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  • Liberals Prefer Illegal Aliens Over Your Kids

    03/23/2017 3:39:48 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 33 replies ^ | March 23, 2017 | Derek Hunter
    A few weeks ago in this space I asked a simple question: How many victims of illegal alien crime will be enough to make Democrats and the media care about illegal alien crime?The answer was simple – there is no number. They’ll never care because they’ve hitched their fate to the prospect of legalizing illegals and winning their votes. But the problem they back-burner for political gain still smolders, and last week it claimed another victim…all in the name of “progress.”Montgomery County, Md., is one of the richest counties in the country. It’s also an extremely left-wing progressive county that...
  • Chicago couple backs Trump, defies liberal bullies now theyre going out of business

    03/19/2017 3:37:01 PM PDT · by TBP · 15 replies
    The Blaze ^ | March 19, 2017 | Justin Haskins
    A Chicago couple is claiming its support for President Donald Trump has resulted in significant and continuous harassment from anti-Trump leftists, forcing the retail side of the business the couple owns in Chicago to shut down indefinitely. Suzzanne Monk and Alexander Duvel appeared on Fox News Channels Fox and Friends Sunday morning, during which the married couple explained they have been receiving numerous threats from people angry at Monk and Duvel for openly supporting Trump. Well, I attended the [Trump] rally at the UIC Pavilion that got shut down, and while my husband was discussing that online, we actually drew...
  • Tim Allen destroys Hollywood liberals over their intolerant elitism: Its like 1930s Germany

    03/19/2017 3:25:41 PM PDT · by TBP · 11 replies
    The Blaze ^ | Mar 18, 2017 5:47 pm | Chris Enloe
    Actor Tim Allen bashed Hollywood liberals and their intolerant elitism during an appearance Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday night. Allen, who stars on the hit ABC sitcom Last Man Standing as a conservative dad, is a conservative off the set, too. He discussed with Kimmel what its like to be an outspoken conservative in the sea of liberalism that is Hollywood during a conservation about attending President Donald Trumps inauguration in January. Youve gotta be real careful around here. You get beat up if you dont believe what everybody believes, Allen said about living in Hollywood. This is like 30s Germany....
  • A Day Without Idiots

    03/12/2017 6:36:14 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 24 replies ^ | March 12, 2017 | Derek Hunter
    Democrats are taking to the streetsin waves. First it was women (the day after the inauguration), then it was immigrants (conflating legal and illegal aliens in the hope of making people think they are one in the same), then it was women again (because, presumably, someone ordered too many crocheted vagina hats the first time around and needed to unload them). Which group will be next? Allow me to offer some help.Should they go back to immigrants? No, no one cared last time. They cant repeat women after having just done women. Besides, like with immigrants, no one outside of...
  • The End of the World...for Liberals

    03/10/2017 5:23:23 AM PST · by RoosterRedux · 14 replies ^ | Jeffrey Folks
    "The jig is up." Liberalism no longer possesses the moral authority to control our national politics. Liberals are terrified of Trump because they know that their great myth, once the light of consciousness has been shined on it, will dissolve as quickly as a grain of salt in water. As Steele puts it, the "president rolls his eyes when he is called a racist, and we all liberal and conservative alike know that he isn't one." Elizabeth Warren's Jeff Sessions rant was just that: a hysterical rant, and everyone knows it. "White guilt," and all that goes with...
  • Student union silence conservative students after criticizing Universitys free speech intolerance

    03/08/2017 7:17:53 PM PST · by TBP · 3 replies
    In an ironic turn of events, Lincoln Universitys student council silenced a conservative society after it had released a list showing that the university is very intolerant on free speech. Posting a recent survey by Spiked-online showed the results of UK Universities stances on free speech, and the survey showed that Lincoln University earns a red, which means has banned and actively censored ideas on campus. According to The Telegraph, upon posting the survey, the Lincoln University student union suspended the conservative societys social media accounts on the grounds that it brought the university into disrepute. Of course, the fact...
  • American Thinker: Top Ten Reasons I Am No Longer A Leftist

    03/06/2017 9:01:48 PM PST · by Baynative · 22 replies
    American Thinker ^ | July 20, 2014 | Robert Gehl re: Dr. Danusha V. Goska
    I voted Republican in the last presidential election. Below are the top ten reasons I am no longer a leftist. This is not a rigorous comparison of theories. This list is idiosyncratic, impressionistic, and intuitive. Its an accounting of the milestones on my herky-jerky journey.~~snip~~ The lefts selective outrage convinced me that much canonical, left-wing feminism is not so much support for women, as it is a protest against Western, heterosexual men. Its an I hate phenomenon, rather than an I love phenomenon. ~~snip~~ Smearing us is not enough. Liberal policies sabotage us. Affirmative action benefits recipients by color, not...
  • Report: Russian hackers demanding money from progressive groups

    03/06/2017 5:03:52 PM PST · by Hojczyk · 43 replies
    Hot Air ^ | March 6,2017 | JOHN SEXTON
    Russian hackers are gaining access to emails and other information belonging to progressive groups and then sifting it for embarrassing information. As many as a dozen groups have been blackmailed with demands for thousands of dollars in bitcoins. Some have even agreed to pay in the hopes the hacked information wont be released. In one case, a non-profit group and a prominent liberal donor discussed how to use grant money to cover some costs for anti-Trump protesters. The identities were not disclosed, and its unclear if the protesters were paid. At least some groups have paid the ransoms even though...
  • Trump's speech and our infantile left

    03/01/2017 10:07:39 AM PST · by detective · 6 replies
    American Thinker ^ | March 1, 2017 | Patricia McCarthy
    Tuesday's address to a joint session of Congress was without a doubt the best speech President Donald Trump has ever given, perhaps the best speech to a joint session of Congress since the great Ronald Reagan. But who could watch it and not be embarrassed by our infantile, bitter Left? It was uplifting, optimistic, full of unifying words, and obvious to everyone. The pathetic exception was the Democrats in Congress. And those were the ones who did not boycott the event. Like spoiled children, who had not gotten their way, they refused to applaud at the most obvious good-for-the-country...
  • Dems Prepare To Disrupt President Trumps Address To Congress

    02/27/2017 2:59:35 PM PST · by COUNTrecount · 79 replies
    DC Whispers ^ | February 25, 2017
    The invite list by Democrat members of Congress reads like yet another staged protest like so many in recent years that resulted in costly mayhem and damage. This time, though, it wont be a protest on city streets, but rather within the halls of Congress itself as President Donald Trump takes center stage to lay out his year one agenda for the nation to the legislators responsible for turning that agenda into law. Both Democrats and the Establishment Media see it as yet another opportunity to try and challenge and embarrass the president. The anti-president mood will be unprecedented. Remarkable...
  • Volunteers Race to Rescue Dogs Left Behind by Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters

    02/27/2017 1:48:24 PM PST · by Brad from Tennessee · 32 replies
    Heat Street ^ | February 27, 2017 | By Emily Zanotti
    By Emily Zanotti | 2:12 pm, February 27, 2017 The Dakota Access Pipeline protesters left more behind than just piles of trash when they were booted from their makeshift camp: they left several dogs and puppies to fend for themselves, abandoned with the rest of their unwanted belongings. Furry Friends Rockin Rescue, a local animal rescue near Bismark, North Dakota, says theyre working to catch all of the abandoned animals, and so far, theyve managed to rescue two dogs and six puppies. They believe, however, that the dogs represent only a small fraction of the pets left behind at the...
  • THE ANTI SJW's (Video)

    02/27/2017 4:19:21 AM PST · by libertarian27 · 5 replies
    Oginos via YouTube ^ | Feb 23, 2017 | Oginos
    A compilation of some of the Real SJW's or (anti)-SJW which ever sounds better...Dave Rubin, Sam Harris and others talk about political correctness, Feminism, radical Islam and SJW's in general.
  • 'Minimum Wage Laws Were Meant to Protect White Jobs From Black Workers'

    02/25/2017 9:16:18 PM PST · by TBP · 14 replies
    PJ Media ^ | FEBRUARY 24, 2017 | TYLER O'NEIL
    In a fiery speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Breitbart author Sonnie Johnson declared that white supremacy and institutionalized racism are real in America today but in the Democratic Party. "What if I told you I actually agree with Black Lives Matter?" Johnson asked a room full of conservatives. "What if I told you that institutionalized racism is real in America? What if I told you it started with a progressive Democrat named Woodrow Wilson, who resegregated both the government and the military? What if I told you it started with a KKK indoctrination video in the...
  • Trump and the Deep State

    02/23/2017 8:42:45 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 6 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 02/23/17 | Dr. Robert Owens
    There is something reminiscent of Yogi Berra's famous "Dj vu all over again" in all of this Words have meaning. A word is a unit of language, consisting of one or more spoken sounds or their written representation that functions as a principal carrier of meaning. Rush Limbaugh is a master of the English language in my opinion on a par with Winston Churchill and is the undisputed American master of quips, labeling, and metaphors. As if to prove the point, Rush has once again coined a phrase that sums up a cultural phenomenon. He has dubbed those Progressives embedded...
  • New audiobook release: The Challenge of Waste, by Stuart Chase

    02/18/2017 6:59:21 AM PST · by ProgressingAmerica · 3 replies
    It's that time again, another audiobook has been finalized and ready for download. The Challenge of WasteWhat's interesting about this 1922 book, is that Stuart Chase, who would a decade later coin the term "New Deal" and be an adviser to FDR, based much of his opinions for this book on a study about waste which was commissioned by Herbert Hoover. That's because Hoover himself didn't stop being a progressive until seeing his own failures as president and Franklin Roosevelt doubling down on what clearly did not work. Hoover, like any other early 20th century progressive, was utterly obsessed with...
  • Student who recorded prof saying Trump election is act of terrorism gets suspended

    02/15/2017 1:23:44 PM PST · by TBP · 53 replies
    The Blaze ^ | February 15, 2017 | Dave Urbanski
    The college student who took video of a human sexuality instructor telling a class that Republican President Donald Trumps election was an act of terrorism got suspended from the California school for one semester. Caleb ONeil also must meet with the dean of students of Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa before hes readmitted and then remain on disciplinary probation for a semester, Campus Reform reported. In addition, he must write an apology letter to the instructor Olga Perez Stable-Cox and a three-page, double-spaced essay on why he recorded the video despite knowing that it was a violation...
  • No Republicans Need Apply

    02/12/2017 2:12:32 PM PST · by Rummyfan · 26 replies
    NRO ^ | 12 Feb 2017 | Kevin Williamson
    One of the less understood criticisms of progressivism is that it is totalitarian, not in the sense that kale-eating Brooklynites want to build prison camps for political nonconformists (except for the ones who want to lock up global-warming skeptics) but in the sense that it assumes that there is no life outside of politics, that there is no separate sphere of private life, and that church, family, art, and much else properly resides within that sphere. Earlier this week, I expressed what seemed to me an unobjectionable opinion: that politics has a place, that politics should be kept in its...
  • Left-wing fact checker announces plan to give up on facts

    02/11/2017 7:15:55 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 12 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 02/11/17 | Daniel Greenfield
    Fact checking sites that dont check facts, but spin them O brave new world, / That has such people in t! One progressive ex-fact checker has boldly announced that its time to forget about the facts. No one cares about them anyway. Its Time to Give Up on Facts, is the title of her screed.
  • Dark Side of Progressivism Exposed: From Eugenics to Race Science(nazis?)

    02/10/2017 1:06:46 PM PST · by rktman · 7 replies ^ | 2/10/2017 | Samuel Gregg
    A new book details the progressive movements reliance on eugenics and race science as well as its effort to exclude the disabled, blacks, immigrants, the poor, and women from full participation in American society. The words progress and progressive evoke images of enlightened reformers selflessly promoting justice and overcoming ignorance and bigotry. I guarantee, however, that anyone who reads Thomas C. Leonards new book, Illiberal Reformers: Race, Eugenics, & American Economics in the Progressive Era, will be troubledand, in many cases, shockedby some of the motivations of the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century progressives who sought to dismantle the American...
  • State AG Schneiderman Has Trump in His Legal Crosshairs

    02/09/2017 5:58:36 AM PST · by csvset · 32 replies
    NY1 ^ | 8 feb 2017 | Courtney Gross
    State AG Schneiderman Has Trump in His Legal Crosshairs By Courtney Gross Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 07:38 PM EST With the new president in his legal crosshairs, state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is also busy raising his national profile. NY1's Courtney Gross looks at how Schneiderman is rapidly becoming Donald Trump's biggest New York nemesis. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has added a new responsibility to his job description: taking on the president. "It is up to us at the state level to show leadership," Schneiderman said. Since Donald Trump took the oath of office, the state attorney general...
  • The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly.

    02/08/2017 5:32:35 PM PST · by vannrox · 37 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 9FEB17 | Tyler Durden
    They hate you. Leftists dont merely disagree with you. They dont merely feel you are misguided. They dont think you are merely wrong. They hate you. They want you enslaved and obedient, if not dead. Once you get that, everything that is happening now will make sense. And you will understand what you need to be ready to do. You are normal, and therefore a heretic. You refuse to bow to their idols, to subscribe to their twisted catechisms, to praise their false gods. This is unforgivable. You must burn. Crazy talk? Just ask them. Go ahead. Go on social...
  • New Kentucky Project hosts first 'ideas conference' to push back against "hard-right" agendas

    02/06/2017 5:42:42 PM PST · by Republican Wildcat · 9 replies
    Spectrum News Pure Politics ^ | 02/04/2017 | Kevin Wheatley
    LEXINGTON The New Kentucky Project held the first of what could be many ideas conferences on Saturday as co-founders Adam Edelen and Matt Jones laid out their vision for the group that wants to develop the next generation of Kentucky leaders. Edelen, a former Democratic state auditor who lost his re-election bid in 2015, and Jones, an unabashed Democrat who has hosted politicians from both parties on his Kentucky Sports Radio show and Hey Kentucky! television program, said more than 600 registered for the event, far surpassing their initial expectation of around 150. They say the 501(c )(4) will...
  • Acorn International Wade Rathke blog

    02/06/2017 2:13:36 PM PST · by Zathras · 6 replies ^ | Feb 6, 2017 | Wade Rathke "Is a Progressive Tea Party a Good Idea?" "Report from Behind the Bunker, that What Were Doing is Working" Worth looking at from one of VJ's inner circle.

    02/06/2017 8:43:39 AM PST · by shortstop · 81 replies ^ | 02/04/17 | Bob Lonsberry
    Where does this end? The progressives rejection of the presidential election, the obstruction and social disruption what is its purpose? Is this the Democrats in 1861, or the Bolsheviks in 1917? Four months after the Democrats warned that refusing to accept the outcome of the presidential election would tear the country apart, they are refusing to accept the outcome of the presidential election. In coordinated nationwide demonstrations, in random outbreaks of campus violence, in shrill denunciations and boycotts, a secession has taken place. A non-geographic civil war has seemingly been declared. In rejecting the outcome of an election in...
  • The Biblical Infidelity Of Progressive Christians

    02/06/2017 8:43:27 AM PST · by Maudeen · 7 replies
    Prophecy News Watch Headlines ^ | 2/6/2017 | Peter Heck
    One of the most fascinating speeches in the Bible happens in Acts 5 with Jewish Pharisee Gamaliel addressing the Sanhedrin. He warns them that if the message being preached by the Apostles of Jesus was of man, it would fail. But if it was from God, it couldn't be stopped. It was of God, and it wasn't stopped. I find that passage particularly relevant today within American Christendom. . . . . There is a reason that liberal Christian movements like those championed by Jim Wallis, Rachel Held Evans, Shane Claiborne and others are so ineffective and unpersuasive in American...
  • Why do millions of white working class and middle class people believe that Donald Trump <tr>

    02/05/2017 5:46:11 AM PST · by chajin · 32 replies ^ | Jan. 25, 2017 | Curtis Lindsay
    On the surface of it, it really is mystifying. I was a kid in the 1980s and 1990s, and I remember well how most middle-American adults in my life thought and spoke of Donald Trump at that time. He was a Manhattanite billionaire playboy who couldnt stay off the talk shows and tabloids. His name and image were synonymous with obscene wealth and a decadent lifestyle. He treated women badly, it was known. Small business people, farmers, and factory workers rolled their eyes at Donald Trump. His values could not have had less to do with theirs. Many probably hated...
  • Anarchists and Democrats

    02/04/2017 5:11:21 PM PST · by samovar123 · 11 replies
    Once again at Berkeley, it was shown to the American people who the real Nazis are. In a fit of childish outrage, a group of about 150 people with the faces covered created chaos on the campus. Starting fires, beating Trump supporters, destroying ATMs, and even pepper spraying one lady who they felt might be a Trump supporter just for wearing a red hat is just showing how intolerant the tolerant opposition really is. It is nothing more that normalizing violence in the agenda to meet the ends the progressive/socialist want. My family came to the United States in 1934...
  • Neil Gorsuch and the Living-document Lie

    02/03/2017 8:41:56 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 6 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 02/03/17 | Selwyn Duke
    We can have a living constitution or a living constitutional republic--but we cannot have both While leftists are outraged at the idea of banning immigrants who may spit on our Constitution, banning judges who would actually uphold it is a different matter. This brings us to the opposition to President Trumps Supreme Court pick, Judge Neil Gorsuch, who The New York Times actually calls a Nominee for a Stolen Seat. In reality, the Times advocates a perversion of judicial philosophy that long ago had stolen Americans birthright.
  • VIOLENT LEFTISTS Knock Trump Supporter UNCONSCIOUS at Portland Airport THEN TAUNT HIM!

    01/30/2017 1:14:36 PM PST · by detective · 55 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | Jan 29th, 2017 | Jim Hoft
    Anti-Trump Protesters attacked Pro-Trump protesters at the Portland International Airport tonight. It the video you can tell it was ten on four Ten thugs against four Trump supporters. You can see them CHASE DOWN and BEAT the Trump Supporters. The leftist mob start screaming at the man has he lay unconscious on the ground! They were screaming, Thats right Nazi boy! as the man lay on the ground!
  • The Democrats Retreat from Reality

    01/28/2017 10:40:05 AM PST · by Rummyfan · 17 replies
    NRO ^ | 28 Jan 2017 | Matthew Continetti
    . “Real people” are what the Democratic party is sorely missing. By real I do not mean the members of a specific ethnic or religious or cultural or regional group but simply those men and women who are uninterested in the latest trend embraced by the Left. For the Democratic party to win again, it would need to recapture voters in the Midwest and Appalachia who supported Barack Obama twice but felt so disillusioned and dejected by the end of his second term, so utterly unenthused by the bland and corrupt technological illiterate the party nominated to replace him, that...
  • The Grand Delusion of the Progressive Left

    01/24/2017 5:26:45 AM PST · by Kaslin · 6 replies ^ | January 23, 2017 | Allen West
    I love two genres of music, classical and classic rock. One of my favorite classic rock bands is the group Styx and one of my favorite songs of theirs is Grand Illusion. However, in the case of what we have seen post the 2016 presidential election through the inauguration of President Donald Trump, it appears the progressive socialist left is operating under a grand delusion. In 2009, the progressive left embarked upon an ideological agenda evidencing a serious delusion and disconnection with America. Instead of focusing on two simple issues, economic growth and national security, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy...
  • Punching Nazis

    01/26/2017 5:58:22 AM PST · by Yashcheritsiy · 8 replies
    Neo-Ciceronian Times ^ | January 25, 2017 | Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus
    So last Friday during the inauguration of President Trump and all of the attendant civil disorder that went along with it, Richard Spencer got punched in the face by a hit-and-run SJWer. Some folks would say he was asking for it, while others are a bit disturbed by the whole affair. Many, of course, dont have a problem with punching a Nazi in the face. After all, who would? We all know that Nazis are bad guys, and it helps that we beat them like a drum in World War II. Hence, Nazis make an excellent Schelling point against which...
  • Trump Gores a Sacred Cow, and Liberals Lament

    01/18/2017 5:22:18 AM PST · by Kaslin · 41 replies
    American Thinker ^ | January 18, 2017 | Daniel L. Mallock
    The great Broom of Time recently swept away another failed ideology and political movement. On the 20th of January, the dustbin of history will slam shut on the Utopian American Progressive Left. Followers, leaders, and philosophers of this dangerous and failed global movement will not go quietly, however; ideas die hard, and ideologies, movements, and political theories do not simply disappear overnight. Inauguration Day 2017 will mark perhaps the greatest political and cultural shift in American history as the Utopians of the Progressive Left kick and scream, wail and whine as they shuffle off into forced retirement and irrelevance. Perhaps...
  • Prediction: Goodbye Democracy, Hello Technocracy

    01/10/2017 12:39:30 PM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 3 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 01/10/17 | Patrick Wood
    A tectonic-level battle could soon take place over the fundamental structure of America, and hardly anyone sees it coming. Nevertheless, I am making a bold prediction for 2017. With the Democrat party seemingly in total upheaval after the 2016 Presidential election, it boggles the mind at how fast political fortunes can change these days. Democrats, liberals, leftist and progressives have arguably realized that the current system of things political has become impenetrable to them, and that they will not move forward by gaming the existing political machinery any longer.
  • Marvels Captain America parodies campus SJWs, but with companys history fans cant tell

    01/07/2017 7:41:21 AM PST · by Hube · 4 replies
    The College Fix ^ | 1/7/2017 | Dave Huber
    The latest issue of Marvel Comics Captain America: Sam Wilson features writer Nick Spencer taking jabs at campus social justice warriors (SJWs). Which seems quite, well, odd given Spencers far-left politics and hatred for all things conservative/Republican. As confirmation, readers and fans on Twitter and elsewhere couldnt figure out whether to take the writers latest creation, the Bombshells, seriously or not. The Bombshells show up at a college to thwart an appearance by what Heat Streets Ian Miles Cheong calls an amalgam of right-wing provocateurs Lauren Southern and Milo Yiannopoulos (although the womans name is Ariella Conner which indicates to...
  • Liberals Awake from 8-Year Moral Coma

    01/07/2017 5:40:20 AM PST · by Kaslin · 56 replies
    American Thinker ^ | January 7, 2016 | Jeffrey T. Brown
    For eight years, the voices of what passes for morality on the left were utterly silent as the values of generations of Americans were flushed down the drain. Those Americans whose desires, experiences and values differed from the leftist elite were treated as worthless garbage, no longer necessary to the imminent liberal utopia, except as a source of revenue. Christianity was treated like a virus to be extinguished, or revised and controlled to accommodate leftist ideology. Speech that offended the shameless was branded as hateful, and those daring to openly object to the onslaught of vice and immorality were falsely...
  • Spicer: Trump has his Own Intel; Obama Adminstration Reports Not 'Gospel'

    01/02/2017 2:09:28 PM PST · by Beautiful_Gracious_Skies · 56 replies
    Fox News ^ | January 2, 2017
    Donald Trump and his team sharpened the divide with the Obama administration on whether Russia executed the cyber-attacks on the White House race and suggested this team might have the better intelligence. Rushing to judgement on stuff like this is not in anybodys best interest, incoming WH Communication Director Sean Spicer said....Spicer argued that President-elect Trump is not disputing statements from U.S. intelligence officers, just waiting for a final report due later this week that could offer more conclusive evidence... Several U.S. intelligence agencies have said Russia was behind the hacking ... President Obama last week punished Russia for the...
  • Liberal Struggle Against Reality (Walter Williams)

    01/02/2017 1:42:13 PM PST · by jazusamo · 37 replies
    Creators Syndicate ^ | January 4, 2017 | Walter E. Williams
    We will never understand liberals and progressives until we recognize that they often see reality as a social construct subject to being challenged and changed. For example, throughout the world, boys and girls have different toy preferences. Typically, boys like to play with cars and trucks, whereas girls prefer dolls. Liberals explain this with the assertion that boys and girls are socialized and encouraged to play with different types of toys by their parents, peers and "society." Growing scientific evidence suggests that toy preferences have a biological origin. Even studies of male and female primates find that they exhibit similar...
  • What if the Bureau of Land Management were its own country?

    12/29/2016 10:00:33 AM PST · by ProgressingAmerica · 17 replies
    Have you ever heard "what if Texas were its own country" or "what if California", etc.... Here we go. If Alaska were it's own country, because of its size and land mass it would rank 33rd among all of the world's nations. If Texas were it's own country, because of its size and land mass it would rank 40th among all of the world's nations. If California were it's own country, because of its size and land mass it would rank 59th among all of the world's nations. But what of the BLM - the Bureau of Land Management, an...
  • Some New Years Resolutions for Our Progressive Pals

    12/29/2016 5:27:37 AM PST · by Kaslin · 10 replies ^ | December 29, 2016 | Kurt Schlichter
    The year 2016 was a great one for our progressive friends – except for that whole utter repudiation unpleasantness of last November. Now, as a concerned conservative friend eager to help, let me offer you some New Year's resolutions that will keep you on the path to success. The bottom line: stay the course!Keep Reaffirming the Racism/Sexism/Homophobia and Other Moral Failings of Everyone Who Doesn't Obey the Rigid Yet Constantly Mutating Laws of Political Correctness: It's vital that you continue, at every turn, to label normal Americans "racists," “sexists” and all the other “-ists” and “-phobes” in your Big Book...
  • Who are the clingers now?

    12/28/2016 11:11:19 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 6 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 12/28/16 | Klaus Rohrich
    Yet for some inexplicable reason the progressives are turning into bitter clingers. Looks good on them Its interesting to note that the majority of my friends find President-Elect Donald Trump offensive. Over the Christmas Season I was asked numerous times by friends and acquaintances what I thought about Donald Trump. I knew up front that these were set-up questions to force me to defend someone they thought morally, ethically and intellectually wanting. And I took a good run at them in efforts to explain the concept of creative destruction, an idea initially conceived by Joseph Schumpeter in 1942, that postulates...
  • Progressivism as a mental illness

    12/28/2016 2:47:23 AM PST · by expat_panama · 21 replies
    The American Thinker ^ | December 28, 2016 | Charles Battig
    As we ponder the temper tantrums by current progressives and offer analyses of the driving force behind blatantly bad behavior, we might consider the studies by psychiatrist Lyle Rossiter, M.D. in his 2011 book, The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness. His website offers a synopsis of his clinical findings, which include: 1. The laws and moral codes--the rules--that properly govern human conduct arise from, and must be compatible with, the biological, psychological. and social nature of man. 2. The liberal agenda's Modern Parental State violates all of the rules that make ordered liberty possible. 3. The modern...
  • Dressed to Kill in New York

    12/26/2016 5:58:57 AM PST · by Kaslin · 16 replies
    American Thinker ^ | December 26, 2016 | Paul Gottfried
    My wife subscribes to a magazine, the very sight of which turns my stomach. She believes that its beneficial to have this reading matter around so we can know how the non-deplorables think. But as a retired college professor, I know whatever is to be known on this subject. The unpalatable piece of mail that arrives to my disgust each month is called New York, and it is cram full of PC clichs. The lead tirade is usually from Jonathan Chait, who lately has been railing against the plutocrat and Putin-look-alike who is about to enter the White House. Chait...
  • "YOU" Made "US" stand up and be counted

    12/20/2016 8:51:04 AM PST · by Oldpuppymax · 8 replies
    The Coach's Team ^ | 12/20/16 | Paul Genova
    I haven't said too much about this election since the results....but this is how I feel.... I'm noticing that a lot of "YOU" aren't graciously accepting the fact that your candidate lost. In fact you seem to be posting even more hateful things about those who voted for Trump. Some of you are apparently "triggered" because you are posting how "sick" you feel about the results. How did this happen you ask? Well, here's how: You created "us" when you attacked our freedom of speech. You created "us" when you attacked our right to bear arms. You created "us" when...
  • The Exterminationist Longings of Early Progressives

    12/15/2016 10:20:54 AM PST · by Noumenon · 6 replies
    Foundation for Economic Education ^ | Thursday, December 15, 2016 | Jeffrey Tucker
    Regular readers of FEE know that one of our beats has been the early history of the administrative State as built by Progressives at the turn of the 20th century. It was a different kind of State than the one that came before, a modern state knew no limits to its power to intervene in the relationships between individuals. It set in motion a century of government growth and regulatory control over every aspect of life, and all these controls have lasted to this day. Why did they do it? The textbooks say that they loved the common man. They...
  • What is Progressive Derangement Syndrome?

    12/12/2016 6:19:53 AM PST · by NYer · 8 replies
    Crisis Magazine ^ | December 12, 2016 | JAMES KALB
    I noted recently that educated and well-placed people today tend toward a stripped-down view of man and society that redefines family, religious, and communal ties as private preferences, thereby erasing their public importance. The effect is to promote exclusive reliance on the social authority of bureaucratic and commercial arrangements.The existence and sentimentalization of non-binding private connections, such as marriage as it is now understood, doesn’t affect that result. After all, how much reliance can be placed on connections that are thought to have no intrinsic function and can be dissolved at will?The tendency naturally concerns Catholics, because it leaves no...
  • Recognize the code for the Purple People Eaters of left-wing politics

    12/11/2016 9:21:29 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 6 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 12/11/16 | Judi McLeod
    Purple, the same color as sour grapes, is not the color of unity. Purple is a color dividing America Up until 2008, American voters sent presidents to the White House. Some presidents were better than others, but at least they arrived as presidents. In 2008, American voters elected a community organizer as president, kicking off a new era in which activists would continue to be elected as presidents.
  • The Role of States, as States, in the Electoral College

    12/09/2016 7:46:27 PM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 10 replies
    Cato At Liberty ^ | December 9, 2016 | Roger Pilon
    Of all those whose predictions were dashed by this years presidential outcome (Trump is headed toward a major loss his Oct. 19 headline blared), few have been more exercised than the Washington Posts E.J. Dionne (white identity politics and male self-assertion triumphed he railed the day after). Yesterday, in a piece titled America will soon be ruled by a minority, he joined the chorus now condemning the undemocratic Electoral Collegein the name of the Founders, no less, the very men who created it. Ever the good progressive, he fails to appreciate the role states were meant to play in ordering...
  • The Rise of Political Correctness

    12/04/2016 8:14:06 AM PST · by MtnClimber · 20 replies
    Independent Institute ^ | 28 Nov, 2016 | Angelo M. Codevilla
    Comrade, your statement is factually incorrect. Yes, it is. But it is politically correct. The notion of political correctness came into use among Communists in the 1930s as a semi-humorous reminder that the Partys interest is to be treated as a reality that ranks above reality itself. Because all progressives, Communists included, claim to be about creating new human realities, they are perpetually at war against natures laws and limits. But since reality does not yield, progressives end up pretending that they themselves embody those new realities. Hence, any progressive movements nominal goal eventually ends up being subordinated to the...

    12/03/2016 5:08:22 PM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 13 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 12/03/16 | Jeffrey A. Friedberg
    Death To the Idea of Progressivism, Its Bull Crap, and Its Scheme For An Enslaved, One World! Death to America! Death to Trump! Death to police! Death to soldiers! Death to Whites! Death to capitalism! Death to conservatism! Death to conservatives! Death to you! Death! Death! Death! Death? WHO, wants all this called for, death?