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  • US Border Patrol Open Fire at Group Hurling Rocks from Mexico

    03/03/2006 6:43:55 PM PST · by Mulder · 81 replies · 1,849+ views
    WOAI San Antonio ^ | March 3, 2006 | AP
    EL PASO, Texas (AP) - A U.S. Border Patrol agent in El Paso shot at a group of people hurling rocks at him from across the Rio Grande on Thursday. No one was injured. Robert Boatright, assistant chief patrol agent for the Border Patrol in El Paso, said the group of suspected illegal immigrants threw the rocks after running back across the river from the United States when they spotted the agent. They threw the rocks from about 25 yards away. The agent, who Boatright did not identify, fired at least once. Ciudad Juarez police officers went to the area...
  • NRA Statement on New Orleans Gun Confiscations

    09/12/2005 5:13:54 PM PDT · by Mulder · 105 replies · 3,013+ views
    NRA ^ | September 12, 2005 | NRA
    National Rifle Association leader Wayne LaPierre slammed New Orleans authorities Monday for seizing legal firearms from lawful residents. "What we’ve seen in Louisiana - the breakdown of law and order in the aftermath of disaster - is exactly the kind of situation where the Second Amendment was intended to allow citizens to protect themselves, " LaPierre said. "When law enforcement isn’t available, Americans turn to the one right that protects all the others - the right to keep and bear arms," LaPierre said. "This attempt to repeal the Second Amendment should be condemned." The New York Times reported last Thursday...
  • FAL Rifle Advice Wanted

    06/23/2005 7:40:45 PM PDT · by Mulder · 33 replies · 1,005+ views
    n/a ^ | June 23, 2005 | self
    I'm seriously considering purchasing a DSA FAL rifle in 308, but really don't know much about them, so I thought I'd post a thread to learn some more. I want this rifle to accurately reach out to 500-600 yards, but not be too large to preclude it from CQB usage. My main questions are as follows: What type receiver should I get? Type I, II, or III? What is the best method of mounting an optic to this rifle, such as an Aimpoint or Leupuld 3-9X? Are the rail interface handguards worth the $250 price that DSA sells them for?...
  • OK Governor Signs Backed Bill Prohibiting Employers from Banning Locked Firearms in Parking Lots

    06/09/2005 7:10:04 PM PDT · by Mulder · 31 replies · 806+ views
    National Rifle Association ^ | June 9, 2005 | NRA
    Fairfax, VA—Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry (D) signed into law today a National Rifle Association (NRA)-backed bill to prohibit employers from banning locked firearms in company parking lots. The law comes as an improvement of a similar bill passed last year, and is originally the result of last year’s firings of Weyerhauser employees for storing personal firearms in their cars on company property. The new law provides employer liability protection against third party criminal acts, while allowing individual employees to sue their employer for non-compliance. In the event that an employee sues and wins the right to store a locked firearm...
  • Alaska Senate considers pro-RKBA bill

    05/03/2005 6:09:30 PM PDT · by Mulder · 36 replies · 486+ views
    Anchorage Daily News ^ | May 3, 2005 | LARRY PERSILY
    JUNEAU -- A Senate committee is thinking of adding one more provision to an anti-gun-control bill. The proposed amendment would guarantee in state law that Alaskans have a right to carry and store weapons in their vehicle, even if there is a municipal law against it or their employer prohibits it.
  • An Open Letter From Ronnie Barrett (Barrett 50 caliber)

    04/23/2005 7:53:08 AM PDT · by Mulder · 56 replies · 5,250+ views ^ | April 21, 2005 | Ronnie Barrett
    Dear Fellow Citizens In the never-ending battle to destroy our constitution, more "big lie" propaganda is being dumped on our elected officials. The rhetoric given forth by the Violence Policy Center (VPC) so easily deceived the legislators of California, resulting in the banning of fifty caliber rifles because they are powerful and their bullets punch holes when they strike. Even single shot .50 cal rifles were banned. It's hard to believe we live in such a dark time that someone has actually banned a single shot rifle. But as you will see, this is the cleverest of all gun bans,...
  • Virginia Tech's campus gun ban merits an 'S' - for sensible

    04/19/2005 6:11:32 PM PDT · by Mulder · 14 replies · 622+ views
    The Roanoke Times ^ | April 19, 2005 | The Roanoke Times
    The long list of bad ideas whose time should never come grew by one last week, courtesy of the Virginia Citizens Defense League. Members indicated they would turn to the General Assembly or courts to force colleges and universities to drop campus gun restrictions that exceed state law. The reason? At Virginia Tech, the Second Amendment purists learned, a student with a concealed-carry permit faces disciplinary action for taking a gun to class. Tech bans all firearms, regardless of permits, except for those carried by police. The Defense League might be on solid legal ground regarding a university's power to...
  • Indiana Family seeks change in self-defense law

    04/08/2005 11:15:53 PM PDT · by Mulder · 32 replies · 940+ views
    Indiana Daily Journal ^ | April 8, 2005 | MICHAEL W. HOSKINS
    The family of a White River Township man shot and killed a year ago by a neighbor is trying to change Indiana’s self-defense law, which shielded the shooter from criminal prosecution. Civilians should have to follow rules similar to what police must obey in a shooting and should have to attend classes before getting a permit to own a weapon, the family says. Family members are working with State Rep. David Frizzell, who represents part of White River Township, to make the changes. “As citizens, we do have the right to defend ourselves,” said Terry Doty, uncle of the man...
  • U.S. still can't solve Azteca in qualifying loss

    03/27/2005 8:14:31 PM PST · by Mulder · 45 replies · 1,158+ views
    MSN Fox Sports ^ | March 27, 2005 | Will Weissert
    MEXICO CITY (AP) "We were always taking the initiative," said Lavolpe, who received a congratulatory call from President Vicente Fox. "For 90 minutes there was only one team on the field." The crowd booed the U.S. national anthem and a spattering of fans chanted "Osama! Osama!" before play started, and shortly after Lewis' goal.
  • DEA Agent Suspended After Shooting Video Surfaces

    03/19/2005 7:09:30 AM PST · by Mulder · 131 replies · 8,787+ views
    Orlando Local 6 News ^ | March 19, 2005 | Orlando Local 6 News
    ORLANDO, Fla. -- An agent with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency was been suspended after video surfaced showing the man shooting himself during a gun safety class in front of a group of Orlando fourth-graders, according to Local 6 News. An investigation has been launched to determine who leaked the home video of the undercover DEA agent shooting himself at an event sponsored by the Orlando Minority Youth Golf Association. Before the shooting, the agent was videotaped talking about how certain weapons are popular with rap artists. "This is a Glock 40," the agent said on the tape. "Fifty Cent,...
  • Florida SB-436 Use of Force/Castle Doctrine Hearing Scheduled for Wednesday, Jan 26

    01/24/2005 7:04:47 PM PST · by Mulder · 35 replies · 1,600+ views
    email ^ | January 20, 2004 | Marion Hammer via email
    DATE: January 20, 2005 TO: USF & NRA Members and Friends FROM: Marion P. Hammer NRA Past President Executive Director Unified Sportsmen of Florida SUBJECT: SB-436 Use of Force/Castle Doctrine Hearing Scheduled The Senate Criminal Justice Committee will hold a hearing on SB-436 by Senator Peaden and others on Wednesday, January 26, 2005 from 2:00PM - 4:00PM. Please immediately send email to members of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee and URGE THEM TO SUPPORT SB-436 by Sen. Peaden. IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR EMAIL PUT: SUPPORT SB-436 - Use of Force/Restoring the Castle Doctrine (Below is a list of...
  • Sandy Froman to be new NRA President

    01/02/2005 2:05:43 PM PST · by Mulder · 19 replies · 1,193+ views ^ | January 2, 2005 | Chip Scutari
    Can't post from the Arizona Republic, so here is the link:
  • National Parks & Guns: VCDL Needs Gun Groups to Sign Petition!

    12/23/2004 6:22:29 PM PST · by Mulder · 12 replies · 426+ views ^ | 12/21/2004 | Phil Van Cleave
    Do you want to carry in National Parks in your state (assume no state law against it)? Please read on! VCDL has finally got a Petition for Rule Making (PRM) ready to present to the Department of the Interior. Unlike writing letters to the Department of the Interior or signing regular petitions, all of which the DOI can ignore, the PRM will force the DOI to consider allowing permit holders to carry in National Parks. They will have to hold a public comment period. I will advise when that happens, as then we will need lots of comments sent to...
  • Be Good, Chillun: Gitmo Gonna Getcha

    11/21/2004 6:24:42 PM PST · by Mulder · 7 replies · 221+ views
    Fred on Everything ^ | November 20, 2004 | Fred Reed
    I tell you, coming back yearly to the United States is stranger than dwarf-tossing, maybe up there with licking toads. It’s like watching something dead that you once cared for decompose in time-lapse photography. The country is in lockdown. I live in Guadalajara a couple of blocks from the US consulate, a fortress. Big concrete stop’em-bombs circle it, disguised as planters. Iron bars spaced a couple of inches apart rise all around. I’d take a picture to show you but I would end up in Guantanamo. The Mexicans say the bars are to keep the gringos in. Really they are...
  • Battle Rifle Advice Wanted

    11/09/2004 7:59:30 PM PST · by Mulder · 184 replies · 5,945+ views
    self ^ | Tuesday, November 9 | self
    I'm looking to purchase a battle rifle next year in .308, and can't decide what I want to get. I love the AR-15 rifles in 5.56mm, but have heard some bad things about reliability of the AR-10s. Also, the recoil is apparently more from this rifle than the other 308 semi-autos. But the AR-10 does have the advantage of having the same manual of arms as an AR-15. Another consideration is the Springfield M1A Scout. The M1A was ranked #1 by Boston T. Party in his "Gun Bible", and has a lot going for it. Finally, there is the FN-FAL....
  • Gun-Toting Protesters Shake Up Falls Church

    10/02/2004 12:07:06 PM PDT · by Mulder · 120 replies · 2,435+ views
    Washington Post ^ | October 2, 2004 | David Cho
    It seemed simple enough. Falls Church officials recently drafted a policy that would require city workers to call 911 immediately if anyone stepped onto city property carrying a gun. Police who responded would check to see if the gun was properly licensed and report their findings to city officials. ............snip.................. About 30 people, pistols strapped to their hips, strode into the council's meeting this week protesting the policy and warning that it violates their constitutional right to bear arms -- and possibly state laws, as well.
  • Campaign mounted to recognize CCW In Federal Parks

    08/21/2004 10:36:08 AM PDT · by Mulder · 124 replies · 2,137+ views ^ | August 21, 2004 | various
    This was posted over on Also, Phil VanCleave, head of VCDL, has a thread posted over on There is currently a country wide campaign started this week to get the secretary of the Interior, (who packs herself) to change the policy and let CCW holders in U.S. Parks. Perhaps some of you have read this at already. We should continue to contact the Secretary of the Interior, who could make the change without Congress' approval: Ms. Gale Norton Secretary of the Interior U.S. Department of the Interior Dept. HG, 1849 C Street, NW Washington, DC 20240 Phone:...
  • Entering a new world and loving it (article on women and guns)

    08/08/2004 5:47:01 PM PDT · by Mulder · 20 replies · 1,061+ views
    Utah Daily Herald ^ | August 8, 2004 | Caleb Warnock
    When 18-year-old Skye Hansen of Murray arrived at the Heber Valley Gun Club Saturday morning, she had never been trap shooting before. By late afternoon she was begging her mom to buy her a shotgun for her birthday -- and making plans to take up duck hunting. Trap is a game in which a small disk, or clay pigeon, is launched away from a shotgun shooter. It demands good vision and reflexes, and breaking a "bird" delivers instant gratification. "I love guns," Hansen said. "It's something that you can control, but it is so powerful it can blow things up....
  • Two Pepper Sprayed Over Phone Call At Florida Movie

    07/28/2004 4:43:05 AM PDT · by Mulder · 57 replies · 1,524+ views
    AP ^ | July 27, 2004 | AP
    ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- A college student who took a cell phone call from her mother in a movie theater was pepper sprayed by an officer and charged with disorderly conduct, along with her boyfriend. Warronnica Harris, 23, was at the Muvico theater at BayWalk Saturday night, watching the opening credits to Catwoman when her cell phone rang. "It was my mom calling me," Harris said. "It was a family emergency." Harris said she spoke so quietly that her mother couldn't hear her. Then Officer John Douglas shone a flashlight in her eyes. He asked Harris and her boyfriend, Terrell...
  • Guns without controls

    07/24/2004 7:01:58 AM PDT · by Mulder · 78 replies · 1,580+ views
    Virginia Times Community ^ | July 20, 2004 | Del. Kenneth R. “Ken” Plum (D-36th)
    As horrifying as it is to contemplate, the next gunfight may not be at the O-K Corral; it might be in our own community. Shock and dismay are the emotions most often expressed at recent events either seen or read about in Reston of people walking our streets and dining in our restaurants with pistols on their hips. And it is perfectly legal. In many of my columns I have talked about a rightward tilt of the Virginia General Assembly. In no area is that tilt to ultra-conservatism more evident than with gun control. The minimal laws that existed in...
  • Shooter of Bystander Won't Be Charged (Florida)

    07/23/2004 7:07:35 PM PDT · by Mulder · 118 replies · 1,551+ views
    Lakeland Ledger ^ | July 23, 2004 | John Chambliss
    BARTOW -- Bradley Beck, the wounded robbery victim who shot an innocent bystander as he fired 17 shots at a suspected robber, won't face any criminal charges, a grand jury in Bartow decided Thursday. Alearria Denmark, a 47-yearold special education teacher suffered two gunshot wounds when she drove up on the shooting scene. She testified before the grand jury and appeared shaken after Circuit Judge Ron Herring announced the jury's decision. Denmark declined to speak with reporters at the courthouse. Reached later at her home in Lakeland she said the grand jury's decision was wrong and that State Attorney Jerry...
  • Gun control issue to make appearance at DNC Convention

    07/22/2004 8:36:57 PM PDT · by Mulder · 24 replies · 666+ views
    Newsday ^ | July 22, 2004 | J. Jioni Palmer
    With the ban on assault weapons set to expire in September, 10 years after it was enacted by Congress, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-Mineola) will again try to bring the gun control issue to the forefront during a speech at the Democratic National Convention in Boston next week McCarthy, who became a national advocate for tougher firearms laws after her husband was killed and son injured by a gunman on the Long Island Rail Road in 1993, said she hopes the speech stirs the American public to pressure Congress to pass another 10-year ban
  • Florida DOT Plans To Start Tracking Local Drivers

    07/22/2004 6:12:38 PM PDT · by Mulder · 63 replies · 1,191+ views
    WFTV ^ | July 21, 2004 | WFTV
    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. -- Is Big Brother watching Central Florida drivers? The Department of Transportation is planning a new way to track hundreds of thousands of drivers, and traffic. But some people say tracking their every move is going too far. We see traffic studies all the time using those little ropes that count cars and cameras that watch for accidents. But this device is different. It can actually track your specific car as you drive around town and you give them the tool to do it. You drive along minding your own business. But just who else is minding...
  • Some Virginia Businesses May Ban Armed Customers

    07/18/2004 11:04:36 AM PDT · by Mulder · 101 replies · 1,505+ views
    FAIRFAX, Va. (AP) - Carrying a weapon in public is legal in Virginia, but it's also upsetting to some. One restaurant chain owner had employees at his four northern Virginia shops post signs last week prohibiting firearms and declaring themselves a "safe zone." Kevin M. Tracy, director of operations for The Bungalow, said the restaurants banned gun-toting customers in March after a man with a firearm strapped to his hip sat down in its Franconia restaurant and ordered a drink. The man properly asserted that Virginia law allows him to openly carry his weapon. But Tracy thinks guns, with the...
  • Oklahama governor signs HB2122: Employers can't ban guns in vehicles

    07/17/2004 2:23:08 PM PDT · by Mulder · 32 replies · 942+ views
    Oklahoma Legislature ^ | July 17, 2004 | n/a
    Here is part of the bill that Governor Henry signed: "No person, property owner, tenant, employer, or business entity shall be permitted to establish any policy or rule that has the effect of prohibiting any person, except a convicted felon, from transporting and storing firearms in a locked vehicle on any property set aside for any vehicle."
  • Senate passes HR218 (cop concealed carry)

    07/07/2004 6:25:39 PM PDT · by Mulder · 39 replies · 2,084+ views
    Law Enforcement Alliance of America ^ | July 7, 2004 | Law Enforcement Alliance of America
    Washington D.C. July 7th, 2004 The Senate voted late Wednesday to pass H.R. 218 the 'National Concealed Carry for Cops' legislation that was passed by the House on June 23rd. The bill now goes to President Bush, who has indicated his strong support for the legislation. The 'National Concealed Carry for Cops' law gives qualified off duty and retired law enforcement officers the ability to carry their firearms concealed nationwide. LEAA's 12 Year Fight for 'National Concealed Carry for Cops" In 1992, the Law Enforcement Alliance of America (LEAA) and Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham came together to promote common sense....
  • Florida Woman gunned down in front of police station

    07/06/2004 8:44:15 PM PDT · by Mulder · 20 replies · 639+ views
    Ocala (Florida) Star Banner ^ | July 6, 2004 | MABEL PEREZ AND RICK CUNDIFF
    OCALA - The slaying of Central Florida Community College professor Debra Vazquez on Sunday hit close to home for students and other college staff who knew her. "I was shocked," said Marie Poulos, a student. "We were going to get together soon. I just got back from vacation and was going to show her some pictures." On Sunday 50-year-old Vazquez was gunned down by her husband, Jose Vazquez, in front of the Ocala police station. She had gone there to get help. He later committed suicide. Late Monday, police said they were still trying to piece together some of the...
  • Michigan Gov. Granholm signs bill recognizing Right of CCW holders to carry in state parks

    06/04/2004 7:55:32 AM PDT · by Mulder · 17 replies · 513+ views
    Michigan Legislature ^ | June 4, 2004 | self
    House Bill 4867 (Substitute S-2 as reported) Sponsor: Representative James Koetje House Committee: Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Senate Committee: Judiciary CONTENT The bill would amend the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act (NREPA) to provide that the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) could not prohibit a concealed pistol licensee, or someone exempt from licensure, from carrying a pistol on property under the DNR's control. Part 5 (Department of Natural Resources) of NREPA requires the DNR to "promulgate rules for the protection of the lands and property under its protect the lands and property from depredations and to preserve the...
  • Governor Sanford (South Carolina) Signs Bill Repealing One-handgun a month law

    05/24/2004 8:25:05 PM PDT · by Mulder · 13 replies · 209+ views
    South Carolina Code ^ | May 24, 2004 | self
  • Database Measured 'Terrorism Quotient'

    05/21/2004 4:47:10 AM PDT · by Mulder · 6 replies · 122+ views
    Las Vegas Sun ^ | May 21, 2004 | BRIAN BERGSTEIN
    Before helping to launch the criminal information project known as Matrix, a database contractor gave U.S. and Florida authorities the names of 120,000 people who showed a statistical likelihood of being terrorists - sparking some investigations and arrests. The "high terrorism factor" scoring system also became a key selling point for the involvement of the database company, Seisint Inc., in the Matrix project. Public records obtained by The Associated Press from several states show that Justice Department officials cited the scoring technology in appointing Seisint sole contractor on the federally funded, $12 million project. Seisint and the law enforcement officials...
  • Scrap permits, keep guns, Utah activists urge

    05/20/2004 6:31:04 PM PDT · by Mulder · 31 replies · 218+ views
    Salt Lake Tribune ^ | May 20, 2004 | Dan Harrie
    Gun-rights activists want Utah to dump its concealed-weapons licensing system and make it legal for any adult with a clean criminal record to pack heat in most public places. "Personally, I think you could do away with the whole permit process and you wouldn't change the environment," National Rifle Association spokesman Brian Judy told lawmakers Wednesday. "Law-abiding citizens, whether they have a permit or not, are going to be law-abiding citizens . . . [and] criminals are going to ignore the law," Judy said during a meeting of the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Interim Committee. A spokesman for Gun...
  • 2nd Amendment Caucus Created In The U.S. House

    04/28/2004 6:14:01 PM PDT · by Mulder · 37 replies · 455+ views
    US House ^ | April 26, 2004 | various
    Washington, DC: Today, Congressmen Marilyn Musgrave (CO-04) and Virgil Goode (VA-05) announced the creation of the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus. Comprised of 38 Members of Congress, this caucus is solely dedicated to the right of lawful individuals to own firearms as granted in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. "As lawmakers in our nation's highest legislative body, we must fight to preserve the Constitutional right for individual citizens to keep and bear arms," said Musgrave. "While many in our nation's capital seek to chip away at the right of firearm ownership and possession, the 2nd Amendment Caucus is committed...
  • Owner scoffs at idea junkyard is a threat $1 million damage caused during raid by BATFE agents

    04/23/2004 10:28:42 AM PDT · by Mulder · 17 replies · 249+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | April 18, 2004 | Jim Herron Zamora, Matthew B. Stannard, Chronicle Staff Writers
    The owner of a San Leandro warehouse complex searched by federal agents seeking rocket launchers scoffed Saturday at the notion that he has any links to terrorism or illegal military weapons. "This is ridiculous -- I'm a junkyard owner, not a terrorist,'' said Harold Chapman, 75, owner of a 25-acre former Kellogg's corn flakes plant that has been converted into warehouse space. "I'm about as much threat to national security as a tired old dog.''
  • Thugs Rob Church (Pastor preaches forgiveness after church robberies)

    04/03/2004 1:57:26 PM PST · by Mulder · 6 replies · 3+ views
    Houston Chronicle ^ | April 3, 2004 | PEGGY O'HARE
    On edge because robbers had stormed two neighboring churches in northeast Houston's Settegast community, Pastor Harry Lewis' congregation at Camp Ruby Outreach Church had just finished praying for their safety when two masked gunmen burst in. As armed intruders had done at two other churches in early March, the gunmen swept through and demanded everyone's wallets. This time, they did not wait until services were over, a brazen act that heightened the neighborhood's fear and sparked an intensive police investigation. But when police arrested two suspects Friday, Lewis counseled forgiveness this Easter season -- even though his church attendance had...
  • Women battle to carry a concealed gun

    04/03/2004 6:37:50 AM PST · by Mulder · 28 replies · 397+ views
    KSNT-TV ^ | April 2, 2004 | Sherriene Jones
    A bill that would let Kansans carry a concealed fire arm is on its way to Governor Kathleen Sebelius. The State House of Representatives approved changes made by state senators to H.B. 2798 Thursday night. The governor told reporters at her weekly news conference Friday morning she had yet to see the final bill but still planned to veto it. "I've been pretty clear about my position," said Sebelius. "I do support second amendment right for Kansans. I do support the language in the Kansas Constitution which is actually broader then the federal constitution. I am not a fan of...
  • Protect the police (Anti-CCW) editorial

    03/12/2004 11:45:31 AM PST · by Mulder · 27 replies · 350+ views
    St. Louis Dispatch ^ | March 12, 2004 | editorial
    <p>ROUTINE TRAFFIC STOPS are among the most dangerous moments in a police officer's life. In Missouri, they just got more dangerous. The new concealed-weapons law lets people keep guns out of sight in the passenger compartments of their cars.</p> <p>Eight of the 23 Missouri Highway Patrol officers who have died in action since 1933 have been killed by gunfire during traffic stops, making it the second leading cause of trooper deaths. National statistics rank shootings during traffic stops as a main cause of police fatalities.</p>
  • Father killed, three raped in Australia home invasion

    02/23/2004 7:53:56 PM PST · by Mulder · 48 replies · 237+ views ^ | February 23, 2004 | Jim Baynes
    ARMED criminals in Port Moresby have murdered a father who tried to prevent them from pack-raping his wife and daughters. The home invasion took place early yesterday morning in one of the PNG capital's squatters' settlements, The National newspaper reported. The murdered man's wife and two teenage daughters watched in horror as more than 10 bandits shot their father and chopped up his body with an axe. The three women were then dragged outside and pack-raped. The dead man's wife said the criminals then placed her husband's body in their bed and set fire to the house. The wife received...
  • Colorado bill to enact Alaska/Vermont style CCW

    02/01/2004 9:12:10 AM PST · by Mulder · 13 replies · 314+ views
    Today State Rep. Greg Brophy (R-Wray) introduced "The Colorado Freedom to Carry Act", a bill to allow law-abiding citizens to carry concealed handguns without going through the burdensome and expensive process of acquiring a permit. "The US and Colorado Constitutions ensure our right to keep and bear arms, and in our modern society bearing arms for self-defense is best envisioned by thinking of a woman with a revolver in her purse," said Brophy, a first-term lawmaker from Eastern Colorado. "Alaska and Vermont citizens aren't required to jump through the hoops and hurdles of a bureaucratic and expensive permit system. Colorado...
  • Mr. Ross Goes to Jefferson City (Update on Missouri CCW)

    01/24/2004 4:20:04 PM PST · by Mulder · 11 replies · 85+ views
    John Ross ^ | January 23, 2004 | John Ross
    The Supreme Court hearing (oral arguments) about Missouri's concealed carry law took place yesterday. I got there early and got a seat in the front row. Recording devices are not permitted, and I don't take shorthand, so the description that follows may miss a few details, but I think I got all the highlights. Supreme Court hearings are tightly structured, with each side having 15 minutes to present their arguments. This 15 minute limit includes questions by the justices, and in most cases the justices start asking questions immediately. This case was no exception. Burton Newman for the plaintiffs led...
  • Federal Court Upholds DC Hand Gun Ban

    01/15/2004 6:01:13 AM PST · by Mulder · 2 replies · 80+ views
    NY Times ^ | January 15, 2004 | THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- A federal judge on Wednesday upheld the District of Columbia's gun control law that prohibits ownership of handguns, rejecting a legal challenge by a group of citizens backed by the National Rifle Association. Click here for the rest
  • Legislator to take new shot on guns (Kansas CCW)

    01/07/2004 6:18:05 PM PST · by Mulder · 13 replies · 83+ views
    Lawrence Journal-World ^ | January 7, 2004 | Scott Rothschild
    Gov. Kathleen Sebelius' opposition to a bill allowing Kansans to carry concealed handguns may not matter, according to a northeast Kansas legislator who is pushing for the law. Rep. Candy Ruff, a Democrat from Leavenworth, said she hoped the legislation would win by such large margins in the Legislature that it would survive a veto by Sebelius. Overturning a veto would require two-thirds votes in the House and Senate. "My whole take on this is to work to make it veto-proof in order not to involve the governor," Ruff said. Kansas is one of only a handful of states that...
  • New Mexico Supreme Court Lets Concealed Gun Law Stand

    01/05/2004 6:28:57 PM PST · by Mulder · 49 replies · 489+ views
    Associated Press ^ | January 5, 2004 | DEBORAH BAKER
    SANTA FE (AP) - The state Supreme Court on Monday let stand a new law that allows New Mexicans to be licensed to carry loaded, concealed handguns. The court without comment rejected a challenge to the constitutionality of the law filed by a children's advocacy group and a physician. "I think this will be a more dangerous place for children and other living beings," David Campbell, the lawyer representing New Mexico Voices for Children, said after the ruling. The five-member issued its decision after hearing arguments in the case, then deliberating behind closed doors for about a half hour. Chief...
  • Gun permit applicants increasingly are women

    12/01/2003 8:15:56 PM PST · by Mulder · 7 replies · 326+ views
    The Tennessean ^ | November 30, 2003 | JAY HAMBURG
    <p>Even after working several years as a prison guard, Twanda McCurry never felt the need to carry a gun for protection outside of work, and especially not after she went into a new business as an office manager at a bottling plant.</p> <p>Until about three weeks ago.</p>
  • Judge lets suit against FBI agent proceed

    11/14/2003 6:39:46 PM PST · by Mulder · 69 replies · 637+ views
    Baltimore Sun ^ | November 14, 2003 | Allison Klein
    A federal judge in Baltimore ruled yesterday that a $10 million excessive-force claim can go forward against an FBI agent who shot an unarmed Pasadena man in the face after mistaking him for a bank robber. It was a key hurdle in the closely watched case involving Special Agent Christopher R. Braga, who shot Joseph C. Schultz with an M-4 rifle during a botched arrest March 1 last year.
  • Missouri Judge Issues Injunction Against Concealed Weapon Law

    10/10/2003 3:33:01 PM PDT · by Mulder · 32 replies · 265+ views
    Missouri NewsChannel 5 ^ | October 10, 2003 | unknown
    (KSDK) -- A St. Louis Circuit Court decided Friday that Missouri's concealed weapons law will not go in effect Saturday, October 11. Judge Steven Ohmer made his ruling at 4:00 Friday afternoon. Opponents of the concealed carry law say the law's wording was vague and that a clause in the Missouri constitution bans concealed weapons. The concealed carry law would allow people to apply for a permit to carry a weapon after they've finished training, a background check, and been fingerprinted. Both sides agree, that with an injunction in place against the new concealed weapons law, the issue will most...
  • VeriChip Corporation to Market Subdermal RFID VeriChip to Federal Agencies

    09/30/2003 10:03:10 PM PDT · by Mulder · 7 replies · 1,173+ views
    Business Wire ^ | September 29, 2003 | Business Wire
    PALM BEACH, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 29, 2003--Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSX), an advanced technology development company, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, VeriChip Corporation, has retained the services of Stanley "Stan" L. Reid, a longtime technology industry executive and former congressional aide with extensive experience and wide contacts in Washington, D.C., to market VeriChip(TM) secure identification solutions to federal agencies. VeriChip is a subdermal, radio frequency identification (RFID) device that can be used in a variety of security, financial, emergency identification and other applications. About the size of a grain of rice, each VeriChip product contains a unique verification...
  • Ex-police lieutenant wants job back after jury clears him on straw gun purchase

    09/22/2003 4:17:48 PM PDT · by Mulder · 7 replies · 61+ views
    Tuscon Citizen ^ | September 20, 2003 | DAVID L. TEIBEL
    <p>A former Tucson police lieutenant, fired after he was indicted for allegedly falsifying a federal firearms form, wants his job back after being acquitted in court, his attorney said yesterday.</p> <p>Michael J. Lara and lawyer Michael L. Piccarreta hope to meet with Police Chief Richard Miranda and commanders to present evidence that came out after Lara was fired, showing Lara did nothing wrong in filling out forms when buying a .40-caliber Glock pistol for a friend, Piccarreta said.</p>
  • Deputies fired 28 shots at suicidal man; hit only once

    09/20/2003 7:51:03 PM PDT · by Mulder · 48 replies · 1,414+ views
    Knoxville News ^ | September 18, 2003 | J.J. STAMBAUGH
    A half-dozen Knox County sheriff's deputies fired 28 shots at a suicidal man wielding a pellet gun and bearing a target on his chest, superficially wounding him with a single round. Records released this week detail the number of shots fired in the incident about 1 a.m. Tuesday at the Woodlands West apartment complex, near Walker Springs Road. After the shooting, 51-yearold Thomas Martin McGouey was treated at the University of Tennessee Medical Center for a gunshot wound to his right shoulder. McGouey was released from the hospital Wednesday evening and then booked into the Knox County Detention Facility at...
  • Grand jury indicts NC Sheriff Hege on 15 counts

    09/16/2003 5:56:54 PM PDT · by Mulder · 5 replies · 252+ views
    The Dispatch (Lexington, North Carolina) ^ | September 16, 2003 | WILLIAM KEESLER
    Davidson County Sheriff Gerald Hege was arrested by agents with the State Bureau of Investigation Monday following 15 indictments on felony charges including embezzlement, obtaining property by false pretenses and obstruction of justice. Much of the alleged misconduct focuses on Hege´s use of vice/narcotics funds to pay for re-election celebrations and other personal uses. In all, he is charged with five counts of embezzlement, five counts of obtaining property by false pretenses, two counts of obstruction of justice, one count of aiding and abetting obtaining property by false pretenses, one count of endeavoring to intercept oral communication and one count...
  • Legislator Apologizes For Gun In Luggage

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    Associated Press ^ | July 25, 2003 | Associated Press
    CONWAY, N.H. -- The New Hampshire legislator who had a loaded pistol in his carry-on luggage at Manchester Airport last week is apologizing to his constituents. Republican Howard Dickinson, of Conway, said he made a stupid mistake. He said he didn't know the gun was in the luggage until the X-ray machine at the airport spotted it. The longtime legislator said he's thought about resigning his seat, but many people have told him not to. Dickinson has a permit to carry a concealed weapon in New Hampshire. He said he began carrying a gun decades ago after reading about the...