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  • Video: Donald Trump Jr. at SilencerCo

    09/26/2016 5:27:24 PM PDT · by monkapotamus · 2 replies
    American Rifleman ^ | September 26, 2016 | American Rifleman Staff
    Donald Trump Jr., son of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald J. Trump,†is an unabashed†firearm enthusiast, hunter and†outspoken†Second Amendment supporter. During a recent visit to Utah-based SilencerCo he talked with company CEO Joshua Waldron about the intent of the Founding Fathers, future Supreme Court Justice appointments,†hunting in Europe with sound suppressorsóand also showed he walks the walk on the firing range...
  • Taking down 4 hogs in a row

    09/26/2016 8:26:35 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 12 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 9/26/2016 | J Hines
    Hunting season is just around the corner, have you been out shooting to polish your skills? Stationary targets or moving targets? Shooting at something that's moving is challenging. However, a proficient shooter can make it look simple. In this video a hunter dropped 4 hogs in a row within a minute with no time to spare, hope this gets you inspired for the upcoming hunting season, see the video here, enjoy!
  • Police might not know where their guns are, and the law says that's OK[ 300+ Weapons lost ! ]

    09/25/2016 9:43:02 PM PDT · by NoLibZone · 22 replies ^ | Sept 25,2016 | By TONY SAAVEDRA
    Southern California police agencies regularly lose track of all manner of firearms, from high-powered rifles and grenade launchers to standard service handguns Ė weapons that often wind up on the street. An Orange County Register investigation of 134 state and local police agencies from Kern County to the Mexican border found that over the past five years at least 329 firearms were lost by or stolen from law enforcement agencies. Dozens of these weapons wound up in the hands of criminals Ė and some were involved in crimes. In Northern California, a missing police gun was used in a suspected...
  • The Obama Gun "Super Owner" - New Study Finds 50% Of Guns Owned By Just 3% Of Population

    09/25/2016 4:20:37 PM PDT · by blam · 142 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 9-25-2016 | Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden Sep 25, 2016 7:10 PM A recent Harvard study of the demographics of gun ownership in the United States yielded a fairly shocking discovery, namely the emergence of the Obama gun "Super Owner." The study, entitled "The Stock and Flow of US Firearms: Results from the 2015 National Firearms Survey", was conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health and found that just 14% of all gun owners, or 7.6mm adults and 3% of the total U.S. population, possessed 50% of all guns owned by civilians in the country. Moreover, with a total stock of 270mm civilian-owned guns...
  • Comparing Barrel Twist Rates

    09/25/2016 10:03:53 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 23 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 9/25/2016 | J Hines
    When a bullet is fired, the rifling of the barrel puts a twist on the bullet in order to improve accuracy, increase the distance traveled, and to stabilize the bullet as it moves through the air towards its target. Twist rates are often set up as a ratio, such as 1:14, 1:12, or 1:7, which refers to inches per turn. A twist rate of 1:10 means the bullet will turn one time in 10 inches of the barrel. Rifling was discovered in 15th century Germany and most likely took the science behind arrows, which are fletched in a way that...
  • Moment a woman rushes out of bed and opens fire on three armed burglars who broke into.......

    09/23/2016 12:58:24 PM PDT · by Morgana · 58 replies ^ | September 23, 2016 | Joel Christie For
    FULL TITLE: Moment a woman rushes out of bed and opens fire on three armed burglars who broke into her home - shooting one dead Incredible footage has been released showing the moment a Georgia woman rushed out of her bed in the middle of the night and opened fire at three armed men who broke into her house, killing one. The surveillance footage, released by the Gwinnett County Police Department, shows the intruders - all of whom are carrying guns - bursting through the front door and rummaging through the house in the September 16 incident in Gwinnett. Seconds...
  • SEE IT: Georgia woman fatally shoots home invader, sends two accomplices fleeing

    09/23/2016 6:32:10 AM PDT · by GrandJediMasterYoda · 44 replies ^ | 9/23/16 | Meg Wagner
    SEE IT: Georgia woman fatally shoots home invader, sends two accomplices fleeing A Georgia woman opened fire on a trio of robbers who broke into her house, killing one of the three invaders. Officers in Gwinnett County are still hunting for the other two burglars, who escaped after their botched break in last week, WSB-TV reported. The woman, a local restaurant manager who has not been identified, was staying with a housemate on Sept. 16 while working on a job-related project. Around 4 a.m., three armed men burst through the front door, surveillance video from inside the house showed.
  • Minnesota NRA Instructor aka ĎGood Guy with Guní Stops ISIS-Led Mass Stabbing

    09/23/2016 6:29:27 AM PDT · by nycteacher · 6 replies
    Guns America ^ | 9/20/16 | JORDAN MICHAELS
    Jason Falconer is a part-time police officer, but he didnít have to carry a concealed firearm to Crossroads Center mall in St. Cloud, Minn., on Saturday. He wasnít on duty when a knife-wielding man went on a rampage. He wasólike the thousands of concealed carry permit holders across the countryóan American citizen exercising his constitutional rights. But his decision to do so saved dozens of lives, and his quick thinking and good training kept the situation from getting much worse.
  • CZ-75 Full Auto Pistol

    09/23/2016 6:22:43 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 8 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 9/23/2016 | J Hines
    The CZ-75 is a pistol made by ńĆesk√° zbrojovka Uhersk√Ĺ Brod (CZUB) in the Czech Republic that has both semi-automatic and selective fire variants. First introduced in 1975, it is one of the original ¬ďwonder nines¬Ē featuring a staggered-column magazine, all-steel construction, and a hammer forged barrel. It is widely distributed throughout the world. It is the most common handgun in the Czech Republic. Like most fully automatic firearms, accuracy sort of goes out the window, with the CZ you also need to apply some death grip to hang onto it. But on the Hollywood side, you sure look good...
  • Clinton: Americans need to be as scared of gun violence as they are terrorism

    09/23/2016 3:25:55 AM PDT · by Zakeet · 44 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | September 22, 2016 | T. Becket Adams
    Hillary Clinton believes Americans need to be as worried about gun violence as they are about terrorism. "[I]t's not only terrorists we need to be worried about," Clinton said in an interview published Thursday afternoon by AARP. The Democratic nominee's remarks came as she explained she has a plan to combat both terrorism as well as the broader issue of gun violence in the U.S. Clinton was prompted by the question: "What would you do to address terrorism?"
  • Video: White man begging for mercy viciously beaten by black mob In Charlotte

    09/22/2016 8:09:20 AM PDT · by KeyLargo · 106 replies
    Video: White man begging for mercy viciously beaten by black mob In Charlotte Daily Wire September 22, 2016 As rioting continues in Charlotte, North Carolina, supposedly over the shooting of armed black man Keith Lamont Hill by a black police officer, video has now emerged reportedly showing some of the roving rioters beating a white man in a parking lot as he begs to be left alone. The rioters kick and punch the man; at one point seven men are in a circle around the prone man, pummeling him. The rioters continue to stomp at his head and neck as...
  • Harry Reid, Democrats Use Terrorist Knife and Bomb Attacks To PushÖ Gun Control?

    09/21/2016 9:16:37 AM PDT · by detective · 31 replies
    Bearing Arms ^ | September 20, 2016 | Beth Baumann
    Here we go again! The Democrats are using the terrorist attacks that took place this past weekend as their justification for gun control legislation. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) addressed the Senate floor on Monday where he blamed Republicans for stopping the Democratís proposed gun control legislation. ďIn the aftermath of these attacks, our constituents are looking to us for help. They want to feel safe. They want to be safe. We can help provide that safety by closing the terror loophole. But Democrats canít do it alone. We need Republicansí help,Ē Reid said.
  • Hillary in 1993: Let's Double the Gun Tax

    09/21/2016 8:09:50 AM PDT · by Cheerio · 4 replies
    Americans for Tax Reform ^ | September 20th, 2016 | John Kartch
    Today Americans for Tax Reform released more evidence of Hillary Clintonís long held desire to impose new and higher gun taxes. ATR's previously exposed her 1993 endorsement of a new 25 percent national retail sales tax on guns. But unreported since 1993 is Clintonís support for a doubling of the current federal excise tax on guns. In a closed-door meeting, she told then-Rep. Mel Reynolds (D-Ill.) that his bill to double the tax was a ďgreat idea." As reported by the Chicago Tribune on March 19, 1993: Rep. Mel Reynolds said Thursday that Hillary Rodham Clinton was "very enthusiastic"...
  • Gun-toting Democrats bristle at firearms limits in California

    09/21/2016 7:57:35 AM PDT · by Zakeet · 5 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | September 20, 2016 | Veronique Dupont
    California is a Democratic bastion in the United States, but the party's presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has some voters up in arms over her push to tighten gun control. [Snip] A Pew Research study found that 40 percent of gun owners across the United States are Republican, twice the number of Democrats. But in California, the share of gun-toting Democrats is larger. "We believe there's an immense number of Democrats among California gun owners," said Sam Paredes, executive director of Gun Owners of California, noting there were no official statistics on that. As for Clinton, he warned that "people are...
  • will the AR15 pass the mud test?

    09/21/2016 5:33:58 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 12 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 9/21/2016 | J Hines
    The AR15 is known for being a top player in modern wartime scenarios. But what happens when itís put to one of the harshest firing tests there is? If that isnít surprising, then I donít know what is. The AR15 went 5 for 5 right after having mud poured over every inch of its mechanical parts. During the second round of testing, it even had mud poured directly onto it with the dust cover open. The key to this rifleís success is centered on the way it was designed. Since all if its moving parts are designed to essentially seal...
  • A Sub-$700 Colt M4? The 5.56mm Colt Expanse. Full Review.

    09/20/2016 3:37:57 PM PDT · by Blood of Tyrants · 45 replies
    Guns America Blog ^ | 9/14/16 | Jon Hodoway
    When it comes to ARs, it all goes back to Colt. Sure, Eugene Stoner at ArmaLite developed the 7.62mm AR-10 that would evolve to become the AR-15 in 5.56mm, but it was Colt who purchased the rights to the latter design and not only captured government contracts for it as the M16 family of firearms, but also brought it to the civilian market at first as the AR-15 SP1 and then as the ďSporterĒ family of AR-15 rifles. Now, you should realize that while the AR is a well-accepted and extremely popular firearm today, it was extremely controversial in those...
  • Why I Hate Evil Far More Than The 2nd Amendment (And You Should, Too)

    09/20/2016 2:40:18 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 6 replies ^ | September 19, 2016 | Michael Anthony
    If you are against violence, you have to be in favor of its death.The past 48 hours have been especially violent for America, with deadly attacks in Minnesota, New York and New Jersey. As much as none of us in our right minds rejoices in the death of anyone, there are times when the death of evil should Ė and must Ė take precedence over the death of the innocent. I donít love guns Ė but I do love innocent people. This is why I know how to use, and have been certified to conceal-carry, a legal firearm. Itís why...
  • How To Choose The Proper Style Of Knife For Each Specific Hunting Task

    09/20/2016 5:46:39 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 7 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 9/2016 | T Claycomb
    A knife is a tool, and you must choose the correct one for each speciÔ¨Āc job. While you can dig a hole with a spoon, a shovel works a lot better, and the same goes with knives. Also, I don¬ít jump out of helicopters with a tactical knife clenched in my teeth to cut off the heads of the bad guys. I just like to hunt and Ô¨Āsh, and gut, skin and cut up what I kill, so my advice comes from that perspective. LET'S DISPEL A MYTH. Just because you skinned your Ô¨Ārst bear with a certain knife doesn¬ít...
  • Study: 3 percent owns nearly 50 percent of all guns (barf alert)

    09/20/2016 5:10:14 AM PDT · by lowbridge · 104 replies
    Ny daily news ^ | September 19, 2016 | Gersh Kuntzman
    America is being held hostage by a tiny minority of absolute lunatics for whom owning two, three, eight or even 10 guns is simply not enough. Thatís the main finding of the first comprehensive study of gun owners in two decades. Among the many findings ó that handgun purchases are soaring, that Americans wrongly believe they need more guns for personal safety, and that there are more privately held guns in this country than cars ó is a bit of news so shocking, it should embolden our spineless lawmakers in Washington: -snip So if gun owners represent a smaller portion...
  • Gorka: This Is 'Guerrilla Warfare' & We've Seen It All Before

    09/19/2016 7:52:58 AM PDT · by george76 · 19 replies
    Fox News ^ | 9/19/2016
    "I look at the last two years and I see the Islamic State fighting a two-front war," Gorka said on "Fox and Friends" this morning. "They're using violence in the region - in Iraq, in Syria, in Libya - to consolidate and expand the territory they hold ... and they are promoting attacks on the soil of the infidel." He described recent attacks in Paris, Brussels, Nice and Orlando as "guerrilla warfare." "That's exactly what we've seen in New York and in New Jersey this weekend," Gorka said, adding that a bloody knife attack at a Minnesota mall Saturday evening...
  • Hunting Prep

    09/19/2016 9:36:09 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 19 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 9/19/2016 | L Case
    Gettin Ready for Shotgun Season Like many of you, I am much better at just doing stuff than getting ready for it. I guess it’s all about being prepared, and I was never the sharpest Boy Scout in the troop, or something like that. But some things are too important to not prepare for. Depending on what and where you hunt with your scattergun, your season is either coming up fast, or is already here. September is often the last call for getting shotguns and other paraphernalia ready, so let’s talk about what you need to do to get out...
  • No, New York Times: Pointing out Hillaryís gun hypocrisy isnít a violent threat

    09/19/2016 9:29:00 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 15 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 09/19/16 | Matthew Vadum
    Corasaniti, Confessore, and Barbaro arenít legitimate journalists Once again the paid professional liars at the New York Times have proven they canít be trusted to report anything accurately. In this case the liars of record are Nick Corasaniti, Nicholas Confessore, and Michael Barbaro. These guys tried to make it look like GOP candidate Donald Trump was threatening or encouraging violence against his Democrat counterpart Hillary Clinton. Of course, Trump did nothing of the sort. Their wildly dishonest article from Sept. 16 begins:
  • Police: Men In Miami Beach Penthouse Aimed Rifle At Street, Took Photos

    09/19/2016 7:11:32 AM PDT · by Perseverando · 52 replies
    CBS Miami ^ | September 17, 2016 | Unattributed
    MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) ó Three men have been arrested after creating a security scare atop a Miami Beach penthouse. Mohamed Azab Youssef, 39, Artur Schaback, 28, and Ivan Suhharev, 28, were apprehended by Miami Beach Police Friday, September 17th. Police said Schaback and Suhharev were witnessed aiming an AR-15 rifle off the penthouse balcony at 1100 Collins Avenue, including Schaback wearing a mask over his face. One caller told 911 they were pointing the firearm towards the busy street at citizens and tourists walking by. ďI did see a handful of different officers with rifles, pistols, shotguns, the whole nine,Ē...
  • The Magnificent Sevens

    09/18/2016 12:42:15 PM PDT · by w1n1 · 16 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 9/18/2016 | B Fitzpatrick
    Despite The Rise Of The 6.5, The 7mm Remains America’s Favorite Metric Hunting CartridgeIt’s hard to pick up a shooting magazine or wander through a large gun store without coming face to face with one of the myriad of popular 6.5 cartridges. Some, like the 6.5 Grendel, 26 Nosler and 6.5 Creedmoor are relatively new. Others, like the 6.5×55 Swedish Mauser, are practically historic. But the 6.5s are trending right now in every platform for hunting and competitive shooting. I won't take anything away from the 6.5s. They’re versatile cartridges that are accurate out to long range. But the king...

    09/18/2016 8:07:10 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 3 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 09/18/16 | Jeffrey A. Friedberg
    The Leftist, Marxist, Islamist US media seems unable to mitigate or halt the smallest part of its juggernaut, including apparent, possibly criminal attempts to smear, derail, or have Donald Trump otherwise maybe even killed The Hill edition of September 16, 2016, seems to have its pinkish panties all in a twist up its fat butt over Donald Trumpís recent comments regarding theoretical disarmament of Bill Clintonís wifeís guards. The Hill also whiningly reaches back in time to weep and moan about how, ďThe comment appeared to be similar to another gun rights remark he made in August when he suggested...
  • Washington's Endgame: First Your Guns, Then Your Cash?

    09/18/2016 6:14:17 AM PDT · by detective · 17 replies
    American Thinker ^ | September 18, 2016 | Dan Joppich
    People don't even think of the American dollar much. Punch a few buttons on an ATM, and twenties appear from a drawer. We don't think much beyond what cash dollars in our pockets can buy at a particular moment. In reality, cash represents freedom Ė a simple freedom that millions of people around the world don't enjoy while we take it for granted. Russian philosopher Fyodor Dostoevsky in the 1800s said, "Money is coined liberty."
  • Dem senator to Trump: 'Blood will be on your hands' if Clinton killed (Chris Murphy, Idiot-Conn)

    09/17/2016 10:24:08 AM PDT · by Zakeet · 68 replies
    The Hill ^ | September 17, 2016 | Elliot Smilowitz
    "Hey @realDonaldTrump, if you keep suggesting your supporters kill @HillaryClinton, someone will listen. The blood will be on your hands," Murphy tweeted Saturday morning. Trump said Friday night at a campaign rally that Clintonís Secret Service detail should have their guns taken away to "see what happens to her." "I think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons," he said. "Take their guns away. She doesnít want guns Ö let's see what happens to her. Take their guns away, OK? It'd be very dangerous." Democrats have reacted angrily to Trumpís comment, calling it an incitement of violence.
  • Donald Trump ; If Hillary Clinton Hates Guns Take Bodyguards Away and Letís See What Happens to Her

    09/16/2016 5:52:57 PM PDT · by KMG365 · 21 replies
    Donald Trump ; If Hillary Clinton Hates Guns Take Bodyguards Away and Letís See What Happens to Her
  • Liberals Challenge Texas Techís ĎGuns Upí Slogan

    09/16/2016 10:24:10 AM PDT · by C19fan · 16 replies
    Breitbart ^ | September 16, 2016 | Bob Price
    Liberal anti-gun activists took their rants to the conservative bastion of Lubbock, Texas, to challenge the ďGuns UpĒ slogan of the Texas Tech University Red Raiders. While not taking a stand on the attempted political-correctness takeover of the Universityís slogan, school officials released records showing an ongoing effort by academics and other anti-gun advocates to stop the use of the slogan and the ďoffensiveĒ thumb and forefinger gesture that is used by Red Raider supporters as a symbol of school pride.
  • Your Deer are here

    09/16/2016 8:44:02 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 14 replies
    Cal Sportsman ^ | 9/16/2016 | B Adelman
    Where and How to Hunt for Bucks as Seasons Get Cranking in September With several deer hunting seasons in full swing in California, options are many for hunters, assuming one will fit our personal needs. Not many of us own or have access to a 20,000-acre ranch in the B Zone (most of the North Coast from the border to the Bay Area) that is crawling with deer, hogs, coyotes, cats, game birds and snakes. Option two is to join an established annual dues hunting club that offers access to hunts behind locked gates (reservations for all hunts required). You...
  • The Savage 220Y And The Winchester SX3 Provide Accuracy And Power

    09/16/2016 6:38:21 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 14 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 9/16/2016 | Oleg Volk
    Where Rifled Shotguns Are Needed Or Required In modern America, riÔ¨āed shotguns are hybrid creatures spawned mainly by regulatory compliance. Several states require them for deer hunting, with the justiÔ¨Ācations ranging from reduced range for densely populated areas to deliberately limited eÔ¨Äectiveness to give deer a Ô¨Āghting chance. Their technical provenance, however, goes back quite a bit further. The Ô¨Ārst bolt-action riÔ¨āe adopted by Prussia in late 1840s, the Dreyse "needle gun", used projectiles somewhere between 16 gauge and 20 gauge ¬Ė a 1-ounce bullet riding a paper sabot at around 1,000 feet per second. As riÔ¨āe designs improved and...
  • How Senator Feinstein Stuck It To U.S. Gun Companies

    09/16/2016 4:45:28 AM PDT · by detective · 2 replies
    Forbes ^ | Sep 15, 2016 | Frank Miniter ,
    Republican politicians often claim theyíll slash back the jungles of red tape, in the form of regulations, that are strangling small businesses and making it difficult for American business to compete with imports. But thatís all they say, as the details are, by design, often tedious, boring, nonsensical and political. But hereís a comprehensible example of a rule change made by one senator that is making it hard for U.S. manufacturers to compete in foreign markets.
  • Concealed carry without permit becomes law in Missouri

    09/14/2016 11:20:04 PM PDT · by Darth Gill · 62 replies
    Missourian ^ | 2016-09-14 | LUCILLE SHERMAN
    JEFFERSON CITY ó Missouri became the latest state to allow residents to carry a concealed weapon without a permit when lawmakers supported the change Wednesday. Tense debate during the legislature's annual veto override session encompassed themes of race and class as lawmakers clashed over whether to override Gov. Jay Nixon's veto of Senate Bill 656. In the days leading up to the session the debate drew national attention, with organizations on both sides of the issues working to influence lawmakers. Another controversial part of the bill is its "stand your ground" provision, which will allow residents to use deadly force...
  • Katie Couric facing $12M defamation lawsuit over #GunGate

    09/14/2016 7:48:07 AM PDT · by Cheerio · 27 replies
    Hot Air ^ | September 14, 2016 | Jazz Shaw
    Iíd thought we might have heard the last of the Katie Couric infomercial posing as an examination of gun rights issues. After all, there was public outrage aplenty and even Couric herself finally admitted that the editing of the piece ďmight have been misleading.Ē (Really? You think so?) But the group which was the victim of the insulting and misleading editing, the Virginia Citizens Defense League, is bringing the GunGate story back into the news this week. Our colleagues at Bearing Arms have obtained documents confirming that the group is seeking to take Couric to court over the slanderous piece...
  • Miss Sloane Official Trailer - Teaser (2016) - Jessica Chastain Movie [Anti-Gun Hollyweird Fantasy]

    09/13/2016 4:47:20 PM PDT · by C19fan · 11 replies
    YouTube ^ | September 13, 2016 | Staff
    Starring: Jessica Chastain, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Alison Pill Miss Sloane Official Trailer - Teaser (2016) - Jessica Chastain Movie An ambitious lobbyist faces off against the powerful gun lobby in an attempt to pass gun control legislation.
  • The Ultimate AR-15 Meltdown test

    09/09/2016 9:23:07 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 22 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 9/9/2016 | J Hines
    Eric, from Moss Pawn & Gun, attempts to burn out an AR-15 upper on an M16 lower. There are several specific products being used including: SRC Relia-Bolt BCG, Geissele Super Gas Block and an AR barrel from Faxon Firearms. Eric also uses steel-based ammunition because it's pretty rough on the bolts. There are so many things that can go wrong. Gas tubes are designed to fail before the firearm will be destroyed. Watch the video to find out what happens, you wonít be disappointed!
  • Boy, 15, arrested for bringing loaded gun to Brooklyn school on first day of classes

    09/08/2016 9:32:33 AM PDT · by oh8eleven · 14 replies
    NY Daily News ^ | 8 Sept 2016 | NYDN
    A 15-year-old boy was discovered with the weapon at the Brooklyn School for Career Development on Clermont Avenue in Clinton Hill about 9:45 a.m., officials said. "First day, first gun," Floyd said. "Why would de Blasio want to remove scanners form schools? It's crazy."
  • Keith A. Fournier: Gun Rights? Guns Have No Rights, People Do! Self Defense is a Human Right

    09/07/2016 10:14:56 AM PDT · by tcg · 6 replies
    Catholic Online ^ | 9/07/2016 | Keith A Fournier
    ...We live in a precarious time in the United States of America. Many citizens are concerned about efforts to infringe upon the rights delineated in the Bill of Rights to the United States Constitution. As a constitutional lawyer who spent much of my career defending the fundamental Rights to Life and Religious Freedom, I share their concern. However, one of those Rights is found in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which reads "A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."......
  • Kalashnikov Reveals a Replacement for Its Famed Sniper Rifle

    09/07/2016 6:22:45 AM PDT · by C19fan · 47 replies
    War is Boring ^ | September 7, 2016 | Robert Beckhusen
    For more than 50 years, the Russian army has fielded a beastly semi-automatic sniper rifle called the Dragunov. Now the rifle¬ís developer has pulled back the curtain from its potential replacement, the SVK, at a major Moscow arms show. The SVK is a semi-automatic 7.62 x 54R-millimeter weapon designed to support infantry on the battlefield. Kalashnikov Concern‚Ää¬ó‚Ääwhich absorbed Dragunov maker Izhevsk in 2013‚Ää¬ó‚Ääclaims the SVK ¬ďwas designed with input from active duty snipers of several Russian Special Forces units.¬Ē
  • Come run into My Arms[Charismatic Caucus]

    09/06/2016 8:00:44 AM PDT · by Jedediah · 2 replies
    My opinion of you is righteousness for I have loved you through all eternity . So catch up with my love for you just drink it in and fall into the pool of my complete acceptance for you have already been washed in my forgiveness so don't challenge my love just receive it for you are mine and I am yours woven through all eternity together as one. Come to me and the sound of my voice both through others gestures of my love through them and by my Spirit speaking to your heart for I have already given you...
  • The Democrats Will Never Confiscate Your Guns. Instead, Youíll Hand them Over.(BS Alert)

    09/06/2016 8:27:50 AM PDT · by Jed Eckert · 97 replies ^ | 8/31/16 | billj
    I see and hear a lot of talk about how a national gun registration and/or confiscation would be the trigger that would spark a second American Revolution, as patriots rise up to resist the jackbooted thugs who are going door-to-door taking away peopleís arms. I have bad news for everyone whoís waiting for national registration or a mass confiscation so they can get their armed rebellion on: a national database of gun owners already exists, and a national confiscation effort will never happen. Ever. Instead, youíll hand over your firearms peacefully. All of them, even the ones you paid cash...
  • Brock Turner's House Is Surrounded By A Dozen Very Unhappy Armed Protesters

    09/05/2016 11:39:11 AM PDT · by Morgana · 62 replies ^ | September 4, 2016 | Mark Pygas
    Brock Turner, the Stanford rapist, was released on Friday after serving just half of his already pitiful six-month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. And people are understandably unhappy with his early release for "good behavior." In fact, some people are so unhappy that they're camping outside of Brock Turner's house in Dayton, Ohio, armed to the teeth. Open carry protesters at the house of Brock Turner in Sugarcreek Township. @WCPO ó Jay Warren (@JayWarrenWCPO) September 2, 2016 Holding signs like ďCastrate rapists,Ē around a dozen people have been using Ohio's open carry laws to basically terrify Turner...
  • MO: Bloomberg Organization Pushes to Stop Override of Gun Reform Veto

    09/05/2016 6:32:13 AM PDT · by marktwain · 6 replies
    ammoland ^ | 4 September, 2016 | Dean Weingarten
    One of Missouri Governor (D) Jay Nixonís most visible actions against Second Amendment rights was his veto of the gun reform bill SB 656.† SB 656 contains a number of common sense reforms to restore Second Amendment rights and protections for people who legitimately engage in self defense.† From the NRA-ILA Recognize Missourians right to Constitutional/Permitless Carry where open carry is not prohibitedExpand Missouriís current Stand your Ground lawsExpand Castle Doctrine protections for anyone legally allowed into your home, vehicle, business and propertySpecify that except for credit card fees incurred, no additional fee beyond $100 may be charged to...
  • The Fabulous .41 Remains A Preferred Caliber For The Discerning And Serious Shooter

    09/04/2016 5:45:27 PM PDT · by w1n1 · 50 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 9/4/2016 | Dave Workman
    Despite hitting harder than the .357 Magnum (with a bigger bore), and shooting Ô¨āatter (to a slight degree) with less recoil than the .44 Magnum, the .41 Remington Magnum has been unfairly overshadowed since hitting the American landscape back in 1964. But the truth is, it just might be the best of a pretty good bunch. Let¬ís be honest. The .44 Magnum is a fraud, being a .429 in true caliber, while the .41 Magnum is the real McCoy. With comparable loads, the .41 Magnum can do anything the .44 Magnum can do, and it is a real survivor. The...
  • ATF Backs Off on Wetted Nitrocellulose, Smokeless Powder Production (temporarily) Uneffected

    09/03/2016 7:40:28 AM PDT · by Zakeet · 22 replies
    Ammoland ^ | September 1, 2016
    The rumor is circulating that new federal regulations / reclassification of Wetted Nitrocellulose by ATF will put an end to domestic smokeless powder production in the U.S. This is both true and not true. The BATFE proposed a new regulation for the storage, transportation and documentation of ďwetted nitrocellulose,Ē which is a precursor for manufacture of smokeless powder. This proposed regulation would make compliance so difficult and expensive that it could cut off domestic production. However, because of industry input about the possible consequences of this proposed regulation, the BATFE has decided to withdraw it for further consideration. It could...
  • The Centurions of The Lord[ Charismatic Caucus]

    09/01/2016 8:59:25 AM PDT · by Jedediah · 9 replies
    Bible ,The Joshua Chronicles ^ | 9-1-16 | Holy Spirit
    "My living creatures surround you for you have arrived " I AM The Guardian of your life , Nothing exists or is unseen, For I AM The eyes of those that believe, In and through all things I created to be, I AM The Author of all that you see, And of the invisible I make myself known, I AM The Author of existence That turns over every stone, So nothing I say nothing surprises Me, As far as the east is from the west and beyond I see, So rest your wholeness in My fullness for this is where...
  • Face to face with a Charging Moose

    09/01/2016 8:20:58 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 16 replies
    Cal Sportsman ^ | 9/1/2016 | C Cocoles
    Not many hunters get a chance to film a moose hunting scene like this one. Watch what happens as this moose charges up to these hunters. This moose came charging up like he owned the space, but the hunter was ready for him. I was impressed by how calm and collected the hunter was throughout the hunt. Not many people could keep their cool like this guy did. It took two shots to take down this huge bull. He went down fighting and didnít stop struggling until the second shot ended it. That was a very close encounter! See the...

    08/31/2016 8:34:47 PM PDT · by Jack Hydrazine · 78 replies ^ | 31AUG2016 | Joe Otto
    Fellow Conservative, This is not a drill. The Obama administration just implemented a new regulatory change that has sent the entire firearms industry into a tailspin overnight. A key ingredient necessary for making gunpowder has been re-classified as a high explosive, making it illegal for any company within the industry to transport or store it as they have for decades. It all stems from how the ATF regulates a chemical compound known as nitrocellulose. For decades, the firearm industry has been allowed to store and transport wetted nitrocellulose without having to treat it as a high explosive. Manufacturers deliberately mix...
  • A mother shot a 31-year-old man she found kissing her teen daughter, police say

    08/31/2016 4:30:25 PM PDT · by BBell · 82 replies ^ | 8/30/16 | Kristine Guerra
    A 31-year-old man found himself running from bullets after a mother found him in her 16-year-old daughterís bedroom, police say. Valerie Fowler, of Paoli, Okla., shot Brandon Vail twice after she found him and her daughter kissing, according to an affidavit. Vail survived and was taken to a hospital by helicopter, while Fowler was arrested on charges of assault and battery with a deadly weapon. The teen, who was identified in the affidavit as K.P., told police that her boyfriend had been coming over three times a week after her mother left for work at 5:30 a.m.But on Monday morning,...
  • Californians, Get out and Sign the Gunmageddon Petitions

    08/30/2016 11:00:53 AM PDT · by vette6387 · 23 replies
    self | 8/30/16 | vette6387
    There are a group of petitions needing an aggregate of 360,000 signatures of registered California voters in order for them to be placed on the November Statewide Ballot as Initiatives that will 1) repeal all the recent anti-gun laws promulgated by the State Legislature and signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown and 2) To nullify a Proposition being placed on the same November Ballot by Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom adding further Second Amendment restricting laws regarding guns, gun ownership and the purchase of ammunition. If these initiatives pass this November, virtually all of the anti-gun legislation that is currrent...