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  • Bernie Sanders Takes a Flamethrower to Trump on MSNBC: ‘Racist …Sexist… Homophobe Religious Bigot’

    06/18/2019 10:57:17 AM PDT · by SMGFan · 78 replies
    mediaite ^ | June 18, 2019
    Independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders lit into President Donald Trump in advance of Trump’s Florida campaign kickoff rally, calling him a “racist” who won’t tell his supporters how he “tried to throw 32 million people off of healthcare.” On Tuesday’s edition of MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, host Andrea Mitchell asked Sanders for his reaction to the possibility that Trump might live-tweet the Democratic debates. “Well, I’m surprised that he has the time to tweet, I thought he would be watching, you know, some Fox TV program,” Sanders quipped, before really going in on Trump. “Look, he...
  • Twice as many voters say Trump is better for Black Americans than Obama

    33% of likely voters say President Trump has made life better for African Americans. When Obama left office in 2099 only 13% of likely voters said he made life better for African Americans. This is not the first time Trump has seen his numbers climb among African Americans. A VoterLabs poll in May found that 29% of female African Americans approve of President’s Trump.
  • Attention banks! Do not give a mortgage to Simon Galperin!

    06/17/2019 2:27:41 PM PDT · by grundle · 43 replies
    wordpress ^ | June 17, 2019 | Dan from Squirrel Hill
    Attention banks! Do not give a mortgage to Simon Galperin! A guy named Simon Galperin just wrote this article, which is titled, “I’m a 29-Year-Old With $235k in Student Debt. I’ll Never Pay It Back.”Galperin’s statement that he will never pay back his student debt is not because of a medical issue that has rendered him unable to work.Instead, his statement is proof that he is irresponsible, lazy, spoiled, and entitled.He also says he believes that innocent taxpayers should be forced to pay off his student debt, so that he can then get a mortgage to buy a house.If Galperin ever...
  • Murphy responds to Democrats rejecting his demand for a millionaires tax

    06/17/2019 4:22:10 PM PDT · by SMGFan · 12 replies
    NJ Advanced Media ^ | June 17, 2019
    After Democrats in the Legislature shut down his demand to send him a millionaires tax in the state budget, Gov. Phil Murphy said Monday the new spending plan “falls short on the principle of tax fairness” and said he wants to work with top lawmakers on something better. It’s Murphy’s first reaction after the Democratic-controlled Legislature quickly approved a $38.7 billion budget through key committees Monday that denies the governor his millionaires tax — something he’s wanted for years and pushed aggressively for since he unveiled his budget in January. “It leaves us without the stable and sustainable revenues to...
  • Remember when Obama made fun of Trump's 'magic wand' to fix the economy?

    05/04/2019 5:04:27 AM PDT · by RoosterRedux · 56 replies
    American Thinker ^ | Ethel Fenig
    Three years ago, then-president Barack Hussein Obama (D) mocked the plans of his sure-not-to-be-successor, Donald J. Trump (R), for the country, comparing them to his oh, so successful eight-year "scandal free," high unemployment, high food stamp use, successful administration. "He just says, 'I'm gonna negotiate a better deal.' Well how? How exactly are you going to negotiate that?" Obama said during the town hall portion of the event. "What magic wand do you have? And usually the answer is, he doesn't have an answer." Well, that was then. And this is now. To Obama's shock and dismay, Trump is president....
  • Tired of Winning?

    06/16/2019 4:52:50 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 21 replies ^ | June 16, 2019 | Gil Gutknecht
    Candidate Donald Trump promised that we would get tired of winning. When he said that we could almost hear the mainstream media rolling their eyes. President Trump hasn’t deviated from his America First agenda. He has pursued it relentlessly. The media hasn’t deviated much from their agenda either. As Trump delivers on his promise to Make America Great Again, they feverishly work to make him look bad.  It’s a weird symbiotic relationship. The more Trump succeeds, the more frustrated they become. It is pathetic to watch. A large portion of the media seems almost eager to sacrifice their credibility and audience...
  • Trump Can Make California Great Again

    06/16/2019 4:02:22 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 102 replies ^ | June 16, 2019 | Carl Jackson
    Californians, what do you have to lose by voting for Trump?! It’s time for Democrats to defend the consequences of their democratic socialist policies that have ruined the state! After visiting my hometown of Los Angeles, California a couple of weeks ago, for the first time in decades, I returned to Florida absolutely convinced that Donald Trump and the Republican Party could recapture the state if the president would take Rush Limbaugh’s advice and campaign there. Everything that’s wrong with California is the fault of Democrats! They can’t blame Republicans for the mess they’ve created there! It’s a one-party...
  • OLC Opinion: Congressional Committee's Request for the President's Tax Returns

    06/14/2019 3:04:30 PM PDT · by Cboldt · 23 replies
    U.S. Office of Legal Counsel ^ | June 13, 2019 | Steven A. Engel
    The provisions in 26 U.S.C. S: 6103 protecting confidentiality of tax returns prohibited the Department of the Treasury from complying with a request by the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee for the President's tax returns. The text of section 6103(f), the statutory exception under which the request was made, does not require the Committee to state any purpose for its request. But Congress could not constitutionally confer upon the Committee the right to compel the Executive Branch to disclose confidential information without a legitimate legislative purpose. Under the facts and circumstances, the Secretary of the Treasury reasonably...
  • No, Tax Cuts Aren’t Causing the Latest Deficit Spike

    06/14/2019 10:28:10 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 23 replies
    Issues and Insights ^ | 06/14/2019 | John Merline
    The Treasury Department reported a $208 billion deficit for the month of May — which is $61 billion higher than May 2018. To put that in perspective, the deficit for the entire year of 2007 was $161 billion. In the first eight months of the current fiscal year, red ink has already reached $738 billion. Even adjusting for inflation, the total annual federal deficit has exceeded that only six times in the nation’s history (five of them under President Obama). Not surprisingly, the Republican tax cuts are taking the blame for this year’s extraordinary deficits. But wait a minute. Overall...
  • The IRS Is About To Limit Those SALT Caps: They're Looking at You, New York!

    06/13/2019 9:10:24 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 72 replies
    Hotair ^ | 06/13/2019 | Jazz Shaw
    When the tax cuts were passed in 2017, one major sticking point was the limit on how much of your state and local taxes (SALT) could be listed as a deduction on your federal return. The amount was capped at $10,000 and this brought howls of protest from Democrats, particularly those from higher-income states like New York and California. They quickly got to work seeking to thwart the rules by allowing taxpayers to “donate” the extra amount to a “charity” set up specifically for the purpose of evading the law. That’s about to come to a halt, as a...
  • Joe Biden: Trump’s ‘God-Awful Tax Cut Has Not Helped Anybody Who’s Real’

    05/10/2019 3:18:57 PM PDT · by Sir Napsalot · 79 replies
    Breitbart - Politics ^ | 5-10-2019 | Charlie Spiering
    Former Vice President Joe Biden continues to make false claims about President Donald Trump’s massive tax cut, saying Thursday it had not helped average Americans. “The God awful tax cut has not helped anybody who’s real, anybody out there breaking their neck trying to figure out how to make the next meal,” Biden said at a fundraiser. Since announcing his presidential campaign, Biden has continually attacked Trump’s tax cut. “There’s a $2 trillion tax cut last year. Did you feel it? Did you get anything from it? Of course not. Of course not,” he said during his April campaign launch...
  • Biden on "stepped-up basis"

    06/12/2019 9:37:24 AM PDT · by TIElniff · 11 replies
    I'm surprised that there has been no (or little) comment about Biden's suggestion to eliminate the "stepped-up basis" on capital gains at the death of the investor. What gives?
  • Biden Defends The Ruling Class (Calls For Cutting Social Security & Medicare

    06/11/2019 7:36:37 PM PDT · by Its All Over Except ... · 27 replies
    CSPAN ^ | 5/18/2018 | ?
    "I don't think 500 billionaires are...why we're in trouble," says the ex-VP... ... adds he would shrink Social Security and Medicare.
  • Biden to slam Trump as 'existential threat' during dueling Iowa stops

    06/11/2019 8:01:02 AM PDT · by knighthawk · 24 replies
    Fox News ^ | June 11 2019 | Paul Steinhauser
    In what could be a preview of next year’s general election campaign for the White House, both President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden will go head to head on Tuesday as they each make stops in Iowa, the state that kicks off the presidential caucus and primary calendar. And Biden, the clear front-runner right now in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, is using the opportunity to blast the Republican president for threatening tariffs on global trading partners. Warning of the impact it’s had on American farmers and manufacturers, Biden plans to call Trump an “existential threat”...
  • Liberal group launching bus tour to push for increasing taxes on the rich

    06/11/2019 7:54:05 AM PDT · by yesthatjallen · 23 replies
    The Hill ^ | 06/11/19 | Naomi Jagoda
    The liberal group Tax March announced on Tuesday that it is launching a bus tour to take aim at the Republican 2017 tax-cut law and to urge politicians and activists to push for policies that increase taxes on the rich. Tax March's “2019 Tax the Rich Bus Tour” will begin in Miami on June 26, right before the first Democratic presidential debate, and end in Detroit on July 30, ahead of the second debate. The group said that the tour will include events in 19 states and the District of Columbia. “During our Tax the Rich bus tour, Tax March...
  • Billionaire Kochs to Financially Back Democrats Pushing Amnesty, Free Trade

    06/09/2019 8:41:02 PM PDT · by bitt · 83 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 6/9/2019 | John Binder
    The pro-mass immigration Koch brothers’ network of billionaire, donor-class organizations is readying to financially back Democrats, so long as they promise to support amnesty for illegal aliens and vote to advance free trade at all costs. In a memo to its staff, the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity (AFP) organization announced that the economic libertarian group is set to back any elected official in Washington, DC, — including Democrats — who support their agenda of amnesty for illegal aliens and endless free trade, and oppose the GOP voter-preferred economic nationalist agenda of less immigration and tariffs to protect American jobs. The...
  • We Demand Dividends

    06/09/2019 4:43:32 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 37 replies ^ | June 9, 2019 | Gil Gutknecht
    Baby Boomers are retiring. Most are now starting to take their pensions and Social Security. The more fortunate are beginning to dip into their IRAs and 401Ks. As we reach this milestone, our views tend to harden. We are growing less tolerant. Some may call it cranky. We don’t buy a lot of the nonsense that is shoved down our throats by so many of the so called experts on television. We frequently find ourselves yelling back at them. We are even less tolerant of all the politically correct BS. As our circulation slows, we look forward to spending more time in...
  • We Demand Dividends

    06/09/2019 7:33:10 PM PDT · by vannrox · 27 replies
    Town Hall ^ | Posted: Jun 09, 2019 12:01 AM | Gil Gutknecht
    Baby Boomers are retiring. Most are now starting to take their pensions and Social Security. The more fortunate are beginning to dip into their IRAs and 401Ks. As we reach this milestone, our views tend to harden. We are growing less tolerant. Some may call it cranky. We don’t buy a lot of the nonsense that is shoved down our throats by so many of the so called experts on television. We frequently find ourselves yelling back at them. We are even less tolerant of all the politically correct BS. As our circulation slows, we look forward to spending more...
  • True The Vote Wins Historic $2 Million Settlement Against IRS

    06/08/2019 9:04:43 PM PDT · by bobsunshine · 42 replies
    The Conservative Treehouse ^ | May 8, 2019 | Sundance
    News we might have missed. Last week Catherine Engelbrecht announced a historic legal victory in her decade long battle against the IRS for targeting her group, True The Vote, as part of the Obama administration’s weaponization program against political opposition. U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton issued a stunning ruling (full pdf below) in favor of True the Vote, and penalized the IRS. Judge Walton forced the IRS to pay maximum attorney’s fees due to discrimination against the conservative organization that stemmed from the Lois Lerner scandal. The financial award is likely to exceed $2 million.
  • Republican Lawmakers Refuse to Support Trump or His Voters — Is It Time for a New Party?

    06/07/2019 12:15:08 PM PDT · by Hojczyk · 147 replies
    GP ^ | June 7,2019 | Jim Hoft
    The Republican Party never much liked Donald Trump or what he represented. The GOP and establishment conservative groups never much liked Trump’s supporters. Republicans were fine at cowering behind their desks at the first sign of adversity. They were used to making promises and not following through. They were happy to cede power to a radical fascist left that continues to tear away at the fabric of this great nation. When Trump won Paul Ryan said he would build a wall. Paul Ryan lied… repeatedly. He never had any intention of building a wall. Either did Mitch McConnell. When Trump...