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  • Liberal Communist Left Destroying Hillary In Order To Go Full Socialist for 2020.

    10/16/2017 8:31:24 PM PDT · 14 of 65
    The Pack Knight to Djl3668

    Without a doubt. The old liberal establishment of the Democrat party has been discredited. The “social justice,” “progressive” Marxist Left, who explicitly hate liberals and for whom even Obama was too moderate, is in the ascendency. They believe that, after four years of Trump, Republicans will be so unpopular that they will have their big chance to put a full-blown leftist like them in the White House with a Congressional majority. I hope they are wrong, but I have my concerns.

    We had better be ready. And it starts today—it is absolutely imperative that we hold onto the state legislatures and governorships to start. That is where we have made the most progress and is our first line of defense, both in terms of policy and Congressional apportionment,

  • Death threats follow local vegan’s Facebook post about Vegas shootings

    10/08/2017 8:04:09 AM PDT · 6 of 29
    The Pack Knight to NohSpinZone

    Note that the article doesn’t quote any of these alleged “death threats.”

  • Death threats follow local vegan’s Facebook post about Vegas shootings

    10/08/2017 8:00:42 AM PDT · 4 of 29
    The Pack Knight to NohSpinZone

    Oh yes, she is the real victim here, apparently.

  • Did The Vegas Shooter Use A Fully Automatic Weapon?

    10/03/2017 12:26:40 PM PDT · 254 of 259
    The Pack Knight to Hot Tabasco

    Not only that, but strict gun control certainly hasn’t stopped mass casualty attacks in places like Britain and France. For someone with those intentions, building an improvised bomb or renting a truck is much easier, cheaper, and more difficult to detect than buying a machine gun. That would be true even without our current laws on automatic weapons.

    This is what is so silly about Brokaw calling our side “emotional,” when his arguments are based on nothing but emotion and his distaste for “adapted military weapons” (whatever those are). They argue for gun control measures like an “assault weapons” ban or “universal” background checks without a shred of proof that those measures would save a single life.

  • President Trump: ‘We’ll Be Talking About Gun Laws’

    10/03/2017 8:12:43 AM PDT · 27 of 115
    The Pack Knight to davikkm

    That’s a bright red line for me. I had serious misgivings about Trump, but I voted for him largely in order to keep Hillary out of the White House to protect our right to keep and bear arms.

    If he sells us out on this issue, forget about it.

  • Did The Vegas Shooter Use A Fully Automatic Weapon?

    10/02/2017 12:36:29 PM PDT · 226 of 259
    The Pack Knight to Reno89519

    It’s actually a bit higher than I thought. The 175,000 “transferable” machine guns—the only ones that can really be owned by the general public—are what are left over from the finite supply of such weapons that were existing and registered (”lawfully possessed”) in May 1986. That’s why they are so expensive to buy.

    The bottom line is, yes, it is legal for John Q. Public to buy and own a fully-automatic firearm, so long as he finds one of the few still around, jumps through the normal NFA hoops and pays the tax, and so long as he is willing to pay five figures for a gun with 30-year-old-plus parts and no warranty.

    I won’t get into the whole issue with post-ban “samples,” which make up most of the remainder of the 490,000—you can find a lot written online about how an FFL can obtain one of those for personal use, but I think anyone who does so is taking a big risk.

  • Did The Vegas Shooter Use A Fully Automatic Weapon?

    10/02/2017 9:57:27 AM PDT · 150 of 259
    The Pack Knight to backwoods-engineer; Reno89519

    Per a 2016 ATF FOIA response, there are just under 500,000 registered privately-owned full-autos in the US. Only 175,000 are transferrable pre-86 (or pre-68 import).

    So we’re talking about a fraction of a percent of privately owned guns.

  • BREAKING: McConnell proposes straight REPEAL of Obamacare, 2 year delay to replace.

    07/20/2017 7:38:29 AM PDT · 315 of 318
    The Pack Knight to springwater13

    They should have done this in the first place. There is no reason to replace Obamacare with anything, because medical insurance and medical care are none of the federal government’s business.

    Republicans need to quit trying to do big government better than the Democrats. We are supposed to be the party of less government.

  • A Better Way to Healthcare Reform (Entire Letter in the Link)

    07/20/2017 7:25:48 AM PDT · 9 of 10
    The Pack Knight to Kaslin

    I’ve got one:

    1. Repeal Obamacare in its entirety.
    2. Amend ERISA and the tax code to put employer-provided insurance/self-funded plans on the same footing as private insurance.
    3. Leave the rest to the states where it belongs.

    I still don’t see why Obamacare has to be “replaced” with anything. The federal government has no business being involved in insurance.

    More has to be done, but in the context of tax reform and entitlements reform, not in the context of “ensuring access to ‘healthcare’”.

  • Let's Buy The Whalers And Bring Them Back Home

    05/08/2017 11:51:53 AM PDT · 48 of 48
    The Pack Knight to Alberta's Child

    Unfortunately, Houston lost the Aeros a few years ago. Attendance was pretty good for an AHL team, but the Rockets, who hold the master lease at the Toyota Center, wanted a massive rent increase over the already ridiculous rent, and there weren’t any other suitable venues in Houston, so the Wild (who owned the Aeros) had to move the team.

    Houston is a huge market, of course, and might be able to support an NHL franchise despite the fact that hockey isn’t really that popular down here. The problem is the Rockets—they control the only NHL-level venue in Houston, and they have the right to exclude any hockey team they don’t own from the arena. To date, they have shown no interest in either owning an NHL franchise or allowing one to use the Toyota Center.

    I used to go to Hurricanes games all the time when I lived in Raleigh (and worked for them back in college), and I used to go to Aeros games here in Houston until they left. Now there is no hockey in Houston, and as this article highlights, there may be no hockey in Raleigh soon.

  • Republican Obamacare replacement bill passes House

    05/04/2017 6:21:37 PM PDT · 52 of 80
    The Pack Knight to Kazan

    This is an utter abandonment of conservative principles. The federal government has no business being involved in medical care.

    Seven years ago, when Obamacare was rammed through on party lines, I never would have guessed we would see a Republican Congress passing a bill promoted by a Republican President that enshrines Obamacare’s key principles.

    This is just another stop on the way to full-blown socialized medicine, courtesy of the Republican Party, with Donald Trump leading the way.


  • North Korea Says US Bomber Flights Pushing Peninsula To Brink Of Nuclear War

    05/02/2017 10:20:55 AM PDT · 26 of 57
    The Pack Knight to NorthMountain

    As P.J. O’Rourke said, “We knew how things stood when the town drunk and the town bully strongly suggested that we shouldn’t get a new home security system.”

  • If you ever wondered if the ACLU was a strictly far left wing organization

    03/13/2017 11:50:03 AM PDT · 11 of 12
    The Pack Knight to Starman417

    They also claim that Obamacare is “the most significant civil liberties and civil rights legislation of this century.”

    I happen to agree, inasmuch as no legislation this century restrains civil liberties and civil rights more than Obamacare.

    What they don’t explain is why the American “Civil Liberties” Union promotes the most massive instance of government interference in private affairs since World War II.

  • 2016 Election LIVE Thread

    11/08/2016 8:35:15 PM PST · 6,149 of 10,532
    The Pack Knight to KC_Lion

    MSNBC is the best right now. Chrissy looks like he’s having a hemorrhoid flairup.

  • How exactly would a brokered convention work? (Video Ben Guinsberg on Brokered convention)

    03/02/2016 11:43:45 AM PST · 43 of 53
    The Pack Knight to Whenifhow

    I didn’t really hear anything that would result in stealing delegates. They were talking about delegates from 37 states who are bound to vote for a particular candidate on the first ballot, but who are chosen by the state party rather than the candidate’s campaign. He said that they are bound to vote for a particular candidate for president, but are not bound to vote in any particular way on procedural issues or on the vice presidential nominee.

    None of this could result in Trump losing bound delegate votes. The vast majority of delegates are bound by state party rules (and, in some cases I believe, by state law) to vote for a particular candidate on at least the first ballot. So, if Trump has a majority of the bound delegates going into the convention, nothing Ginsburg is talking about is going to prevent him from being the nominee. It might prevent him from having his choice as running mate or in influencing the party platform, but he would still be the nominee.

    The only way any of this would affect Trump’s (or any other “frontrunner’s”) nomination is if he has less than a majority of the delegates. If more than a couple ballots go by without a majority winner, then all of the bound delegates, including Trump’s delegates, would no longer be bound and would be free to vote for whoever they chose. What Ginsburg was talking about is that while these delegates may be bound to vote for Trump on the first ballot, they are not necessarily Trump supporters themselves, and may vote for someone other than Trump if and when they become free to do so.

    My point is that if he has less than a majority of the delegates, then his losing the nomination isn’t “theft” because (1) this is not a plurality nomination, and (2) there is no obligation to nominate the “frontrunner” if he doesn’t have a majority of the delegates.

  • How exactly would a brokered convention work? (Video Ben Guinsberg on Brokered convention)

    03/02/2016 8:27:31 AM PST · 16 of 53
    The Pack Knight to Whenifhow

    Who would be disenfranchised? A nominee is chosen by a majority of delegates at the convention, not a plurality. If Trump can’t win a majority of the delegate votes at the convention, then what would give him the right to be the nominee?

    This is no different than saying that voters were “disenfranchised” in 2000 when Gore lost the election after “winning” a plurality of the popular vote.

  • Here's What You Need to Know About The Ridiculous Indictment of The Planned Parenthood

    01/27/2016 8:03:40 AM PST · 44 of 44
    The Pack Knight to WENDLE

    What prosecutor in Mississippi went to prison for instituting a prosecution?

    I’m talking about prosecutorial immunity, not official immunity. Two different things. Prosecutorial immunity is absolute. Official immunity is qualified.

  • Here's What You Need to Know About The Ridiculous Indictment of The Planned Parenthood

    01/27/2016 7:55:42 AM PST · 43 of 44
    The Pack Knight to Svartalfiar

    I’d say Harris County is considerably more conservative than Travis County. For example, Obama won Travis County by nearly 24% in 2012, while he only won Harris County by .08%—less than thousand vote margin in a county where over a million votes were cast. 2008 was similar—nearly a 30% margin for Obama in Travis, but only a 2% margin for Obama in Harris. Before 2008, Harris County hadn’t gone Democrat in a presidential election since 1964, while Travis County only went Republican twice during that time: Reagan in ‘84 and Bush in 2000.

    You’re right about Houston. About half of Harris County’s population is in Houston proper. Houston proper is very liberal (with the exception of the wealthy and conservative River Oaks-Memorial corridor) while Harris County outside of Houston is very conservative.

    Basically, Republicans in the suburbs tend to more than balance out Democrats in the city. That’s why the mayor of Houston is almost always a Democrat, while county-wide elections are normally won by Republicans. It has been trending Democrat, though. Democrats have been winning county-wide elections in the two Obama presidential election years, while Republicans continue to win county-wide elections in mid-term years. We’ll see if that continues without Obama on the ticket.

  • Here's What You Need to Know About The Ridiculous Indictment of The Planned Parenthood

    01/26/2016 4:55:31 PM PST · 36 of 44
    The Pack Knight to WENDLE

    Intent is irrelevant to absolute immunity. That is what distinguishes qualified immunity (such as what a cop enjoys) from from absolute immunity (such as what a prosecutor, grand juror, or judge enjoys). Qualified immunity is subject to exceptions for bad faith or malice. Absolute immunity is not.

    The law grants prosecutors absolute immunity from civil liability for instituting a prosecution, presenting their case to a grand jury or court, or anything else “intimately associated with the judicial phase of the criminal process.”

    Presenting a bill of indictment to a grand jury is plainly within the scope of a prosecutor’s absolute immunity. Thus, if all the prosecutor is being sued for is instituting a prosecution, which is all that it appears the prosecutor did here, then it makes no difference whether why she did so, even if it was with the specific, malicious intent to violate civil rights.

    You may disagree with this doctrine (and many people do), but it is the law in Texas and in most other states, and it has been held by the US Supreme Court to be the law applicable in 1983 suits since Imbler v. Pachtman in 1976.

  • Here's What You Need to Know About The Ridiculous Indictment of The Planned Parenthood

    01/26/2016 1:31:41 PM PST · 34 of 44
    The Pack Knight to WENDLE

    There will not be a civil suit. It is well-established that prosecutors and grand jurors both enjoy absolute immunity from 1983 suits.