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  • North America's largest seawater desalination plant is ahead of schedule

    09/03/2015 9:22:44 PM PDT · 4 of 34
    factoryrat to grundle

    When is the EPA and the california environuts going to shut it down?

  • Another KY clerk vows to not issue same sex marriage licenses

    09/03/2015 9:04:48 PM PDT · 32 of 46
    factoryrat to massmike

    How many counties are there in Kentucky? And how many of those counties refuse to marry gays?

    This has nothing to do with “gay marriage”.

    This is the opening salvo of the homonazi war on Christians. And in this case, the homonazi crowd is using lawfare and the SC to SWAT down any dissenters.

  • Trump fumbles Hewitt question on terror leaders [barf alert]

    09/03/2015 8:53:38 PM PDT · 134 of 170
    factoryrat to GIdget2004

    What kind of BS loaded question is that?

    He could have pulled those names out of the Minneapolis phone book (or his ass) for all anyone knows.

    Ask any of the umpteen other candidates the same question, and see what kind of answers you get.

  • Trump mocks Jeb for his YouTube ad attack saying low poll numbers gave him 'no choice' – but

    09/02/2015 9:59:42 AM PDT · 15 of 17
    factoryrat to jimbo123
    JEB! is the bastard poster child of a totally dysfunctional and corrupt political party (the GOP).

    At this rate, JEB! will have to drop out, and get a gig on telemundo or univision whining about how all of the gringos up in el norte are so mean.

  • Endgame: Mikulski becomes 34th Senate Democrat to back Iran deal, ensuring GOP can’t stop it

    09/02/2015 9:11:45 AM PDT · 21 of 65
    factoryrat to Hojczyk

    Wonder how much of that money that’ll go to iran is kickbacks to defense and government contractors, and how much of that will filter down to the politicians that these contractors bought.

    Even congress has a price, like all whores do. In this case, all it cost to buy them off was giving a bunch of crazy radical muslims time and space to build a nuke.

    Wonder what US city will go up in nuclear smoke, just so a bunch of cronies can line their pockets.

  • O’KEEFE HIDDEN CAMERA: Hillary’s National Marketing Director ILLEGALLY accepts foreign

    09/01/2015 12:06:08 PM PDT · 28 of 41
    factoryrat to Nachum
    Nothing to see here, move along...

    Democrats get a free pass on matters such as these, and the GOPe are all too happy to go along with it, because they're a bunch of spineless, cowardly, sniveling boot lickers.

    Show me where I'm wrong. Actions speak louder than words.

  • McConnell: Defunding Planned Parenthood must wait for new president

    09/01/2015 11:58:41 AM PDT · 29 of 94
    factoryrat to Timber Rattler

    Why? So mc turtle can roll over on his back and say that he and his GOPe ilk can’t do anything about it, AGAIN?

    So, tell me again; what voting in a GOPe majority has done for us?

    NOT A SINGLE DAMN THING! That’s what.

    As a matter of fact, it seems that giving the GOPe the majority has empowered them to join in with the democrats in stabbing Americans in the back for fun and profit.

  • Ted Cruz Rally In South Carolina: "If You Think Your Faith Is Safe, Next May Be You" [VIDEO]

    09/01/2015 10:50:00 AM PDT · 6 of 13
    factoryrat to SeekAndFind
    Ted REALLY needs to get some MSM air time, but the MSM has all but shut him out, on purpose, because he is just as big of a threat that Trump is. I can see why he hasn't spoken ill of trump, it's an opportunity to gain an ally and asset.
  • Bush rips Trump in Spanish and English

    09/01/2015 10:39:58 AM PDT · 27 of 56
    factoryrat to jimbo123

    Sounds like Trump is driving el jebbe to a nervous breakdown.


    Keep the pressure up until he cracks.

  • Four day sweep in Southern California turns up hundreds of illegal alien felons

    09/01/2015 10:37:15 AM PDT · 7 of 25
    factoryrat to SeekAndFind

    If being an illegal was an actual felony, a quarter of the population of california would end up in prison and/or deported.

  • Jeb Bush slams Donald Trump in Spanish over his ‘barbarities’

    09/01/2015 10:33:23 AM PDT · 57 of 64
    factoryrat to jimbo123

    Is this guy for real? Maybe somebody should see if JEB! is actually an American citizen. This clown sounds more and more like a paid shill for la raza, and/or the mexican government every time he opens his mouth.

    The bush clan has a major presence in central/south america. Something to look into for sure.

  • Police should NOT prosecute people who shoplift from large stores

    09/01/2015 10:16:41 AM PDT · 27 of 77
    factoryrat to Oldpuppymax
    A lot of big box stores have a “hands off” policy when it comes to dealing with shoplifters. They don't call police, and in store loss prevention only deals with employee theft.

    My wife works for a large “home improvement” store chain, and confronting a shoplifter is grounds for termination of employment!

    Apparently, the corporate lawyers have decided that losses due to theft are less than getting sued by detained shoplifter, or an employee who is injured or killed trying to stop them.

    But then again, my wife works in a store where less than a third of the customers speak English, making the clientele a protected class, and they know it.

  • Oil, America's Inexhaustible Resource

    09/01/2015 10:05:26 AM PDT · 12 of 12
    factoryrat to bestintxas

    Yes, exactly. Seen that posted here as a matter of fact.

    And who was it that just bought a 10% stake in Phillips Petroleum? Don’t recall, seen that here too.

  • House being built for Jeb Bush at family compound in Kennebunkport

    09/01/2015 10:02:07 AM PDT · 26 of 41
    factoryrat to basil
    What? The hacienda in mexico or the one in el norte (florida) aren't good enough for him?

    Maybe he should head down to Uruguay, Paraguay, or wherever the bush clan has their south american ranch at. He'd fit right in with all of the local NWO socialist dictators there.

  • Walker, in office since 25, denies he's a career politician

    09/01/2015 9:30:41 AM PDT · 9 of 10
    factoryrat to Citizen Zed

    It’s irrelevant. Walker has done good things in Wisconsin. He has potential to do good things at the federal level. His problem, along with Cruz and Carson, is that their message is getting drowned out by Trumpmania. Walker’s campaign also broke the “Reagan” rule: never attack your own. Run on your merits and accomplishments, not backstabbing and undermining candidates with the same goals as you.

    Could be Walker chose the wrong campaign advisors, especially if the GOPe recommended them. Or, his worldveiw just might not be in line with what Americans want, I have no idea.

    The other candidates are going to have to step up their campaign, and start hitting a broader audience. And, they need to save all of the vitriol for the democrat candidates, and not turn on each other (except JEB!).

    Conservatives fall for this divide and conquer bullshit every time, and it’s because the MSM keeps driving the liberal and GOPe narrative, and conservatives get discouraged way too easily.

    The leftists in the DNC vote en bloc. Their is no dissent in their ranks.

    Getting the right to unify around someone, or anything for that matter, is like trying to herd cats.

  • Anchor Babies on Trial in Texas

    09/01/2015 8:58:16 AM PDT · 4 of 13
    factoryrat to SeekAndFind

    The feds won’t stop it, hell, their in collusion with the mexican government to keep the border wide open.

    No BC’s for illegals kids, and arrest and deport the mother and kid as soon as they are able to leave the hospital.

    We owe mexico NOTHING!

    And if the feds want to get pissy about it, arrest all of their INS/ICE agents and charge them with human trafficking, along with aiding and abetting known fugitives.

  • Jeb Bush Video Takes Aim at Donald Trump’s ‘Manhattan’ Mind-Set

    09/01/2015 8:16:27 AM PDT · 26 of 57
    factoryrat to jimbo123

    And nobody saw it, because it was played on telemundo, and was broadcast en espanol.

    Give it up already ¡JEB!, you have a better chance of getting elected el presidente of mexico.

  • Oil, America's Inexhaustible Resource

    09/01/2015 8:06:16 AM PDT · 9 of 12
    factoryrat to Kaslin

    The goal is to bankrupt the oil/coal/gas/nuclear/ electric generation industries. Then, once ran straight into the ground by EPA and government decrees, those industries can be bought up for pennies on the dollar by government backed cronies, or nationalized due to urgent need, and again haned over to government backed cronies to run.

    It’s the only thing that makes sense.

    Control the flow of energy, and you will control the economy, period.

    Take a look at who is buying up energy interests, and who is investing heavily in energy sector and energy transportation companies.

  • Trump gets unwelcoming message from Nashville immigration lawyer prior to visit

    08/29/2015 10:05:16 AM PDT · 41 of 91
    factoryrat to WilliamIII

    The southern states are a proxy for the cheap labor express, and the largest importers of products from china.

    The only difference between the pre and post war south is who the plantation owners source their slave labor from.

    Export manufacturing, import cheap labor, socialize the cost of doing business, and privatize all of the profit.

    This is the “new school” way of doing business. The goal of the new school business professional is to make the socialists and fascists look like a bunch of rank amateurs, and show the world how a proper oligarchy should be run.

    The only reason these types even still do business in the US is the fact that they have other social-communist-dictatorships to compete against, and still need some form of phyical protection, not to mention that the US economy hasn’t been thoroughly looted yet.

  • Donald Trump: A 21st Century Protectionist Herbert Hoover

    08/29/2015 9:51:51 AM PDT · 30 of 71
    factoryrat to Hojczyk

    There’s no such thing as “free trade”. Virtually all of the countries that we deal with enforce stiff tariffs and conditions on imports into their countries from the US. In return, they get our industrial and technological manufacturing base, AND we get to sell them agricultural goods, raw minerals, and scrap metal, which makes our exports look like some third world colonial shipping manifest.

    I’ll give you an example. I work for a railroad who does business on the west coast. I see trains coming and going to and from the west coast ports, along with trains coming from mexico and canada. Imtermodal shipments from asia outnumber shipments to asia by an order of three to one. The canadians ship chemicals, oil, lumber, grain, and steel into the US. we ship scrap metal, and transship produce from mexico to canada. Mexico ships cars, car parts, produce, steel and foundry products, heavy equipment, and comsumer products.

  • Can Trump Round Up 20 Million Illegals?

    08/28/2015 7:34:36 AM PDT · 71 of 92
    factoryrat to Dqban22


    Excellent data, thanks.

  • Asian Americans Tweet Outrage After Jeb Bush 'Anchor Baby' Gaffe

    08/25/2015 9:12:50 AM PDT · 46 of 53
    factoryrat to jimbo123

    This is the la raza crowd (which should be classified as a terrorist organization btw) expressing their disdain through el jeffe JEB! that they really don’t like the asians muscling in on their anchor baby invasion racket.

    The NAU/NWO that the bush clan promised to mexico/central/south american oligarchs is being threatened by asian and US nationalist influence.

    Expect the RNC/DNC regime to pull out the long swords to eviscerate anyone who may be a threat to their best laid plans.

    Trump, Cruz, Carson, and Walker top the hit list of the RNC/DNC, and each will be dealt with accordingly.

  • Analysis: 1 in 4 employers hit with Obamacare tax

    08/25/2015 7:42:48 AM PDT · 14 of 21
    factoryrat to A CA Guy

    Not if you’re a communist on a mission, kinda like nobama is.

  • Jeb Bush arrives in McAllen for border security briefing, fundraiser

    08/24/2015 11:29:50 AM PDT · 11 of 20
    factoryrat to jimbo123

    Was this for his meeting with the mexican government to ensire that the border stays wide open? And that the American people are bled dry to keep propping up the mexican government?

    Or is !JEB! to the left of obama with continie the mexican invasion?

  • Stock Market Black Monday Crash, The BIG ONE? It Doesn’t Matter

    08/24/2015 11:07:57 AM PDT · 28 of 30
    factoryrat to RayChuang88
    And those Caribbean nations can stop the US feds how exactly?

    The swiss buckled to the IRS and the fedgov, the Caribbean countries will fold like a cheap suit under fed pressure.

    The only safe accounts are those of fed bureaucrats and their business cronies. Everyone Else's money is fair game.

    Don't forget, when the fascists take over the US, anything goes, and nobody is safe.

  • Luke Russert Laughs at Trump Supporters

    08/24/2015 10:47:01 AM PDT · 9 of 31
    factoryrat to governsleastgovernsbest

    Is luke the one on the left or the right in that screen scrape?

  • Is anyone freeze drying food?

    08/24/2015 10:43:56 AM PDT · 10 of 20
    factoryrat to grumpygresh

    Freeze drying is an excellent way of preserving food. Ever see freeze dried ice cream? They had it back in the 80’s as a novelty of the space program.

    It involves putting foods in a cold enviroment (freezer) in a vacuum chamber, and using sublimation at low pressure to remove virtually all of the water from a food product. No water, in a sealed enviroment = no spoilage.

  • Give Castro’s embassy in Washington the address it deserves (Ted Cruz introduced the name)

    08/24/2015 10:32:51 AM PDT · 8 of 10
    factoryrat to Isara

    Cuba won’t change until fidel and raul are dead, and all of their ancient communist/socialst henchmen are dead.

    Even then, they end up like Puerto Rico, a failed state due to the several hundred years of spanish socialist brainwashing, like mexico and the rest of central/south america.

  • Stock Market Black Monday Crash, The BIG ONE? It Doesn’t Matter

    08/24/2015 10:20:57 AM PDT · 26 of 30
    factoryrat to RayChuang88
    There's a HUGE difference between taxation and confiscation. Holding money offshore may not be enough. The feds have the ability to twist the arms of foreign governments to get what they want (see Switzerland as an example).

    Once the socialists, marxists, and oligarchs of the world unite (a scenario being playing out now), any wealth not in their hands is at risk of being confiscated at the point of a gun.

    Like I said, this very same scenario has played itself out many times in history. This time is no different.

  • Tennessee: Woman fired for saying Muslim who killed 5 was ‘a piece of **** scum’

    08/24/2015 10:06:52 AM PDT · 42 of 59
    factoryrat to markomalley
    Tennessee has a muslim problem. How that came to be, I have no idea.

    Wasn't some elected official down there a devout muslim?

    I've been to Chattanooga several times for business, and nothing I saw there would indicate this sort of problem. But then again, I used to work in Detroit, so not much surprises me.

    As a side note, if you're on I-75, and you're going through Chattanooga, visit Lookout Mountain, and the caverns there. Awesome to say the least.

  • It’s Not 3D Chess – Candidate Donald Trump Has Three Audiences…

    08/24/2015 9:31:06 AM PDT · 10 of 15
    factoryrat to RoosterRedux

    If the RNC nominates !JEB!, the RNC, GOP, republican party ceases to exist.

    Anyone and everyone even remotely associated with the GOP will become kryptonite to the electorate, and will be considered a dead party.

    And if any of the GOP lackeys think that they’ll just jump over to the dems, or go indie, think again. If you were even remotely associated with the GOP, you won’t get so much as a vote for local dog catcher, let alone any sort of public office.

  • Jeb Bush is headed to the U.S.-Mexico border on an un-Trump tour

    08/24/2015 9:21:05 AM PDT · 31 of 45
    factoryrat to jimbo123

    So el jeffe !JEB!, the idiot savant of the bush clan, has decided to become a paid shill for the mexican government illegal alien invasion lobby, but then again has been a part of the bush family central/south american cartel since birth.

    All I can say is FU !JEB!, FU mexico, and all of their cheap labor express cronies in the US can GFT.

  • Stock Market Black Monday Crash, The BIG ONE? It Doesn’t Matter

    08/24/2015 9:02:07 AM PDT · 24 of 30
    factoryrat to RayChuang88
    Your fair tax/flat tax idea falls flat WHEN the powers that be call for a greece/EU type “buy in”, and simply confiscate your wealth and hand it over to the same entities that wrecked the market in the first place.

    Beans, bullets, and the national bank of seeley are safe bets. If you don't have your wealth in your possession, then you'll probably lose it, or have it confiscated at gunpoint by the government.

    Never underestimate the ability of a corrupt government. History will prove that out, time and time again.

  • Here is How the Pro-Choice Crowd Can Win the Debate Once and for All… Or Forever Shut Up

    08/23/2015 10:08:29 AM PDT · 2 of 13
    factoryrat to Starman417

    This has to be the dumbest argument to justify PP’s agenda to date.

    Do clinics that perform IVF have to destroy embryos? Probably. These types if things DO have a limited timeframe for chances of success.

    And when a woman ovulates once a month, what happens to those eggs if they aren’ t fertilized? Does that make a woman a monthly abortion muderer?

    The differerence between IVF and abortion is that with IVF, the woman is TRYING to become pregnant, and HOPING that baby will make it to full term.

    Abortion is the exact opposite.

  • A question concerning state's power.

    08/23/2015 9:50:48 AM PDT · 19 of 26
    factoryrat to LouAvul

    They’ll tell you that it’s “out of their hands” or “it falls under federal jurisdiction” or “they don’t have the authority or resources” or some other BS excuse.

    Why don’t these useless POS law enforcement agencies just come right out and tell Americans that they work for the Washington DC - Mexican cartels, and be done with it. They get PAID to just stand by and let hordes of illegals rush over our border in a non-stop south american invasion.

    And then the assholes in government and law enforcement will give YOU shit, and arrest you if you say or do anything about it.

    The next American - mexican war will be fought on US soil, but this time around, the US government will side with the mexicans.

    Believe me, it’s coming, and the invasion has already started.

  • BREAKING=> Video Released of French Train Terrorist Hogtied by US Servicemen

    08/22/2015 1:25:27 PM PDT · 18 of 70
    factoryrat to Da Bilge Troll

    “The terrorist is laying on the floor hog-tied by US servicemen. ** They beat him unconscious before they tied him up”.

    Thank GOD for the USMC.

    I heard that one of our Marines took a round to rhe neck while taking rhis clown down. Pray he makes a speedy recovery.

    A note to the rest of the world: Shooting them won’t do you any good, because all that does is just piss them off, and the last thing you want is for a bunch of pissed off Marines to come looking for you with an ax to grind.

  • Top 5 Taxes You May See on the (CA) 2016 Ballot

    08/22/2015 1:14:05 PM PDT · 6 of 28
    factoryrat to fifedom
    You forgot some:

    1. Give the illegal mexicans your money tax.

    2: The subsidize illegal alien employers tax.

    3: The finance the democrat/republican re-election campaigns by buying the illegals votes tax.

    The list just goes on and on.

  • George P. Bush: Jeb Bush Will 'Pivot' on Loaded Language

    08/22/2015 1:01:56 PM PDT · 16 of 37
    factoryrat to jimbo123

    The Bush clan has deep ties with south and central america. JEB! and his love of every america except the US, is a product of this.

    No more bush’s and their NWO plans for the western hemisphere.

  • Now We Know Why Maintream Media Reporters Won’t Cover The Planned Parenthood Videos

    08/21/2015 1:21:35 PM PDT · 6 of 7
    factoryrat to SeekAndFind
    “Maggie awards”? Are you !!@#$ kidding me?

    And these PP cheerleaders have the nerve to call pro-life supporters bigots, anti woman, and NAZI’s?

    If you support what PP does, and what it stands for, then “women's health” is not your goal. Backing PP puts you in the same eugenics crowd that drove the research and experiments in NAZI concentration camps during WWII.

    Josef Mengele would be proud of what PP is doing; ethnic cleansing and weeding out the “undesirable” types under the guise of “women's health”.

    And the worst part is, the people perpetrating these acts have actually convinced enough people to fight for this atrocity to continue!

  • Mexico condemns Donald Trump's 'racist' and 'absurd' immigration plan

    08/20/2015 5:19:52 PM PDT · 56 of 96
    factoryrat to 2ndDivisionVet

    FU mexico! You’re fast working your way up the “enemies of the United States” list.

    The US owes mexico NOTHING!

  • Jeb Bush Hits Donald Trump on Immigration Policy: ‘It’s Not a Conservative Plan’

    08/20/2015 4:58:31 PM PDT · 32 of 33
    factoryrat to Helicondelta

    I think he drank too much kool-aid while down in mexico. You what the water down there can do to gringos.

  • Poll: Americans' view of labor unions improving

    08/18/2015 11:34:54 AM PDT · 14 of 18
    factoryrat to Citizen Zed
    Illegals, just love their la or unions, especially the SEIU, AFL-CIO, teamsters, and the contractors through the trade unions.

    The unions get dirt cheap labor, just like the companies they contract with, and get a reliable supply of social-democrat voters to further their cause.

    And contrary popular belief here on FR, the majority of hispanics, legal or otherwise, are hard-core leftists, and think Bernie Sanders isn't socialist enough for them. Oh, and most of the hispanics here on the west coast are card carrying la raza/reconquista types, and use the unions to infiltrate companies solely to shut out the “native” population (ie: gringos).

    As you saw in Portland, OR. the hispanic and white guilt liberal illegal employer types were falling all over themselves to endorse Sanders.

  • Union rallies outside Patriot Coal over pension benefits

    08/18/2015 11:07:19 AM PDT · 25 of 36
    factoryrat to FreedomNotSafety
    The UAW took over the pension plans as part of the bankruptcy process.

    They own it now, like most of the other unions. If they screw over the union members like some companies, or the government has, there's going to be a lot of bodies to keep Hoffa company.

    The truth of the matter is that companies that has such contracts are legally required to have fully funded pension programs (with the exception of public/government employees apparently). Some companies do well at this, others shirk their contract obligations, usually due to malfeasance, and try to weasel their way out of paying (usually because the pension funds were looted/embezzled or mishandled).

    If this were your 401K, IRA, SS, or pension fund, those people would be doing prison time. The largest problem right now is with PUBLIC/GOVERNMENT union pension funds.

    Private sector unions are a small fraction of the US workforce, less than 10% at the high end, and most of those are trade unions. The public sector unions are the elephant in the room that need to be dealt with.

  • For Mexicans, Trump’s bid is getting scarier (He's a nightmare alert)

    08/18/2015 10:45:51 AM PDT · 49 of 66
    factoryrat to LS
    25% tax on ALL wire transfers and remittances to mexico and south america, NO exceptions. Funds to be collected at time of transmission.

    25% tariff on ALL goods crossing over the southern border, NO exceptions.

    Any portable monetary instruments (cash, precious metals, pre-paid credit/debit cards, etc.) are subject to the same 25% tax. Failure to disclose the said monetary instruments at the border crossing constitutes smuggling, which will be considered a federal offense, punishable by imprisonment and forfeiture of all assets.

    If mexico expects the US to support 25% of their population, then mexico is going to have to cough up 25% of their GDP to pay for it.

  • Union rallies outside Patriot Coal over pension benefits

    08/18/2015 9:56:55 AM PDT · 19 of 36
    factoryrat to aimhigh
    Contract law is dead, anything goes now. Obama made sure of that with the GM and Chrysler bankruptcies.

    So, in the future if you contract for work with ANY company, try to get as much money up front as possible, and make sure you have a contingency plan to recover your costs outside of bankruptcy ruling.

    This isn't a democrat/republican/union thing. There's no shortage of slimy crooked businessmen and bankers out there, and they WILL screw you over if you give them the slightest opportunity.

    Contrary to your popular belief, all businessmen are NOT noble, nor honorable, and neither are the union bosses, or the government regulators.

    Like I said, have a plan when they renege on their end of a contract.

  • PERM Fake Job Ads defraud Americans to secure green cards(FLASHBACK)

    08/18/2015 9:43:49 AM PDT · 5 of 14
    factoryrat to TigerClaws
    This is a new revelation?

    Businesses have been employing this tactic for at least the last 15 years at least. It's a product of the new school business philosophy.

    The only reason this is even getting any attention is that businesses are actively firing long term employees, hiring outsourced H1-B workers from the third world, and forcing the soon to be unemployed workers to train their replacements, or risk losing severance pay and unemployment.

    See SoCal Edison as an example. The bastards aren't even trying to hide it anymore, knowing that they have obama and the GOP-e squishes to back them up.

    Brush this off, blame the employees, blame whoever you want, but at the end of the day, if this continues, no job or business will be safe, and the downward spiral will continue unabated.

  • Foreign companies around Tianjin blast suspend operations

    08/17/2015 10:26:25 AM PDT · 5 of 7
    factoryrat to wtd
    I keep saying it, and all of the globalist free trader china lobby types here on FR lambaste me for it, but I'll tell you again: the chinese OWN the US manufacturing base. If the THOUSANDS of shipping containers coming from china were to stop tomorrow, the ENTIRE US onshore manufacturing base would grind to a halt.

    People have no clue just how much of everything you buy, use, and consume comes out of china, and the US isn't the only country involved in this mess.

    If the chinese industrial base goes down, a large part of the first world (including the US) will be totally screwed.

  • From Trump To McDaniel: Is Ted Cruz Running A Brilliant Stealth Campaign?

    08/17/2015 9:34:03 AM PDT · 33 of 67
    factoryrat to cripplecreek
    If Trump hadn't come along, the brunt of the MSM onslaught would have been against anyone opposing JEB, and Cruz would be (and still is) a prime target. The MSM knows that decimate anybody in a debate, so the MSM strategy currently is to shut Cruz out, and marginalize him out of public existence.

    I think it's time for Cruz to live up to his reputation as a “bomb thrower” in congress, and start driving his message home with potential voters.

    Eloquent speeches work for some arguments, and bare knuckled brawls work for others, and nothing gets the attention of Americans faster than getting into a knockdown drag-out fight.

    Take the gloves off Cruz, and let Americans know loud and clear what you're made of and what you want for our country. Trump is doing this, and people are listening.

  • Donald Trump: 'Nice' Carly Fiorina Did 'Terrible Job' at Hewlett-Packard

    08/16/2015 12:36:43 PM PDT · 69 of 78
    factoryrat to skippyjonjones
    “Pie hole”.

    You just shut down any reasonable argument you may have had with that jab.

    Oh well, you're entitled to your opinion.

    It may have been more beneficial to all of us uninformed knuckle-dragging neanderthal hair lips if you explained the difference between a personal and corporate bankruptcy filing, and how this pertained to Trump's business dealings, and Fiorina’s performance as a CEO.

  • Donald Trump: 'Nice' Carly Fiorina Did 'Terrible Job' at Hewlett-Packard

    08/16/2015 11:19:46 AM PDT · 14 of 78
    factoryrat to blackdog

    Yes, he did. Four rimes as a matter of fact.

    What separates Trump from Fiorina, is that Trump kept fighting for his company, picked up the pieces, and started over.

    Fiorina ran HP into the ground, and more than likely was paid to do that deliberately, as an excuse to offshore and outsource as much as possible. People don’t realize just how powerful the chinese labor lobby is in the US, and just how many shareholders bankroll them.