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  • Repeated login requests

    09/19/2018 2:22:56 PM PDT · by antidemoncrat · 29 replies
    9/19/2018 | antidemoncrat
    Every time I leave the Free Republic website e and return I am required to login again .Has FR started a new policy or is this a problem at my end?
  • It Was Twenty Years Ago Today....

    08/15/2018 6:42:38 AM PDT · by Founding Father · 33 replies
    August 15, 2018 | Founding Father
    ....that I quit lurking and signed up as a poster on Free Republic. Thank you Jim, you are a true patriot. A moments silence for those who have gone on. A hearty thank you to everyone for making this the best site there is. God bless you each and every one.
  • Freeper History: How it all began

    06/28/2018 5:10:53 PM PDT · by Wife of D28Man · 111 replies
    For you relative newbies, here's a brief video on the (almost) first anniversary of Freeping, highlighting the inimitable and greatly missed Dr. Raoul and others.

    06/26/2018 5:09:48 AM PDT · by spacewarp · 9 replies
    Vanity | 6/26/18 | Paul Rivers
    YAY!!! FreeRepublic was down yesterday, and I am SO glad to see it back and functional.
  • The EU is About to Destroy The Internet [Link taxes, end of “fair use” and the end of news forums]

    05/30/2018 9:03:40 AM PDT · by Fitzy_888 · 21 replies
    Computing Forever via YouTube ^ | May 30, 2018 | Computing Forever
    Video at link.
  • I'm off to London tomorrow morning!

    05/25/2018 6:48:36 PM PDT · by Simon Green · 212 replies
    Me | 05/25/18 | Simon Green
    West End musicals ("Chess" and "Young Frankenstein")! Imperial War Museum! London Bridge food tour! The Churchill War Rooms! The only annoying part is taking all day to get there. I know, First World Problems. I'll only be there for a week. Any last minute suggestions?
  • Virginia Secedes!

    05/23/2018 2:28:39 AM PDT · by central_va · 26 replies
    Encyclopedia Virginia ^ | May 23 1861 | Nelson D. Lankford
    The Virginia Convention of 1861, also known later as the Secession Convention, convened on February 13, 1861, on the eve of the American Civil War (1861–1865), to consider whether Virginia should secede from the United States. Its 152 delegates, a majority of whom were Unionist, had been elected at the behest of the Virginia General Assembly, which also directed that their decision be ratified by a statewide referendum. Several states in the Deep South, beginning with South Carolina, had already left the Union in response to the election in November 1860 of Abraham Lincoln as United States president. Virginia, however,...
  • Feeling sorry for yourself today?

    05/19/2018 9:20:11 AM PDT · by uscga77 · 8 replies
    Just in case you are feeling sorry for yourself today. You may have good reason, but imagine: Imagine you had to flee your family, your country (Iraq) for fear of your life. Your own family threatened to take your life for becoming a Christian. Imagine you had to leave everything of value and go to one country, then another and finally be settled in the United States. Imagine you had a degree in your own country but it has no value in the US. Imagine you need to go to college but are unqualified for financial aid because you already...
  • Please pray for 91 yr old Mom's surgery

    04/21/2018 2:51:47 PM PDT · by tflabo · 52 replies
    4/21/18 | tf Labo
    Dear Freeps-- asking for your prayers my elderly Mom fell off a chair and broke her hip. Surgery in the AM. She's a sweet and kind woman who loves God. Prayers that all will go well with her procedure and a quick recovery. Thank You All in advance.
  • [vanity] FreeRepublic feature request: browse/search keywords

    04/14/2018 12:17:26 PM PDT · by NobleFree · 25 replies
    April 14, 2018 | self
    I'd like to be able to see and/or search all keywords that have been used with FR posts - for example, (and exclude those that have never been applied to a post - for example,
  • St.Louie1 was called home on March 6, 2017

    04/12/2018 8:19:43 PM PDT · by JustAmy · 85 replies
    April 12, 2018 | JustAmy & MamaBear
    Graphic by MamaBear
  • Official Free Republic LGBT coming out thread

    04/01/2018 2:11:08 PM PDT · by Species8472 · 50 replies
    Vanity ^ | 4-1-18 | Me
    Liquor! Guns! Bacon! Tits (the birds of course) Happy April Fools Day fellow freepers!
  • David Graham (Shibumi) has passed away.

    03/19/2018 9:54:12 AM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 135 replies
    David Graham (Shibumi) has passed away. April 9, 1948 ~ March 15, 2018 Member of Free Republic since Oct 10, 2004 David J. Graham, age 69 of Portage Indiana, passed away on Thursday March 15, 2018. He is survived by wife Dorothy (nee Foerster) of 19 years after marrying at the Griffith Lutheran Church on September 12, 1999. David is also survived by sons Michael “Mick” and Alec Graham. David was a graduate of Andrean High School, Class of 1967 and received his bachelor's degree in English Literature from Notre Dame University. David served his country in the U.S....
  • Prayer Thread for dp0622's wife

    03/16/2018 8:57:42 AM PDT · by Salvation · 115 replies
    Freepmail ^ | 03-16-18 | dp0622
    From dp0622 | 03/16/2018 3:34:30 AM PDT read My wife has found a massive lump on her after having had breast cancer twice. The others were pea sized. This one isn’t. PLEASE post for pre-emptive prayers before she sees the doctor today. You can use my screen name in it. I dont care. She has had cancer altogether four times already. She CAN’T go through this again. WE can’t go through this again. Thank you.
  • Status of our FReepathon server problem. [FReepathon thread LXI]

    03/02/2018 12:55:15 PM PST · by Jim Robinson · 53 replies
    <p>As of midnight on the morning of March 1, the credit card processing company we use upgraded there systems software and now our system is incompatible with theirs. I'm not a systems tech so can't sufficiently explain all the details, but long story short, after lots of recompiling and rebuilding, John has been unable to resolve the incompatibility issues without impacting the rest of our system and doesn't want to risk bringing down our entire system. Kind of risky doing this kind of work in real time under a full load with no way to test.</p>
  • FREE REPUBLIC FREEPATHON is like the NRA. If you don't give, YOU lose freedom.

    03/01/2018 12:23:46 PM PST · by xzins · 18 replies
    Opinion ^ | 1 March 2018 | xzins
    What do you lose if you don't support advocacy groups like the NRA? It's pretty simple. Lobbyists and activist groups work on Congress and on legislatures. They work tirelessly to influence opinion and to promote 2d amendment freedom. Would Congress be supportive of gun rights if these groups were banded together to make politicians pay at the voting booth for violations of 2d amendment freedom? Absolutely not. We know the swamp is bought and paid for by the highest bidder. We don't like to acknowledge that, but "Chamber of Commerce" is a curse word in most of red state America....
  • Freerepublic blocked on hardees wifi?

    02/09/2018 10:15:25 AM PST · by jmclemore · 64 replies
    I was attached to a local wichita ks hardee's wifi and recieved the following message - "This website is blocked by your network operator. If you feel you have received this message in error, please contact your network operator with the following information: URL:*/index Category: Philosophy and Political Advocacy Server:" Several other conservative friendly sites are accessable and the DU website.. Are any of you able to visit a hardees and report back your experience.
  • FReeper GladesGuru has passed

    02/07/2018 7:51:56 AM PST · by Carry_Okie · 90 replies
    Vanity | 2/7/18 | Mark Vande Pol
    I have an important announcement of interest to long-time FReepers: FReeper GladesGuru, ecologist, and private property advocate, has died from complications due to prostate cancer. He was 75. Jan (pronounced “Yan”) Jacobson was a man of acerbic wit who could cut to the bottom line with a merciless precision. Pity the bureaucrat or academic peddling questionable “facts” under his scrutiny. His passion was wildlife biology and its relation to habitat. For over thirty years, he was Director of the Everglades Institute, a private parcel within the Big Cypress National Preserve, immediately adjacent to Everglades National Park. The parcel is unusual...
  • Everyone Thinks I'm Working (vanity)

    01/28/2018 10:39:41 AM PST · by Eddie01 · 22 replies
    Eddie would go... (Eddie Akai) ^ | Jan 28, 2018 | Eddie01
    Everyone I meet down the Pub thinks I'm some brilliant businessman forging and empire. They see me engaged in my work, deep in thought and driving ahead. They comment, your the guy who always works. The chick bartenders whisper they wish their husbands we 1/2 as ambitious. They know what I want, pour before I ask and are happy to be part of my insane drive. They just don't realize I'm Freepin' ...and yes it takes immense concentration and a great sense of humor. Love FreeRepublic! Class of '98.
  • FReeper totally demolishes latest New York Times hit job on Trump. And it's beautiful.

    01/26/2018 7:54:58 AM PST · by Sidebar Moderator · 48 replies exclusive | 01/26/18 | FReeper "enumerated"
    Remember a month or two ago, when the Democrat party leaders all woke up one morning and started in with that fake news chorus, something to the effect of “Trump is about to fire Mueller, and boy oh boy, if he does, well, then that’s obstruction, we’ll impeach him!”? They were all saying the same thing as if they had received their fake news marching orders from the DNC. This just sounds like a rehashing of that same fake news meme - but a month late. The original strategy was, if they couldn’t actually get Trump on collusion, the next...