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  • UC Berkeley and the 'Islamophobia' Lobby

    05/26/2012 10:14:37 AM PDT · by SmithL · 5 replies
    Campus Watch ^ | 5/25/2012 | Cinnamon Stillwell
    The Islamophobia Research & Documentation Project (IRDP)—a program of the University of California, Berkeley's Center for Race and Gender (CRG)—recently held its third annual conference, "Critical Discourses on Islamophobia: Symbols, Images, & Representations." As in previous years, speaker after speaker decried an imaginary racist, imperialist, Orientalist Western juggernaut, while disregarding the very real predations of Islamism. The first day of the conference brought in approximately eighty people at its peak, including a number of women in hijab (head scarf), typing furiously on laptops. Others sported keffiyehs and dreadlocks; a smattering of Arabic and French could be heard; and a scruffy,...
  • Protesters will end UC farm encampment

    05/12/2012 3:26:54 PM PDT · by SmithL · 5 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 5/12/12 | Nanette Asimov
    Occupy the Farm protesters agreed Saturday to end their three-week encampment on UC Berkeley property in Albany, but rebuffed an invitation from the university to discuss how area can be used for both urban farming and for research. Instead, the several dozen protesters set up ladders to scale the fence UC had erected around the area along San Pablo Avenue known as the Gill Tract and said they will continue to tend the vegetables and fruit trees they've planted on two of the five disputed acres. As a result, the UC Regents said they won't drop the civil lawsuit they...
  • Occupy's farm goal pales against research effort

    05/11/2012 9:22:15 AM PDT · by SmithL · 15 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 5/11/12 | Chip Johnson
    Message to the Occupy the Farm folk. Don't fence us in. Because when you trespass on another person's land and claim it as your own, you leave the rest of us law-abiding folk with very few options. The property owners can ask police to throw you off the land, they can throw you off themselves or present a legal argument to have you removed and barred from ever returning. UC Berkeley officials chose option three earlier this week, filing a lawsuit seeking an injunction to have more than a dozen protesters removed from the university's Gill Tract, a 10-acre research...
  • Berkeley Law 2012 Graduation Tomorrow: More Protest Against Torture Lawyer John Yoo

    05/10/2012 10:23:56 PM PDT · by SmithL · 12 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 5/10/12 | The World Can't Wait
    Protesters will denounce torture, and the University of California’s continuing connection to torture, outside tomorrow's commencement ceremony at UC Berkeley Law (Boalt Hall). As in previous years’ graduation demonstrations, protesters including those costumed to represent prisoners at Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, and other sites where the U.S. currently manages a regimen of illegal rendition, detention, and torture, will gather outside the commencement before and during the ceremony. They will call for an end to, and accountability for, this illegal program wherever it has been operating. Berkeley Law professor John Yoo is on the list of Bush Regime officials who they say...
  • Occupation of UC Berkeley Land Continues for 17th Day

    05/08/2012 10:05:14 PM PDT · by SmithL · 5 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 5/8/12 | Jeff Shuttleworth
    A standoff between protesters and the University of California at Berkeley over a 10-acre plot of university-owned agricultural land in Albany continued into its 17th day today. Anya Kamanskaya, of the group Occupy The Farm, said the ball is in the university's court after protesters issued a response late Monday to the university's proposal to resolve the standoff. UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof said the university planned to respond to the protesters' letter later today. Occupy the Farm activists moved onto the site, which is known as the Gill Tract and is located near the corner of Marin and San...
  • New police patrols target Berkeley's Telegraph Avenue, People's Park

    05/08/2012 3:24:02 PM PDT · by SmithL · 4 replies
    Oakland Tribune ^ | 5/8/12 | Doug Oakley
    Merchants and nearby residents are hoping a new police foot patrol on Telegraph Avenue and at People's Park will reduce the numbers of transients and their aggressive dogs that drive other people away. The patrols started April 30. On day two, they arrested a South Carolina murder suspect who was doing push-ups in People's Park. Police said they initially questioned the man because of his shopping cart, which is illegal to possess. After running his name through a database, he was arrested on a no bail warrant. The patrols, two teams of two from UC Berkeley and the city of...
  • UC Berkeley adviser fired after affair

    05/06/2012 6:31:54 AM PDT · by SmithL · 22 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 5/6/12 | Phillip Matier, Andrew Ross, Chronicle Columnists
    A former UC Berkeley assistant vice chancellor who doubled the salary of a male subordinate during a 15-month affair has been fired from the university. Diane Leite, 47, who had already been bumped from her assistant vice chancellor's job, was dismissed from the six-figure-salary adviser's job where she had landed, UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof confirmed Friday. Leite's relationship with purchasing manager Jonathan Caniezo, who is 17 years her junior, was detailed in a whistle-blower letter to her boss back in August. Records show that Caniezo's pay grew from $57,864 in late 2008 to $120,000 in 2010.When the scandal went...
  • Ron Paul says he won't quit race

    04/06/2012 2:19:26 PM PDT · by SmithL · 13 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 4/6/12 | Carla Marinucci, Chronicle Political Writer
    GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul, on a three-day campaign swing in California that has attracted overflow crowds, said Thursday his withdrawal from the race is "not going to happen" - and he isn't certain he'll support Mitt Romney should the former Massachusetts governor win the party's nomination. The Texas congressman, in a meeting with The Chronicle's editorial board, said there may be some "excitement" ahead, including the possibility of a "brokered" convention. Paul, asked whether he would back Romney if he secures the 1,144 delegates needed to win the Republican nomination, said, "We haven't gotten that far yet. I have...
  • Meet the Real 1%: OCCUPY BOHEMIAN GROVE This July

    04/04/2012 6:34:01 PM PDT · by SmithL · 12 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 4/3/12 | Haig Patigian
    In solidarity with a number of Occupations, as well as long-running protest group Bohemian Grove Action Network, the call for peaceful protests against The Bohemian Club this July in Monte Rio (CA) are hereby announced. Since Bohemian Grove is on private land, we respect those legal boundaries. Therefore, this communique only endorses peaceful, non-violent protests on the public land existing outside Bohemian Grove. The goal is not to “shut down” their party – we simply want to shine a spotlight on it. We feel it blatantly confirms the existence of an interconnected, international power elite that holds a systematic "good...
  • Berkeley residents say no to new taxes

    04/04/2012 6:28:03 PM PDT · by SmithL · 22 replies
    Oakland Tribune ^ | 4/4/12 | Doug Oakley
    The people of Berkeley have spoken loud and clear to city leaders: No new taxes. Even the famously left-leaning city has its limits, apparently. A recent poll of 430 residents likely to vote in the November election told city leaders they won't get the necessary two-thirds approval to raise property taxes to fund any of the $500 million needed to upgrade the city's infrastructure such as roads, swimming pools, storm drains and buildings. Residents' attitudes about the direction of the local economy weighed heavily on their answers to the $24,000 poll conducted in March, a pollster told City Council members...
  • Convenient excuses allow officials to evade public disclosure in times of embarrassment

    03/31/2012 9:32:52 PM PDT · by SmithL · 6 replies
    Oakland Tribune ^ | 3/31/12 | Thomas Peele
    "All governments lie," the late muckraker I.F. "Izzy" Stone used to preach. Let's add this: They also deny. Denial of access is a government lie in and of itself -- especially when a bureaucrat tells the public it has no right to view the writings of top officials, particularly when those officials are in trouble. A pair of recent controversies shows how quickly governments become recalcitrant for fear of embarrassment, denying access to information that may further public understanding and full accountability. In one, lawyers have denied access to records involving a California power couple, state Treasurer Bill Lockyer and...
  • Reversing the Sixties: The 2012 Republican Agenda

    03/23/2012 6:22:26 PM PDT · by SmithL · 14 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 3/23/12 | Bob Burnett
    Columns Reversing the Sixties: The 2012 Republican Agenda By Bob Burnett Friday March 23, 2012 - 12:44:00 PM Bookmark and Share One of the most surprising aspects of contemporary Republican politics has been their across-the-board attack on women’s health services and women’s rights. Rather than an isolated misogynistic program, these attacks should be viewed as one part of a conservative agenda to role back gains made in the sixties. Recently, MoveOn reported Top 10 Shocking Attacks from the GOP’s War on Women ranging from changing the definition of rape to denying abortions in all circumstances to limiting access to contraception...
  • Occupy Protesters Arraigned, Ordered to Stay Away from Berkeley Campus

    03/20/2012 2:21:46 PM PDT · by SmithL · 4 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 3/19/12 | Jeff Shuttleworth
    Four Occupy Cal protesters were arraigned today on misdemeanor charges for their involvement in a demonstration at Sproul Plaza at the University of California at Berkeley campus on Nov. 9. At the request of the Alameda County District Attorney's Office, Superior Court Judge Paul Seeman issued orders which require that the protesters stay away 100 yards from all UC property, except for when they go to and from class and work. Attorney Ronald Cruz, who represents three Occupy Cal protesters but not the four people who were arraigned today, attended today's hearing and said Seeman made it clear that the...
  • Berkeley launches independent probe of chief

    03/16/2012 2:38:12 PM PDT · by SmithL · 3 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 3/16/12 | Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer
    The city of Berkeley has hired a law firm to investigate the police chief's decision to send an officer to a reporter's home after midnight to push for changes in a story, officials said today. Interim City Manager Christine Daniel issued a statement confirming the independent investigation shortly after the police union called for an outside probe, saying the top cop should be held to the same standard as the rank and file. Chief Michael Meehan has apologized for what he has described as an "error in judgment." Any officer under his command who did what the chief did would...
  • UC Berkeley professors condemn light punishment for administrator

    03/16/2012 7:50:14 AM PDT · by SmithL · 11 replies
    Oakland Tribune ^ | 3/16/12 | Matt Krupnick
    BERKELEY -- A growing chorus of voices is calling for the firing of a UC Berkeley administrator who helped triple her secret sex partner's pay over five years. Calling Diane Leite's punishment "an affront" to the university, several UC Berkeley professors have asked the school's provost to investigate how the matter was handled. They are aghast that, instead of firing her, the university reassigned Leite from her assistant vice chancellor post and will still pay her $175,000 a year. "It's an outrage," said engineering professor Samer Madanat, one of at least 13 professors who signed the letter to Provost George...
  • UC Berkeley administrator hiked pay for employee she was seeing

    03/12/2012 8:01:32 AM PDT · by SmithL · 26 replies · 2+ views
    Oakland Tribune ^ | 3/12/12 | Matt Krupnick
    A longtime UC Berkeley administrator has been demoted and docked in pay for improperly giving several raises to an employee with whom she was having a sexual relationship -- but she will still make $175,000 a year. Diane Leite, a former assistant vice chancellor, "should have known better" than to push through five raises in two years for a purchasing manager, university investigators concluded. The scandal in UC Berkeley's office that provides administrative services for campus research is detailed in a report obtained by the Bay Area News Group using the California Public Records Act. Jonathan Caniezo, 30, who earned...
  • Why do so many people hate California?

    02/23/2012 1:31:25 PM PST · by SmithL · 131 replies · 2+ views
    SFGate: Politics Blog ^ | 2/23/12 | Emily Wilkins, Hearst Washington Bureau
    Surf. Sun. Disneyland. What’s not to love about California? Well, apparently, a lot of things. In a poll released Tuesday by the Public Policy Polling, California was the least popular state in the United States. Only 27 percent of Americans hold a favorable view of the Golden State compared to the 44 percent who view it unfavorably. “There’s this arrogance about Californians,” said Patrick Dorinson, a radio host in California who refers to himself as the Cowboy Libertarian. “Californians still think it’s this great star. It’s a tarnished star at this point.” The gap of 17 points puts California far...
  • FIRST PERSON: When to Say "Yes" and When to Say "No" to Panhandlers

    02/22/2012 1:07:59 PM PST · by SmithL · 92 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 2/22/12 | Jack Bragen
    Panhandling has always been an important part of human existence, ever since people were put in poverty by a society that sometimes lacks mercy. It is not fair or accurate to say that you should never give money to a panhandler. There are people who would perish without the generosity of strangers. We can not presume to know that they created their own problems and should reap the results. There are plenty of people who became poor largely due to circumstances that weren't under their control. I have given coins out of my pocket to panhandlers under certain circumstances, and...
  • Rev. Billy's Roadshow in Berkeley Occupies Telegraph B of A—Sort Of

    02/20/2012 8:40:13 AM PST · by SmithL · 4 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 2/20/12 | Ted Friedman
    The whole bizarre incident started, as usual, in front of the Caffe Mediterraneum—center of the universe, where a tall man who resembles Jay Leno had attracted a crowd. Saying, "never trust a man in white shoes," he carried on like a Southern Baptist preacher, a white-suited version of Johnny Cash, as a Berkeley Poet Laureate, Julia Vinograd, later symbolized him for her next poem. For the past forty years Berkeley has hosted scores of entertaining street performers, such as Moon Man (selling lots on the moon), Polka Dot Man, Ricky Starr, Stoney Burke, Bubble Lady, the Nude Duo, Naked Man,...
  • BERKELEY: The Pacific Steel Casting Situation (News Analyis)

    02/15/2012 7:01:42 PM PST · by SmithL · 9 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 2/14/12 | Steve Martinot
    People are back in the streets because of Pacific Steel Casting Company. In the past, it has been the issue of pollution. The workers have struck over the issue of health and safety (the same issue, as seen from inside). And now, some 200 workers are protesting unjust job termination, owing to intervention by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), in violation of the spirit of Berkeley as a sanctuary city. This factory remains a problem. There will be a march to publicize this problem on Friday, Feb. 17. Here's a bit of the story (aka history). The factory is a...
  • People's Park tree-sitter convicted of illegal lodging

    02/03/2012 3:05:55 PM PST · by SmithL · 4 replies
    BERKELEY -- A longtime Berkeley tree sitter has been convicted of illegal lodging and pointing a laser at a police officer. Fifty-five-year-old Matthew Dodt received a 60-day suspended sentence and three years of probation . . .
  • Berkeley considers closing its multimillion dollar Wells Fargo account . . .

    02/02/2012 9:32:19 AM PST · by SmithL · 13 replies
    Oakland Tribune ^ | 2/2/12 | Doug Oakley
    Berkeley considers closing its multimillion dollar Wells Fargo account over bank's handling of foreclosure crisis Berkeley is considering closing its Wells Fargo account worth $350 million and entrusting the money to a community bank or credit union, saying the bank is partly to blame for the financial crisis of the last four years.The City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to study cutting ties with the bank and rewarding "responsible financial institutions" with its business. The city manager will return with a report in May on the feasibility of ending the 8-year-old contract, which is up for renewal at the end...
  • Occupy Oakland: Are We Being Childish?

    01/31/2012 3:47:07 PM PST · by SmithL · 12 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 1/31/12 | Osha Neumann
    “The Bay Area Occupy Movement has got to stop using Oakland as their playground,” said Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, speaking at a press conference Saturday evening after a day of demonstrations called by Occupy Oakland that saw approximately 400 arrests, multiple injuries and numerous confrontations with police. She ticked off the damage that had been done when a group of protesters broke into City Hall, overturning a scale model of the building, vandalizing a children's art exhibit, and burning an American flag. The next day in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, she returned to her talking point: "It's...
  • The Tea Party, Planning and Democracy, Part Two (News Analysis)

    01/28/2012 9:59:20 AM PST · by SmithL · 4 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 1/27/12 | Zelda Bronstein
    Progressive observers treat the Tea Party’s forays into land use planning as the work of paranoid reactionaries. The March-April 2011 issue of Mother Jones ran an article by Stephanie Mencimer that portrayed Tea Partiers as “nutters” whose opposition to increased density and mass transit is rooted in “a hostility to what it sees as elites” and a pro-sprawl, suburban lifestyle. Last December, the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy’s Anthony Flint riffed off of Mencimer’s piece in a post on the Atlantic magazine’s “Urban Wonk” blog that decried Tea Party disruption of planning efforts from California to Maine to Florida. The...
  • Why the University Bulldozing in People's Park Matters (News Analysis)

    12/30/2011 1:09:35 PM PST · by SmithL · 15 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 12/29/11 | Terri Compost
    The University's recent bulldozer "maintenance" in the Park is problematic in several ways. First, it is a violation of trust and respect. The University snuck into the Park in the early hours with no notice to the community and long time Park volunteers. The Pergola, or trellis in the West End, which UC rather mysteriously decapitated, was designed and agreed upon during almost a year of meetings with University architects and the volunteers who built it. And the information that the University is providing for their recent attack is misleading, if not outright falsehood. I'll eat my hat if the...
  • Flash: UC Berkeley Bulldozes People's Park to Make It More "Sanitary".

    12/28/2011 7:33:12 PM PST · by SmithL · 24 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 12/28/11 | Carol Denney and Planet
    Bulldozers ploughed through the west end of People’s Park today turning decades of community garden into rubble. Dozens of police watched as crews tossed mountains of healthy plants and a community-built arbor into dumpsters, leaving behind stripped earth. A young student who claimed to be volunteering as a police assistant handed out university fliers which stated, “In response to park users and neighbor concerns, we are doing maintenance work to address the rat infestation and safety issues in People’s Park.” A UC press release described the activity as "an effort to provide students and the broader community with safer, more...
  • Don't Bother Waiting for the One Percent to Shape Up--Here in Berkeley It's a DIY Holiday

    12/23/2011 8:06:09 PM PST · by SmithL · 24 replies · 14+ views
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 12/23/11 | Becky O'Malley
    Being out and about in Berkeley in the week before Christmas provides a good window on the world in 2011. A lot of fuss has been made, rightly so, about the major divide between the 1% super-rich and the 99% others, but the old distinction of the haves versus the have-nots is still valid. Berkeley has recently been certified as the center of this split. We have the biggest gap between the rich and the poor of any city in the Bay Area. Of course, the simple explanation is that we’re the rich city most tolerant of also including some...
  • Updated: Goodbye, and Good Riddance (?) to Camp Occupy Berkeley

    12/23/2011 8:02:57 PM PST · by SmithL · 6 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 12/23/11 | Ted Friedman
    olice said they'd enforce no-camping restrictions in Civic Center Park, but they didn't say when. When has since come and gone—and so has the encampment. Goodbye, and good riddance? Twenty-five Occupy addicts, and some curiosity-seekers showed up at Thursday's general assembly, in Civic Center Park, to debate responses to the city's take-down of the camp. Many denounced the troubled camp, but some supported it. One Occupier tried to rally the GA to march across the street to the Berkeley police station, but had to do so, himself. After 10 minutes, he returned—a man without a crowd. The GA was disrupted...
  • I've Had It with These Masked Thugs (News Analysis)

    12/15/2011 3:49:13 PM PST · by SmithL · 4 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 12/15/11 | Gar Smith
    I don't know about you, but I'm getting fed up with these self-important gangs of masked, black-clad agitators running roughshod over our city streets. They've occupied parks, shut down roadways, vandalized private property, assaulted law-abiding citizens and left entire communities afraid to venture into financially struggling downtown business districts. They've wielded spray cans and left behind eyesores that have incensed the community. I am speaking, of course, about the police.
  • An Open Letter to UC Berkeley Students, Faculty, Administration & Regents . . .

    11/28/2011 7:37:18 PM PST · by SmithL · 11 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 11/28/11 | Mary Jo Rossi, UC Berkeley Police Officers’ Association
    An Open Letter to UC Berkeley Students, Faculty, Administration & Regents from the UC Berkeley Police Officers’ Association It is our hope that this letter will help open the door to a better understanding between UC Berkeley police and the University community. The UC Berkeley Police Officers’ Association, representing approximately 64 campus police officers, understands your frustration over massive tuition hikes and budget cuts, and we fully support your right to peacefully protest to bring about change.  It was not our decision to engage campus protesters on November 9th. We are now faced with “managing” the results of years of poor...
  • Flash: U.C. Berkeley Faculty Senate Registers 10-1 Vote Condemning Administration...

    11/28/2011 7:32:19 PM PST · by SmithL · 11 replies
    Flash: U.C. Berkeley Faculty Senate Registers 10-1 Vote Condemning Administration Response to Occupy Berkeley ProtestersThe Berkeley Division of the University of California Faculty Senate endorsed, by a 10-1 margin (336-34), a group of four resolutions expressing, with varying degrees of specificity, their lack of confidence in the way Berkeley administrators have handled student protests. Three U.C. Berkeley executives, Chancellor Robert Birgenau and two of his subordinates, attempted an explanation of their actions on November 9, when students and faculty were clubbed by police. They were greeted with stony silence by the faculty members in the front of the International House...
  • Add Occupy Cal to our protest fatigue

    11/13/2011 3:13:07 PM PST · by SmithL · 7 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 11/13/11 | Debra J. Saunders
    The Bay Area has come down with a serious case of Protest Fatigue. The 99 percent of Northern Californians who want to go about their business are being jammed with protests and forced to pay for shutdowns imposed by the 1 percent of activists who don't know the difference between free speech and free camping. There are so many protests here that the group No Justice No BART had to call off a planned demonstration on Nov. 2 in order to accommodate activists planning to take public transit to the Occupy Oakland general strike. When President Obama came to San...
  • Race-based bake sale attracts attention at UC

    09/27/2011 12:59:27 PM PDT · by SmithL · 18 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 9/27/11 | Nanette Asimov, Chronicle Staff Writer
    A face-off on the UC Berkeley campus this morning pitted Democrats vs. Republicans, pro-affirmative-action students vs. those favoring race-blind policies, and, ultimately, cupcakes vs. brownies. None other than former UC Regent and affirmative action opponent Ward Connerly, showed up on Sproul Plaza today to sell frosted cupcakes priced according to the race of the buyer. Connerly, who wrote Proposition 209, the state's voter-approved ban on race preferences in government programs, sat at a table with the Berkeley College Republicans to hawk their baked goods. The group's stunt, which some students have called racist and insensitive, was touted as a satirical...
  • UC Berkeley GOP student bake sale is mean-spirited

    09/27/2011 10:03:10 AM PDT · by SmithL · 62 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 9/27/11 | Chip Johnson
    I don't know about the political ethics or math skills of the UC Berkeley students who came up with the idea for an Increase Diversity Bake Sale, but they certainly know how to draw a crowd. The student Republican group that sponsored a race-based bake sale set to be held on the campus today must have been counting on raising more than just the cookie dough. There are few places in America more reactionary than a college campus, and among them, UC Berkeley is a leader. A bake sale flyer posted on Facebook last week linked the price of pastries...
  • Why the Berkeley College Republicans are Wrong

    09/26/2011 6:17:37 PM PDT · by SmithL · 79 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 9/26/11 | Thomas Lord
    The Berkeley College Republicans have taken a strong stance against a proposed law that would allow, among other things, race to be taken into consideration during the admissions process. They say on a Facebook event page: "The Berkeley College Republicans firmly believe measuring any admit's merit based on race is intrinsically racist." In this note I'll show that their belief is wrong. Not only is the use of race in admissions not intrinsically racist - the failure to consider race and other similar factors is intrinsically racist. This is not some subjective interpretation of histories of oppression. This is not...
  • BERKELEY: UC students protest funding cuts

    09/22/2011 5:38:33 PM PDT · by SmithL · 28 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 9/22/11 | Nanette Asimov, Chronicle Staff Writer
    BERKELEY -- The protest season began with a near bang at UC Berkeley this afternoon as hundreds of chanting, fist-pumping students angry about tuition hikes charged into Tolman Hall after a raucous noon rally. They filled the ground-floor hallways and jostled police officers. One student grabbed an officer's .40-caliber magazine, sending the ammunition clip flying. Officer Donna Chapman, who had been trying to order students to clear the building entrance, ran to pick up the clip before protesters could grab it. Around her, students shouted "No cuts, no fees, education must be free" as they flooded into the building. Classrooms...
  • Exclusive: Fallen Angel Plunges From Tree-Perch Ending Eight-Day People's Park Protest

    09/09/2011 3:48:15 PM PDT · by SmithL · 54 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 9/7/11 | Ted Friedman
    <p>First she was buoyantly up in a "dangerous" People's Park tree protesting "Everything," but now she's at Highland Hospital with a broken back, ending an eight-day protest which was a protest-in-progress.</p> <p>Her last fall from the tree was her second. She fell in her second day in the tree and was caught in the arms of a friend before she hit the ground. "Moon Shadow," who was first up, last Monday, reportedly took a plunge when—out on a limb—he helped attach a protest banner.</p>
  • When a UC-Berkeley student and a professor meet in court.....

    09/02/2011 12:45:33 PM PDT · by SmithL · 7 replies
    SFGate: Politics Blog ^ | 9/2/11 | Nanette Asimov
    A bizarre showdown between well-known indie journalist Josh Wolf and an optometry professor is set to reach its dramatic conclusion Friday in Berkeley Small Claims Court. Cal Prof. Robert DiMartino wants Wolf to reimburse him $1,066, and a judge will decide if he has to. But this dispute is about cash like "Bleak House" is about a will. To Wolf, it's a question of democratic principles. A known First Amendment-hugger, the June graduate of UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism first gained notoriety in 2007 after serving 226 days in federal prison for refusing to give police the video he'd...
  • Berkeley chancellor seeking funds for undocumented students

    08/25/2011 10:18:04 AM PDT · by SmithL · 20 replies
    Contra Costa Times ^ | 8/25/11 | Matt Krupnick
    BERKELEY -- UC Berkeley is asking some of the country's largest foundations to help undocumented immigrants afford college. Buoyed by a new state law that allows public colleges and universities to offer private scholarships to students who came to the United States illegally, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau said Wednesday he has spoken to major organizations such as the Carnegie and Ford foundations about helping the university. "One was nervous about the political impact," he said in an interview after his annual back-to-school media briefing. "The other said, 'This is fantastic.' " Birgeneau has been a vocal supporter of undocumented...
  • US Needs a Declaration of Independence - from Israel (Commentary)

    07/06/2011 10:51:07 AM PDT · by SmithL · 42 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 7/4/11 | Henry Norr
    ATHENS, Greece - 235 years after the American colonies declared independence from Britain, the passenegers on the U.S. Boat to Gaza call for a new American Declaration of Independence, this time from Israel. The passengers issued their call from the decks of the U.S.-flagged boat, The Audacity of Hope, which is currently confined to a Greek military pier near Athens, while its captain sits in jail. Like the Founders in Philadelphia, the passengers in Athens recognize that "When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them to another, a...
  • Standing Up for the Right to Sit Down in Berkeley

    05/19/2011 3:58:19 PM PDT · by SmithL · 5 replies · 1+ views
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 5/17/11 | Becky O'Malley, Editor
    It’s hard to believe, but it seems that the clueless owners of the commercial buildings in downtown Berkeley and on Telegraph are pressing on with their campaign to ban sitting down. It appears that their proposal is still on the fast track for passage in mid-summer, in that convenient sweet spot when most students and many other residents are out of town and the Berkeley City Council can do its dirtiest deeds relatively unnoticed. Since there are already many well-organized opponents, passing an ordinance like this would be a guaranteed recipe for disruption: certainly demonstrations, possibly calls for boycotting businesses...
  • Assembly Speaker John Pérez a Cal dropout, not grad

    05/19/2011 9:54:17 AM PDT · by SmithL · 19 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 5/19/11 | Lance Williams, California Watch
    When Rep. Hilda Solis inserted remarks in the Congressional Record praising Los Angeles activist John Pérez as "an asset to the labor movement," she was recounting the life story of a man who would later become California's Assembly speaker. "After graduating from the University of California Berkeley, John began working on designing and organizing education programs," Solis, then a Los Angeles congresswoman and now U.S. secretary of labor, wrote in 2004. But the record is wrong: Pérez dropped out of UC Berkeley and never returned. For a decade, Pérez's designation as a UC Berkeley graduate went unchallenged in newspaper articles,...
  • America’s Killing Sprees Define Who We Are As A People (An Investigative Commentary)

    05/05/2011 10:53:11 AM PDT · by SmithL · 32 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 5/4/11 | Gar Smith
    When President Barack Obama announced the death of Osama bin Laden, his demeanor was properly restrained. It is hard to imagine George W. Bush issuing a similar pronouncement without cracking a grin and making a disparaging remark. The killing of bin Laden, Obama reflected, said much about America: “We will be true to the values that make us who we are.” Sadly, the media showed too many Americans greeting the news of bin Laden’s death with fist-pumping elation. Raucous, shouting mobs gathered outside the White House and at New York’s “Ground Zero” to wave US flags and chant “USA! USA!”...
  • Berkeley Street Tops Chris Hedges With Ho-hum and Grave Respect for the Dishonored Dead

    05/04/2011 4:15:19 PM PDT · by SmithL · 3 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 5/4/11 | Ted Friedman
    Berkeley's Telegraph Avenue responded Monday to U.S. killing of Bin Laden with a big ho-hum and grave respect for the dishonored dead. Mon. evening, Chris Hedges, a leading critic of U.S. government policies covered much of the street's ground. Many street people surveyed were less than ten years old when the World Trade Center crashed in 2001. Also interviewed were shop clerks, businessmen, and passers-by. They were all asked to comment on the death of Bin Laden Monday evening Chris Hedges, Pulitzer Prize winning former journalist turned best-selling author and minister to progressives, sermonized at Berkeley's First Congregational Church on...
  • Going Hungry in Berkeley for Ethnic Studies

    05/04/2011 1:23:32 PM PDT · by SmithL · 15 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 5/4/11 | Jonah Most
    Hungry students and their supporters sit for the seventh day in front of University of California at Berkeley’s California Hall, after a futile meeting with University Chancellor Robert Birgeneau. The students asked Birgeneau yesterday to reinstate fired ethnic-studies staff members. “We're still here, we're still fighting and basically, we're not going anywhere," said a weary-looking, third-year Native American studies major, Zoila Lara-Cea. They are protesting cuts resulting from a comprehensive audit of university operations conducted by the consulting firm Bain and Company. The auditors recommended trimming two-and-a-half staff positions from the Ethnic Studies Department. Even though cuts are distributed university-wide,...
  • Revolution and Resurrection Stalk Berkeley's First Congo after Osama Killing

    05/04/2011 1:17:05 PM PDT · by SmithL · 7 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 5/4/11 | Becky O'Malley, Editor
    There was a message on my machine on Monday: “I’m just sort of stunned by the news, and I wouldn’t mind having a friend’s take on it. I feel some…relief, frankly.” Well, yes. Full confession: I haven’t gotten back to her yet, because I don’t know exactly what to say. I find myself having heretical ideas, hard to process, harder to disclose. . . . Radical idea: maybe if G.W.B. had simply ordered the assassination of Saddam Hussein in 2002, how many lives, both American and Iraqi, both combatant and civilian, might have been saved? And extrapolating from that heterodox...
  • New Berkeley library fought by shadowy group

    04/29/2011 8:08:00 AM PDT · by SmithL · 10 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 4/29/11 | Chip Johnson
    In an era of fiscal austerity when cities all over the Bay Area are reducing library hours, shedding library staff or closing libraries altogether, a small band of preservationists is actually fighting to stop a new library from being built in Berkeley. The Concerned Library Users is using the language in a 2008 voter-approved bond measure as the basis for a lawsuit filed last fall to halt the city from tearing down the south branch library on Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Because Measure FF, a $26 million library bond measure, makes no mention of demolition, the group contends that...
  • BERKELEY: Ex-Cal doctor accused of sex assaults of patients

    04/28/2011 12:34:08 PM PDT · by SmithL · 12 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 4/28/11 | Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer
    A doctor who worked for UC Berkeley's health center for more than 20 years has been charged with sexually assaulting patients, authorities said today. Robert Martin Kevess, 52, of Oakland assaulted at least six male patients since 2006 while working at the Tang Health Center at 2222 Bancroft Way just south of the campus, according to Alameda County prosecutors. . . . A 19-count complaint filed Wednesday accuses Kevess of sexual exploitation of numerous patients, along with several charges of sexual battery with false professional purpose and sexual penetration with a foreign object. If convicted, Kevess could face a lengthy...
  • Berkeley officials blast lawsuit challenging library project

    04/28/2011 11:19:10 AM PDT · by SmithL · 11 replies
    Contra Costa Times ^ | 4/28/11 | Doug Oakley
    Berkeley officials say a lawsuit by residents could prevent the demolition and rebuilding of two aging libraries in the poorest areas of town. The officials took their case to Berkeley residents Tuesday night, publicly urging the plaintiffs to drop the suit at a rally before a City Council meeting. The suit, brought by five residents calling themselves Concerned Library Users, contends language in a 2008 ballot measure that secured money for the renovation of the libraries does not contain the word "demolish" and that doing so would be illegal. At issue are plans for demolition and construction of the west...
  • California, the Alternative to Republican Rule –After Nearly Becoming a Home to It

    04/21/2011 1:07:00 PM PDT · by SmithL · 19 replies
    Berkeley Daily Planet ^ | 4/20/11 | Craig Kaufman
    California is being looked at as the rare alternative to Tea-Party rule these days. Jerry Brown’s direct style and transparent budget strategy as governor have led to a waning in people’s longtime pessimism about state government. Yet, with the extreme policies of other new governors dominating the news -- and with Meg Whitman remaining in the public eye-- one must wonder how it would have been if California had voted the other way in 2010. It was certainly significant that voters went to the polls and beat back Whitman's $178 million candidacy. This is further relevant because in California elections...