP operative and consultant argued that ďconservatives should be at the forefront of reform so the law reflects the just interests of the United States, not misty-eyed ideals of some of the liberal do-gooder reformers.Ē That means no special pathways to citizenship that allow undocumented immigrants to cut in line, Russo cautioned, but rather some reasonable procedures that require ďthe 11 million people who...
  • Rand Paulís PAC clarifies: He never said he opposed voter ID laws, did he?

    05/13/2014 3:16:19 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 44 replies
    Hotair ^ | 05/13/2014 | AllahPundit
    A belated response to the uproar after Rand Paul told an NYT reporter that the GOP‚Äôs voter-ID push was ‚Äúoffending people.‚ÄĚ After reading this, I think the Guardian has his position right: ‚ÄúRand Paul believes in voter ID laws. He just doesn¬ít think Republicans should talk about them so much.‚ÄĚGood enough? [T]his statement comes from Paul‚Äôs former chief of staff and current PAC director.‚ÄúSenator Paul was having a larger discussion about criminal justice reform and restoration of voting rights, two issues he has been speaking about around the country and pushing for in state and federal legislation. ‚ÄúIn the...
  • Justin Amashís Michigan Primary Battle Is One for the Soul of the GOP

    05/12/2014 4:20:00 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 16 replies ^ | May 12, 2014 | Cathy Reisenwitz
    Think of every area where the GOP has strayed from its conservative roots. The bailouts. TARP. Out-of-control government spying. Job-killing corporate cronyism. There is one man in Congress consistently saying ďnoĒ to making government bigger and less accountable. His name is Justin Amash, and the establishment has taken notice. Big business wants to ensure voters elect Republicans who will keep the perks flowing -- from taxpayersí bank accounts and right to their pockets. Theyíve even created a feel-good way to describe such a Republican: Pro-business. And thatís exactly the kind of guy theyíve found in Amashís primary challenger. Amash goes...
  • EXCLUSIVE: Video and Audio of Eric Cantor Speech Being Booed!

    05/12/2014 6:37:38 PM PDT · by ObamahatesPACoal · 19 replies
    The Bull Elephant ^ | Jamie Radtke
    There has been a lot of talk in the blogs and in local and national news about the heckling and boos that Eric Cantor received when he gave his speech at the 7th District GOP convention this past Saturday. Many felt it was unseemly and disrespectful. I personally donít like booing even when a referee makes a bad call, but I think you can better understand the response from this past Saturday if you have context: Eric Cantor has made it abundantly clear to all his constituents that town hall meetings are beneath him. His consultant, Ray Allen, once told...
  • Did Saddam Hussein Gas His Own People? Reality checks needed during war

    03/01/2003 3:07:25 PM PST · by konijn · 14 replies · 545+ views
    Toronto Star ^ | Saturday, March 1, 2003 | Don Sellar
    Reality checks needed during war DON SELLAR Halabja (pop. 80,000) is a small Kurdish city in northern Iraq. On Wednesday, the Star reminded readers that Saddam Hussein's Iraqi army killed 5,000 Kurds in a 1988 chemical weapons attack on Halabja near the end of a bloody, eight-year war with Iran. The statement that Saddam was responsible for gassing the Kurds ó his own people ó was straightforward. Indeed, U.S. President George W. Bush has used similar language about the disaster at Halabja in making a case for a military strike to oust Saddam. Yet the Star also reported, in a...
  • CNN Poll: Rand Paul goes where his father never went

    03/16/2014 10:38:49 AM PDT · by mandaladon · 30 replies
    CNN ^ | 16 Mar 2014
    Washington (CNN) - Rand Paul has done something his father never did - top the list of potential Republican presidential candidates in a national poll. According to a new CNN/ORC International survey, 16% of Republicans and independents who lean toward the GOP say they would be likely to support the senator from Kentucky for the 2016 nomination. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the 2012 Republican vice presidential nominee, garnered 15%, with longtime Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who's considering another bid for the White House, at 11%. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a 2008 GOP presidential candidate, is the only other...
  • Rand Paulís Crimea Flip Flops Disqualify Him For the Presidency

    03/13/2014 10:42:32 AM PDT · by SoConPubbie · 47 replies
    Redstate ^ | March 12th, 2014 at 02:45 PM | streiff
    Just as the last refuge of the poltroon is patriotism, the last refuge of the GOP poltroon is comparing oneself with Reagan. We’ve seen this play on in humiliating clarity over the past several days with the behavior of freshman senator and presidential hopeful Rand Paul concerning the Russian anschluss with Crimea.In the Beginning He Was Pacifist Back when the, we must note, popularly elected government of Ukraine president flamed out in a wave of popular protests, some Republicans, notably John McCain, said that Russian President Vladimir Putin should be warned not to take advantage of the situation. Rand Paul,...