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  • Deadly Mushrooms: Santa Cruz Protocol Is Becoming Known Internationally

    01/13/2017 10:05:06 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 21 replies
    Santa Cruz Sentinel ^ | 01/13/17 | Jondi Gumz
    Three hours after Dr. Todd Mitchell’s Dec. 3 flight from Beijing landed in San Francisco, a call demanded his immediate attention. Mitchell, 59, had spent two-and-a-half weeks in China, which has the most mushroom poisoning deaths in the world, sharing the treatment method he developed at Dominican Hospital. The call concerned a Santa Rosa hospital patient believed to have eaten deadly mushrooms. Principal investigator of an amatoxin mushroom poisoning clinical trial that has treated nearly 100 patients across North America in the past 10 years, Mitchell arranged for the patient’s overnight transfer to Dominican Hospital. This patient was the first...
  • In the Chappaqua woods, a search for Hillary Clinton

    12/17/2016 8:00:08 PM PST · by ButThreeLeftsDo · 72 replies
    WAPO ^ | 12/17/16 | Stephanie McCrummen
    The other day, Carol Meyer and her friend Ellen went walking in the woods of Chappaqua. For all they knew, they might see a coyote or some rare mushrooms or Hillary Clinton. “I just have a sense — ” said Ellen, putting on her gloves. “You think so?” said Carol, adjusting her scarf. A Clinton sighting was hardly unlikely. She and her husband were Chappaqua neighbors who enjoyed an invigorating, mind-clearing tromp in the local nature preserve as much as anyone else. And now, of course, she was back in town. Ellen had already seen her in the woods twice...
  • HELP, does anyone have the recipe for "Texas Roadhouse" Mushrooms?

    05/07/2014 3:58:12 PM PDT · by US Navy Vet · 16 replies
    7 May 2014 | US navy Vet
    Can anyone assist me?
  • Mushrooms used to clean up urban streams

    03/01/2014 1:27:55 PM PST · by neverdem · 4 replies
    Corvallis Gazette-Times ^ | January 20, 2014 | Anthony Rimel
    A local group is attempting to clean the waters in Corvallis’ Sequoia Creek — and potentially the Willamette River beyond it — using an unusual tool: mushrooms. The process used by volunteers with the Ocean Blue Project, an ecological restoration nonprofit, is to place mushroom spawn and a mixture of coffee grounds and straw in burlap bags that mushrooms can grow in, and then place the bags so that water entering storm drains will filter through them. The technique is attempting to take advantage of the natural ability of mycelium — the underground part of fungi — to break down...
  • Magic mushroom drugs could treat severe depression

    04/07/2013 10:47:57 AM PDT · by Jyotishi · 46 replies
    DNA ^ | Sunday, April 7, 2013 | ANI
    Drugs made from magic mushrooms could help treat people with severe depression, a new study suggests. Scientists believe that the chemical psilocybin, the psychedelic ingredient in magic mushrooms, can turn down parts of the brain that are overactive in severely depressive patients, the Guardian reported. The drug appears to stop patients dwelling on themselves and their own perceived inadequacies. However, a bid by British scientists to carry out trials of psilocybin on patients in order to assess its full medical potential has been blocked by red tape relating to Britain’s strict drugs laws. Professor David Nutt, professor of neuropsychopharmacology at...
  • Deadly mushroom chemistry

    03/17/2013 7:22:25 PM PDT · by neverdem · 61 replies
    Chemistry World ^ | 13 March 2013 | Emma Shiells
    Can you tell the difference between a tasty paddy straw mushroom and a toxic death cap? Emma Shiells talks to the experts about the potentially deadly chemistry hidden in those gills Death cap mushrooms are, as the name suggests, deadly © Science Photo LibraryOn a damp and drizzly autumnal morning you may think there are better places to be than foraging in the undergrowth of an orchard, but amateur mushroom hunters are sure to disagree with you. Martin Newcombe, an ecologist and fungi enthusiast, is one of those hooked.‘The fact that fungi can grow so quickly makes them fascinating,’ says...
  • Police: Teen Shoots Self In Attempt To Wake Up From Shroom-Induced Nightmare

    07/06/2012 3:45:26 PM PDT · by null and void · 26 replies
    CBS Tampa ^ | July 6, 2012 8:39 AM
    DELAND, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – Deland authorities say a teenager shot himself in the head to wake up from a magic-mushroom induced nightmare. The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports that 17-year-old Steve Tilbury consumed several mushrooms, then drank a tea made from them, while with friends in his home. He told investigators that he fell asleep not long after his friends left. But when he awoke from his nap, he reportedly thought he was still stuck in his nightmare. “Tilbury said he woke up and it felt like it wasn’t real,” the deputy’s report states, adding that he felt trapped in his...
  • Radioactive mushrooms contaminated in Chernobyl disaster seized at British port

    06/12/2011 9:51:31 PM PDT · by ransomnote · 13 replies · 1+ views ^ | June 11, 2011 | Daily Mail Reporter
    A ton of mushrooms containing ten times the safe level of a radioactive metal has been seized and destroyed by health chiefs. The Bulgarian consignment of dried wild mushrooms is thought to have been irradiated by caesium 137 from the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine 25 years ago. It was found by a UK Border Agency team looking for illegal immigrants and impounded before it reached the shops. Levels of radiation are measured in becquerels. The EU sets a maximum limit for caesium 137 in food of 600 becquerels per kilogram – double the level in Japan. But the amount of...
  • Mushrooms Join Growing List of Radioactive Threats to Japan’s Food Chain

    08/14/2011 4:47:37 PM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 7 replies
    Businessweek ^ | August 14, 2011 | Naoko Fujimura and Chris Cooper
    Mushrooms Join Growing List of Radioactive Threats to Japan’s Food Chain Mushrooms joined the threats to Japan’s food chain from radiation spewed by Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant, as the country expands efforts to limit the effects of the disaster. Japan is under pressure to enhance food inspections as it has no centralized system for detecting radiation contamination. About two-thirds of Japan’s prefectures now plan to check rice crops, the Mainichi newspaper reported yesterday, citing its own survey. Half of Japan’s rice is grown within range of emissions from the crippled nuclear plant, and farmers are awaiting...
  • Saudis Raise Specter of Nuclear Arms Race

    07/02/2011 2:11:02 PM PDT · by Eleutheria5 · 9 replies
    Arutz Sheva ^ | 1/7/11 | Gavriel Queenann
    Saudi Arabia has warned of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East if Iran comes close to approaching nuclear weapons. Prince Turki Al Faisal, a former Saudi intelligence chief and ambassador to Washington, warned senior NATO military officials that the existence of such a device "would compel Saudi Arabia to pursue policies which could lead to untold and possibly dramatic consequences." While Faisal did not explicitly say what these policies would be a senior official in Riyadh close to the prince said the message is clear. "We cannot live in a situation where Iran has nuclear weapons and we...
  • 2012 Electionm is Cemented for Obama (4 more years is a done deal)

    05/01/2011 9:53:47 PM PDT · by wac3rd · 131 replies
    Free Republic ^ | 5-1-11 | wac3rd
    One of the most hated men in history has been killed by our troops by a Commander-in-Chief who has done everything in his power to demean, de-fund, impose demeaning homosexuality and restrict the ability of our troops to fight terror, including pursuing civilian trials for captured would-be terrorists. Let's be fair here, the average American hasn't a clue what century the French & Indian War was fought in and probably cannot tell you who who Joe Biden is, so the mainstream media will run with this for all its worth. The Media will give 100% credit to Obama and mark...
  • Latest 'green' packing material? Mushrooms (not magic)

    07/27/2010 11:30:19 AM PDT · by decimon · 18 replies
    National Science Foundation ^ | July 27, 2010 | Unknown
    Packing foam now entering the marketplace is engineered from mushrooms and agricultural wasteA new packing material that grows itself is now appearing in shipped products across the country. The composite of inedible agricultural waste and mushroom roots is called Mycobond™, and its manufacture requires just one eighth the energy and one tenth the carbon dioxide of traditional foam packing material. And unlike most foam substitutes, when no longer useful, it makes great compost in the garden. The technology was the brainchild of two former Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute undergraduates, Gavin McIntyre and Eben Bayer, who founded Ecovative Design of Green Island,...
  • FBI Investigation of Home on Douglas Road (Hazmat Seizure)

    10/27/2010 12:14:48 PM PDT · by Paved Paradise · 27 replies
    Toledo, OH (WTVG) -- Some parts of the Safety Building downtown were under quarantine Tuesday evening as several police officers underwent decontamination by hazmat crews. It began as a domestic violence 911 call to the 4700 block of Douglas. Responding officers found some highly toxic chemicals inside the home. Toledo police say officers seized mushrooms and a cultivation of castor beans, used to make the chemical ricin. Hazmat was called. As a precaution, the half dozen officers exposed to the chemical underwent a decontamination process. None exhibited any signs of abnormalities. FBI agents from Detroit are on the scene and...
  • Lightning Makes Mushrooms Multiply

    04/10/2010 4:18:23 PM PDT · by JoeProBono · 55 replies · 1,588+ views
    nationalgeographic ^ | April 9, 2010 | Julian Ryall
    Lightning makes mushrooms more plentiful, according to ongoing research that offers a solid scientific basis for Japanese farming lore. For generations, Japanese farmers have welcomed storms over their fields based on the belief that lightning strikes provoke plentiful harvests of mushrooms, which are staples of Japanese cuisine. Currently, mushroom demand is so high that dealers are increasingly turning to foreign suppliers. Japan imports about 50,000 tons of mushrooms a year, mainly from China and South Korea. As part of a four-year study, scientists in northern Japan have been bombarding a variety of mushrooms in lab-based garden plots with artificially induced...
  • Stuffed Mushrooms

    03/08/2010 2:17:15 PM PST · by Patriot1259 · 10 replies · 69+ views ^ | 03/08/2010 | Stacey Winder
    Ingredients: 2 lbs. fresh mushrooms 3 tbsp. minced garlic 2 tbsp. chopped green onions 1 stick butter 2 cups seasoned stuffing mix 1 cup chicken broth Directions: Clean the mushrooms and remove stems.
  • How a seer stone helped in the Book of Mormon translation

    11/24/2009 7:57:06 PM PST · by delacoert · 52 replies · 1,499+ views
    Mormon Times ^ | Nov. 23, 2009 | Michael R. Ash
    Last week we talked about the frontier treasure-digging environment in which Joseph Smith lived and how his own pre-prophet world view was shaped by that environment. As we've discussed in past articles, Joseph -- like any other prophet -- was a fallible human with preconceived ideas, opinions, and assumptions, who was divinely called to an important role. Worldviews don't change immediately or all at once. God reveals his word, line upon line, and those who listen can enlarge their understanding of truth a little here and there as they are willing to grasp new concepts. In approximately 1819, Joseph borrowed...
  • Four people hospitalised after eating toxic mushrooms

    08/26/2009 10:52:39 AM PDT · by Shermy · 23 replies · 1,769+ views
    HELSINGIN SANOMAT ^ | August 26, 2009
    [from Finland] Four people have had to seek medical treatment after having eaten white Amanitas (Amanita virosa), highly toxic mushrooms also known as "destroying angels". Two of the patients have been brought to the intensive care unit of the Surgical Hospital in Helsinki, and it is likely that yet another patient with mushroom poisoning will end up in the same hospital. Only one of the four victims can be treated in a central hospital of his or her own hospital area. The four persons with mushroom poisoning come from various parts of Southern Finland. The poisoning victims who have been...
  • Everything You Need To Know About “The Swine Flu” [MUSHROOMS]

    05/09/2009 1:56:03 PM PDT · by davidosborne · 9 replies · 984+ views
    Medical Breakthroughs ^ | TODAY | Medical Breakthroughs
    Is the cure to the H1N1 found in SHROOMIN'
  • Chinese Food Fights Breast Cancer

    03/17/2009 9:57:29 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 8 replies · 457+ views
    Two Chinese dietary staples - mushrooms and green tea - may have the power to ward off breast cancer, mounting evidence suggests. A study of over 2,000 Chinese women in the International Journal of Cancer found large quantities of both in the diet slashed cancer risk by up to 90%. Research suggests chemicals in the foods block tumour growth and boost the body's natural defences against cancer. But experts say it is unclear whether the benefits will apply to all women. It is known that the rate of breast cancer in China is four- to five-times lower than rates typically...
  • 3 Franklin residents gravely ill from eating wild mushrooms

    11/27/2008 7:31:13 PM PST · by Coleus · 16 replies · 1,178+ views
    star ledger ^ | 08.28.08 | Rudy Larini
    The three, who live in Franklin Township, have been hospitalized with liver toxicity; one is in critical condition and may need a transplant. Bruce Ruck, director of drug information and professional education at the New Jersey Poison Control Center in Newark, identified the victims as a mother and her daughter and son-in-law, all Asian Indians. The mother is in critical condition and being evaluated for a liver transplant at University Hospital in Newark; the other two are at Princeton University Medical Center. "They picked and ate wild mushrooms and wound up with liver toxicity," Ruck said. Officials from the poison...
  • Three people are poisoned by wild mushrooms

    09/05/2008 6:00:59 PM PDT · by Coleus · 12 replies · 478+ views
    star ledger ^ | 08.29.08 | RUDY LARINI
    Three Somerset County residents have learned firsthand the dangers of picking and eating wild mushrooms. The trio from Franklin Township have been hospitalized with liver toxicity; one is in critical condition and may need a transplant. Bruce Ruck, director of drug information and professional education at the New Jersey Poison Control Center in Newark, identified the victims as a mother and her daughter and son-in-law, all Asian Indians. The mother is in critical condition and being evaluated for a liver transplant at University Hospital in Newark; the other two are at Princeton University Medical Center. "They picked and ate wild...
  • Effects of magic mushrooms last only a year?

    07/07/2008 10:29:53 AM PDT · by frogbreath · 17 replies · 449+ views
    reuters ^ | Jul 2, 2008 | Maggie Fox
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The "spiritual" effects of psilocybin from so-called sacred mushrooms last for more than a year and may offer a way to help patients with fatal diseases or addictions, U.S. researchers reported on Tuesday...
  • (Ron) Paul Happy With Western Trip

    09/16/2007 8:48:25 PM PDT · by Extremely Extreme Extremist · 142 replies · 224+ views
    Paul Happy With Western Trip Ron Paul Western Trip a Huge Success FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Jesse Benton September 15, 2007 202-246-6363 ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA - Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul today concluded a four-day western tour. Beginning Wednesday, September 12, Dr. Paul visited Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Salt Lake in City in successive days. Highlights of the very successful trip included: * High dollar fundraisers that brought in over $350,000. * Substantial earned media from top outlets in each host city. * A speech at the University of Southern California to 800 students. * An impromptu walk...
  • Mushrooms in Iraq

    07/12/2007 10:58:05 PM PDT · by Jeff Chandler · 382+ views
    From a different angle: mushrooms
  • Glow of iPod leads searchers to lost mushroom picker

    11/20/2006 1:33:58 PM PST · by martin_fierro · 8 replies · 236+ views
    KOMO ^ | Nov 18, 2006 at 5:53 PM PST
    Glow of iPod leads searchers to lost mushroom picker Story Updated: Nov 18, 2006 at 5:53 PM PST By Associated Press CORVALLIS, Ore. (AP) - An iPod glowing in the middle of the night from thick underbrush led rescuers to a mushroom picker lost in the woods. The search leader said Pini Nou, 25, was on his first outing and got separated from his mother, an experienced mushroom hunter. At nightfall, she called Benton County authorities for help. Peggy Peirson, acting county emergency management coordinator, said Nou used his cell phone to describe the landscape to rescuers as best he...
  • 4 In Bergen County Sickened By Wild Mushrooms

    09/19/2006 8:12:22 PM PDT · by Shermy · 19 replies · 410+ views
    WNBC ^ | September 19, 2006
    TRENTON, N.J. -- Four members of a Bergen County family are recovering after eating wild mushrooms picked from their front lawn. Three remain hospitalized in good condition at Pascack Valley Hospital. The fourth was discharged. They range in age from 35 to 65. State officials said they complained of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain about 15 hours after eating the mushrooms with cooked food. Officials are trying to contact a friend who was visiting from China and who also ate the mushrooms. He had gotten on a bus headed for Georgia. State officials said the mushroom in question is...
  • Willie Nelson Cited for Drug Possession

    09/18/2006 10:24:40 AM PDT · by 2dogjoe · 91 replies · 1,563+ views
    Breitbart ^ | Sept 18 | unknown
    Willie Nelson Cited for Drug Possession Sep 18 1:06 PM US/Eastern Willie Nelson and several members of his band were issued misdemeanor citations for drug possession early today during a traffic stop in Saint Martin Parish. The traffic stop was conducted on Interstate 10 near Breaux Bridge. Trooper Willie Williams says troopers smelled a strong odor of marijuana when the driver opened the bus door. During a search of the bus, Williams say approximately 1 1/2 pounds of marijuana and approximately 2/10 of a pound of mushrooms were located on the bus. The 73-year-old Nelson of Spicewood, Texas; 59-year-old Tony...
  • U.S. Out of New Orleans! [Sheehan Alert]

    09/16/2005 9:54:12 PM PDT · by conservativecorner · 70 replies · 2,082+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | Sept.16, 2005 | JAMES TARANTO
    <p>Forgotten but not gone, mad mama Cindy Sheehan is still ranting away over at the Fluffington Toast in hope of defying Andy Warhol and scoring a 16th minute of fame. In her latest post, she declares, "George Bush needs to stop talking, admit the mistakes of his all around failed administration, pull our troops out of occupied New Orleans and Iraq, and excuse his self [sic] from power."</p>
  • Lunatic Sheehan: Get troops out of 'occupied New Orleans'

    09/16/2005 2:28:59 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 192 replies · 5,575+ views
    WND ^ | September 16, 2005
    Mother of slain soldier decries 'military and governmental fascism'Fresh from a visit to hurricane-ravaged Louisiana, anti-Bush activist Cindy Sheehan is demanding the U.S. military be removed from "occupied New Orleans." In a dispatch on leftist filmmaker Michael Moore's website, Sheehan said she was troubled by the "level of the military presence" in the Gulf Coast state. "George Bush needs to stop talking, admit the mistakes of his all around failed administration, pull our troops out of occupied New Orleans and Iraq, and excuse his self from power," she said. "The only way America will become more secure is if we...
  • Men Accused Of Violating Storm Curfew (Picking Mushrooms During Hurricane)

    07/13/2005 5:03:52 PM PDT · by blam · 38 replies · 1,028+ views
    Mobile Register ^ | 7-13-2005- | David Ferrara
    Men accused of violating storm curfewFour suspects also could face trespassing charges after being found gathering mushrooms in a field, authorities said Wednesday, July 13, 2005 By DAVID FERRARA Staff Reporter BAY MINETTE -- Baldwin County sheriff's deputies arrested at least four men in the final hours of a countywide curfew issued to keep residents safe during Hurricane Dennis and while many homeowners remained away from the county in the storm's wake, authorities said Tuesday. The men were first spotted shortly before 11 p.m. Monday in a farming area near Baldwin County 49, just north of Gulf Shores, according to...
  • Mushroom farm closing will cost 200 jobs

    11/13/2004 3:11:18 PM PST · by Willie Green · 70 replies · 4,482+ views
    The Grand Rapids Press ^ | Saturday, November 13, 2004 | Shandra Martinez
    GANGES TOWNSHIP -- Saying its U.S. mushroom business has been a cash drain, a Canadian company will close its three stateside operations, including a mushroom farm and processing plant near Fennville. More than 200 people will be out of work after Christmas when the Money's Foods mushroom plant in Ganges Township closes its doors. It produced fresh mushrooms for supermarkets and processed for companies that make soups and sauces. "We feel badly about this because the people have worked very hard trying to make this successful. We've run out of cash and can't keep on supporting it," said Keith Potter,...
  • The Fungi Hunt: So Many Species, Ripe for Finding

    09/07/2004 8:43:25 PM PDT · by neverdem · 16 replies · 961+ views
    NY Times ^ | September 7, 2004 | BRUCE BARCOTT
    IN THE MAYA MOUNTAINS, Belize - Timothy J. Baroni stepped out of his tent and checked his gear: hunting knife, heavy boots, tackle box, sharp machete and two fine cigars. "All set," he said. "Let's go find some fungi." With that, Dr. Baroni and two colleagues, Dr. D. Jean Lodge and Dr. Dan Czederpiltz, plunged into the Central American jungle. The three are mycologists - mushroom experts - who spent 10 days in August searching for new species in the mountains of southern Belize. The ridge they were exploring, Doyle's Delight, is nine miles east of the Guatemalan border and...
  • Mushrooms Vs Murder: Sentences In Kansas Don't All Fit The Crime

    12/07/2003 6:56:47 AM PST · by Wolfie · 34 replies · 345+ views
    Lawrence Journal-World ^ | Nov. 30, 2003
    MUSHROOMS Vs MURDER: SENTENCES IN KANSAS DON'T ALL FIT THE CRIME Stephen Fletcher II tried to grow some psychedelic mushrooms in his Lawrence apartment. Tremain V. Scott shot and killed a man at close range during an armed confrontation, then, according to an eyewitness, took the victim's gun and shot him with it as he lay on the ground. An autopsy showed the victim had been shot 18 times. Both Fletcher and Scott are in their early 20s and have little or no criminal-conviction record, their attorneys say. So who's facing the stiffer sentence? Fletcher, by double. Under state drug-sentencing...
  • Rape claim nets woman drug charges

    08/12/2003 10:56:09 AM PDT · by freepatriot32 · 12 replies · 329+ views
    mansfield news journal ^ | 8.7.03 | Jennifer Kowalewski
    <p>GALION -- A 19-year-old Galion woman was charged with several counts involving drugs after consenting to a vehicle search as police investigated her claim she was raped.</p> <p>A Galion Police Department report said officers stopped the woman at Portland Way South at Grove Avenue for speeding at 1:26 a.m. Tuesday.</p>
  • The Hobbit Hole III - Journey to the Cross-roads!

    12/17/2002 7:32:02 AM PST · by HairOfTheDog · 65,542 replies · 14,143+ views
    Welcome to The Hobbit Hole! Journey to the Cross-roads The Two Towers Edition Come on! Come in! -if you would like to have some seedcakes and a pint and relax a while. (If it is a special occasion, we still have a few bottles of the old wineyards left!) Our first thread ( New Zealander builds Hobbit hole ) reached 4,100 posts, and we thought that was big. Our second thread (The New Hobbit Hole ) held us for over 48,000 posts, and we loved it dearly. We talked about moving to a new thread for the last 38,000 posts,...
  • Russian soldier kills eight fellow servicemen

    12/01/2002 6:36:52 PM PST · by naine · 23 replies · 307+ views
    Canadian Press ^ | November 29 2002 | AP
    Russian soldier kills eight fellow servicemen, injures three others Canadian Press Friday, November 29, 2002 ROSTOV-ON-DON, Russia (AP) - A Russian soldier, apparently under the influence of narcotics, opened fire on fellow servicemen, killing at least eight of them and wounding three others - the latest in a spate of shooting incidents in the country's demoralized military. The soldier, identified as Denis Solovyov, fired his Kalashnikov assault rifle at a tent early Friday as his 11 comrades were resting on patrol at Russia's border with Georgia in the Caucasus Mountains, the military said. Solovyov was detained immediately. Some of the...
  • Girl, 11, Brings Meth To Class; Mom Charged

    05/23/2002 7:45:48 PM PDT · by Excuse_My_Bellicosity · 11 replies · 300+ views
    Salt Lake Tribune ^ | May 23, 2002 | THOMAS BURR
    An 11-year-old Clearfield girl who brought a bag containing crushed methamphetamine to her elementary school for "show and tell" has been removed from her home. Her mother was charged with child endangerment and possession of a controlled substance. The girl showed the bag to several friends at Cook Elementary School in Syracuse on May 15 before teachers confiscated it. Syracuse Police Detective Mark Sessions said Wednesday that police searched the girl's home and discovered several more bags of meth and scales used for weighing the drug. The girl's 29-year-old mother has been charged in Davis County with child endangerment, a...