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Keyword: catastrophism

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  • New Seafloor Map Reveals How Strange the Gulf of Mexico Is

    05/27/2017 6:13:31 AM PDT · by BenLurkin · 39 replies ^ | 05/26/2017 | Betsy Mason
    The floor of the Gulf of Mexico is one of the most geologically interesting stretches of the Earth’s surface. The gulf’s peculiar history gave rise to a landscape riddled with domes, pockmarks, canyons, faults, and channels — all revealed in more detail than ever before by a new 1.4 billion-pixel map. This striking view of the ocean floor off the coasts of Louisiana and Texas was created by a government agency you’ve likely never heard of called the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM). The bureau’s job is to manage exploration and development of the country’s offshore mineral and energy...
  • Earth’s magnetic pole is on the move, fast. And we don’t know why

    01/12/2019 9:17:53 AM PST · by shove_it · 66 replies
    News Corp Australia Network ^ | 12 Jan 2019 | Jamie Seidel
    Earth’s magnetic field is what allows us to exist. It deflects harmful radiation. It keeps our water and atmosphere in place. But now it’s acting up — and nobody knows why. Planet Earth is alive. Deep beneath its skin, its life blood — rivers of molten iron — pulse around its core. And this mobile iron is what generates the magnetic field that causes auroras — and keeps us alive. But, according to the science journal Nature, something strange is going on deep down below. It’s causing the magnetic North Pole to ‘skitter’ away from Canada, towards Siberia. “The magnetic...
  • Flat Earther & Sovereign Citizen Meets Veteran Cop

    01/12/2019 8:10:17 PM PST · by NRx · 11 replies
    YouTube ^ | 12-13-2018 | Inside The Badge Channel
    If stupidity were a virtue this guy would become the first man to be declared a saint while still alive.
  • Shifting North Magnetic Pole Forces Unprecedented Navigation Fix

    01/11/2019 9:23:46 PM PST · by artichokegrower · 99 replies
    gCaptain ^ | January 11, 2019 | Alister Doyle
    Rapid shifts in the Earth’s north magnetic pole are forcing researchers to make an unprecedented early update to a model that helps navigation by ships, planes and submarines in the Arctic, scientists said.
  • Earth’s magnetic field is acting up and geologists don’t know why

    01/10/2019 7:52:13 PM PST · by BenLurkin · 126 replies
    Nature ^ | 09 January 2019 | Alexandra Witze
    The magnetic pole is moving so quickly that it has forced the world’s geomagnetism experts into a rare move. On 15 January, they are set to update the World Magnetic Model, which describes the planet’s magnetic field and underlies all modern navigation, from the systems that steer ships at sea to Google Maps on smartphones. The most recent version of the model came out in 2015 and was supposed to last until 2020 — but the magnetic field is changing so rapidly that researchers have to fix the model now. The problem lies partly with the moving pole and partly...
  • Why our galaxy probably isn't full of alien civilizations killed off by climate change

    01/10/2019 1:17:02 PM PST · by Oldeconomybuyer · 33 replies
    NBC "News" ^ | January 9, 2019 | By Seth Shostak (D-NBC)
    If extraterrestrials are out there, odds are they're too clever to have been blindsided by global warming run amok. Could it be that climate change is a universal menace? A recent article in Forbes addresses the idea that the galaxy might be strewn with extinct alien civilizations, burned to a crisp by ferocious planetary warming. The idea is certainly intriguing, and has obvious relevance as a cautionary tale for us. But could it be true? The article doesn’t say these hypothetical societies died out thanks to an alien fondness for SUVs. Instead, the aliens are hypothesized to be the victims...
  • Bevy of Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts Spotted by Canadian Telescope

    01/09/2019 7:23:30 PM PST · by BenLurkin · 14 replies
    scientificamerican ^ | January 8, 2019 | Alexandra Witze, Nature magazine
    First spotted in 2007, FRBs are one of the most intriguing mysteries in astrophysics. They appear all over the sky, and astronomers aren’t sure what causes them. n early testing during July and August, before it began full operations, CHIME spotted 13 FRBs. Prior to this, astronomers had between 50 and 60 examples. The more FRBs that astronomers find, the greater the chance they can start to pin down their origin. CHIME also detected only the second known FRB that repeats, meaning that the radio flashes re-appear at the same point in the sky. It saw the repeater pop up...
  • Fireball spotted in sky above New York

    01/09/2019 7:30:03 PM PST · by BenLurkin · 45 replies
    N Y Post ^ | January 9, 2019 | 4:08pm | y Tamar Lapin
    More than 190 people reported seeing the gleaming rock between 6:35 a.m. and 6:45 a.m., in seven states on the East Coast, according to the American Meteor Society, a not-for-profit that tracks meteor sightings. Video posted on Twitter shows what appears to be the fireball dipping down in the clear blue sky over West New York in Hudson County, N.J. One person reported seeing the astronomical event in Flushing, Queens, at 6:35 a.m., and two minutes later, another lucky onlooker spotted the fireball from Pelham Parkway in the Bronx, AMS said. Thousands of fireballs and meteors occur in the earth’s...
  • How climate change caused the world's first empire to collapse

    01/07/2019 10:15:43 PM PST · by SunkenCiv · 35 replies
    Phys dot org (relying on non-science source for science article) ^ | January 3, 2019 | Vasile Ersek, The Conversation
    Gol-e-Zard Cave lies in the shadow of Mount Damavand, which at more than 5,000 metres dominates the landscape of northern Iran. In this cave, stalagmites and stalactites are growing slowly over millennia and preserve in them clues about past climate events. Changes in stalagmite chemistry from this cave have now linked the collapse of the Akkadian Empire to climate changes more than 4,000 years ago... It appears that the empire became increasingly dependent on the productivity of the northern lands and used the grains sourced from this region to feed the army and redistribute the food supplies to key supporters....
  • Preliminary evidence for a 1000-year-old tsunami in the South China Sea

    01/05/2019 2:47:53 AM PST · by SunkenCiv · 14 replies
    Nature ^ | April 2013 | Liguang Sun et al
    Here we report preliminary evidence from Xisha Islands in the South China Sea for a large tsunami around AD 1024. Sand layers in lake sediment cores and their geochemical characteristics indicate a sudden deposition event around AD 1024, temporally consistent with a written record of a disastrous event characterized by high waves in AD 1076. Heavy coral and shell fossils, which are older than AD 1024, deposited more than 200 meters into the island, further support the occurrence of a high-energy event such as a tsunami or an unusually large storm. Our results underscore the importance of acknowledging and understanding the...
  • Earth Is Drifting Away From The Sun, And So Are All The Planets

    01/04/2019 12:07:50 PM PST · by LibWhacker · 124 replies
    Forbes ^ | 1/3/19 | Ethan Siegel
    On January 3rd, 2019, Earth reached the point in its orbit where it's at its closest approach to the Sun: perihelion. Every object orbiting a single mass (like our Sun) makes an ellipse, containing a point of closest approach that's unique to that particular orbit, known as periapsis. For the past 4.5 billion years, Earth has orbited the Sun in an ellipse, just like all the other planets orbiting their stars in all the other mature solar systems throughout the galaxy and Universe. But there's something you may not expect or appreciate that nevertheless occurs: Earth's orbital path doesn't remain...
  • Earth is missing a huge part of its crust. Now we may know why. (Thieves?)

    01/01/2019 7:48:02 AM PST · by rktman · 84 replies ^ | 12/31/2018 | Robin George Andrews
    The Grand Canyon is a gigantic geological library, with rocky layers that tell much of the story of Earth’s history. Curiously though, a sizeable layer representing anywhere from 250 million years to 1.2 billion years is missing. Known as the Great Unconformity, this massive temporal gap can be found not just in this famous crevasse, but in places all over the world. In one layer, you have the Cambrian period, which started roughly 540 million years ago and left behind sedimentary rocks packed with the fossils of complex, multicellular life. Directly below, you have fossil-free crystalline basement rock, which formed...
  • Scientists...drill into mysterious Antarctic lake... under 3,500 feet of find if life...

    12/31/2018 10:52:11 PM PST · by BenLurkin · 21 replies
    Daily Mail UK ^ | 31 December 2018 | Mark Prigg
    Mercer Subglacial Lake is a hydraulically active lake that lies more 1000m beneath the Whillans Ice Plain, a fast moving section of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. The pool of water, known as Subglacial Lake Mercer, measures nearly 62 square miles, was discovered more than a decade ago through satellite images but has never been explored. It is one of 400 lakes beneath the Antarctic ice - and experts say any life there could raise hopes of finding similar organisms deep inside Mars or on the ice-covered moons of Jupiter and Saturn. The Subglacial Antarctic Lakes Scientific Access (SALSA) team...
  • The Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project

    12/30/2018 2:55:15 AM PST · by SunkenCiv · 10 replies
    Seabed 2030 Project ^ | October 2018 | unattributed
  • A Diamond the Size of Earth - is this Jupiter's core?

    12/28/2018 10:47:49 AM PST · by Red Badger · 57 replies ^ | 12/28/2018 - Undated | Staff
    In his book "2061 - Odyssey Three" (the third of his Space Odyssey series), Arthur C. Clarke put forward the intriguing proposal that the core of the planet Jupiter was, in fact, a diamond the size of Earth. Now Clarke, even though a science fiction author of some repute, had a science background and always tried to bring rigorous scientific accuracy to his stories. So, could his proposition be possible? The somewhat predictable answer is - we don't know. But we can analyse the possibility within known scientific parametres, to see if it is, at least, possible. For diamond to...
  • New BBC TV series “Troy: A Fall of a City” shows Achilles as African

    12/28/2018 1:57:14 AM PST · by SunkenCiv · 73 replies ^ | January 1, 2018 | Source:
    The absurd, ahistorical Black Athena theory, which had posited that ancient Greeks were of African descent has been thoroughly debunked on numerous occasions in the past, notes in the following report: But it seems the proponents of this baseless view are attempting to peddle the same nonsense once more. This time via the entertainment route. Achilles, the ancient Greek hero of the Trojan War is one of the chief characters in the plot portrayed by a black actor in a joint BBC and Netflix multimillion-dollar mini-series expected to air in 2018. The series, called “Troy: The Fall of a...
  • Rare Super Blood Wolf Moon To Coincide With Total Lunar Eclipse This January

    12/27/2018 8:52:56 PM PST · by Eddie01 · 38 replies
    tech times ^ | Dec. 27, 2018 | Jester Valdez
    Sky watchers will welcome the New Year with an exciting phenomenon: a rare Super Blood Wolf Moon that will coincide with a total lunar eclipse. Another total lunar eclipse is happening almost a year after 2018 Super Blue Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, only that it will not be a "blue" one this time around. The total lunar eclipse will be witnessed on the evening of Jan. 20 to 21 wherein the rare Super Blood Wolf Moon is going to pass through the northern half of Earth's shadow, according to meteorologist Scott Sutherland who revealed the news through The Weather Network....
  • Mount Etna eruption causes airspace closure

    12/25/2018 7:35:36 AM PST · by ETL · 17 replies ^ | Dec 24, 2018
    The Mount Etna volcano erupted on Monday, spewing ash as several minor earthquakes hit the region, and prompting a partial closure of the Sicilian airspace around the mountain. Italy's national institute for geophysics and vulcanology (INGV) counted more than 130 seismic shocks in the zone, with the strongest reaching a magnitude of 4.0."The eruption occurred on the side of Etna," Boris Behncke, a vulcanologist at INGV, told AFP. "It's the first lateral eruption in more than 10 years, but it doesn't seem to be dangerous."Due to bad visibility because of the ash authorities restricted local airspace, allowing only four landings...
  • Scientists discover huge mega tsunami 73,000 years ago. Could it happen again?

    10/04/2015 7:00:40 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 38 replies
    CS Monitor ^ | 10/04/2015 | By Story Hinckley
    Waves the size of the Chrysler building may seem like they belong in a movie trailer, but scientists have recently found that megatsunamis are all too real. Scientists say that 73,000 years ago, a large flank (or slope) from the volcanic island Fogo in the Cape Verde islands off the coast of Africa fell into the ocean and triggered a tsunami that could – quite literally – move mountains. “You’re displacing a huge mass, which must generate movement of water,” Ricardo Ramalho, the lead researcher behind the study, told The Washington Post. “And in the case of volcanic flank collapses...
  • An 1888 Volcanic Collapse Becomes a Benchmark for Tsunami Models

    10/18/2017 9:44:56 AM PDT · by JimSEA · 16 replies
    EOS ^ | 10/10/17 | Aaron Micallef, et al
    When volcanic mountains slide into the sea, they trigger tsunamis. How big are these waves, and how far away can they do damage? Ritter Island provides some answers. Early one March morning in 1888, a 4-cubic-kilometer chunk of the Ritter Island volcano collapsed into the Bismarck Sea northeast of New Guinea. This volume of land was about twice that of the Mount St. Helens landslide in 1980, and it is the largest historically recorded tsunami-causing volcanic sector collapse. The ensuing landslide triggered a tsunami tens of meters high. The waves were still 8 meters high when they reached parts of...