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  • Combatives in the Era of the Chuck Norris Rule

    06/09/2019 8:34:07 PM PDT · by vannrox · 8 replies
    American Partisan ^ | 20APR19 | Posted by Bryce Sharper
    In a recent episode of the Crackpot Podcast, James LaFond and Lynn Lockhart discuss a video of a vagrant gang attack on an NYPD officer in a subway. The officer successfully defends himself using a front push kick called a ‘teep‘ in muay thai as well as a collapsible baton called an ASP. The officer is a large man with good balance, footwork, and vision. He was helped by citizen good samaritans. The video demonstrates the increasing boldness of criminals against police. These were vagrants who uniformly live a life of hard drug abuse, violence, and petty theft. However, criminals...
  • ACTION ALERT! NY Gravity Knife Ban Repeal Bill to Gov. Cuomo – CALL/EMAIL TODAY!

    05/28/2019 7:58:29 PM PDT · by BTerclinger · 38 replies
    Knife Rights ^ | 05/23/19 | Knife Rights
    The bill to repeal New York’s Gravity Knife Ban, A5944, which would stop the bogus arrests and prosecutions on Gravity Knife charges of knife owners carrying common folding knives in New York City has been transmitted to Governor Cuomo. If you live, work or travel in New York CALL the Governor TODAY and ask him to STOP the OUTRAGEOUS arrests and prosecutions in New York City! Click on the link for details on calling, emailing or faxing.
  • Suspect accused of chasing Austin, TX man with knife at Garrison Park

    04/20/2019 4:36:01 PM PDT · by MeneMeneTekelUpharsin · 17 replies
    KXAN News - Austin, TX ^ | 19 April 2019 | Chelsea Moreno
    AUSTIN (KXAN) — A knife-wielding suspect allegedly chased a man after he inappropriately touched his girlfriend at Garrison Park, court documents said. Officers responded to the park located at 6001 Manchaca Road right next to Crockett High School in south Austin last Tuesday after a caller said a man with a knife was chasing his friend. When officers arrived, the victim told them he got a text from his girlfriend that said a strange guy touched her inappropriately while at the park. He went to the park immediately and confronted who police identified as 53-year-old Robert Lopez. At first, the...
  • Knife vs Gun - Revisit the 21 Foot Rule

    02/27/2019 12:26:26 AM PST · by w1n1 · 23 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 2/27/2019 | C Cocoles
    The 21 foot rule drill is well known within the law enforcement and personal defense circle. The Tueller drill is all about "reactionary gap" through training. Other trainers have come up with the distances associated it to the Tueller drill. This experimentation, determined that the average healthy adult male can cover a distance of seven yards (21 feet) in about 1.5 seconds. The significance of the time factor is based on the reasonable standard that a person who’s trained in proper pistol craft (gun fighting) should be able to draw a handgun and place two centered hits on a life-size...
  • Knife Crime is Out of Control in Sadiq Khan’s London.

    02/06/2019 6:13:45 AM PST · by george76 · 48 replies
    Big League Politics ^ | Feb 6, 2019 | Jose Nino
    London continues its downward spiral under London Mayor Saddiq Khan’s leadership. Or lack thereof. According to figures from the London Metropolitan Police, 49 percent of knife crime is committed by teenagers. Even more revealing were numbers that indicated that three quarters of knife crime perpetrators were minorities. This is part of a larger trend of failed government policies that are beginning to produce toxic social outcomes throughout the UK. For a start, it doesn’t help that the UK has an expansive welfare state that is not very conducive to immigrant assimilation. One needn’t look further at the case of Sweden...
  • Terrorist found carrying knife in Pringles container

    11/21/2018 9:29:01 AM PST · by Eleutheria5 · 72 replies
    Arutz Sheva ^ | 21/11/18
    On Monday morning, during a routine morning shift at the Qalandiya crossing in northern Jerusalem, an Arab woman arrived at the checkpoint. When she put her belongings in for inspection, the combat soldier from the "Erez" battalion, Sergeant Anton Goltzman, saw in the mirror that there was a sharp object in her bag that aroused his suspicion. Anton immediately reported to the war room and closed the crossing. When her bag was checked a knife was discovered inside a Pringles container. "When we opened the bag, we saw nothing but a few personal belongings and a box of snacks,"...
  • Help selecting folding knife for son

    11/08/2018 3:44:13 PM PST · by ModelBreaker · 74 replies
    ModelBreaker ^ | 11/8/2018 | ModelBreaker
    Looking for recommendations for a high quality folding knife as a gift for my son. He likes knives that kind-of spring open. I'm not sure what to call the mechanism that springs open but is not a switchblade. 3.5 inches is legal where I live. I put a link to Spyderco as I understand they are one of the good companies.
  • OBAMA: "If they bring a knife, we bring a gun." - Search for video

    11/02/2018 5:21:22 PM PDT · by Bon mots · 35 replies
    MSM | November 2, 2018 | Bon Mots
    I am trying to find video of Obama saying that. It is widely acknowledged that he did say it on June 13, 2008 in Philadelphia, but YouTube, Google and all of the MSM have carefully scrubbed the net of this video. Soon, they will deny he ever said it. Just like that video of Al Gore saying that the North Polar Ice Cap would be completely gone by 2013.It's GONE - never to be seen again. I found an archive of Obummer speeches, but it's also been removed from there:
  • Knife wielding man fatally shot in Brockton.

    10/21/2018 8:42:38 AM PDT · by Vermont Lt · 7 replies
    Masslive ^ | 1/21/2018 | MassLive
    Link only
  • Borrowing strategy from NRA, activists quietly overturn knife restrictions across U.S.

    09/16/2018 8:19:15 AM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 28 replies
    The Amazon Post ^ | September 15, 2018 @ 7:43 PM | Todd C. Frankel
    LAS VEGAS — He ordered the 20-ounce rib-eye, and so the waitress at the upscale restaurant dropped off a wood-handled serrated steak knife. Doug Ritter ignored it. Instead he pulled out a folding knife, its 3.4-inch blade illegal to carry concealed here in Clark County. He flicked it open with one hand. When the steak arrived, medium-rare, he started cutting. The steak dinner came as Ritter was savoring his many successful attempts at repealing the nation’s knife laws. Decades-old restrictions on switchblades, daggers and stilettos have fallen away in state after state in recent years. Much of this is because...
  • Khan’s London: Six Arrests After Teen ‘Disembowelled’ in Quadruple Stabbing

    08/17/2018 10:48:59 AM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 41 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 17 Aug 2018 | Jack Montgomery
    A teenager is fighting for his life after allegedly being disembowelled during a quadruple stabbing in London’s so-called ‘murder mile’. Describing the incident on the Elmington Estate in Camberwell, a witness said they saw “four or five black boys running, [then] all of a sudden I could hear, ‘Help, help’.” Another resident said they saw one of the four stab victims grievously wounded with his “intestines falling on the ground”, according to MailOnline. Six male suspects, said to be aged between 15 and 16, were arrested following the incident, which took place a stone’s throw from the street where ‘drill’...
  • Soviet Union Knife Registration, 90% Socialist Democrats Will Agree

    07/29/2018 8:51:22 AM PDT · by marktwain · 11 replies
    Ammoland ^ | 27 July, 2018 | Dean Weingarten
    - In the Soviet Union, it was very difficult to obtain firearms legally. All firearms were required to be registered. Being caught with an unregistered firearm was a serious offense. Registration was used by the state to control who was allowed to have firearms, and who did not. The law stemmed from the decree of 1918. From The December decree of the CPC of 1918, “On the surrender of weapons”, ordered people to surrender any firearms, swords, bayonets and bombs, regardless of the degree of serviceability. The penalty for not doing so was ten years imprisonment. Communist Party...
  • Knife attack on German bus results in multiple injuries, reports say

    07/20/2018 7:26:35 AM PDT · by drop 50 and fire for effect · 40 replies
    Fox News ^ | 20 July 2018 | Lucia I. Suarez Sang
    Several people were injured in an apparent knife attack aboard a bus in northern Germany on Friday. More than 12 people were injured, at least two seriously, after the perpetrator got on the bus in Lubeck, about 44 miles northeast of Hamburg, local media reported. There were conflicting reports on the number of injured people and the severity of the injuries. Earlier, authorities tweeted about a "major police deployment in Luebeck." "We are examining the situation and will give more information later," police officials wrote. A witness told LN the bus was full of passengers when the suspected perpetrator dropped...
  • Man Makes miniature knife from a steel bolt

    06/25/2018 5:00:37 PM PDT · by Buttons12 · 35 replies
    You Tube ^ | 6/3/18 | Bobby Duke Arts
    Found this video on youtube, just had to share. Unbelievable skill. The guy turns a plain bolt into a miniature knife.
  • London: Woman shouts 'I want to kill all you Jews'

    06/17/2018 3:11:12 PM PDT · by Eleutheria5 · 50 replies
    Arutz Sheva ^ | 18/6/18 | Ben Ariel
    A female suspect was arrested on Sunday after she ran after children with a knife while shouting “I want to kill all you Jews” in the Haringey area of London. The suspect was arrested ...
  • English Judge Says Solution to Knife Crime is to Remove the Point

    06/08/2018 6:10:25 AM PDT · by marktwain · 66 replies
    Ammoland ^ | 3 June, 2018 | Dean Weingarten
    A British judge is proposing that all knives in the country have the points filed off.  You do not really need pointy knives, he says, and they are causing all the knife crime. The parallels to the push to ban guns in the UK are unmistakable. From A judge has proposed a nationwide programme to file down the points of kitchen knives as a solution to the country’s soaring knife crime epidemic. Last week in his valedictory address, retiring Luton Crown Court Judge Nic Madge spoke of his concern that carrying a knife had become routine in some...
  • Louisiana Governor Signs Knife Law Reform, Removes Switchblade Ban

    06/05/2018 7:29:10 AM PDT · by marktwain · 18 replies
    Ammoland ^ | 1 June, 2018 | Dean Weingarten
    On 25 May, 2018, Governor Edwards of Louisiana signed HB 892 into law. The bill now becomes ACT 341, which reforms Louisiana knife law, removing a 1950's era ban on switchblades.  From BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – On Friday, May 25, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signed 79 bills into new laws. The bills he signed are as follows:(snip) ACT 341 – HB 892 Provides relative to the illegal carrying of certain knives. The wording of HB892, now ACT 341, is as shown at legiscan.   From (4)(a) The manufacture, ownership, possession, custody or use intentional concealment...
  • Cyclist filmed in terrifying knife attack on motorist in broad daylight in South London(tr)

    06/01/2018 9:04:48 AM PDT · by BBell · 29 replies ^ | 6/1/18 | PATRICK GRAFTON-GREEN
    Cyclist filmed in terrifying 'zombie-killer' knife attack on motorist in broad daylight in South LondonThis is the terrifying moment a cyclist pulled an enormous 'zombie-killer' knife on a driver in broad daylight in south London. The terrifying dashcam footage shows a blue Volkswagen drive out into London Road, Croydon, forcing a cyclist to swerve to avoid being hit. With the car stuck in a line of traffic and unable to move, the enraged cyclist pulls a massive blade out and launches a frenzied attack. Brandishing the knife, he kicks the vehicle and slashes at the windows while the driver cowers...
  • Repeal of Louisiana Switchblade Knife Ban goes to Governor Edwards

    05/20/2018 3:59:29 AM PDT · by marktwain · 21 replies
    Ammoland ^ | 17 May, 2018 | Dean Weingarten
    On April 13th, 2018, the Louisiana repeal of the switchblade ban (HB892) unanimously passed the House.  From (4)(a) The manufacture, ownership, possession, custody or use intentional concealment on one's person of any switchblade knife, spring knife, or other knife or similar instrument having a blade which may be automatically unfolded or extended from a handle by the manipulation of a button, switch, latch, or similar contrivance located on the handle. Section 2. R.S. 14:95(J) is hereby repealed in its entirety. CODING: Words in struck through type are deletions from existing law; words underscored are additions. On May 10th,...
  • Knife Check Greatly Appreciated on Rainy Day Trump Speech at NRA Annual Meeting

    05/14/2018 6:22:21 AM PDT · by marktwain · 9 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 14 May, 2018 | Dean Weingarten
    The open and concealed carry of guns and knives was generally legal and accepted at the NRA Annual Meeting of 2018. There was one obvious exception. The Leadership Forum had both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence speaking to a packed crowd. The Secret Service took over jurisdiction and forbade the carrying of guns and knives into the forum.  Not just knives and guns, but a long list of items were forbidden. Items you might not consider as obvious. It was a rainy morning on May 4th in Dallas. Lots of people had umbrellas.  The Secret Service...