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  • It’s Not Climate Change, Stupid

    09/21/2020 7:20:49 PM PDT · by logician2u · 41 replies
    Thoreau Institute ^ | September 17, 2020 | The Antiplanner
    Early this week, Oregon governor Kate Brown went on national television to call the Pacific Coast fires a “bellwether for climate change.” As UC Berkeley professor of sustainable development Maximilian Auffhammer writes, “It’s the climate change, stupid.”This is one of four responses to the Pacific Coast fires. Brown and Auffhammer are warmers, people who believe the earth’s climate is changing and the fires must be due to that change. In the warmers’ minds, the fires themselves then become evidence that we need to change our lifestyles to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions.A second group are the burners, people who...
  • Disgusting (Republicans Voters Against Trump)

    08/26/2020 5:46:38 AM PDT · by Boomer · 26 replies
    TV Ads | 8/26/2020 | Self
    These RINO ads are playing on Fox News now and I assume all other TV channels. These RINO's who claim to be republicans are worse than a dem voter. In my opinion they are human trash such as Jeff Flake. Do you think they will have any effect on the election?
  • Turkey Converts Chora Church Into Mosque

    08/22/2020 7:08:20 PM PDT · by ebb tide · 12 replies
    Church Militant ^ | August 21, 2020 | Jules Gomes
    Turkey Converts Chora Church Into Mosque Hagia Sophia sets precedent for Muslim capture of churches ISTANBUL ( - Turkey has issued a presidential decree ordering the conversion of the nation's best-known Byzantine monastic church into a mosque. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan published the executive order Thursday sealing the fate of the Church of the Holy Savior in Chora, Istanbul, a month after Turkey's top court delivered a unanimous verdict declaring the basilica of Hagia Sophia a mosque. Rear view of Chora Church The decree, printed in the National Gazette, transfers "the administration of the Kariye Mosque [Chora Church] to the Directorate of...
  • Pro-abortion Kamala Harris touts ‘infinite worth’ of ‘every human being’ in DNC speech

    08/20/2020 6:58:38 PM PDT · by ebb tide · 25 replies
    LifeSite News ^ | August 20, 2020 | Calvin Freiburger
    Pro-abortion Kamala Harris touts ‘infinite worth’ of ‘every human being’ in DNC speech Harris, a Planned Parenthood ally who is one of the strongest abortion supporters in the Senate, said her vision is of a country 'united by the fundamental belief that every human being is of infinite worth, deserving of compassion, dignity, and respect.' August 20, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Sen. Kamala Harris of California accepted the Democrat vice presidential nomination Wednesday night, in a speech that claimed to respect the “infinite worth” of “every human being” despite her and presidential nominee Joe Biden’s aggressive support for the legal power...
  • Incredible dishonesty in Kamala Harris’s Democrat convention speech

    08/20/2020 6:05:03 PM PDT · by ebb tide · 18 replies
    American Thinker via LifeSite News ^ | August 20, 2020 | David Keltz
    Incredible dishonesty in Kamala Harris’s Democrat convention speech Joe Biden's pick for vice president is as dishonest as ever. August 20, 2020 (American Thinker) — Last week when Joe Biden officially announced Kamala Harris as his running mate on August 12, 2020, Harris made what amounted to one of the most dishonest speeches by a vice presidential candidate in recent memory. "This is a moment of real consequence for America. Everything we care about, our economy, our health, our children, the kind of country we live in, it's all on the line," she said. Harris, who appears to have been honing her acting...
  • Fox News hosts laud Michelle Obama's DNC speech: 'Sliced and diced' Trump

    08/18/2020 2:11:29 PM PDT · by MarvinStinson · 119 replies
    aol ^ | Aug 18th 2020 | JOSEPHINE HARVEY
    Fox News had high praise for Michelle Obama’s address at the Democratic National Convention Monday night. Obama denounced President Donald Trump for creating chaos and division and failing to lead with empathy and competence. She urged Americans to elect former Vice President Joe Biden. “It’s very difficult to try to connect with an audience without an actual audience there with you but she has the ability to connect with people through the screen,” Fox News anchor Dana Perino said. “You got the sense when you talk about authenticity, she has it in spades. “She has that voice, she has clarity,...
  • Renowned European scientist: COVID-19 was engineered in China lab, effective vaccine ‘unlikely’

    08/10/2020 5:58:05 PM PDT · by ebb tide · 135 replies
    LifeSite News ^ | August 10, 2020 | Steve Mosher
    Renowned European scientist: COVID-19 was engineered in China lab, effective vaccine ‘unlikely’ Professor Giuseppe Tritto, an internationally known expert in biotechnology and nanotechnology, says that the China Virus definitely wasn’t a freak of nature that happened to cross the species barrier from bat to man. August 10, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – It will not be possible for the Dr. Fauci’s of the world to dismiss Professor Giuseppe Tritto as a crank.  Not only is he an internationally known expert in biotechnology and nanotechnology who has had a stellar academic career, but he is also the president of the World Academy of...
  • Acting DHS Secretary: The Portland Mayor Is 'Not Telling the Truth'

    07/31/2020 7:39:57 AM PDT · by jazusamo · 53 replies ^ | July 31, 2020 | Cortney O'Brien
    As President Trump sees it, sending in federal agents to Portland, OR to help quell the violence that has been going on for 60 days now makes the mayor's job and the governor's job "a lot easier." Of course that's not how they see it. In fact on every TV hit they can get, Mayor Ted Wheeler and Gov. Kate Brown have condemned the presence of federal officers on their streets. Despite the leaders' insistence that these are "peaceful protesters" being bullied by federal troops, the president explained that Portland is being overrun by a "beehive of terrorists." And if...
  • In VP search, Biden has a known quantity in Susan Rice

    07/24/2020 10:08:00 AM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 47 replies
    AP on Yahoo! ^ | 7/24/20 | Julie Pace - AP
    WASHINGTON (AP) — As then-Vice President Joe Biden left the West Wing each evening to head home, he often popped his head into national security adviser Susan Rice’s nearby suite of offices to check in — sometimes on pressing foreign policy matters, sometimes just to shoot the breeze. “My favorite unannounced visitor was Vice President Joe Biden,” Rice wrote in her book “Tough Love.” In those casual visits, as well as in daily national security briefings, Biden and Rice forged an easy working relationship, according to people who worked alongside them during their eight years in the Obama administration. It’s...
  • Explosive: Cdl. Parolin Covered Up for Vatican Abuser

    07/20/2020 7:40:04 PM PDT · by ebb tide · 3 replies
    Church Militant ^ | July 20, 2020 | Marco Tosatti
    Explosive: Cdl. Parolin Covered Up for Vatican Abuser German priest was protected by the now-secretary of state Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, A criminal trial is underway in Germany centered on Msgr. Christoph Kühn, who oversaw the German desk in the Secretariat of State from 2005–2013. In the past few days, the German daily Bild published an article, which we offer you excerpts of here in translation with some brief explicative notes in italics. It is the latest example of how the highest levels of the Church — in spite of declarations, vademecums, exhortations and various documents — tolerate and close their eyes...
  • Four Days Since A Police Brutality Story Unraveled, The Atlantic Still Refuses To Respond

    07/20/2020 7:25:17 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 18 replies
    The Federalist ^ | July 20, 2020 | Christopher Bedford
    The Federalist reached out to Atlantic Editor in Chief Jeffrey Goldberg, bringing the investigation, the author's claim, and his editor's silence to his attention. Goldberg has yet to respond. Four days after the facts of a powerful, moving, and deeply personal defund-the-police story in The Atlantic began to unravel in the face of a Federalist investigation, the magazine remains silent. The investigation encompassed newspaper archives, police department records, questions to The Atlantic, the police union, and the office of the mayor, and found the city has no apparent recollection of the serious incident alleged in the magazine — and the...
  • She Vowed To Protect The 2A. Now’s She’s Hired A Veteran Gun Control Activist.(NM)

    07/17/2020 12:12:32 PM PDT · by rktman · 20 replies ^ | 7/15/2020 | cam edwards
    After she narrowly won election, however, Torres Small quickly embraced the Democrats’ gun control agenda, voting in favor of universal background checks while still presenting herself as a “gun owner and hunter” in interactions with residents. The Las Cruces Sun-News highlighted one exchange back in 2019. Asked for her preferred action on gun regulations, on a night falling about a month after the Aug. 3 mass shooting in nearby El Paso, Torres Small said, “The second amendment right (to bear arms) comes with its responsibilities, and that’s why I voted for comprehensive background checks. Because I think, like most gun...
  • After the fastest recession in U.S. history, the economic recovery may be fizzling

    07/17/2020 6:26:36 AM PDT · by rktman · 36 replies ^ | 7/13/2020 | david lynch
    United Airlines announced plans to lay off more than one-third of its 95,000 workers. Brooks Brothers, which first opened for business in 1818, filed for bankruptcy. And Bed Bath and Beyond said it will close 200 stores. Welcome to the recovery. If there were still hopes of a “V-shaped” comeback from the novel coronavirus shutdown, this past week should have put an end to them. The pandemic shock, which economists once assumed would be only a temporary business interruption, appears instead to be settling into a traditional, self-perpetuating recession. When states and cities began closing most businesses in March, the...
  • The Science is Conclusive: Masks and Respirators do NOT Prevent Transmission of Viruses

    07/16/2020 6:44:34 PM PDT · by Triple · 172 replies ^ | 4/20/2020 | Dr. Denis G Rancourt, PhD
    Comment: The following review of the scientific literature on wearing surgical and other facemasks as a means of preventing the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and thus preventing contraction of 'Covid-19' was published a month ago. And absent some miraculous suspension of decades of hard science on the transmission of viruses, it's settled... face mask Abstract Masks and respirators do not work. There have been extensive randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies, and meta-analysis reviews of RCT studies, which all show that masks and respirators do not work to prevent respiratory influenza-like illnesses, or respiratory illnesses believed to be transmitted by droplets and...
  • House panel votes to constrain Afghan drawdown, ask for assessment on 'incentives' to attack US troops

    07/01/2020 10:45:12 PM PDT · by robowombat · 10 replies
    The Hill ^ | 07/01/20 11:24 PM EDT | REBECCA KHEEL
    House panel votes to constrain Afghan drawdown, ask for assessment on 'incentives' to attack US troops BY REBECCA KHEEL - 07/01/20 11:24 PM EDT House panel votes to constrain Afghan drawdown, ask for assessment on 'incentives' to attack US troops © Getty The House Armed Services Committee voted Wednesday to put roadblocks on President Trump’s ability to withdraw from Afghanistan, including requiring an assessment on whether any country has offered incentives for the Taliban to attack U.S. and coalition troops. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) amendment, from Rep. Jason Crow (D-Colo.), would require several certifications before the U.S. military...
  • New Lincoln Project ad slams Trump over deaths of 'Greatest Generation' members from COVID-19

    06/28/2020 10:02:46 PM PDT · by Stravinsky · 42 replies
    The Hill ^ | June 28, 2020 | Rebecca Klar
    The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump Republican group, launched an ad Sunday slamming President Trump over his response to the coronavirus pandemic and accusing him of risking the lives of the “Greatest Generation” of Americans. “It is both disheartening and disturbing that the generation we owe for bravely taking up arms and conquering fascism is now at risk of being extinguished by the authoritarian residing in our own White House,” Rick Wilson, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, said in a statement. “There is absolutely no equivalency between American lives and our economy, especially those of the most hallowed generation of Americans...
  • Tucker Carlson: Stepmother Of Police Officer Charged In Rayshard Brooks Shooting Fired From Her Job. Company Releases Statement.

    06/19/2020 5:04:06 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 115 replies ^ | Jun 18th, 2020 | Staff
    Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported on Thursday evening that the stepmother of Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe, the officer who allegedly shot and killed Rayshard Brooks, has been fired from her job at a mortgage company in the area. “Until today, his stepmother, her name is Melissa Rolfe, was the HR director at a place called Equity Prime Mortgage in Atlanta, Georgia,” Carlson said. “But today, she was let go. She’s no longer in that role, apparently she was fired and her only crime was being officer Rolfe’s stepmother.” “According to a source familiar with the matter who spoke...
  • America's Long Overdue Awakening to Systemic Racism (Lying Barforama Alert)

    06/13/2020 8:42:21 AM PDT · by Oshkalaboomboom · 33 replies
    Time ^ | 6/11/2020 | Justin Worland
    In Lafayette Park, just steps away from the White House, a wealthy hotelier ran a second business selling enslaved men and women to the highest bidder. He kept them in a brick cell beside his mansion, and at night an observer recalled hearing “their howls and cries.” Today in the park there is no plaque, no bench and no monument, to paraphrase Toni Morrison, to memorialize the human lives brutalized there throughout much of the 19th century. After a hard-fought Civil War, the institution of chattel slavery was legally abolished as the U.S. nominally attempted to make racial violence a...
  • Vatican Affairs. Pell's Payback At the Secretariat of State

    06/11/2020 2:39:42 PM PDT · by ebb tide · 3 replies
    L'Espresso ^ | June 11, 2020 | Sandro Magister
    Vatican Affairs. Pell's Payback At the Secretariat of State There was a stir on June 5 over the arrest and jailing, at the Vatican, of Gianluigi Torzi, the financier accused of extorting 15 million euros at the secretariat of state, in the tawdry dénouement of the purchase of a pricey building in London, backed in 2014 by the secretariat of state itself with money taken to a large extent from Peter’s Pence.The investigations are in the preliminary phase and the trial has not yet been set. But at the top of the Vatican curia the war is already on. Substitute...
  • There Is No Journalistic Defense For Not Answering Kayleigh McEnany’s Questions

    05/25/2020 4:40:38 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 48 replies
    The Federalist ^ | May 25, 2020 | Kylee Zempel
    If the media is looking for a symbol of 'deviancy' in our politics that only '[makes] things worse,' they should stop looking at the press secretary and instead look in the mirror. New White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany isn’t letting so-called journalists get away with inane questions in the briefing room at the expense of real news, and the media don’t like it.This was on full display over the weekend during the latest media-Trump administration go-around, when McEnany sparred with reporters over the Obama administration’s malfeasance with regard to former national security adviser Michael Flynn.After a contentious exchange about...