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John Ratcliffe Discusses DOJ/FBI Expectations and SSCI Involvement in Blocking His DNI Nomination…
The Conservative Treehouse/Last Refuge ^ | September 9, 2019 | sundance

Posted on 09/09/2019 6:03:31 AM PDT by Bratch

Representative John Ratcliffe was/is a key member of the House who has investigated the details of the DOJ and FBI intelligence abuse during the 2016 election.  Factually, Ratcliffe is one of only a few high-clearance House members who had seen all of the unredacted and classified documents associated with the DOJ and FBI activity.

Representative Ratcliffe appears for a discussion with Maria Bartiromo and states his confidence that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe will be indicted for lying to internal investigators.  Additionally, and perhaps more interestingly, Ratcliffe outlines how SSCI Chairman Richard Burr working together with Majority leader Mitch McConnell, blocked his nomination to the Office of Director of National Intelligence.

There are always a few interviews and discussion per month that are more important than the general DC banter.  This is one of those insightful interviews:

Sunday Morning Futures 9/8/19 | Maria Bartiromo Fox News September 8 , 2019

Long before most realized how specifically rigged and corrupt the current political system is, CTH was sharing research -very specific examples- highlighting the origin of the most consequential corruption.  Thankfully the election of Donald Trump helped to open many more eyes. People now see what years of ‘Last Refuge‘ discussions were all about.

Years of research indicated the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) was always the epicenter of the DC swamp; where an over-powerful and extra-constitutional group of UniParty senate power brokers gather ‘black files‘ on politicians, lobbyists and government officials for use in leveraging votes, support and changes in behavior for various corporate interests.  This intelligence exploitation is worth BILLIONS.

The potential for John Ratcliffe as ODNI to disrupt those long-constructed exploitation(s) of the intelligence apparatus [writ large] is exactly why he was kept out.


The issues are not partisan.  There are NO Party alignments in the power structure.  The total U.S. Senate chamber is a completely corrupt political entity.  It’s not an issue of Democrats or Republicans; within the senate corrupt models there is no party split.  The driving force is power… the purpose of the chamber membership is wealth accumulation.

Candidates for Senate spend tens-of-millions on campaigns to get seats that pay $300k/year.  On its face it doesn’t make sense…. until you recognize the billions that are paid, earned and distributed on the backside of political construction.  Six year terms, means you can sell a lot of influence…. It is a system intentionally designed to do exactly what it is doing.

The Senate then has assignments, groups of individuals that are in place specifically to protect the internal business model of scheme and graft within the Senate.  The Judiciary Committee (Graham), and the Intelligence Committee (Burr), are like the law and order mechanisms that protect Senate members from external accountability.  A code of Omerta exists over the entire network.   Some call this network “The Deep State”.

It doesn’t matter whether the McConnell flag or the Schumer flag adorns the spire; they each protect the entirety of the membership.  Every conflict is constructed as a pantomime to stop people from recognizing the UniParty.  Watch the outcomes, they’re identical.

The Senate uses intelligence ‘black files’ to corrupt new additions to the network; and they carry out independent intelligence operations designed to generate senate power over all other institutions of government.  The senate is far more powerful than the DOJ or FBI… this is primarily how the Senate chamber retains power.

This is why anytime you see a Senator encounter a DOJ/FBI issue; there’s rarely any time when the DOJ or FBI can win the legal confrontation.  The Senate is just too powerful as an institution…. Yes, even more powerful than the office of the President.

….The problem for Attorney General Bill Barr is not investigating what we don’t know, but rather navigating through what ‘We The People’ are already aware of…. (more)


All of our prior research into the DC U.S. Attorney’s office, specifically toward Jessie Liu, has identified her as -essentially- Rod Rosenstein in a skirt. Attorney Liu’s DC office was responsible for not prosecuting the Awan Brothers; and also Liu’s office was responsible for covering up the leaking of the classified FISA application by SSCI Director of Security James Wolfe. Yes, covering it up – there is ZERO DOUBT.

Both cases were clear law-breaking, and both highly politically charged.

When the New York Times reported on leaks from officials connected to the DC office of Ms. Liu, framing her deference of the McCabe indictment back to Main Justice, it is this power struggle between the DOJ and the Senate that looms in the shadows.

Unless a Senator does something very publicly stupid, the U.S. Senate is above the law.  The modern DOJ accepts the nature of this political system as the unwritten rule in DC.  If the U.S. Senate tells the DOJ or FBI to drop a legal issue, the DOJ generally complies with that dictate.  It’s the way things are done there now.

Two former DC prosecutors who were involved in the McCabe decision are mentioned by name in the NYT report about U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu’s decision to defer to Main Justice: former lead prosecutor Ms. Kamil Shields, and also former prosecutor David Kent.  Here’s the substance of the NYT article [emphasis and names added by me]:

WASHINGTON — Federal prosecutors in Washington appear to be in the final stages of deciding whether to indict Andrew G. McCabe, the former deputy F.B.I. director and a frequent target of President Trump, on charges of lying to federal agents, according to interviews with people familiar with recent developments in the investigation.

In two meetings last week, Mr. McCabe’s lawyers met with the deputy attorney general, Jeffrey A. Rosen, who is expected to be involved in the decision about whether to prosecute, and for more than an hour with the United States attorney for the District of Columbia, Jessie K. Liu, according to a person familiar with the meetings. The person would not detail the discussions, but defense lawyers typically meet with top law enforcement officials to try to persuade them not to indict their client if they failed to get line prosecutors to drop the case.

But prosecutors may face headwinds if a case were to go to trial. One prosecutor quit the case [Ms. Shields] and has expressed frustration with how it was being managed, according to person familiar with her departure, and a key witness [Ms. Lisa Page] provided testimony to the grand jury that could hurt the government’s case.

Additionally, Washington juries are typically liberal, and prosecutors could end up with jurors sympathetic to Mr. McCabe who believe that he, not the president, is the victim of a political witch hunt. Mr. McCabe’s lawyers would probably emphasize his long history at the F.B.I. and his role protecting the country.

[…] Though the meetings between Mr. McCabe’s lawyers and top law enforcement officials suggest that prosecutors seem intent on moving forward with the case, they could also decide to pass on an indictment. Spokeswomen for the Justice Department, the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia and for Mr. McCabe all declined to comment.

[…] what should have been a seemingly straightforward case with a limited number of witnesses and facts has dragged out amid internal deliberations. It has been under investigation for so long that the term expired for the grand jury hearing evidence. One of the lead prosecutors, Kamil Shields, was unhappy with the lengthy decision-making process and has since left the Justice Department for private practice. Ms. Shields declined to comment.

Another prosecutor, David Kent, also left the case recently. It is not clear why he departed but it would be an unusual move if prosecutors were indeed planning to charge Mr. McCabe. (read more)

CTH must point out – this scenario as described is exactly what our research identified when we posted the previously controversial outline of Jessie Liu. [SEE HERE]

The tiered justice system in/around Washington DC is based on politics, who you know, and who might possibly be collateral damage if the law was indeed enforced as written. This reality highlights the two-tiered justice system that has infuriated so many Americans as we have watched people in/around DC escape accountability. [More HERE]

As a reminder, here is the April 2018 Inspector General Report on Andrew McCabe which included a criminal referral for McCabe for lying to investigators:


Here’s the full report:

DOJ OIG Report on Andrew McCabe - April 13th Release

View this document on Scribd



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1 posted on 09/09/2019 6:03:31 AM PDT by Bratch
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To: Bratch

List of grievances:

1) Uniparty criminal cabal masquerading as “representation”.

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. - Declaration

2 posted on 09/09/2019 6:10:33 AM PDT by PGalt
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To: Bratch

Uniparty bump.

3 posted on 09/09/2019 6:18:58 AM PDT by kiryandil (The Media & the DNC tells you who you're gonna vote for. We CHOSE Trump.)
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To: Bratch

Depressing, even though it confirms a lot of what I already knew.

There’s too much corruption for one man to weed out in 8 years. The best we can hope for is Trump wins a second term and there’s someone who can be elected after him to continue his good work...a tall order.

4 posted on 09/09/2019 6:31:01 AM PDT by be-baw
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To: Bratch

U.S. attorney’s office for the District of Columbia, Jessie K. Liu, is refusing to prosecute anyone.

5 posted on 09/09/2019 6:41:21 AM PDT by Mr. N. Wolfe
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To: kiryandil


6 posted on 09/09/2019 6:48:01 AM PDT by thinden
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To: PGalt
List of grievances: 1) Uniparty criminal cabal masquerading as “representation”.

Hey, you have a chance to fire your Congresscritter every two years. Hardly anybody ever does.

7 posted on 09/09/2019 7:02:03 AM PDT by Buckeye McFrog (Patrick Henry would have been an anti-vaxxer.)
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To: Bratch

As I posted in another thread the cure is military tribunals followed by public hangings for traitors. Preferably on the white house lawn.

8 posted on 09/09/2019 7:52:44 AM PDT by cdpap
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To: Bratch

Anyone have a correct link for “The Sunday Morning Futures” with Marie?

9 posted on 09/09/2019 7:54:03 AM PDT by Balata
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To: Buckeye McFrog

You are correct McFrog. As time goes on the scam or suppression of criticism about it, will become more apparent to more people. These criminals are slick/sick.

10 posted on 09/09/2019 8:01:39 AM PDT by PGalt
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To: Bratch
Well done!!!


11 posted on 09/09/2019 9:46:59 AM PDT by TXnMA (Occam's Razor says that most conspiracist "brain farts" are simply indefensible...)
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To: Mr. N. Wolfe

Wonder who his bosses are

12 posted on 09/09/2019 9:54:12 AM PDT by morphing libertarian ( Use Comey's Report, Indict Hillary now; build Kate's wall. --- Proud Smelly Walmart Deplorable)
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To: null and void; aragorn; azishot; AZ .44 MAG; Baynative; Beautiful_Gracious_Skies; bgill; bitt; ...


13 posted on 09/09/2019 12:32:45 PM PDT by LucyT
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To: LucyT

Thanks Lucy.

Note: Every last US Senator is bought and paid for. There is not one that isn’t controlled by a group of powerful individuals.

It may seem irrelevant but there is a way to break up this club of bastards in the US Senate. Mark Levin is a board member of an organization called the Convention of States which is using Article V to amend the Constitution.

And don’t get on a stupid soapbox about the Left taking it over! It’s not going to happen. The number of conservative state legislatures signed up already for an Article V process is already enough to bury any leftist attempt to subvert the process. If they could do it, they would already have done it. They can’t do it, but conservatives can!

So think about this:

AMENDMENT XXVIII (’Federal-State Rebalancing’)

To restore the foundational structure of State Legislatures to Congress, the following amendment is proposed:

Section 1. Senators in Congress shall be subject to recall by their respective state legislatures or by voter referendum in their respective states.

Section 2. Term limits for Senators in Congress shall be set by a vote in their respective state legislatures but in no case shall be set less than two full terms nor more than three full terms.

Section 3: The seventeenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed.


The Article V Movement is making great strides in a conservative direction. The above is still down the road a ways but will come nevertheless. Don’t discount it! It’s our weapon!

This amendment proposal takes away the popular vote for US Senators which is a farce to begin with. But it replaces with a state or popular vote to FIRE a US Senator based on their performance. We can’t know a US Senator until they get in office and perform. They can smile, read scripts, have strategic photo ops, have professional handlers, etc. but still perform not how we want but how those that bought them want them to perform.

About the 5th year into their current term. their machines start cranking out propaganda and they start acting like they are working for us so they can get reelected. All of this is designed to confuse us. But in the first few years we can see their true colors by how they perform and we can throw them out. This can be summed up with the phrase “Don’t rely on their words, look at their fruit!”

One way to look at the 17th Amendment is that it allowed for powerbrokers to own the US Senate by buying enough Rs and Ds to either pass, block, or delay bills.

The above Amendment 28 sets the game back for powerbrokers making it so they need to buy state legislatures rather than individuals. That shifts the game of power to the local level where people can see more actively what’s going on.

In 1913, when the 17th Amendment was enacted, it had started at the grass roots level as an Article V process but was taken over by Congress and changed so that the US Senate could more easily be bought and owned by wealthy individuals. The 17th represents a weakening of our republican form of government just as an abolishment of the Electioral College would set back the republic perhaps permanently.

The 17th Amendment is just plain wrong. What Americans needed back then and what is needed now is an ability to throw out US Senators who betray their principles, turn on the people and warm to those luring them with money.

We need an amendment to FIRE our US Senators while letting our states HIRE them as it they did in the original Constitution.

Think about it. If you are a traitor and enemy to Americans and you want to control one of its most important governing bodies, which body do you choose? The answer is simple, the Presidency. But what if you lose a bid to install your guy as President, what do you do then? You buy the US Senate with only 50+ members. That’s a bargain.

But if you have to buy state legislatures instead of US Senate members, your effort to control is much more difficult because state legislators are very close to the American people. You’d be up against the American people, so you’d likely find other ways to subvert the process.

14 posted on 09/09/2019 1:13:15 PM PDT by Hostage (Article V)
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To: be-baw

As you say, he is only one man, and he is not a dictator. He is gone in 2025. We shouldn’t rest our hopes on savior-Presidents.

It is up to We the People.

Article V or his reforms will vanish.

15 posted on 09/09/2019 3:01:37 PM PDT by Jacquerie (
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To: Hostage

Great post.

16 posted on 09/09/2019 3:09:54 PM PDT by Jacquerie (
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To: Hostage; null and void; aragorn; azishot; AZ .44 MAG; Baynative; Beautiful_Gracious_Skies; bgill; ..

Back to the thread; check out # 14.

Thanks, Hostage.

17 posted on 09/09/2019 6:12:59 PM PDT by LucyT
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