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  • Two New Polls Show Deepening Distrust of Trump-Trashing Press Corps

    06/22/2017 5:57:26 PM PDT · by ForYourChildren · 18 replies
    MRC NewsBusters ^ | 06/22/2017 | Tim Graham
    Two new polls demonstrate an ongoing, deepening distrust of the so-called “objective” news media, especially among Republicans. A new Rasmussen Reports poll published on Thursday found 76 percent of Republicans and 51 percent of voters not affiliated with either major political party believe most reporters are biased against the president, a view shared by only 24 percent of Democrats. Sixty-eight percent of GOP voters and a plurality (45 percent) of unaffiliateds think the media coverage of Trump is poor, but 49 percent of Democrats rate it as good or excellent.” The skepticism is growing deeper: “Fifty percent think most reporters...
  • Did The Polls Get The Handel/Ossoff Race Wrong?

    06/21/2017 2:15:52 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 62 replies
    Hotair ^ | 06/21/2017 | AllahPundit
    Say, wasn’t Ossoff supposed to win this race sort of handily? Two different polls taken over the past month had him leading by seven(!) points. Between May 10th and June 15th, he led in every poll tracked by RCP except one — and that one was tied. The polls blew it again!Well … not exactly. Per Sean Trende, note the trend below over the race’s final days, as Handel finally achieved liftoff:On June 12th Ossoff led comfortably, 49.8 to 45. One week later it was Handel 49.0 to Ossoff’s 48.8. She was actually a verrrrry slight favorite by the...
  • Some polling discussions from Twitter (good!)

    06/18/2017 5:54:09 PM PDT · by LS · 32 replies
    Zogby, Reuters via twitter ^ | 6/18/2017 | various tweets
    <p>Interesting discussion including a screenshot from 538 showing Trump 53% favorable, 41% unfavorable, and a new Reuters with a D+12 sample and Trump 51.9% favorable to 42% unfavorable.</p> <p>This is right in line with Rasmussen's 50%.</p> <p>But, as I maintain, if you exclude CA and NY, and look at 10-15 "battleground" states including FL and AZ, GOP voter registrations are marching upwards so D+12 is likely off by 13!!!</p>
  • Three Years Ago, Hollywood Liberals Verbally Assaulted Steve Scalise

    06/18/2017 6:11:47 AM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 6 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | June 18, 2017 | P.J. Gladnick
    Steve Scalise suffered a physical assault on June 14 as a result of being shot by a liberal Bernie Sanders supporter. However, few know that three years ago Scalise politely endured a verbal assault by enraged Hollywood liberals in the entertainment business. It was an example of the increasing rejection of civil discourse by the left leading ultimately to the recent baseball field violence we saw a few days ago. A June 16 Hollywood Reporter article by Paul Bond reveals the incident at the Los Angeles home of pollster Frank Luntz who held a soiree in the hopes of bringing together...
  • Pollsters miss mark again on Trump voters in Virginia Republican governor’s primary

    06/17/2017 2:48:36 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 45 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | June 17, 2017 | Stephen Dinan and Seth McLaughlin
    Pollsters had major trouble spotting the surge of support for Corey Stewart in Virginia’s Republican governor’s primary this week, suggesting they still can’t figure out how to successfully survey Trump supporters. Mr. Stewart, chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors and onetime Trump campaign chairman in Virginia, ran as the Trump figure in the race, pursuing an anti-establishment message that centered around a tough approach to illegal immigration. Polling — which was strikingly infrequent — showed Mr. Stewart failing to crack 20 percent support, trailing Ed Gillespie, the putative front-runner, by as much as 27 percent. In the...
  • Why You Should Be Skeptical About Polls on Impeaching Trump

    06/08/2017 4:04:01 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 16 replies
    Time Magazine ^ | June 7, 2017 | Jack Brewster
    The numbers are stark: Among registered voters in a Politico/Morning Consult poll at the end of May, 43% want Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump, up from 38% the week before. But experts say the polls may mean less than they appear to show. Three polls by CNN/ORC showed roughly similar numbers of adults—about 30%—wanted to impeach President Clinton in 1998, President Bush in 2006 and President Obama in 2014, even though the presidents were in very different circumstances. And Gallup polls from the Watergate era show a clear majority of Americans didn't support impeaching Nixon and removing...
  • Bloomberg: '55 percent chance' Trump will win reelection

    05/31/2017 3:41:15 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 15 replies
    The Hill ^ | May 31, 2017 | Jacqueline Thomsen
    Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg thinks there's a "55 percent chance" President Trump will be reelected in 2020. Bloomberg, who politically identifies as independent, told New York Times columnist Frank Bruni that he thought Democrats didn't have an effective message to win the 2016 election and could repeat that mistake in 2020. “Hillary said, ‘Vote for me because I’m a woman and the other guy’s bad,’” Bloomberg said about 2016. He said Democrats are still looking for issues and messages. And he worries that too many Democrats are eager to jump into the 2020 race. “They’ll step on...
  • Democrats are supposed to be fighting back, but they just keep losing (Schadenfreude alert)

    05/28/2017 2:25:52 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 18 replies
    The Seattle Times ^ | May 26, 2017 | Danny Westneat
    Donald Trump may be off to the worst start in presidential history, but recent polls and election results show Democrats are even more unpopular than he is. What’s wrong with the Democrats? Recently I ran into a Democratic operative who was adamant that his dispirited party’s stock is rising. It’s looking good, for example, that with all Trump’s troubles, the donkey party finally will win enough seats in special elections this fall to take control of our state’s Legislature from the Republicans. “If Democrats can’t win this year,” he vowed, “we should be abolished as a political party.” Might not...
  • POLL: Should President Trump’s lawyers screen his tweets?

    05/26/2017 10:51:47 PM PDT · by Jeff Chandler · 32 replies
    POLL: Should President Trump's lawyers screen his tweets? Yes, it would be the smart thing to do. No, let Donald be Donald.
  • DRUDGE: Trump Approval Pops To 48%

    05/24/2017 8:05:59 AM PDT · by Helicondelta · 52 replies ^ | May 24, 2017
  • After ‘Poll Testing’ Impeachment of Trump – Dems Backtrack on Impeachment Talk

    05/21/2017 10:34:05 AM PDT · by Mozilla · 47 replies
    The Gateway Pundit ^ | 5/19/17 | Jim Hoft
    For months since the election the only topic on the mainstream media (MSM) news outlets has been that President Trump somehow stole the election from Hillary Clinton by working in collusion with Russia. This fallacious argument is played around the clock by the MSM and discussed repeatedly ad nauseam by Democrats every chance they get. On Wednesday the headline of the Drudge Report was that Democrats felt they were finally at the place where they could poll test their efforts to impeach President Trump. Democrats can’t do anything without a poll. The Drudge Report’s headline linked to a report from...
  • Poll: Biden is top Dem in 2020 matchup with Trump

    05/19/2017 6:32:00 PM PDT · by GuavaCheesePuff · 47 replies
    The Hill ^ | May 16, 2017 | Max Greenwood
    Former Vice President Joe Biden fares best among Democrats in a hypothetical matchup against President Trump in 2020, according to a survey from the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling out Tuesday. Biden edges Trump by 14 points in a head-to-head race, 54 percent to 40 percent, but he's far from being the only Democrat with an edge on the president heading into the next election.
  • President's job approval rating rises after Comey canning (two nights of polling)

    05/11/2017 8:15:29 AM PDT · by Sidebar Moderator · 79 replies
    Rasmussen reports ^ | May 11, 2017 | Staff
    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 48% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Fifty-two percent (52%) disapprove. The latest figures include 28% who Strongly Approve of the way Trump is performing and 43% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -15. (see trends). Two-out-of-the-three nights in the latest survey follow the president’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey.
  • Trump will likely win reelection in 2020

    05/10/2017 6:40:06 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 31 replies
    The Houston Chronicle ^ | May 10, 2017 | Musa al-Gharbi, Columbia University |
    (THE CONVERSATION) Most Americans don’t like Trump. Trump will most likely be reelected in 2020. How can both of these statements be true? Here’s how: Even when people are unhappy with a state of affairs, they are usually disinclined to change it. In my area of research, the cognitive and behavioral sciences, this is known as the “default effect.” Software and entertainment companies exploit this tendency to empower programs to collect as much data as possible from consumers, or to keep us glued to our seats for “one more episode” of a streaming show. Overall, only 5 percent of users...
  • Why Trump is stronger than he looks: Repeated polling reveals trends that single sampling does not

    05/09/2017 7:37:06 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 30 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | May 9, 2017 | J.T. Young
    To paraphrase Mark Twain: Reports of President Trump’s political death “are greatly exaggerated.” Simply scanning approval ratings overlooks the many trends determining a president’s effectiveness and re-electability. Many of these favor Mr. Trump. As his 100-day milestone passed, the president’s lagging approval ratings were frequently cited. Two major problems exist with this point-in-time comparative approach: the moment when it is taken and to what it is compared. Considering the uniqueness of Mr. Trump’s campaign and presidency thus far, applying conventional measures to the unconventional is questionable. Rather than choosing just a single sample, an average over time offers a better...
  • Quick Poll: Who here believes in Mac's 20-something point lead over Le Pen the magnificent?

    05/06/2017 4:17:20 AM PDT · by George Rand · 91 replies
    Today | George Rand
    Who here believes Le Pen is down by 20 something points?
  • President Trump’s First 100 Days in Office

    04/27/2017 12:40:04 PM PDT · by Epoch Times · 3 replies
    Epoch Times ^ | April 27, 2017 | Stephen Gregory
    President Donald Trump recently tweeted that evaluating a president after the first 100 days in office was a “ridiculous standard.” In fact, there is widespread agreement that looking back at the accomplishments of a president from the vantage point of the first 100 days is arbitrary. But there are reasons for the nation to want to take stock of this new administration early and often. Trump’s election was a response to a silent crisis in our country—silent because our political and media establishments failed to address it.
  • No regrets: 100% approval at 100 days from these Trump voters

    04/25/2017 5:06:31 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 114 replies
    USA Today | April 25, 2017 | Josh Hafner and Susan Page
    Link only due to copyright issues:
  • Poll: Democrats More Out of Touch Than GOP, Trump

    04/24/2017 10:22:28 AM PDT · by blam · 26 replies
    The Washington Free Beacon ^ | 4-23-2017 | Charles Fain Lehman
    More Americans say the Democratic Party is "out of touch with the concerns of most Americans" than either the Republican Party or President Trump, according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll. According to the survey, 67 percent of those polled said the Democratic Party was "out of touch" with common American concerns, and only 28 percent said the party is "in touch." Six percent said they had no opinion. These numbers are similar to but worse than those for the Republican Party: 62 percent of those polled said they thought Republicans were out of touch, while 32 percent said...
  • Poll: Trump would beat Clinton in a rematch among 2016 voters

    04/23/2017 9:17:41 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 4 replies
    Hot Air ^ | April 23, 2017 | Allahpundit
    Good lord. It’s one thing to blow an election once, but to lose hypothetically to a guy with a 42 percent approval rating again? Is there no limit to the humiliation the Clintons will suffer at Trump’s hands? We’ll have our answer when Ivanka and Chelsea inevitably square off in 2024. The same ABC/WaPo poll found that when 2016 voters were asked who they actually did vote for last November, 46 percent said Clinton versus 43 percent who said Trump — the same number he gets in this hypothetical rematch. In other words, given the option of a do-over, virtually...