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  • Academics swap gender of Trump, Clinton for restaged presidential debate, the results surprised them

    03/07/2017 5:16:26 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 37 replies
    Hot Air ^ | March 7, 2017 | John Sexton
    This is fascinating. A professor of economics named Maria Guadalupe was watching the presidential debates last year and had a thought. What if Trump were a woman and Hillary were a man? How would that change people’s perceptions of the exchanges in the debates? With the help of Joe Salvatore, a professor who specializes in something called ethnodrama, Guadalupe set up a recreation of sections of the original debates using actors to play the roles of Trump, Clinton and the moderator. All the words the actors spoke were taken from transcripts. The candidates’ body language and delivery were studied and...
  • CNN to Host Debate Night with Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz on Feb. 7

    02/01/2017 9:12:42 AM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 56 replies
    CNN ^ | February 1, 2017
    CNN anchor Jake Tapper and chief political correspondent Dana Bash will moderate a Town Hall Debate with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Texas Senator Ted Cruz on the future of Obamacare at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 7. President Donald Trump has made repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act one of his top priorities while Congressional Democrats are opposed. Sanders, an opponent of repealing Obamacare, and Cruz, a supporter of the President’s healthcare agenda, will join Tapper and Bash to debate the fate of former President Barack Obama's signature legislation and the GOP’s approach to healthcare....
  • Noor Salman, Wife of Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen, Arrested

    01/16/2017 10:52:15 AM PST · by SSS Two · 23 replies
    NBC News ^ | JAN 16 2017, 12:11 PM ET | ANDREW BLANKSTEIN and TRACY CONNOR
    The wife of Orlando nightclub gunman Omar Mateen was arrested by the FBI on Monday in connection with the mass shooting, officials said. Noor Salman was taken into custody in California, where her family lives, but the case is filed in Florida, where her husband massacred 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in June. "I can confirm the arrest did occur," Attorney General Loretta Lynch said on MSNBC. This is a matter that we continue to take very seriously," she said. "We said from the beginning we were going to look at every aspect of this case, every aspect of...
  • Law Expert: Donna Brazile, Clinton Campaign May Have Committed a Federal Crime

    11/02/2016 3:50:12 PM PDT · by detective · 53 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 2 Nov 2016 | Jerome Hudson
    Interim DNC chairwoman and disgraced former CNN commentator Donna Brazile’s decision to hand Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign confidential questions in advance of the March primary debate may have been a violation of federal law, according to a former federal prosecutor. “Stealing valuable proprietary confidential information is illegal, and debate questions are highly confidential,” Ken Sukhia, who served as United States Attorney for North Florida and who has prosecuted numerous white collar crimes, told Breitbart News.
  • 1992 1st Presidential Debate (Listen to Perot)

    10/25/2016 7:40:18 PM PDT · by usafa92 · 34 replies
    YouTube ^ | 10/25/2016 | YouTube
    Cue to 2:45 for the first question to Perot. Trump is in many aspects giving Americans the chance to reset this country 25 years. I was not a fan of Perot at the time, mostly because at the time, I still believed that the system worked and that Republicans were not like Democrats, but damn if Trump doesn't sound just like Perot here. I often wish that Trump could bring out Perot for a rally or two. Perot was 100% right about NAFTA and Americans need to be remimded of the big giant sucking sound of our jobs going to...

    10/23/2016 6:05:13 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 9 replies
    Breitbart ^ | October 20, 2016 | John Hayward
    YouGov’s post-debate poll finds Hillary Clinton winning the third presidential debate by a 10-point margin over Donald Trump, 49 percent to 39 percent. However, undecided and third-party voters gave Trump a 22-point lead. (VIDEO-AT-LINK) When asked to chose only between Clinton and Trump in the 2016 election, 61 percent of undecided and third-party candidates picked Trump after the third debate, versus 39 percent for Clinton. This could be an encouraging result for Trump, because 9 percent of respondents to YouGov preferred a third-party candidate, or professed themselves undecided. A statistically insignificant number said they did not plan to vote at...
  • Donald Trump’s Finest Hour

    10/22/2016 7:12:41 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 25 replies
    The American Spectator ^ | October 22, 2016 | Wlady Pleszczynski
    The common view is that there were three debates this year between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But what about the bonus debate last night at the Al Smith Dinner in New York? It was probably Trump’s greatest performance. Funny, self-deprecating (within reason), and devilishly biting (in the best Johnny Carson roast tradition, which apparently is lost on all the usual suspects who afterward shrieked that Trump had gone too far again; but what else can you expect from a holy man like David Gergen?). And Donald brought the best out of Hillary, if such a thing is possible. One...
  • On “Accepting Election Results” (Has the media forgotten Al Gore?)

    10/20/2016 2:44:09 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 9 replies
    Powerline Blog ^ | October 19, 2016 | John Hinderaker
    I said I wouldn’t comment on tonight’s debate until tomorrow, when I host the third hour of Laura Ingraham’s radio show. But I can’t resist, having seen how the liberal press is trying to spin what, by any objective standard, was a pretty good night for Donald Trump. It’s all about Trump’s refusal to commit to “accepting the result of the election” should he lose: Horrifying! Trump “upends a basic pillar of American democracy” by saying he will wait and see what happens on election day, because of his concern about voter fraud. But wait! Who was the last candidate...
  • Outrage or Genius? Trump Refuses to Accept Results of Election in Third Debate

    10/20/2016 1:08:40 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 79 replies
    PJ Media ^ | October 19, 2016 | Roger L. Simon
    Donald Trump is more similar to the Founders of our country than anyone who has run for the presidency in my lifetime. What?! What?! Didn't Trump just jump an entire school of sharks in the third debate, saying he didn't know if he would accept the outcome of the election. Isn't he finished? Are you out of your bloody mind, Simon? Okay, maybe, it wouldn't be the first time... but hear me out. Put briefly: If Donald Trump believes—as many of us do—that the FBI is corrupt, the Justice Department is corrupt, the other party is hiring violent paid thugs...
  • Rasmussen delivers post-debate poll triumph for Trump

    10/20/2016 8:29:57 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 17 replies
    World Net Daily ^ | October 20, 2016 | Bob Unruh
    Whatever impact the third and final presidential debate of the 2016 election season may have still is to come, but the day after the event, Rasmussen had GOP candidate Donald Trump up by three points in its polling. “The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online White House Watch survey finds Trump with 43 percent support among Likely U.S. Voters to Clinton’s 40 percent,” the report said on Thursday. “Six percent still prefer Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, and three percent favor Green Party nominee Jill Stein. Another three percent like some other candidate, and six percent are undecided.” The same...
  • Hillary: All 17 of our security agencies say that Russia hacked our national computer systems

    10/19/2016 8:42:58 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 123 replies
    Why in the hell do we have 17 security agencies? With all of these security agencies guarding us, how in the hell did Russia (or anyone else) break in to our government servers? Are these agencies incompetent or what? And in particular, why was our state department's servers so vulnerable to hackers? Is this a sample of how a president Hillary will secure our nation's secrets?
  • Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton a 'Nasty Woman' During Debate

    10/19/2016 8:39:56 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 56 replies
    ABC News ^ | October 19, 2016 | Julia Jacobo
    Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman" during the last presidential debate. The two presidential candidates were discussing their plans for when programs like social security and Medicare run out, with Clinton emphasizing, "We need to put more more money into the social security trust fund." "That's part of my commitment to raise taxes on the wealthy," Clinton said. "My social security payroll contribution will go up, as will Donald's, assuming he can't figure out how to get out of it." "Such a nasty woman," Trump uttered, interrupting Clinton as she repeated that it's necessary to "replenish the social...
  • Notes from debate: Woman goes nuts with peanut-butter smear

    10/19/2016 6:40:35 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 17 replies
    World Net Daily ^ | October 19, 2016
    A Wisconsin woman is giving a whole new meaning to “political smear campaign.” Christina Ferguson, 32, a Hillary Clinton supporter, was arrested Monday night and charged with disorderly conduct after allegedly smearing peanut butter on approximately 30 vehicles parked outside what she thought was a Donald Trump rally. After bursting in – a “family-size jar of low-sodium, creamy natural Jif” in hand – Ferguson began yelling that she hated Donald Trump. When she was booted from the building, the passionate partisan proceeded to spread peanut butter on vehicles in the parking lot. But those cars had nothing to do with...
  • Clinton vs. Trump Poll: Who’s winning the presidential debate tonight so far?

    10/19/2016 6:16:00 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 188 replies
    The Oxford Eagle ^ | October 19, 2016 | Staff and The Associated Press
    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are preparing to face off on the debate stage for the final time in the final presidential debate of 2016. During the debate take our poll here and tell us who is winning the debate tonight so far. After the debate our poll will continue to collect final Clinton vs. Trump final debate 2016 results. We will also have final presidential debate live updates here throughout so bookmark this page and stick around for debate results. Who is winning the presidential debate tonight? Hillary Clinton Donald Trump
  • How to make your FR pages load faster under extra-heavy server loads

    10/19/2016 5:40:30 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 21 replies
    Click "Headers" on the main index page: Click "Account" on that same page and then "My Preferences:" Click "20 messages per page" and "20 results per page." You can also click on "Manage Blocks" on the preferences page and temporarily disable some of your sidebars. You can change them back later. Good luck.
  • LIVE Final Debate in Las Vegas, NV--Live Thread

    10/19/2016 11:54:55 AM PDT · by jennychase · 3,141 replies
    RSBN ^ | 10/19/2016 | Vanity
    LIVE Final Debate in Las Vegas, NV
  • Trump bringing Obama's half-brother to the debate as his guest

    10/18/2016 6:41:48 PM PDT · by Impala64ssa · 25 replies
    MSN News ^ | 10/18/16 | Neetzan Zimmerman
    President Obama's half-brother says he will attend Wednesday night's presidential debate in Las Vegas as a guest of Donald Trump. "I'm excited to be at the debate. Trump can make America great again," Malik Obama, the president's sibling on his father's side, told the New York Post. The 58-year-old is a U.S. citizen and splits his time between his home country of Kenya and Washington, D.C, where he has lived since 1985. "I look very much forward to meeting and being with Malik," Trump told the Post. "He gets it far better than his brother." Trump has also invited the...
  • We Need Inflammatory Rhetoric

    10/18/2016 3:19:49 PM PDT · by PingPongChampion · 2 replies ^ | October 18th, 2016 | R. Rados
    If you turn on any news channel for five minutes, you'll see a pundit or anchor lamenting Donald Trump's inflammatory talk. If it's not Donald Trump's rhetoric they have a problem with, you'll catch them whining about someone else who said something inflammatory. More than often, the rhetoric isn't even inflammatory, but they'll pretend it is just to create social proof. Dropping their jaws and holding their hands over their fragile hearts is a custom among talking heads. Whether it's the perfect specimens on The View or guests on Anderson Cooper 360, someone, somewhere finds someone's words scary, dangerous and...
  • Trump claims election is ‘rigged’ and seems to suggest Clinton was on drugs at debate

    10/16/2016 5:55:23 AM PDT · by Beautiful_Gracious_Skies · 141 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | October 15, 2016 | Jose A. DelReal and Sean Sullivan
    Donald Trump suggested without evidence Saturday that Democrat Hillary Clinton might have been on drugs at their most recent debate and that the election is “rigged” against him, adding a new round of unsubstantiated assertions to an increasingly scathing campaign.
  • Trump insists election ‘rigged,’ calls for drug test for him, Clinton before debate

    10/15/2016 10:42:16 PM PDT · by Beautiful_Gracious_Skies · 70 replies
    Fox News ^ | October 15, 2016 | Fox
    Donald Trump on Saturday repeated his argument that the election is rigged against him and returned to his suggestion that Democratic rival Hillary Clinton appears physically unfit to be president -- so both of them should take a drug test. “Looks to me like a rigged election,” Trump said at a rally in New Hampshire. “The election is being rigged by the liberal media to push outright lies to rig the election." Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, has since this summer hinted at the possibility of voter fraud in big, Democrat-run cities like Philadelphia swinging the election for Clinton and...
  • Hillary Clinton tells Ellen DeGeneres she was 'Stalked' by Donald Trump During Televised Debate

    10/14/2016 5:07:33 AM PDT · by sevinufnine · 121 replies
    Daily Mail UK ^ | 10/14/2016 | Gareth Davies
    Hillary Clinton told the DeGeneres she was left feeling 'weird'. Clinton said she was 'stalked' by Trump in interview. Said she kept feeling a 'presence' behind her during the TV debate. Talking about the incident, Clinton said: 'I felt, whoa, this is really weird. (barf alert)
  • Hillary Clinton to Skip Final Debate Against Donald Trump, 10/19 (Somewhat misleading title)

    10/13/2016 11:55:34 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 64 replies
    The Santa Monica Observer ^ | October 14, 2016 | Staff
    Sources within the Democratic National Committee who spoke on condition of anonymity, have told the Observer that Hillary Clinton is inclined to take her senior advisors' tactical suggestion, and withdraw from her third scheduled debate with Donald Trump, set for October 19th. The reasons are as follows: 1. Clinton enjoys an historic lead in the polls. Some polls have her up by 9% nationally. The Real Clear Politics average of polls currently puts her ahead by 5.5% in a 4 way race (Clinton 44.6%, Trump 39.1%). No presidential candidate this far behind less than 30 days before the election, has...
  • Two Worlds

    10/13/2016 8:10:25 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 5 replies
    The Z Man ^ | October 12, 2016
    I had no intention of watching the debate as I’ve seen enough of them to know they will always be “two-on-one moonbat fun.” The moderator will gang up with the Democrat to attack the Republican. Even mild nothing-burgers like Mitt Romney got the business from that fat woman on CNN. But, friends told me Trump was beating the old bag up, so I tuned in just in time to see him put the saddle on the fat cow and ride her around the debate stage. I did not watch a lot of it, but it was fun seeing the good...
  • If WE advised Trump...

    10/13/2016 12:57:48 PM PDT · by pjd · 48 replies
    I know Trump must have a lot of professionals advising his campaign, but much of the appeal of Trump is that he is like us. Rich, but like us. I hope that his staff reads FR, and since there are a lot of smart people here that are more middle America, we could probably give Trump some excellent advice that would resonate with middle-America. So that's the idea here. Assuming Trumps staff is lurking here, what advice would you give?
  • Positive opinions of Trump grow after second debate, NBC/SurveyMonkey poll says

    10/12/2016 2:15:16 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 40 replies
    CNBC ^ | October 12, 2016 | Christine Wang
    More respondents in a new NBC News/SurveyMonkey online poll changed their opinion of Donald Trump for the better after the second presidential debate on Sunday. This, despite his aggressive tone and body language toward Hillary Clinton and the release two days earlier of lewd remarks about women he made on tape in 2005. After Sunday's faceoff, 23 percent of respondents changed their opinion of the New York businessman for the better compared with the 13 percent who did so after the first debate. Clinton saw the opposite result with just 17 percent of respondents saying they had a more positive...
  • WOW! Even Morning Joe Says TRUMP Performance Was “Epic” and “Rocked Political World” (VIDEO)

    10/11/2016 12:53:00 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 14 replies
    The Gateway Pundit ^ | October 10, 2016 | Jim Hoft
    WOW! Even the Morning Joe hosts, who openly hate Donald Trump, said his performance last night was “epic” and “rocked the political world.” “Joe Scarborough: I think there were a couple of things people in the press did not want to admit but it was plainly evident watching it on TV last night. Number one, it was Donald Trump’s most effective debate performance to date. There’s not a close second. There’s not a close second. Secondly, despite the fact she had an unprecedented cheering section in the media, the fact is for somebody who was watching, and people will see...
  • Frank Luntz Says Trump Wowed Focus Group: 'First Time There's Been Any Genuine Movement'

    10/11/2016 11:15:41 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 18 replies
    InformationLiberation ^ | October 10, 2016 | Chris Menahan
    Pollster Frank Luntz said Donald Trump's performance last night "was so significant that he's back in this race." "This is the first time of the three debates that there's been any genuine movement," Luntz told Megyn Kelly after the debate, referencing the way undecided voters were impacted by Donald Trump's performance. "I have to acknowledge something here, I thought it was all over for Donald Trump, and when these people walked in here, I was pretty sure of it," he said. "Based on their response... I have to change my mind. I actually think that tonight was so significant that...
  • The Return of The Mule (Short and to the point)

    10/11/2016 2:34:48 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 37 replies
    The Z Man ^ | October 10, 2016
    If you go back and watch videos of Reagan in the 70’s and 80’s, one of the things that jumps out is how aggressively he attacked the Left. In his first inaugural address, he attacked the very essence of what Jimmy Carter stood for as a politician. The man was sitting just behind Reagan as the Gipper explained that everything Carter believed was dangerous nonsense. The other thing that jumps out, when watching old Reagan speeches, is that no Republican talks like that anymore. Instead, every Republican that has aggressively pressed the attack against the Left over the last quarter...
  • Trump Wins ["Some of the rats might want to consider returning to the ship"]

    10/11/2016 12:39:43 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 18 replies
    Powerline Blog ^ | October 9, 2016 | John Hinderaker
    Some of the rats might want to consider returning to the ship. Donald Trump came through pretty well tonight, mainly because the focus was on the issues. As long as issues are being discussed, Trump wins. The moderators came out of the box with questions about Trump’s 2005 video, which many people expected to be the centerpiece of tonight’s debate. The effort flopped, I thought. Bill and Hillary Clinton took appropriate shots. After ten or fifteen minutes the conversation moved on to the issues. Thereafter, the moderators tried to help Hillary, and Trump appropriately complained a couple of times. But...
  • Bullet points for Trump in Next Debate

    10/10/2016 10:00:53 PM PDT · by arrogantsob · 19 replies
    Trump has missed some critical points in his responses to/attacks on Mrs Cosby: 1) Call the Wall street speeches by their real name -BRIBERY. By the way, someone paid that for a 40 hour week would be paid 1.4 BILLION per year. 2) Remind the nation when she brings up him instigating violence that ONLY your events and supporters have been attacked by mobs. Remind her about Chicago. 3) When she talks about her world tour and all it did for women - remind all about the enormous amounts of money taken from the most misogynous nation on the earth-...
  • 'He opened a can of whoop-ass on her': Trump finds friends in swing state bar

    10/10/2016 7:09:25 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 14 replies
    The Manchester Guardian ^ | October 10, 2016 | Adam Gabbatt in Bensalem
    Not even he Republican candidate’s lewd remarks about women could dampen the enthusiasm of the crowd at Chickie’s and Pete’s in Bensalem, Pennsylvania “I am a Trump lady. I love Trump. He’s a real man,” said Carol Simone, 69. “He’s going to make us be good again.” Watching the second presidential debate in Chickie’s and Pete’s in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, Simone wore two “Trump-Pence” stickers, one on her black vest, another on her straw cowboy hat. “We desperately need him,” she said. “We need him to build a wall to keep Isis out.” Bensalem is in Bucks County, theoretically a swing...
  • Vanity-TRUMP YOU MAGNIFICIENT BASTARD, YOU DID IT!Poat debate watching experiences here.

    10/09/2016 10:50:20 PM PDT · by Az Joe · 109 replies
    October 9, 2016 | AZJoe
    Myself and two friends (1 male, 1 female)were watching. We were high fiving, and at several points whooping and hollering YES!! I jumped up and did a jig a couple of times! Trump absolutely killed it! I cannot think of a better debate performance except maybe Reagan's in 1980. Best line: (after she said it was good he wasn't president after his "special prosecutor" bit) "BECAUSE YOU'D BE IN JAIL! Close second: "..BLAMING YOUR LIES ON THE LATE, GREAT ABRAHAM LINCOLN."

    10/10/2016 3:17:52 AM PDT · by Biggirl · 35 replies ^ | October 10, 2016 | Daniel Greenfield
    Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. At the lowest point in the second presidential debate Hillary Clinton tried to blame her compulsive lying on Abraham Lincoln. Not the real Lincoln, but the fictional version depicted in the Spielberg movie. “She lied. Now she's blaming the lie on the late great Abraham Lincoln,” Trump said in exasperation. “Honest Abe never lied.” The only thing Hillary and Lincoln have in common is Illinois. If Hillary had been looking for wisdom from Lincoln, she might have started with the famous...
  • GOP POLLSTER FRANK LUNTZ: Trump is 'back in the race'

    10/09/2016 9:37:11 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 71 replies
    Business Insider ^ | October 10, 2016 | Pamela Engel
    Republican pollster Frank Luntz said Donald Trump is back in the game after a strong performance at Sunday night's debate. "I may have made a mistake in writing off Trump," Luntz tweeted after the second presidential debate. "After talking with voters tonight, he's back in this race." Sunday's debate came at the tail end of the most tumultuous weekend of the Republican presidential nominee's campaign so far. Trump landed in hot water on Friday when a leaked recording showed him boasting about trying to sleep with a married woman and remarking that he could "grab" women "by the p---y" because...
  • The latest October surprise: Trump pivots and saves his candidacy at second debate

    10/09/2016 9:20:01 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 50 replies
    Fox News Opinion ^ | October 9, 2016 | Douglas E. Schoen, Democratic pollster
    Facing tremendous pressure to appear contrite and offer a genuine apology for his comments about taking advantage of women some 11 years ago, Donald Trump did something better: he pivoted. The debate focused on the #TrumpTapes for barely a few minutes and it wasn’t the fault of the moderators or Hillary Clinton. Trump just moved past the apology faster than anyone expected, straight into his attacks on Bill Clinton – which we knew were coming based on the past few days and the pre-debate press conference he held with women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault – to...
  • [Live Thread] 2nd Presidential Debate Schedule –Time: 9pm ET (8pm CT, 7pm MT, 6pm PT)

    10/09/2016 12:59:19 PM PDT · by jennychase · 3,321 replies
    YouTube ^ | 10/9/2016 | Vanity
    Sunday, October 9, 2016 Second presidential debate Time: 9pm ET (8pm CT, 7pm MT, 6pm PT) Live Stream: Debate Live Stream Moderator: Martha Raddatz, Chief Global Affairs Correspondent and Co-Anchor of "This Week," ABC Moderator: Anderson Cooper, Anchor, CNN Location: Washington University in St. Louis, MO
  • Collision course: Clinton looks to knock out Trump in second debate

    10/09/2016 6:49:17 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 75 replies
    The Globe and Mail ^ | October 9, 2016 | Affan Chowdhry
    Watch the second debate live on Sunday night on this page and come back for highlights. Until then, Affan Chowdhry breaks down what’s at stake in the highly anticipated rematch against the backdrop of the Trump video controversy Segment 1: Role-modelling appropriate behaviour The opening question from an undecided voter is about role-modelling good behaviour to young people. Ms. Clinton answers first, and then Mr. Trump. But it takes moderator Anderson Cooper to follow up with the question on everyone’s mind. “You’ve bragged that you sexually assaulted women. Do you understand that?” Mr. Trump denies the sexual-assault allegation and pivots...
  • Who recorded the Pu**y Gate conversation? Who released it now and why?

    10/09/2016 12:18:22 PM PDT · by DanMiller · 127 replies
    Dan Miller's Blog ^ | October 9, 2016 | Dan Miller
    The private conversation between Billy Bush and Donald Trump was surreptitiously recorded by someone. It was provided to NBC approximately eleven years later and shortly before the October 9th presidential debate. We have not been told by whom or why, but it's not difficult to figure it out.As reported in an October 7, 2016 Washington Post article titled An unlikely Bush finally did some damage to Donald Trump: Billy Bush, Billy Bush is first cousins with former Florida governor Jeb Bush, who was favored to win the Republican nomination before Trump came along and started calling him "low-energy" and attacking him daily on the stump....
  • Will Trump Make a Race of It in the Debates?

    10/09/2016 4:17:49 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 29 replies ^ | October 9, 2016 | Michael Brown
    In the midst of the most debate-heavy week of the fall campaign season, with the vice presidential debate last Tuesday and the second presidential debate Sunday, let's look at what remains uncertain about this year's bizarre contest. For those of you who are reading this column after Sunday night, the first and largest uncertainty will be partially resolved: Will Donald Trump put in a debate performance that makes him competitive with Hillary Clinton, as he was before the Sept. 26 debate? Trump has boasted that he doesn't bother with debate prep, but surely someone who has his attention has pointed...
  • Donald Trump’s secret weapon for Debate No. 2

    10/06/2016 3:25:34 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 53 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | October 5, 2016 | Monica Crowley
    One of the biggest ironies of the first presidential debate is that Donald Trump’s reluctance to aggressively attack Hillary Clinton has now given him the license to fully do so. Going into the debate — his debut on the world’s biggest stage — everyone, including his closest aides, was telling him that he must achieve plausibility: That is, he needed to reassure voters by looking reasonable, confident and self-possessed. If he were able to demonstrate an even temperament and basic command of the issues, voters could picture him behind the Resolute desk in the Oval Office — and Mrs. Clinton’s...
  • COMMENTARY: Why Pence's debate win just might matter

    10/06/2016 12:58:38 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 53 replies
    CBS News ^ | October 5, 2016 | Will Rahn
    Let’s get the easy, obvious point out of the way first: Mike Pence won that debate, and won it handily. Does it matter? Well, I’ll get to how it might in a moment. But let’s first talk about why and how Pence won. Pence is of course a successful politician, but he’s never really been seen as – how to put this – well, he’s never been seen as one of the sharpest minds the GOP has in its roster. He’s not a guy you associate with intellectual depth, like Paul Ryan, or having new ideas on where to take...
  • The Junior Prom

    10/06/2016 5:11:04 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 22 replies ^ | October 6, 2016 | Derek Hunter
    It’s over. The vice presidential debate has ended. But you wouldn’t know it because Sen. Tim Kaine is still talking over everyone. Yes, it’s the “junior prom,” but it does matter. One of these two men will be a heartbeat from the presidency come January, whether you like it or not. Given Hillary Clinton’s mysterious health issues, that's nothing to sniff at on the Democratic side. One of these men – Pence – will have the opportunity to advise a president on such important issues as the economy and national security. The other probably will be outside the room pressing...
  • The Later Debates Are What Matters

    10/06/2016 7:24:35 AM PDT · by KeyLargo · 12 replies
    Illinois Review ^ | October 05, 2016 | Frank J Biga III
    The Later Debates Are What Matters By Frank J Biga III There seems to be a lot of hand-wringing and angst on the GOP side over Donald Trump’s debate performance last Monday nite. To which I reply, "It won’t matter." Did Obama’s abysmal and downright tired performance in the first debate affect him in 2012? No. Did Ronald Reagan’s seeming absent-mindedness affect the results in 1984? No. Did George Bush’s initial debate performance against John Kerry stop him from winning? No. So there is little to justify this near panic by some in the GOP over the first debate. In...
  • Leaked Memo Confirms Hillary Was Given Questions Ahead Of Interview

    10/06/2016 7:18:43 AM PDT · by tekrat · 25 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 10/6/2016 | Tyler Durden
    Yesterday, in the latest indication that few things involving Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign are left to chance, we reported that Brennan Leach, a child actor and daughter of a PA Democratic Senator, was used to ask staged questions at a recent Hillary town hall. And while there has been some unconfirmed speculation that the Democratic presidential candidate may have colluded with Lester Holt during her first presidential debate, we now have further proof that "preparation" for Hillary means being fully informed of what is about to take place well ahead of time. According to a leaked memo obtained by the...
  • 4 Quick Takeaways From Last Night’s Vice Presidential Debate

    10/05/2016 6:53:27 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 7 replies
    The Federalist ^ | October 5, 2016 | Mollie Hemingway
    Last night was the only vice presidential debate of the 2016 cycle. The conventional wisdom was that it would be boring and unimportant, but it turned out to be exciting and far more substantive than the presidential debate Lester Holt moderated last week. 1. Pence Crushed It Before the debate began, the Republican National Committee published a piece about how Pence had won the debate. Much was made of this mistake, but the RNC must have a psychic on staff, because Pence absolutely crushed it. He had control of the debate from the opening question to the final round. He...
  • Moderation: Pence managed to win a three-person debate, eh?

    10/05/2016 3:08:34 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 16 replies
    Hot Air ^ | October 5, 2016 | Ed Morrissey
    If you missed last night’s debate, the RNC has a 271-second distillation of it. For most viewers, the biggest impression of the event came from Tim Kaine’s constant interruptions and interjections. The RNC counted 72 of them, but it felt like a lot more when watching the debate live. Is this the fault of the moderator, CBS News correspondent Elaine Quijano? Perhaps not, but that doesn’t mean she’s off the hook either. Let me put it this (VIDEO-AT-LINK) … oh, sorry, the video interrupted me. At any rate, short of being able to yank Kaine’s microphone off his lapel, she...
  • Next debate prep: Clinton's light schedule, Trump stays on trail

    10/05/2016 2:02:23 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 28 replies
    WBRE-TV ^ | October 5, 2016 | Tom Kludt and Dan Merica, CNN
    Just hours after their running mates finished their debate, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are charting distinct paths to the upcoming presidential debate Sunday in St. Louis. The stakes are a little different for each of them, too. For Clinton, the second debate is an opportunity to sustain the momentum she's drawn from the first. Polls this week showed the former secretary of state with leads nationally and in key swing states. For Trump, Sunday's debate will be a mulligan of sorts. Clinton was widely seen as the winner of the first debate, and Trump has been at the center...
  • Kaine and Pence’s Rumble

    10/05/2016 5:42:32 AM PDT · by RoosterRedux · 38 replies
    American Thinker ^ | Patricia McCarthy
    It did not go well for Tim Kaine. He was seriously outgunned by his own determination to not have an actual debate but to get in as many scripted hit lines as possible. He could not stop interrupting Pence, over and over again. He vacillated between looking like a deer in headlights or Howdy Doody, with a silly grin on his face. But his interruptions were the key to his failure. When one cannot let the person with whom he is debating complete a sentence, it betrays fear and a lack of confidence in one's own position or cause. Kaine...
  • Kaine Looks Like an Evil Crook Out of the Batman Movies (Trump live-tweets on VP debate.)

    10/05/2016 7:32:32 AM PDT · by sevinufnine · 39 replies
    Daily Mail UK ^ | 10/05/2016 | Geoff Earle
    As the vice presidential contest between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine began, Trump sent a rare compliment his opponents' way. Both are looking good! Now we begin!' he wrote. Then he started hailing his running mate and trashing Kaine. Pence 'is doing a great job - so far, no contest!' Trump wrote. Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump live-tweeted the only vice presidential debate while his running mate fended off attacks on stage. Pence struggled at times to fend off frequent interruptions by Kaine who asked him repeatedly to defend Trump's comments.
  • After Tim Kaine Flops In Vice Presidential Debate, New Doubts About Hillary

    10/05/2016 3:51:52 AM PDT · by Helicondelta · 163 replies ^ | 4 Oct 2016
    Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) lost badly to Indiana Gov. Mike Pence in Tuesday night’s vice presidential debate — despite having home field advantage in Farmville, Virginia — raising new doubts about Hillary Clinton. Those doubts are twofold: first, about her decision to choose so weak a candidate, who seemed unable to answer basic policy questions; and second, about Clinton’s health, since if her medical troubles are as bad as feared, Kaine may be taking over at some point if she is elected. Kaine could not stop interrupting Pence, at times sounding high-pitched and shrill, at times whining and defensive. Pence...