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  • Hospital was warned about cancer waiting list fiddling two years ago [Britain's NHS]

    11/07/2013 1:37:15 AM PST · by Cincinatus' Wife · 6 replies
    Telegraph UK ^ | November 7, 2013 | Laura Donnelly and Hayley Dixon
    Two junior clerical workers say they told NHS managers that they were being ordered to falsify data, so that it seemed that patients were being treated far more quickly than was the case. Police are considering whether to launch a criminal investigation after regulators the Care Quality Commission (CQC) found evidence that staff were put under pressure to falsify data, leaving some patients waiting up to four months for urgent treatment. The chief inspector of hospitals has said lives may have been risked by “shocking” decisions taken at Colchester Hospital University Foundation trust to delay crucial treatment for cancer patients,...
  • Freezing, Dying Brits - More Liberal Dreams Ending In Death

    03/29/2013 8:34:34 AM PDT · by joeclarke · 15 replies
    JoeClarke.Net ^ | 03/29/2013 | JoeClarke.Net
    How many Brits will freeze to death this year in the United Kingdom? Evidently, from my viewing the weekly Parliament Questions to the Prime Minister, shown on C-SPAN, it does not matter a heck of a lot who may die because of a lack of home heating energy. What matters, even in the UK under the leadership of a "conservative" is, "Will the the United Kingdom be closing down its coal, gas, nuclear, and oil plants fast enough to satisfy the carbon taxing which will be accelerated in the coming months and years?" In November 2012, this headline hit the United Kingsom' Daily Mail, 24,000 Freeze To Death Last...
  • The NHS did not deserve to be so disgracefully glorified in this bonanza of left-wing propagand

    07/28/2012 11:12:05 AM PDT · by Mozilla · 40 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 7/28/12 | Rick Dewsbury
    The letters ‘NHS’ dazzled in bright red, like some triumphant advert. All around pranced self-indulgent nurses who had volunteered to take a few days off to be part of the ceremony. And how long did this shameful propaganda last for? A whole 15 minutes at the top of proceedings before viewers dozed off to the procession of banana republics and far-flung destinations nobody has ever heard of or even cares for. That such a politically divisive subject was included at all is utterly shocking. Not least because it glossed over the cracks in a system that is creaking at its...
  • 15-year-old schoolgirl died after 'doctor mistook tuberculosis for lovesickness'

    05/15/2012 2:22:23 PM PDT · by Red Badger · 59 replies
    Telegraph UK ^ | 05-14-2012 | Staff
    A 15-year-old schoolgirl died of tuberculosis after her bungling GP claimed she was 'lovesick', an inquest heard. Alina Sarag was seen by more than five doctors at four different hospitals but medics failed to detect the curable disease. Her distraught parents even called her GP more than 50 times about their daughter's ailing condition over a four-and-a-half month period before her death on January 6 last year. An inquest heard that her GP, Dr Sharad Shripadrao Pandit, accused her parents of "mollycoddling" her. Shockingly, he even claimed her symptoms were brought on because she was 'lovesick'. Her distraught father, Sultan...
  • ‘American Doctors For Truth’ Releases New Ad: Obama Throws Granny Off the Cliff (Video)

    03/20/2012 5:07:49 PM PDT · by Hojczyk · 23 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | March 20, 2012 | Jim Hoft
    American Doctors for Truth released a new Obamacare ad this week. In the ad President Barack Obama throws Granny off the cliff rather than give her the health care she needs – just like Obamacare! You can donate to this conservative group and help get the truth out about Obamacare here.
  • 2008 Romney: We will fight to get health care for all Americans

    02/29/2012 2:28:54 PM PST · by James Thomas · 6 replies
    THE rightscoop ^ | February 29, 2012 | Mitt Romney
    Our friend Andrew at Buzzfeed dug up something that should make America facepalm:
  • Texas Dems: Perry Puts Tea Party Ahead of Teachers

    11/04/2011 5:51:54 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 47 replies
    Insurance News Net ^ | November 3, 2011 | Texas Democratic Party
    AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 3 -- The Texas Democratic Party issued the following news release: According to data released by the Health and Human Services Department in October, retired teachers and retired state employees in Texas have been among the biggest beneficiaries of the early retirement provision of the health care law. The Teacher Retirement System of Texas received $70,629,796 from the feds to offer health insurance to early retirees, and the Employees Retirement system of Texas received $30,175,627. These two state entities are among the top 25 beneficiaries of this provision of the health care law in the country. More...
  • Mitt Romney to unveil national healthcare pitch

    05/10/2011 11:25:16 AM PDT · by GQuagmire · 36 replies
    Boston Herald ^ | May 10, 2011 | Hillary Chabot
    Former Bay State Gov. Mitt Romney will detail his proposal to reform health care Thursday in a speech meant to confront the biggest hiccup in his 2012 presidential bid — but he’s unlikely to renounce the Massachusetts health care reform he helped create.

    08/29/2010 2:09:57 PM PDT · by geraldmcg · 16 replies
    WebToday ^ | 8-29-10 | WebToday
    A Montana Senator admits to Writing Health care Bill but not Reading It. This is disgustingly typical of our fallen times. As a pundit who has been very skeptical of both Democrats and Republicans, Paul Owen has taken a very keen interest in the recent primaries. Of major concern to him – and many Americans – is that more establishment politicians are sent back to Washington. A prime example of the political establishment mindset has come courtesy of a town hall meeting held my Montana Senator Max Baucas (D) and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, in which the new health care...

    08/01/2010 4:04:04 AM PDT · by geraldmcg · 10 replies · 1+ views
    WebToday ^ | WebToday
    One of the unexpected side effects of Obama’s socialized medicine plan could be the state claiming the right to determine what you can eat or drink. When your good health becomes a matter of fiscal policy, you can predict the “fat police” stepping into your life, regulating nutrition as they see fit, and it appears early salvos in that battle are now sounding in Illinois. Murmurs from “public interest groups” located in the Land of Lincoln are suggesting a mandatory state tax on sugary soft drinks that could potentially raise the price of high calorie sodas by one or two...
  • Liberty Or Debt

    03/19/2010 4:33:29 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 43 replies · 893+ views ^ | March 19, 2010 | INVESTORS BUSINESS DAILY Staff
    States' Rights: Idaho requires its attorney general to sue the feds if ObamaCare passes while Virginia, the cradle of liberty, heads the line of states in front of the federal courtroom. Somewhere Patrick Henry is smiling. As the second coming of King George III seeks to impose the leftist mandate of national health insurance on the unwilling American people, the states are once again in revolt. This time they're unwilling to be the colonies of an imperial federal government determined to spend and tax us into bankruptcy while treating the Constitution as if it were bird cage liner. Is this...
  • when the dems screwed Hillary, they screwed america (Roseanne blames Soros)

    03/10/2010 12:30:28 AM PST · by tlb · 39 replies · 1,291+ views
    roseanneworld. ^ | March 6, 2010 | Roseanne Barr
    when the dems screwed Hillary, they screwed america out of health care and out of jobs. I knew it. I told you so. I got so sick to my stomach as I watched forty years of the work of women get washed down the drain by axelrod and emmanuel and dean, richardson kerry and kennedy. When Oprah, who knows nothing about politics and who never in twenty years did one show on the subject, put the final nail in the coffin of the health care candidate, i was stunned. I lost my faith in everything, including God. I had seen...
  • Federal healthcare is Illegal

    03/01/2010 8:30:04 AM PST · by Fester2010 · 22 replies · 730+ views
    Behind the smokescreen of congressional debate over proposed healthcare legislation is an undeniable yet unspoken fact. That is simply that federal healthcare is illegal. It is not authorized or permitted by the United States Constitution. The federal government does not have legal authority to take over the healthcare industry.

    02/25/2010 10:46:37 AM PST · by Typical_Whitey · 8 replies · 292+ views
    Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine
  • Bee welfare

    01/03/2010 7:39:15 AM PST · by Ge0ffrey · 2 replies · 354+ views
    New York Post ^ | January 3, 2010 | J.D. Bratten
    I know why one-third of all honeybees have stopped showing up at the hives (“To Bee or Not To Bee? Alison Benjamin, PostScript, Dec. 27). The so-called stimulus bill expanded and extended unemployment and food-stamp benefits, so why work? The December Omnibus bill extended them again, and health care is now free for all bees that cannot afford it. The mysteriously missing bees could return to buzzing around, making honey for a living at the hive. But why risk being swatted with a new tax, because all that flapping would surely add to global warming. It just doesn’t pay to...
  • U.S. National Health Care Reform - Setting The Stage For The Anti - Christ

    12/21/2009 5:23:15 PM PST · by The Ignorant Fisherman · 17 replies · 636+ views
    In light of the Senate upcoming vote this week and the Red Democratic Party's victory in passing health care reform legislation in the House of Representatives. The cry and mantra we’re now hearing from the Obama administration and the Leftist Secular controlled Democratic Party is that we have to have a National Health Care bill passed and in place before the beginning of the summer congressional recess. The urgency and subtlety of this bill is quite telling. Some common tactics used by the Left are camouflage, deception, manipulation, connivery and demagoguery to get the agenda that they want. It is...
  • (Breast Cancer:) Rationing's First Step

    11/18/2009 5:06:31 PM PST · by raptor22 · 19 replies · 1,134+ views
    Investor's Business Daily ^ | November 17, 2009 | IBD staff
    Health Care: A government task force has decided that women need fewer mammograms and later in life. Shouldn't that be between patient and physician? We have seen the future of health care, and it doesn't work. We have warned repeatedly that the net results of health care bills before Congress will be higher demand, fewer doctors, more cost control, all leading to rationing. New recommendations issued by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) regarding breast cancer and the necessity for early and frequent mammograms do not convince us otherwise. Just six months ago, the panel, which works under the...
  • (UK) Doctors were told to practise on patients, says whistleblower

    11/18/2009 11:20:00 AM PST · by markomalley · 10 replies · 381+ views
    The Telegraph ^ | 11/18/2009
    Dr Otto Chan told a hearing in East London that some doctors at the Royal London Hospital were ''exposed'' to procedures that they were not trained for. He said: ''The department was going rapidly backwards, I had real serious concerns about patient care in relation to the training programme. ''The junior staff in our department were doing too much unsupervised work.'' Dr Chan added: ''The juniors were being exposed to procedures that they were clearly not trained to do.'' The radiologist said junior doctors were sometimes given notes on how to do a procedure and ''being told to go and...
  • Experts question motives of mammogram guidelines (Here comes healthcare rationing)

    11/16/2009 7:13:28 PM PST · by WeatherGuy · 26 replies · 1,076+ views
    Reuters ^ | Nov 16, 2009 | Julie Steenhuysen
    CHICAGO (Reuters) - Cancer experts fear new U.S. breast imaging guidelines that recommend against routine screening mammograms for women in their 40s may have their roots in the current drive in Washington to reform healthcare. Critics of the guidelines, issued on Monday by the U.S. Services Task Force, an independent panel sponsored by the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Quality, say the new guidelines are a step backward and will lead to more cancer deaths. Here are some of their concerns. * Dr Carol Lee, chairwoman of the American College of Radiology Breast Imaging Commission, said she fears insurers -- both...
  • If Obama Had Told Us Before His Election

    10/13/2009 8:44:16 AM PDT · by Servant of the Cross · 69 replies · 3,139+ views ^ | 10/13/2009 | Phyllis Schlafly
    If Barack Obama had campaigned on what he has actually done in his first 300 days in office, would he have been elected? That's the question so many are asking today. If Obama had told us he would appoint 34 czars, reporting only to himself and not vetted or confirmed in the constitutional way, building a powerful unitary executive branch of government, would he have been elected? What if he had told us that his green jobs czar had been a Communist, that the science czar wrote in a college textbook that compulsory "green abortions" are an acceptable way to...

    09/30/2009 8:30:49 PM PDT · by TheFreedomPoster · 259+ views
    THE FREEDOM POST ^ | September 30, 2009 | TheCapitalist
    Advocates of the so-called "public option" have used the example of the "competition" between the United States Postal Service (USPS) and private entities like FedEx and UPS, and between public and private universities, to allay fears that Americans' existing private health coverage would be threatened by a new government-run insurance plan. However, three key questions surrounding both of these analogies persist, and illustrate why private health plans could never compete on a level playing field with a government-run insurance program...
  • Fine and Prison For Not Buying Health Insurance

    09/28/2009 1:24:00 PM PDT · by Sasparilla · 29 replies · 1,735+ views
    Latest on Fox News Neal Cavuto Show. There's a new proposal for it to be a federal fine of $25,000 and a misdemeanor punishable for not more than one year for not buying health insurance. This is one hell of a "Tax Hike" for the middle class, Isn't it?
  • Vive Le French Care? (IBD Exclusive Series: Government-Run Healthcare: A Prescription For Failure)

    08/26/2009 5:33:10 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 26 replies · 932+ views
    IBD Editorials ^ | IBD Editorials | INVESTORS BUSINESS DAILY Staff
    Health Systems: Health care in France is often held up as a model the U.S. might follow. Yet the French have their own problems that show there's no such thing as a free lunch — or a free doctor's visit.Call it the grass-is-greener syndrome. Advocates of national health care, acknowledging the flaws in ObamaCare yet despising the current U.S. system that has the best medicines, the best medical equipment and the shortest waiting lists, have turned their eyes lovingly to places like France. As City Journal contributing editor Guy Sorman notes, the French would also love to have the low-cost,...
  • America is Waking up in 2009

    08/22/2009 2:04:02 PM PDT · by Jeff Head · 36 replies · 2,667+ views
    Youtube ^ | August 22, 2009 | Jeff Head
    Please watch this video and spread it around...and be encouraged! The slumbering giant is stirring and he's waking up madder than sin! AMERICA WAKING UP IN 2009 -
  • Obama Creates New White House Healthcare Propaganda Website

    08/10/2009 10:25:39 AM PDT · by Sasparilla · 8 replies · 505+ views
    Obama has a new sequel to the snitches hotline. On the new White House "Health Insurance Forum Reality Check" site, Linda Douglass of the White House Office of Health Reform tries to "debunk" the "myth" that reform will force you out of your current insurance plan or force you to change doctors. She says, "To the contrary, reform will expand your choices, not eliminate them." Actually, Barack Obama and Linda Douglass seem to forget that computers keep great records and never forget any of Obama's past remarks in speeches and off the cuff remarks. Obama, speaking at the SEIU conferencre...
  • Putting the Government in Charge: Why America Should Avoid Europe's Mistakes (Daniel Hannan)

    08/07/2009 2:09:34 PM PDT · by iowamark · 3 replies · 352+ views
    C-Span ^ | 08/06/2009 | Daniel Hannan
    Date: August 6, 2009 Time: 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon Speaker(s): Daniel Hannan Member of the European Parliament, South East England Host(s): Sally McNamara Senior Policy Analyst in European Affairs, Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, The Heritage Foundation Details: Location: The Heritage Foundation's Allison Auditorium On March 24, 2009, Daniel Hannan became an overnight internet sensation when a YouTube recording of his three-minute speech responding to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s remarks before the European Parliament went viral. As the most viewed video for two days running and with over 2.4 million hits to date, Dan Hannan’s speech opposing higher...
  • Let's Just Set All The Elderly Outside in The Wintertime

    08/06/2009 6:14:52 AM PDT · by Sasparilla · 6 replies · 294+ views
    "Let's Just Set All The Elderly Outside in The Wintertime." Obama can give them a rocking chair, a blanket and a thermos of hot chocolate. It was good enough for Eskimos years ago. Its good enough for Obama's healthcare program. Obama wants to freeze out the elderly from health care. Older Americans have every reason to be afraid of Obama's National healthcare. In fact, every American should be concerned, because we will all eventually fall into the "Outside with them in the wintertime!" philosophy of Barack Obama and the Democrats. Many senior citizens know that their healthcare will be rationed....
  • Tactical Retreat, Not Waterloo, On ObamaCare

    07/30/2009 6:05:23 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 23 replies · 758+ views
    IBD Editorials ^ | July 30, 2009 | CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER
    Yesterday, Barack Obama was God. Today, he's fallen from grace, the magic gone, his health care reform dead. If you believed the first idiocy — and half the mainstream media did — you'll believe the second. Don't believe either. Conventional wisdom always makes straight-line projections. They are always wrong. Yes, Obama's aura has diminished, in part because of overweening overexposure. But by year's end he will emerge with something he can call health care reform. The Democrats in Congress will pass it because they must. Otherwise, they'll have slain their own savior in his first year in office. But that...
  • Is Euthanasia Included in National ‘Health Care’ Reform?

    07/20/2009 6:57:11 PM PDT · by tcg · 22 replies · 1,821+ views
    Catholic Online ^ | 7/21/09 | Deacon Keith Fournier
    Betsy McCaughey is a patient advocate, the founder of the “Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths” and a former lieutenant governor of New York. She was interviewed Monday morning by former Senator Fred Thompson. In that interview she claimed that this same “Health Care Reform” would require that anyone on Social Security undergo a mandatory counseling session every five years. After receiving that ninth E-mail on this matter, I actually listened to the entire interview. Frankly, it was deeply disturbing. Her further claim is that this mandatory counseling would include a discussion of what are euphemistically called “end of life” options.As...

    07/20/2009 6:45:37 PM PDT · by TheFreedomPoster · 3 replies · 301+ views
    THE FREEDOM POST ^ | July 20, 2009 | TheCapitalist
    PRESIDENT Obama promises that "if you like your health plan, you can keep it," even after he reforms our health-care system. That's untrue. The bills now before Congress would force you to switch to a managed-care plan with limits on your access to specialists and tests.
  • Health Care Expert Tells Levin Obama Claim You Can Keep Your Health Plan "is a Lie" - Audio 7/17/09

    07/18/2009 8:49:01 AM PDT · by Federalist Patriot · 11 replies · 709+ views
    Freedom's Lighthouse ^ | July 18, 2009 | BrianinMO
    Here is audio of Health Care Advocate Betsy McCaughey talking with conservative talk show host Mark Levin about the realities of the Health Care Plan being pushed by President Obama and the Democrats. She points out that on p. 15 of the Democrats 1,018 page plan, it says people with private care plans will be required to move to a government plan under many circumstances, making President Obama's promise that "if you like your health plan you can keep it," - a lie. The informaton she shares is chilling, and certainly not what most Americans know about this proposed plan....
  • Notice to Obama, Democrats and any Republicans foolish enough to vote for ObamaCare!

    07/17/2009 7:09:31 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 577 replies · 28,221+ views
    vanity | July 17, 2009 | Jim Robinson
    The unlawful federal government's takeover of the financial, banking and insurance industries was just a prelude to the planned complete unconstitutional Marxist takeover of all of America. Your nearly trillion dollar per month spending habits have bankrupted our country. You're running up our taxes and the national debt, saddling future generations with enslaving burdens of taxes and debt that they can never repay. You've taken over car manufacturing companies, illegally wiping out the stockholders, bondholders and distributors and awarding the remaining assets to the labor unions or other political cronies of your choice. You are wasting trillions of our hard...
  • Massachusetts in Suit Over Cost of Universal Care (prelude to Obambi Care)

    07/16/2009 4:37:24 AM PDT · by xtinct · 8 replies · 783+ views
    NYT ^ | 7/16/09 | ABBY GOODNOUGH
    BOSTON — A hospital that serves thousands of indigent Massachusetts residents sued the state on Wednesday, charging that its costly universal health care law is forcing the hospital to cover too much of the expense of caring for the poor. The hospital, Boston Medical Center, faces a $38 million deficit for the fiscal year ending in September, its first loss in five years. The suit says the hospital will lose more than $100 million next year because the state has lowered Medicaid reimbursement rates and stopped paying Boston Medical “reasonable costs” for treating other poor patients. “We filed this suit...
  • Why We Must Ration Health Care (You Must Die for the Greater Good- Peter Singer/NYT)

    07/15/2009 10:25:10 AM PDT · by nickcarraway · 52 replies · 2,437+ views
    New York Times ^ | July 19, 2009 | PETER SINGER
    You have advanced kidney cancer. It will kill you, probably in the next year or two. A drug called Sutent slows the spread of the cancer and may give you an extra six months, but at a cost of $54,000. Is a few more months worth that much? If you can afford it, you probably would pay that much, or more, to live longer, even if your quality of life wasn’t going to be good. But suppose it’s not you with the cancer but a stranger covered by your health-insurance fund. If the insurer provides this man — and everyone...

    07/09/2009 4:46:20 PM PDT · by TheFreedomPoster · 304+ views
    THE FREEDOM POST ^ | July 9, 2009 | TheCapitalist
    Listen to the Reagan - Obama debate...Ronald Reagan blows away Barack Obama on socialism, healthcare, the Consititution and Liberty.
  • Boehner Says Speaker Pelosi’s Cap & Trade and Health Care Will Make It Impossible to Create Jo

    07/08/2009 10:57:02 AM PDT · by TheFreedomPoster · 23 replies · 1,245+ views
    THE FREEDOM POST ^ | July 7, 2009 | TheCapitalist
    “So we are killing jobs with every proposal we see here. The first thing we should do here is practice the Hippocratic Oath. First, do no harm. Let’s get rid of the national energy tax idea, let’s get rid of the idea of raising taxes on this big government takeover of health care that will make it impossible to create jobs and it will cost Americans millions of additional jobs.”
  • Obama's Latest Broken Campaign Promise/Lie

    06/30/2009 8:49:51 AM PDT · by Sasparilla · 4 replies · 295+ views
    Obama blasted McCain for his desire to tax health insurance benefits. Now, he wants to do the same thing. Obama said in 2008, "John McCain's health care plan "leaves you on your own to pay McCain’s health insurance tax." It was a horrible tax when McCain wanted it, but now its another urgent crisis to be met by Obama's brilliance. This exclusion is your biggest tax benefit. There are billions in government revenue waiting to be stripped from American pockets. Obama's latest effort is to be "fairer and more equitable" for everyone in order to fund "free" national healthcare for...

    06/25/2009 6:03:55 PM PDT · by TheFreedomPoster · 240+ views
    THE FREEDOM POST ^ | June 25, 2009 | TheCapitalist
    852 - Pages in the bill 120 million - Number of individuals who could lose their current coverage as a result of the government-run plan reimbursing at Medicare rates created in the bill, according to non-partisan actuaries at the Lewin Group 4.7 million - Number of jobs that could be lost as a result of taxes on businesses that cannot afford to provide health insurance coverage, according to a model developed by Council of Economic Advisors Chair Christina Romer
  • Who’s funding the Obamacare Astroturf campaign?

    06/25/2009 6:42:44 AM PDT · by coachep95 · 23 replies · 529+ views
    If you believe the White House, there are 30 million Americans who support a government health care takeover. But if you look at the funding behind the Obamacare Astroturf campaign, it’s the same few Leftist billionaires, union bosses, and partisan community organizers pushing the socialized medicine agenda. Let’s connect the dots
  • Need some healthcare help----Vanity

    06/24/2009 6:09:11 PM PDT · by mockingbyrd · 82 replies · 1,754+ views
    June 24, 2009 | mockingbyrd
    So I am in an online discussion with a couple of Canadians about health care. They maintain that their's is cheaper (they say their taxes are fairly comprable to ours) and that American health care is considered the worst system in the world and that very few Canadians actually seek treatment in America. They say we pay too much and that conservatives are just fear mongering when it comes to how bad Canadian health care is. Help me out here please.
  • Obama says gov't-run health insurance "makes sense"

    06/23/2009 11:08:07 AM PDT · by Kartographer · 48 replies · 1,284+ views
    Reuters ^ | 6/23/09 | Andrew Quinn
    President Barack Obama said on Tuesday he firmly believed that a government-run health insurance plan "made sense" in a broader overhaul of the U.S. healthcare system, and that private insurers should find ways to compete for clients.
  • Man's Broken Neck Misdiagnosed as Severe Headache

    06/22/2009 10:19:12 AM PDT · by Chet 99 · 23 replies · 1,040+ views
    A 31-year-old man who went to the hospital complaining of a headache was told to take a pain reliever and sent home. But after two more days of excruciating pain, Paul Curtis, of Carlingford, Australia, went back to the hospital to find he had a chip out of his spine and he could have severed his spinal cord, the Australian Associated Press reported. The hospital staff told Curtis they couldn’t give him an X-ray when he first arrived at the hospital because the radiology unit was closed for the evening.
  • Who Killed Health Care (This Time)? (State-run media author really pissed at Hussein)

    06/20/2009 6:35:39 PM PDT · by Libloather · 50 replies · 2,175+ views
    NBC ^ | 6/20/09 | ROBERT A. GEORGE
    Who Killed Health Care (This Time)?Upset of the year By ROBERT A. GEORGE Updated 8:16 PM EDT, Sat, Jun 20, 2009 Can this be happening before our very eyes? Can it truly be possible that despite the most popular Democrat in the White House in 45 years and commanding Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate (the latter nearly filibuster-proof), that the quest for the Holy Grail of politics -- a national health-care insurance program -- is likely to fail yet again? For the Nth time since Harry Truman first suggested the idea in 1945? That seems to be...

    06/19/2009 6:08:29 PM PDT · by TheFreedomPoster · 2 replies · 546+ views
    The Freedom Post ^ | June 19, 2009 | TheCapitalist
    Not being a medical expert myself, I've always wondered what a real medical doctor would think about Obamacare. So, I asked a qualified, experienced doctor what he thought of Obamacare:
  • VA officials grilled over botched colonoscopies

    06/17/2009 11:22:01 AM PDT · by Chet 99 · 27 replies · 963+ views
    ... Providing new details on the mistakes found at Miami's center, for example, the report said workers there didn't know for almost five years that they should have been sterilizing an irrigation part on an endoscope used for routine colonoscopies. They also weren't cleaning a water tube between each procedure as recommended by the manufacturer and were mistakenly attaching the water system to the scope during the colonoscopy instead of before, possibly allowing contamination of sterile components.
  • Government Health Care Won't Fly

    06/17/2009 3:18:49 AM PDT · by Scanian · 8 replies · 612+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | June 17, 2009 | Frank S. Rosenbloom, M.D.
    It is a common misconception that the free enterprise system is at fault for the current high cost of medical care in the US, a misconception that the current administration has no desire to refute. However, the government's regulatory and control practices are really at fault. Ever increasing and more punitive government and Medicare regulations set the standards for the actions of the private insurance companies. Sometimes, these can best be understood by analogy. Let's look at the airline industry hypothetically as it would operate if the government had as much control over it as it does over health care....
  • You Be Obama

    06/16/2009 9:42:52 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 29 replies · 760+ views
    New York Times ^ | June 15, 2009 | David Brooks
    Let’s say that you are President Obama. You’ve inherited a health care system that is the insane spawn of a team of evil geniuses from an alien power. Pay is divorced from performance. Users are separated from costs. Rising costs threaten to destroy your nation and everything you hold dear. Because you have a lofty perspective on things, you know there are basically two ways to fix this mess. There is the liberal way, in which the government takes over the health care system and decides who gets what. And then there is the conservative way, in which cost-conscious consumers...
  • Hospitals oppose Obama's Medicare, Medicaid cuts

    06/14/2009 8:02:39 AM PDT · by Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid! · 20 replies · 1,063+ views ^ | June 13, 2009 | CHARLES BABINGTON
    WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama said Saturday he wants to help pay for his health care overhaul by slowing Medicare and Medicaid spending, but hospitals, medical technicians and others are resisting. The high-stakes struggle over medical care is heating up as Obama declares the status quo unacceptable.
  • Key health care senators have industry ties

    06/12/2009 3:12:27 PM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 4 replies · 265+ views
    AP via Yahoo! News ^ | June 12, 2009 | By LARRY MARGASAK and SHARON THEIMER
    WASHINGTON – Influential senators working to overhaul the nation's health care system have investments and family ties with some of the biggest names in the industry. The wife of Sen. Chris Dodd, the lawmaker in charge of writing the Senate's bill, sits on the boards of four health care companies. Members of both parties have industry connections, including Democrats Jay Rockefeller and Tom Harkin, in addition to Dodd, and Republicans Tom Coburn, Judd Gregg, John Kyl and Orrin Hatch, financial reports showed Friday. Other publicly available documents show Mrs. Dodd last year was one of the most highly compensated non-employee...
  • Why Healthcare Is Killing America

    06/12/2009 1:17:52 PM PDT · by h20skier66 · 32 replies · 1,313+ views
    The Casey Report ^ | 6/12/2009 | Bud Conrad
    Healthcare is the biggest segment of our economy. In the debate over who should pay for what or, increasingly, for whom, most people don't stop to understand just how large a portion of our society's money is dedicated to healthcare. For some perspective, as a share of GDP, the U.S. spends about twice that of other advanced nations. This is an important reason why the U.S. is increasingly uncompetitive in global manufacturing. It is, for instance, the most important factor (besides poor management) that General Motors and Chrysler are going bankrupt.