Since Aug 8, 1998

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Glad to be a FREEPER.

Been here since 6 months before impeachment or so.

I Attended 1 Saturday with Angelwood, Doctor Raoul, Kristinn, and several other Freepers in front of the Capital Building during the Senate Trial of the Draft-Dodger-in-chief. They had only just recently started doing the White House back the. All I mostly did then was bump threads I found exciting or embarrassing to Clinton/Liberals.

Here is my favorite cartoon from 9/11. I hope we can submit it as a possible memorial statue to be made.

It made the rounds on the internet and I corrected the stripes as you see them in the one above, but I also colored it in like this:

I was pleased to see that someone in the Air Force took half of my colored version and made it the logo for their aircraft:

I was one of the Marines off the coast of Iran for the Hostage Rescue Attempt in 1980, and created a web page about it. Click here to visit that page