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  • [Israeli] Health Ministry to provide preventative drug against HIV

    02/23/2016 1:01:44 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 2 replies
    INN ^ | 2/23/2016, 2:23 PM | (Arutz Sheva Staff)
    Representatives of Health Ministry have told the Knesset Health Committee that they will soon begin to administer the PREP medication as a preventative measure to people who have a high risk of contracting the HIV virus. Thus, Israel will become only the fourth country in the world (following France, the U.S., and Holland) where this treatment is offered by the government. Currently, PREP is only included in the health benefits package after a person has contracted the HIV virus. The medication currently costs 2,500 shekels for those who purchase it on their own without medical coverage. Neta Harel, the National...
  • Small Brooklyn Venues Should Prepare For Terror Attacks, BP Eric Adams Says

    11/20/2015 3:04:38 PM PST · by wtd · 10 replies
    DNAInfo ^ | November 20, 2015 5:37pm | Nikhita Venugopal
    Small Brooklyn Venues Should Prepare For Terror Attacks, BP Eric Adams SaysDOWNTOWN BROOKLYN — In the wake of recent terrorist attacks in Paris, Borough President Eric Adams is urging Brooklyn restaurants, colleges and music halls, both large and small, to prepare for unexpected threats to safety. On Friday, Adams met with NYPD officials and representatives for 21 Brooklyn venues, including Brooklyn Bowl, Industry City, Brooklyn Brewery, St. Francis College and Grand Prospect Hall to discuss safety and vigilance, he said at a press conference. "We would never to surrender to fear," he said, "but we would be prepared to...
  • No Rest for the Watchful – Synod Prep Begins Now

    09/29/2015 10:31:37 AM PDT · by BlatherNaut
    OnePeterFive ^ | 9/29/15 | Steve Skojec
    As much as we’d like to catch our breath after last week’s papal media blitz (which we’re still processing), the Synod begins in just five days. It’s impossible to know for certain how things will play out, but with the list of synod appointees who openly defy Church teaching on sexuality, we can count on trouble. We know that last year, the coverage of faithful Catholic bloggers and news outlets was important in pushing back the Kasper agenda. We know that the bishops who participated in the Synod last year wanted their working group documents published to show where they...
  • Thermal Camera Review: These Heat Seekers Reveal an Unseen World

    09/02/2015 8:54:15 AM PDT · by Dr. Prepper · 33 replies
    Wall Street Journal ^ | Sept. 1, 2015 | Jon Keegan
    Heat-vision cameras have been used widely in many industries for decades: Soldiers find targets through heat-vision rifle sights, police mount them on helicopters to search for people on the ground and contractors use the sensors to look for cold air seeping into homes. Now you can buy a simple smartphone attachment to reveal the widely varying temperatures of the people and things around you. Maybe you’re not up for hunting Arnold Schwarzenegger, like the heat-seeing alien hunter in the classic 1987 film “Predator.” There are many practical home uses for the latest thermal camera accessories from Flir and Seek, too:...
  • Tampico Arms Expo June 20-21

    05/28/2015 11:21:12 AM PDT · by TWhiteBear · 3 replies
    Liberty for All, ^ | May 28, 2015 |
    'Liberty For All Brings You ARMS EXPO 2015 Arms Expo is a gun expo and patriot campout for the whole family. Join us for two days of outdoor events, speakers, family activities, vendors, and private gun sales. Liberty Market & Gun Show Food, drink, artisan crafts, prepper supplies, firearms and gear; that's what you'll find at the Arms Expo Liberty Market & Gun Show. Vendors and citizens are free to buy and sell as they please. No constitutional infringement! Classes & Demonstrations An AR-15 build class, food storage and canning, patriot networking, self-defense, how to apply liberty to your everyday...
  • Tips on Curing Meat

    05/21/2015 12:00:55 AM PDT · by Ray76 · 22 replies ^ | Feb 14, 2013 | Steven Rinella
    Intro to simple meat preservation Video at link (ignore the first 15 seconds stupidity)
  • Barron’s AP Test Prep Guide: Clarence Thomas Is A Fascist In League With KKK [PHOTOS]

    03/08/2015 9:42:00 PM PDT · by Nachum · 60 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 3/8/15 | Eric Owens
    The latest version of a top-selling study guide for the Advanced Placement European History exam explains the French Revolution with a chart which identifies Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as a fascist and pairs him with the Ku Klux Klan.“Barron’s AP European History” (7th edition) makes the claim, intended for consumption by American high school students, on page 168. The chart attempts to compare modern American political affiliations with the various factions involved in the French Revolution. The chart moves politically from left to right.The far right of the chart is labeled “fascist.” The authors demonstrate modern-day “fascists” by pairing “Clarence...
  • How to Deodorize Kerosene

    02/21/2015 9:46:50 AM PST · by virgil283 · 22 replies
    industriesinfo ^ | Jan 29, 2014 | Pravalika
    Hate that kerosene smell? Here are several ways that might help. .....
  • Building a home - go passive solar

    09/25/2014 11:16:29 AM PDT · by Prophet2520 · 95 replies
    Living Green Magazine ^ | 11/30/2012 | Tracey Allen
    Besides the obvious advantage of a free heating source (as long as the sun continues to rise and set) we have discovered a few more advantages:
  • Expert: 'Imminent' ISIS threat to U.S. power grid

    09/01/2014 10:20:46 AM PDT · by Dave346 · 53 replies
    WND ^ | August 31, 2014
    <p>ISIS terrorists pose an “imminent” threat to the U.S. electric grid with the capacity to coordinate a devastating assault on our nation’s infrastructure, warned a leading homeland security and terrorism expert in a radio interview Sunday.</p> <p>Dr. Peter Pry, a former CIA officer, is executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and director of the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum, both congressional advisory boards. He also served on the Congressional EMP Commission, the Congressional Strategic Posture Commission, and the House Armed Services Committee.</p>
  • Government Agency Warns If 9 Substations Are Destroyed, The Power Grid Could Be Down For 18 Months

    03/19/2014 6:11:36 PM PDT · by aMorePerfectUnion · 109 replies
    ZeroHedge ^ | 03/19/2014 20:49 -0400 | Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse blog
    What would you do if the Internet or the power grid went down for over a year? Our key infrastructure, including the Internet and the power grid, is far more vulnerable than most people would dare to imagine. These days, most people simply take for granted that the lights will always be on and that the Internet will always function properly. But what if all that changed someday in the blink of an eye? According to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's latest report, all it would take to plunge the entire nation into darkness for more than a year would...
  • Make Your Own Dehydrated Meal Packs

    02/19/2014 5:29:11 PM PST · by Diana in Wisconsin · 43 replies
    The DIY World ^ | April 6, 2011 | Techman2015
    For the survivalist, outdoor enthusiast, hiker or end of world planner, this is the perfect long life vacuum packed one day supply of food. Set up like the military MRE Meal-Ready-To-Eat, this is a vacuum packed daily ration of food. And it all weighs under a pound. The total cost of this DIY full day supply of food is just a fraction of the cost of commercial freeze dried food packs. Anyone who has gone on an extended hike knows that every ounce of weight you carry adds up fast. It is important to get all of your gear down...
  • Lessons of Snowstorm 2014

    01/29/2014 10:28:10 AM PST · by ealgeone · 33 replies
    1-29-14 | ealgeone
    What can we learn from the snowstorm that has hit the south? I'm watching and reading responses to the snowstorm in the ATL and its utterly amazing the reaction of the media and the sheeple. 1) government resources become overwhelmed quickly 2) you cannot quickly evacuate a major urban area 3) the media will quickly move to place blame to keep the narrative going 4) if traveling by car have appropriate provisions on hand 5) YOU are ultimately responsible for yourself
  • 1 Million Truckers... Shutting America Down for 3 Days in October

    09/17/2013 3:56:30 PM PDT · by Mortrey · 12 replies
    Freedomoutpost ^ | 9.17.2013 | Suzanne Hamner
    "By halting the transport of goods throughout the country and ceasing all money transactions and shopping for three days, it would signal a nationwide peaceful protest against the tyranny in Washington."
  • Emergency officials urge residents to monitor TS [Tropical Storm] Flossie

    07/26/2013 8:19:10 PM PDT · by Jyotishi · 3 replies
    Hawaii News Now ^ | Friday, July 26, 2013 | KGMB and KHNL
    The Department of Emergency Management advises residents to follow the progress of Tropical Storm Flossie as it approaches Hawaii. The National Weather Service Central Pacific Hurricane Center in Honolulu advised the Department of Emergency Management this afternoon that on its present track Tropical Storm Flossie may bring strong winds and torrential rains and possible flooding early next week.  Tropical Storm Flossie is anticipated to cross the 140° longitude and into Hawaiian Waters around noon Saturday. Posted: Jul 26, 2013 4:41 PM HST Updated: Jul 26, 2013 4:41 PM HST
  • Power inverters - Hints? Tips?

    07/06/2013 6:01:19 PM PDT · by djf · 21 replies
    I am curious about FReepers experiences/recommendations regarding power inverters. I managed to snag a CPI 1550 Cobra inverter today. Took a little bit of cleanup and blowing out dust, etc., but tested fine. Anyone know how to convert from CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) to life cycle/watt hours output? Thanks!
  • Prepping FYI

    06/23/2013 1:51:45 AM PDT · by onona · 26 replies
    The Meta Picture ^ | today | Me
    Interesting use of crayola crayons for emergencies.
  • Hooking kids on sex: Start “saturation process” in kindergarten

    03/29/2013 11:19:32 AM PDT · by neverdem · 38 replies
    Washington Times ^ | March 26, 2013 | Paul E. Rondeau
    Here's the link.
  • New Yorkers in fuel scramble as storm-hit pumps dry up

    10/31/2012 4:08:16 PM PDT · by Hojczyk · 33 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | October 30,2012 | By David Sheppard and Edward McAllister
    Drivers and homeowners scrambled to secure fuel for their cars and generators in the U.S. Northeast on Wednesday as storm-hit gasoline stations started to run dry. More than half of all gasoline service stations in the New York City area and New Jersey were shut because of depleted fuel supplies and power outages, frustrating attempts to restore normal life, industry officials said. Reports of long lines, dark stations and empty tanks circulated across the region. Some station owners were unable to pump fuel due to a lack of power, while others quickly ran their tanks dry because of increased demand...
  • 'End of the world as we know it': Kaspersky warns of cyber-terror apocalypse

    06/08/2012 9:46:07 AM PDT · by SomeCallMeTim · 51 replies ^ | June 6, 2012 | Sergey Guneev
    After his eponymously-named lab discovered Flame, "the most sophisticated cyber weapon yet unleashed," Eugene Kaspersky believes that the evolving threat of “cyber terrorism” could spell the end of life on Earth as we know it. ­Doomsday scenarios are a common occurrence in 2012, but coming from a steely-eyed realist like Eugene Kaspersky, his calls for a global effort to halt emerging cyber threats should raise alarm bells. A global Internet blackout and crippling attacks against key infrastructure are among two possible cyber-pandemics he outlined."It's not cyber war, it's cyber terrorism, and I'm afraid the game is just beginning. Very soon,...
  • Everyone Is Still Looking Past The Gorilla In The Room

    11/17/2011 10:49:37 AM PST · by Kartographer · 39 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 11/17/11 | Simon Black
    I had lunch yesterday with one of the sharpest financial minds I’ve met in a long time at a rather picturesque setting overlooking Evergreen Lake, west of Denver. The restaurant patrons were all well-to-do residents of this wealthy community… in fact, the whole area is like a bubble, largely shielded from any negative effect of the economic fallout thus far. Most of these folks have gone about their lives over the last few years completely oblivious to the global financial crisis. My friend agreed; he told me, “Most of the people sitting in this restaurant haven’t felt a thing. Their...
  • Republican Debate Prep 101

    10/07/2011 7:16:42 AM PDT · by old school · 3 replies
    American Thinker ^ | October 7, 2011 | Jack Cashill
    In what I believe is an historically strong field -- don't let the media convince you otherwise -- Romney has performed most ably so far, even under fire. That is not to say that he is the best candidate, but rather that he is best prepared debater. If someone is to beat him -- and at least four others are still capable -- that someone will have to work harder and smarter. Romney is not likely to beat himself.
  • The Next 9/11 — A Nuclear One?

    09/09/2011 5:22:26 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 105 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | September 9, 2011 | Staff
    National Security: The Sept. 11 commission stated that our biggest failure was one of imagination. Imagine an Iranian nuclear device detonating high over the American heartland. They're working on it. On the same day the 9/11 Commission issued its report, another commission issued a report on a threat that could change our world and way of life in ways we can scarcely imagine. It is a real and credible threat, and it is largely being ignored. The threat is a phenomenon known as electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, and demonstrates why the issue of homeland security extends beyond the need for...
  • Empty Shelves: Hurricanes, Disasters and Civil Unrest – a Contingency Plan

    08/31/2011 5:20:00 AM PDT · by Kartographer · 40 replies
    Preparedness Daily ^ | 8/30/11 | Kevin Hayden
    During those few weeks, I saw an incredible demand for fuel (mainly for generators), alcohol and 12v pumps of various types; those that could pump fuel from gas station reserves or those that could pump water. Along those lines, five gallon gas cans were a hot commodity, as well. In the downtown area (near the bars), I discovered that several bags of ice could be traded for alcohol, which could then be traded for just about anything, especially food. I was amazed at how many National Guard soldiers would offer four or five cases of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat)...
  • 6 reasons Why Even Skeptics Should Prepare

    08/23/2011 8:51:08 PM PDT · by Kartographer · 26 replies
    Survival Cache ^ | Lisa Bedford
    Here are 6 irrefutable reasons 1. Unemployment 2. Economic Armageddon 3. Natural Disasters 4. For your loved ones and those who depend on you 5. You’re not sixteen anymore 6. Don’t worry. You won’t look stupid
  • Bugout bags - general discussion on what you have in'em, recommendations, etc

    07/22/2011 5:36:50 PM PDT · by reed13 · 119 replies
    just me | 7/22/2011 | reed13
    On a seperate discussion the topic of bug-out bags came up and I thought it might be a good general topic for discussion. What everyone has in theirs, what is recommended, weights, why those items, more than one, differences for different family members, etc.
  • How the bin Laden Announcement Leaked Out

    05/02/2011 12:08:34 AM PDT · by STARWISE · 123 replies
    NY Times ^ | 5-1-11 | Brian Stelter
    The terse announcement came just after 9:45 p.m. Sunday from Dan Pfeiffer, the White House communications director. “POTUS to address the nation tonight at 10:30 PM Eastern Time,” he wrote on Twitter, sharing the same message that had just been transmitted to the White House press corps. According to Brian Williams, the “NBC Nightly News” anchor, some journalists received a three-word e-mail that simply read, “Get to work.” *snip* That speculation was not aired out on television immediately, but it did erupt on Twitter and other social networking sites. Wishful thinking about bin Laden’s death ricocheted across the Web —...
  • ‘Midwest Eats’ program to re-create Depression food(Booyah)

    04/24/2011 8:43:39 PM PDT · by Bed_Zeppelin · 112 replies
    Chicago Sun Times ^ | April 20,2011 | Dave Hoekstra
    Like a hand to glove, the Great Depression touched on timeless characteristics. Sacrifice. Economy. Generosity within community. Booyah has not necessarily stood this test of time. The hobo-stewish mix of beef shank, chicken, oxtails, rutabaga and more will be served for lunch April 30 at the Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance’s “Midwest Eats! Foodways of the Great Depression.” The program runs through May 1 at Kendall College, 900 N. North Branch (west of Halsted). At 5 p.m. April 29, the Alliance will re-create the “Eight Cent Menu” served on May 7, 1938 at a “relief banquet” in the Gold Room of...
  • Japan's nuclear emergency prompts panic buying in Tokyo

    03/15/2011 9:37:52 AM PDT · by OB1kNOb · 64 replies · 1+ views ^ | 03/15/11 | Justin McCurry
    News of a serious radiation leak at the Fukushima nuclear plant has sparked panic buying in Tokyo, as some residents started to leave the capital to escape potential contamination.... People in the capital, home to 12 million, snapped up radios, torches, candles, fuel containers and sleeping bags, while for the fourth day there was a run on bread, canned goods, instant noodles, bottled water and other foodstuffs at supermarkets...... Fears are rising that if the hoarding frenzy continues it will affect the ability to deliver emergency supplies to the disaster zone. "The situation is hysterical," said Tomonao Matsuo, a spokesman...
  • Prepare for the Lord's Return! 5 Days in Heaven and Hell

    02/28/2011 10:25:53 AM PST · by Quix · 384 replies · 2+ views
    QUIX: SHORT EXCERPTS ARE OFFERED IN A SORT OF EXECUTIVE SUMMARY FIRST--THEN THE ENTIRE NARRATIVE AS AVAILABLE AT SPIRITLESSONS.COM I found this to be another anointed, Biblical narrative about a very convincing Heavenly visitation--actually, as usual, to hell, too. There's an item or 3 in this one to potentially trouble the RC's and Maryolators, . . . as well as some potentially troubling things for some Calvinists, however. Read at your own risk. Those exposed to The Truth are responsible before God for what they do about and with The Truth.On the other hand, ignorance affords no eternal protection....
  • A High-Mobility 72 Hour Kit

    03/24/2010 4:12:18 PM PDT · by Noumenon · 215 replies · 3,096+ views
    03/24/2010 | noumenon
    Most of this gear is off-the-shelf and relatively cheap. Check out Cabela’s, or for the best deals.Assumptions: 1. Civil unrest ensues. 2. Communications go down. 3. You may have to fight your way out of wherever you are. or on the way to your destination. 4 You may have to abandon your vehicle 5. You may have to walk to a prearranged safe place or rendezvous/rally point. 6. You will move quickly and not ‘camp out’. Rest, yes. Camp, no. 7. The weather may suck - majorly. Hot, cold, wet, snowy. Strategy assumes that you may lose your...
  • Earthquake in Indiana?

    12/30/2010 5:27:42 AM PST · by ducttape45 · 75 replies · 32+ views
    Here in Indiana, near Grissom ARB, we just felt what we think was an earthquake. Can anyone confirm?
  • Central Arkansas Growing Weary of Relentless Tremors

    12/24/2010 1:14:02 PM PST · by GiovannaNicoletta · 22 replies · 2+ views ^ | December 24, 2010 | Sarah Hoye
    Things are still shaking in Arkansas. More than 500 measurable earthquakes have been reported in central Arkansas since September 20, ranging in magnitude from a barely noticeable 1.8 to a very noticeable 4.0 (recorded on October 11), according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Geologists can't say whether they'll stop anytime soon.
  • Is this Oft-repeated report true?

    10/11/2010 6:30:54 PM PDT · by Blogger · 53 replies
    Thought I would ask some freepers, since we are all over the nation and beyond. Particularly interested in hearing from those who live near the regions specified. What is happening in your neck of the woods?
  • New Madrid fault system may be shutting down

    03/14/2009 3:57:46 AM PDT · by decimon · 39 replies · 1,122+ views
    Purdue University ^ | March 13, 2009 | Elizabeth K. Gardner
    The New Madrid fault system does not behave as earthquake hazard models assume and may be in the process of shutting down, a new study shows. A team from Purdue and Northwestern universities analyzed the fault motion for eight years using global positioning system measurements and found that it is much less than expected given the 500- to 1,000-year repeat cycle for major earthquakes on that fault. The last large earthquakes in the New Madrid seismic zone were magnitude 7-7.5 events in 1811 and 1812. Estimating an accurate earthquake threat for the area, which includes parts of Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee,...

    10/10/2010 5:13:53 PM PDT · by SumProVita · 108 replies · 3+ views
    New Madrid Earthquake ^ | October 10, 2010
    Region: ARKANSAS Geographic coordinates: 35.322N, 92.332W Magnitude: 3.0 M Depth: 4 km Universal Time (UTC): 10 Oct 2010 12:48:23
  • In Sunday-evening surprise, Senate unanimously passes food safety bill (Why even have a GOP?)

    12/19/2010 6:00:46 PM PST · by Cringing Negativism Network · 287 replies · 7+ views
    The Hill ^ | December 19 2010 | Alexander Bolton
    ... "Republicans, however, later agreed to pass it by unanimous consent."
  • The Prepper Movement -- a Growing Network Preparing for the World's End

    06/21/2010 11:08:43 AM PDT · by Kartographer · 51 replies
    If the proverbial you-know-what hit the global fan, would you be prepared? The answer to that question is most likely a big, fat no. After all, it's hard to develop life skills (e.g., growing/storing your own food, filtering water) while playing myriad video games or scrounging the Internet for funny videos to post on Facebook. Turns out, though, that while youmay not be concerned about mass chaos and world destruction, a growing number of people are.
  • Weekly Roundup - Living On Nothing Edition [Survival Today - an On going Thread #3]

    07/24/2009 3:37:21 AM PDT · by nw_arizona_granny · 10,032 replies · 68,111+ views
    Frugal Dad .com ^ | July 23, 2009 | Frugal Dad
    Weekly Roundup - Living On Nothing Edition Category: Roundups | Comments(15) Did you hear about the guy that lives on nothing? No seriously, he lives on zero dollars a day. Meet Daniel Suelo, who lives in a cave outside Moab, Utah. Suelo has no mortgage, no car payment, no debt of any kind. He also has no home, no car, no television, and absolutely no “creature comforts.” But he does have a lot of creatures, as in the mice and bugs that scurry about the cave floor he’s called home for the last three years. To us, Suelo probably sounds...
  • Dow Drops Nearly 300 as Jobless Claims Jump

    05/20/2010 7:45:07 AM PDT · by OldDeckHand · 137 replies · 5,057+ views ^ | 05/20/10 | Staff
    Stocks fell sharply Thursday after an unexpected spike in jobless claims and as global jitters pushed the dollar higher. -snip- The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down nearly 300 points, or almost 3 percent, and the CBOE volatility index, widely considered the best gauge of fear in the market, spiked more than 20 percent to above 43, its highest level in over a year.
  • Create you own Recycling program to throw off the metal detectors just in case.

    04/22/2010 11:05:37 AM PDT · by Voice of Reason88 · 23 replies · 778+ views
    In honour of “Earth Day” we Conservatives should create our own kind of 'Recycling' Program to save and disperse any metal we throw out. Considering that once the DNC – the Democratic National Communists – gets through with trashing the Constitution with regards to the First Amendment, you can bet dollars to donuts that the next step will be to try and disarm the law-abiding. Towards that end, we should all be considering How we can at least safeguard some of our firearms. Step one would of course be building or obtaining a waterproof container that can be hidden away....
  • Questions on the best way of buying Gold and Silver (Vanity)

    04/21/2010 10:00:36 AM PDT · by BerserkPatriot · 36 replies · 754+ views
    Okay, now since everyone has stocked up on their favorite ammo & guns (You can tell this by the fact that ammo actually stays on store shelfs for more than 10 minutes) And now that everyone has hopefully stocked on food, water and other essentials (Non-hybrid seeds, etc) The next step is acquiring some precious metal assets, the purpose of this vanity is to ask everyone the best ways to do this. Where are the better places to buy these assets? With a Large National firm or a local retail outlet? How much should I buy of Gold and Silver?...
  • What are you doing to prepare?

    04/02/2010 5:05:17 PM PDT · by Indy Pendance · 353 replies · 6,041+ views
    Are you truly independent? Do you have the skills? Can you hunt, grow a garden, can food, sew-knit, live off the land? Are you ready? Do you possess the "lost" skills? Our family is ready. In obama's words, "bring it on". Once the economy collapses, I'll be here longer than the liberals and their pampered lives.
  • Email warning of impending doom for the US

    09/04/2008 10:20:44 AM PDT · by TheBattman · 87 replies · 1,677+ views
    email ^ | Recent | unknown
    from some good friends: GET READY, GET READY, GET READY!! An Urgent Letter of Warning, Preparation and Promises Dear Friends and Family, (This letter recently came to us from people we trust.. Please read prayerfully and be warned. Be ready! For in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of Man cometh. Matt 24:44 The only thing the NWO people don't know is that the 4 angels of Rev 7 are still holding back the winds...till God's servants are sealed...Nonetheless, it behooves us to be ready. Europe is talking about the imminent US economic collapse which will spread...
  • Home gardening offers ways to trim grocery costs [Survival Today, an on going thread]

    03/23/2008 11:36:40 PM PDT · by nw_arizona_granny · 10,035 replies · 73,160+ views
    Dallas ^ | March 14th, 2008 | DEAN FOSDICK
    Americans finding soaring food prices hard to stomach can battle back by growing their own food. [Click image for a larger version] Dean Fosdick Dean Fosdick Home vegetable gardens appear to be booming as a result of the twin movements to eat local and pinch pennies. At the Southeastern Flower Show in Atlanta this winter, D. Landreth Seed Co. of New Freedom, Pa., sold three to four times more seed packets than last year, says Barb Melera, president. "This is the first time I've ever heard people say, 'I can grow this more cheaply than I can buy it in...
  • Researchers Look to Daily Pill to Avert H.I.V.

    08/04/2008 1:09:57 AM PDT · by neverdem · 27 replies · 300+ views
    NY Times ^ | August 4, 2008 | LAWRENCE K. ALTMAN
    MEXICO CITY — Can a pill a day help prevent infection from H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS? No one knows. But researchers in a number of countries are conducting trials and planning others to test the unproven strategy that a daily pill, or a combination of drugs, can prevent H.I.V. By mid-2009, more people will be enrolled in such trials than in all of those for H.I.V. vaccines and microbicides, the AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition said in a report issued here on Sunday at the start of the 17th International AIDS Conference. Initial findings of the safety and effectiveness...
  • Energy fears looming, new survivalists prepare

    05/24/2008 11:30:31 AM PDT · by decimon · 105 replies · 191+ views
    Associated Press ^ | May 24, 2008 | Samantha Gross
    BUSKIRK — A few years ago, Kathleen Breault was just another suburban grandma, driving countless hours every week, stopping for lunch at McDonald's, buying clothes at the mall, watching TV in the evenings. That was before Breault heard an author talk about the bleak future of the world's oil supply. Now, she's preparing for the world as we know it to disappear. Breault cut her driving time in half. She switched to a diet of locally grown foods near her upstate New York home and lost 70 pounds. She sliced up her credit cards, banished her television and swore...
  • The Two Things To Know Before Your City is Nuked By Terrorists

    08/15/2007 4:41:43 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 253 replies · 7,277+ views ^ | August 15, 2007 | Douglas MacKinnon
    1.) Tragically, horrifyingly, but quite predictably, it’s going to happen. The only question being which American city or cities? In a recent conversation with a former high level intelligence operative of our government, I raised the possibility of terrorists successfully detonating a nuclear weapon within the United States. His response was sobering in its hopelessness. First, he stressed how grateful he was that he did not work in Washington, DC, and that his family lived far enough out to survive the coming nuclear blast. When I pressed him as to why he was so sure that Islamic terrorists – with...
  • Sydney Residents 'Must Carry Survival Bags'

    07/17/2007 7:18:00 PM PDT · by blam · 196 replies · 3,783+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 7-18-2007 | Mark Chipperfield
    Sydney residents 'must carry survival bags' By Mark Chipperfield in Sydney Last Updated: 2:12am BST 18/07/2007 The easy-going residents of Australia's biggest city are being urged to carry personal "survival bags" to help them cope with a future terrorist attack or natural disaster. The Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, says citizens should pack a "Go Bag" containing such essentials as toilet paper, running shoes, spare keys, a torch, disposable gloves, adhesive tape, a transistor radio and sun cream before they leave home each day. Miss Moore, who has yet to pack her own Go Bag, says it is her...

    11/16/2004 6:43:26 PM PST · by Right in Wisconsin · 152 replies · 2,577+ views
    Will someone answer some questions?