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  • Please President Trump, please defund the AdCouncil (vanity)

    01/31/2017 10:31:19 AM PST · by hecht · 44 replies
    I can't take " Feed the Pig, lumens, love is love, Smokey the Bear, Stupid Fathers, McGruff and Joy Behar,Buzzed driving, rape culture etc"
  • Talk Radio Help ( vanity)

    08/03/2016 1:39:15 PM PDT · by hecht · 33 replies
    When I listen to my favorite hosts- Rush,Sean,Michael et al, on Iheart , every 30 minutes its liberal news updates, nauseating liberal adCouncil propaganda, and Tom Brokaw's commentary. I can't believe any listeners want that crap. And to make matters worse, it's the same commercials over and over. Any stations from other locales that can spare me? Please!
  • The Girl From Foggy Bottom (Marie Harf)

    02/23/2015 11:04:54 AM PST · by hecht · 18 replies
    Apologies to Stan Getz ( sung to the "Girl From Ipanema) Tall and Blonde , but from a bottle the girl from Foggy-Bottom goes talking & when she talks, she talks and disseminates when she talks she’s like a brake job that screeches like chalk on a blackboard that when she talks, each correspondent goes oy vey (ooh) but ISIS loves so madly can they tell her they love her? yes, she would give them a job gladly but each day when she talks on TV she condemns Netanyahu and we Tall and blonde ,but from a bottle the girl...
  • What is a Holiday Tree?(Vanity)

    12/01/2014 6:46:11 PM PST · by hecht · 25 replies
    On Black Friday, i drove to my local Home Depot. I needed to get bathroom lights, but because of the hordes of shoppers I ended up parking far from the entrance near the Garden Center. As I entered via that entrance, I noticed a sign stating "Holiday Trees here". Now I am an orthodoxJew and would never get a "Holiday" tree, but I found myself oddly offended. I am not unaware of those who have declared war on Cristmas. Nor am I unaware of atheistic leftists of all backgrounds(Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, muslim etc)that hate all religions and do everything they...
  • Why is FOXNEWS inundated with those Everyonon commercials?

    05/12/2014 5:50:56 PM PDT · by hecht · 15 replies not 30 minutes passes without those two nauseating ads which seem to be insidiously promoting Obamacare.
  • The Red Line and the Rat Line

    04/24/2014 1:37:58 PM PDT · by hecht · 4 replies
    London Review of Books ^ | Vol. 36 No. 8 · 17 April 2014 | Seymour M. Hersh
    The Red Line and the Rat Line Seymour M. Hersh on Obama, Erdoğan and the Syrian rebels In 2011 Barack Obama led an allied military intervention in Libya without consulting the US Congress. Last August, after the sarin attack on the Damascus suburb of Ghouta, he was ready to launch an allied air strike, this time to punish the Syrian government for allegedly crossing the ‘red line’ he had set in 2012 on the use of chemical weapons.​* Then with less than two days to go before the planned strike, he announced that he would seek congressional approval for the...
  • Benghazi could have been prevented if US hadn't allowed weapons to reach al-Qaeda militants,

    04/24/2014 7:45:37 AM PDT · by hecht · 12 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | April 22-23, 2014 | David Martosko, U.s. Political Editor
    The Citizens Commission on Benghazi, a self-selected group of former top military officers, CIA insiders and think-tankers, declared Tuesday in Washington that a seven-month review of the deadly 2012 terrorist attack has determined that it could have been prevented – if the U.S. hadn't been helping to arm al-Qaeda militias throughout Libya a year earlier. 'The United States switched sides in the war on terror with what we did in Libya, knowingly facilitating the provision of weapons to known al-Qaeda militias and figures,' Clare Lopez, a member of the commission and a former CIA officer, told MailOnline. She blamed the...
  • (vanity) Freeper Quiz: Does Anyone Know Who Warren Wilhelm II is?

    02/04/2014 11:16:30 AM PST · by hecht · 46 replies
    He is not the original Kaiser Wilhelm II.
  • A Small Business Hit With Skyrocketing Health Costs Due to Obamacare

    01/30/2014 8:12:08 PM PST · by hecht · 3 replies
  • Millenial's Music Taste (vanity). Whats wrong with your generation?

    01/01/2014 7:18:16 PM PST · by hecht · 324 replies
    Last night we watched ABC's Dick Clarks New Years Eve Show. When they began to show music performers, the first I saw was Billy Joel. You could tell that it was one of his bona fide live performance as he sounded different from the studio versions, some minor errors etc. In my genervation ( I'm in my 50s) the best albums were often live , where the performers would jam, experiment and ad lib. The Allmans Live at Fillmore East is an example , or the Live version of Led Zepellin's "Dazed and Confused" -filmed in San Francisco - where...
  • Cant Rush get better commercials than "Final Trim " or "AF Plus" (vanity)

    12/13/2013 11:58:46 AM PST · by hecht · 52 replies
    These quack diet ads are played every break. Can't he get better ads?
  • What If Buying Coffee Was Like Buying ObamaCare?

    12/09/2013 12:52:28 PM PST · by hecht · 10 replies
  • Obama Didn't Know What He Knew When Everyone Else Knew What He Should Have Known

    05/20/2013 4:43:12 PM PDT · by hecht · 18 replies
    White House Explains: Obama Didn't Know What He Knew When Everyone Else Knew What He Should Have Known Submitted by Tyler on 05/20/2013 18:04 -0400 House Oversight Committee President Obama Treasury Department White House Yesterday, when we reported that as a result of new disclosures regarding the timing of who learned what, but most importantly when, in the White House regarding the IRS persecution (if not prosecution) of conservative groups, we made it quite clear that the narrative enacted by the White House, which could simply be summarized as "we'll make it up as we go along", was nothing more...
  • Demand A Plan - Demand Celebrities Go [bleep] Themselves
  • Shhh: NY Times Reports on Orthodox GOP Vote

    11/26/2012 7:09:02 PM PST · by hecht · 14 replies
    Some news, apparently, is fit to print, but not too boldly. Take, for example, the demure self-censorship on display Saturday in the New York Times’ eye-opening report, headlined “On Island, Largely Blue, an Exception: Trump Tower,” on the handful of New York City neighborhoods that voted for Mitt Romney over President Obama. Overall, the city voted Obama over Romney 81% to 18%. The headline and the first five paragraphs were about the two isolated election precincts on the Upper East Side of Manhattan Island where Romney won half or more of the vote. It wasn’t until paragraph 7 to find...
  • WABC news talk- GET RUSH BACK ON!!!! (vanity)

    11/02/2012 9:41:15 AM PDT · by hecht · 32 replies
    DO the A-holes at WABC news really think that loyal Rush listeners want to hear Geraldo?
  • Breaking: US citizens in Israel vote 85% Romney

    11/01/2012 1:38:47 PM PDT · by hecht · 14 replies
    Breaking: US citizens in Israel vote 85% Romney, 14% Obama (UPDATED WITH FULL RESULTS) I was invited to this press conference, but could not make it because of another commitment. According to my sources, iVoteIsrael held a press conference today, at which they announced that 85%(!!!!) of the ballots cast by American citizens residing in Israel for the US elections went to Mitt Romney. 85%!!!!! More information to follow when I have it. UPDATE 5:46 PM It should be noted that according to official statistics, there are over 163,000 American voters in Israel (and there are actually probably more). UPDATE...
  • Is Nakoula Basseley Nakoula being held as a political prisoner? (vanity)

    10/24/2012 3:54:02 PM PDT · by hecht · 17 replies
    And do you see the ACLU coming to his aid

    09/21/2012 9:34:13 AM PDT · by hecht · 26 replies
    Ford is doing well. Ford didnt close dealerships that cost 65,000 jobs If GM had followed Fords example they wouldnt have closed up. if we know this why doesnt the GOP counter the. "GM is alive and Osama is dead" with Ford is alive? Why?
  • House passes new Buffett Rule

    09/19/2012 4:14:42 PM PDT · by hecht · 15 replies
    The House on Wednesday passed Republicans' own version of the Buffett Rule, which allows wealthy Americans to voluntarily pony up to reduce the deficit. The bill, labeled the Buffett Rule Act, passed by voice vote, meaning Democrats and Republicans agreed with it. Under the legislation, which would still need Senate approval, taxpayers could check a box on their taxes and send in a check for more than they owe to the IRS. "If Warren Buffett and others like him truly feel they're not paying enough in taxes, they can use the Buffett Rule Act to put their money where their...