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  • Obama: I Have Been Called "The First Jewish President"

    05/26/2015 6:49:52 AM PDT · 180 of 187
    justiceseeker93 to Netz; All
    His attitude, approach and record until today should be enough for all the lackey Jews to see but, they refuse to see it constantly claiming that his administration has funded more defensive systems to Istraek than any other President.

    Whatever advanced missile defense technology his administration sold to Israel was a continuation of the Strategic Defense Initiative technology that was begun by the Reagan administration.

    And Obama and the 'Rats' claim that "strategic military and intelligence cooperation between the United States and Israel has never been better" is false or meaningless, because of his deliberate failure to stop the Iranians from developing nuclear weapons.

  • Obama Restates Suport of Israel in Synagogue Speech

    05/25/2015 6:14:27 PM PDT · 43 of 44
    justiceseeker93 to Eleutheria5; All
    He probably left out the part where he claimed to support a “united Jerusalem,” since that quickly turned out to be an outright lie.

    He didn't say anything specifically about Jerusalem, but he's still tied to a "two state solution" and envisions a Palestinian homeland just like there must be a Jewish homeland.

    You can find the complete transcript of the Obama speech on The Jewish Press website. I would advise taking an antiemetic before you read it.

  • Obama: I Have Been Called "The First Jewish President"

    05/25/2015 10:37:23 AM PDT · 174 of 187
    justiceseeker93 to EDINVA; ml/nj; Eleutheria5; MeanWestTexan; Zionist Conspirator; Zionista Feminista; SkyDancer; ...
    I know a very prominent family in that congregation, and they are far to the right of me. Can’t imagine any of them were in attendance yesterday.

    My intuitive guess here is that all attendees were carefully screened for political orientation. The desired result: a good amount of applause, without any booing, hooting, heckling, or walking out on Obama.

    EDINVA, I'd be interested if you could sound out the prominent conservative family that you mentioned, and see what they know about the audience vetting procedure used for the synagogue event.

    Aside from the "First Jewish President" remark, the Obama speech - surely written by a Jewish lackey - was chock full of little buzz words and phrases calculated to push the correct buttons to pull at the Jewish leftists' heartstrings, but anyone with half a brain could tell that his speech didn't mesh with his abysmal personal history nor his record in office.


    05/24/2015 8:02:52 AM PDT · 66 of 72
    justiceseeker93 to FreeAtlanta; All

    Wow, it could be that in addition to everything else, Her Royal Thighness may have an alcohol problem.


    05/24/2015 8:00:21 AM PDT · 65 of 72
    justiceseeker93 to Jim Robinson; jazusamo; ml/nj; sheik yerbouty; Hotlanta Mike; Clintonfatigued; SunkenCiv; ...

    John Bolton would be a good candidate for president, but since he isn’t interested in that, he would make an excellent Secretary of State for the new GOP president come January 2017.

  • Soccer players applauding the fans: does that look more than a little gay? [vanity]

    05/23/2015 3:56:39 PM PDT · 56 of 58
    justiceseeker93 to bramps; All
    ...or NHL games being decided by a........shootout.

    That's a fairly recent rules change for the NHL and they probably "stole" the idea, bad as it is, from soccer.

    Nothing wrong with a tied hockey result for a regular season game, especially if five minutes of sudden death overtime with four skaters on a side doesn't produce a tie-breaking goal. That's where things should have stayed but they didn't leave good enough alone.

    Thankfully, they don't have shootouts in the NHL playoffs, but rather play until someone scores in sudden death overtime, which is the way it always has been and the way it should always be.

  • Soccer players applauding the fans: does that look more than a little gay? [vanity]

    05/23/2015 3:35:26 PM PDT · 53 of 58
    justiceseeker93 to Eccl 10:2; All
    As an American sports fan, I totally agree with those major problems impacting fan interest that soccer, on a world-wide basis, has never tried to address.

    The lack of scoring is the most basic problem (although hockey and baseball have also produced quite a number of typical soccer scores lately). Soccer scoring can be increased somewhat by obvious rules changes, beginning with making the goal mouth wider and higher. (Same holds for ice hockey.)

    As for the clock, I'd suggest that just as in just about every other sport where the game is timed, the time remaining should be shown on a big scoreboard in minutes and seconds, and that the clock be stopped when the game is not in motion, like for a foul, a ball out of bounds, or a goal. Not stopping the clock for these situations currently allows teams with leads to bleed the clock without playing the game.

    And yes, the idea of a shootout breaking a tie in a championship game is ABSURD. Here you have a game where scoring is rare, and the shootout is an event where scoring is quite likely. It simply does not test the vast majority of skills that are seen during the "regular" game. I would compare the soccer shootout to a (hypothetical) free throw shooting contest to break a tie in basketball or a (hypothetical) field goal kicking contest to break a tie in American football. Both scenarios are as inane as a soccer shootout.

  • Who Is Sidney Blumenthal?

    05/23/2015 8:36:08 AM PDT · 44 of 45
    justiceseeker93 to Liz; All
    As I've always said: Obama was birthed and nurtured in the bosom of sleazy Chicago politics----he never met a decent person in his entire political life.

    A minor quibble here: Birthed in the bosom of sleazy Chicago politics isn't quite accurate. He only arrived in Chicago when he was in his twenties. And we know he was a radical before that, going back at least to his undergrad days at Occidental. We're not sure where he was born (Kenya is my best guess) but it certainly wasn't in Chicago.

    BTW, Blumenthal WAS Chicago born and bred, but he left Chicago to go to college in the East, and, as far as one can tell, has been based on the East Coast ever since.

  • Soccer players applauding the fans: does that look more than a little gay? [vanity]

    05/23/2015 5:53:00 AM PDT · 17 of 58
    justiceseeker93 to cripplecreek; henkster; okie01; BluesDuke; Dave346; EveningStar; foreverfree
    It was Polish American day at Comerica park yesterday. That’s no less “gay”.

    Speaking of baseball and "gay" in the same breath, there has been at least one "Gay Day" promotion that I know of in Philadelphia a number of years ago. There were probably more at various major league or minor league ballparks in recent years, but I don't know the specific details.

    Last year, the cowardly Chicago Cubs management (which I believe includes an openly lesbian part-owner) agreed to change the date of scheduled Sunday afternoon game so not to conflict with a "Gay Pride parade" in the vicinity of Wrigley Field (which the Cubs have owned and played at for close to 100 years)!

    The left has pretty much controlled ownership of Major League Baseball (and the National Football League and the National Basketball Association) for decades, so things like this are the natural results.

  • Obama Restates Suport of Israel in Synagogue Speech

    05/23/2015 4:52:23 AM PDT · 40 of 44
    justiceseeker93 to jjotto; All
    This was the place where the senior rabbi announced he was divorcing his wife (also a ‘rabbi’ - would she be called ‘Rabbit’?) because he decided he was gay.


    "Rabbit"? I've coined the term "rabbiness" for a female rabbi.

  • Obama Restates Suport of Israel in Synagogue Speech

    05/23/2015 4:47:57 AM PDT · 39 of 44
    justiceseeker93 to All
    Sorry for the unworkable link to the complete Time article.

    At this point, you can still navigate to the complete article by going to Google, typing the article title in the search box, and clicking on the title in the first article that comes up in the Google list.

  • Obama Restates Suport of Israel in Synagogue Speech

    05/23/2015 4:17:31 AM PDT · 36 of 44
    justiceseeker93 to onyx
    Beyond disgraceful, but someone invited him.

    That would have been left-leaning journalist Jeff Goldberg of The Atlantic.

    Please see my post # 35.

  • Obama Restates Suport of Israel in Synagogue Speech

    05/23/2015 4:14:03 AM PDT · 35 of 44
    justiceseeker93 to Jimmy Valentine; ml/nj; ExTexasRedhead; Eleutheria5; Jewbacca; All
    Interesting it was at Ada’s Israel in Cleveland Park. That used to be where the Jewish heavy weights (ganzer machers) used to worship. The congregation has aged as younger people have gone to the suburbs.

    I'm not all that familiar with the Jewish community in DC and environs. But it's pretty obvious that this congregation was chosen deliberately because the Obama lackeys knew that it tilted left. I saw somewhere else that its members include SCOTUS justices Bader Ginsberg and Kagan. And the member who supposedly invited Obama was journalist Jeff Goldberg of The Atlantic.

    I can assure you that there are other synagogues around the country where an Obama appearance such as this would have touched off local protests and heckling. Here that would be avoided, and they probably vetted everyone in the audience to virtually guarantee that outcome.

  • Obama Restates Suport of Israel in Synagogue Speech

    05/22/2015 7:00:33 PM PDT · 24 of 44
    justiceseeker93 to Sarah Barracuda
    Obama cares about Israel like OJ cared about Nicole..

    A brilliant comparison!!!

  • Obama Restates Suport of Israel in Synagogue Speech

    05/22/2015 6:57:17 PM PDT · 23 of 44
    justiceseeker93 to faithhopecharity
    Six years already of almost daily lies to the American people.

    That's exactly what Marxists (and other types of totalitarians) do. It's in their DNA. No one could voluntarily accept their putrid freedom-robbing agendas if they tried to sell them aboveboard.

  • Obama Restates Suport of Israel in Synagogue Speech

    05/22/2015 6:49:32 PM PDT · 22 of 44
    justiceseeker93 to EagleUSA
    “When we allow anti-Semitism to take root, our souls are destroyed,” Obama said. “It will spread.”

    Isn’t this EXACTLY what Obama is doing???

    Exactly. And to compound the anti-Semitic bias in his foreign policy (e. g., allowing Iran to develop nukes), he panders to black radicals and Muslims domestically, two groups in which anti-Semitism is rampant.

  • Obama Restates Suport of Israel in Synagogue Speech

    05/22/2015 6:42:47 PM PDT · 21 of 44
    justiceseeker93 to ml/nj; ExTexasRedhead; Eleutheria5; Yaelle; Zionist Conspirator; Zionista Feminista; ...


  • Obama Restates Suport of Israel in Synagogue Speech

    05/22/2015 5:47:34 PM PDT · 1 of 44
    This article (and Obama's speech) rates 10 barfies.

    The thing that so disgusts us pro-Israel anti-leftist Jews is that the speech absolutely full of hot-button words and phrases, not to mention lies, written by a J Street type Jewish speechwriter so as to get the maximum arousal from the Jewish left audience. (I'd venture a guess that the attendance at the event was carefully limited to Obama sycophants.) Mark Levin rightfully said he was nauseated by what he heard and appalled at the cheers it drew from the nitwits in the audience.

    And, oh, yes: Obama had the gall to wear a yarmulke (skullcap) to the event, claiming that Jeffrey Goldberg referred to him as the first Jewish president.

  • Gallup: At least 20% of Americans are gay, as estimated by … more than half of Americans

    05/22/2015 2:53:46 PM PDT · 53 of 62
    justiceseeker93 to SeekAndFind; ansel12; Tennessee Nana; The Ghost of FReepers Past; JRandomFreeper; ml/nj; ...
    The question asked by Gallup for this poll is so vague that the responses are kind of meaningless. Who is "gay" by Gallup's definition? Do bisexuals count? Do lesbians count?

    Obviously, if one includes bisexuals of either gender as "gay", the number is significantly larger than if you only include "pure" male homosexuals and "pure" lesbians.

    One thing the media never mentions is that contrary to propaganda, "pure" lesbianism among women is several times rarer than "pure" male homosexuality, perhaps by as much as a factor of TEN. So if you're asking about percentage of "gays" and you include women in the number, you are really clouding the issue because the vast difference between the genders.

    Of course, there are other important differences between male and female "pure" homosexuals. Male homosexuals have much more health problems than their female counterparts, primarily because of sexually transmitted diseases. Also, "pure" male homosexuals do not commonly have the deep-seated hatred for the opposite sex that "pure" lesbians do.

    The two genders differ greately, both quantitatively and qualitatively in terms of homosexual behavior, a basic fact which is almost never mentioned in leftist media articles when the subject is of homosexuality is brought up - and it is raised ad nauseum in today's media culture.

  • Who Is Sidney Blumenthal?

    05/22/2015 12:40:12 PM PDT · 42 of 45
    justiceseeker93 to GOPJ; All
    Wasn’t Blumenthal the guy who was considered too sleazy to be in the Obama Administration? The same administration that welcomes that tax cheat Al Sharpton....

    Yes, apparently one on the off-the-record promises made by HRC to Obama's people when she was appointed Secretary of State was that her enforcer Blumenthal would not get a job in her department. So instead, she gave Sid (and three others whose names came out) a job as a rogue intelligence agent on the payroll of the Clinton Foundation.

    As Rush Limbaugh said on his show the other day, Blumenthal is the guy that HRC calls on "when someone needs to be sleeping with the fishes or to be fitted with a cement swim suit." As posted above in # 33, Vince Foster was likely one of those who fit the category. Accordingly, Sid (and others) were called upon to do the "job."

  • Who Is Sidney Blumenthal?

    05/21/2015 3:28:20 PM PDT · 33 of 45
    justiceseeker93 to dynachrome; Liz; theothercheek; hoosiermama; left that other site; Fedora; DoughtyOne; ml/nj; ...
    The lawyer for eyewitness Patrick Knowlton, who had stopped to urinate in Ft. Marcy Park on the day of Vince Foster's death, wrote a long paper about the entire case titled "Failure of the Public Trust" in conjunction with his client's lawsuit. Here is a possible nugget from it:

    In July of 1993, seventeen-year-old Leslie Rutherford lived near [Fort Marcy] Park. The day before Mr. Foster's death, Monday, July, 19, 1993, was an extremely hot and humid day. At around three o'clock that afternoon, Leslie was walking near the west border of Fort Marcy Park of Fort Marcy Park, having entered the park through one of the gaps in the Park's fence bordering the old road. Although investigators did not canvass the neighborhood, she came forward during the initial [Park Police] investigation because she remembered seeing a man wearing a suit walking through Fort Marcy, and "thought it was strange." The man she saw was in the section of the park where Mr. Foster's body was found the following day. When she looked in his direction, he immediately turned his head away. The only Park Police record of the strange man Leslie saw is found in handwritten notes of Investigator Renee Abt, recorded on July 24, 1993. The typewritten Park Police reports did not mention this man.

    The FBI's Report of its interview with Leslie is dated May 17, 1994.

    [A]t approximately 3:00 p.m. on July 19, 1993... [she] noticed at a distance of approximately 10 to 15 feet a white male walking by himself in a direction leading from the George Washington Memorial Parkway into the northeast section of the park. She stated what caught her attention was that this white male, in spite of the heat, was dressed in a dark suit, white shirt, and a red neck tie. [She] further described this white male as being in his early 40's, dark hair, approximately 180 pounds, and slightly over 6 foot in height... This white male had no facial hair nor was he wearing eyeglasses. She further stated that when she noticed this white male, he immediately looked away from her and therefore she could furnish no additional details relative to his facial characteristics. In a further attempt to determine the height of this white male, it was [the interviewee's] opinion that he was slightly over 6 foot [sic] tall, but did not approach 6 foot 4 inches in height. [The interviewee] was exhibited photographs of Mr. Foster but she was unable to make any determination as to whether these photographs resembled the white male she saw at the park on July 19, 1993.

    Could the man in the suit seen at Ft. Marcy Park be none other than Sidney Blumenthal? Sex, race, hair color, height and weight all matched, and Blumenthal is known to wear suits and sometimes red ties in business environments. Although he commonly wears eyeglasses, he has been photographed without eyeglasses at times. Needless to say, Sid has the background and history consistent with participating in a plot such as this.

  • BREAKING: GotNews IDs Gay Activist Train Engineer Who Caused Amtrak Crash

    05/15/2015 3:39:22 PM PDT · 489 of 499
    justiceseeker93 to DoughtyOne; RitaOK; Kenny Bunk; ml/nj; ExTexasRedhead; Marcella; doug from upland; cajungirl; ...
    Looks like a suicide by train event to me.

    Probability of that is quite small. Most suicides don't kill others, especially a group of strangers. But this Bostian might have been "influenced" by the recent suicide by plane crash by the German co-pilot. Or even the suicide by air crash by the 9/11 hijackers or the Japanese kamikazes in WWII.

    But even though a suicide attempt by the engineer is improbable as an explanation for the train derailment, it is still a more likely explanation for the recent incident than "suicide" was for the 1993 death of Vince Foster! (In other words, the probability that Vince Foster's death was a suicide is just about ZERO.)

  • BREAKING: GotNews IDs Gay Activist Train Engineer Who Caused Amtrak Crash

    05/15/2015 9:35:49 AM PDT · 469 of 499
    justiceseeker93 to DoughtyOne; All
    You can’t be going 106 mph and not realize it, when the actual speed limit is around half that.

    You can if your sense of awareness is impaired by a drug, or by some naturally occurring illness or condition.

    BTW, would anyone know what injuries this train engineer suffered in the crash? If he had severe head trauma, his loss of memory could be real, but otherwise it's probably a cop-out to avoid serious legal implications.

  • BREAKING: GotNews IDs Gay Activist Train Engineer Who Caused Amtrak Crash

    05/15/2015 7:11:28 AM PDT · 459 of 499
    justiceseeker93 to MadMax, the Grinning Reaper; MeshugeMikey; ariamne; Abakumov; Ooh-Ah; GladesGuru; KC_Lion; ...


    Please see my previous post above.

  • BREAKING: GotNews IDs Gay Activist Train Engineer Who Caused Amtrak Crash

    05/15/2015 6:59:49 AM PDT · 458 of 499
    justiceseeker93 to tcrlaf; Paladin2; GOPJ; DoughtyOne; Georgia Girl 2; Yaelle; cajungirl; ml/nj; SunkenCiv; ...

    When I first got word of the determination that the train went off the tracks because it was recklessly speeding, my first thought was that alcohol and/or recreational drugs used by the operator were possibly impairing his judgment. Does this relate to the disclosure that the engineer was homosexual? Not directly, but it does from a statistical perspective, because it is well known that homosexual men are more likely to have drinking and drugging problems than heterosexual men. Suppose that alcohol and drug testing will be done on this guy, and we’ll know if my hunch turns out to be correct.

  • Turkey’s Erdogan slams nations recognizing Armenian genocide

    04/25/2015 8:39:54 AM PDT · 13 of 24
    justiceseeker93 to stars & stripes forever; Olog-hai; avital2; theothercheek; SunkenCiv; cripplecreek; ml/nj; ...
    Kick Turkey out of NATO. The country is aligned with Jihad.

    Agreed, as long as this Erdogan is the top dog there. But Obama is aligned that way as well. Seems like Erdogan will be welcomed to the US to dedicate a mega-mosque in Maryland. What a disgrace!

    Seems obvious that fear of offending Erdogan and his regime prevents Obama from using the term "genocide" when referring to the mass killings of Armenians by Turks c. 1915.

    BTW, the Armenian genocide was used as "inspiration" by Hitler and the Nazis in planning their atrocities against the Jews of Europe a couple of decades later.

  • Priorities: Nets Cover First Dog Bo 28 Times More Than Armenian Genocide

    04/24/2015 6:40:19 PM PDT · 10 of 12
    justiceseeker93 to SunkenCiv; All
    Ah, but his response to calls to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide is, help Erdogan dedicate a mega-mosque in Maryland.

    Maybe I missed that, but is Erdogan coming personally to Maryland to dedicate a mega-mosque?

  • The uranium deal is not about Hillary. It is about Obama!

    04/24/2015 5:55:35 PM PDT · 68 of 77
    justiceseeker93 to GilGil; Liz; LucyT; thouworm; null and void; SunkenCiv; Yaelle; ml/nj; ExTexasRedhead; ...
    This whole uranium deal is about BOTH HRC and Obama, plus everyone else who signed off on it.

    It brings back memories of the Chinese and their stooges who contributed to the Clinton campaign fund during WJC’s presidency and got Clinton's buddy at Loral, among others, to give them advanced American military technology. The basics are the same: cash flows from a hostile interest to the Clintons in exchange for goods that potentially have a drastic negative impact on American defense and security. The Clintons have it down pat. Treasonous lowlifes without any sense of morality of any kind: they've stolen, lied, cheated, and even murdered while putting the US and its allies needlessly at risk!

  • Priorities: Nets Cover First Dog Bo 28 Times More Than Armenian Genocide

    04/24/2015 7:37:27 AM PDT · 3 of 12
    justiceseeker93 to george76; SunkenCiv; Kenny Bunk; cripplecreek; Seizethecarp; MadMax, the Grinning Reaper; ...
    You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why “Osama” Obama is reluctant to acknowledge the Armenian Holocaust: it was perpetrated by Moslems!!! Plus, today's Turkish government tends toward Islamic extremism, so he can't too tough on the Turks.
  • Who are the Republican candidates’ Jewish donors?

    04/21/2015 7:07:00 AM PDT · 12 of 17
    justiceseeker93 to Wiz-Nerd; ml/nj; ExTexasRedhead; Eleutheria5; Impala64ssa; MoochPooch; ari-freedom; OddLane; ...
    From the posted article:

    "Here’s a rundown of the views of three declared Republican candidates — and two likely candidates — on issues of Jewish interest..."

    When this writer, Ron Kampeas, summarizes each candidate, he mentions only two issues: Israel and immigration. Israel is a no-brainer as an "issue of Jewish interest" (even though many leftist Jews may not think so).

    But immigration? That should be an issue of interest to ALL Americans, not particularly a "Jewish issue," although it does have ramifications relative to the Jewish community.

    Seems to me I've seen stuff from this Ron Kampeas before and detected a leftward bias in his writing.

    Don't think that Rand Paul's father Ron should be injected into a discussion of the candidate vis-à-vis the Jewish community, any more than JFK's notorious father should have been a part of a similar discussion.

  • Ted Cruz needs to be more understanding of those less fortunate than him: Letter to the Editor

    04/01/2015 2:17:53 PM PDT · 38 of 54
    justiceseeker93 to 2ndDivisionVet; txhurl; DoughtyOne; patriot08; RitaOK; Marcella; theothercheek; Ohioan; ...
    Very hard to decipher any logic in a leftist's rant like that of this James Mosher. Did Ted Cruz have anything to do with, let alone bless, the "light skinned humans" who "brutalized the natives and stole their lands"? And did Cruz have anything to do with, let alone bless, the system of "dark skinned people, displaced from their homeland, ... dumped into this nation of slaves"?

    Usually gobbledygook like this from a leftist's rant also tends to include some historical disaster that afflicted Hispanics, but apparently even Mosher sees that he can't bring this up because Cruz's own father suffered persecution from the Batista regime in Cuba, so he can't accuse Cruz of being "insensitive"e regarding his own ethnic group.

    Wouldn't be shocked if Mosher was connected in some manner to the Cleveland Plain Dealer management and/or editorial staff, because his views are quite similar.

  • Election may exacerbate tensions among American Jews

    03/19/2015 7:13:07 PM PDT · 29 of 32
    justiceseeker93 to MadMax, the Grinning Reaper; All
    J Street is scheduled to have Rep. Jan Schakowsky as their keynote speaker at a conference this weekend in DC.

    Can't think of a better choice for keynote speaker than Schakowsky, except perhaps Cohen (D-TN), who participated in their boycott of Netanyahu's speech.

  • Election may exacerbate tensions among American Jews

    03/19/2015 7:08:08 PM PDT · 28 of 32
    justiceseeker93 to MadMax, the Grinning Reaper
    ...I’m surprised there hasn’t been a revolt by the few sane members of that organization. This includes BDS leaders who are among the most anti-Israel people in the world.

    As you yourself put it, there are NO sane members of J Street. These are all individuals who might call themselves Jewish, yet are activists whose goal is the suicide of the Jewish people. How sick!!!

  • Election may exacerbate tensions among American Jews

    03/19/2015 1:15:15 PM PDT · 24 of 32
    justiceseeker93 to Tamzee
    If Israel puts down the weapons, it will be destroyed. If Palestineans put down the weapons, the violence would end completely.

    You are not the first to say that, but it gets to the nub of issue quite succinctly.

  • Election may exacerbate tensions among American Jews

    03/19/2015 1:11:59 PM PDT · 23 of 32
    justiceseeker93 to Uncle Miltie; Jewbacca; MadMax, the Grinning Reaper; SJackson; ml/nj; Olog-hai; Sarah; ...
    What is the purpose of the posted article, other than perhaps to give one Steven M. Cohen, obviously a dyed-in-the-wool Jewish leftist (as indicated pretty much by the fact that he writes in the New Republic), an opportunity to display his warped views about Israel and its relationship to American Jewry? Cohen appears to give "BDS advocates" a meaningful place in the mainstream American Jewish community, when that bunch, radical as it is, essentially is trying to grease the skids for the demise of Israel.

    Cohen also talks of "the rise of J Street," which is nothing more than a (nominally) Jewish arm of the Obama propaganda apparatus, funded by George Soros. It might have been appropriate to describe J Street as "rising" when it was first founded, but, thankfully, it isn't "rising" now, not with the defeat of the left in Israel despite the misguided efforts of J Street and other White House front groups.

    Then he mentions that American Jews are, according to the Pew Research Center, "... increasingly liberal and suspicious of the Israeli Right's willingness [sic] to compromise with the Palestinians." Really? Well, Obama dipped around 10 points in his percentage of the Jewish vote from 2008 to 2012, so perhaps Pew(k) is wrong on this, which would not be the first time their polling results seem intuitively flawed.

  • Live: Election Results

    03/17/2015 6:55:12 PM PDT · 28 of 60
    justiceseeker93 to House Atreides; All
    I’m loving this...the Israelis just gave a huge finger to the meddling pro-Muslim Obama regime and its operatives.


  • Live: Election Results

    03/17/2015 6:52:56 PM PDT · 27 of 60
    justiceseeker93 to Eleutheria5; hlmencken3; MoochPooch; ml/nj; ExTexasRedhead; firebrand; Zionist Conspirator; ...
    Last I saw, Likud had 24.4% of the vote, Zionist Union (was that a name conjured up by 'Rat advisors from the US?) had 19, with 60% of precincts counted.

    So the MSM's predictions and polls were dead wrong, perhaps something akin to the Truman-Dewey presidential race in the US in 1948 in the degree of inaccuracy. Probably a lot more deliberate fudging involved in the media polling in this Israeli race, though.

  • Even if Likud loses, Netanyahu could become prime minister

    03/16/2015 3:36:16 PM PDT · 10 of 22
    justiceseeker93 to 2ndDivisionVet; ml/nj; ExTexasRedhead; Zionista Feminista; Zionist Conspirator; tedbel; ...
    Where did this Zionist Union party come from with its campaign "for the middle class" and its focus on poverty? Smacks of being the puppets of the American 'Rat consultants manipulating the issues in this Israeli election.

    The number one issue obviously should be the security and survival of Israel in the face of the rise of Islamic radicals in the Middle East, especially Iran and ISIS. If Israeli voters think along those lines, Netanyahu is a shoo-in.

    This posted piece from McClatchy is typical of the American MSM mantra on the Israeli election, conjuring up optimism for Netanyahu's opposition and doubts among pro-Netanyahu forces. The American MSM is thus doing its usual thing, promoting what the American Democrats would love to see: the overthrow of Netanyahu orchestrated from the Obama White House.

    Needless to say, we have to hope that their dreams are short-circuited by Israeli voters with common sense.

  • Oh my: DOJ preparing to file criminal corruption charges against Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez

    03/07/2015 5:24:03 PM PST · 55 of 56
    justiceseeker93 to SunkenCiv; All
    Menendez will come out a little worse for wear, and the entire Latino community throughout the country will begin to understand who and what they’re up against (in every sense of the word).

    It's a little more nuanced than that. The entire Latino community isn't as monolithic as the MSM would have you believe. Cuban Americans, especially, are mostly either Castro-era refugees or descended from them, which means they tend to be anti-communists and US defense hawks. This is NOT the experience of other Latino subgroups. So the Cuban Americans are distinct, with their own values. The thinking here is that prosecuting Menendez, a Cuban (though pre-Castro) , will not elicit the sympathies of the other Latino subgroups as much as you might think, and the Obamatons feel confident that it won't arouse the ire of most of their leftist Latino base. In other words, Menendez, in the minds of the Obamatons, is expendable.

  • Oh my: DOJ preparing to file criminal corruption charges against Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez

    03/06/2015 6:08:57 PM PST · 45 of 56
    justiceseeker93 to SeekAndFind; Liz; EricTheRed_VocalMinority; LottieDah; DoughtyOne; SoFloFreeper; ...
    Menendez is ON RECORD as opposing Obama's deal with Iran.

    I wasn't aware of that.

    Agree that the seemingly impending Melendez indictment is political retaliation for his failure to toe the Obama line recently. If not, how do you explain all these years since the corruption charges were floating around while the DOJ sat on its hands?

    But possibly the bigger political faux pas on Menendez' part was his opposition to Obama's move to "reset" US relations with Cuba. (Menendez is of Cuban origin, although his family came to the US before Castro came to power.)

  • Top Obama Adviser's Link To Communism [David Axelrod]

    03/05/2015 6:37:29 PM PST · 42 of 44
    justiceseeker93 to hoosiermama; Art in Idaho; All
    Thanks for alerting me to the long thread and your posts there.

    Your Post 730 - the transcript of the Paul Kengor interview with Front Page Magazine - is a must read for FReepers. As I can appreciate from reading Kengor's earlier book, "Dupes," he has about the sharpest take on communism in the United States, both past and present, as any political commentator in the US today. BTW, I saw him recently on FoxNews.

  • Top Obama Adviser's Link To Communism [David Axelrod]

    03/05/2015 5:50:54 PM PST · 41 of 44
    justiceseeker93 to wardaddy; All
    Axlerod is the epitome of a red diaper baby.

    To be so smart they sure fall for empty ideologies.

    By definition, the Red Diaper Baby is brainwashed with this perverse ideology from birth. A few, like David Horowitz, manage to escape from it as they mature and see the world in a different light, but it's very difficult to do if you were indoctrinated from as early on as you can remember.

    The Axelrods of the world can be smart, but smart in a sly and sinister way. They are driven by the attainment of political power in their self interest, the same thing they always accuse their rivals of doing. That's why they are inevitably liars and hypocrites.

  • Top Obama Adviser's Link To Communism [David Axelrod]

    03/05/2015 1:45:16 PM PST · 40 of 44
    justiceseeker93 to Art in Idaho
    I'm just thinking that since Prof. Kengor’s writing style is geared to intelligent adults, rather than youngsters, perhaps someone else can better do the type of book you describe. Maybe Mark Levin. Maybe Rush Limbaugh.
  • Top Obama Adviser's Link To Communism [David Axelrod]

    03/05/2015 12:17:24 PM PST · 37 of 44
    justiceseeker93 to reasonisfaith; All
    But none of them would come out in public and proclaim “I’m communist.” In fact, as we can see in the case of Axelrod, they do whatever they can to cover it up.

    Occasionally they do slip up, and reveal enough information about themselves, their backgrounds, and their groups and friends to enable us to pin them down.

    It was Axelrod himself who revealed in his recent biography about his father's voter registration as Communist, which sparked researchers to document that fact.

    He's far from the only Red Diaper Baby who became a powerful government official in the Obama Administration. American communists and other leftist radicals have a strong tendency toward inbreeding.

  • Top Obama Adviser's Link To Communism [David Axelrod]

    03/05/2015 11:58:49 AM PST · 35 of 44
    justiceseeker93 to Art in Idaho; All
    I hope someone is writing Thee book on how the communists came to power with Axelrod, Obama, MSM, etc, and the horrible eight year decline - on all fronts, . . . the young people can be educated so this Never Happens Again.

    In 2010, Paul Kengor write a book entitled "Dupes: How America's Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century." It was published by ISI Books of Wilmington, Delaware. This is an excellent history of the communist movement in the United States, controlled for so many years by the Soviet Union, and its influence on government and politics through the ascension of Obama to the presidency. (Ironically, Axelrod is not indexed in the book.)

    With all the radical policies pursued by this current administration since its publication, I'd respectfully suggest to Kengor that he write an updated edition.

    BTW, Kengor has also published a biography of Frank Marshall Davis, young Obama's commie mentor in Hawaii.

  • Top Obama Adviser's Link To Communism [David Axelrod]

    03/05/2015 8:58:36 AM PST · 31 of 44
    justiceseeker93 to jjotto; All
    ...Obama has purged almost all of the Jews in the White House.

    I haven't noticed that. Can you name some Jews who have been really "purged"? Axelrod may have officially left, but he's not needed anymore because there are no more election campaigns to be run.

    With the controversy over Netanyahu's visit and speech to Congress, have you heard any prominent Jewish 'Rats speaking out for Netanyahu's position and against Obama? Few seem to have the guts to do so.

  • Top Obama Adviser's Link To Communism [David Axelrod]

    03/05/2015 8:43:01 AM PST · 29 of 44
    justiceseeker93 to No One Special

    Thanks for correcting the link.

  • Top Obama Adviser's Link To Communism [David Axelrod]

    03/05/2015 8:36:24 AM PST · 27 of 44
    justiceseeker93 to Art in Idaho; hoosiermama; Slyfox; ml/nj; ExTexasRedhead; Yaelle; MeshugeMikey; ...
    Check out his tutoring by David Canter and Don Rose.

    The Axelrod connection to Canter and Rose is nothing new, it's been out there for several years, ever since Obama rose to prominence. What is new, and not all that surprising in retrospect, are the revelations about Axelrod's parents.

    We know that Axelrod grew up in New York and graduated from the prestigious Stuyvesant High School there. My guess is that he chose to go to college at the U. of Chicago (not all that popular a school for bright NYC high school kids in general; many more would have gone to Ivy League colleges) to hook up with people like Canter and Rose in Chicago, people that his parents back in New York were already familiar with and to whom they more than willingly sent their son for his "higher education." They knew that the milieu around that campus and that part of Chicago was ideal for an upcoming Marxist to flourish.

    As it turned out, Axelrod's parents succeeded beyond their wildest dreams in their (perverse) aspirations for him, much to the detriment of American government, culture, and society. How absolutely shocking and revolting that this small detested bunch of American Communists were able to lie and cheat their way into a position where they could elect a president of the United States!

  • Top Obama Adviser's Link To Communism [David Axelrod]

    03/04/2015 9:12:43 PM PST · 16 of 44
    justiceseeker93 to bonfire
    Have you watched “The Americans”?

    Sorry I haven't. Can you please post a brief summary of what that is?

  • Top Obama Adviser's Link To Communism [David Axelrod]

    03/04/2015 9:10:57 PM PST · 15 of 44
    justiceseeker93 to hoosiermama
    Look no further than His first job.

    Are you referring to Obama's community organizing?