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  • NASA is headed back to Mars! Saturday 5 May 18

    NASA is headed back to Mars! The InSight spacecraft is scheduled to rocket away from Vandenberg Air Force Base early Saturday morning. Live coverage of the countdown and launch of an Atlas 5 rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California with NASA’s InSight lander heading to Mars to study the red planet’s interior structure. Saturday’s launch is just the first step in InSight’s voyage to Mars. Launching a probe to another planet is not routine, but most scientists will have more butterflies when InSight approaches its destination late this year. Asked whether he will be more nervous during InSight’s...
  • Where to Watch NASA's InSight Mars Lander Launch from the California Coast

    04/30/2018 7:23:53 PM PDT · by BenLurkin · 11 replies ^ | April 30, 2018 01:38pm ET | Elizabeth Howell,
    NASA has two official sites from which the public can watch the launch along with NASA/InSight mission team members. There are also are several informal sites where you can gather with local residents to see InSight launch. The agency warns people to be careful of fog and cold in all viewing areas. ...InSight's launch window May 5 through June 8, 2018,"....lasts for 2 hours, until about 6:05 a.m. PDT (9:05 a.m. EDT/1305 GMT). Lompoc City Airport will open its tarmac to the public no earlier than 2:30 a.m. PDT, with launch commentary starting at 3:30 a.m. PDT.... St. Mary's Episcopal...
  • Alien World [Mars Meridiani Planum]

    04/30/2018 11:48:22 AM PDT · by Voption
    Behind the Black ^ | April 30, 2018 | Robert Zimmerman
    "Meridani Planum is located on the equator due east of the giant canyons of Valles Marineris. It is a subsection region inside Arabia Terra, the largest of the transition zones between the lower elevation vast plains of the northern hemisphere and the higher elevation crater southern highlands."
  • NASA to replace cracked heat shield in time for Mars 2020 rover launch

    04/28/2018 10:17:49 AM PDT · by BenLurkin · 7 replies
    SPaceflight NOw ^ | April 28, 2018  | Stephen Clark
    “The mission team is working to build a replacement heat shield structure. The situation will not affect the mission’s launch readiness date of July 17, 2020.” NASA said the structural test at Lockheed Martin, which built the heat shield, “was designed to subject the heat shield to forces up to 20 percent greater than those expected during entry into the Martian atmosphere.” “While the fracture was unexpected, it represents why spaceflight hardware is tested in advance so that design changes or fixes can be implemented prior to launch,” the NASA statement said. A NASA spokesperson did not respond to questions...
  • "Mars rover update: April 27, 2018."

    04/27/2018 3:35:49 PM PDT · by Voption · 14 replies
    Behind the Black ^ | April 27, 2018 | Robert Zimmerman
    Summary: Curiosity’s exploration of Vera Rubin Ridge is extended, while an attempt by Opportunity to climb back up Perseverance Valley to reach an interesting rock outcrop fails.
  • "Mars Trace Gas Orbiter begins search for methane" The John Batchelor Show with Robert Zimmerman

    04/27/2018 12:09:56 PM PDT · by Voption · 7 replies
    John Batchelor Show/WABC Radio New York ^ | April 27, 2018 | John Batchelor/Robert Zimmerman
    Segment 1 mp3 podcast [13:27 total]; "Europe’s Trace Gas Orbiter has released its first image after reaching its planned science orbit...Martian geology from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter... moving-images from the surface of Comet 67P...simulating super-nova explosions--are neutrino's the key?"
  • "Zooming in on a Martian Surprise"

    04/19/2018 3:07:59 PM PDT · by Voption · 26 replies
    Behind the Black ^ | April 19, 2018 | Robert Zimmerman
    .... Above is a global map of Mars, showing its largest and well known geological features...smaller than Earth, its lack of oceans means that Mars’ actual dry surface has about the same square footage as the continents of Earth. It is a vast place. Getting a close look at every spot is going to take many decades of work, and probably won’t be finished until humans are actually walking its surface... ...let’s pick a spot to the west of Olympus Mons, the solar system’s largest volcano, and between Tharsis Montes, the string of only slightly smaller giant volcanoes to the...
  • "Russia Throws in the Towel"

    04/18/2018 10:19:39 AM PDT · by Voption · 39 replies
    Tass via Behind the Black ^ | April 18, 2018 | Robert Zimmerman
    Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who Putin had placed in charge of Russia’s space effort, today said in a television interview that it makes no sense for them to try to compete with SpaceX in the launch market...
  • Imaging restrictions on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

    04/17/2018 12:35:56 PM PDT · by Voption · 24 replies
    Behind the Black ^ | April 17, 2018 | Robert Zimmerman
    "In releasing a new set of four captioned images today from the high resolution camera on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), the captions from each also included this paragraph: 'HiRISE has not been allowed to acquire off-nadir [straight down] targeted observations for a couple of months due to MRO spacecraft issues, so many high-priority science objectives are on hold.' The image restrictions are probably related to either or both the battery and reaction wheel issues noted in recent status reports.
  • Living Underground on Other Worlds. Exploring Lava Tubes

    04/12/2018 4:08:15 PM PDT · by BenLurkin · 21 replies
    Universe Today ^ | 12 Apr , 2018 | Fraser Cain
    Future Moon and Mars colonists will already be facing a life underground, to hide from the surface radiation, micrometeorite bombardment, extreme temperatures and to create a usable atmosphere. These natural tunnels will save them the hard work of needing to dig the tunnel. The natural roofs on these caverns are thought to be 10 meters or more thick, with one site estimated to have a roof that’s 45-90 meters thick. This would be more than enough to protect against solar radiation and galactic cosmic radiation. While the surface of the Moon varies in temperature from -180 C to +100 C,...
  • A Martian snake of collapsed hills

    04/10/2018 1:16:52 PM PDT · by Voption · 12 replies
    Behind the Black ^ | April 10, 2018 | Robert Zimmerman
    Time to once again delve into this month’s release of high resolution images from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.
  • Was there ‘Life on Mars?’

    03/07/2018 8:31:01 PM PST · by Jeremiah Jr · 70 replies
    03/08/2018 | Mordechai ben Avram
    Was there ‘Life on Mars?’ Examine the evidence and connect the dots... List of missions to Mars These probes have sent lots of information back...Like... Space junk, on Mars? Clear to me... Pyramids on Mars? See for yourself... *** Cities on Mars? *** Nasa photos show ancient Hieroglyphs carved into rock on Mars It would be a Tzadi...*** So what happened to that life? Scientist Says Aliens Nuked Martians and We May be Next Why do many of the photographs of the surface of Mars appear to be of structures that look like they’ve been destroyed...
  • "Near the Martian shoreline"

    04/02/2018 1:59:06 PM PDT · by Voption · 29 replies
    Behind the Black ^ | April 2, 2018 | Robert Zimmerman
    "One of the prime areas of research for Mars planetary geologists is the region on Mars where the geography appears to transition from the southern cratered, rough terrain to the northern low, generally smooth, and flat plains. It is theorized by some scientists that the northern plains were once an ocean, probably shallow and probably intermittent, but wet nonetheless for considerable periods..."
  • Zimmerman/Batchelor Podcast; "SpaceX Supremacy" & "ESA/Roscosmos Rehearsal for Mars 2020."

    04/05/2018 10:45:03 AM PDT · by Voption · 3 replies
    Behind the Black ^ | April 3, 2018 | Bob Zimmerman/John Batchelor
    Podcast in 2 Parts: "SpaceX Supremacy," & "ESA/Roscosmos Rehearsal for Mars Landing 2020."
  • A Spray of Volcanic Ejecta on Mars?

    04/05/2018 11:11:20 AM PDT · by Voption · 19 replies
    Behind the Black ^ | April 5, 2018 | Robert Zimmerman
    "Time for some more weird Mars geology! Today the science team for the high resolution camera on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter released its monthly batch of new images. There is a lot of interesting stuff buried therein...."
  • NASA Has a Plan to Put Robot Bees on Mars

    04/05/2018 9:51:58 AM PDT · by BenLurkin · 17 replies ^ | April 5, 2018 10:54am ET | Rafi Letzter, Live Science Staff Writer |
    It's in its early stages, but the idea is to replace modern rovers — which are slow, bulky and very expensive — with swarms of sensor-studded, fast-moving micro-bots that can cover much more ground at a relatively low cost. Literally called Marsbees, the little bots are "flapping wing flyers of a bumblebee size with cicada-sized wings," NASA officials wrote. The planet has just one-third of Earth's gravitational pull, offering the Marsbees an advantage despite the thin atmosphere. Flapping-wing bots are pretty uncommon on Earth, the NASA statement noted, because rotary-wing bots like quadcopters are much more popular. But the flapping-wing design allows the team...
  • A shift and acceleration coming in April[ Charismatic Caucus]

    03/26/2018 12:17:07 PM PDT · by Jedediah · 6 replies
    Bible ^ | Bible
    I saw a line between the month of march leading into April then Jesus on The throne as described in Ezekiel with the wheels within the wheels beneath him and The Spirit of The Lord in the wheels moving Him forward . Then I heard this word come forth . . . My kingdom has come upon the Earth now through my Chosen ones so get ready for a shift and acceleration in the spiritual realm for truly I AM about to shake all creation until all that is left is My Kingdom come. I saw many left behind as...
  • "Curiosity and more clues of past surface water on Mars."

    03/26/2018 6:27:09 AM PDT · by Voption · 16 replies
    The John Batchelor Show ^ | March 24, 2018 | John Batchelor/Bob Zimmerman
    "...On Earth quartz veins indicate past water flow, and also indicate the presence of valuable minerals like gold. What these veins on Mars mean is presently unknown, though I guarantee the Curiosity science team is using the rover to find out everything they can. Almost certainly the veins suggest the past presence of liquid flows, probably water (but I make no promises)."
  • Atlas 5 rocket assembled for first Mars mission launch from Vandenberg

    03/23/2018 10:30:12 PM PDT · by BenLurkin · 13 replies ^ | March 23, 2018 | Stephen Clark
    Ground crews at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California raised a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket on its launch pad earlier this month in preparation for liftoff May 5 with NASA’s InSight lander heading to Mars. The two-stage rocket was assembled in three pieces, beginning with the stacking of the Atlas 5’s first stage booster March 3 at Space Launch Complex 3-East. The first stage’s RD-180 main engine will burn a mixture of kerosene and liquid oxygen to send the InSight spacecraft out of the Earth’s atmosphere during the first four minutes of the flight. The Atlas 5’s Centaur...
  • Mars Rover Update for March 2018

    03/21/2018 3:08:28 PM PDT · by Voption · 7 replies
    Behind the Black ^ | March 21, 2018 | Robert Zimmerman
    Summary: Curiosity continues its exploration of Vera Rubin Ridge, including several drilling attempts.Since my February 8, 2018 update, the Curiosity science team has apparently been loath to leave Vera Rubin Ridge... Opportunity is currently halfway down the inside of Perseverance Valley...when the Mars winter ends, Opportunity will begin to move more aggressively.