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  • The Price Ceiling: NY Govt. Could Decide Consumer Prices By Gender

    06/18/2019 2:30:23 PM PDT · by plain talk · 47 replies
    Americans for Tax Reform ^ | June 14, 2019 | Laurel Duggan
    This week the New York Assembly passed a bill which would ban what they call the “pink tax,” which in fact is not a tax at all, but a price difference for goods marketed towards women. According to New York’s Department of Consumer Affairs, for similar products including clothing and personal care, the women’s versions are more expensive 42 percent of the time and the men’s versions are more expensive 18 percent of the time. Senate Bill 2679 bans price differences on the basis of gender for similar (note: similar, not identical) products. It could be extra confusing for New...
  • UK Bans ‘Harmful’ Gender Stereotypes in Advertisements

    06/15/2019 5:15:42 PM PDT · by KC_Lion · 46 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 15 June 2019 | Breitbart London
    LONDON (AP) — Hapless husbands and housework-burdened moms were being banished from British advertising, as a crackdown on “harmful” gender stereotypes came into force Friday. Under new rules, advertisements must not include “gender stereotypes which are likely to cause harm or serious or widespread offense.” Examples include depictions of a man failing to change a diaper or a woman to park a car, or ads that suggest women are solely responsible for cooking and cleaning. Complaints will be assessed by industry watchdog the Advertising Standards Authority. It doesn’t have the power to impose fines, but British broadcasters are bound...
  • "Male and Female He Created Them" rejects gender ideologies

    06/13/2019 1:19:16 PM PDT · by CondoleezzaProtege · 12 replies
    National Catholic Register ^ | Jun 11, 2019 | Patti Armstrong
    Coinciding with LGBT month, the Vatican has fired a shot across gender-fluid ideology, coming down on the side of the entire history of humankind. This is why Catholics, albeit disturbed with scandals, stay Catholic. The Congregation for Catholic Education has published “Male and Female He Created Them: Towards a Path of Dialogue on the Question of Gender Theory in Education.” It was written specifically to address Catholic schools, where teaching is often at odds with radical cultural ideology. The document addresses an educational crisis on ideology referred to as “gender theory” which “denies the difference and reciprocity in nature of...
  • 2+2=5 Under The Democrat’s Equality Act

    05/25/2019 12:23:55 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 14 replies ^ | May 25, 2019 | Lawrence Meyers
    In George Orwell’s 1984, everyman Winston Smith is tortured and brainwashed into truly believing that 2+2=5. Orwell’s message was that an unfettered State would eventually maintain the population in such propaganda-induced fear of its power that people would deny objective reality. Such was the power of the Party and doublethink – it weakened individual liberty. Conform or else. By instilling fear in its subjects, the State crushes the intellectual notion of objective reality. So it goes with the Democrat’s passage of The Equality Act last week. The legislation adds “gender identity” to the list of protected classes under federal civil...
  • Hollywood LGBTQ Representation: Absence of Trans Characters, Decrease in Racial Diversity (tr)

    05/23/2019 12:54:18 PM PDT · by EdnaMode · 15 replies
    Hollywood Reporter ^ | May 23, 2019 | Trilby Beresford
    A GLAAD survey of 110 major studio films released in 2018 indicated that the overall number of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer characters increased by 5.4 percent. Compared with the wide range of diverse characters represented in mainstream television and independent film, studio pictures are failing to depict those whose sexual preferences or gender identity offers something different to the standard state of affairs. In a new survey of 110 films released by major studios in 2018, the advocacy group GLAAD reports that gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer characters appeared in only 20 films — just 18.2 percent...
  • Outrage after John Wayne's old interview resurfaces

    05/22/2019 12:15:28 PM PDT · by Eleutheria5 · 58 replies
    CNN ^ | 2/3/19
    Playboy Interview of 1972 discovered by Wokeys.
  • Expert Psychologist Banned From Twitter Over Controversial Statement on Gender Identity

    05/20/2019 7:35:50 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 22 replies
    Activist Mommy ^ | May 18, 2019 | Activist Mommy
    For all their hollow declarations that they are “pro-science”, the left continually demonstrates that they only accept “science” that affirms their own radical science-defying ideology. This is never truer when applied to the increasingly fascistic and dominant “gender ideology.” If you are a college professor and would like to lose your job, your tenure, your credibility, and even your access to social media, go ahead and present your clinical findings that contradict social justice warrior talking points. Ray Blanchard, the groundbreaking psychologist who helped craft the diagnostic and treatment procedures for clinicians dealing with transgenderism, was blocked on Twitter this...
  • It’s So Simple When You Let Mother Nature Take the Lead

    05/17/2019 5:21:15 AM PDT · by NOBO2012 · 11 replies
    MOTUS A.D. ^ | 5-17-19 | MOTUS
    And then there’s this little gem: (emphasis mine) A "transgender man" entered a hospital with severe abdominal pains. Because she was identified as a man, the doctors naturally did not think to treat her for labor and delivery, so she tragically lost the baby. Rather than emphasizing the danger of placing gender identity over biological sex, both the journal and The Washington Post made the absurd claim that the hospital should not have ruled out pregnancy for a man. Of course they shouldn’t have ruled out pregnancy for a man – because that would just be crazy! "He was rightly...
  • Mr. Kendrick Castillo: Better to Die a Young Man of Honor than Live to Old Age as...

    05/10/2019 11:45:29 AM PDT · by Repent and Believe · 22 replies
    Barnhardt Blog ^ | May 10, A.D. 2019 | Ann Barnhardt
    Yes, thanks and honor to the man who demonstrated manly and courteous sacrifice in this sad incident. His courage inspired others to step forward as well and lives were spared. Hail, Mr. Castillo!
  • VA Teacher Fired After Calling Trans Student “Her”

    04/30/2019 10:49:19 PM PDT · by SimonDaily · 39 replies ^ | 4/29/19 | Daphne Moon
    VA Teacher Fired After Calling Trans Student “Her” [Video] Peter Vlaming, a Virginia French teacher, finds himself in the middle of a politically correct battle with the Virginia school system. Vlaming’s job was ripped out from under him after a split second decision to call a trans student ‘her’. The student was reportedly about to walk into a wall when the teacher instinctively said ‘stop her’. And so his ridiculous fight to keep his job began. That’s it… ‘stop her’, and a man’s livelihood is under fire. His religious beliefs- disregarded. According to Virginia Times, the high school in West...
  • SCOTUS To Rule On Whether Men Can Wear Women’s Clothes On The Job

    04/29/2019 11:03:58 AM PDT · by detective · 86 replies
    The Federalist ^ | April 29, 2019 | Jeana Hallock
    If 'sex' in federal law is replaced with 'gender identity,' the government will be unable to ensure equal opportunities for women. R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes has been serving grieving families in the Detroit area since 1910. But in recent years, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has targeted this small family-owned funeral home for punishment due to their refusal to participate in an employee’s so-called gender identity preferences. Why? To achieve its political objective: replacing “sex” in Title VII, a federal law, with “gender identity.” This means bypassing Congress to completely change the meaning of federal laws intended...
  • Parents with gender dysphoric kids are fighting back

    04/15/2019 9:59:28 AM PDT · by Chickensoup · 48 replies
    The Post Millennial ^ | 04.11.19 | by Frances Mallory
    PLEASE EMAIL THIS TO ANY AND ALL INTERESTED IN THE SUBJECT. At an undisclosed location somewhere in North America, a small group of parents met for a secret meeting. When they arrived, they were warned not to use their real names or reveal where they were from. Not that they weren’t trusted—they had been thoroughly vetted beforehand—but if real names or hometowns were not known, then no one could inadvertently let them slip. The location of the meeting was also a concern. Three or four locations had already been considered, then eliminated, because the venue needed to know the purpose...
  • Unexpected Costs of Total War Between the Sexes

    04/13/2019 3:00:33 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 24 replies ^ | April 13, 2019 | Suzanne Fields
    Between the sexual revolution of the 1960s and the #MeToo movement of the present day lies a battlefield strewn with bodies and minds battered by the changing weapons of physical and psychological destruction. The war between the sexes, like all wars, exacts an unexpected price. Between stories of John F. Kennedy skinny-dipping in the White House swimming pool with two interns code-named Fiddle and Faddle, titillating capital gossips and former Vice President Joe Biden's nude swimming freaking out women in his security detail lies a sea change of aquatic moral attitudes. Between rape -- a crime that not so long...
  • Who Are the Rich, White Men Institutionalizing Transgender Ideology?

    04/11/2019 3:50:13 PM PDT · by Drew68 · 36 replies
    The Federalist ^ | 2/20/2018 | Jennifer Bilek
    Exceedingly rich, white men (and women) who invest in biomedical companies are funding myriad transgender organizations whose agenda will make them gobs of money. As an environmental activist who was deplatformed from a speaking venue by transactivists, in 2013 I developed curiosity about the power of this group to force this development. A year later, when Time magazine announced a transgender tipping point on its cover, I had already begun to examine the money behind the transgender project. I have watched as all-women’s safe spaces, universities, and sports opened their doors to any man who chose to identify as a...
  • SCHILLING: New Legislation Would End Women’s Bathrooms, Changing Rooms — In The Name Of Equality

    03/31/2019 7:09:31 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 50 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | March 13, 2019 | Terry Schilling, American Principles Project
    Donald Trump Jr. is exactly right: when female athletes train their whole lives to be the best at their sport, only to be denied their rightfully earned victory — as well as opportunities for scholarship money — by men who enjoy the performance-enhancing advantages of XY chromosomes, it is indeed a “grave injustice.” But this week, Democrats have introduced legislation to normalize such injustice on a national level through an Orwellian twist of language, calling their bill the “Equality” Act. This bill would make sweeping changes to civil rights laws, replacing our cherished values of freedom and liberty with intimidation...
  • Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Equality Act’ Would Be Disastrous. Here Are 5 Likely Victim Groups.

    03/25/2019 6:00:55 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 18 replies
    The Daily Signal ^ | March 20, 2019 | Monica Burke and Madison Ferguson
    Equality is a central value that unites us as Americans, and is enshrined in our nation’s legal motto, “Equal justice under law.” It is egregious, then, to misuse that term, to use it to divide us and further inequality. But that’s what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has done in naming her new proposal the “Equality Act.” Far from advancing equality, the bill would rob Americans of some of their most cherished liberties. The Equality Act would add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as protected classes under federal civil rights law. But whereas the original Civil Rights Act of 1964 furthered...
  • Trans group activist drops police complaint against Christian for 'misgendering' adult child

    03/25/2019 9:28:42 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 26 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 03/25/2019 | Brandon Showalter
    A transgender rights activist who reported a British Christian journalist to the police for "misgendering" her teenage child has withdrawn her complaint. Susie Green, who leads the transgender advocacy group Mermaids, decided to drop her complaint against Caroline Farrow, a Catholic commentator and writer for the U.K. Catholic Herald, because the media coverage, she said, was misrepresenting what had happened, the Guardian reported Wednesday. “If I had continued my complaint then [Farrow] would have continued to have a platform to spread misinformation about what actually happened,” Green said in an interview on BBC2's Victoria Derbyshire program. “Being involved in an...
  • Trannysaurus Wrecks--Deconstructing the gender dysphoria of the Left.

    03/25/2019 5:59:54 AM PDT · by SJackson · 18 replies
    Frontpagemagazine ^ | March 25, 2019 | Lloyd Billingsley
    “It is surely unfair on women who have to compete against people who, biologically, are still men,” tennis legend Martina Navratilova recently proclaimed. “You can’t just proclaim yourself a female and be able to compete against women. There must be some standards, and having a penis and competing as a woman would not fit that standard.” Activists blasted Navratilova as “transphobic” and years after she identified as a lesbian the tennis star was booted from the board of a LBGT nonprofit.  Long before any of that happened, women who were biologically still men were competing against other women.  The Union...
  • Can You Ban Abortions Based On Gender Or Race? How Do You Enforce That?

    03/21/2019 2:08:37 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 7 replies
    Hotair ^ | 03/21/2019 | Jazz Shaw
    The answer to the title question, at least in Kentucky, appears to be yes… at least for now. The Governor of Kentucky has signed a bill into law that prohibits the performance of abortions if the mother requests the procedure based on the sex or race of the child, or because of a disability. The law has already been challenged, and to say that the details of it are legally problematic is something of an understatement. Kentucky governor Matt Bevin on Tuesday signed a bill that bans abortions chosen on the basis of an unborn child’s sex, race, or...
  • British Journalist Investigated By Police For … Misgendering Child Of Trans Activist

    03/20/2019 12:49:21 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 9 replies
    Hotair ^ | 03/20/2019 | Allahpundit
    My first thought after hearing of this was, “I bet AOC and her ‘Squad’ in the House would welcome a law like this.”My second thought was, “Maybe AOC’s right that right-wingers spend too much thinking about her.”We should be thinking about Trump in this case, not her. You want looser libel laws to make it easier for him to sue the “fake news media”? Okay, but remember that the left will avail itself of those laws too. Call a male-to-female transgendered person a “he” on Twitter and who knows how much you might owe. Caroline Farrow said Surrey Police...