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  • Assessing China’s Proposal for International Cooperation on Cyberspace

    03/15/2017 9:43:02 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 2 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 03/14/17 | Joseph Klein
    When President Trump and President Xi Jinping meet for the first time next month, exploring avenues for further constructive cyberspace cooperation between China and the United States should be amongst the issues they discuss The arcane issue of cybersecurity has received front page media attention of late. Most recently, WikiLeaks published documents which purport to show, according to WikiLeaks, “the scope and direction of the CIA’s global covert hacking program.” The program is comprised of a “malware arsenal and dozens of ‘zero day’ weaponized exploits against a wide range of U.S. and European company products…which are turned into covert microphones.”...
  • Justice Department charging Russian spies and criminal hackers in Yahoo intrusion

    03/15/2017 7:38:37 AM PDT · by Theoria · 23 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | 15 March 2017 | Ellen Nakashima
    The Justice Department is set to announce Wednesday the indictments of two Russian spies and two criminal hackers in connection with the heist of 500 million Yahoo user accounts in 2014, marking the first U.S. criminal cyber charges ever against Russian government officials. The indictments target two members of the Russian intelligence agency FSB, and two hackers hired by the Russians. The charges include hacking, wire fraud, trade secret theft and economic espionage, according to officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the charges have not yet been announced. The indictments are part of the largest hacking case...
  • Is St. Louis under a cyber attack? Threat map points to China

    07/08/2015 2:01:03 PM PDT · by mojito · 42 replies
    Fox News ^ | 7/8/2015 | Joe Millizter
    Is St. Louis at the center of a cyber attack from China? A company that monitors threats on the internet shows a large amount of traffic headed into the area from China. According to Norsecorp’s Twitter profile they offer, “Live threat intelligence & unmatched visibility into the darkest corners of the Internet.” A map on the company’s website shows a lot of activity coming from locations in china to IP addresses located mostly in St. Louis, Kirksville and Seattle. The majority of targets listed in the map are located in the US with origins in China.
  • Lost in Cyberspace – As Seen in a Commercial

    04/18/2015 8:03:37 AM PDT · by Salvation · 11 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 04-17-15 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    Lost in Cyberspace – As Seen in a Commercial By: Msgr. Charles PopeFor most people, the word virtual has come to mean the Internet or the computer world, as in “occurring or existing primarily online.”  But the word virtual has an original meaning that is actually quite descriptive of a modern problem.Prior to its application to the computer world, the word virtual meant “being something in effect, though not actually or expressly being such.” In other words, if something is virtual it has aspects of the real thing but is not the real thing. In the sentence “The man is a virtual goldmine...
  • Hero CIA officer who led the hunt for Bin Laden and converted to Islam is removed from his post in

    03/26/2015 6:14:09 PM PDT · by null and void · 33 replies ^ | 13:48 EST, 26 March 2015 | Wills Robinson
    The CIA official who led the hunt for Osama Bin Laden is being removed from his post, it has been revealed. The head of the agency's Counter­terrorism Center, who also directed drone campaigns which killed thousands, has been in the position for nine years and is described as a 'true hero'.
  • China condemns cyberattacks, but says no proof North Korea hacked Sony

    12/22/2014 5:20:39 AM PST · by SoFloFreeper · 4 replies
    Globe and Mail ^ | 12/22/14 | MEGHA RAJAGOPALAN AND STEVE HOLLAND
    China said on Monday it opposed all forms of cyberattacks but there was no proof that North Korea was responsible for the hacking of Sony Pictures, as the United States has said. North Korea has denied it was to blame and has vowed to hit back against any U.S. retaliation, threatening the White House and the Pentagon. The hackers said they were incensed by a Sony comedy about a fictional assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, which the studio has pulled.
  • Iran Spy Network 30,000 Strong

    01/03/2013 3:07:06 AM PST · by Cindy · 18 replies
    THE WASHINGTON FREE BEACON ^ | January 3, 2013 4:59 am | Bill Gertz
    "IRAN SPY NETWORK 30,000 STRONG Pentagon report: Iranian intelligence linked to spying, terror attacks" SNIPPET: "Iran’s intelligence service includes 30,000 people who are engaged in covert and clandestine activities that range from spying to stealing technology to terrorist bombings and assassination, according to a Pentagon report." SNIPPET: "“MOIS provides financial, material, technological, or other support services to Hamas, Hezbollah, and al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), all designated terrorist organizations under U.S. Executive Order 13224,” the report said. The spy service operates in all areas where Iran has interests, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Central Asia, Africa, Austria, Azerbaijan, Croatia, France,...
  • Social Media, Terrorism Connect Too Well

    12/05/2012 12:51:07 AM PST · by Cindy · 28 replies ^ | Published 1:16 p.m., Saturday, December 1, 2012 | Janine Zacharia
    SNIPPET: "Social media is no longer simply a fun way to share updates on the harmless idiosyncrasies of our lives. It can undermine national security, and there ought to be a more robust discussion between the Bay Area technology world and Washington on what to do about it. Cyber-terrorism, especially the potential for electronic tampering with U.S. industrial or military installations, is a paramount national security threat that Washington is working to forestall. We're all working to protect our accounts from hackers. But the cyber-threat getting far less public attention involves the social media networks we use every day and the...
  • Senate panel approves bill requiring police to get a warrant to read emails

    11/29/2012 11:53:08 AM PST · by jazusamo · 17 replies
    Fox News ^ | November 29, 2012 | Perry Chiaramonte
    A key Senate panel approved legislation Thursday that would require police to obtain a search warrant from a judge before they can read a private citizen's emails, Facebook messages or other electronic communications. The revised Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee will now move on to the full Senate for a vote. Passage would be a victory for privacy advocates, who say current privacy rules have been left in the dust by technological progress. Committee Chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), who played a key role in drafting the original bill, has called the existing law,...
  • Whatever happened to the right to be left alone?

    11/28/2012 10:55:03 AM PST · by jazusamo · 27 replies
    Fox News ^ | November 28, 2012 | Judge Andrew P. Napolitano
    <p>The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was written in order to keep the government from invading the right to be left alone--today known as the right to privacy. The Framers who wrote the Constitution, and Jefferson and his colleagues who insisted on the Fourth amendment among others, had suffered grievously at the hands of the British king and his soldiers.</p>
  • Anti-Jihad Ads Considered Constitutional

    10/01/2012 2:02:13 PM PDT · by Cindy · 67 replies - Top Opinion Story ^ | September 24, 2012 | Liana Whitehead
    SNIPPET: "New York City is the center of a public uproar as Internet blogger Pamela Gellar rises with an “anti-jihad” ad campaign." SNIPPET: "Gellar and her group are protesting the Jihad, which in definition is the religious duty of Muslims. According to the Dictionary of Islam, jihad is defined as “A religious war with those who are unbelievers in the mission of Muhammad . . . enjoined especially for the purpose of advancing Islam and repelling evil from Muslims.” The literal meaning of jihad, according to the British Broadcasting Network, “is struggle or effort, and it means much more than...
  • Chinese Spies Use Fake Facebook Pages to Gain Intel

    03/12/2012 7:58:06 PM PDT · by U-238 · 18 replies · 1+ views
    Defense Tech ^ | 3/12/2012 | Defense Tech
    We’re always hearing about high-end cyber epionage but sometimes, enemy spies can steal military secrets without investing a ton of time or money breaking into Pentagon networks. In fact, Chinese spies just used a fake Fasebook account to get personal information from a ton of NATO officials. Yup, Chinese spies set up a face Facebook page for Adm. James Stavridis, chief of U.S. European Command and fooled a bunch of high-ranking military officials into friending the fake admiral and sharing info with them. This is a pretty common move, just a couple of weeks ago I had a conversation with...
  • AP sources: White House set to unveil cyber plan

    05/12/2011 3:41:38 AM PDT · by markomalley · 22 replies
    AP/Yahoo ^ | 5/12/11 | Lolita Baldor
    The White House on Thursday is expected to unveil its proposal to enhance the nation's cybersecurity, laying out plans to require industry to better protect systems that run critical infrastructure like the electrical grid, financial systems and nuclear power plants. The Obama administration also is insisting that companies tell consumers when their personal information has been compromised. According to cybersecurity experts familiar with the plan, the administration's proposed legislation also would instruct federal agencies to more closely monitor their computer networks. Several House and Senate committees have been working on cybersecurity legislation for the past two years, while waiting for...
  • The deindustrialization of America

    01/02/2011 7:47:31 AM PST · by jmaroneps37 · 63 replies
    Coach is Right ^ | JANUARY 2, 2011 | Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer
    An anonymous email making the cyberspace rounds is so upsetting that its author was correct to hide his name. The “Changes Are Coming” email details the demise of our post office, our newspapers, check writing systems, books and music as we know them along with the end of Cable TV and network systems as now constituted. But the harshest caveat bearing down on America is our demise due to deindustrialization. The email reports that “Tens of thousands of factories have left the U.S. in the past decade alone. Millions upon millions of manufacturing jobs have been lost. . .the U.S....
  • Software smart bomb fired at Iranian nuclear plant

    09/25/2010 9:11:15 AM PDT · by Pride_of_the_Bluegrass · 51 replies
    SAN FRANCISCO: Computer security experts are studying a scary new cyber weapon: a software smart bomb that may have been crafted to find and sabotage a nuclear facility in Iran. Malicious software, or malware, dubbed "Stuxnet" is able to recognise a specific facility's control network and then destroy it, according to German computer security researcher Ralph Langner. "Welcome to cyber war," Langner said in a post at his website. "This is sabotage." Langner has been analyzing Stuxnet since it was discovered in June and said the code had a technology fingerprint of the control system it was seeking and would...
  • 'Pentagon's computer network was breached by foreign power' (most serious breach ever)

    08/25/2010 8:55:41 PM PDT · by VRWCTexan · 51 replies · 1+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | 08/26/2010
    A foreign spy agency pulled off the most serious breach of Pentagon computer networks ever by inserting a flash drive into a U.S. military laptop, a top defense official said Wednesday.
  • The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace

    06/25/2010 10:55:29 PM PDT · by cryptical · 13 replies
    White House Blog ^ | June 25, 2010 | Howard A. Schmidt
    Cyberspace has become an indispensible component of everyday life for all Americans.  We have all witnessed how the application and use of this technology has increased exponentially over the years. Cyberspace includes the networks in our homes, businesses, schools, and our Nation’s critical infrastructure.  It is where we exchange information, buy and sell products and services, and enable many other types of transactions across a wide range of sectors. But not all components of this technology have kept up with the pace of growth.  Privacy and security require greater emphasis moving forward; and because of this, the technology that has brought many...
  • Groundbreaking cyber espionage report to be released

    04/06/2010 4:12:47 AM PDT · by decimon · 5 replies · 288+ views
    University of Toronto ^ | Apr 6, 2010 | Unknown
    TORONTO, ON – The Information Warfare Monitor (Citizen Lab, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto and the SecDev Group, Ottawa) and the Shadowserver Foundation announce the release of Shadows in the Cloud: An investigation into cyber espionage 2.0. The report documents a complex ecosystem of cyber espionage that systematically targeted and compromised computer systems in India, the Offices of the Dalai Lama, the United Nations, and several other countries. Members of the research team are holding a news conference at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, April 6, to discuss their latest findings and to answer questions from the media....
  • Cybersecurity: Progress Made but Challenges Remain...

    03/06/2010 1:30:35 PM PST · by Cindy · 2 replies · 154+ views
    Note: This is a SNIPPET only. Quote: GAO U.S. GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY OFFICE "Cybersecurity: Progress Made but Challenges Remain in Defining and Coordinating the Comprehensive National Initiative" GAO-10-338 March 5, 2010 SNIPPET: "Summary In response to the ongoing threats to federal systems and operations posed by cyber attacks, President Bush established the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI) in 2008. This initiative consists of a set of projects aimed at reducing vulnerabilities, protecting against intrusions, and anticipating future threats. GAO was asked to determine (1) what actions have been taken to develop interagency mechanisms to plan and coordinate CNCI activities and...
  • US would lose cyberwar: former intel chief

    02/23/2010 11:47:15 PM PST · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 16 replies · 468+ views
    AFP ^ | 2/23/2010 | AFP
    The United States would lose a cyberwar if it fought one today, a former US intelligence chief has warned. Michael McConnell, a retired US Navy vice admiral who served as ex-president George W. Bush's director of national intelligence, also compared the danger of cyberwar to the nuclear threat posed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. "If we went to war today in a cyberwar, we would lose," McConnell told a hearing Tuesday on cybersecurity held by the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. "We're the most vulnerable, we're the most connected, we have the most to lose....
  • Cyberattacks Reportedly Traced to Computers in Chinese Schools

    02/18/2010 9:39:30 PM PST · by Cindy · 6 replies · 460+ views
    FOX ^ | Updated February 18, 2010 | n/a
    Updated February 18, 2010 Cyberattacks Reportedly Traced to Computers in Chinese Schools" SNIPPET: "The recent cyberattacks on Google and other American companies have been traced by investigators to computers at two schools in China, including one with ties to the Chinese military, according to a New York Times report citing unnamed inside sources. The Times report also says that the attacks began much earlier than first thought, as far back as April..."
  • Welcome to Cyberairspace

    02/07/2010 11:06:21 PM PST · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 2 replies · 267+ views
    Although I’m sitting in the living room of a second-floor condominium in Germantown, Maryland, what I see on the monitor of Dan Ward’s Dell computer invites me to imagine I’m in the cockpit of an Embraer 145 regional jet. Visible through a cockpit window is the jetway, which runs from the passenger door to a gate at Terminal 3 of Chicago O’Hare. The cockpit instruments are dark, but after Ward types in a few commands, the control panel lights up like a Christmas tree. Soon Ward, senior pilot for Delta Virtual Airlines, is keying flight data into the flight management...
  • Google to enlist NSA to help it ward off cyberattacks (BS! Google records, pass to NSA)

    02/04/2010 10:16:44 AM PST · by max americana · 21 replies · 478+ views
    Washington (com)Post ^ | Feb 4, 2010 | Ellen Nakashima
    The world's largest Internet search company and the world's most powerful electronic surveillance organization are teaming up in the name of cybersecurity. Under an agreement that is being finalized, the National Security Agency would help Google analyze a major corporate espionage attack that the firm said originated in China and targeted its computer networks, according to cybersecurity experts familiar with the matter. The objective is to better defend Google -- and its users -- from future attack. Google and the NSA declined to comment on the partnership. But sources with knowledge of the arrangement, speaking on the condition of anonymity,...
  • Israel Defence Forces are prepared for Cyberwarfare

    02/04/2010 7:28:11 PM PST · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 189+ views
    Defense Professionals ^ | 02/04/2010 | Arnon Ben-Dror
    In a paper published by the head of the Military Intelligence Directorate, Major General Amos Yadlin of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), in the Intelligence Research Center Journal, described the development of cyberwarfare, computer attacks in the 21st century, and the capabilities required from armies to fight this medium successfully. According to Maj. Gen. Yadlin, cyberwarfare is divided into three areas: intelligence gathering, defense and attack. "Anyone who is able to hack (personal computers, cell phones and internet) ends up knowing quite a lot. If you catch my drift," warned the Military Intelligence chief in the article. "Just imagine the...
  • Hackers Versus The 24th Air Force

    02/02/2010 1:48:27 PM PST · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 4 replies · 258+ views
    The Strategy Page ^ | 2/2/2010 | The Strategy Page
    Less than two years after the U.S. Air Force officially dumped its planned Cyber Command, it's scaled-back replacement, the 24th Air Force, recently officially opened for business. Over the past five years, the air force has been trying to establish a new Cyber War operation and use it to gain overall control for all Department of Defense Cyber War activities. The other services were not keen on this. That resistance, plus internal problems (losing track of nuclear weapons, cost overruns on new aircraft, inability to perform on the battlefield) led to the Cyber Command operation being scaled back to being...
  • Space, Cyberspace Viewed as Likely Battlegrounds for U.S. in 21st Century

    01/29/2010 2:38:16 PM PST · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 1 replies · 141+ views
    Space News ^ | 1/29/2010 | Turner Brinton
    The United States faces an evolving list of potential adversaries in the 21st century that not only continue to seek weapons of mass destruction, but are honing the skills necessary to wage battle in cyberspace as well as outer space, a panel of national security experts said Jan. 20. The nature of warfare has changed significantly since the end of the 20th century, with new technologies and threats emerging faster than ever, U.S. Air Force Gen. Robert Kehler, commander of Air Force Space Command, said during a panel discussion at the Conference on National Security Strategy and Policy here. The...
  • Conservatism and Our 'Brave New World'

    11/07/2009 3:49:51 PM PST · by J. Michael Fuentes · 2 replies · 205+ views
    Liberty Tree Revolution ^ | Wednesday, November 4, 2009 | J. Michael Fuentes
    We are in fact entering a "Brave New World". The 'Battlefield of Ideas' has moved into Cyberspace, and is embroiled in Ideology and Rhetoric the way Talk Radio and Television were before us. The question is: Can Conservatives hold this ground, too? See the full article at the Liberty Tree Revolution
  • Collins opposes White House cyber czar

    11/04/2009 8:06:49 PM PST · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 10 replies · 485+ views
    Federal Computer Week ^ | 11/02/2009 | Ben Bain
    Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), the top-ranking Republican on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, today argued against establishing a new cybersecurity coordinator position at the White House. Rather than have a new White House “cyber czar” oversee cybersecurity efforts, the Homeland Security Department should be given greater resources and authority to secure civilian networks, Collins said during a speech in Washington. She called for establishing a cybersecurity center at DHS with a “strong and empowered leader” who would also serve as principal cybersecurity adviser to the president. Under the government's overall computer security strategy, DHS is responsible for protecting...

    11/12/2008 3:53:13 PM PST · by Cindy · 16 replies · 567+ views
    SNIPPET: "Rusty Shackelford, PhD., credits Samir Khan with the first report of the arrest of Abu Sayaba, proprietor of the "iskandrani" blog, by the FBI in Boston. This corresponds to the arrest of Tarek Mehanna, age 26, on charges of lying to FBI agents when questioned two years ago about his friend and now-convicted terrorist Daniel Joseph Maldonado. Mehanna was about to leave the USA for Saudi Arabia, which evidently prompted the unsealing of his indictment." (Read More...)
  • Navy Moves to Meet Information Age Challenges

    10/03/2009 12:07:28 AM PDT · by Cindy · 2 replies · 481+ views - AMERICAN FORCES PRESS SERVICE ^ | October 2, 2009 | By Gerry J. Gilmore
    Note: The following text is a quote: Navy Moves to Meet Information Age Challenges By Gerry J. Gilmore American Forces Press Service WASHINGTON, Oct. 2, 2009 – The Navy is merging its information technology, intelligence and communications operations into one organization to better address Information Age challenges, including threats to computer networks, the Navy's top officer said here yesterday. “If we as a Navy are to remain dominant in this Information Age or Cyber Age, or whatever moniker you choose to put on it, I think that we have to take advantage of the new opportunities that exist, such as...
  • National Guard Embraces Social Media

    08/14/2009 1:34:23 AM PDT · by Cindy · 1 replies · 325+ views - Special to AMERICAN FORCES PRESS SERVICE ^ | August 12, 2009 | by Army Staff Sgt. Jim Greenhill
    Note: The following text is a quote: National Guard Embraces Social Media By Army Staff Sgt. Jim Greenhill Special to American Forces Press Service ARLINGTON, Va., Aug. 12, 2009 – Even in the 140-character brevity demanded of a “tweet,” the enthusiasm National Guardsmen have for communicating through Twitter software is evident. “Just shot my first rounds from a M1A1 Main Battle Tank. Killed 3 of 4 targets. Best Tank on the planet!” And it’s not just the rank-and-file who are communicating, although among Twitter’s millions of users -- the company won’t say exactly how many -- one stands out: He...
  • New U.S. Cyber Command Raises Privacy Concerns

    06/27/2009 7:20:57 PM PDT · by BGHater · 32 replies · 956+ views
    NPR ^ | 26 June 2009 | Brian Naylor
    Defense Secretary Robert Gates has created a new cyber command in the Pentagon as part of the Obama administration's focus on cyberdefense. The new command will be headed by the director of the secretive National Security Agency. Privacy advocates worry about the role of the NSA and the militarization of the Internet. In a memo this week, Gates said the nation's increasing dependency on cyberspace, alongside a growing array of cyberthreats and vulnerabilities, adds a new element of risk to national security. The memo says a new command is necessary, capable of synchronizing war-fighting effects across the global security environment....
  • Official Cites Value of Cyberspace to Warfighting Operations

    04/08/2009 6:19:00 PM PDT · by Cindy · 2 replies · 227+ views
    AMERICAN FORCES PRESS SERVICE ^ | April 8, 2009 | Gerry J. Gilmore
    Note: The following text is a quote: Official Cites Value of Cyberspace to Warfighting Operations By Gerry J. Gilmore American Forces Press Service WASHINGTON, April 8, 2009 – Maintaining and protecting the U.S. military’s worldwide computer network is a vital component of national security, a senior official said here today. “For the United States military, cyberspace is a warfighting domain and it is critical to our operations,” Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman told reporters. “And so, we do have to aggressively protect our networks and our ability to work in cyberspace.” It also is important, Whitman said, that the Defense...
  • I spy: Obama White House seeks law to see what is on your hard drive

    03/31/2009 2:38:16 AM PDT · by Recovering_Democrat · 97 replies · 2,839+ views ^ | 3/31/09 | Bob Kemp
    RTNews (RussiaToday News) reported March 26 that the Obama Administration is seeking the power through legal channels to have the right to see just what is on your computer hard drive. Funny how the mainstream media has not given this story any coverage. The way in which the Obama Administration intends to carry out this flagrant violation of privacy will be under the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). Below is a definition of the ACTA courtesy of Wikipedia. The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is a proposed plurilateral trade agreement which is alleged by its proponents to be in response "to the...
  • More Fitna in Cyberspace: Mihdar vs al-Maqdisi

    02/07/2009 9:36:37 PM PST · by Cindy · 19 replies · 962+ views ^ | February 7th, 2009 | Brynjar Lia
    More Fitna in Cyberspace: Mihdar vs al-Maqdisi Brynjar Lia February 7th, 2009 | AQ in Iraq, Jihadi media Is another chapter in the history of cyber-jihadi infighting about to be written these days? The latest controversy is a series of attacks by the webforum Madad al-Suyuf on Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, perhaps the most influential salafi-jihadi clerics alive. That the cyber-Jihadis quarrel with one another should come as no surprise. Despite calls for unity and brotherly counseling, jihadi writers frequently fight it out in the open. In fact, inter-jihadi quarrels seem to have become more common and less ‘brotherly’ in tone...
  • Cyber cops on their way?

    12/13/2008 5:04:42 AM PST · by GonzoII · 76 replies · 1,764+ views
    WND ^ | December 09, 2008 | By Drew Zahn
    A panel of web experts from government, private and the military sectors released a report yesterday urging the next president to establish a new office of cyberspace security and begin federal regulation of the Internet....
  • Experts say U.S. needs a cybersecurity agency

    12/10/2008 5:53:08 AM PST · by SQUID · 6 replies · 288+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | December 9, 2008 | Deborah Gage
    The Department of Homeland Security has failed to secure the Internet and should no longer take the lead role in trying, say government and security experts who on Monday urged President-elect Barack Obama to create a new national office to police cyberspace. Their report also calls for new laws to protect privacy and speed investigations of cybercrimes; strong identification of all people and devices connecting to networks belonging to power plants and other organizations critical to U.S. security; and secure software for everybody who connects to the Internet - not just the military and national security agencies. The recommendations are...
  • DoD Takes Steps to Defend Cyberspace Warfighting Domain

    11/21/2008 3:24:04 PM PST · by SandRat · 3 replies · 352+ views
    WASHINGTON, Nov. 21, 2008 – Cyberspace is a warfighting domain, and the Defense Department is taking steps to defend this crucial capability, a Pentagon spokesman said today. “We are aware of a global virus for which there are some public alerts, and we’ve seen some of these on our networks, and we are taking steps to identify and mitigate the virus,” Bryan Whitman said. “We do aggressively monitor our networks for intrusions and take adequate steps to protect them.” Public alerts on this global virus threat urge all computer users to take precautions. Users should have current anti-viral software programs...
  • Air Force suspends Cyber Command program

    08/14/2008 7:29:52 AM PDT · by stainlessbanner · 17 replies · 253+ views
    nextgov ^ | 08/12/08 | BoB Brewin
    The Air Force on Monday suspended all efforts related to development of a program to become the dominant service in cyberspace, according to knowledgeable sources. Top Air Force officials put a halt to all activities related to the establishment of the Cyber Command, a provisional unit that is currently part of the 8th Air Force at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, sources told Nextgov. An internal Air Force e-mail obtained by Nextgov said, “Transfers of manpower and resources, including activation and reassignment of units, shall be halted.” Establishment of the Cyber Command will be delayed until new senior Air...
  • USAF takes cyber security seriously – they are ready to deploy botnets

    05/14/2008 3:52:28 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 10 replies · 75+ views
    Tech Herald ^ | 4/14/08 | Steve Ragan
    The USAF wants to make its own botnet to combat forign and domestic threats. (IMG:J.Anderson) Are we in a cyber arms race? The Cyberspace Command, a US Air Force project designed to defend the cyber domain from threats, is alive and kicking with millions of dollars spent on PR and marketing. The USAF says that there is an urgent need to defend the IT infrastructure on US soil, and a recent opinion article written by COL. Charles W. Williamson III details that they are serious in this mission. The goal is to use botnets to help defend the new cyber...
  • US Air Force sets up Cyber Command

    09/18/2007 1:27:10 PM PDT · by STARWISE · 18 replies · 167+ views
    Breitbard/AFP ^ | 9-18-07
    The US Air Force established a provisional Cyber Command Tuesday as part of an expanding mission to prepare for wars in cyberspace, officials said. The move comes amid concerns over the vulnerability of the US communications and computer networks to cyber attack in a conflict, as well as the military's desire to exploit the new medium. Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne announced the creation of the new command at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, where the air force's existing cyber warfare operations are centered. Officials said the provisional command will pave the way within a year for the creation...
  • The Enemy Within

    07/20/2007 9:30:55 AM PDT · by gpapa · 3 replies · 382+ views
    The Middle East Media Research Institute ^ | July 19, 2007 | Unattributed
    Where Are the Islamist/Jihadist Websites Hosted, and What Can Be Done about It? Today, in a briefing on Capitol Hill hosted by Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-NY), chairman of the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia and Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN), ranking member of the Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia, MEMRI's president Yigal Carmon spoke about Islamist/Jihadi websites. The briefing was based on a study prepared by MEMRI which highlighted the fact that all Islamist/Jihadi websites are hosted directly or through subservers by Western - primarily American - Internet Service Providers...
  • America Prepares For 'Cyber War' With China

    06/14/2007 6:18:27 PM PDT · by blam · 18 replies · 485+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 6-15-2007 | Alex Spillius
    America prepares for 'cyber war' with China By Alex Spillius in Washington Last Updated: 2:06am BST 15/06/2007 China is striving to overtake the United States as the dominant power in cyberspace, according to a senior American general, in what is emerging as a new theatre of conflict between nation states and a growing priority for the Pentagon. The Chinese foreign ministry rejected the Pentagon report as 'brutal interference' Lt Gen Robert Elder, commander of the 8th Air Force, said that all of America's foes, including Iran, were looking at ways of hacking into US networks to glean trade and defence...
  • Candidates Seek Votes in Cyberspace [John Edwards at 'Second Life']

    04/19/2007 10:45:50 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 1 replies · 445+ views
    iWon News ^ | April 19, 2007 | Nedra Pickler
    SECOND LIFE, Virtual World (AP) - To find volunteer Redaktisto Noble, you have to go to John Edwards presidential campaign headquarters. Not in Iowa or New Hampshire, but in cyberspace. There, Noble can lead visitors along a boardwalk lined with billboards describing campaign issues such as Iraq and health care. On the way out, visitors can pick up free "Edwards for President" T-shirts that their animated alter-egos can wear. It's old-fashioned campaign work in a new setting. Noble works at Edwards' virtual campaign headquarters in the animated online world called Second Life that counts more than 5 million members -...
  • Being Googled

    12/12/2006 1:16:22 PM PST · by sodpoodle · 46 replies · 956+ views
    12/12/2006 | sodpoodle
    I did not realize that all your posts to me and all my posts on FreeRepublic could be Googled for display. Wow International exposure - I shall be sure to use spellcheck.
  • Where We Go

    11/28/2006 9:26:11 PM PST · by occu77 · 300+ views
    The Missal ^ | 11/28/06 | JWG
    I visit various blogs, message boards, and websites. I go to each one for different reasons. I have a lot of different interests. I go to Milblogs to get the war, defense, counterterrorism, and military scoop. I visit blogs run by former Intel officers (or they say they are, one never really knows with Spooks as people remind me all of the time, since some call me a Spook of sorts, and I guess I am sortta but I'm also not, so there you go, that's the way that kind of thing works doesn't it?) to catch a drift or...
  • Cardinal O'Malley's blog makes a splash in Boston, cyberspace

    10/02/2006 6:38:19 PM PDT · by NYer · 2 replies · 418+ views
    Catholic News Service ^ | October 2, 2006 | Antonio M. Enrique
    BOSTON (CNS) -- From advice on how to live a life of prayer to descriptions of casual encounters with American tourists, Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley's latest effort to communicate with his flock is making a splash both in Boston and in cyberspace. The cardinal is documenting his most recent trip to Rome with a Web log, or blog, launched for the occasion: "It was suggested I use a blog to communicate with everyone but primarily with young people, to speak to them in their own media," the cardinal told The Pilot, Boston's archdiocesan newspaper, in a Sept. 26 telephone...
  • Cyber wordsmiths transform the 3N9Li$H language

    09/14/2006 7:49:11 PM PDT · by LNewman · 31 replies · 986+ views
    Juneau Empire ^ | September 14, 2006 | ERIC MORRISON
    By ERIC MORRISON Cryptic graffiti spray-painted next to a swastika on Juneau's lone synagogue angered and confused many late last month. Police initially labeled the mark "pp4lyf" as "gang-related graffiti," but to some Internet-savvy youth the tag seems less likely to be a sign of the infiltration of organized hatemongers in Juneau than of the proliferation of an increasingly popular type of computer slang known as "leetspeak." Leetspeak, or leet, is a computer communication style in which letters are replaced with numbers and symbols to spell or abbreviate phrases and sentences. Although leet is far from new - it is...
  • Cyberspace Running Out Of Room

    05/05/2006 10:05:28 AM PDT · by ShadowAce · 60 replies · 1,217+ views
    Yahoo! News! ^ | 04 May 2006 | Laurie Sullivan
    The growing popularity of smartphones, IPTV and other gadgets connecting to the Internet is eating up real estate on the net, and soon techies can expect cyberspace to run out of room, according to a Frost & Sullivan analyst briefing Thursday. Experts say today's Internet protocol version 4 (IPv6) also limits services of multimedia content and data communication, including mobile IP, P2P and video calls. With new mobile IPv6, telecommunication providers can easily roll out custom services from movies to ring tones to television. By 2012 about 17 billion devices will connect to the Internet, estimates Research firm IDC Corp....
  • WSJ: e-Meddling - U.N.'s Working Group wants to control Internet Governance

    10/17/2005 5:21:52 AM PDT · by OESY · 2 replies · 526+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | October 17, 2005 | Editorial
    International bureaucrats and assorted countries are struggling to wrest control of "Internet governance" from that old unilateralist bogeyman, the United States. There's one big problem with this picture: Cyberspace isn't "governed" by the U.S. or anyone else, and that's the beauty of it. But if the United Nations gets its way..., the Web will end up under its control.... Internet governance, such as it is, currently falls under the purview of a California-based nonprofit called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Better known as Icann, it was created by the U.S. Commerce Department in 1998 to administer the...