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  • Rising IQs and the Decline of Faith

    02/07/2015 2:26:36 PM PST · by NYer · 84 replies
    Crisis Magazine ^ | February 4, 2015 | JOE BISSONNETTE
    For a little more than 100 years weÂ’ve had standardized IQ tests, and over those 100 years there has been a consistent, linear increase in IQ scores, on the order of 3 points per decade. According to IQ tests, we are getting smarter. Also over the last 100 years, rates of belief in God and religious participation have been decreasing. The decrease in religiosity has been less linear than the rise in IQ, but discounting periods of increased religiosity corresponding to major crises like WWI, the Great Depression and WWII, overall there has been a roughly corresponding decrease in...
  • Your college major is a pretty good indication of how smart you are [link only]

    02/03/2015 10:34:29 PM PST · by grundle · 68 replies | February 3, 2015 | Jonathan Wai
    link only:
  • The Smartest Person Who Ever Lived

    01/26/2015 8:10:21 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 154 replies
    RCS ^ | 01/26/2015 | Alex B. Berezow
    Who was the smartest person to ever live? There are certainly many worthy contenders. Today, the very name of "Einstein" is synonymous with genius. Others may suggest Stephen Hawking. Those who appreciate literature and music may proffer William Shakespeare or Ludwig van Beethoven. Historians may recommend Benjamin Franklin. Before I submit my own suggestion, we must first discuss what we even mean by smart. Colloquially, we routinely interchange the words smart and intelligent, but they are not necessarily the same thing. There is an ongoing debate among psychologists, neuroscientists, and artificial intelligence experts on what intelligence actually is, but for...
  • Dawn of the dumb – scientists say IQs are beginning to fall in the UK

    Brain boxes had better brace themselves, because the latest bit of bad news is that the world is becoming a dumber place. IQs have not only plateaued in many developed countries around the world – including the UK, Australia, US and in Scandinavian countries – they are actually measurably dropping. It’s an important enough development for it to be the cover story of this week’s New Scientist magazine, which hits newsstands today. Throughout the 20th century, we were getting smarter and smarter – each generation brainier than the last. Scientists were not sure why but, at the rate we were...
  • Of 10 highest IQ's on earth, at least 8 are Theists, at least 6 are Christians

    07/20/2014 7:35:13 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 36 replies
    The Examiner ^ | 07/20/2014 | Steve Williams
    Have you ever heard the claim "all smart people are atheists", or maybe its inverse: "people who believe in God are dumb"? It's quite a pervasive urban legend, and one which I've known is false for a long time, but I didn't realize just how false until the other day. I recently decided to do a quick cataloging of the ten highest IQ's on earth, and discovered that it's nearly the exact opposite of the truth! Before reading the list, however, I want to remind you of the caveat that IQ test results are not in any sense the measure...
  • Lapps, Finns, Cold Winters And Intelligence

    Tuesday, 3 June 2014Dr James Thompson Renée Zellweger cropped.jpg Cold Winter theory is very simple: warm blooded, warm climate adapted humans drifted North in search of game, and perished unless they could hunt, cope with the climate, and plan wisely so as to live from one winter to the next. Hence, survivors had more forethought, more behavioural restraint regarding immediate gratification, and a whole lot of other changes to help them adapt to hunting and later farming in cold climates. If any of this is true, people living in the far North should be very bright. All the short-term-ist, happy...
  • Genius Idea: New Dating Site For Braniacs

    06/26/2014 9:06:33 PM PDT · by kingattax · 68 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 06/25/2014 | Julia Dent
    Mensa and have teamed up to create a new dating site for people whose IQ is in the 98th percentile. On Mensa Match, brainiacs can find people to date with the same intelligence level, according to the Daily Mail. The site was inspired by a survey where 80 percent of American singles said dating people on the same intelligence level was “very important.” 89 percent also said they would like to be with someone “considerably better educated or more intellectual.” “Why do we want a smart partner? Because intelligence is correlated with many benefits, including: higher income; sense of...
  • Smoking marijuana as a teenager lowers IQ for LIFE, scientists warn

    06/07/2014 1:44:39 AM PDT · by AustralianConservative · 45 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | June 6, 2014 | Daily Mail Reporter
    Smoking cannabis as a teenager lowers IQ into adulthood and could have a lifelong impact, researchers have warned. U.S. researchers found the damaging effects of the drug remained even if users stopped smoking marijuana as adults. They said teenagers face increased risks from smoking cannabis, because the brain is rapidly developing at this time. The scientists, from the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) in the U.S., added that smoking cannabis affects critical thinking and memory during use, with the effects persisting for days. Reviewing a range of studies on marijuana smoking, they reiterated that cannabis impairs driving and increases...
  • Sad at results of Educational Testing. Any suggestions going forward? (Vanity)

    05/30/2014 9:47:04 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 48 replies
    I've brought up education issues before. I've tried to help other people's children with school difficulties and dealing with school administration. I have an Education background. My first child is a HS student and even with all of the public school problems we encounter, she enjoys her school (for the most part) and it is a small enough place where everybody pretty much knows everyone else. My daughter has nearly a 4.0 average. I went to the same school and was happy and grade obsessed. I never could understand how people thought HS was "hard". I must have been obnoxious....
  • 10 Ways That Birth Order Affects Your Life

    05/09/2014 12:33:32 PM PDT · by blam · 30 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 5-9-2014 | Tyler Durden
    10 Ways That Birth Order Affects Your Life Tyler Durden05/09/2014 15:16 -0400Zero Hedge Where you exist in your family’s birth order can profoundly inform your path in life, whether because of genetics or simply the way that family members tend to treat firstborns vs. middle children vs. youngest children. Psychologists have been debating the “Why?” since the 1800s, but, as ConvergEx's Nick Colas notes, the outcome is certain regardless of the cause – the effects of birth order last for a lifetime... For example, firstborn kids are often rules-following and do better in society, while younger children tend to be...
  • It Turns Out That The Smartest People Do Run The US

    05/01/2014 7:17:25 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 35 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 05/01/2014 | JONATHAN WAI
    Does IQ correlate with power? How many powerful people in the U.S. are actually geniuses, and how much does intelligence really affect success? In one of my research papers published last year, Investigating America's Elite, I set out to address these questions. I collected data on some key groups that greatly influence society: Fortune 500 CEOs, billionaires, federal judges, Senators, and House members. Individuals were deemed to be in the top 1% of ability if they attended an undergraduate or graduate school that had extremely high average standardized test scores that put the typical person well within the top 1%....
  • This Brilliant Graphic Shows You Which Country Discovered Every Element In The Periodic Table

    04/28/2014 5:10:34 AM PDT · by blam · 79 replies
    BI ^ | 4-28-2014 | , Business Insider Australia
    This Brilliant Graphic Shows You Which Country Discovered Every Element In The Periodic Table Alex Heber, Business Insider Australia April 28, 2014 When it comes to discovering elements the United Kingdom is at the top of the table. This periodic table graphic was posted by Google Science Fair on Sunday and shows which nations discovered each element on the periodic table. Leading the charge, the UK has discovered 24 elements, closely followed by the US with 21, Sweden with 20 and Germany with 19. A number of old favorites including gold, mercury and copper are listed as “ancient discovery” and...
  • Court skeptical of IQ scores in deciding execution

    03/03/2014 9:53:30 AM PST · by Olog-hai · 18 replies
    Associated Press ^ | Mar 3, 2014 12:27 PM EST | Mark Sherman
    The Supreme Court appeared likely Monday to say that states can’t rely on intelligence test scores alone in borderline cases to determine that a death row inmate is mentally able and thus eligible to be executed. The justices heard arguments on a snowy morning in a challenge from a Florida inmate who says there is ample evidence to show that he is mentally disabled and protected from being put to death, even though most of his IQ scores have topped 70. That score is the widely accepted as a marker of mental disability, but medical professionals say that test results...
  • Smarts In Business Is Not About IQ

    12/10/2013 6:00:35 AM PST · by SeekAndFind
    Forbes ^ | 12/10/2013 | Rich Karlgaard
    With the news of Betsey Johnson, the Octomom and many other celebs facing bankruptcy in this economically uncertain time, it seems appropriate to look at other celebs who have really tanked their finances. More often than not, these actors, singers and entrepreneurs are just starting out and hoping to break out in their respective industries. But many celebs are just irresponsible with finances and blow everything they earned (we're looking at you Courtney Love). 1) Anna Nicole Smith thought she was the victim of secret sabotage. Anna Nicole Smith thought she was the victim of secret sabotage. When Anna Nicole...
  • Report shows ‘dramatic’ rise in N.Y. Jewish poverty

    10/27/2013 9:51:15 AM PDT · by ComtedeMaistre · 23 replies
    A new report shows that 20 percent of Jewish households in the New York metropolitan area are poor, a figure only marginally lower than the rate in the general population. The report released Thursday by UJA-Federation of New York found more than 560,000 people living in 200,000 poor or near-poor Jewish households, a figure that represents a doubling of the number of people living in poor Jewish households since 1991, despite only a 14 percent increase in the Jewish population. The report also found nearly half of children in Jewish households live in poor or near-poor conditions. Among all residents...
  • Einstein's genius put down to 'well-connected' brain halves

    10/06/2013 9:52:03 AM PDT · by ConservativeStatement · 32 replies
    UPI ^ | October 4, 2013
    TALLAHASSEE, Fla., Oct. 4 (UPI) -- The brilliance of Albert Einstein's brain may have been down to unusually well-connected left and right hemispheres, U.S. and Chinese researchers say. Florida State University evolutionary anthropologist Dean Falk, using a technique developed by Weiwei Men of East China Normal University's Department of Physics, says the study was the first detailed look at Einstein's corpus callosum, the brain's largest bundle of fibers connecting the two cerebral hemispheres and facilitating interhemispheric communication.
  • These Are The College Majors With The Smartest Students

    09/26/2013 7:46:59 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 36 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 09/26/2013 | Gus Lubin
    College students who major in physical sciences tend to be smarter than those who major in psychology, judging from the 2013 SAT Report on College & Career Readiness from the College Board. The report includes data on SAT scores by intended major for the college-bound class of 2013. We've taken the liberty of ranking majors based on these scores, which are the best commonly available proxy for intelligence.
  • Woodland to stop fluoridating water (WA)

    09/09/2013 5:59:00 AM PDT · by opentalk · 27 replies
    Associated Press and KGW staff ^ | August 21, 2013 | Associated Press and KGW staff
    <p>LONGVIEW, Wash. -- The city council of Woodland, Wash., has decided to stop fluoridating the city's water.</p> <p>The council voted 6-1 Monday night to remove the additive from the water supply.</p> <p>Even if fluoridation prevents tooth decay, councilman John Burke said the city shouldn't make a medical decision for citizens without their consent.</p>
  • Oakland: 12 people shot in less than 24 hours; three killed

    08/18/2013 8:29:18 PM PDT · by Lonely Bull · 19 replies
    Oakland Tribune | ^ | 08/18/2013 | Natalie Neysa Alund
    OAKLAND -- Some were attending a birthday party. Others were working at a downtown a hair salon or on their way to a fast-food restaurant. In less than 24 hours over the weekend, 12 people were shot along Oakland streets -- three of them fatally, their deaths marking the city's 63rd, 64th and 65th homicides of the year. As of Sunday evening, investigators had not identified a motive or a suspect in any of the shootings, and none appeared to be connected, police said.
  • Are Atheists mentally ill?

    08/17/2013 8:29:34 AM PDT · by Vanders9 · 66 replies
    The Daily Telegraph ^ | 08/17/2013 | Sean Thomas
    Thanks to a couple of surveys, it’s being put about in certain circles that atheists have higher IQs than believers. That may or may not be the case, but one problem with this argument is that, if you accept "average group differences in IQ”, you get into all sorts of sinister debates which bien pensant atheist Lefties might find less to their liking.
  • Why can’t we talk about IQ?

    08/09/2013 3:06:33 PM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 221 replies
    Politico ^ | August 9, 2013 | Jason Richwine
    “IQ is a metric of such dubiousness that almost no serious educational researcher uses it anymore,” the Guardian’s Ana Marie Cox wrote back in May. It was a breathtakingly ignorant statement. Psychologist Jelte Wicherts noted in response that a search for “IQ test” in Google’s academic database yielded more than 10,000 hits — just for the year 2013. But Cox’s assertion is all too common. There is a large discrepancy between what educated laypeople believe about cognitive science and what experts actually know. Journalists are steeped in the lay wisdom, so they are repeatedly surprised when someone forthrightly discusses the...
  • Girl, 11, has higher IQ than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking

    08/09/2013 10:53:47 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 74 replies
    Metro ^ | 08/09/2013
    Cerys Cooksammy-Parnell playing chess at her home in Northampton (Picture: SWNS) An 11-year-old girl has become one of the smartest people in the UK by getting the maximum score on a Mensa IQ test – higher than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.Cerys Cooksammy-Parnell, from Northampton, scored a mind-blowing 162 on the Cattell B scale.The schoolgirl sat the supervised test with her father Dean, 45, who is already a member of the elite intelligence club with an IQ of 142.Her father, who is a lawyer, came out of the test thinking Cerys had ‘fluffed it’ because of the speed at which...
  • What's your Geek IQ?

    08/08/2013 9:31:29 AM PDT · by DFG · 17 replies
    Daily Mail UK ^ | 08/08/2013 | Victoria Woollaston
    Do you know your cobalt from your carbon? Can you identify planets from close-up images? Do you you know the difference between Assassins Creed and Thief game characters or name the eleventh doctor in Doctor Who? To celebrate YouTube's Geek Week the video site has created a quiz designed to help you find out exactly how geeky you are. The questions are generated at random and use clips from YouTube videos, TV shows, How-to instructional clips and more to create a Geek IQ score.
  • Kids who were breastfed longer have higher IQs, new study shows

    07/30/2013 5:13:56 AM PDT · by don-o · 60 replies
    NBC News ^ | July 29, 2013 | Barbara Mantel
    Young children who were breastfed as infants scored higher on intelligence tests than formula-fed kids, and the longer and more exclusively they were breastfed, the greater the difference, say Harvard University researchers in a study published today in JAMA Pediatrics. This study adds “to the body of literature of the association between duration of breastfeeding and cognition,” says NBC News diet and health editor Madelyn Fernstrom, Ph. D., CNS. But does breastfeeding make your child smarter? Fernstrom says this study shows an association, not cause and effect. The researchers analyzed 1,312 expectant mothers enrolled between 1999 and 2002 in Project...
  • IVF method linked to low IQ in children

    07/14/2013 11:37:22 AM PDT · by Olog-hai · 4 replies
    Melbourne Herald Sun ^ | July 03, 2013 6:27AM | (Australian Associated Press)
    Certain forms of IVF treatment are significantly associated with an increased risk of low intelligence in children, a major study has shown. A link was also found with an especially severe type of autism, but only in the case of twins or triplets. Scientists who analyzed data on more than 2.5 million births stressed that the chances of an IVF baby being affected remained tiny in real terms. …
  • Reaction Times - Does it measure IQ?

    05/27/2013 5:26:06 AM PDT · by central_va · 39 replies
    Human Benchmark ^ | 5/27/13 | Human Benchmark
    This is a simple reaction test. I scored in the middle of the bell curve. Try it.
  • Researchers say Western IQs dropped 14 points over last century

    05/26/2013 8:06:05 PM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 104 replies
    Yahoo! News ^ | May 24, 2013 | Eric Pfeiffer
    A new study from researchers in Europe claims that the average IQ in Western nations dropped by a staggering 14.1 points over the past century. "We tested the hypothesis that the Victorians were cleverer than modern populations using high-quality instruments, namely measures of simple visual reaction time in a meta-analytic study," the researchers wrote in the study, which was published online in the journal Intelligence on Thursday. "Simple reaction time measures correlate substantially with measures of general intelligence and are considered elementary measures of cognition."-snip- The results were measured using data from 1889 to 2004 and were analyzed by Michael...
  • Western Civilization Dumber Than 100 Years Ago

    05/23/2013 5:19:17 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 75 replies
    Breitbart's Big Government ^ | May 23, 2013 | William Bigelow
    A new study may stimulate the old adage of respecting your elders; it says the general level of intelligence in the Western Hemisphere has declined since the Victorian Era. The study claims the IQ numbers are 14 points lower than from the 19th century. One of the authors of the study, Dr. Jan te Nijenhuis, professor of work and organizational psychology at the University of Amsterdam, says the cause of the movement toward stupidity is that smarter women have fewer children while those of lower intelligence have more children. But Dr. Gerald Crabtree, professor of pathology and developmental biology at...
  • Saying the unsayable about Hispanics

    05/21/2013 10:04:09 AM PDT · by servo1969 · 49 replies ^ | 5-21-2013 | Bookworm
    As is often the case with my brain, I need to mull over things sometimes to decide what I think about them. Such is the case with Jason Richwine, the Heritage Foundation scholar who was driven out when it was discovered that his thesis (which passed inspection at Harvard) reached the following conclusions: So what is actually in the dissertation? The dissertation shows that recent immigrants score lower than U.S.-born whites on many different types of IQ tests. Using statistical analysis, it suggests that the test-score differential is due primarily to a real cognitive gap rather than to culture or...
  • In Defense of Jason Richwine: We now have a corruption in American intellectual discourse.

    05/15/2013 7:34:27 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 10 replies
    National Review ^ | 05/15/2013 | Charles Murray
    On Monday, May 6, Robert Rector and Jason Richwine of the Heritage Foundation published a study of the fiscal effects of immigration amnesty, arguing that the costs would amount to $6.3 trillion. Controversy greeted the report, but of the normal kind, with critics making specific allegations that the costs were calculated using unrealistic assumptions. On Wednesday, the Washington Post revealed that Richwine’s 2009 Ph.D. dissertation at Harvard’s Kennedy School had said that, on average, Latinos have lower IQs than do non-Latino white Americans and the nation should consider incorporating IQ into immigration decisions. The blogosphere and some elements of the...
  • Heritage Was Wrong - The think tank should have defended Jason Richwine.

    05/13/2013 12:37:46 PM PDT · by neverdem · 15 replies
    National Review Online ^ | May 13, 2013 | Robert VerBruggen
    As you no doubt have already heard, on Friday the Heritage Foundation accepted the resignation of one Jason Richwine, who in 2009 had completed a Harvard dissertation in which he probed the nexus between immigration and IQ. The decision revealed a shocking unwillingness on the part of Heritage to stand up to bullying and protect the academic freedom of its researchers. Perhaps the only good thing to emerge from all this has been the wide-scale distribution of the dissertation itself, a worthy if highly debatable document. It’s a pity that none of Richwine’s detractors seem to have seriously engaged the...
  • L'Affaire Richwine (Is it racist to draw conclusions about race and IQ based on statistical data?)

    05/11/2013 10:12:22 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 36 replies
    National Review ^ | 05/10/2013 | By Greg Pollowitz
    There are a ton of clips of Jason Richwine talking about race and immigration floating around the Internets. For example, Andrew Kaczynski of BuzzFeed posted a one-minute excerpt from an AEI event that Richwine attended and wrote: Here’s Video Of Another Time The Heritage Analyst Said Blacks and Hispanics Have Lower IQsJason Richwine, a senior policy analyst at the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation and co-author of a controversial report on the economic costs of immigration reform, said at a 2008 event that the “most important way” race was different was in IQ. He made similar comments in...
  • The Crucifixion of Jason Richwine

    05/10/2013 3:09:10 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 33 replies ^ | May 10, 2013 | Michelle Malkin
    How low will supporters of the Gang of Eight immigration bill go to get their way? This low: They've shamelessly branded an accomplished Ivy League-trained quantitative analyst a "racist" and will stop at nothing to destroy his career as they pave their legislative path to another massive illegal alien benefits bonanza. Jason Richwine works for the conservative Heritage Foundation. He's a Harvard University Ph.D. who co-authored a study that pegs the cost of the Ted Kennedy Memorial Open Borders Act 2.0 legislation at $6.3 trillion. Lead author Robert Rector is a senior research fellow at Heritage, a former United States...
  • Heritage official resigns amid controversy

    05/10/2013 2:06:51 PM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 60 replies
    Associated Press ^ | May 10, 2013 | ERICA WERNER
    A co-author of a disputed Heritage Foundation report on a new immigration bill has resigned amid controversy over claims he made about immigrants having low IQs. A spokesman for the conservative think tank confirmed Jason Richwine's resignation Friday without offering details. Richwine was one of two authors of a report released Monday that said immigration legislation pending in the Senate would cost $6.3 trillion over 50 years as immigrants consumed federal benefits without making up for it in taxes. The report quickly came under attack as critics from the left and right said it didn't account for economic benefits from...
  • 'Heritage' Flap: Did Al Hunt Just Question IQ Of Non-Asian Immigrants?

    05/10/2013 5:33:28 AM PDT · by governsleastgovernsbest · 17 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    Al Hunt prefaced his remark by describing the issue of ethnicity and IQ as a "swamp". But did he then proceed to wade right into it? Morning Joe today took up the topic of the flap over a report on immigration produced by the Heritage Foundation. The panel's particular focus was a statement by report co-author Jason Richwine contained in his Harvard dissertation that "the average IQ of immigrants is substantially lower than that of native whites." Rather than rejecting the notion out of hand, Hunt asked "is that true of Asian immigrants? Is that true of all immigrants?" Ruh-roh!...
  • Heritage study co-author opposed letting in immigrants with low IQs

    05/08/2013 12:06:21 PM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 44 replies
    Washington Post ^ | May 8, 2013 | Dylan Matthews
    The Heritage Foundation made something of a splash with its study suggesting that immigration reform will cost the public trillions. Past work by one of its co-authors helps put that piece in context. Jason Richwine is relatively new to the think tank world. He received his PhD in public policy from Harvard in 2009, and joined Heritage after a brief stay at the American Enterprise Institute. Richwine’s doctoral dissertation is titled “IQ and Immigration Policy”; the contents are well summarized in the dissertation abstract: "The statistical construct known as IQ can reliably estimate general mental ability, or intelligence. The average...
  • From Meccania to Atlantis - Part 5: From Screeching Cats to SDG

    04/02/2013 4:32:07 PM PDT · by marktwain · 4 replies ^ | 19 December, 2008 | Takuan Seiyo
    The incompetence, decadence and stupidity that one wades through on a daily basis in the West contrast one’s daily experience in the East. To begin with, the common Orientals are smarter. That mean IQ of 105 versus 99 for Whites is a tremendous advantage in producing an intelligent, competent workforce. When you add to it a work ethic unseen in the West since 19th century Northwest Europe, and a Confucian morality, the comparison is not flattering to the West. -------------------cut---------------------- The sun also rises in the West Never give up. This being the birthday of the West’s redeemer compels one...
  • Windsor votes to remove fluoride from drinking water (Canada)

    01/30/2013 7:10:06 PM PST · by opentalk · 45 replies
    Windsor star ^ | January 28, 2012
    Windsor on Monday joined the growing number of municipalities which have voted to end the decades-old practice of adding fluoride to the water supply in the fight against tooth decay. “A lot has changed in the last 60 years … fluoride is not the be-all and end-all to prevent tooth decay,” said Mayor Eddie Francis, who voted with the majority.… “I want to be shown that when we ingest this, we are safe,” said Kimberley DeYong of Fluoride Free Windsor. She and others said not a single study among those cited by fluoridation proponents looked specifically at the industry-sourced chemical...
  • IQ tests are “meaningless and too simplistic”, claim researchers

    12/19/2012 9:22:47 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 30 replies
    Daily Mail (UK) ^ | 13:29 EST, 19 December 2012 | Nicholas McDermott
    It will come as a relief to those who failed to shine when taking an IQ test. After conducting the largest ever study of intelligence, researchers have found that far from indicating how clever you are, IQ testing is actually rather “meaningless”. In a bid to investigate the value of IQ, scientists asked more than 100,000 participants to complete 12 tests that required planning, reasoning, memory and attention. They also filled in a survey on their background. They (the scientists) discovered that far from being down to one single factor, what is commonly regarded as intelligence is influenced by three...
  • STUDY: Reality Show Viewers Are More Neurotic, Have Lower Self-Esteem...

    12/13/2012 9:28:24 AM PST · by · 49 replies ^ | December 13, 2012 | Gregory Gwyn-Williams Jr.
    People who watch non-competition reality shows are more extroverted, neurotic and have a lower self-esteem, according to a new study. The survey, conducted by polled 19,000 people and found that "those who watched non-competition reality shows are more extroverted, neurotic and have lower self-esteem than watchers who are not fans of the genre." Additionally, the survey found that 72% of women and 60% of men watch Reality television simply because they're bored. Also, 46% of women and 26% of men watch this genre because they like to see how people with money and fame live their lives. Deadliest Catch...
  • Artificial brain 'Spaun' passes IQ tests

    12/03/2012 9:13:28 AM PST · by LibWhacker · 20 replies
    TG Daily ^ | 12/3/12 | Flora Malein
    Researchers at the University of Waterloo, Canada, have built the world’s most sophisticated artificial brain to date. Known as ‘Spaun’, (short for Semantic Pointer Architecture Unified Network), the model is able to simulate complex brain behaviour and is capable of thinking remembering, seeing and interacting with its environment using a mechanical arm. Although Spaun currently exists in the simulated world inside a computer, it is one of the most advanced models ever created by scientists to understand how the human brain functions. Unlike previous brain models, such as the 'million processor computer', which feature large networks of neurons with generally...
  • Humans may be gradually losing intelligence, according to a new study.

    11/13/2012 10:43:26 AM PST · by haffast · 69 replies
    LiveScience Staff Writer | ^ | Mon, Nov 12, 2012 | Tia Ghose
    Are Humans Becoming Less Intelligent? By Tia Ghose, LiveScience Staff Writer | – Mon, Nov 12, 2012 Humans may be gradually losing intelligence, according to a new study. The study, published today (Nov. 12) in the journal Trends in Genetics, argues that humans lost the evolutionary pressure to be smart once we started living in dense agricultural settlements several thousand years ago. "The development of our intellectual abilities and the optimization of thousands of intelligence genes probably occurred in relatively non-verbal, dispersed groups of peoples [living] before our ancestors emerged from Africa," said study author Gerald Crabtree, a researcher...
  • I Dream of GINI. Why so many people vote Democrat. Half of us are below average. OK, maybe only 47%

    10/19/2012 5:47:04 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 20 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 10/19/2012 | Randall Hoven
    Imagine you are young and unattached -- unattached from everything: family, friends, country. A Martian takes you up in his spaceship and offers to set you down in one of two countries where you will have to make your way in life. All he tells you is that the average income in Country A is $49,000 and that of Country B is $40,900. You would probably pick A, right? It's 20% richer. Now, what if your Martian host offered a bit more information? He gives you the distribution of incomes in those same two countries. In fact, he shows you...
  • Northwood schoolgirl 'beats' Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein

    10/13/2012 2:57:36 PM PDT · by James C. Bennett · 99 replies
    Harrow Observer, UK ^ | Sep 13 2012 | Caitlin Black
    ACHIEVING an IQ score higher than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking seems almost impossible, but not for one young girl. Northwood College School pupil, Fabiola Mann, of Harrow on the Hill, scored a remarkable IQ of 162 in this summer’s University of London’s (UCL) Mensa medical test. It is the highest possible score anyone can achieve in the UK and European test. The 15-year-old beat physicists Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein, who both scored 160 when they took it. Being a whizz kid at puzzles and mathematical tests, Fabiola decided to give it a go, she sat the test on...
  • Cannabis smoking 'permanently lowers IQ'

    08/27/2012 6:20:21 PM PDT · by DannyTN · 147 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | 8:00PM BST 27 Jul 2012 | By Stephen Adams, Medical Correspondent
    Teenagers who regularly smoke cannabis are putting themselves at risk of permanently damaging their intelligence, according to a landmark study.
  • Why The VP Debate Will Be The Most Fun Ever

    08/11/2012 9:17:47 AM PDT · by The Looking Spoon · 21 replies
    The Looking Spoon ^ | 8-11-12 | The Looking Spoon
    I might find myself investing in popcorn companies beforehand...
  • US Supreme Court allows execution of Texas inmate

    08/07/2012 4:29:19 PM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 26 replies
    AP via Google News ^ | August 7, 2012 | By MICHAEL GRACZYK
    HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) — The U.S. Supreme Court has cleared the way for the Tuesday evening execution of a Texas death row inmate whose lawyers say should be ineligible for the death penalty because of his low IQ.
  • Gorillas filmed performing amazing feat of intellectual ability

    07/24/2012 7:44:59 PM PDT · by Engraved-on-His-hands · 28 replies
    PhysOrg ^ | July 23, 2012 | Bob Yirka
    Researchers working in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda have filmed gorillas dismantling snares set by poachers to catch smaller game. Previously, anecdotal evidence had suggested that silverback gorillas had been seen dismantling snares. In this instance it was two young blackback, mountain gorillas that were involved. The team, part of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund's Karisoke Research Center, filmed first a silverback motioning towards the snare. Next, two young male blackbacks arrived on the scene, surveyed the situation, then proceeded to take apart the snare, avoiding being caught in it in the process.
  • Description of a mass murderer: "super nice kid," "kinda quiet" and "really smart."

    07/21/2012 2:39:17 PM PDT · by moneyrunner · 41 replies
    The Virginian ^ | 7/21/2012 | Moneyrunner
    "super nice kid," "kinda quiet" and "really smart." This is how Holmes is described by a classmate to the LA Times. Reading an essay by Dan Miller Enlightened self-interest and international relations about Bertrand Russell somehow made me think about James Holmes the “Spiderman Killer.” We know so little about what motivates people, but we think we know so much. It’s called projection. We assume that there are universal aspirations and that they match our own. That error is the cause of both personal and global tragedy. On a personal level people assume that if we love someone that love...
  • Genetic Variants Build a Smarter Brain

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    ScienceNOW ^ | 19 June 2012 | Moheb Costandi
    Enlarge Image Brain gain. Brain scan data showing regions where two of the newly identified SNPs interact with each other to affect white matter tract integrity. Credit: Paul Thompson/UCLA Researchers have yet to understand how genes influence intelligence, but a new study takes a step in that direction. An international team of scientists has identified a network of genes that may boost performance on IQ tests by building and insulating connections in the brain. Intelligence runs in families, but although scientists have identified about 20 genetic variants associated with intelligence, each accounts for just 1% of the variation in...