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  • CNN Hires Valerie Jarrett’s Daughter

    01/29/2017 2:32:48 AM PST · by DeathBeforeDishonor1 · 34 replies
    Free Beacon ^ | 1/27/17 | Bill mcmorris
    CNN has assigned the daughter of one of President Obama’s top advisers to cover the Department of Justice. The network announced in a press release that Valerie Jarrett’s daughter Laura would be one of four reporters to cover the Justice Department in 2017. The New York Post broke the news that Jarrett had been hired in September, though a formal announcement about her beat did not come until Thursday. Jarrett has long wanted to work in television news, though being an objective reporter was not her original goal. She told Vanity Fair in a 2009 “Bright Young Things” profile that...
  • WaPo: It's beyond debate that Donald Trump is unfit to be president

    09/26/2016 6:58:14 AM PDT · by Zakeet · 129 replies
    Washington Post ^ | September 25, 2016 | WaPoo Editorial Board
    DEMOCRAT HILLARY CLINTON and Republican Donald Trump will debate on national television for the first time Monday night, and the stakes could not be higher. The presidency and, by extension, the country's future - maybe the world's - could hinge on what they say and how they say it. Or so we have been told - in breathless pre-event speculation about everything from whether the moderator, NBC's Lester Holt, will intervene to correct a candidate who strays from the truth, to whether one candidate or the other will be able to goad his or her opponent into a campaign-altering gaffe...
  • Special Report with Bret Baier Tops Several Evening Newscasts [Networks LOSING to FOX!]

    12/04/2014 5:23:30 AM PST · by SoFloFreeper · 46 replies
    Media Bistro ^ | 12/2/14 | Damon Marx
    According to Nielsen, FOX News Channel’s Special Report with Bret Baier surpassed ABC’s World News Tonight with David Muir in five key markets across the country in household viewers including Baltimore, Jacksonville, Ft. Myers, Providence and St. Louis. As a cable news program, this is quite an impressive feat for Special Report, as its rival World News Tonight is a broadcast program. With more than a double-digit advantage over Muir, Special Report easily beats World News Tonight. Baier also outperforms the broadcast program CBS’ Evening News with Scott Pelley in both Atlanta and Austin in household viewers. In cable news,...
  • Fox News columnist rips Pope Francis, loses Catholic News Service gig

    12/07/2013 7:43:01 PM PST · by ebb tide · 170 replies
    Religion News Service ^ | December 6, 2013 | David Gibson
    Fox News columnist rips Pope Francis, loses Catholic News Service gig Adam Shaw, an editor for the Fox News website, has been taking a lot of heat, even from some conservatives, for a rip-roaring assessment of the pope’s recent apostolic exhortation. His column is titled: “Pope Francis is the Catholic Church’s Obama – God help us,” which gives you a sense of where Shaw was coming from. But if Shaw’s Fox job is safe — hey, when Rush Limbaugh is blasting the pontiff anyone else looks tame — his other gig, as a film and video game reviewer for Catholic...
  • CNN Boss Talks Programming, ‘Objective’ Nature of Network

    07/23/2013 1:15:02 PM PDT · by topher · 18 replies
    Variety ^ | 7-23-2013 | Brian Steinberg
    CNN topper Jeff Zucker’s plans for the network might be summed up by the following: Everything needs to change, but much of it is going to remain the same. In a brief but wide-ranging interview at a summit held by Fortune magazine Tuesday, the CNN Worldwide president indicated that the cable-news network would put much of its near-term focus on both mobile assets as well as its primetime television lineup. At the same time, the executive said he was mindful of the revenue generated by CNN’s TV operations and suggested the network would strive for objectivity in its news presentation,...
  • The New York Times Won’t Report The News

    09/12/2012 2:28:53 PM PDT · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 3 replies ^ | Sept. 11, 2012 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    The New York Times (and liberal media generally) have two ways of dealing with news they don’t like. Stories can be ingeniously “spun” so their significance is dimmed. The main facts might be mentioned; but the emphasis is expertly shifted and important details are placed toward the end. Opposing testimony is featured throughout. The “spun” story, a murmur of its prior self, is then buried on a back page. A more radical, more Orwellian technique is to pretend that the story never happened. News is thus “disappeared.” Savor the irony. A vast organization--allegedly set up to find news--ends up functioning...
  • The Media Are Objective. And This ABC Reporter’s Tweet May Leave You Needing a Shower.

    09/06/2012 9:22:46 AM PDT · by xzins · 24 replies
    Red State ^ | 6 Sep 12 | Jeff Emanuel
    Remember the media’s rush to immediately call out “lies” after last week’s Republican National Convention speeches? Compare the scrutiny (and repetition of Obama campaign tweets and emails) given last week with this tweet from ABC News’s Senior Washington Editor, posted during former president Bill Clinton’s DNC address: this speech was a living, breathing organism. the crowd, the hall, the speech, one. #DNC2012 — Rick Klein (@rickklein) September 6, 2012 Is there any question why the absurd claim of media “objectivity” is being treated more and more like the badly-delivered joke it is by the American public? Read More >> Over...
  • Speaking of hyperventilating

    06/24/2010 9:45:49 PM PDT · by JLS · 3 replies · 1+ views ^ | 24 June 2010 | Mark Steyn
    In his scathing attacks on Fox News, Don Newman sounds a bit bombastic himself Fox News? Oh, c’mon, everyone knows it’s a “minaret for America First prejudice” and “hyperventilated extremism” “screeching to the converted” with “the none-too-bright persona of the schoolyard bully.” So says Christopher Dornan, director of something called the Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs at Carleton University, writing in the Toronto Star. Naturally, the news that Quebecor is planning a Fox of the North has horrified non-screechy fellows like professor Dornan. According to CBC eminence Don Newman, it’s “the absolute last thing this country needs.” No hyperventilating...
  • We ( journalists ) talk about policy because it's what we care about and cover

    03/14/2010 5:21:43 AM PDT · by Halfmanhalfamazing · 8 replies · 452+ views
    Morning Edition ^ | March 8th | Cokie Roberts (great pull quote)
    ROBERTS: Well, the Iraq war certainly played into it and people were very fed up with the Republican leadership. But the fact is that, you know, we here analyzing these elections tend to talk a lot about policy because it's what we care about and cover, but there is this tendency of both parties to overreach when they get all of the power - the - get both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. That was part of the reason, that sense that the Democrats were overreaching, in 1994, that they lost the House of Representatives then, after decades. But it was...
  • The Real Way to Save the Planet (AGW, Popper and falsifiability )

    02/03/2010 5:35:06 PM PST · by Para-Ord.45 · 6 replies · 422+ views ^ | February 3 2010 | Paul Johnson
    When I was an undergraduate the philosopher I studied most carefully was Karl Popper, especially his writings on the evaluation of evidence and criteria to distinguish a genuine scientific theory from a false one. He made two key points. First, a theory must include the falsifiability principle. It must be susceptible to empirical tests and, if it fails to meet them, be scrapped. He gave as an example of a genuine theory Einstein's General Relativity of 1915. Einstein insisted that it must survive three practical tests, and if it failed any one of them be dropped as untrue. In fact...
  • Charlie Gibson Says He's Leaving Because Objectivity's Passe -- But He Loved Puffing Ted Kennedy?

    12/14/2009 10:40:58 AM PST · by Justaham · 31 replies · 1,111+ views ^ | 12-14-09 | Tim Graham
    Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz presented quite a paradox in a Charlie Gibson profile Monday. The retiring ABC World News anchor said that "it’s time to move on" since objectivity is "less of a marketable commodity." But Kurtz also underlined how Gibson dared to keep airing live coverage of Ted Kennedy’s funeral until they were able to broadcast the reading of Ted Kennedy’s letter to Pope Benedict. These passages came late in the article: Gibson worries whether broadcast networks will be able to support sizable editorial staffs in an era of declining audiences, when cable news channels are louder...
  • Why Does Every Thread (apparently) Start with an ant-Romney Ad? (a vanity post, but sincere)

    12/01/2009 8:38:13 AM PST · by Clique · 375 replies · 6,716+ views
    clique | clique
    Let me be clear: I don't like Romney. I wouldn't vote for Romney. I hope he never runs for President, and if he tries, I hope he never gets the nomination. In other words -- I don't like Romney! However, -- I am tired of having to scroll past an anti-Romney ad as the #1 entry on every article lately. Why does every post start with an anti-Romney ad? As far as I know, he isn't even running for anything right now. In fact, why should every article begin with an anti-Anyone ad? I've always considered most Freepers to be...
  • Jake Tapper: an ABC News Real Reporter

    11/01/2009 4:01:10 AM PST · by Scanian · 10 replies · 1,352+ views
    The American Thinker Blog ^ | October 31, 2009 | Lee Cary
    ABC News fields at least one real reporter. He’s White House correspondent Jake Tapper. Most AT readers, like many Americans, are thoroughly convinced that the legacy media reports with a bias toward Obama and the policies of his administration. So, when a notable exception surfaces, it’s only right that he or she be acknowledged. Jake Tapper has a front row seat at the White House (WH) briefings. He shows all the signs of being a for-real reporter. Here’s visual evidence of that. Remember the cell phone irruption episode back on May 19th during one of Robert Gibbs’ press conferences before...
  • Time: Cronkite, the 'Patron Saint of Objectivity' -- Well, Actually, Thankfully, No

    07/18/2009 9:01:08 PM PDT · by Stoat · 13 replies · 906+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | July 16, 2009 | Tim Graham
    Time: Cronkite, the 'Patron Saint of Objectivity' -- Well, Actually, Thankfully, No By Tim Graham (Bio | Archive) July 18, 2009 - 09:02 ET     Most Americans who were born before 1970 remember Walter Cronkite as a towering figure of TV news. I remember being riveted to the set during his final newscast in 1981. But one grand claim about Cronkite should not stand: that he was "TV’s patron saint of objectivity," as Time TV writer Jim Poniewozik wrote in a tribute. Even Poniewozik can’t stick with that claim. He went on to honor Cronkite for trusting his...
  • Post shoots self in ethical foot (Marketing ploy backfires on Post)

    07/03/2009 8:12:17 AM PDT · by La Lydia · 21 replies · 676+ views
    Washington Times ^ | July 3, 2009 | Jennifer Harper
    A marketing scheme backfired on The Washington Post on Thursday, forcing the newspaper into uncharacteristic mea culpa mode. A headline in The Post itself tells all: "The Post's 'Salon' Plan: A Public Relations Disaster." In an age of excruciating transparency, revelations that the newspaper planned to pair up political insiders, business leaders, Obama administration officials and Post reporters for cozy, off-the-record "salons" at the home of publisher Katharine Weymouth generated immediate, corrosive buzz -- and lots of reaction. A color publicity flier obtained by Politico revealed that The Post would charge up to $250,000 for these "collegial" encounters, billed as...
  • Who Needs Newspapers

    10/31/2008 10:27:47 PM PDT · by JoeA · 12 replies · 379+ views
    Hubpages ^ | 10/31/08 | jalfieri
    I love to read.I'll read anywhere: on the sofa, in a grocery checkout line, while I'm eating, in bed, when I wake up, in the backyard. And I'll read almost anything: novels, biographies, history, philosophy, religion; hardcover, softcover, magazines, comic books, flyers, cereal boxes, and matchbook covers. If it's printed, I'm happy to read it. But there's one thing that I'm about to give up reading, an important part of my life. It hurts me to say this, but I think I'm done with newspapers. I say this reluctantly, because it's long been part of my daily routine to enjoy...
  • The Myth of Objectivity

    03/10/2008 4:54:17 PM PDT · by forkinsocket · 8 replies · 404+ views
    Newsweek ^ | Mar 10, 2008 | Evan Thomas
    She tried to make a joke of it. At the debate in Cleveland last week, Hillary Clinton brought up a "Saturday Night Live" skit about journalists fawning over Barack Obama at a mock debate. "Maybe we should ask Barack if he's comfortable and needs another pillow," said Clinton. Humor is often a substitute for anger, and if Clinton wasn't all that funny, maybe it is because she is sore at the press for seeming to go easier on her opponent. She has a point, but the truth about the media and the campaign cannot be caricatured simply as the deification...
  • New York Times worries about Wall Street Journal's objectivity

    08/02/2007 6:35:02 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 89 replies · 1,746+ views
    New York Times ^ | August 2, 2007
    Notes About Competition All of us who care about journalism will be watching for any sign that news coverage at The Wall Street Journal is being slanted to curry political or economic favor.
  • Citizenship in a Republic

    09/19/2006 6:42:46 AM PDT · by conservatism_IS_compassion · 10 replies · 402+ views
    Theodore Roosevelt Association ^ | April 23, 1910 | Theodore Roosevelt
    "It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement,...
  • Rush Is Right About Liberal Arrogance

    09/15/2006 1:46:00 PM PDT · by conservatism_IS_compassion · 32 replies · 1,225+ views
    vanity ^ | 9/15/06 | conservatism_IS_compassion
    This is my suggestion to Rush Limbaugh on critiqueing the arrogance of liberalism: Your 9/14/06 rant about liberal "arrogance" was of course dead on . . BUT. Why can they be SO VERY arrogant? How can they get away with it? The DriveBy Media is "their willing accomplices," of course..But WHY? Remember, Friedman pointed out a year or so ago that the media don't follow liberals but rather, LIBERALS FOLLOW THE MEDIA. Specifically, "objective" journalism - the DriveBy Media.. The DriveBy Media constitute an entity because although they are many organs - CBS, ABS, NBS, NYTimes BS, etc - it...
  • A reporter's take on the Anglican battles

    06/26/2006 6:29:33 AM PDT · by fgoodwin · 2 replies · 458+ views
    Scripps Howard News Service ^ | 21-JUN-06 | TERRY MATTINGLY
    A reporter's take on the Anglican battles By TERRY MATTINGLY Scripps Howard News Service 21-JUN-06 Anyone who follows what Ruth Gledhill has to say at her "Articles of Faith" Web site knows that she has strong religious opinions. This is especially true when it comes to Anglican battles. Here is her take on the challenge facing Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams after U.S. Episcopalians elected Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori as Anglicanism's first female archbishop and then refused to retreat on homosexual issues. Will the Anglican Communion shatter, with Third World conservatives pitted against modernists in Europe and America?...
  • Obliterating Objectivity

    10/16/2005 1:26:14 PM PDT · by rellimpank · 9 replies · 279+ views
    Las Vegas Review-Journal ^ | 16 Oct 05 | Thomas Mitchell
    THOMAS MITCHELL: Obliterating objectivity with a single verb Objectivity is abnormal. It goes against all natural human proclivities to observe, organize, conclude and choose sides. Yet journalists hold up the concept as holy writ. For a newspaper that is trying to reach as broad an audience as possible, objectivity is a worthy and laudable goal. Advertisement But I'll be the first to concede it is one we do not always achieve.
  • Is Abortion and Illegal Migrationm Linked?

    09/04/2005 10:58:34 AM PDT · by eakole · 1 replies · 361+ views
    9/4/05 | eakole
    Is Abortion and Illegal Migrationm Linked? Accidents do not happen, because every physical event has a physical cause. The birth of a galaxy or a human being, does not happen without cause. Whatever the phenomenon, nothing happens without some "retrospective coherent" event. The actual cause may be obscure or unrecognizable, but the principle of cause and effect is always operative. Still, lacking total knowledge, we will attempt to remedy our problems even when the quality of our information is imprecise and superficial. Because we are constantly adding to our store of knowledge, the "retrospective coherent" events become less chaotic and...
  • Hoover's Institution

    07/22/2005 12:44:16 PM PDT · by radar101 · 5 replies · 712+ views
    Only a few weeks before the 1964 election, a powerful presidential assistant, Walter Jenkins, was arrested in a men's room in Washington. Evidently, the president was concerned that Barry Goldwater would use that against him in the election. Another assistant, Bill Moyers, was tasked to direct Hoover to do an investigation of Goldwater's staff to find similar evidence of homosexual activity. Mr. Moyers' memo to the FBI was in one of the files. When the press reported this, I received a call in my office from Mr. Moyers. He was outraged; he claimed that this was another example of the...
  • These Quotes Reveal The Credulity Of Evolutionists

    07/02/2005 7:47:33 PM PDT · by DaveLoneRanger · 63 replies · 7,644+ views
    "There are only two possibilities as to how life arose; one is spontaneous generation arising to evolution, the other is a supernatural creative act of God, there is no third possibility. Spontaneous generation that life arose from non-living matter was scientifically disproved 120 years ago by Louis Pasteur and others. That leaves us with only one possible conclusion, that life arose as a creative act of God. I will not accept that philosophically because I do not want to believe in God, therefore I choose to believe in that which I know is scientifically impossible, spontaneous generation arising to evolution."...
  • The Jews have a mission: Judeo-Christian values

    05/10/2005 5:43:46 AM PDT · by Red Sea Swimmer · 8 replies · 574+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | May 10, 2005 | Dennis Prager
    Ask believing Christians – probably from as young as 8 years of age – what their mission as Christians is, and it is overwhelmingly likely they will answer, "to bring people to Christ" or "spread the Gospel." Ask any non-Christian what the Christian mission is, and you will get the same answer. Just about everyone, Christian or non-Christian, knows the Christian mission. Now ask any Jew, religious or secular, "What is the Jewish mission?" and the most likely response will be: "What do you mean?" Most religious Jews rarely talk about a Jewish mission. Rather, they are preoccupied with survival:...
  • Judaism as Rational, Judaism as Truth

    04/14/2005 12:59:35 PM PDT · by Zionist Conspirator · 7 replies · 378+ views
    The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles ^ | 4/15/'05 | David Klinghoffer
    Passover, now upon us, apart from being an occasion for family reunions and indigestion is the right time for a more serious activity: I mean, reflecting on the claim that our religion is highly rational and even the claim that Judaism is “true.” Far from being ethnic chest thumping, this assertion of truth can be defended with a straight face. I realize I’m inviting controversy, not least among Jews. We live in a funny world, as I’m frequently reminded when speaking to audiences at bookstores and synagogues about my book, “Why the Jews Rejected Jesus.” The book addresses Christian proofs...
  • Objective Journalism And Hen's Teeth: In search of the impossible

    01/28/2005 8:01:07 PM PST · by ekidsohbelaas · 19 replies · 377+ views ^ | 29 January 2005 | Fred Reed
    I get email from people who say they wish that journalists would engage in objective coverage of the war in Iraq. They are always indignant and often bitter, but they mean opposite things. Those against the war assert that the fascist press is slanted in favor. Those in favor assert that the leftist press is slanted against. All agree that reporters are reprehensible. I wonder whether either group has any idea what it is talking about. When people say that they want the press to be objective, they usually mean that they want reporters to cheerlead for their point of...
  • Giving Terror a Boost

    11/05/2004 7:05:09 AM PST · by stevejackson · 2 replies · 433+ views ^ | November 5, 2004 | Daniel Mandel
    Do the media give aid and comfort to terrorists by giving their violence maximum exposure and impact at times while sanitizing the perpetrators and tainting their victims at others? It is standard procedure for many media outlets to describe the perpetrators of terrorist acts - the premeditated slaughter of civilians - with a range of euphemisms, "militants" being the most common. Thus, The New York Times can headline a report on the killing of a hostage as "Iraq Militants Said to Behead a Truck Driver From Bulgaria." Similarly, terrorists killed in a military strike can be described in another as...
  • Why a Chosen Nation?

    11/04/2004 8:49:58 AM PST · by Zionist Conspirator · 6 replies · 316+ views
    The Redneck Rastafarian ^ | 11/04/"'04" | The Redneck Rastafarian (Zionist Conspirator)
    Judaism is perhaps the most universally acknowledged religion. At least two other religions admit that G-d Himself once spoke to the Jewish Nation on Mt. Sinai and entered into a covenant with it, and one of those two religions actually includes the Book of that Covenant in its own scriptures. Even a Catholic book in my possession which purports to "prove" the truth of Catholicism by its founder (J*sus) vis a vis the various Protestant churches by theirs (Luther, etc.) lists the founder of Judaism as "G-d." Since the truth of Judaism is so widely acknowledged, what is it that...
  • BBC sending journalists to classes on “balance”

    04/18/2004 9:43:37 AM PDT · by coldcall · 19 replies · 518+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | April 18th 2004 | Michael Morris & Thomas Lifson
    The BBC appears to realize that it has serious problem with its left-wing bias. Regrettably, the Beeb is not publicly acknowledging the problem, and is keeping secret its internal response. Even more regrettably, the action it is taking to remediate the problem is likely to be completely ineffectual. As reported by the Sunday Times (UK) today, the BBC is secretly sending all their news journalists on courses to learn “impartiality”. "Those who have attended say that the aim is to encourage reporters and producers to think outside the “left-leaning liberal” mentality with which many associate the corporation and to make...
  • Continued Discourse on "An Objective Filosofy of Linguistics"

    01/26/2004 12:02:24 PM PST · by G. Stolyarov II · 18 replies · 342+ views
    The Rational Argumentator ^ | January 5, 2004 | G. Stolyarov II
    I have established a new thread concerning this article at the request of other Free Republic members wishing to continue its discussion. See the original post at,50
  • An Objective Filosofy of Linguistics

    01/22/2004 10:49:07 AM PST · by G. Stolyarov II · 67 replies · 545+ views
    The Rational Argumentator ^ | January 5, 2004 | G. Stolyarov II
    In this essay I shall be implementing an orthografic innovation: at all instances in which the combination “ph” is part of a word and is pronounced as “f,” it shall be spelled as “f.” (For example, “phenomenon” shall become “fenomenon.”) Where the “p” and “h” sounds are actually pronounced, they shall be represented as such (For example, “uphold” shall remain spelled as formerly). This adjustment shall apply to all words other than proper names and components of titles of other men’s written works. Rationally speaking, this reform can dispel considerable confusion. For example, what, in the status quo, can prevent...
  • Is there absolute objectivity?

    12/26/2003 8:32:48 AM PST · by WaterDragon · 14 replies · 226+ views
    Jewish World Review ^ | December 26, 2003 | Rabbi Hillel Goldberg
    When I was in college, I was often doing what I wasn't supposed to. Do you know people who need to study for a test and can sit for four hours straight, methodically reviewing one fact after the next, never taking their mind off their notes? Their attention never wavers. My attention always wavered. Whenever I went to the library to get the book I needed, I was fascinated by the book next to it, or a few books over. Suddenly they seemed much more important than the book I was supposed to read. When I was supposed to be...
  • The Cult of Objectivity--Hypocrisy on 'terrorism' gives lie to media's self-image

    10/13/2003 5:42:41 AM PDT · by SJackson · 4 replies · 187+ views
    Jewish World Review ^ | 10-13-03 | Jonathan Tobin
    The headline across the front page of The New York Times on what was for Jews, their Day of Atonement, told its readers all they needed to know about the Arab-Israeli conflict. "Israel Attacks What It Calls a Terrorist Camp in Syria," the gray lady screamed on Monday, Oct. 6. By using the phrase "what it calls," the Times left no doubt about its opinion of the credibility of the claim, and the rights and wrongs of the conflict. The same article could have been headlined something that was actually neutral about the story, like "Israel Attacks Syrian Base" or...
  • A call to re-embrace journalistic objectivity

    09/26/2003 10:23:31 AM PDT · by JohnHuang2 · 200+ views ^ | Friday, September 26, 2003 | Bob Kohn
    Would it be too controversial to disagree with Rush Limbaugh on one small point? Last Thursday, Rush was talking about a conversation he had with Robert L. Bartley, editor emeritus of the Wall Street Journal. Bartley apparently repeated his view – which he recently expressed in a WSJ editorial, titled "The Press: Time for a New Era?" – that the recent journalistic scandals at the BBC and the New York Times have demonstrated that "objectivity is dead." That may be true, insofar as the BBC and the Times is concerned, but he went on to suggest in his column and...
  • The Disgrace of the BBC

    08/15/2003 9:09:45 PM PDT · by Pokey78 · 19 replies · 346+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | 08/25/03 | Josh Chafetz
    Unfair, unbalanced, and afraid. Oxford, EnglandEVERY YEAR, every household in Britain with a color television set has to pay a licensing fee of approximately $187. The resulting $4.3 billion constitutes 90 percent of the annual $4.8 billion domestic broadcasting budget of the British Broadcasting Corporation. Inspectors from the TV Licensing Agency patrol neighborhoods using wireless detectors to attempt to pick up the "local oscillator" signal from a television in use. Anyone caught using a TV without a license is subject to a fine of up to $1,600. It doesn't matter if you watch TV once a month; it doesn't matter...
  • Times answers readers' call for accountability

    08/15/2003 8:24:06 PM PDT · by optimistically_conservative · 167+ views
    Within the rarified ranks of the nation's public editors -- you can count us on a full complement of toes and fingers, with a few extra digits for good measure -- a major player is about to arrive. After years of contending such a position was not necessary, The New York Times announced last week it is about to hire its first public editor. The search is on, the Times said, for the right person to perform the job on a one-year, "experimental" basis. Thank you, Jayson Blair, for the Times' epiphany on the road to renewed credibility. It couldn't...
  • The BBC's Sexed-up Report

    08/13/2003 9:05:41 PM PDT · by Pokey78 · 9 replies · 273+ views
    Opinion Journal ^ | 08/14/03 | editorial board
    <p>The worst thing that can be said of a serious news organization is that it is cavalier about reporting the truth as it understands it. Gain a reputation for political bias in reports billed as objective and you can be sure to lose the trust--and patronage--of a significant part of your audience. So only a media giant whose shareholders are under lock and key could be as sanguine as the British Broadcasting Corporation's senior management has been after this week's embarrassing revelations.</p>
  • (Boston) Globe writer barred from covering Newton (another double-standard unmasked)

    08/13/2003 12:08:02 PM PDT · by pabianice · 10 replies · 235+ views
    Metrowest Daily News ^ | 8/13/03 | Andrews
    NEWTON, MA -- A Boston Globe Correspondent who has written hundreds of articles about Newton for the newspaper is no longer allowed to write about the city due to "an apparent conflict of interest" (think Jayson Blaire -- Ed.) Newton conservatives say they have been complaining for three years that writer Gail Spector's work for the Globe's West Weekly section has been biased. But the paper did not take action until last week when editors say they learned that Spector, a Newton Highlands resident and the mother of children attending Newton's Countryside Elementary School, has served on the Countryside School...
  • News Media May Follow Fox From Objectivity To Partiality

    08/05/2003 8:07:26 PM PDT · by raybbr · 52 replies · 226+ views
    The Hartford Courant ^ | August 5, 2003 | By KEVIN CANFIELD, Courant Staff Writer
    <p>The nation's most powerful media organizations share one thing: They're all objective - or at least they say they are. Though everyone who gathers and reports news has his or her personal beliefs and biases, the biggest newspapers and the network news outfits all try to play to the middle. After all, that's where you'll find most readers and viewers.</p>
  • The Press: Time for a New Era?

    07/28/2003 4:40:09 PM PDT · by swilhelm73 · 5 replies · 252+ views ^ | Monday, July 28, 2003 12:01 a.m. EDT | ROBERT L. BARTLEY
    <p>With the New York Times and the British Broadcasting Corp. both in the soup, something big must be going on in journalism.</p> <p>Let me give you one view of what that is, based on watching my craft evolve over 30 years as a senior editor. I think we're coming to the end of the era of "objectivity" that has dominated journalism over this time. We need to define a new ethic that lends legitimacy to opinion, honestly disclosed and disciplined by some sense of propriety.</p>
  • The Press: Time for a New Era?

    07/27/2003 9:09:09 PM PDT · by Pokey78 · 15 replies · 1,146+ views
    Opinion Journal ^ | 07/28/03 | ROBERT L. BARTLEY
    <p>The BBC and New York Times scandals show that "objectivity" is dead.</p> <p>With the New York Times and the British Broadcasting Corp. both in the soup, something big must be going on in journalism.</p> <p>Let me give you one view of what that is, based on watching my craft evolve over 30 years as a senior editor. I think we're coming to the end of the era of "objectivity" that has dominated journalism over this time. We need to define a new ethic that lends legitimacy to opinion, honestly disclosed and disciplined by some sense of propriety.</p>
  • Nihilism

    05/05/2003 7:49:06 PM PDT · by G. Stolyarov II · 13 replies · 350+ views
    The Rational Argumentator ^ | May 5, 2003 | Michael Miller
    The 20th century is one of wars and dictatorships. It opened with the First World War, during which Communist dictatorship appeared on the European fringe in Russia, and following which Fascist and Nazi dictatorships arose in the heart of Europe. Then came the Second World War and the Cold War. Communist dictatorship spread to Asia, Africa and the Americas (Cuba). Even areas which hadn't arrived at dictatorship were well along the road. They suffered continuous erosion of citizens' rights. We must learn why! We must know the cause to find a cure. History is a record of human actions, and...