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  • DHS Watch List-Types Thwart Robbery

    04/20/2009 3:04:27 PM PDT · 12 of 13
    dukeman to Kartographer

    You forgot bail money!

  • DHS Watch List-Types Thwart Robbery

    04/20/2009 3:00:20 PM PDT · 8 of 13
    dukeman to stevie_d_64

    LOL! Good thing those crime-fighters were in having a drink on Sunday afternoon!

  • DHS Watch List-Types Thwart Robbery

    04/20/2009 2:57:07 PM PDT · 5 of 13
    dukeman to Kartographer

    Pretty low to rob the disabled vets, wasn’t it?

  • DHS Watch List-Types Thwart Robbery

    04/20/2009 2:52:54 PM PDT · 2 of 13
    dukeman to dukeman

    That should be “DHS Watch List Types....” Rats!

  • DHS Watch List-Types Thwart Robbery

    04/20/2009 2:51:21 PM PDT · 1 of 13
    First the watch list and now violating some poor robber's civil rights? They've sure done it now!
  • DUers Are Bonkers Over Obama's "Faith-Based" Stance

    07/01/2008 5:23:52 PM PDT · 17 of 35
    dukeman to GatorGirl

    These people definitely need to be kept out of power.

  • DUers Are Bonkers Over Obama's "Faith-Based" Stance

    07/01/2008 5:13:32 PM PDT · 12 of 35
    dukeman to TornadoAlley3
    Just as many posts over there defending the Messiah for his flip flops

    True. I just enjoy watching them wriggle and complain.

  • DUers Are Bonkers Over Obama's "Faith-Based" Stance

    07/01/2008 4:59:44 PM PDT · 1 of 35
    And the beat goes on and on.

    Just wait until they lose the election. Again.

  • 10TH ANNIVERSARY MEMORIES! Let's Begin a Nostalgic Look at the Bill & Monica Affair

    01/21/2008 8:17:05 AM PST · 31 of 32
    dukeman to TontoKowalski
    Another significant Clinton contribution to American culture.

    I believe one of the great accomplishments of the Clinton years was the re-introduction of Latin into everyday conversation. For many, it took Bill's problems to first hear terms like "subpoena", "mea culpa", and "genitalia." Why, he was the Education President!

  • 10TH ANNIVERSARY MEMORIES! Let's Begin a Nostalgic Look at the Bill & Monica Affair

    01/20/2008 1:27:35 PM PST · 17 of 32
    dukeman to Clioman
    Here's the grand jury excerpt I was thinking of. It shows very early communication between 'ol Bill and Morris:

    At pages 2930 to 2932, Dick Morris describes his second contact with bill clinton after the Lewinsky story broke on 1/21/98:

    "A: On Thursday evening, at about seven p.m. roughly, I was in my apartment in New York--

    Q: This is January 22nd?

    A: Yes.

    Q: All right.

    A: And I got a telephone call from a newspaper, I believe it was USA Today,...


    And the reporter said that there's a line in the tape, meaning the Linda Tripp tape, the Monica Lewinsky/Linda Tripp tape, there's a line on the tape that refers to an incident when the President was with Monica Lewinsky having sex and he was on the telephone with you in the Jefferson Hotel where I lived during this period and that you were with the prostitute who I was subsequently exposed to have a relationship with and that you were having sex with her while he was having sex with Lewinsky and you were talking to one another.

    And I said, 'That's ridiculous. That's absolutely crazy. It never happened. It could never have possibly vaguely happened.'

    The President had no idea that I was doing what I was doing, and if he had known, I would have been fired in a heartbeat. And I had no idea he was doing what he said he was doing. So it was just completely fanciful.

    And then I said, "If you print that, it's reckless and untrue." And the word "reckless" is the word you use to kill a news story because that means libel suit.

    And I said, 'So you'd better have--' I said, 'If you have it on hard evidence, which is you have heard the tape and you can say that it's on that tape, then you can print it and you'd better print my denial. But if you do not know of yourself that it's on the tape, I'm telling you that it never happened and if you print it, the fact that you're printing it will be reckless and defamatory.', which means I'll sue.

    So they didn't publish the story. When he hung up the phone, I was absolutely gleeful and I picked up the phone and I called the President because I felt that this was proof that Monica Lewinsky was making all this garbage up because this had never happened. You know, she was telling Linda Tripp that this had happened and she must be a nut, which I hoped that she was.

    So then I called the President and he was in the White House. They told me he's in the White House theater [probably watching Wag The Dog and taking notes]. I believe I subsequently learned that he was with Arafat, but I'm vague on that.


    And then the President came out and said, 'I can't talk now. What's up?'

    And I told him about the USA Today call and he said, 'This is fantastic. This is great.' You know, because we were both really happy about it....


    About an hour later, I called him back and we--.... and I said, 'Let me read the statement I gave to USA Today.' I had in the meantime written a statement and called them back.

    And I said, 'If you go with it, which is reckless and dangerous,' and whatever the words are, 'this is my statement, but only if you go with it. This isn't your license to go with it.' And the statement said that-- I said, 'This is the fevered fantasy-- this is the fevered fantasy of a teenage mind.'

    And I said, 'If all of Monica Lewinsky's charges are as accurate as this one, then she owes the nation a massive apology for completely taking us down fantasy lane,' or something like that.

    And I told them that I was planning to have a press conference the next day, Friday morning, releasing this fact and blasting Monica Lewinsky "out of the water" because I said, 'Nobody's going to believe this and this will destroy her credibility on everything else she's saying.'

    And he said, 'Yeah, when I heard about it, I was just ecstatic. It was great.'

    And I said-- I said, 'this is wonderful. And, you know, when the country hears the other garbage on her tape, if it's as fanciful as this, her credibility will just be destroyed.'

    And he said, 'Yeah.'

    And I said, "The country's never going to impeach a president over the word of a 21-year old girl on some kind of fantasy trip." And we talked in that vein for a moment. Then he said-- and I said, "I'm going to really just rip her tomorrow."

    And he said,"You'd better be careful. Don't be too hard on her because there's some slight chance that she may not be cooperating with Starr and we don't want to alienate her by anything we're going to put out."

    And I said, "Oh, okay. Well--

    And he said, "Don't do anything until we talk in the morning."

    And I said, "Fine."

    Then he said,[this is my favorite part]"By the way, Dick, do you know the date of the, uh--" this is his "uh", it's not mine, "The, uh, the time with the woman?"

    And I said, "What do you mean, sir?"

    And he said, "The time, you know, with the woman in your hotel, the prostitute, you know, listening in on the calls?" And he was referring to an allegation that the prostitute who I had an affair with made which is that I had let her listen in and eavesdrop on conversations with the President.[Yes, a possible three-way with Bill, Monica & Dick]

    ] And I told the President that that was not true. I said, "As I've said before, this was not true. I never had her eavesdrop on a conversation with you. What I did was to pull the phone up to her ear for one minute so I could be a big shot and have her hear that I was talking to you and she just caught the sound of your voice."

    And he said, "Well, what date was that?"

    And I said, "Sir, a dozen times."

    And he said, "Oh, all right."

    And that was the conversation.

    Q: All right. Let me ask you just a question with reference to that while we're here. During the times that-- these dozen times when you may have put the phone up, you were speaking with the President on the telephone and may have put the phone up to the woman's ear for a short time, as you've testified, during those conversations you do not know who may or may not have been with the President when you were speaking with him. Is that fair to say?

    A: Yes. Fair. I mean, sometimes I would have the impression that he had staff with him or something, but I never had the slightest idea, impression or inkling of the rumor that this story indicated, that there was a time when he was talking to me while he was having sex with anybody.

    Q: But you're not able to exclude that possibility.

    A: No. I would consider it remote. He would constantly engage in conversation and talking and back and forth and byplay and there probably were times when he was less than attentive in 150 phone conversations, but sex would be a little farfetched.[But not too far fetched]

    Q: All right, sir. Now.

    A: Maybe it would be one of the times he indicated pleasure at my speech draft. Anyway, go ahead.


    Morris next indicates that he discussed the press conference idea with his wife and decided against it.

    "And before I could tell him I was not going to have the press conference, he [Clinton, the next day] said to me either, "I'm glad you called," or "Here's why I called you." I mean, I would always call him because he would never call me, he would page me, and I don't know if I called him on my own or returning his page.

    And he said, "Listen, my people don't think it would be a good idea for you to give that press conference because we're not at all sure that Lewinsky is going to cooperate with Starr, we think there's some chance that she won't and we don't want to alienate her."

    Of course, at this time 'ol Bill did not know about the now-famous stained blue dress. Isn't it telling that Bill was trying to find out about the eavesdropping prostitute and what she may have heard?

  • 10TH ANNIVERSARY MEMORIES! Let's Begin a Nostalgic Look at the Bill & Monica Affair

    01/20/2008 12:26:24 PM PST · 14 of 32
    dukeman to Clioman

    I don’t know where that one appears, but one of my favorite passages from the testimony is where Dick Morris discusses his phone conversations with ‘ol Bill. Morris, you may recall, sometimes let the hooker he was with listen in on his conversations so he’d look like a big shot. Bill was phoning Morris frequently when the scandal first broke in the news and he asked Morris about whether anybody listened in. I’ll try to find that excerpt.

  • 10TH ANNIVERSARY MEMORIES! Let's Begin a Nostalgic Look at the Bill & Monica Affair

    01/20/2008 12:06:23 PM PST · 9 of 32
    dukeman to Kozak; Wolverine
    Okay, here's one more, but I'm taking a break to watch the NFL playoffs:

    Mr. President, Just What Does One Wear To A Phone Sex Encounter?

    At page 4127 of her grand jury testimony, Linda Tripp testifies regarding Monica's acount of phone sex interludes with the leader of the free world:

    “Q: Did the President ever describe to Monica Lewinsky what he was wearing during these conversations?

    A: Monica said he always said the same thing. He was always wearing a T-shirt and blue underwear.”

    Creepy inage!. How can this guy build a bridge to the 21st century when he can't even change his underpants? And before anyone asks, the record does not reflect whether they were boxers or bfiefs.

  • 10TH ANNIVERSARY MEMORIES! Let's Begin a Nostalgic Look at the Bill & Monica Affair

    01/20/2008 12:01:14 PM PST · 7 of 32
    dukeman to Wolverine

    You are absolutely correct about Chinagate!

  • 10TH ANNIVERSARY MEMORIES! Let's Begin a Nostalgic Look at the Bill & Monica Affair

    01/20/2008 11:59:35 AM PST · 5 of 32
    dukeman to Wolverine

    Love the graphic!

  • 10TH ANNIVERSARY MEMORIES! Let's Begin a Nostalgic Look at the Bill & Monica Affair

    01/20/2008 11:58:03 AM PST · 4 of 32
    dukeman to Kozak
    Har, Har! I'll do my best to find the cigar references in the transcripts for you. In the meantime, this will have to do:

    The following excerpt from page 4203 of LindaTripp's grand jury testimony may indicate a cause of action exists against Monica for Bill's leg injury while visiting Greg Norman's house in Florida:

    “Q: And please describe to the grand jury what that--why don't you read that notation [Tripp kept notes of some of her conversations with Monica] and explain to them what it means.

    A: Monica had said that the President had been in Florida and called her on a weekday at 2:30 in the morning, that Mrs. Clinton was not there, and that virtually the entire conversation, its entire length, was dedicated to phone sex, which she described as incredible.


    Q: As incredible. What would make that incredible, versus any other phone sex? Do you know?

    A: Only that it would stand out more than others for length and satisfying. I--Monica was analyzing throughout this whole conversation that we had in which I took the notes, the ebbs and flows, the ups and downs, the cause and effect of different happenings and she hypothesized that, you know, well, Mrs. Clinton wasn't there and he was away and maybe that contributed to his sense of freedom. As I said, these are only things she said to me.”

    Okay, here's the theory: Bill and Monica's phone conversation was so exciting for Bill that it caused too much blood flow away from his brain and to, uh, somewhere else. The result? He gets lightheaded, stumbles down Norman's stairs, and hurts his leg. Open and shut case? Perhaps Alan Dershowitz would take it on a contingent basis.

  • 10TH ANNIVERSARY MEMORIES! Let's Begin a Nostalgic Look at the Bill & Monica Affair

    01/20/2008 11:46:08 AM PST · 1 of 32
    Incidentally, somewhere else in the transcripts Monica indicates that she initially thought the stain on the dress was a spot of wayward spinach dip. The rest, as they say, is history.

    Wow, Bill! A four or five dollar cleaning bill would have saved your legacy and Monica would have just been more roadkill left in your path.

    Bill: "Note to self-- Next time, post a dry cleaning cost deposit before beginning illicit relationship."

  • Marchers aim to legalize marijuana

    05/05/2007 8:08:19 AM PDT · 2 of 105
    dukeman to dukeman

    “Dude, besides we ran out of Doritos!”

  • Marchers aim to legalize marijuana

    05/05/2007 8:07:30 AM PDT · 1 of 105
  • Cafe patrons hope to save Bradenton's refuge for liberals

    04/15/2007 11:23:15 AM PDT · 22 of 33
    dukeman to Chode
    These libs might have better luck with opening something like this in the city limits of Sarasota to the south. Slowly, the City of Sarasota is starting to turn into a lib enclave in a generally more conservative SW Florida. The libs in Sarasota tend to be of the limousine liberal variety. By contrast, during the recent voting broohaha caused by the Jennings vs. Buchannen congressional race a TV newsman from outside the area referred to Bradenton as “middle class at best.”
  • Cafe patrons hope to save Bradenton's refuge for liberals

    04/15/2007 9:49:19 AM PDT · 1 of 33
    These people are really just children. BUH-BYE!