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Without talking about who should be the nominee, I think who the GOP nominee is depends greatly on how bad things are in min 2011. If things are portrayed as stagnant but not horrific, Romney has the best chance. Romney might be able to overcome the Wall Street label and seem like a reasonable choice compared to 0bama. If things are labeled as a depression or similar to late Jimmy Carter and the mood is desperation, Huckabee's comforting minister will play a lot better with moderates, and he is just conservative enough to get a lot of the base to come along if things are bad. If the mood shifts to bloodless revolution, and people get angry and ready to make a statement, Palin will be the beneficiary of that. Romney represents a tweak of the status quo, Huckabee represents comfort, Palin represents sweeping change/bloodless revolution. Ron Paul is too old now, but his economic message would play very well as things break down. Obviously if the media can spin a recovery, 0bama will win. This is also PERCEPTION...this doesn't mean what the candidates say they are, are, in fact, what they are. In my view, winning the House is paramount. You can uplug a lot of the agenda with the House if the GOP shifts right. Big if. 40 posted on Wednesday, June 24, 2009 11:37:01 AM by Crimson Elephant

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